How to do the squirrel dance

How to Do the Ray Lewis Squirrel Dance

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Ray Lewis will play his final NFL game in Super Bowl XLVII, which means the next two weeks will be filled with plenty of talk about Lewis' accomplishments and intense motivational speeches.

Lost in all of this, though, is the return of the Ray Lewis "squirrel dance."

The "squirrel dance" is a pre-game ritual performed by Ray Lewis to pump up the home crowd at M&T Bank Stadium.

No one thought the Baltimore Ravens would make it to the Super Bowl. So, everyone assumed Lewis' last dance came in his final home game in the Wild Card round against the Colts.

Now, Ray Lewis will almost surely do his "squirrel dance" for the final time in Super Bowl XLVII in New Orleans.

Step 1: Find some grass and slam it against your chest.

Step 2: Take a few warmup jumps to get loose.

Step 3: Move your right foot to your right while sliding your left foot in the same direction. Lean your upper body to the left while doing a jazz hands thing.

Step 4: Move your left foot to your left while sliding your right foot in the same direction.

Lean your upper body to the right while doing a jazz hands thing. Set your feet and clap.

Step 5: Push your chest forward while lifting your right knee up and doing a breaststroke swim move with your arms. Repeat a second time but with more dramatic movements.

Step 6: Step forward and punch the air as hard as you can.

Step 7: Prepare yourself to be swarmed by teammates.

Here's the 'squirrel dance' from start to finish:

More from Ray Lewis' 'last ride'...

Al Bello/Getty Images

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Ray Lewis teaches Mary J. Blige how to do the squirrel dance

Ray Lewis taught Mary J. Blige how to do his squirrel dance during the Ravens' Super Bowl XLVII celebration party.

By Will Brinson

• 1 min read

NEW ORLEANS -- Much has been been made of Ray Lewis these past seven days. The all-world Ravens linebacker slammed the mic by walking away from the NFL while holding the Lombardi Trophy. But on his way out, he took a brief detour to teach Mary J. Blige how to do his famous intro dance.

And, because this is the world we live in, the singer posted a picture on Twitter of Lewis teaching her.

Thank you to @raylewis for teaching me how to do the Squirrel Dance.…

— Mary J. Blige (@maryjblige) February 4, 2013

This scene took place during the Ravens' post-Super Bowl XLVII celebration party. The party was probably a little bit of fun and featured Blige as well as rapper Jay-Z (who made a cameo during Justin Timberlake's show at the DirecTV party Saturday night but stood up his wife during the halftime show Sunday).

Jay Z and Beyonce were at the #Ravens postgame party last night. Mary J Blige performed and was taught the Squirrel Dance by Ray Lewis.

— Baltimore Ravens (@Ravens) February 4, 2013

Look, it's hard to top walking away from the game while holding the Lombardi Trophy (even if your final game performance wasn't very good and is going unnoticed, ahem). But teaching Mary J. Blige how to squirrel dance on the stage of a Lombardi celebration party is a pretty nice little cherry on the sundae.

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Of the large family of squirrels, two species are widespread in Russia: the common squirrel, or veksha, and the Caucasian squirrel (it is also called Persian). In the photo: common squirrel (Sciurus vulgaris).

In addition to nuts and acorns, squirrels eat mushrooms, berries, seeds and buds of coniferous trees. Do not disdain insects, bird eggs.

The Caucasian squirrel (Sciurus anomalus) is similar to the common squirrel, but differs from it in short, tufted-tipped ears and shorter, coarser fur.

The color of the fur of the common squirrel in different seasons and in different areas can be of various shades of red and gray, and even almost black.

Science and life // Illustrations

View full size

No matter how much you look at them, you never get bored. They race one after another, jump from tree to tree, fluffing their tails - only the branches sway. And then suddenly they will rush to the top along the trunk - one, the other, the third.

Here the little squirrel rustled, chipping away the bark with its young claws. A few seconds - and flew through the pine "corridors". Jump - and on the oak. I ran past the green acorns - and onto a birch. There is enough strength, so he pulls the trail as much as he likes. Look, look, now in a ball, then like a ferret, it curls on the ground. It's all about work and care.

More than once I have seen how gullible these animals are. If no one frightened the squirrel, it runs up to the person without hiding. You knock a nut on a nut, it is announced right there. Some are even in a hurry, running along the bark so that the scales fly from it. They are used to being fed. Those who earn their own food, rely on themselves and at first do not pay attention to you. It is necessary to welcome them wisely, not to throw nuts at them, but to put them down and move away. If they don’t run up, it means that they don’t like you for some reason. Or, shall we say, not yet liked.

I once lived in the wonderful Caucasian city of Kislovodsk. Its old park goes right into the mountains. Expanse is here for squirrels! So, every day at the same time, two red-haired beauties appeared in front of the window of the tree house. You could set your watch on them. One o'clock in the afternoon - and they are mistaken for thuja nuts. The branches of the thuja are thin, at the ends like a fern. Sometimes, in order to pluck green bumps, squirrels hang upside down. Yes, they are peeling, circus performers. Animals have to work hard to extract small grains. Maybe that's why many squirrels do not take thuja nuts from people. Give them something more substantial.

In fact, all squirrels love nuts: walnuts, pine nuts, hazelnuts and others. (Except for peanuts, according to the observations of the employees of the Moscow Zoo, squirrels do not eat these nuts. - Note ed. ) But there are lovers of seeds, chestnuts and even sweets. Once I hold out a palm with seeds to a squirrel. She looked at them and ran away. But then she returned with a walnut in her paws. She showed it to me from afar and disappeared. Here is what I need. Oh you fool!

It is especially interesting to discover the habits of squirrels, to learn the character of each animal. You meet a familiar squirrel and you know - she is not in a hurry, proud, it is not easy to approach her with her gift. It is necessary to show that you brought this gift from the heart.

There are squirrels who like to be approached by you. And they even run away from you, beckoning to the nearest tree. You go to one with a nut in your hand and think: is it really afraid? No, he's playing. He will jump onto the trunk on the other side of you, about the height of your height, and look out from there. You come closer, she will go down a little and, hanging on her hind legs, will take the nut so carefully that you won’t even feel it.

There are other proteins. However, like people. Once I saw this picture. The self-confident man, with a wide grin on his face, waddled to the tree where the squirrel was sitting, took a large walnut from the pocket of his sports trousers and tapped it demandingly on the pine tree. Squirrel immediately became interested - and to him. And he backs away from the tree and holds a nut in his outstretched hand. It seems to be inviting - come on, serve, jump. Squirrel really wanted to get a nut. She looked at him as if spellbound and ran slowly behind the man. She jumped on his leg above the knee. And he raised the nut almost to the head. Squirrel on the ground - and again on his leg, but already almost to the waist. And so it went on several times. Then his companions made noise - two of the same "athletes": "Give her a swell, you see how she tries." the man lowered his hand, and the squirrel by his finger - tsap, picked up the fallen nut and was like that.

Some people are avoided by squirrels for seemingly no reason. And if you watch them, feed them, you will understand: the animals know some secret about us. A person not of their taste turns up, they do not linger next to him. Somehow I stared at a squirrel, which carefully ransacked the Christmas tree. Seeing me, she frolicked in a friendly and very smart way. A plump lady stopped next to me, looked, looked at my beauty and asked loudly: "What did you give her?" The squirrel froze at first, and then stopped eating and quickly jumped to the top of the spruce. Something, apparently, did not like the uninvited spectator.

Whatever the land, stony or densely covered with a perennial grass cushion, the squirrel will certainly find a place in it to hide food. If there is a lot of food, she has no peace. Here and there he will run through - he checks the little ducks, rummages preoccupiedly, impatiently. Somewhere already empty pantry. So, a thief visited, you never know how many of them roam the earth - mice, for example. Or those ants. Of course, they are not scammers, but honest workers. But if they come across a candy hidden by a red-horned jumper, they will instantly take it apart in grains, only the smell will remain in the ground. The hostess will come running, and there seems to be nothing there. Squirrel does not grieve for a long time, there are many such losses in her lifetime. He will dig out the next pantry, pull out a treat from it and immediately hide it, literally a few meters from the old place. Run up to another little duck to eat. Sharp teeth will cope with the nut and let's slowly gobble it up. At this time, the squirrel's tail twitches. So, she has a wonderful dish today.

Squirrel is very picky about the quality of food. He spins the nut in his paws and carefully cleans it from coarse skins and stains. If she does not like the appearance of the product, she will not take it. Many times I saw a squirrel refuse an apple. But once a smart guy cut an apple into slices, like a watermelon, and the squirrels took apart the treat. So they feasted, sitting side by side. Holding the slice with their paws, with feeling, with sense and arrangement, they bit off pieces from it, their little eyes sparkled. But they didn’t eat the crust, they threw it away! Why not our brother, man?

One little squirrel didn't finish his share. I didn’t want to throw it away, probably I liked the ruddy barrel of an apple. I rushed to the linden tree and began to look for a suitable branch to chop the rest of it on. He tried on one, then the other. Finally found. I look, next to the knots, the same dryness is being dried. And next to them, other flirt-tails are jumping, replenishing stocks. How do they distinguish their own from others? Or maybe they have them in common? In any case, you can’t say that the squirrel is a greedy creature. Although if he sees you have two nuts, then he strives to appropriate both: one - in the cheek pouch, the other - in the teeth. And go away.

One day someone offered a squirrel an unseen foreign thing - a date. She did not hide her delight. Immediately asked for another one. For a long time she ran with gifts through the trees, shook the branches and tried to chop the dates at the very end. It seemed like a very uncomfortable place. But no! Squirrel knows that his brother will not just climb there. So, the tidbit will be better preserved. But the most important thing is that jays and magpies will not go there. These large birds the branch will not stand even a moment.

Squirrels suffer every day from feathered thieves. Somehow, closer to autumn, when the nuts on large trees were not yet fully ripe, I found out what kind of masters it was to steal someone else's food. My friend and I walked for a long time through the forest and stopped to rest in a pine forest. They drank cold water from the stream and stretched out on soft mounds of fallen pine needles. Look - out of nowhere squirrel. She ran to the stream, leaned over from the pebble and drank. Then she seemed to look at herself in the brook mirror and was satisfied. She sat down to clean her fur coat, lifted her tail with a bagel.

Suddenly a flock of squirrels appeared. They run across the clearing and get closer and closer to us. However, sensing that we had nothing to profit from, we jumped into the trees and busied ourselves with cones. A whole rain of husks flew from above. One squirrel began to peel a cone right above us. She tried her best - you can’t stop, and then she threw a bump at us. Since we did not express our dissatisfaction, the squirrels went down below. Then I took out a single walnut and knocked it against the resin growth. Well, who's brave? One beauty quickly ran up, accepted the gift, immediately made a recess in the clearing, put a nut - and back to me. "No more," I tell her, showing my empty hand. And after all, that's how brave - she ran up, unbent my finger, made sure that it was really empty, and rather away.

For some reason she wanted to hide the resulting nut. She quickly pulled him out of the ground and immediately found a more reliable place for him nearby. Oh, and we were all simpletons - both the squirrel and me with a companion. They missed how a jay quietly flew into a neighboring tree. She closely watched the cheerful dances of our lucky girl. As soon as she moved away a couple of meters from her pantry, the jay instantly planned for this place and plunged its beak into the hole. A moment - and took off with a nut in its beak.

Here you go, robbery in broad daylight! But only we, the people, were outraged by this. The squirrel didn't move her ear.

Since then, I have often seen magpies flying and jays with a nut in their beaks. The first feeling - here I am! And when I remember that the squirrel was not very upset then, I calm down so much.

When the walnuts are ripe, the squirrels jump into the trees in gangs. Taking the fruit, they immediately plunge their sharp teeth into it. But the bite is done not just anywhere, but closer to the root hole. Although she is small, she is the weakest point of the nut. Hrup-hrup-hrup - and the first shells flew. Squirrels are hot in these moments, impatient. It happens that prey falls to the ground. The economic and fisted animal does not forget about the loss and, having jumped down, looks for the elusive nut.

However, there are many such fallen treasures. A well-fed squirrel with laziness buries some. More so - by natural habit. On days when nuts hang in clouds over the earth, she does not want to think that abundance can end.

One night it began to rain heavily. But the squirrels, as always, galloped together for breakfast. I would get wet to the bone on a tree, but they don’t care! A minute, five, fifteen have passed, and they have the same fluffy dry coat, tail pipe. They crack shells and branches, squeak about something of their own, throw nuts, mischievous ones. I thought they accidentally dropped them on me. But then I realized: no, not at all by chance, but on purpose! Yes, how accurate. I walked under an umbrella, fleeing the rain, and the squirrels threw nuts so that they bounced off the trunk and flew under the umbrella - either they hit me in the chest, or in the shoulder. Right, some billiards!

And what is curious, around the walnut "baobab" is sure to gather a fair amount of small birds. They walk sedately, jumping unhurriedly along the paths and bald spots. Here the secret is simple: from the falling shells, some crumbs of the nut kernel, missed by the squirrels, always fly off. Here are the birds and catch such gifts.

I look like this for squirrels and never cease to be surprised.

Maybe squirrels can teach us very important things, which we forgot about due to our human pettiness? Life is not easy to live. She bears many losses and losses. But if you do business, if you work hard, then there is no trouble! You will not be angry, you will not become indifferent. And you will always see the day from the height of the flight, count the time by the standards of its speed, feel like a part of all the distant distances and the close blue sky.

The article is illustrated with photographs by I. Konstantinov, from the Internet and "Encyclopedia of Animals of Cyril and Methodius".

13 foods to eat during the day to dance all night

The strategic approach is to choose those foods that fill you with energy and exclude those that take it away. A simple solution is simple carbohydrates, that is, sugar. But it brings only a short-term result, and we need strength for the whole night and, preferably, without harm to the figure. They will give us proteins, fats and complex carbohydrates, as well as trace elements. Accelerating the release of energy.

1. Water

Drink the norm (how to calculate it - here) of water during the day. So you create ideal conditions for the accumulation of energy from food and from your own reserves.

2. Cereals

Slow energy. Among its endless advantages is the ability to energize, thanks to the large amount of slow carbohydrates and fiber in the composition. It is absorbed extremely slowly, keeping a feeling of satiety and a surge of energy for a long time. In addition, oatmeal is rich in vitamin B1, without which fatigue occurs faster. To stay in good shape, the body needs only 150 g of oatmeal per day. In addition, remember about other wonderful cereals - buckwheat, unpolished rice, millet, working on the same principle! Here is a list of good cereals.

  • At least have oatmeal for breakfast or have it for lunch and add other healthy grains to your diet throughout the day.

3. Fermented milk products

Fermented milk products and, above all, natural yoghurt without fillers, perfectly invigorate the body. The main advantage of yogurt is bifidobacteria, which nourish the immune system and bring digestion into working condition. It is easily and fairly quickly digested, without causing a desire to sleep after eating. A quality product is replete with proteins and lactose, which give us strength.

  • A cup of yogurt with a handful of fresh berries or honey for a second breakfast will suffice.

4. Wheat sprouts

Germinated wheat is an energy generator. This is the merit of vitamins E and group B, as well as magnesium, calcium and iron. In addition, the active substances in the sprouts stimulate the brain and nervous system.

  • Add a handful of germinated grains to your favorite salads, cereals or cottage cheese.

5. Eggs

They contain colossal reserves of protein, organic acids, a wide range of vitamins and minerals. Thanks to this composition, the body can more easily cope with heavy physical and mental stress, restore strength faster. Eat 2 eggs for dinner - they are easily and quickly digested, and fats from the yolk serve as an additional source of energy that will definitely come in handy and will be spent.

6. Beans

Dishes from beans, peas, lentils and any other beans carry a powerful energy charge. It is provided by the vegetable protein contained in them, long carbohydrates and a vitamin-mineral complex. And fiber helps to absorb this abundance in full. A serving of lentil porridge or pea soup is the best remedy for drowsiness!

  • Add a bean dish to your evening omelet.

7. Cabbage

Vegetables in all their variety give energy, but this is not equal to cauliflower and broccoli. The combination of vitamins B1, B2, C, PP, phosphorus and iron helps to overcome fatigue, irritability and charges with a good mood.

  • Eat a serving of broccoli throughout the day in any form.

8. Greens

Greens, and spinach in particular, contain impressive energy resources. The combination of vitamin C and iron and other minerals will not leave a trace of fatigue and will significantly increase efficiency. Spinach will especially favorably affect the nervous system, which also overworks during night festivities! It is noteworthy that spinach retains valuable properties during any heat treatment. But other green bunches are best consumed fresh!

  • Add spinach wherever you can.

9. Nuts

Energy source with protein, omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins and minerals. Such a cocktail stimulates the brain and energizes the entire body. Especially great gives energy to the cardiovascular system, the heart, which easily withstands long-term stress only if there are healthy fats in the diet!

  • Add a handful of nuts to oatmeal or eat them separately as a snack.

10. Bananas

No wonder athletes love bananas so much. Due to the large amount of fast carbohydrates and fiber, they instantly satisfy hunger, energizing.

  • Active night dancers can eat 1-2 bananas during the day.

11. Chocolate

Bitter chocolate is also among the useful energy products. It is made from cocoa beans that can charge you with energy for the whole day. Here is a list of the best on the shelves in Chisinau. The hormone of happiness, endorphin, produced when eating good chocolate, also motivates you to physical feats.

  • 30–40 g per day will be sufficient.

12. Citrus fruits

Oranges, grapefruits, tangerines - freshly squeezed juice of these citruses works wonders. All thanks to ascorbic acid, bioflavanoids, slow sugars that can stir up even the most incorrigible lazy people.

  • Have a glass of juice just before the party.

13. Tea and coffee

The most popular tonic drinks of natural origin! They are able to delay the moment of falling asleep and make the body give out more energy at the moment of active movement. But if you abuse them during the day, you won't get the desired effect in the evening!