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Chubby Checker and "The Twist"

Ernest Evans, known famously as Chubby Checker, was an American singer who signed with Cameo-Parkway Records in 1959. Releasing two singles in the early years of his career, The Class and Dancing Dinosaur, he gained very minor popularity and decided to create a cover of Hank Ballard’s The Twist. The original song was already experiencing success on the charts, but Chubby Checker’s “twist” on the song had incredible success in the early 1960s. The song and dance began its fame in 1960, making it iconic of the start of a new decade. You can read even more fascinating events from 1960 by reading our 1960 timeline.

The ‘Twist’ Dance

It wasn’t just the song itself that brought popularity to the song and the infamous “twist” dance. Chubby Checker appeared on Dick Clark’s American Bandstand on August 6, 1960 to perform his cover version of The Twist, as well as his “twist” dance movement. The song and his performance began a worldwide dance craze, making the dance movement iconic of the early 1960s.

The twist transformed popular culture as couples were able to move away from each other on the dance floor, rather than dance in close proximity like the popular dances that came before it. For women, the dance meant they were no longer being led by their male partner, making it part of a kind of social revolution. The dance was especially popular due to how simple it was to learn – dancers would swivel their hips from side to side, with their arms moving in opposite directions, while standing with their knees bent and twisting their feet.

Teenagers immediately performed the lively twist as a refreshing and fun dance, and the dance suddenly made it more common for dancers to use their hips while dancing, giving them more freedom. Even more, it also became popular among First Lady Jackie Kennedy who would sometimes hold “Twist parties” at the White House. 


Chubby Checker in 1964
Image: Wikimedia Commons

Song Popularity

Chubby Checker’s appearance on the show meant The Twist topped the Billboard charts in September 1960, and again in January 1962. The single became the first and only 45 single to reach number 1 in two different years. Checker performed the hit non-stop throughout the early 1960s, and even released follow-up songs like Let’s Twist Again, which was almost as big of a hit as his version of The Twist. You can read about Checker’s infamy in this period with an original 1960 newspaper from our archive.

While gaining immense popularity, the dance was quite controversial at the time. Many adults believed the dance was “too sexy” and not a proper dance, since it was very different to the traditional partner dances that had come before it. It was even warned to be potentially dangerous to adults over the age of 40, since the twisting movements could cause injuries. Even celebrities had contrasting views on the twist, but nevertheless, it found its way into popular culture and remains to be a classic feature of early 1960s entertainment. 

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Ernest Evans was born in Spring Gulley, South Carolina, but grew up in South Philadelphia, where he lived with his parents and two brothers. When he was a small boy, his mother took him to see Sugar Child Robinson, a child piano prodigy and also the famous country singer Ernest Tubb. Young Evans was so impressed, that he vowed to someday enter show business and took his first step toward that goal by forming a street corner harmony group when he was only 11 years old.

By the time he entered high school, Ernest had learned to play the piano a little at Settlement Music School and could do a number of vocal impressions. He also went to South Philadelphia High School with his friend Fabian Forte, who would have show business success of his own. He entertained classmates whenever he could. After school, Chubby would sing and crack jokes at his various jobs including Fresh Farm Poultry on 9th Street and at the Produce Market. It was Ernest's boss at the Produce Market, Tony A., who gave Ernest the nickname "Chubby".

The storeowner of Fresh Farm Poultry, Henry Colt, was so impressed, he began showing off his employee to his customers through a loud speaker. Henry and his friend Kal-Mann arranged for young Chubby to do a private recording for Dick Clark. A Yuletide novelty tune called, "Jingle Bells" on which Chubby did several impressions of top recording stars, was cut. Dick Clark sent it out as a Christmas greeting to all of his friends and associates in the music business. Cameo-Parkway liked it so much that they wrote a song called "The Class" and it became Chubby's first hit in early 1959.

In June of 1959, Chubby recorded "The Twist". Bernie Lowe, president of Cameo Parkway records was not initially impressed with Chubby's recording and felt it may be a "B" side at best. However, Chubby felt "The Twist" was something special and worked hard promoting the record by undertaking non-stop rounds of TV dates, interviews and live performances. Fourteen months later, in the summer of 1960, "The Twist" was a hit.

"The Twist" was not only the #1 song but it introduced the concept of "dancing apart to the beat". Over the next few years, endless songs incorporating "The Twist" into its name sprang up such as "Peppermint Twist", "Twist and Shout" and "Twistin' the Night Away". In addition, each new song brought a new dance involving "dancing apart to the beat" such as "The Jerk", "The Hully Gully", "The Boogaloo" and "The Shake". At the forefront was Chubby with "The Fly", "The Pony" and "The Hucklebuck".

The next few years were prolific for Chubby as hit followed hit. In 1961, Chubby recorded "Pony Time" written by Don Covay and John Berry. It went to #1 and stayed on the charts for 16 weeks. In between recording and touring, Chubby took time to add feature films to his portfolio with the releases of "Don't Knock The Twist" and "Twist Around The Clock".

In the fall of 1961, record industry history was made when Checker's original hit record, "The Twist", re-entered the charts and by January of 1962, it was back in the #1 position. No other record before or since has accomplished that feat. Combining its 1960 run with its 1961/62 return, "The Twist" spent an amazing nine month total on the U. S. best seller charts.

Chubby Checker merchandise was everywhere, and included T-shirts, shoes, ties, dolls, raincoats, and chewing gum. His success continued for years with the release of one dance record after another, with "The Fly" and "Let's Twist Again", for which he won a Grammy for the "Best Rock Performance". More hit records followed. "Slow Twistin'", Dancin' Party", "Popeye the Hitchhiker" and "The Limbo Rock" all came along in 1962.

1963 saw Checker return to the hit parade with "Birdland" and "Twist It Up", after which he followed with "Loddy Lo" and a series of other novelty type tunes. Eventually, teens incorporated these movements to all songs that had a beat and called these movements "The Boogie", a permanent fixture in Rock and Roll and popular Music 24/7. While hits kept coming, the highlight of 1964 was Chubby's marriage to Catharina Lodders, Miss World 1962.

The 80's were dominated by almost nonstop touring with some unique twists. ABC aired their answer to NBC's Saturday Night Live, a counter culture show called Fridays which starred Michael Richards (Kramer) and Larry David. A special appearance by Chubby as he sang his current hit, "Running" (excerpted on his website) was broadcast before a live national audience. However, by 1988, Chubby demonstrated extreme musical diversity by recording a very different "Yo Twist" with the Fat Boys. This song went to #14 on the charts.

In 2000, Chubby branched out into the snack food business commemorating 40 years of "The Twist" with Chocolate Checker Bars, Beef Jerky, Hot Dogs, and Popcorn, all to be washed down with Girl of the World Water (dedicated to his wife).

The Limbo Rock Remix and The Original Master of The Dance Hall Beat, released in 2004, became top 5 Disney Radio hits and a favorite of DJ's with its ability to bring audiences out of their seats and on to the dance floor. With the single and "LP" both on the Billboard charts, a new generation of Chubby Checker fans were born.

In 2007, Chubby returned to the charts yet again with "Knock Down The Walls", Billboards #1 dance track. This song introduced Chubby to a whole new audience with its powerful straight ahead rock tempo and captured Chubby's continuous musical evolution.

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, Ohio rewarded Chubby in July of 2008 with a special award presentation. An honored Chubby thrilled a fervent crowd by performing his hits, new and old, to the delight of everyone. A lengthy photo and autograph session followed, which highlighted Chubby's favorite part, getting to interact with people.

As Chubby's touring continued, 2009 took Chubby abroad including special shows in Germany (2010) as well as his annual appearances at Disneyworld. 2009 also marked the release of an updated version of The Fly. A younger generation now shook their hands as the dance reappeared in clubs.

Now we have entered The 50th Anniversary Year of The Twist. Special ceremonies have taken place in front of City Hall in Philadelphia and Wildwood, N.J. and the 50th Anniversary Tour continues along with a Chubby Checker cruise in May, 2011.

What keeps this artist going? According to Chubby, "It's the fans. The energy I get from singing and dancing with all these people over the years is unlike anything else I experience. I never want it to end."

Neither do we.

Chubby Checker - the only artist to have 5 albums in the Top 12 all at once.

Chubby Checker First Platinum - "Let's Twist Again".

Chubby Checker - the only artist to have a song to be #1 twice - "The Twist".

Chubby Checker - the only artist to have 9 Double-Sided Hits.

Chubby Checker - changed the way we dance to the beat 24/7 since 1959.

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    Chubby Checker Bio, The Twist, Songs, Age, Net Worth, Death and Today

    ** Famous People In The United States, Unedited

    Biography and wiki Chubby Checker

    Chubby Checker (born Ernest Evans) is a famous American rock and roll singer and dancer. He is best known for popularizing numerous dance styles such as the twist dance style.

    The dance style was accompanied by his hit Hank Ballard cover in 1960, The Midnighters hit "The twist" along with the hit "Pony Time". "The Twist" reached number one on the Billboard Hot 100 in September 2008.

    The track debuted in 1958 and held that position until August 2013 when the list was updated. Chubby also introduced the song 'Limbo Rock' to its signature limbo dance and several dance styles including 'The Fly'.

    Chubby Checker, age and birthday

    Chubby for 2019 is 78 years old, he was born on October 3, 1941 in Spring Gully, South Carolina, USA. He celebrates his birthday every year on October 3rd.

    Chubby Checker Picture of

    Chubby Checker Height and Weight

    Cough looks very tall in the photos. He stands at a height of 6 feet. However, details regarding other body measurements are currently not publicly available. We are keeping records and will update this information as soon as it becomes available.

    drug rehab nicole bio

    Chubby test wife

    Chubby is married to Katharina Lodders, a Dutch model and Miss World 1962. Katharina is from Haarlem, the Netherlands. The couple met in Manila on January 1962 years old, and on December 12, 1963, he proposed to her.

    Chubby dedicated and sang the song "Loddy Lo" to her. They eventually tied the knot on April 12, 1964, in Pennsauken, New Jersey, at a Lutheran church. The couple were blessed with four children; Misty Bass, Shan Egan, Bianca Evans and Ilka Evans.

    Chubby Checker Measurements and Facts

    Here are some interesting facts and body measurements you should know about him;

    • Full name : Ernest Evans
    • The name of the profession : Chubby Checker
    • Age : 28 years old (2019)
    • Date of birth: October 3, 1941
    • Gully, South Carolina, USA
    • Education : South Philadelphia High School, Settlement Music School
    • Birthday : October 3
    • Nationality : American
    • Name of Father : Raymond Evans
    • Mother : Ertl Evans
    • Brothers and sisters : Tracy Evans
    • : Katarina Lodders
    • , Bianca Evans and Ilka Evans
    • Height : 6 feet
    • Weight : Moderate
    • Profession : Singer and dancer
    • 908005 Famous0188 : Twist
    • Net Worth : $4 Million

    Plump Checker Twist

    Chubby performed his version of "The Twist" in July 1960 when he was 18 years old. He premiered the song in Wildwood, New Jersey at a club known as the Rainbow Club.

    Checker's performance was elegant as it resulted in it being the only single to top the Billboard Hot 100 twice, twice on two different charts. The previous chat was done by Bing Crosby White Christmas.

    Below are some of his texts;

    Come on baby
    Let's make a turn
    Come on baby
    Let's make a turn
    Grab my handle
    And go like it's E-yah twist
    Baby, baby, twist
    Oh yeah, like that
    Come on, little miss, and make a turn My dad is sleeping
    And mom is not around
    Yes, dad is just sleeping
    And mom is not around
    We will be twisty, twisty, twisty
    'Til we tear down the house, come on and twist
    Yes, baby, twist
    Oh yes, that's it
    Come on, little miss, and make a turn

    Chubby Checker Let's twist again

    Checker made a continuation of the track of the single and called the song "Lets Twist Again". He released the song on June 19, 1961, which was written by Cal Mann and Dave Appell.

    Loading... Loading...

    The single hit number 8 on the Billboard pop chart in 1961 and number 2 in the UK in February 1962. The song was also recognized as the best and received a Grammy award 1962 years for Best Rock 'n' Roll Solo Vocal Performance.

    Below are some of the lyrics to 'Let's Twist Again';

    Come on, everybody clap your hands
    Oh you look good
    I'll sing my song and you won't be long in coming
    We're going to make a turn and it'll be like this Let's turn again like we did last summer
    Yes let's twirl again like last year
    Do you remember when things were really buzzing?
    Yes, let's turn again, the time to turn is already here, around, and up and down, we're going again
    Oh baby, let me know that you love me so, and then
    Turn again, like we did last summer
    Let's twist again like we did last year
    (Twist, ouch)

    Pony Time Pony Checkers

    Pony Time is Chubby's single, which he did a cover that became successful. It became his second peak single after the twist song.

    His recording of Pony Time also reached number one on the R&B charts. He popularized the new "Pony" dance style, which looked like the dancer was riding a horse.

    The song starts like this; "It's time for a pony, get up, Boogety, Boogety, Boogety, Boogety Shoo." The following is his video;


    Hucklebuck is one of the singles that Checker performed as a cover track. He recorded the song in October 1960 and reached number 14 on the US pop chart.

    Below are some of Hackleback's texts and videos;

    Hucklebuck lyrics

    Now here's the dance you should know
    Oh baby when the lights go out
    I said grab your baby then go do a motherfucker (yeah)
    Do a motherfucker (yeah)
    If you don't know how to do it
    Man you're out of luck
    Push the baby out ( yes)
    And then you bend it (yes)
    Start wiggling your sacrum a little
    Sway like a snake, waddle like a duck
    That's what you do when you do Hucklebuck, OH Hucklebuck Video

    Chubby Checker Today

    Chubby performed 'Changes' on NBC. Today Show, July 5, 2013. "Changes" is his new single which was released on February 25, 2013 via iTunes media. 'Changes' was produced by hill and hifi and peaked at number 43 on the Mediabase Top 100 AC and number 41 on the Gospel Chart.

    Chubby checker death

    Chubby songwriter Dave Appell has died at the age of 92. He wrote the singles 'Lets Twist Again' and also 'Limbo Rock'. Dave's family has confirmed his death, but the cause of his death is unknown.

    Chubby Checker Songs

    • (dance) Razrei around
    • Ann Rosie
    • Birdland
    • Cu Ma la BE - remain
    • Dance a mess around
    • ,0005 will be fine
    • 9000 9000 9000 9000 9000 9000 9000 9000 9000 9000 9000 9000 9000 9000 9000 9000 9000 9000 9000 9000 9000 ok love
    • Gotta Get Together
    • Hey Bobba Needle
    • Hooka Tooka
    • Jingle Bell Rock
    • Let's Rock Again
    • Limbo Rock
    • Oh Suzanne
    • Pony Time
    • Slow Spin
    • Fly
    • Hucklebuck
    • Twist
    • Twist It Up
    • What do you say!
    • Whole Lotta Shakin 'Goin' On

    Plump Checker Net Worth

    Checker has a long career in the music industry spanning nearly six decades. Thanks to the income from his work as a singer and dancer, he was able to amass a huge fortune. His fortune is estimated at about $4 million.

    Frequently Asked Questions about Chubby Checker

    Who is Chubby Checker?

    Chubby is a famous American rock and roll singer and dancer. He is best known for popularizing numerous dance styles such as the twist dance style.

    How old is Chubby Checker?

    Chubby for 2019 is 78 years old, he was born on October 3, 1941 in Spring Gully, South Carolina, USA.

    How tall is Chubby Checker?

    He stands at a height of 6 feet.

    Is Chubby Checker married?

    Yes, he is married to Katharina Lodders, a Dutch model and Miss World 1962. They tied the knot on April 12, 1964 in Pennsauken, New Jersey, at a Lutheran church temple. The couple were blessed with four children; Misty Bass, Shan Egan, Bianca Evans and Ilka Evans.

    How much does Chubby Checker cost?

    His fortune is about 4 million dollars.

    Learn more