How to do the running man dance

How to Dance Running Man: Classic Hiphop Move

You must have heard of this step. Even Seen it. The long-running popularity of this step is one of the winner legacies from the 80s' along with moonwalk, windmill, and wave.

There are many movements that dance beginners can learn easily in hiphop.

Even at this site, we cover many steps from different genres, but running man is the first to be learned by those who are trying to learn hiphop.

This is relatively an easy step. You can practice at home, and even beginners should have fun learning this technique. At the same time, you can arrange it with many other steps.

Regardless of kids or adults, you can learn the step and the trick by the following method.

Everyone Knows

When a certain dance move becomes a social phenomenon from its massive popularity, it is called fad dance.

Reason for the Long-Run Popularity

Running man is quite a famous one. It even has a Wikipedia page. According to the encyclopedia, it was first popularized by Janet Jackson in 1989, and later used by MC Hammer. Even as recent as 2016, running man challenge was popularized.

*Korean TV show Running Man, which dominates the Google search results as of 2017, has nothing to do with our Running Man.

Its long history of popularity has a reason. It is easy to practice, and anyone can do it from young to old. It could look quite comical too depending on how you do it.

(Source: Giphy)

Party Trick

If you tell even 1 of your friends that you started dancing, it is guaranteed that he will surely tell people in public, that you are a dancer. It is a public call out to your improvised performance. It can be at a house party, open space bar, Christmas party, corporate social night, etc.

For that request, I usually get with simple wave and moonwalk. The key to make everyone happy is a trick that everyone knows. Running man will certainly uprise the atmosphere.


Practice Method

How to do running man is really simple. As the name goes, you should look like you are running. You run on the spot. Stand facing the front, lift up your right leg, and drop it to the front as you slide back the left leg. Repeat with the other leg. If you have played hopscotch in childhood, the rhythm of steps is similar, except you open your legs vertically instead of horizontally.

Hands can be natural like you are running. When practicing first, you do not need to think hard about it.

You should repeat this on the spot for 1 song.

Point Form Summary

  1. Lift up your right leg
  2. Drop it in front, as you slide left leg backward
  3. Repeat

Application: Play With Hands

Puller - front & back

The hands are positioned in the front and are pulled back, starting from the elbow. This is the most popular form of running man that you see on TV.

(Source: Howcast)

Catcher - up & down

You put your hands high as if you are grabbing something in the air, and pull it downward. This is the rare style, and you will be able to stand out.

(Source: RealDancers)

Chicken Hands - side & down

Have you played the chicken dance? It is exactly like that. Your hands start from the bent position and are pushed straight downward.

(Source: RisingDanceSchoolCh)

Ninja Pose (static)

This is the classic move. Simply hold one hand in the front and put the other behind. Only switch the hand when switching your leg.

(Source: DanceKizombaTV)

Tips: Stay in One Spot

If you drop down your leg straight from your body, you will slip backward gradually. That would look less powerful, and make incorporating running man into a more advanced technique like turning difficult.

It is better to visualize it as a step forward. If you are aiming for dynamic impression, step even further. Your body naturally falls low, and the up/down will be a good visual contrast.

Running Man is Versatile

Among the basic steps of hiphop, there are many techniques that use this 16 beat rhythm such as charleston and brooklyn, and there are many elements that you can learn from running man. It is simple and straightforward move to begin with too.

It can be said about dancing in general, but hiphop is fun. To move your body with music is exhilarating. We live in a stressful society. Everyone needs to relax somewhere. If you feel the need to go wild, this site is for you. Feel free to come and visit anytime.

The Running Man Dance: Old School vs. New School | ATOMIC Ballroom

Skip to content The Running Man Dance: Old School vs. New School

This week I continue coverage of the viral Running-man challenge along with the immense response it has been getting. Despite all of the excitement (surrounding it) that it’s been drawing from pro athletes, firemen, police officers and regular people around the world, it has also received its share of backlash. As a top trending topic, it this ‘controversial’ dance has dominated headlines and airwaves. Let’s see what all the fuss is about.

While it may seem like everyone is doing it, not quite everyone has jumped on the Running-man challenge bandwagon. In fact, there are some who insist that this is merely a disappointing attempt by misguided Millennials at the real Running-man, a street dance dating back to the 1970’s when first performed in concert by a Fela Kuti back up dancer. Although it wasn’t really popularized until the 1980′s when pop stars Janet Jackson, MC Hammer, Bobby Brown, Milli Vanilli and others of that era made it a staple in their repertoire of movements. This outcry of sorts has lead to a crop of tutorial videos demonstrating the original 1990’s version and the importance of acknowledging its true originators from decades past. Some of these art and culture preservationists (as I like to call them), simply want to remind people of the true origins of trends that are thought to be new, that aren’t exactly so. While there are others who seek to differentiate the old from the new, as well as change the names all together. There are Running-man movements, if you will, that are demanding that people find a new name for this trending dance that they believe looks more like a prancing pony, ant stomp or other comical action like a T-Rex dancing (as depicted in a new, viral video)!

Check out some of these videos and comments from some of those at the forefront of the running-man preservation movement (yes, movement!), who demonstrate the real deal while pleading for youngsters to learn the history behind such trends, call it by a more fitting name, and leave the Running-man back in the 1990’s from whence it came!

If you’re at work, or somewhere else where you probably shouldn’t be surfing the web, warning, this next video is a laugh out loud, hold your belly type of clip! Notice Hathorn’s expressions as he struggles just to watch the modern version!

Running-man preservationist and self proclaimed “Old school guy” Reggie Hathorn hilariously compares versions while pleading to save surfers’ lives – and all with a straight face!

Some of the public outcry voiced by traditionalists:

“This moved me to make my own real running man preservation video. Lol” 

“YES YES YES YES! The real running man so sick of these “kids” trying to reinvent the wheel.”

“YESSSS!!!!!!!!! Nicely done!! Now thats what I am talking about. Its sad that this new generation of kids THINK that the dance they are doing for the “running man challenge” is the real running man. NOPE.”

“What these kids are doing now a days looks like the river dance or jumping rope wrong. Lol! Great vid!”

Running-man preservationist vents his frustration at the modern take on the running-man, then demonstrates the real deal along while Running-man pioneer MC Hammer plays on the TV screen!


While this is not an uncommon argument with other forms of dance (mambo vs. L.A. style salsa, traditional Argentine tango vs. tango nuevo or show tango), and even with traditional music styles vs. modern takes and re-makes, the sticker with this one is that the current version doesn’t even slightly resemble it’s predecessor; which is why many opponents argue that it should have a different name all together.


Let’s compare this with rebuttals from younger generations.

Side by side, who won the battle?

Below, with old school vs. new school, who wins?



Old school – Will Smith does the original Running-man on early episode of cult classic TV series “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.”

Australian Federal police – 30 sec clip with hilarious aggressive baton throw instead of mic drop.

When it comes to the old school version versus the new school, who do you think wins the battle? Compare clips and sound off!

About the Author: Nneka

Having fearlessly explored every continent, Nneka is multi-lingual and passionate about travel, culture and life. A SDSU alumni, she has worked in KTVU Fox's newsroom, interviewed notable figures and hosted programs for various media outlets. She has also written features for The San Leandro Times and Also a seasoned performer and fitness professional, Nneka holds several fitness certifications, has shared the stage with entertainment icons, and has appeared on various TV Shows. Follow her global adventures in the arts and beyond on IG @nnekaworldtrekker.

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Showing a video lesson on simple dance moves that will help you quickly and easily learn how to dance without leaving your home

It turns out that learning to dance is not difficult


International Dance Day was celebrated all over the world yesterday . Are you sure that this holiday was not for you? Do you have any idea what to do when music is playing? NN. RU knows how to help you. We asked a dance school teacher to show you some simple moves that you can combine to make sure you don't get lost on the dance floor.

Imagine that you are in a situation where you simply need to dance: a competition at a friend's wedding requires it, you want to impress your object of interest, or all your friends started dancing and begging to join. What to do if you have never shone with such talents? The choreographer of the Dance Life dance studio Sergey Maslennikov is sure that you can learn the basic movements from a video lesson.

— Of course, you can learn to dance from videos. But it all depends on the person, on how he perceives what is happening, whether he is ready to work on himself. I had a friend who didn’t even watch videos, but just danced regularly while listening to music. I was amazed at how much progress he made in six months!

Sergei Maslennikov devoted eight years of his life to dancing. At Dance Life, he teaches modern styles: hip-hop and jazz-funk. If they pique your interest, it's time to learn a few moves!

- There are basics, like simple guitar chords: it is much easier to hold E minor than bare. Now I will show "kach". In hip-hop, when people like the music, people begin to “pump”, that is, move the body to the beat, this is called a “groove”.

— The main thing is to learn how to move correctly: both with your knees and with your body. To begin with, it is worth performing the movement, exaggerating, since many are clamped.

- The next movement is similar to children's classics, the difference is that the swing is still present. Without it, the dance will look ridiculous.

- Now I will show the movement Running man, translated from English - "Running Man". At first, do it slowly, gradually the speed can be increased as the skill improves.

- The Prep movement comes from America. The fact is that the majors, coming to the party, did not want to sweat. They danced a little, showed themselves, their clothes, showed off.

- The next movement is strong: it develops the dancer's legs great.

"Waving" is a difficult movement, but if you like it, you can master it at home.

- The last movement that I will show is the simplest and most beloved among women. Studies were conducted and it turned out that girls at discos like to watch how men's chest works. Therefore, we just stand and work with our breasts.

- Someone will learn to dance in three or four lessons, and someone will need a year. Everything is very individual and, of course, depends on the teacher. It also depends on personal preference. If, say, the parents brought the child, but he does not want to dance, then it will be very difficult to achieve the result. Adults have another problem - embarrassment, fear. Therefore, the attitude to win, to overcome oneself is very important.

After studying these 11 elements, you can combine them in a variety of ways: everything here will depend only on your imagination.

Here is an example of what kind of dance can be obtained from the above movements:

- The main thing in improvisation is not to rush. Do everything for your own pleasure: perform one movement several times - smoothly move into another. And, of course, emotions are important. If you dance with a sullen or indifferent look, you simply will not be understood.

How to learn how to dance SAFL at home

in detail on how to learn how to dance a salax


  • 1 video:
  • 2 Running person
  • 3 tips


22 Today we will look at how to learn how to dance the shuffle. We will describe the movements using the example of three main approaches.

This is a dance style that takes its roots from the Melbourne Shuffle. This club fun dance appeared in the eighties. It happened at a music festival in Australia, in Melbourne.

First of all, in order to understand how to learn how to dance the shuffle, you should know that its essence is to quickly move from heel to toe. It is most convenient to perform this dance to electronic music.

Modern shuffle is largely due to the LMFAO video for the song Party Rock Anthem. To study this direction, it is necessary to master the movements "running man" and "step". Links between the specified elements are also important.

Let's move on to the first solution to the question of how to learn to dance shuffle at home. So, we stand straight, spread our legs, the distance between them should be 0.3 meters.

This is the starting position of the "Step". Raise the right leg up. Move the left one inward.

Raise it by 15 cm. As a result of the movement, the leg should move away from the body. To do this, raise the knee up, and then inward.

Move the left foot so that the toes point to the middle. Raise it up at the same time. Next, move the right leg down.

Running man

Let's move on to the next method of solving the question of how to learn to shuffle. We put the right foot in front. Leave the left one on the ground.

Lightly touch the ground with the toes of the right foot. Then we pick it up. We stretch.

Raise the leg up 15 cm. Slide back. This must be done on the left leg.

The right one must be raised. The next step is to put it on the surface. Now we move with the left foot.

Put her on her toes. This makes it easier to pick it up during the next step. We repeat the described steps with the other leg.

There is another way to learn how to shuffle. We make the transition between the "step" and "running man".

It's easy. In one of the parties we make the movement "step", in the other - "running man". We take five steps to the left.

Lowering the leg for the last time. We turn forward 90 degrees. We use the leg as a leader for the "running man".

We do this movement in place. It can also be done in a circle. However, this requires additional skills.

Then put both feet on the ground. We lift one of them up. Let's start taking a step.

You can use this trick to move both forward and backward. Next, we proceed to the movement of the "running man".

We start it on the spot or in a circle. Turn left 90 degrees. We start moving.

Move from left to right. At the same time, we repeat the elements of the “step” movement. As a result, both legs should be in the "running man" position.

Raise one of the legs. We use it for the movement "step". We are moving in her direction.

We alternate movements. Let's take a few steps. We turn around.

Let's start with the "running man". We do this movement twice. Let's switch to step.

We repeat it several times. We return to the first movement. You can highlight one of the elements.

Let's start the "step". We do the "running man" several times. Let's go back to the steps.

It is not necessary to use the two movements equally. To take the dance to a new level, we will use rotations for both the “step” and the “running person”.


So we've looked at how to learn how to shuffle. There are still a few small tips that can facilitate this process.

First of all, this direction is good because it does not require special shoes. You can wear regular sneakers on the dance floor. So you can feel great when sliding and turning.

How to learn to dance shuffle at home


Learn more