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🍑HipSwingTutorial‼️ @alinadllr #HeinzFlipSqueeze #dancechallenge #dancetutorials #hipswingchallenge #hipswingchallenge

4.8K Likes, 15 Comments. TikTok video from BlackfootSenpai (@senpaiblackfoot): "🍑HipSwingTutorial‼️ @alinadllr #HeinzFlipSqueeze #dancechallenge #dancetutorials #hipswingchallenge #hipswingchallenge". TIP: HOW TO HIP SWING‼️ ✅✅ | 1. LIFT UR KNEE UP ⬆️ | 2.PUSH UR HIPS ↔️ WHILE U DOIN‘ IT | .... this song is brooklyn blood pop omg.


this song is brooklyn blood pop omg - anelyse



Hip swing tutorial #bakugou #tutorial #edit #anime #alightmotion #animeboy #mha #bnha

1. 9K Likes, 72 Comments. TikTok video from CentstubX (@centstubx): "Hip swing tutorial #bakugou #tutorial #edit #anime #alightmotion #animeboy #mha #bnha". original sound.


original sound - CentstubX



Replying to @loxysae do you want a talking version? #fyp #hipswing #dance #dancer #blowthisup #tutorial #girls #girlssupportgirls #bellydancer #foryoupage

TikTok video from Teyla (@teyb05): "Replying to @loxysae do you want a talking version? #fyp #hipswing #dance #dancer #blowthisup #tutorial #girls #girlssupportgirls #bellydancer #foryoupage". Hip swing tutorial.. | 1. Separate legs And slighting squat keep back straight | 2. Swing hips one direction And slightly tip toe the leg you’re swinging | . ... Thick Fine Woman (feat. Lil' Ronny Mothaf, Fat Pimp & No Shame).


Thick Fine Woman (feat. Lil' Ronny Mothaf, Fat Pimp & No Shame) - Chalie Boy



WE LEFT NO CRUMBS!! Ft@arlitty1 #hips #hipscrazy #hipsdontlie #hipsswing #fyp #viral #foryoupage #TheAdamProject #TurboTaxAlphorn #SchickAsks

12K Likes, 19 Comments. TikTok video from Hiighoffamaya (@_therealldiorr): "WE LEFT NO CRUMBS!! Ft@arlitty1 #hips#hipscrazy #hipsdontlie #hipsswing #fyp #viral #foryoupage #TheAdamProject #TurboTaxAlphorn #SchickAsks". How do you do the hip thing | Just do it | Damm them hips crazy | .... SWIZZYMACK _ ANNIE R U OK.


SWIZZYMACK _ ANNIE R U OK - stay happy



hopefully this was helpful! #SafeguardSplash #PetStory #Kolors #fyp #foryou #foryoupage #tutorial #xyzbca

13.6K Likes, 75 Comments. TikTok video from May (@may.wangg): "hopefully this was helpful! #SafeguardSplash #PetStory #Kolors #fyp #foryou #foryoupage #tutorial #xyzbca". HOW TO SWAY HIPS TUTORIAL🤪 | 1. Swing hips to front diagonal corners | 2. Bend knees more | .... Coño (feat. Jhorrmountain x Adje).


Coño (feat. Jhorrmountain x Adje) - Puri


Dr. Catherine Ding

Reply to @not._.your._.bitch.uwu here’s how I do the hip swing! #choppingdance #dance #tutorial #dentist #越南鼓卡点舞 #fyp

17. 4K Likes, 236 Comments. TikTok video from Dr. Catherine Ding (@drcatherineding): "Reply to @not._.your._.bitch.uwu here’s how I do the hip swing! #choppingdance#dance#tutorial#dentist#越南鼓卡点舞#fyp". Hip swing | Chopping Dance | Lead with your chest | .... original sound.


original sound - Dr. Catherine Ding


Abby Klaire

Reply to @badass_comfy As requested

1.2K Likes, 15 Comments. TikTok video from Abby Klaire (@abbyklaire0): "Reply to @badass_comfy As requested". 1. SWING YOUR HIPS FROM SIDE TO SIDE | SIDE REVERSE TUTORIAL | 2. MAKE A SHARP PAUSE TO THE SIDE | .... Woman by Omah Lay.


Woman by Omah Lay - LYRICS AFRICA


Roser Ros

👉 Fix your center and rotate your hips around it👈#swingdance # swing # lindyhop # swivels # roserswing # onlineclasse # danceonline

TikTok video from Roser Ros (@roserswing): "👉 Fix your center and rotate your hips around it👈#swingdance #swing #lindyhop #swivels #roserswing #onlineclasse #danceonline". Lindy hop Swivels tips | ❎ Don't move your hips from side to side | 👌 Fix your center and rotate your hips. original sound.


original sound - Roser Ros


Pink Shirt Girl Dances

Replying to @itsmarwa187 I’m sorry ya’ll this is a difficult one for a tutorial🥺

25.3K Likes, 158 Comments. TikTok video from Pink Shirt Girl Dances (@thealyssawaydances): "Replying to @itsmarwa187 I’m sorry ya’ll this is a difficult one for a tutorial🥺". Swing ⬅️ | Swing ➡️ | 💪 | .... original sound.


original sound - Pink Shirt Girl Dances

asian hip swing dance | TikTok Search



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Silky smooth hip swing cut❤#kawaii #dancer #hotdance #chinesetiktok #cutegirl #fypage #腰振りダンス #扭胯舞 #变速扭胯舞

1. 3K Likes, 39 Comments. TikTok video from Aoi.tsukino (@paradiseland8): "Silky smooth hip swing cut❤#kawaii #dancer #hotdance #chinesetiktok #cutegirl #fypage #腰振りダンス #扭胯舞 #变速扭胯舞". original sound - Aoi.tsukino.


original sound - Aoi.tsukino



Boosey (@barucey) on TikTok

152 Likes, 6 Comments. TikTok video from Boosey (@barucey). Trying to follow the hip swaying tutorial like . Way Off.


Way Off - June's Diary


Paiti Entertainment

Reply to @alexnicholls143 Someone decided ti make an appearance 👀 🤣 #kukiairani🇨🇰 #polyneisan #dance

837 Likes, 14 Comments. TikTok video from Paiti Entertainment (@the_paiti_family): "Reply to @alexnicholls143 Someone decided ti make an appearance 👀 🤣 #kukiairani🇨🇰 #polyneisan #dance". original sound.


original sound - Paiti Entertainment


77T Rendering

〓Hip Sway TikTok Dance〓【HAKU】#77trendering #tiktokdance #recommendations #dance #tiktok #dancing #anime

578 Likes, 8 Comments. TikTok video from 77T Rendering (@77trendering7): "〓Hip Sway TikTok Dance〓【HAKU】#77trendering #tiktokdance #recommendations #dance #tiktok #dancing #anime". Hai phút hơn.


Hai phút hơn - ❤️💚🐰🦁❤️💚


Amelia 爱美丽🦄❤️

I think @amora.dazzles can help me with this #seetinh #dance #asian #seetinhspeedup #seetinhchallenge

TikTok video from Amelia 爱美丽🦄❤️ (@ameliahnw): "I think @amora. dazzles can help me with this #seetinh #dance #asian #seetinhspeedup #seetinhchallenge". Let me try this again | Left hip | Right hip | .... 原聲 - ABCandE.


原聲 - ABCandE



ryujin hip challenge 🥲 #fyp #ryujin #ryujinhiptrend #asian #dance we tried gamers !! and we shall prob try again later >.<

2.1K Likes, 27 Comments. TikTok video from Naehna (@naehna): "ryujin hip challenge 🥲 #fyp #ryujin #ryujinhiptrend #asian #dance we tried gamers !! and we shall prob try again later >.<". The ryujin hip trend.


The ryujin hip trend - Alon el mejor ryujinista ✞︎✰



“exaggerate the hip swing” & this is the result 🫠😂 @AidyL

TikTok video from Chris (@christianpio247): "“exaggerate the hip swing” & this is the result 🫠😂 @AidyL". original sound.


original sound - Carson Genal


Matuba Machaka

#kinglekunye #mzansitiktok #dance #fypシ #fyp #foryoupage #tiktok #trend #viral #hipswing #whistlechallenge 😁😁ka mo swara nyana🤟🔥🔥

216 Likes, 26 Comments. TikTok video from Matuba Machaka (@chaksmajaivane): "#kinglekunye #mzansitiktok #dance #fypシ #fyp #foryoupage #tiktok #trend #viral #hipswing #whistlechallenge 😁😁ka mo swara nyana🤟🔥🔥". original sound.


original sound - Matuba Machaka



🤸🏻‍♂️#fyp #foryou #fypシ #viral #trending #asainboy #dance #hipsway

676 Likes, 22 Comments. TikTok video from DavidDNguyen120 (@daviddnguyen120): "🤸🏻‍♂️#fyp #foryou #fypシ #viral #trending #asainboy #dance #hipsway". Dream Girl.


Dream Girl - Ir Sais

SWING DANCE is fashionable!

SWING DANCE is fashionable!

Want something new? Tired of salsa? Endless ocho and hero in tango? Come visit us!

Today SWING moves and develops confidently worldwide . It becomes more and more popular and in Ukraine ...

SWING dance (SWING dance) - a new fashionable dance direction, which is now relevant in Dnepropetrovsk!!!

SWING DANCE is jazz dance!

Are you crazy about jazz? And hearing crazy rock and roll, are you just dancing?

Fashion returns and is now popular in the world SWING and electro swing. More and more often on dance floors you will hear JAZZ in accompanied by modern rhythms.

Swing dance (Swing dance) - these are just the very dances that dance to magical music: jazz, blues and rock and roll!

And one more thing: knowing how to dance jazz dances, you will feel free on almost any dance floor and with any music! i.e. most importantly, you will learn improvise!

SWING DANCE is easy and simply!

Think dancing is hard? By no means! Swing Dance are simple, interesting and varied.

Lindy Hop, Boogie Woogie, Charleston, Balboa, Blues, step - all these are swing dances, they are also called social .

And this means that the purpose of education is to receive pleasure, chat, have fun, listen to your favorite music and beautifully spend time!


Don't know what to do with yourself? Are you bored? Want interesting and fun to spend the evening?

Swing dance (SWING dance) - social dance, in first of all arose for communication and joint pastime. As in many other pair dances, in Swing there are competitions and championships.

SWING is danced at discos and parties, various themed parties, holidays, celebrations, festivals, camps, dance camps, which are held not only in Ukraine, but all over the world.

It is danced on the street, at work, at home, at a party… you on the same wavelength!

I think it's clear that you certainly won't be bored!

SWING DANCE is communication!

Do you want to meet new people? Then come to us to dance Swing!

Swing dance (SWING dance) is relaxation and communication in movement. This is an interesting leisure and exciting pastime.

This is really live communication and new acquaintance!

SWING DANCE is a dance of joy!

Do you always crave something sweet? Not enough joy in life?

According to Frankie Manning , one of the fathers SWING, « this dance keeps youth, makes a person happy in difficult times, he makes you smile .

We bring the light of the "dance of joy" to people, introducing them to the wonderful world of dance!

SWING DANCE is love!

Dancing, rejoicing in a new day, a new acquaintance, you may well find yourself the same as you, in love with SWING DANCE, in love with life...

The one that will please you!

Love and be loved!

SWING DANCE is a lifestyle!

In the modern world it is very fashionable to be beautiful, sportsman lead a healthy lifestyle. For this, there are many different ways. But, in addition to gyms, swimming pools, fitness clubs, many prefer dancing. For people who do dance, it's not just physical exercises to promote health, for them dancing is life.

When you dance, everything else simply ceases to exist. dance, rhythm, music completely captures you and takes you away from everyday problems...

This is not another, strange world, but completely accessible entertainment and skill.

Swing dance is a new generation lifestyle. This is a dance, in where boundaries are blurred and there are no restrictions. This is an improvisational dance. Art self-expression, conveying feelings and emotions.

Immerse yourself in this magical joyful world! Be a part of it!

SWING DANCE is a challenge!

A challenge to gray everyday life, endless sadness, your embarrassment, your “dancing-is-not-mine”, “I-can’t-get it”, etc. etc.

This is a challenge to everything that you fear and postponing for later. Take a chance. Try. And suddenly this is really exactly what have you been looking for? Realize, finally, your desires.

Cheerful, interesting, perky, bright and daring. Impossible not to get infected desire to dance SWING.


SWING DANCE – for everyone!

Swing dance is a free dance.

Swing is danced by both professional dancers and those who quite recently did not even think that they would start dancing: programmers, artists, lawyers, businessmen, students…

Learn how to dance SWING! You will reveal your amazing potential , you will rejoice and enjoy the dance!

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7 tips for those who want to dance

9,0001 920reno5, in itself. And yes, they can be mastered at any age.



1. Choose your style

The idea here is the same as for sports: if you secretly hate yoga or iron exercises, you are unlikely to go to workouts week after week. To achieve noticeable progress in dancing, a beginner will have to practice a lot and regularly, so it’s better not to torture yourself and choose a direction that really ignites.

You can focus on the music that you like - you need to catch the drive from movements to it. It is music that forms the style of dance and its energy, so decide what is closer to you: for example, funk lovers should try popping or locking, folk fans may like Irish dancing, and if you respect jazz, swing and everything like that, take a closer look at lindy hop.

Another criterion is the nature of the movements. Some are closer to dynamic, as in hip-hop, others are smooth and sensual - for this in tango. There are also health restrictions to consider. So, twerk is not suitable if there are problems with the lumbar spine, with sore knees it is better not to get involved in shuffle, and it will be difficult for an aged person to master house.

2. Set a goal

Photo: Iakov Filimonov / Shutterstock

You can start dancing at any age, but it's important to keep in mind why you started it in the first place. It is perhaps too bold to expect that in half a year of classes it will be possible to reach the level of international dance championships from scratch. But if you want to try dancing in order to develop plasticity and learn to feel the body better, great, go ahead.

Don't expect everything to work the first time. When you learn from scratch, difficulties are absolutely normal, the main thing is not to score in classes. Over time, both the correct posture and a beautiful gait will be developed, and as a bonus you will also get self-confidence - with freedom of movement, freedom from complexes will come.


Don't forget about sports

Some dances in themselves make for a good workout. A vigorous shuffle will replace cardio, and a break can give a load to almost all muscle groups. And yet, without preparation, it will not be easy. A more or less good stretch is needed in any type of dance, and, for example, strong arms and strong abdominal and back muscles are also useful for pole dancing. You can combine dancing with strength exercises, but you need to give the body time to recover and not plan classes in a row, but allocate at least a day of rest between them.

And don't forget to warm up before dancing. So that the training does not end with an injury, the muscles and joints need to be prepared for the load. You can allocate 10–15 minutes for a warm-up, it should include simple articular gymnastics (at least elementary rotational movements of the shoulders and knees), tilts and dynamic stretching.

4. Take some lessons from a trainer

Especially if you have never danced before. Those with experience can learn new styles at home with video tutorials, but that's because they already know how to control their bodies. Beginners are unlikely to succeed, but disappointment in themselves and demotivation are guaranteed - if you can’t repeat elementary movements, then there’s no point in doing it.

Nothing really strange here. Without preparation, it is difficult to just take it and start moving freely. At least the basic elements are better to master under the guidance of a pro, and when you feel that you are coping, supplement these lessons with home workouts.

5. Learn something new in every class

When you repeat the same set of exercises and movements over and over again, classes turn into a good way to pass your free time, only you can forget about progress. Acquaintance with new elements is the same mandatory part of any workout as a warm-up. It doesn't matter if you work with a mentor or on your own.

Do not immediately try to copy cool dancers. First, study the basic movements, then try to combine them into bundles until you hone them to automatism, and then experiment and improvise, creating something new based on familiar elements.

6. Record yourself on video

You don't need to record the whole workout from the warm-up on, it's enough to record only those moments with which you have problems. These can be separate movements or bundles that are not given in any way. Review the video and, if possible, objectively assess what is wrong: perhaps there are technical problems that are difficult to notice in the process. When you understand what's wrong, try to repeat the movement and record it on video again - and so on until you achieve a good result.

This approach will help you find errors and track progress. You can not even limit yourself to memorized ligaments, but improvise - then see how it looks from the outside.

7. Find like-minded people

Photo: Iakov Filimonov / Shutterstock

If you need an extra reason not to miss classes, then meeting new people can be a good motivation. It is easier here for those who train in a group. Often the dance school becomes the center of a close-knit community, where people come not only for the sake of classes, but also just to spend time together at dance parties.

Finally, the more partners around, the more experience. Do not limit yourself to dancers of your level of training and practice with those who are stronger or weaker than you. In the first case, you will be able to improve your skills, and in the second, you will try yourself as a coach - this, by the way, is a good way to learn to take more initiative and understand the very principle of movement in dance, and not just memorize the alternation of chords.

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