How to dance hip hop for kids

What Are The Best Hip Hop Styles To Teach Kids?

Young adults and teenagers are usually very energetic and always looking forward to expressing their ideas and skills.

They are always looking for entertaining activities, and what is more fun than hitting the dance floor.

Dancing is one beautiful way to showcase motor skills. Thus, many people look for hip-hop dance classes where they can enroll their kids.

Moreover, there are several styles to explore in the world of hip-hop. But, which ones are the best for kids to learn? Let's discuss.

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Why Should Kids Learn Hip Hop?

Parents usually worry and ask questions like where to find dances learn near me? However, it is not a thing to worry about. Kids are generally sharp enough to pick and choose the things they want to know, and parents can also find online hip-hop videos for their kids and see them learn. (Source: Visual Hunt)

There are several reasons to teach kids hip hop dance. Although there are other dance forms, hip hop feels explicitly limitless.

It gives people the chance to express themselves, their ideas, and their passion freely and comfortably. Here are some prominent reasons people should support their kids for dance hip hop!

Confidence Building

Hip hop is a freestyle dance form powered by fast funky beats. The songs and beats charge even the most decent person and make them shake a little on the dance floor.

The people who love to perform hip hop do it with all their heart and energy.

This highly charged energy and enthusiasm encourages people to dance anywhere they can. It helps in building confidence and owning the internal strengths.

Hence, it is said that hip hop is a dance style that empowers people to express themselves and their talent.

Teaching the kids to learn how to dance hip hop will help build their confidence and empower them for their good.

An Expression Of Art

As mentioned several times earlier, hip-hop is a source of expressing oneself. It is a source of showing the hidden art inside a human.

While indulging in this activity, the thought process of individuals is constantly in use.

People are always trying to create a new move using the freestyle method. When kids start to learn to dance hip-hop, sometimes they start practicing different ideas in their heads to make a unique move for the beat.

Hence, hip-hop is a way through which kids' creative side expands.

They start thinking out of the box and beyond their creativity to improvise something different and unique for the world.

A Good Source Of Cardio And Physical Activity

Parents generally want their kids to opt for any healthy activity other than their studies.

In today's world, kids are so lost in their phones and tablets that they do not have the time or desire to go out for a healthy physical movement.

One best thing about hip-hop is that it develops tremendous energy in kids. It is an excellent source of cardio and exercise.

Different up and down movements, dancing, twirling, mixing Jazz and lyrical steps, and always staying on toes helps the child stay physically fit.

The children do not have to do the traditional boring exercises or go to a kid's fitness center to maintain their health.

Moreover, learning hip hop means using internal energies. Sometimes it also proves to be a great source of releasing negative energy a child is holding and a source of mental relaxation for them.

They can learn dance at home or in class and stay physically and mentally healthy.

Fun And Talent

Lastly, it is always fun for children to perform such funky activities.

Instead of indulging in unhealthy activities of binge-watching phones, cartoons, or internet videos, the kids should learn a talent that is as much fun as they want.

The popularity of this dance style has risen to the point that you can easily find hip hop dance classes NYC and in other major cities.

There are not only dance classes for the kids but also many in-studio and online dance classes for adults.

You can get to find out about the dance classes near me here.

Famous Types And Styles Of Hip Hop

There is no one way of teaching the kids freestyle hip-hop dance. Hip-hop is a fusion of different dance forms such as Jazz or lyrical. Among the types of hip hop, some famous dance forms shall be taught to kids or beginners with the help of private dance lessons. (Source: Unsplash)

Hip hop, after its popularity, gained much attention from viewers. Since the 1970s, there have been many changes to the dance style.

People follow almost nine different and iconic types of hip-hop dance. There is a notable difference between all the hip-hop styles.

Some styles include more hand movements, while others include jerky, shaky body movements. Let's look at the types of hip hop styles!


Breakdance, also known as B-boying, was the first-ever form of Hip hop. It has many energetic and athletic standing movements of hands, feet, and body.

As the word suggests, the breakdance has a minor breaking movement. The dancers have regulated their move, which is known as a freeze.

Locking And Popping

This is a dance that involves fast movements and bouncing expressions. Locking dances with acrobatic moves with notable pauses, while popping is like something popping out or jumping.

However, both techniques are slightly different, but these are used together by the dancers.


As the name suggests, this is another funky type of hip hop but more on a disco side. This includes a bit of liquid, and a few sharp moves blended beautifully.

This dance form is usually seen in pubs and infamous videos.

Funk can be blended with other hip-hop dance forms to create an impressive performance. People can learn all different dance skills, including the different types of hip hop, with Superprof.

Up Rock

It is a dance form used to create a soulful dance performance. It is a soulful, funky, and competitive street form dance.

Moreover, it includes many twists and turns and shuffling, spinning, and jerking movements.

This dance style has its respective fan base as it reflects soulful energy, the origin of hip hop, its street style, patience, and discipline.

Previously this dance form was not taught in hip hop dance lessons, but now it is also being practiced.

Liquid Dance

This dance form is a unique way of expressing delicate art. The use of hands and palms is mainly done with fluid and illusion-based moves.

People who perform this dance have to practice before performing it professionally.

The performer focuses on keeping the body movement as smooth as possible while emphasizing the arms, hands, and palms.


Boogaloo is also a hip-hop dance style that mainly focuses on the smoothness of body movements.

The main difference between liquid dance and Boogaloo is that the main focus is the spinning and moving of the head, butt, and knees in Boogaloo.

This is one of the oldest types, which originated when people started to dance hip hop. People still use this style by mixing and blending it with other dance forms, and the results turn out amazing.


This dance form is a fusion of the Latin dance form and modern hip hop. There is no way to perform it correctly as it is a free form of dance, and people perform it naturally.

The best part of this dance style is to keep it natural and express the idea or the internal feelings to the outside world.


As the name suggests, this dance style is based on lyrics and not on the beat of the music. In lyrical dance style, the main idea is to tell a story or express the opinion of any poetry or theme.

This dance style includes dynamic movements which smoothly convey a message to people. The technical, natural, and fluid elements are combined in this form.


Using steps and claps is the focus of this dance form to create percussive and synchronized beats. Many groups or individuals frequently use this form of hip hop in hip hop battles.

This form is a fusion of African dance moves and the marching or competitive drill patterns.

Best Hip Hop Styles For Kids

Many youngsters are influenced by hip-hop culture. Like all other dance forms, hip-hop needs proper attention and practice for its professional expression.

There are plenty of resources available for the parents who want their kids to learn hip hop or the kids who want to know how to dance to hip-hop.

However, the best way is to find hip-hop dance classes or search for private dance lessons. The best hip-hop dance styles for kids as beginners are as follows!

Break Dancing

Dancing is a way of expressing joy and a form of art, and hip-hop is one of the very famous dance styles. Most people usually want to learn to dance to teach their kids so that they can develop more skills other than academic skills. (Source: Unsplash)

The children usually enjoy this style of hip-hop very much. As it is widespread globally, the kids are inspired to learn it.

If the basics of this dance form are mastered, the kids can improvise it and bring a new version of their breakdance style to the stage.

Moreover, people can easily find dance instructors by searching for hip-hop dance instructors near me on the internet and seeing so many talented instructors for their kids.

Popping And Locking

Both popping and locking styles are perfect for kids to learn. This dance form has plenty of freedom to create its type and version.

Like the breakdance or any other dance, the basics of popping and locking are equally important for kids to learn hip hop.

The acrobatic moves and relaxing pauses in the dance complement each other, and it is an exciting dance form for the kids.

In addition to being fun, children's reflexes according to the beat get faster, making them sharper in bodily movements.


Moonwalk is not a complete dance form or style, but it is a hip-hop dance move perceived as cool by kids.

There are still many young fans of Michael Jackson in today's world. Inspired by him, kids vastly like this dance move.

There are different hip hop dance classes that are offered in many cities in the USA, as mentioned in the table below:

AcademyCityCourse LevelDurationFee
Supreme Dance StudioSkokieHip hop for beginner45 minutes/per class$15
Hip Hop JunkiesNew YorkGroup classesFive classes$90
Santa MonicaLos AngelesTeenager and Ault levelPer class$14
Rae StudiosSan FranciscoPrivate ClassesCustomized Classes$60
Heroes of Hip HopWestonTeen theater productionEight weeks$136

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Hip hop is not just moving freely and randomly; it is a very creative and vast dancing style. Numerous other hip-hop skills and moves can be taught to the kids with professional help.

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Jessica is a mom of two boys and has first hand experience of the heartache and stress that is caused by the pressure put on kids these days to specialize in sports/dance, etc so early in their lives. She has seen how quite often if these kids are coming “too late to the game” or seen as “lacking in natural talent,” or if they really love the activity but don’t want to eat, breathe and sleep it, they might be “cut” from the team/class, etc, often as early as the tween years!


In light of this experience she felt compelled to create an inclusive space for ALL to come and enjoy dance and movement! Kids and adults too!

Hip-hop for beginners

There are quite a lot of dances for children who do not have dance training, but hip-hop has been and remains one of the most popular styles of any age. This dance trend came to us from the USA, it originated in New York in the 70s of the last century and was a component of a large culture that, in addition to dancing, includes music, graffiti, fashion and much more. By the 1990s, this cultural phenomenon had spread everywhere, across all continents and countries of the globe, and gained popularity among many young people around the world.

Now you can learn this dance direction in almost any dance school. By itself, this dance is bright, charismatic, it has its own character, and one of its important components is acting. This is a rhythmic and dynamic, very active dance that brings with it extremely positive emotions and causes joy. For children, the form in which it is usually performed also causes a separate delight: wide trousers, sneakers, baseball caps and other irreplaceable attributes of this direction. Teenagers love this free style, and with the help of it they delve deeper into the essence of the style and learn to feel its character and aesthetics.

Hip-hop is a very dynamic and rhythmic, but at the same time quite relaxed dance direction, which includes many waves, springy, often acrobatic movements and elements. The dancer's knees, however, remain relaxed throughout the dance. This dance direction is usually divided into two large groups, including many styles: old school and new school. It is customary to refer to the old school, for example, breakdance, uprock, toprock, and to the new school - locking, popping, etc.

Hip-hop is a great sports workout, fun and exciting, containing a lot of exercises necessary for a growing body.

They instill in the baby an impeccable sense of rhythm, musicality, the ability to listen to music and understand its mood, adjusting their movements to it.

A child can start attending lessons from the age of 5-6, while getting the maximum benefit for his body. Contrary to popular belief among parents, hip-hop has a minimal risk of injury. This is not an extreme dance, as it may seem to many, but first of all a way of self-expression, with the help of which a child can open up and give free rein to his energy and craving for movement. The use of elements of acrobatics always remains the choice of the performer, and the dance itself can be performed without them.

Classes for children are built almost the same as classes for adults, but they differ in that knowledge is presented in an easier form, and the emphasis is on making it as accessible as possible. In these lessons, children learn the basics, delve into the essence of hip-hop as a direction, while physical training is also of great importance. All workouts are associated with exercises that develop stretching, body plasticity, coordination of movements and strength training.

It is believed that hip-hop dance is only for boys, however, this is a big misconception. Girls can do it too. The main thing is the desire to achieve results and the desire to learn how to dance confidently. For a restless child, this is a great opportunity to throw out their indefatigable energy and direct it in a positive direction. Hip-hop is a great sports workout, fun and exciting, containing a lot of exercises that a growing body needs. They instill in the baby an impeccable sense of rhythm, musicality, the ability to listen to music and understand its mood, adjusting their movements to it. Being engaged, the child acquires a beautiful toned figure and posture, confident gait and movements. Dance lessons are a great way to prevent weight gain in overweight children.

In hip-hop, a lot of importance is given to improvisation, and this, in turn, perfectly develops imagination and fantasy, and also strengthens memory: both auditory and visual, as well as muscle. Skills acquired in the classroom help children improve their success in the general education school. It has been established that children who go in for dancing in their performance surpass their peers who do not go in for dancing.

Dancing in groups, children communicate with each other and thereby develop their communication skills, eliminating complexes and fears and gaining confidence in themselves and their abilities. At school and among friends, the child is guaranteed to become respected and authoritative, as those peers who have achieved significant success in any interesting activities are usually valued. In discos, he will become a real star of the dance floor and will be able to amaze and delight the audience. In addition, a passion for hip-hop, with due diligence, can grow from a hobby into a professional career: dance lessons open the way to the world of show business, television programs, dance shows, concert performances, competitions, competitions.

Dancing is a huge, extensive field for personal and professional development. If you want to direct your child's energy in the right direction, want to see him healthy, beautiful, successful and self-confident, hip-hop is the direction you need! Sign up your child for classes and very soon you will notice positive changes in his well-being and character, and his results and achievements will not cease to please you for a very, very long time!


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Your attention is one of the most famous street dances HiR HOP

Hip hop dancing is a kind of modern street choreography. This genre arose as one of the first street dances, which already at that time included elements of locking, breaking dance, popping, etc., which later received a separate subspecies of choreography. The name hip hop appeared much earlier than dance, earlier it meant only a musical direction, it's something between rap and RnB, so you can not only dance hip hop, but also listen and sing. )

Hip hop came to the big stage from the streets, just like other street dance styles, hip hop dance was born in a not very prosperous area of ​​the USA, and it happened in the 1970s, very soon this dance gained high popularity among local residents, and in order to somehow cultivate and root it, a special organization was created which was called "Hip Hop Culture", and which was engaged in the development of hip hop and promoted it to the general public, for this various types of battles were held, at first they were small actions among themselves , then between the streets, and then between the districts. It happened in the open air, right on the pavement, without any special equipment, since the Ministry of Culture did not believe that something good could develop from hip hop and somehow glorify their country.

And yet it happened and greatly influenced the world's choreography, now if we say two words America and dance, then we immediately have an association with hip hop.

Hip hop dance has become very popular, probably there is no country where hip hop is not danced, grandiose shows, competitions, festivals come from this style, dancers from all over the world come to them with huge teams.

Whatever it was, but every dance school in Lviv has hip hop dance style in its arsenal, it gained the greatest popularity among young people and children, especially among boys.

How to learn to dance hip hop. Children's hip hop.

No matter where you go to the dance studio, you will definitely find the hip hop dance style. Everyone can do this dance, there are lessons for beginners where you will be taught to dance hip hop from scratch.

There are lessons of various levels of preparation, you can dance hip hop just for yourself, for your own pleasure, or you can do it professionally, then taking part in various competitive and demonstration events.

As for children, children's hip hop is probably the most popular dance direction among children today, and although many adults believe that this is a cottony, somewhat brutal dance style, girls are not at all afraid of this and they also go to classes with hip hop.

Hip hop basic movements and variety, clothes and music for hip hop.

For hip hop, just like for any other dance, a sense of rhythm is important, by and large hip hop is improvisation, that is, you yourself, to the music that is playing now, come up with movements and perform them at the same moment. Of course, there are certain elements without which hip hop is impossible, so for good improvisation in the future you need to study them, the base in hip hop is quite large compared to other street dances, it includes a variety of “swings” with various parts of the body, as well as a large number of steps .

Hip hop improvisation is called freestyle, just like improvisation in rap.

It is almost impossible to learn hip hop on your own, especially if you have never danced anything before, the whole system of hip hop performance will be explained to you more easily in the studios where this style is taught.

The understanding of hip hop as a rough and hard dance is long gone, now there are many varieties of hip hop, thanks to which you can choose exactly the kind that suits you.

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