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In My Feelings - Drake



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In My Feelings - Drake


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In My Feelings - Drake


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The Drake ‘In My Feelings’ Challenge Is The Latest Viral Internet Craze

20 July 2018, 07:00

Drake. Picture: Instagram

See all of the best "In My Feelings" dance memes below...

Following Drake’s viral ‘Hotline Bling’ dance moves in 2015, the OVO rapper has sparked the “In My Feelings’ challenge, which is quickly becoming one of the biggest social media moments of 2018 so far.

The viral dance sensation, which started via social media star Shiggy, features people dancing to Drake’s latest hit single ‘In My Feelings’, taken from his new album ‘Scorpion’.

Also known as “#DoTheShiggy”, the dance craze has inspired some of the best memes and videos of the year so far, with celebrities including Will Smith, Ciara, DJ Khaled and Drake himself getting involved in the action.

The challenge involves playing the first part of Drake’s ‘In My Feelings’ and showing off your best dance moves, which often include an emotional shout-out to KiKi and KB – women mentioned in the song.

Check out some of the best Drake “In My Feelings” videos below:

Last day in Budapest. I woke up #InMyFeelings I’ma Keep It 💯... I was TERRIFIED up there. That’s why my dance moves is all STIFF! Haha #InMyFeelingsChallenge #DoTheShiggy . 🎥: @jas @aidan @aaronjonferguson

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When you and Bae #DoTheShiggy On Top of Cape Town on ur #Honeymoon. @DangeRussWilson #InMyFeelingsChallenge

A post shared by Ciara (@ciara) on

NAH @champagnepapi HIT THAT #DoTheShiggy ON STAGE .. WE FOREVER LIT MAN 🦂 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥#InMyFeelings ⭐️💪 #Love

A post shared by Shoker🃏 (@theshiggyshow) on

@champagnepapi thank you for putting Miami @citygirls on here that’s home team !!! And the song super dope !!!! 🔥 KHALED FAMILY VACATION!!! Ride wit us through the journey of more blessing !!!!!! FATHER OF ASAHD ! THEY DONT WANT US TO BE HAPPY !! SO MAKE SURE YOU LIV IT UP TO THE THE FULLEST !! AND BE THE HAPPIEST 😀😀😀😀😀

A post shared by DJ KHALED (@djkhaled) on

#Mood : KEKE Do You Love Me ? 😂😂😂 @champagnepapi #DoTheShiggy #InMyFeelingsChallenge

A post shared by Shoker🃏 (@theshiggyshow) on

Getting all emo on the sea 🌊 #dotheshiggy #inmyfeelings #wakesurf #athens

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Happy 4th!!! This how I’m Pullin up to the bop-bop-barbecues all day! 🤣😂😭 @theshiggyshow Everybody get crazy wit it and hashtag #DoTheShiggy legggoo @theshiggyshow

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Keke lmao #DoTheShiggy @theshiggyshow Niggas Got Me In My Feelings @champagnepapi waffle if y’all need a girl I’m sayin @arnstar

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Sorry....we had to😜 @iamtammyfranklin directed by our son @craftby.caz #shiggychallenge ❤️

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#MOODALLSUMMER KEEEKEEEEE !!! WHATS YOUR FAVORITE SONG ON SCORPION ? Us : 😂😂😂 @richchino @hollitv @theshiggyshow waassupp! 😂

A post shared by LLD (@livelikedavis) on

Can you #DoTheShiggy? @obj posted his moves & was 🔥🔥 on #TheRitaMeeta so we @foxla attempted the dance too. #GoodDayLA #TV #theshiggy @elexmichaelson @megancolarossi @mariasearth #InMyFeelings #Drake 🦂

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Keke, do you love me? Are you riding? Say you’ll never ever leave from beside me..

— TEDDY (@Theodore_Juyr) July 5, 2018


— LÁ’$HAWT (@JSamarya) July 6, 2018

KEKE, DO YOU LOVE ME @OBJ_3 😂 I’m off twitter for the day now

— Im Calabreezy (@MCalabrese__) July 5, 2018

“KEKE, DO YOU LOVE ME” honestly this be the fun, spread positivity challenges I mess with. I’m here for it

— #3🍄 (@3_turnt) July 6, 2018

Since Shiggy first began the challenge almost a week ago, the trend has quickly gone viral, which fans using the hashtag #DoTheShiggy to show off their best Drake ‘In My Feelings’ dance challenges.

Drake surprised fans at by doing his own “In My Feelings” dance challenge at London’s Wireless music festival in Finsbury Park.

While performing the ‘Scorpion’ song for the first time, the Canadian rapper dropped his microphone on stage and showed off his best moves.

Drizzy is also rumoured to be shooting an official music video for the song, which will be directed by Karena Evans, who also directed music videos for ‘God’s Plan’ and ‘Nice For What’.

Exercise 16. Dance of my emotions. Psychological problems of modern teenagers and their solution

Goal: Teaching participants how to express emotions in a safe, socially acceptable way.

Time: 40 minutes.

Materials: musical accompaniment. Tantric music, "tam-toms", is best suited.


All of you, probably, are familiar with the state when you just want to put your fist on the table or break something. Most of the time we don't allow ourselves to do this. Sometimes there is such a state when a person bends and sways from side to side, or when he groans, or howls, or screams without words. But when a person experiences such strong emotions, he has to restrain himself - in order not to frighten people, because he does not want anyone to know about the experience, because it is indecent, etc.

However, unexpressed emotions do not go anywhere. They are “recorded” in our body, like on a tape recorder: during emotions, the chemical composition of the blood changes, impulses are transmitted to the muscles. This is so that a person can act in accordance with the emotion. And when there is no action, all this tension remains, pockets of muscle tension remain. If they accumulate, then the person's condition gradually worsens. Even when everything is in order, his mood may remain bad. This is the result of signals that continue to flow to the brain from tense muscles.

Of course, we have to think about the people around us and can't always express our emotions immediately. But later, when we are on our own, we can make sure that negative emotions do not remain in our body like a chronic illness.

Sometimes it's enough to cry. By the way, crying uncontrollably is very good for health. Nature has specially provided such a mechanism for discharging negative tension. It is also useful to laugh "until you drop." But it’s not always “laughing” when you want to howl. You can also express emotions with the help of the body, that is, by making different movements. For example, we can bend, twist, screw, stretch like a string. This is a kind of "dance of emotions. " The body itself tells what movements it wants to do. You just need to listen to him. In dance, you can express longing, guilt, anger, resentment, fear, anxiety, jealousy and many other feelings - both unpleasant and good. Let's try to do this now.

Recall some of your experiences. Try to understand what feelings you experienced, and maybe you still experience. Now I'll put on some music. She is neutral. In it, everyone will hear what corresponds to his condition.

You can listen to it for a while, and then get up and start dancing. First, usually, with the movements familiar to you. During this time, listen to your body. After a while, I will turn off (dim) the light - this is a signal that it is time to move on to unusual movements - those that will express your feelings. If you are shy, close your eyes, turn away from everyone. This dance is not for the audience, but for the soul. Begin.

(The dance lasts 15–20 minutes, of which 5 minutes are allotted for “entering the music. ”)


Share your impressions.

Summing up

Now you see that dancing helps you experience emotions and sometimes helps you feel what you may have been hiding from yourself. It happened to those who started without really imagining what they would dance about, and then suddenly feelings and memories appeared. And it turned out that not everything has been experienced yet. Arrange sometimes such dances at home, and it will be easier for you to endure negative feelings, which for some reason cannot be expressed openly.

? Comments for trainer

If the exercise is carried out during the day, then care must be taken to be able to curtain the windows. Twilight is an important condition for the emancipation of participants. If you are exercising under electric light, stock up on a table lamp that you will need to turn on before you turn off the general lighting.

This exercise can only be done in a group with sufficient confidence. Males are not very willing to participate in it. It is difficult for them to liberate themselves in public. This is a common misfortune: men generally find it difficult to open up emotionally in a group. Even with individual contact, not everyone succeeds immediately. This is a tribute to the gender-role mentality. You should not insist on dancing, although you still need to offer to overcome your embarrassment and start dancing.

At the beginning of the “general” dance and at the transition to the “dance of emotions”, the trainer can join the participants and set an example of emancipation. When the participants focus on themselves, the coach can slowly withdraw from the dance.

After the time has elapsed, the coach first turns down the volume of the music, after 30-40 seconds turns it off completely, and only when all the participants stop, he invites everyone to sit down in their places, and then turns on the general light.

Dance with emotions - Live Dancing

We continue to understand the differences between dance therapy and near and far. The second feature of dance-psychological practices and TDT (the first I designated as “ free movement ”) is directed work with emotions. Below is a semi-draft version. Questions and suggestions are welcome.

* By "emotions" in this text we mean all emotional processes: mood, state, emotions, feelings, affects.

It is important that emotions in the conceptual field of everyday life are often divorced from the body. In ITDT, we proceed from the original bodily-emotional unity. Feelings and emotions exist only in the body, only as experiences: the work of the brain, the endocrine system, a certain pattern of stress. Therefore, something can be “made” with emotions only in the body, only through movement, internal or external.

About "do". Two common positions here are "I can't do anything, these are emotions " and "remove these emotions, they interfere with ".

It's funny that in many bodily and motor practices emotions are perceived only as a hindrance. In yoga, for example. Strong emotions can indeed interfere with complex motor and cognitive tasks, but if you set the goal to "get rid of emotions", then it's like wanting to cut off an organ that you don't like.

Here is a calm joy - is it an emotion? Can non-emotional inspiration exist?

Another frequent wish: " remove "bad" emotions" . A person who rejects emotions ceases to be alive at some level. I call these people "emotional circumcision" proponents.

There are a few simple facts about human emotional life.
1. Man is a sentient being, we cannot but be emotional. Except in the case of certain pathologies. You can suppress emotions, but they do not stop arising. This is how we are.
2. You cannot selectively eliminate "negative" emotions. Either you feel or you suppress. You suppress everything: joy, tenderness, sadness, anger, anger, resentment, fear, delight ...
3. You cannot control the appearance of emotions, but you can control the manifestation of emotions.

Dance as a way of building a relationship with your own emotions is a very good metaphor, in my opinion. It implies that you can change position, distance, amount of attention, degree of control. Dance as a way of dealing with your emotions is a directed work in the balance of letting go and control, expressiveness and clarity, following the natural dynamics of the development of events and preserving the possibilities of choice.

What do we mean when we talk about dancing with emotions?
I single out four aspects of such work:
1. Distinguishing emotions .
People often cannot understand what they feel, do not realize their feelings. Directed attention to the body, gestures, facial expressions, sensations helps to begin to recognize, distinguish feelings. For example, behind what seems to be “laziness” there may be fear and it is this that “immobilizes” you.
If I begin to distinguish emotions, I begin to notice the peculiarities of their appearance and manifestation, dynamics and expression, I get the opportunity to treat them as dance partners.

2. Expression of emotions.
Sometimes personal history leads a person to the fact that it is inappropriate and unsafe to express emotions, leads to emotional muteness. Therefore, permission is an important step: yes, I can talk about my feelings and speak from my feelings! Moreover, it turns out that it is difficult to express any strong feelings, not only anger, for example, but also gratitude.
It is here that our freedom lies - in how I can express the feeling. In a word, in a letter, in a picture... In a dance. An unformed feeling is unclear, cloudy, incomprehensible. It is important that the expression of feeling is consistent with the context. It is probably inappropriate to jump for joy at a business meeting (although there are different business environments :)), but if after that you cannot jump for joy with your own child, then you should reconsider the limits of your possibilities in expressing emotions.
The direct expression of emotions does not always have a place in social reality, which is why the language of art is so important. Dance is one of the safe and permitted ways of expressing emotions in our culture. In personal communication, it is important to notice and express your emotions in a form that allows you to maintain live contact with your partner and with yourself. The dance of expressing emotions is an art for life.

3. Change in emotional dynamics.
Another difficulty may be "habitual emotional routes", stable emotional reactions. To face unfulfilled expectations - to be offended - to get angry - to leave contact. To be frightened - to worry - to yearn.
We do not always realize that these habitual dynamics, transitions between feelings are not what was originally set, we have learned them. And it can be difficult to discover that habitual emotional routes are circular motions. This is a movement that does not resolve the situation. This is a way to avoid a new step in life. Let painful, unusual, but leading beyond the current situation. Otherwise, we can easily get lost in this forest of feelings, worried about our experiences, etc.
We can explore these habitual routes, combinations, transitions between emotions. And notice new paths, branches, new opportunities in the dance with the world and other people.

4. Deep meaning of emotions .
Emotions are the experience of an attitude towards a phenomenon or a person. Relationships richer than like/dislike. We recognize, accept and rejoice. We begin to struggle with restrictions or other “wrong” and get angry. We lose something in the world or in the idea of ​​the world and begin to feel sad. Emotions are the expression and support of our movement in the world. Approach or distance. Release or rejection.
This part of a person's life, including due to a lack of understanding of the nature of emotions, can work "badly", disorientate, lead away from goals, etc. Therefore, it is important to understand the dance of emotions, to notice where changes are possible. Changes that follow the natural course of life without avoiding or suppressing living experience.

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