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100+ Creative Ways to ask to Dances – Let's DIY It All – With Kritsyn Merkley

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I have SO many fond memories of going to the high school dances with my friends. We always had so much fun and would spend hours having “planning sessions” to decide how to ask to the dance and then what we would do for our day date, dinner, etc. I know others may not have done as much, but it was something us girls loved to do when we were the ones asking to the dance, and it’s something our guy friends did when they asked us. Ah, memories.

As I mentioned, one of the things we planned was how to ask to the dance. We were always looking for Creative Ways to ask to dances, and I thought it would be a good idea to compile 100+ ways to ask creatively. Most are done with little cost and are simply ideas to help out the teenagers in your family. Is it necessary to ask creatively? Not at all, but it’s fun and adds a little more excitement to the whole date.

1. COCONUTS – Drill holes through the shells of coconuts, empty of milk, divide up the message between them (wrapped in cellophane) saying “I’d go NUTS if you’d go to {dance} with me!” They have to smash the coconuts to get the message.

2. STARBUCKS – Go to starbucks with the person you’re asking. Have the person sit and wait while you order, and when you order, ask the barista if when they call out your order they’ll say “One {whatever your drink is} and one {name of your date}, will you go to the dance with {your name} and then the name of their drink (for example: “One peppermint mocha and one -Katie will you go to the dance with Josh- vanilla bean frappuccino!”)

3. PIZZA – Have a pizza delivered to the person you’re asking. On the inside of the lid of the box write, “Will you go to the dance with me? If your answer is yes, eat the pizza and return the box. If your answer is no, eat the box and return the pizza.”

4. PIÑATA – Hang a piñata in their room or on their front porch and have your name on the inside of the piñata. They have to smash it to see who’s asking them to the dance.

5. FORTUNE COOKIES – Use tweezers to pull out the paper fortune inside fortune cookies, or make your own homemade fortune cookies, then write the letters of your name on individual slips of paper and slide them into the fortune cookies. Leave them with a sign or note that says “I would be FORTUNATE to go to the dance with you!”

6. KISSES AND ROSES –  Leave a trail of kisses leading from their front door to their bathroom and leave roses or rose petals in their bathtub/shower with a sign that says “Now that I’ve kissed the ground you walk on and showered you with roses will you go to the dance with me?”

7. FROZEN HEART –  Place a note asking them to the dance inside a plastic bag & freeze it inside a heart-shaped mold filled with water & roses. Freeze & when delivered, say: “melt my heart–don’t break it!”

8. HEART ATTACK – Cut out tons of paper hearts then tape them all around their room or front porch. Have the biggest one say “I would have a HEART ATTACK if you didn’t say yes to go to the dance with me!”

9. Use a candy bar note poster to ask them. (ex. Hey SWEET TART, I would give 100 GRAND to go to the dance with you. It would be EXTRA special. etc..)

10. BALLOONS –  Fill the persons room or car with tons of balloons that spell out “Will you go to the dance with me? -{your name}” They have to pop all of the balloons to get the message.

11. ROCK –  Use a giant rock and write “You rock!” and on the reverse write the message asking them to the dance.

12. LOCKER BREAK IN – Break into their locker and make a bright colorful poster that covers the whole inside asking them to the dance.

13. POST IT NOTES – Completely cover their car with post it notes and spell out “prom?” with one color.

14. PAPER FISH – Cut out tons of  paper fish and hang them from the ceiling and a poster that says “of all the fish in the sea will you go to the dance with me?”

15. PLASTIC CUPS – Spell out “{their name} and {the name of the dance} ?” using plastic cups in the fence along the football field.

16. PUZZLE – Write a message on a piece of paper and cut it up into a puzzles for the person to put together

17. SOLO CUPS – Leave/stack red solo cups all over their room or porch with a sign that says “Don’t make me go SOLO!”

18. FOOTBALL – Write on a football, “Do you want to tackle Homecoming with me?”

19. MUSTACHE WAX LIPS – Give them a card with mustache wax lips that says, “I MUSTACHE you a question – will you go to the dance with me?”

20. FANTA POP – Replace the “F” with a “W” and add “go to the dance with me?” to it.

21. NACHOS & CHEESE – Buy a bag of tortilla chips and cheese, and on the tortilla chips write, “I know it’s NACHO problem, but I’m in a CRUNCH…” and on the cheese write, “Will you CHEESE go to the dance with me?”

22. BASEBALL – Give a Baseball with a card that says, “I might strike out asking, but will go to the dance with me?”

23. KISSED THE GROUND – Spread Hershey Kisses all over the ground and make a poster that says, “Now that I’ve kissed the ground you walk on, will you go to the dance with me?”

24. CHEESY PIZZY – Order a pizza and on the inside, write: “I know this is cheesey but…” and on the Pizza in pepperoni write: “PROM?”

25. Buy a box of Goldfish and add to the front, “Of all the fish in the sea, will you go to the dance with me?”

26. PHOTOBOOTH – Hold up Signs in a photobooth that say on SIGN 1: Person’s name, SIGN 2: Will you go to the dance with me?, SIGN 3: Your name.

27. BASEBALL CATCH – Give a baseball or sugar cookies that look like baseball with a poster or card that says, “You’ve CAUGHT my attention – will you go to the dance with me and have a BALL?”

28. BROOM – Give a broom with a card or poster that says, “I’m here to SWEEP you off your feet. Will you go to the dance with me?”

29. CORNY QUESTION – Give a bag of popcorn with a note that says, “I know this is corny, but will you go to the dance with me?”

30. IN AND OUT – Send person to In and Out and have signs that say, “School Dance – are you In or Out?”

31. CHICK-FIL-A – Send person to Chik-fil-A with a gift card to order something “special.” Have employees give them a shake with a card that says, “You’re the only CHICK I want to SHAKE it with at the dance. Will you go with me?”

32. MINT ICE CREAM  – Give a gallon of Mint Ice Cream with a poster that says, “We are MINT to go to the dance together. ICE CREAM if you’d say yes!”

33. HONEYCOMB – Give a box of Honeycomb to the girl that says, “HONEYCOMB your hair and please come to the dance with me?”

34. CUTIES – Give a bowl of Cutie Oranges with a poster that says, “Knock, Knock. Who’s there? Orange! Orange who? Orange you glad you got asked to the dance by this cutie?”

35. BUTTERED UP – Give a bag of prepopped popcorn with a note that says, “Now that I’ve BUTTERED you up I’ll POP the question – will you go to the dance with me?”

36. DYING TO GO – Draw a silhouette of a dead person on the person’s porch or driveway that says, “I’m DYING to go to the dance with you!”

37. TURTLE – Give them a turtle with a sign that says “It would be TURTLEY awesome if you went to the dance with me!”

38. WHEN PIGS FLY – Fill pink balloons with helium and draw pig faces on them. Put all the balloons in a big cardboard box with a note on the outside that says “When will I ask you to the dance?” and a note on the inside that says “When pigs fly!”. Deliver the box to their doorstep.

39. CHALK – Chalk their entire driveway asking them to the dance.

40. CANDLES – Set up candles or tea lights on their driveway that spell out the dance (PROM? or HOMECOMING?).

41. SEA OF BALLOONS – Fill the persons room with enough balloons to hide under, put a sign on their door asking them to the dance, and then when they walk in, jump out of the sea of balloons and surprise them.

42. PHOTO COLLAGE – Photograph yourself with each word asking them to the dance (one picture is “Will”, another is “You”, “Go” etc.) in all of your dates favorite places. Then put it all together in a photo collage or hide it around their room.

43. MESSAGE IN A BOTTLE – Write your question asking them to the dance on a small piece of paper, roll it up and put it in a bottle or jar with some sand, giving them a message in a bottle.

44. SIGN – If there is a bridge or overpass on the person you’re askings route to school, work, or home, hang a sign on the overpass asking them to the dance.

45. GARAGE DECORATION – Decorate their garage with balloons, crepe paper streamers, and big paper letters that spell out the name of the dance.

46. BUM – Get dressed up as a bum (a homeless person) and hold a cardboard sign that says “I would be really BUMMED if you didn’t go to the dance with me.

47. TEDDY BEAR – Give them a teddy bear with a sign that says “I couldn’t BEAR the thought of going to the dance without you”.

48. HANGMAN – Play a game of hangman but have the phrase be “{the persons name}, Will you go to the dance with me?”

49. WINGS – Deliver some chicken wings or buffalo wings with a note that says “I’ve never asked someone to a dance so I’m just gonna wing it! Will you go to the dance with me?”

50. SOCCER BALL – Write on a soccer ball “Wanna KICK it at the dance?”

51. VOLLEYBALL – Write on a volleyball “I really DIG you and I could’t PASS up the chance to ask you to the dance. Let’s SET up a date, it’ll be a HIT.”

52. DONUTS – Give them a box of donuts and write on the inside “I DONUT want to go to the dance with anyone else.”

53. DESPICABLE ME – “I think you are one in a MINION, it would be DESPICABLE of me not to ask you to the dance.”

54. SUCKERS – Give the person a jar of suckers with a note that says “The dance would SUCK if I didn’t go with you.”

55. FISH – Give them a goldfish or a box of swedish fish with a sign that says “Will you o-FISH-ally be my date to the dance?”

56. BASKETBALL – “I know we’ll have a BALLIN time at the dance!”

57. FILLED BALLOON – Write your name on a small slip of paper and put it into a balloon with some glitter or confetti before you blow the balloon up. After you blow up the balloon, leave it with a sign that says “It would be a BLAST if you went with me to the dance” along with  something to pop the balloon. They have to pop the balloon to find out who’s asking.

58. FILL IN THE BLANK – Make a poster that they have to fill out to in order to see what the question is:

#1 Black Eyed Peas ______ i. am (will)

#2 What is the symbol for the element Uranium? ______ (u)

#3 (draw a picture of a stop light and fill in the green light) ________ (go)

#4 What is “you” in Spanish? _____ (tu)

#5 (draw the name of the dance in a dotted line and have them trace the dotted line)

#6 Area = length x _______ (width)

#7 Who stole the cookie from the cookie jar? {the person’s name you’re asking} stole the cookie from the cookie jar! Who ______ yes

you! (me?)

59. POKEMON – Make a poster with a pokeball on it or give them a pokeball if you can find one with a poster that says {their name} I CHOOSE YOU to go to the dance with me.

60. FAULT IN OUR STARS – Poster with the FIOS “okay? okay.” logo on it and write “Maybe okay will be our always and your answer to (homecoming/prom/sadies) with me.

61. HORRIFIC PROPOSAL – You and your friends dress up in scary Halloween costumes/masks and go to their door with a sign that says “it would be HORRIFIC if you didn’t go to the dance with me.

62. WHERES WALDO – Dress up like Waldo from Where’s Waldo and send the person you’re asking on a hunt to find you in a busy public place like school or the mall. When they find you, be holding a sign that says “You found Waldo! And a date to the dance?”

63. SUPER HERO – Dress up as a superhero and ring their doorbell or go to one of their classes with a sign that says “{the name of the dance} would be SUPER with you!”

64. MAIL OWL – Get a white balloon and draw an owl on it that looks like Hedwig from Harry Potter, tie a scroll to it with your proposal to the dance, leave it at their door.

65. STARBURSTS – Give them a bag of Starbursts with a note that says “I’m BURSTing to go to the dance with you!”

66. TIME – Give them a watch or alarm clock with a note that says “I don’t want to waste another second, it’s about TIME I ask you to the dance!”

67. SCAVENGER HUNT – Send them on a scavenger hunt and have the last clue lead them to where you’re waiting.

68. COKE AND MENTOS – Leave coke and mentos at their door with a note that says “I can’t wait to have a BLAST with you at {name of dance}!”

69. UP – Make a sign that say’s “Fly UP to {name of dance} with me” with a picture of the house from UP floating on balloons, leave a balloon bouquet with it.

70. YOU LIGHT UP MY WORLD – Decorate their room with hanging lights or do candles in their driveway and make a sign that says “You light up my world. Be my date to {name of dance}?”

71. PIRATE BOOTY – Have a buried treasure chest either in a nearby park or in a kiddy pool full of sand with a note inside that says “The only pirates booty I seek is fer yer booty to say yes to me!”

72. BREAK THE ICE – Freeze a note into a big block of ice using a tupperware container that says “Now that we’ve broken the ice, want to go to the dance with me?” Leave it on their doorstep with a hammer or chisel.

73. JELLO – Put a laminated note that says “Will you go to the dance with me?” inside a jell-O solution and refrigerate. Leave it at the persons door.

74. TSHIRT – Write your name in sharpie on a white t-shirt and write a bunch of other names in washable black crayola marker. They have to wash the shirt to see who is asking them to the dance!

75. WOOD – Leave a wooden plank or a bunch of sticks on their porch with a sign that says “WOOD you go to the dance with me?”

76. PEA MY PANTS – Leave a pair of pants with a few bags of peas filling them and some more peas dumped around and on top of the pants with a sign that says “I would PEA my PANTS if you went to the dance with me!”

78. BOMB – Make sure the person you’re asking is home, ring their doorbell, and leave a lit smoke bomb with a sign that says “You’re the BOMB. Go to the dance with me?”

79. BACKFLIP – Ask them in person, in public (like at school) is even better, with a sign that says “Go to the dance with me? If yes: Smile. If no: Do a backflip.

80. COP – Have a family or neighborhood friend who is a police officer agree to help you ask the person to the dance. Ask the person to drive over to your house or meet you somewhere specific. Have your friendly police officer waiting to pull them over, and when they pull them over, have them pretend to give the person a ticket, but tell them that the only way to get out of the ticket is to go to the dance with you. Hopefully at that point, the person will realize it’s all a joke!

81. FLYING HIGH – Attach a large balloon to a really really long string or fishing line, let the string completely out and attach it to the persons car or front door and leave a sign that says “I would be FLYING HIGH if you went to the dance with me!” Have your name inside or written on the balloon. They have to pull in the balloon to see who is asking them.

82. DING DONG – Buy a box of Ding Dongs and add a note that says, “I’d be a DING DONG if I didn’t ask you to the dance!”

83. TEAM JERSEYS – Either have your athletic team or the person you’re asking’s team agree to help you. At the end of the sporting event have the team put on shirts that spell out “HOMECOMING” or “PROM” with you wearing a shirt with a question mark on it.

84. COTTON CANDY FLAVORED SNOW CONE – Write on cup “Cotton Candy is pink, snow is white, Will you be my date on Prom Night?”

85. LEGO – Use legos to spell out your name and leave a sign that says “LEGO to the dance together!”

86. APPS – Rearrange the apps on your phone to spell out “PROM WITH ME?” (ex. the Pandora app’s logo is a P, Ruzzle is R, Spotify looks like an O, etc.)

87. RUFF – Tie a note that says “The dance would be RUFF without you!” around your dog or the person you’re askings dog or even use a stuffed animal dog.

88. NUGGET – Give them chicken nuggets with a note that says “I’d be one lucky nugget if I went to the dance with you!”

89. WHALE – Make a sign with a whale on it that says “WHALE you go to the dance with me?”

90. TIRE – Leave a tire on their doorstep with a sign that says “I’d WHEEL-Y like to go to the dance with you!”

91. MOUNTAIN DEW – Give them a case of Mountain Dew with a sign that says “Will you DEW me a favor and be my date to the dance?”

92. MUST BE THIS TALL – Make a big sign similar to the ones outside of amusement park rides that says “You must be THIS TALL to say no to going to the dance with me.” Make sure the line on the sign is taller than the person you’re asking!!

93. CUPS – Put tons of plastic cups covering their porch and walkway and leave a sign that says “We would be the cutest CUPle at the dance!”

94. LIFE ALERT – Dress up as the grandma on the Life Alert ads and lay on the person’s driveway with a sign next to you that says Help! I’ve fallen on my way to ask you to the dance and I can’t get up! Yes: Help me up. No: Contact Life Alert.”

95. DUCKS – Put a bunch of rubber duckies all over their car with a sign that says “I’d be one LUCKY DUCK if I went to the dance with you!”

96. PARKING TICKET – Slip a fake parking ticket onto their windshield and when they open it up, it’ll really say “Do you want to go to the dance with me?”

97. CEREAL – Give them a box of their favorite cereal with a sign that says “I CEREALsly want to go to the dance with you.”

98. TEST QUESTION – Talk to one of your dates teachers who has an upcoming test in their class. Ask them if they will give the person you’re asking a special copy of the test that has a bonus question on it that looks like this:

Will you go to the dance with {your name}?

1. Yes.

2. a

3. b

99. BASEBALL – Write on a baseball “I might strike out asking, but will you go to the dance with me?”

100. TENNIS BALLS – Stick tennis balls in the chain link fence to spell out the name of the dance with a question mark at the end.

101. STAR WARS – Dress up like a stormtrooper or a Jedi and knock on their door holding a sign that says “Can I FORCE you to go to the dance with me?”

For a PDF version of these ideas to print go HERE.

SOOO many fun ideas, right?!

I wish I had this list compiled back when I was a teenager… would have saved me a TON of time! 😉

I hope there are at least a few ideas in here that you like and can use.

If you have any more ideas, feel free to leave them in the comments and I’ll add them to the list.

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Asking Someone to Dance – Country Swing AZ

Typically males will lead and females will follow. But these days anything goes! Leads can ask follows to dance, follows can ask leads. Girls can dance with girls, guys can dance with guys–I’ve seen it all! So in this website I will generally use the gender neutral terms “lead” and “follow” except where it will cause more confusion.

Here is how both men and women can ask someone to dance:

The Simple Approach

  • Approach the person you want to dance with from the front so they see you coming. If you can’t get to them that way, a gentle hand on their shoulder is polite and will get their attention.
  • Ask “Would you like to dance?” with hand outstretched, and don’t forget to smile.

The “No”

  • If they say no, don’t take it personally. There could be a million reasons they say no, and 90% of the time it has nothing to do with you.
  • If they say no, you can say something like “Okay, well if you change your mind, let me know!” Smile, and walk away.
  • If you’re saying “No” to someone, you don’t need to give a reason. A simple “No, thank you” is honest and to the point. Or if it was just not the right time–say “Not for this one, but I’ll come find you in a song or two!”
  • If you’re the one saying “No,” don’t expect them to ask again on the same night. If you have changed your mind, and now you want to dance with them, it’s up to you to find them and ask.

After the dance

  • If they say “yes,” thank them when you finish the dance.
  • After the dance walk them back to their group, especially if it’s someone you don’t know, and especially if they are new to dancing. It’s polite, and will show them that you care that they get back safely to their friends.
  • It’s rare for someone to agree to more than one dance in a row, especially if they are in high-demand as a dancer. You can still ask (if they say “yes” they probably like you!), but be prepared to be told “no,” and don’t take it personally.

Other Tips

  • If you’re asking someone of the same gender to dance, you should specify if you are going to lead or follow since the roles are not pre-determined.
  • If you want to dance with more than one person in a group, don’t “cast a net”–what I mean is don’t walk up to the group and say “Do any of you want to dance with me?” You’ll be more successful asking one person at a time. It’s also more respectful.
  • “I have a boyfriend” and similar responses are not very good answers to “Do you want to dance?” I can understand why someone might say that, but keep in mind that they aren’t asking you out–they’re just asking for a dance! Assuming they want more than a dance is kind of snobbish. A better response: “I only dance with my boyfriend. Sorry!”
  • Don’t hover by the person you want to dance with–it’s awkward. Here as two great ways to seize your moment:
    1. Strike up a conversation with them, and when the next song starts, ask.
    2. If you’re too shy to talk first, just walk over to them as a song is ending, and ask right as the next song is starting (this also works if they are leaving the dance floor, to politely intercept them for the next dance).

Like this:

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How to invite a girl to dance. Cool encyclopedia for boys [Great tips on how to be the best in everything!]

How to invite a girl to dance

Many boys are embarrassed to invite a girl they like to dance because they are afraid of rejection. Another reason is fear of others, because there are a lot of people around at the dances, and a couple of her girlfriends will probably stand next to the girl herself.

But think for yourself: if you constantly pay attention to those around you, you will stand on the sidelines all your life, and the girl you like will be invited by another, more courageous and most likely less worthy young man.

Moreover, you should not be afraid of the girls themselves. In fact, all girls dream of being invited to a slow dance. A girl can stand with an impregnable look or portray indifference, even boredom. Don't let this confuse you: in the soul, every girl expects that a handsome prince is about to appear and spin her in a dance. The only problem is that invitations may not be expected from you at all. But if you don't try your luck, you'll never know.

The famous American dancer Jacques D'Amboise said: “Dance is your pulse, your heartbeat, your breath. This is the rhythm of your life. It is an expression in time and movement, in happiness, joy, sadness and envy.”

Never set yourself up for failure, but at the same time be prepared to hear "no". Remember: neither consent nor refusal should come as a shocking surprise to you. Both outcomes absolutely equally have the right to exist, and there is nothing terrible or shameful in any of them. But your own reaction to refusal or consent is just the same very important.

When inviting a girl to dance, be confident, but not impudent. Girls like calm, confident men. These qualities have nothing to do with rudeness and swagger. Be sincere: show that you will be very pleased if the girl accepts your invitation, but do not beg or humiliate yourself. The girl must understand: her refusal will upset you, but will not crush you, will not unsettle you.

Do not mumble or stutter, but at the same time do not shout. Pronounce the words clearly, distinctly, so that the girl and those who stand in the immediate vicinity of her can hear you, but not the entire dance hall. No need for long ornate “beautiful” phrases: among the noise of music they are difficult to hear and even more difficult to pronounce. Use a simple phrase: "Can I invite you?", "Let's go dancing?"

Do not try to act indifferent: the girl will think that you treat her with disdain. Sincerity, interest, hope and goodwill - this is what a girl should see on your face.

If a girl's father is standing next to her, address him: "Let me invite your daughter to dance." This will make a good impression on both the girl and her father.

If a girl's friends are standing next to her, you politely greet the whole company and invite the one you want to dance with. The girl herself and her girlfriends at this time are likely to giggle and even whisper. Don't be embarrassed and don't take it personally. Remember that the girl you invite to the dance is just as embarrassed as you. Her laugh is a defensive reaction. Her girlfriends laugh because they envy the lucky woman, and besides, they are embarrassed: after all, they have become unwitting witnesses to your conversation.

If your potential rival is standing next to a girl, you politely greet or simply nod, and address the invitation exclusively to the girl. It is up to her to choose who to dance with. Just be prepared for the possible consequences: it is possible that after the dance you will have to deal with the rejected opponent “like a man”.

The girl smiled back, gave her hand, and you went dancing. Then do everything as you rehearsed. We will talk about how to behave during the dance a little later.

But another situation is also possible: the girl said no. If she is well brought up, she will be able to refuse you politely. If not, then think about why you even need such a girl. You yourself must be polite in any case. If you are very upset, if you are angry, if you have been answered rudely and even showered with ridicule, you, as a man, are obliged to keep your cool.

Being rude in response (especially to a girl!) is absolutely unmanly. Smile, shrug your shoulders slightly, say, “Well, thank you. I'm sorry," and leave quietly.

If you receive a refusal, in no case do not immediately invite the first girl standing next to you. Firstly, by doing this you will offend the girl invited to "replace". Secondly, create an impression of yourself as a frivolous, frivolous and promiscuous person. The best solution would be to just skip this slow. Sit or stand aside, think about something pleasant.

Is it worth inviting a girl again after one refusal? It all depends on the reasons for the refusal. If a girl clearly shows that she is not interested in you, you should not beat your forehead against the wall. But there may be another situation. For example, a girl was shy of her girlfriends or was already invited to this dance by others. In this case, it is worth trying your luck again. But don't be intrusive. Most likely, your "stickiness" will scare the girl away.

If you yourself are invited to a dance by a girl, never refuse! You have the right to say "no" to her only if you have already invited another to this dance. A guy who kicks a girl deserves nothing but contempt. Just don't give her false hope. Be polite, but nothing more.

This text is an introductory fragment.


Firstly, I want to say right away that you will not learn anything about discos here. No one has come up with the rules of behavior at discos yet and, it seems, is not going to come up with them, because it's the same as regulating the Brownian (chaotic) movement of molecules. Everyone there sausages the way he thinks the most fun. I apologize for the youth jargon, but people over the age of twenty-five do not usually appear at such events.


- 4.5 out of 5 possible based on 2 votes

Let's talk about more serious things, primarily addressed to men:

When choosing a partner for dancing, it is not customary to look every woman from head to toe. And it is absolutely unacceptable to invite a lady to a dance, calling her with any signs. Remember the famous scene from "Girls"? So, they still don’t dance with “such people”. In addition, a self-respecting woman, especially one who is familiar with the rules of decency, will never respond to a nod, wink or wag of her finger. So only ladies of easy virtue are called up, but they have their own rules and their own etiquette, which we will not touch on. Guess three times why.

When inviting a woman to dance, try to look as neat and smart as possible, unbuttoned buttons or untied shoelaces are absolutely unacceptable. Stand straight, then bow slightly and invite the lady to dance.

Of course, a woman is not obliged to throw herself on your neck with a joyful cry, no matter how much she wants to warm up in the dance at this particular moment. But it’s also not worth building out of yourself the Snow Queen, who, so be it, decided to condescend to a mere mortal. A friendly smile, a slight nod - all this will fit perfectly.

If a woman does not accept the invitation, she is not required to explain the reason. You never know what could have happened there that a normal man would not even think of. The garter came unfastened, the seam on the stocking went, her favorite pads with wings were brought in ... But if a woman has already promised this dance to someone else, then the reason can be named without offending anyone:

- Thank you, I'm already invited.

Normal people usually react normally to this and find another partner. But some, especially "stubborn", such as the hero of the song "Oh, what a woman!", Can repeat their invitation until they turn blue in themselves, the lady and the lady's companion. On the other hand, the second refusal to dance with the same person must be motivated by something, in any case, so the rules of good manners say. You can refer to fatigue, a headache, a shoe rubbing your foot. But there is one more subtlety: it is impolite, having received a refusal, to invite the lady sitting next to you. Why? I don't know, it's not accepted and that's it. The man should just bow and leave.

But in general, there is absolutely nothing offensive in refusing to dance for a man: in those days when the rules of good manners were drawn up, young ladies and ladies were, apparently, more choosy in relation to partners. And then say: dance with this one - and he will send matchmakers tomorrow. You will have to live with this person all your life, there were practically no divorces. So the girls, and especially their mothers, chose gentlemen with a special predilection. Ladies, of course, it was easier.

If a woman came to a restaurant, club, etc., accompanied by another person (husband, friend, acquaintance, brother, and so on), then the man should first bow to him and ask permission to invite the lady to dance, and only then turn to the woman.

Being in a company, you can invite a woman sitting at a nearby table to dance only after you have danced with all the women from your company. With everyone, you understand? Otherwise, your girlfriends God knows what they will think about themselves and about you.

Well, the classic situation, when a man and a woman came to a restaurant or a club together, practically does not need to be deciphered. I will only add that a man can invite another woman to dance only when his companion has already gone to dance with another, for which he gave her quite official permission. In general, everything is cultural and noble.

And now some tips from the experts:

If a man dances several times with the same lady, after the third or fourth dance he should introduce himself to her. The woman does not have to give her name. After the dance, she can invite the man to her table, where the man should introduce himself to everyone sitting.

Having invited a woman and heading to the dance floor, the man either lets his lady go first, or, if there is room, offers her his hand.

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