How to do the chickenhead dance

how to do the chicken head



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Chicken Head in 15 Seconds. #hiphop #dance #movement #freestyle

55.7K Likes, 149 Comments. TikTok video from 1nduh (@1nduh): "Chicken Head in 15 Seconds. #hiphop #dance #movement #freestyle". In 15 Seconds ✨ | Lesson #13: Chicken Head | 1) Rotate Arms In A Circle | .... WALKTHROUGH.


WALKTHROUGH - Myles Yachts


Cooking TOTO

Secret Chicken Head#fyp #foryou #food #foodtiktok #Cooking #eating

120 Likes, 7 Comments. TikTok video from Cooking TOTO (@yibili3): "Secret Chicken Head#fyp #foryou #food #foodtiktok #Cooking #eating". original sound.


original sound - Cooking TOTO


Joelle Fern 🌿

This is my FAVE dance move PERIODT! #chickenhead #tutorial

256 Likes, 6 Comments. TikTok video from Joelle Fern 🌿 (@jo.ill): "This is my FAVE dance move PERIODT! #chickenhead #tutorial". Chicken Head Tutorial | Feet shoulder-width apart | Step tap | .... I Like Him.


I Like Him - Princess Nokia


D. O’Neil

Reply to @kendrawashington220 did this help shug ? #chickenhead #rightthurr #dance #fyp #tutorial #EasyWithAdobeExpress

415 Likes, 7 Comments. TikTok video from D. O’Neil (@ayemcjaggrrr): "Reply to @kendrawashington220 did this help shug ? #chickenhead #rightthurr #dance #fyp #tutorial #EasyWithAdobeExpress". Aiight come learn this chicken head . Right Thurr.


Right Thurr - Chingy



@dexrated asks... can you do the 🐔 head? #BreakItDown

1.8K Likes, 78 Comments. TikTok video from Nike (@nike): "@dexrated asks... can you do the 🐔 head? #BreakItDown". Love in Color (Instrumental).


Love in Color (Instrumental) - Extreme Music


Sarah Brown

I’m making a chicken head for my own head. I guess it’s called a mask? 🐓 #papermache #howto #craftwithme

5.2K Likes, 91 Comments. TikTok video from Sarah Brown (@sarahgeebee): "I’m making a chicken head for my own head. I guess it’s called a mask? 🐓 #papermache #howto #craftwithme". Making a chicken head to wear on my real head. . BGM of cute piano and strings.


BGM of cute piano and strings - CRAFT SOUND STUDIO


Noeah Jacobs

Chicken head 😂

2.8K Likes, 44 Comments. TikTok video from Noeah Jacobs (@noeahjacobs): "Chicken head 😂". Chicken head | Red nose | Chef | .... Sexy Can I. DC by tristanrubiano.


Sexy Can I. DC by tristanrubiano - Trist Rubi



Request anything in the comments

TikTok video from Descenders (@desendercodes): "Request anything in the comments". How to get the chicken head! | Complete the mini boss jumps but instead of doing them go around them!👌🏿 | That easy | .... Impatient.


Impatient - DDG & OG Parker


Melanie Wilking

Rate his chicken head 1-10🔥 @austin_ekeler #dance #melaniewilking

2. 1K Likes, 34 Comments. TikTok video from Melanie Wilking (@melaniewilking): "Rate his chicken head 1-10🔥 @austin_ekeler #dance #melaniewilking". Teaching my boyfriend dance grooves🕺 Pt. 2 (The Chicken Head) | How’d he do?😅. Chosen (feat. Ty Dolla $ign).


Chosen (feat. Ty Dolla $ign) - Blxst & Tyga & Ty Dolla $ign


Onya Haskins

We need some more practice…😂😂#chickenhead #bonusbaby #stepmomlife

TikTok video from Onya Haskins (@o_has_): "We need some more practice…😂😂#chickenhead#bonusbaby#stepmomlife". POV teaching my bonus babies how to do the chicken head . original sound.


original sound - Onya Haskins

Chingy Explains the Origin of His Iconic Hit 'Right Thurr' 

Early aughts icon! Chingy popularized the phrases “thurr” and “hurr” in his 2003 iconic single “Right Thurr,” but the St. Louis native wasn’t trying to create a new slang phrase.

“I didn’t really make it up or try to do it, that’s just how I talk,” Chingy, 40, told Us Weekly exclusively on Tuesday, March 31, while promoting his new single “The Woah Down.” “But even with my language, and how I speak, how I say words is how I write them. The traditional way doesn’t mean that’s correct [to me]. How I say things, that’s how I’m gonna spell it. I think it became signature just because it’s different. People were used to people saying, ‘there.’ Like, I can’t even say that if I wanted to. I can’t say it correctly if I wanted to.”

He added, “It sounds funny to me if I say, ‘there.’ It just sounds wrong to me.”

The “Right Thurr” music video also became a classic in 2000s hip hop culture — alongside the likes of “Pop, Lock & Drop It” by Huey and “Crank That” by Soulja Boy — because of its memorable chicken head dance.

“It was these three girls that used to come to this club called Monastery that I used to go to and they would get on the dance floor and they would do that dance,” Chingy said noting that the year was around 1999. “Nobody knew what they were doing and everybody was just like, ‘You see these girls?’ It always stood out.”

The “One Call Away” rapper explained that one of the dancers performed the choreography in Nelly‘s 2002 “Hot in Herre” music video but the dance didn’t blow up until she did the moves in Chingy’s “Right Thurr” music video.

“I think it was the song, the feel of the song, everything just kind of went together and I kind of made it more famous,” Chingy said. “I don’t know if people really took to it when she was doing it in there [‘Hot in Herre’], but when she did it in ‘Right Thurr’ and everybody was doing it, it was a craze and it blew up. But I can’t credit myself to say I made it up. I made it famous but it was these three girls that did the dance in this club that made it up.”

While Chingy looks back at the start of his career with fondness, he’s now excited for the release of his latest single, “The Woah Down” featuring pop-country duo Meg & Tyler, and promises his fans will “love” the track.

Meg & Tyler and Chingy. Jeremy Ryan

“It started with an idea in my head of a track,” Chingy recalled. “We were in Nashville and so I knew I was going to record with Meg [Linsey], and Tyler [Cain] later on that day and when I got there, I just got on the beat machine and started putting down the beat. I told Tyler to lay some guitar down on it, and he laid some guitar down on it. And Meg, she had a title ‘Woah Down’ and wanted to make a hook. So me and Meg kind of collaborated on a hook and I told them, ‘Fire up the mic’ and I went in there and kind of freestyled my vocals, and me and Meg laid the hook down. That’s how the song came about.”

“The Woah Down” is available on April 24.

With reporting by Kayley Stumpe

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    Elizabeth Winstead





    Christian Olsen





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    Science Fiction

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    Antarctica. 1982 Three Norwegian scientists are riding a snowmobile in search of a signal they are receiving. Having reached the right place, the car falls into the icy depths, where an alien ship can be seen in the headlights.

    Dr. Sander Halvorson, head of the research team, visits American paleontologist Keith Lloyd with fellow team member Adam Finch. He tries to convince her to go with them to the base in Antarctica, telling her that a structure and a certain creature were found there, which she should help study. Keith agrees.

    The heroes arrive in Antarctica by helicopter piloted by American pilots Carter and Jamison. Upon reaching the camp, Sander, Adam and Kate immediately get into a snowmobile and go to the place of a strange find. There they descend into the depths of the excavation, where they are met by other members of the group: Edward and geologists Karl and Juliet. Edward escorts the arrived heroes to the ship. Once on the surface, they go to the place where the found creature is hidden in the ice. The stunned heroes, having discussed the time to extract the alien, are sent back to the research station. Back at the base, Sander warns no one to get in touch, as this could jeopardize the discovery. There, Kate meets the remaining explorers, including Peder and Lars, who does not speak English. At night, the heroine cannot sleep and looks at the stars.

    The next day, a carved piece of ice containing an alien creature is brought to the base. Heroes measure his condition. Sander wants to take a tissue sample from the creature inside, to which Kate objects. Leaving the room, Sander tells the girl not to argue with him again. Having drilled a hole in a piece of ice, scientists take the desired sample and go to rest. Meanwhile, the ice begins to melt. While the characters sing, Griggs goes outside to get alcohol from the snowmobile, and Jamison goes into the next room to the stranger. The creature breaks free. Frightened, Jamison runs back to the team where he informs them of this. Together they return to the place, but the alien is gone. The heroes decide to go outside in search of him. Sander warns that everyone needs to walk in pairs or threes for safety. The group starts looking around. One part of the team reaches the dog kennel, where they see a huge hole with blood and fur.

    Two of the Norwegians, Olav and Henrik, find something under one of the buildings. The creature pierces Henrik's chest with its tentacle and pulls him towards it. Olaf calls for help. The whole group resorts to his screams, starting to shoot at the alien, but this does not bring results. As a result, Carter sets fire to the creature, which, having burned down, falls to the ground along with Henrik inside. Terrified, Olav and the rest of the heroes return to the station. Despite what happened, Sander decides to investigate the remains. Carter suggests destroying them instead. He also says that at dawn they will take the sick Olav to McMurde Station in a military hospital, where he plans to tell the crazy truth about what happened. Peder and Jonas bring the creature inside. Sander opens it, showing the dead Henrik inside the creature. Kate discovers the titanium plate that Henrik had in his hand. Having taken samples for research, the heroine also finds out that the alien cells, having attacked Henrik's cells, disguise themselves as them, therefore, guessing about the creature's ability to mimic.

    The next morning, on her way to the shower, Kate sees a strange-looking Olaf and the pilots about to leave. In the bathroom, she finds someone's bloodied iron crowns and blood in one of the cabins. Deciding that something has mimicked, the girl runs out into the street, where she waves her hands to the helicopter so that it sits back down. Carter decides to return, but then it turns out that something in the guise of Griggs is really on board. Starting to assume its true form, it attacks Olaf. As a result, the helicopter begins to drift, and it crashes somewhere in the mountains.

    Inside the station, Colin reports that they have no connection to the world. A storm is already approaching the base, and the second helicopter has left for refueling. Meanwhile, Kate returns to the shower stall, where she sees someone clean up the blood. Edward, along with Colin and Lars, plan to take a snowmobile to a nearby base. Kate stops them. The heroine tells everyone about the found crowns and the removed blood, adding about her theory of mimicking the creature. The team, not listening to Kate, leaves the room, but Juliette tells the girl how she saw Colin coming out of the shower with a towel. They decide to take the keys to all the snowmobiles. Upon reaching the room in which the things they need are stored, something that has taken the form of Juliet shows its true form. The alien attacks Kate, but she manages to escape. The creature kills Carl. Lars, who ran to the scene, burns an alien creature with a flamethrower. Destroying her remains, the heroes realize that something else may be among them, and therefore it is necessary to arrange a quarantine by conducting the necessary blood tests for each of the team members. Kate and Lars disable the snowmobiles, after which the Norwegian shows her the grenades he has. As they return to the station, they see the surviving Carter and Jamison coming towards them through the flying snow. Not believing that they could survive, the pilots are locked up separately.

    The lab where Sander and Finch were testing is set on fire. Colin blames Adam for this. Kate suggests doing another check by examining the teeth of all the survivors for the presence of iron crowns. Only Adam, Sander, Edward and Colin lack them. Going after the Americans, Jonas and Lars discover that the pilots have fled. Later, Lars is attacked by someone in the dark. Frightened, Jonas returns back, where he calls for help. Immediately, the characters hear the sound of breaking glass. Carter with a flamethrower and Jamison with a pistol infiltrated the base. An armed Peder runs out to meet them, but Jamison kills him, fearing that he might burn them with a friend. The balloon on Peder's back explodes and stuns Edward. Carter, at gunpoint, leads the heroes into the rest room. There it is discovered that something has taken the form of Edward. It attacks Jonas, Jamieson and Adam, killing all three characters. Keith burns the part of the monster that was left on Jonas. Together with Carter, who armed with an ax, they go in search of a surviving alien. Colin hides in a dark room. Something kills Sander and attacks Carter. He manages to escape, and Kate sets fire to the monster. The surviving heroes see Sander get into a snowmobile and leave for an alien ship. They follow him.

    When they reach the ship, Kate and Carter see that it is about to take off. The girl falls into an alien machine, where she meets with something with the face of Sander. She manages to blow up the creature. Once on the surface, the heroes are about to leave, but then Kate notices the missing earring in the pilot's ear. Knowing that it is not Carter in front of her, she burns the mimic extraterrestrial organism. Surviving, the heroine gets into the car.

    At the end of the tape, a Norwegian pilot arrives at the base, finding the surviving Lars. Lars notices a dog running out of the station and quickly tells him to start the helicopter as he realizes that something has taken the form of a dog. In one of the premises of the station lies a frozen Colin, who cut his own throat. Lars and the pilot go on a dog chase.

    That rare case when, after many years, a sequel is made, and even better than the original, the film is simply excellent.

    October 29, 2018

    Very strange! An incredibly technologically advanced spaceship and at the same time such a brainless creature subordinated to only one goal - to kill! ***, I wonder if he had to chase the main character already in his own ship, preparing for departure? Well, I would have flown myself away, and there I would have dealt with her .. Bullshit. The film in the night is a solid three for inconsistencies in the script and direction.

    May 22, 2019


    It appeared that the creature was a prisoner being transported on this ship or had stolen it. The creature does not demonstrate the ability to understand the concept of another mind - and this is the primary indicator of true consciousness - and follows only the instinct of food and the instinct of reproduction.

    December 17, 2020


    I liked the first one many times more, it’s a prequel, it’s interesting, but it doesn’t have that atmosphere0003

    look at a couple of times. monsters inspire, there are no words. but the Carpenter film, shot for three kopecks (as well as everything with him) is much more powerful. September 9, 2020 Remembering when I watched a 1982 film as a child, then I couldn’t sleep, I sat under the covers))).

    February 8, 2021


    The entire movie is made up of inaccuracies and disregard for obvious safety rules. Perhaps it is this kind of narrative that creates intrigue in such a way that it is hard to tear yourself away from the film. However, this also contributes to a certain rejection, since you understand that even for a moment this is impossible under such a combination of circumstances. The second point of obvious falseness is the overly rational behavior of the main character, which is very antagonistic to her emotional nature. In general, the movie is exciting, but there are too many directorial mistakes

    October 13, 2018


    You can watch, there are many moments where you startle)) But the question is where did the dude who is 1:12:15 go?

    March 16, 2019

    ***!!!! not watching

    June 12, 2019


    Reminds me of the game Dead Space, the same weirdos walked there, with 3 legs and 4 arms))))))

    August 27, 2019


    you can watch once,

    February 6, 2021


    Exciting, spectacular, dynamic, great s

    July 17, 2021

  • The film is a prequel to John Carpenter's 1982 film of the same name.
  • The producers convinced Universal Studios to let them make a prequel rather than a remake because they felt that Carpenter's original film was already perfect and making a remake would be like "putting on a Mona Lisa mustache". However, the prequel kept the title of the original, as the writers couldn't come up with a subtitle that sounded good.
  • John Carpenter, director of the 1982 film, wanted to take part in the prequel but was unable to do so due to scheduling issues.
  • A lot of footage from Carpenter's film was used during filming to ensure the Norwegian station was restored to the smallest detail.
  • The scene in which Sander and Finch convince Kate to come to the research station is the only scene in both this film and Carpenter's that does not take place in Antarctica.
  • The film was completed just two weeks before its theatrical release on October 14, 2011. This was largely due to the studio's requirements for the tape after the director's cut was ready.
  • When we first meet Mary Elizabeth Winstead, she is studying the cave bear.
  • The red ax stuck in the wall that Joel Edgerton's character used is still stuck in that wall when the Americans arrive at the Norwegian station in John Carpenter's original film.
  • The 1982 version featured a Norwegian Bellranger helicopter with tail stripes and the LKK mark depicted on the side. In the 2011 film, the exact same helicopter was used with the same stripes and sign.
  • The first time we see Kate studying a cave bear, she is listening to music with plastic headphones that weren't available in 1982. Headphones of this kind at that time would have had a metal band at their base.
  • Also in the first episode with Kate, Mary Elizabeth Winstead can be seen examining an exhibit at normal room temperature. Consequently, the remains of an ancient animal will easily thaw and quickly decompose. Such samples are always kept frozen to prevent possible decomposition.
  • The ukulele played during the dance is a Fender ukulele. This model appeared only in the 2000s and could not be available at the time of the tape.
  • During the opening scenes, it is revealed that the events take place during the Antarctic winter of 1982, however, the natural scenery is brightly illuminated by sunlight. In fact, Antarctic winters look very dull, reaching pitch darkness in just a few weeks. Presumably, the Norwegian base in the film is located inland (closer to the pole), where the days are noticeably darker than near the coast. Therefore, the bright sun in winter is impossible there, and storms are the norm, not the exception.
  • When Lars is guarding the American pilots, he yells at them in Norwegian, the subtitles translate it as "Don't move, demons." However, the exact translation of the phrase: "Calm down, damn it."
  • At the end of the tape, when the Norwegian pilot arrives at the base, you can see that his helicopter has a passenger door. But a few shots later, when Lars is on board, that door is no longer there.
  • In the 1982 film, we see a videotape of a Norwegian research team blowing up the upper ice layer above a spacecraft with dynamite. However, in this tape, in the center of which are precisely those Norwegian scientists, the ice is not blown up.

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