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Even if you have two left feet.

By Carolyn Twersky


You have spent months picking out the perfect prom dress, styling that just-right hair style, and planning the most over the top promposal your school has ever seen. You are all ready to take prom and completely slay the night. Except, for one little have NO clue how to dance. You'll look absolutely gorgeous, but you'll be glued to the back of the room all night, too afraid to get on the dance floor and bust a move. Does that sounds like you? Then read on, because I'm about to teach you how to dance at prom, no matter what your skill level.

Before you start getting down, though, just remember that dancing is all about trust. So, don't do anything that makes you feel uncomfortable. And before you start getting physical with someone of the dance floor, make sure they give their consent first and that everything is appropriate.

Milly Rock

If there's one dance everyone is going to be doing at prom, it's probably the Milly Rock. The dance may seem complicated, but once your break it down it's actually pretty easy, just follow these steps:

  1. Let's start with the arms. Starting with your right arm, keep your elbow close to your body and make a motion almost like you're patting yourself on your front left shoulder, but don't actually hit your shoulder.
  2. Then, do the same motion with your left arm to your right shoulder.
  3. When you go back to your right arm, start moving it to your left shoulder, but then stop, almost as if it's a fake out. Then, continue through with the motion. Let's call that move a double.
  4. You're going to continue with your arms in this pattern: right, left, double right, left, right, double left.
  5. While you're doing the arms, take the opposite leg of the arm you are using and lift your heel while tracing a small half circle with your toes. Then, when you switch arms, switch legs.
  6. On the doubles, you're going to do a kind of fake out with your feet where you start to lift your heel, but then you stop, before lowering it back down, lifting it back up and then completing the half circle.
  7. Put it all together and there you have it! You're doing the Milly Rock!

Find the Beat

Ok, finding the beat may seem super simple, but some people aren't musically inclined and can struggle to get into the rhythm. If this sounds like you, use these steps to help you find the beat, and the dancing will come a little more naturally.

  1. When you hear a song, start tapping your foot.
  2. Start counting: 1, 2, 1, 2, 1, 2, 1, 2.
  3. While still tapping your foot and counting, start to clap every time you say 2: 1, clap, 1, clap, 1, clap, 1, clap.
  4. Stop tapping your foot and get your body into it a little more. And there you go, you've found the beat!


If you want to up your slow dance game, try the foxtrot. It's super easy, but it will totally impress your friends on the dance floor. To perfect the dance, just follow these steps:

  1. The leading partner should step forward two steps. Then, step to the left, and bring your feet together.
  2. Meanwhile the other partner starts on their left foot, and step backward twice while their partner is moving forward. Then, step to the right, and bring your feet together. So, both partners are doing mirrored motions.
  3. Now, for arms. The leading partner should have their right hand placed on their partner's back, while the following partner has their right hand on the other's shoulder. And then both partners extend their left arms and hold hands.
  4. Keeping your arms in position, repeat the feet movements over and over and you're foxtrotting!

    Slow Dance

    Slow dancing seems terrifying, but it's actually super easy. All you need is a partner and a slow song and then just follow these steps:

    1. Hand placement is completely up to you and your partner. In this video, the man has his right hand on his partner's back left shoulder, while she has her left hand on the top of his right shoulder and their other hands are holding at about waist length. Alternatively, you could do both hands around the neck with your partner's hands on your waist, vice versa, or really whatever feels comfortable.
    2. The important aspect of this move is the feet. As explained in the video, to master the slow dance, you need to master the step-touch. Basically you are stepping to the left with your left foot, then bringing your right foot to meet it, stepping to the right with your right foot and then bringing your left foot to meet it. Literally repeat this over and over and over again and...BAM! You're slow dancing! Make sure you step to the beat of the music and you'll be good to go.
    3. If you want to get really fancy (this isn't necessary) you guys can start going in circles together. To do this, simply step at an angle instead of in a straight line. Lead your partner or be lead and you'll be moving magically in a circle!


      The 2-step is the perfect dance move because it's so simple and works with a huge range of songs. Once you've mastered the simple move, you can add your own flair to spice it up any way you want.

      1. Good news! You're doing the exact same foot movements that you do when slow dancing! Meaning, step to the left with your left foot and then step with your right, bringing your feet together. Then, step to the right and bring your feet together. Keep your knees loose and then add whatever arm movements you want!

      Are you really feeling the music? Maybe getting down on the dance floor with your date? Here's how to dance with your partner, without getting too up close and personal.

      1. Stand with one partner in front of the other and bend your knees.
      2. Both partners start to move their waists in a circular motion.
      3. One of you can move to the left, one can move to the right, or you can move together.
      4. There's no reason to touch, you can leave space between you two so it's school appropriate and you feel comfortable.

      Shoot Dance

      You've definitely seen everyone dancing like this (even your Fortnite character), so you'll prob see it on the dance floor at prom.

      1. Bend your left leg and lift it back.
      2. Jump on your right leg and kick your left leg forward.
      3. Continue to kick your leg back and forth while you jump.
      4. Now, it's time for arms, hold them down and while you're kicking your leg, move the arms back and forth with the leg.
      5. Then, after four pumps, take your left arm and raise it above your head. Pump your arm forward four times as you kick you leg. Then, switch back to having your arms pumping by your legs!
      6. Keep going, switching between arms, until you tire out.

      If you have never heard of the floss, where have you been? If you don't know how to floss, that's more understandable, because it's a little difficult.

      1. Take your hands and hold them straight down, forming them into fists.
      2. Pretend like your holding a stick in your hands that is about waist length. Then, pretend like you're breaking that stick by bringing it against your hip.
      3. Bring your hands (still in the stick-holding formation) all the way back, and then back up, so they are parallel to the floor.
      4. Shift your hips to the other side and "break the stick" on your other hip.
      5. Pull your arms back up and parallel to the floor and then continue over and over and over again!

      Fun Dancing

      Basically, you can dance however you want, as long as you're having fun. Here's a video that shows off ten different dance moves that will stun on the dance floor.

      Carolyn Twersky Associate Editor Carolyn Twersky is an associate editor for Seventeen covering celebrities, entertainment, politics, trends, and health.

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      How to Slow Dance at Wedding or Prom- 6 Easy Steps (with Video Instruction) — Duet Dance Studio Chicago

      Ever wonder how to dance when a slow song comes on at a wedding or a prom? Slow dancing is an important skill to know whether you are attending a wedding, prom or social event where there is music and social dancing. Slow dancing isn't too difficult to master as long as you know the basics and practice often. Impress your date at your next event with these 6 easy slow dance steps! And if you’d like to learn more dance moves, make sure check out our Online Dance Programs!

      1. Escort your Partner Gracefully

      Ask your partner politely by saying "would you like to dance?" or "shall we?" If he or she says yes, hold your partner's hand and escort him/her to the dance floor. Find a good spot on the dance floor where it isn't too crowded and start dancing. It's that simple. But if you'd like to spice it up a little, check out this video for a fancy way to get on to the dance floor. 

      2. Dance Position 

      It's important to start your dance with a good dance position, which allows you to lead or follow your partner better. 

      Leader —­ Place your right hand behind your partner’s left shoulder blade (cupping the shoulder blade). Make sure your right elbow is up and your elbow bone should be pointed out to your right side.

      Follower — Wrap your left arm around your partner’s lifted arm and place your hand around his/her biceps.

      Both of you can now bring the other arm up and clasp your hands together. Your elbows should be relaxed and pointed down slightly.

      3. Listen to Music and Find the Beat

      Before you start dancing, listen to the song, find the beat and then sway (shift your weight from one foot to another) to the beat of the song. The tempo of the song determines how fast or how slow you move. Watch this video and learn how to dance to the beat.

      4. Basic Step

      The basic step shown in the video below is perfect for beginners. It is simple to do and work great with a lot of slow dance songs. Practice this repeatedly until it becomes second nature. And when you lead this step, make sure to do this confidently so that your partner can follow you.

      5. Spice it Up with a Turn

      Once your partner feels comfortable dancing with you, it's a great idea to spice up your dance with a turn or two. Surprise your partner with this fun turn below!

      6. End with a Dip

      No dance is complete without an impressive dip. It is like the icing on a cake! Depending how comfortable or experienced your partner is with social dancing, you may want to adjust how low you dip your partner. If you weren't sure how comfortable your partner feels about being dipped, ask for permission first. Watch this video to learn how to dip your partner safely and confidently. 

      What is your go-to slow dance move? Please comment below.

      Want to learn more? Sign up for our complete online dance program now!

      Online Dance Lessons

      Duet Dance Studio is a group of friendly dancers who are passionate about helping people and sharing the joy of ballroom dance. Our physical studio is located in Chicago West Bucktown. We offer ballroom dance lessons, wedding dance instruction and private dance parties. Online Wedding Dance Lessons and Skype dance lessons are also available! Dances we teach include Salsa, Swing, Tango, Bachata, Merengue, Waltz and Foxtrot. Sign up for an introductory dance lesson now to get started!

      Szewai LeeComment


      9 video lessons to learn how to dance —

      In trend

      If you have already found the perfect dress, shoes, stylist and you think that you are completely ready for graduation, think again - have you forgotten anything? Did you learn to dance? Yes, you may look amazing, but will you really enjoy the prom if you sit at the table all the holiday because of the inability to move? We doubt.

      If all this is about you, then read on, because we are going to teach you how to dance, regardless of your level of training. But! Before you start learning the moves, remember not to do anything that makes you feel uncomfortable.

      Milly Rock Dance

      If there's one dance that everyone will dance at prom, it's probably Milly Rock. It may seem complicated at first glance, but in fact it is not. Just follow these rules:

      1. Starting with the right hand. Keep your elbow close to your body and move as if you were patting your front left shoulder. But don't really touch it.
      2. Then do the same with the left hand.
      3. When you come back to your right hand and start to lower it to your left shoulder, stop like you've fooled everyone and you're not going to dance (but you're going to, don't go anywhere). Then finish the move. Let's just call it a scam for the sake of simplicity.
      4. Continue to move your arms in the following pattern: right, left, trick right, left, right, left. Do it over and over again.
      5. Moving on to the feet: as you make the move with your right hand, lift your left heel and draw a small semi-circle with the toes of that foot. Okay, now vice versa: left arm and right leg. That is, when you change hands, change legs.
      6. When you make a snag with your hand, you also need to do the same with your legs. Pretend that your foot begins to lift the heel, but then changes its mind, but still lifts it again and completes the semicircle.
      7. Put it all together, watch the video to see it, and here it is! You are already dancing!

      Feel the beat

      Feeling the beat can be very easy for some people, but some people aren't musically inclined, so they have to put in some effort to catch it. If you have the same problem, use these steps:

      1. When you hear the song, keep your heel on the floor and start tapping your toe roughly in time with the music.
      2. Start counting: 1, 2, 1, 2, 1, 2, 1, 2…
      3. As you keep tapping and counting, start clapping every time you say “two”: 1, clap, 1, clap, 1, clap …
      4. Okay, now stop tapping your foot and listen to the music and its rhythm. How would you let the melody through your body. Do you feel? It looks like you made it!

      Foxtrot Couple Dance

      If you don't want to just sway to the beat of the music with your partner on slow dances, then try the foxtrot. It's very simple, but it will greatly impress your friends. Perfect dance, just follow these steps:

      1. The lead partner must take two steps forward, starting with the right foot. Then step to the left, and bring your legs together.
      2. The other simultaneously with him, starting with the left foot, steps back twice, then to the right and also brings his legs together.
      3. Hold your hands like in a waltz (see video)
      4. Keeping your hands in this position, repeat the movements of the legs again and again. All!

      Slow dance

      If the previous version is too complicated or unusual, then here's another one for you:

      1. Hold your hands as you like: you can like the couple in the video, you can do it differently.
      2. The main thing here is the legs. To dance a slow dance, you need to master the step-touch. To do this, take a step to the left with your left foot, put your right foot to it, now step to the right with your right foot and add your left foot. Literally repeat it over and over again!
      3. Make sure you move to the beat of the music and mirror each other and everything will be perfect.
      4. You can also move in circles. To do this, just take steps at an angle, not in a straight line.


      Simple Steps is the perfect dance move because it's so simple and works with so many songs. Once you have mastered these steps, you can vary the movements in any way you like: wave your arms as you like, jump from foot to foot instead of regular steps - in general, do everything that your imagination is capable of.

      Good news!

      Here are the same foot movements as in the slow dance: step to the left, prefix, step to the right, prefix. Everything is simple! Keep your knees free, add any hand movement - you're dancing.


      You can dance with a partner not only to slow, but also to fast music and without even touching each other. See how:

      1. Stand in front of your partner with your back to him. Bend your knees.
      2. Now start making circular motions with your waist.
      3. One of you can move to the left and the other to the right, or you can move together.
      4. In this dance there is no reason to touch each other, you can leave space between each other. So it's definitely suitable for dancing at school.

      Shoot dance

      You definitely saw this dance, if not at school, then at least on instagram (an extremist organization banned in Russia), YouTube or any other place, because it is very, very popular. Therefore, most likely, you will see this dance at your graduation. So, what you need for this:

      1. Bend your left leg and lift it back.
      2. Jump on the right and throw the left forward straightening.
      3. Bend your left leg again as you jump. Continue to bend-unbend it to the beat of the jumps.
      4. Now for the hands: keep them down, and as you kick the air, move your left hand back and forth.
      5. Then after four back and forth movements, raise your left arm above your head. In the same way, swing your arm while kicking your leg four times, and lower your arm again.


      If you've never heard of this dance, where have you been? And if you don't know how to dance it, then don't worry, now we'll teach you:

      1. Lower your arms along your body, clenching your fists.
      2. Imagine that you are holding a stick about a meter long. Then imagine that you are trying to break it on your right thigh: move the "stick" a little to the right to break it.
      3. Now move your hands back, holding an imaginary stick. Well done, you broke it, but, OMG, another one has appeared, and it needs to be broken on the left thigh!
      4. Bring your arms forward, move to the other side and back again.
      5. Repeat the movements. Done :)

      Have fun

      Dancing is needed to bring pleasure, but if you only think about where to put your hand now, and what will happen later, you are unlikely to get it. So remember one thing: you can make any movement you want while you are having fun!

      This video shows 10 different movements that you can use as the basis of your personal dance.

      The main thing is not to be shy and enjoy everything you do. You will succeed :)

      Aida Enalieva


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      Graduation Party is an event that graduates of all schools look forward to. Behind the school years, and ahead of adulthood and a new life. All students are anxious and tender about this process. Preparation for it begins long before the start. Girls sew dresses, trying to come up with something original to amaze everyone around. The guys are not too violent in their approach to preparation, but still pay attention to it.

      Each graduation ball is held according to a certain scenario, where many competitions and traditional dances are held. Often at such an event they choose the king and queen of the ball. There is also a dance competition in which all graduates take part. How to choose a girl to dance at the prom?

      Choosing a princess

      Usually people study together from the first grade, and over the years they get to know each other very well. All habits, some hobbies, everyone knows a lot of information about a classmate. It happens that a guy in his last school years begins to like this or that classmate. But this is the age when shyness still plays a role. Not always a guy can muster up the courage and admit it. A prom can be a great occasion by inviting her to a dance, thereby expressing your attention and some feelings.
      A few simple tips will help you not to miss such an important moment as a dance at the prom. First of all, look around, all the girls will be simply adorable, and each of them dreams of becoming the queen of the dance floor.
      1. In order to impress a girl, you need to come up with the right invitation. Approaching with the words "let's go dance" will not be a good option. To do this, you need to use pleasant words that she cannot refuse. Think over and prepare in advance a few phrases and proceed to action.
      2. Do not use alcoholic beverages even for courage. This may give you confidence, but the girl will most likely be repelled. Better buy mints to freshen your breath. Also, once again visit the toilet room and spin in front of the mirror. Is everything okay with your appearance. Let your appearance remain on top, pleasant and neat clothes will only decorate the situation.
      3. Go to the hall and carefully examine all the girls. This evening, each of them will be amazingly beautiful. But external data is not always important for guys. You need to opt for the one that you really like. If you have a hostile relationship with one of them, then you should not spoil the holiday and invite you to dance. Do not delay with the choice, because you are not alone on this holiday who is looking for a dance partner.

      Rules of etiquette

      In our society, there are certain rules of etiquette that should be observed when inviting a girl to dance. Graduation ball is a small fairy tale, after graduation, which each graduate will go his own way of life. A lot can be decided this evening, it happens that people start dating after this ball and then spend long and happy years of marriage. At one moment your fate can be decided, no one is immune from love and feelings.

      Now we need to consider some rules of etiquette that will help to strike the girl on the spot.
      1. Approaching the girl during the ball, you must say any greeting. Even if you have already seen each other this evening, anyway, she will not become superfluous and will be able to emphasize all your gallantry.
      2. Choose a phrase for the invitation, it can be in a simple form if you communicate well with the girl. If you do not know the girl too well, you need to prepare a kind and pleasant phrase.
      3. If it happens that a girl chooses another boyfriend and refuses you, then there is no need to show your disappointment. In this case, apologize, and step aside without showing your emotions. Do not try to beg the girl, it will only push her away. Wait for the next dance and try again, this will be the best option.
      4. If one girl refused you, then you should not invite the one standing next to you, this will only prove your disorderliness and indifference.
      The rules of etiquette are very simple and do not need to be learned by heart. Using the right tactics, and, as many men are known to be strategists, after your gallant appeal, it is unlikely that the girl will refuse you.

      Invite a girl to dance

      Almost any guy is embarrassed to ask for a dance. Let him be a decisive and successful boy in life, who can easily come up with many subjects, or he is passionate about sports, where he succeeds, at this moment he is still shy. Firstly, there are always a lot of people at the prom, and secondly, all the girls are usually surrounded by their girlfriends.

      But if you're left alone with shyness, you won't be able to ask her to dance. There are a lot of guys around, maybe not so much successful, but more determined, who will not miss the moment to choose a partner for the dance. You can stand all evening on the sidelines, or you can decide and go and invite a beautiful girl.

      The fact is that no matter how the girl portrays indifference, in her heart she dreams of this invitation. Everyone hopes and believes. That she will now be chosen as a dance partner. The whole problem is in the guy, because he makes his choice, with the exception of the white dance, when the choice is given to the girl.

      After you have already approached with an invitation, be confident, but not arrogant. Girls love these guys, but they don't want to see an impudent boor nearby. There is always a line between perseverance and arrogance. At this point, make it clear that her refusal may hurt and disappoint you. But of course you don't have to beg the girl. A firm position is much more beneficial than simple pressure.

      No need to mumble, stutter or shout in front of the whole room. You need to calmly express the invitation in an even voice. The words must be heard clearly and distinctly. Do not use too long phrases in a noisy room, they can simply not be heard. A short phrase “I can invite you” can sometimes say more than long chants. At the same time, do not try to play indifference, then the girl will definitely refuse you, she will just think that you don’t care who you dance with.

      Parents often stay at the prom. This fact can confuse anyone. If the girl is in their environment, then you should come up and say hello to them first. And only then go to the invitation to the dance of the girl herself. You can also turn to parents with such a question “let me invite your daughter to dance”, this will make it possible to remain without refusal.

      Also girls are often surrounded by their girlfriends. They spend graduation party with close companies. Having approached the whole circle, it is necessary to greet everyone, and only after that invite one of them. You need to show thereby that you are confident in yourself, and it is difficult to confuse you.
      It happens that a girl refuses to dance, this is not a reason. In order to get nasty or yell at her. In this case, you should not make such a mistake and invite a standing girlfriend next to you. A good option would be to wait for the next dance and try again. But here it is very important to know that after the second refusal you do not need to approach again. Most likely, she likes another guy, and she is waiting for an invitation from him.

      A girl's look at the invitation

      Every guy tries to choose a beautiful dance partner, he may like her, or she may just be considered a beautiful partner. What do girls think about this.

      Every girl dreams of this dance. Deep in her heart, she had already made a choice a long time ago with whom she would like to dance at the prom. But, alas, the choice of a guy is important here and she has to wait for an invitation.
      Most people think that if a guy asks you to dance, then at least he shows interest and likes you. This is a small step towards further communication.

      A girl will not be able to refuse a confident guy if he is neat and looks good. He smells good and he confidently invites her to dance, then most likely the answer will be yes.

      You don't have to be a tall, handsome, muscular guy to please a girl. She can be captivated by her charisma, gestures and gaze, as well as her self-confidence. You can have a fairly ordinary appearance, but at the same time have charm and attractiveness. Hold on correctly and remember that it is you who chooses your partner for dancing and the initiative should come only from you.

      Learn more