How much do club dancers make

Here's How Much Strippers Actually Make

  • The amount of money a stripper makes on any given night is unpredictable and influenced by factors ranging from the weather and the economy to a dancer's mood and costume.
  • One dancer who was working on New Year's Eve received $500 for talking to a man about neuroscience for 20 minutes.
  • Another dancer said it's possible for strippers to lose money in a night if they can't cover their tip out and house fee.

The number one thing that dancers like about stripping is the money. Most women expressed that, at least in the beginning, to be given rolls of cash for making conversation, drinking freely, and giving the occasional private dance was very exciting.

For many dancers, like Laura, who is 19 years old, money made from stripping also allowed them much needed financial security, and the means to provide some luxuries for their children. Laura said:

I have a little boy and I’m married. It's helped our life a lot because financially speaking — I moved out when I was 16, had my little boy at 15. Financially, I was making $7.25-an-hour and things were hard. Whereas now, in two weeks I'm doing a big haunted house for all the kids in the neighborhood. I've put thousands of dollars into it just for the kids, and we're still okay. So we’re able to relax a little more. Things aren’t as stressful outside of here. Birthday parties, Christmas, wanting to just go to the zoo, or do something — that's a possibility now, and it's really not that hard for me to achieve because our work is so flexible and we can work as much as we want. So I can just work an extra night and these things are possible.

Some of the women I interviewed also shared stories of men who gave them a large sum of money without expecting any sexual favors in exchange.

These experiences are important to dancers not only because it is gratifying to receive a gift of money but also because they reaffirm the woman's belief in the generosity of some clients. Dana's story is typical of these lucrative encounters with clients:


I had a really good customer come in, a younger guy, and I totally didn't trust him either. He always wanted to go out, and I thought he was married. I still wonder to this day if he was married. But he came in, and on my birthday last year he brought in seven or eight hundred dollars: here you go, no strings attached, no anything. I thought that was really neat. Most of them are just like that, people just being nice. An older guy — he was a car dealer — he came in around Christmas time, and I sat with him for a little bit, and he asked me what I bought for my daughter. And I said I hadn’t bought her anything yet. I wasn't able to. And he said, "You need to get that baby something, here," and he slaps two hundred dollars on the table. "Tell her this is from me." And I had just met the guy. So it’s just people who do nice things out of the blue, out the ordinary. I know it’s money things, but it's just the thought that went behind it giving you the money.

Some dancers have encountered customers who come to strip clubs not expecting dances in return for their money. via Before The Door Pictures

Recently single, and working on New Year's Eve, April was feeling a little blue until she danced for a generous customer:

I was single and I was kind of depressed. He comes in and we go up to the VIP room. We’re up there twenty minutes, and he has to leave because he’s having a New Year’s Eve party, and he gives me $500. So that was pretty cool. That doesn’t happen as much as people think—20 minutes of work—$500. And I didn’t do anything. I was a neurology major at the time, and we were talking about the structure of the brain while I was dancing for him, and it was really weird. It was actually the least sexual dance I’d ever done. We were sitting there talking about serotonin levels and dopamine levels and neurons and the limbic system, the temporal lobe, the parietal lobe, all this stuff. I’m sitting here dancing for him, and he just gives me $500 and leaves.

Like Dana, April appreciated that this customer recognized her as a person and, in her case, as an intelligent woman, in addition to giving her a large gift of cash.

The desire for money, the need for money, and the impact of money on dancers' lives cannot be overestimated. But, as April’s reflections indicate, the meaning of money for dancers goes beyond its purchasing power. It may signify, as it did for Dana, that a customer appreciates and can empathize with her struggles.

At the same time, the amount of money a woman makes on any given night is unpredictable, and influenced by uncontrollable factors like the weather, the economy, the time of the month, and the number of other performers working, as well as elements under a dancer’s control, like her mood and costume.

Beverly, who is 24 years old, has made as much as $500 and as little as $3 in a shift. Beverly also described nail-bitingly stressful days when she made no money at all for four hours and then, at the very end of the night (1:30 a.m.) collected $250 from last-minute table dances.

Stacy, who is 32 years old, wonders how girls working day shifts even survive. She said, "I’ve seen day shifts where we've had one guy come in here and buy one dance." It’s particularly distressing for a dancer to leave work owing money if she does not earn enough to cover tip-out and her house fee.

Jenny Cheng/INSIDER

STRIPPED is an INSIDER series featuring adapted excerpts from the book "Stripped: More Stories from Exotic Dancers" by Bernadette Barton. Bernadette Barton is an author and Professor of Sociology and Gender Studies at Morehead State University. To read more from "Stripped: More Stories from Exotic Dancers" you can purchase the book here.

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How Much Do Strippers Make (What It Really Looks Like)

Climbing The Ladder

By Sayoni Nyakoon | Wednesday, April 05, 2017

Why become a stripper? An easy answer is: Money.

You see, when I turned 18, I became financially stable. I had earned acceptance into City Year, packed my belongings, and moved to Denver. I worked 60 hours a week, and saved most of what I earned. At age 19, I started my undergrad at the University of Colorado, and found it difficult to balance working even just twelve hours a week and maintain decent grades. Then, I turned 20, and was offered an unpaid internship with the Colorado Department of Education. I realized that if I accepted the offer, I would risk my financial security and independence. Later that summer, I became a stripper.

To put all the clichés and myths to rest, to let you hear it from the horse’s mouth — or the stripper’s tax return — let’s throw numbers around about what a stripper salary looks like.

I would earn $76,800 dollars a year — before taxes — if I worked for six hours a day, four days out of the week, and averaged $400 each night.

The truth about stripping is an average of $400 per night is an acceptable number for many exotic dancers. Not good, not bad — acceptable. A four day per week, six-hour shift is the standard: acceptable, if draining. There are some exotic dancers who would never return to a club if they could not make at least $500 per four-hour shift. There are also some exotic dancers who would beg for an opportunity to make $300 per eight-hour shift.

Strippers take pride in how much money can you earn from stripping. A large sum of money can turn what many would consider an immoral and degrading profession into a practical one. The almighty dollar breaks down stigma and taboo —  for some unfortunate souls, it defines their self-worth. Hence, why a dancer would quit after one bad (i.e., <$400.00) night. Yes, an exotic dancer would expect to make more money in Manhattan — where a studio apartment often costs $2,000, if not much more — than in Denver, where you can find a one-bedroom in a high-rise for $900. But when you live in a city like Denver, and you threaten to quit over a few low nights, you have to ask yourself, exactly what are you trying to prove? And to whom?

The same questioned applies to what exotic dancers/strippers/ecdysiasts choose to call themselves. The word “stripper” is considered dirty, titillating, or uncouth. While I prefer to call a spade a spade, I have met strippers who are genuinely offended to be placed in the same category as the low-paid, classless, and deeply stupid characters that parade around in pasties on television screens, who need saving in big-budget movies. I am not a stripper, they protest, I am an entertainer. An Exotic Dancer.

And yet…Go-Go dancers are technically exotic dancers, but they DO NOT strip (ask them). And I must admit — not all strippers dance. So what’s a…person who dances and takes off her clothes to do? Besides admitting that the words basically mean the same thing, and it is just connotations that vary. However, while I personally could not give a single fuck about someone who finds my profession uncouth simply based on its name, I would hate to unintentionally titillate someone as an alternative. And I pride myself on being straightforward. Therefore, I refer to myself and others in my profession as ecdysiasts, i.e., striptease artists. You can thank Gypsy Rose Lee for getting H. L. Mencken to come up with the term. Gypsy Rose Lee considered herself a “high class stripper,” and while I can write and say and act like I don’t care about what people think of my profession, I like having a term for what I do that winks at my intelligence.

Exotic dancing does not require any sort of formal education. Most clubs allow you to dance once you reach 18. The flexibility given to ecdysiasts is one I have never encountered in another industry. Generally, you can work as little or as much as you want — as long as you are a good ecdysiast and always, always, always make the club money. You see, ecdysiasts are independent contractors. They pay “rent” to dance in a club, fees to use [private/VIP/champagne] rooms, and “tips” for the DJ, dressing room manager (house mom), bouncers, hair professional, makeup professional, hosts, and (occasionally) the bus boys.

How much does it cost to make a fantasy come to life? Again, this varies by state, city, borough, and neighborhood. Some clubs require an ankle-length gown ($100.00), and others don’t mind cheap lingerie (~$50.00). Heels that are at least four inches high and hair that reaches your shoulders (at least) are cheap in comparison. The ecdysiast herself gets to decide how much to spend on makeup, accessories, and everything else that makes her prepared to confidently tell a stranger, “The private room is 500 dollars per half hour.

When you’re an ecdysiast, you walk into work saying a prayer. Either you leave the club a few hours later with $2,000, or you stay the entire night and leave with less money than you entered. This is true whether you do or don’t include the cost of upkeep an ecdysiast must spend to maintain herself and the illusion she sells. It is entirely possible to work an entire week and come out in the negative.

In my three and a half years as an ecdysiast — not necessarily brief, when you consider most ecdysiasts quit after five years — I’ve seldom returned home in the negative. On the contrary, I’ve been able to firmly cement my own financial security, financially assist friends and relatives, and go on vacations. Lots and lots of vacations.

I don’t write this piece to glorify or demonize stripping as a profession. However, there is plenty of misinformation regarding sex work, and I intend to clear the air. Exotic dancing is a side hustle that some turn into a career. It is a way to make money.

Sayoni is a Kentucky born, Philadelphia raised, Colorado educated, wannabe novelist and MFA candidate living in New York City. She is especially fond of Japanese food.

Image via Pexels

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Belarusian strip industry: not only girls in the show | My salary in Belarus

Belarusian strip industry: not only girls in the show Mojazarplata. by found out what kind of income "artists of the original genre" can expect, what attracts domestic dancers to work abroad, and how much money needs to be spent to make a high-quality show. found out what kind of income "artists of the original genre" can expect, what attracts domestic dancers to work abroad, and how much money needs to be spent to make a quality show. found out what kind of income "artists of the original genre" can expect, what attracts domestic dancers to work abroad, and how much money needs to be spent to make a quality show.

Work in the strip industry is considered to be predominantly female. However, there are many - including in Belarus - among the representatives of the profession of a stripper and men. met with strippers and their employers and found out how things are in the Belarusian world of male striptease.

Dancers for image, not income

Aleksey Ksenevich, art director of one of the Minsk clubs, confesses:

Neighbor bought a new car, but you can't afford it?
Fill out the Job Questionnaire and find out what salary you can expect according to your qualifications.

- I keep guys in our club just for the image. There is no income from them. Although there are many calls: women order dancers for birthdays, bachelorette parties. Many of our regular customers bring their wives or girlfriends here. But female striptease brings much more profit.

Lack of financial benefits is the main reason why even in Minsk clubs offering male erotic shows can be counted on the fingers.

Doing striptease because of the lack of female attention

Nevertheless, there are men in Belarus who dance at a high European level, and there are many who aspire to get into the strip industry, despite all the difficulties that such a career promises.

What attracts guys to the club scene - a professional stripper who wants to introduce himself as Alexander shares details:

- Some people just do dancing at first, and then, wanting to open new horizons, try themselves in a more frank genre, someone comes to striptease just for lack of money. Some men, oddly enough, begin to perform erotic dances due to the fact that in ordinary life women underestimate them. These guys enjoy the effect they have on the audience: you come, you dance, and you are wanted.

A thousand dollars a day for ballet

Another representative of the profession, Viktor Artemov, speaks about the illiterate organization of business in the Belarusian strip industry.

Victor is one of the members of the Candy MEN team, showing a show with striptease elements. The team was created back in the early 1990s, and today the performers have 13 performances in their arsenal (by the way, it can take a whole year to prepare one high-quality production). According to the artists from Candy MEN, they were the first Belarusian strippers to receive an invitation to work abroad.

- The club may not allocate any money for the show at all, says the dancer. - In Minsk, there is still one institution that spends about a thousand dollars a day on the maintenance of the ballet. They keep the brand. And this is the right decision. Although they have not only ballet, but also musicians and guest artists - this is the policy of the club. And people go to them to rest. But, unfortunately, in general, this is not accepted in Belarusian clubs.

For income - abroad

Victor no longer hopes for a serious income at home:

– Costumes for performances are made to order. Clothing costs range from $100 to $1,000. For example, we have a very expensive number "Gangsters". Special props were purchased for him - copies of machine guns, hats - a special hall was rented, where we prepared. In our business, it is very important to find a special edge in order to please the public. After all, if the viewer does not like the show, he will no longer visit it.

There are also some problems with profitability. In principle, the number may not pay off at all. Although, if you have experience, you can earn money from travel. We work a lot abroad, and this is the only thing that saves us. Our team has already visited Germany, Poland, Finland, Israel. Performances in other countries can fetch between $100 and $5,000, depending on the number. For extreme incredible shows, of course, they pay much more.

According to the laws of show business

A dancer who is looking for a job often faces the need for PR. Today, striptease is a common activity, and effective means are needed in order to impress the employer.

– Promotion plays a huge role in our profession, Alexander agrees. - After all, if no one knows you, then no one will order. The specificity of the Belarusian striptease is that here you need to promote yourself well.

But art director Alexei Ksenevich does not favor dancers who have achieved fame in professional circles:

– I've never had to hire strippers with any reputation, and I don't want to. Anyway, they do not have their own audience: in our country, people go to the club, and not to the name.

Investing in beauty

To be truly in demand, a stripper needs to constantly keep himself in shape. Appearance care includes a visit to the gym (at least three times a week), special sports nutrition, tanning sessions and some beauty treatments.

- Many club goers smoke, and the skin suffers greatly from the smoke. Therefore, you have to constantly use some kind of creams, lotions, baths ... If a person wants to do striptease for a long time, then he simply must carefully monitor himself. Young guys are usually frivolous about this issue, but for the time being, says Victor Artemov.

How much do strippers earn in Belarus?

Artists of the original genre

Victor Artemov explains:

– There are club workers, and there are free dancers performing in show programs. I can say that the show program is more powerful than individual performances. It implies a larger stage, a wider audience, and therefore higher earnings.

– We always conclude official contracts with our employees, - adds Alexey Ksenevich. - This includes a full social package, payment for vacation, sick leave, an entry is made in the work book - "artist of the original genre." Therefore, the income of strippers is mainly official. Although, of course, some clients encourage them privately.

Lateness - a fine

In addition to the reward system, the clubs also have a system of fines.

- This is a necessary measure. Without it, there will be no discipline,” says art director Alexei. - We have elementary requirements for strippers: you can’t swear, you can’t be late for work, you can’t smoke, you can’t chew gum in the hall where visitors are. The dancer does not even have the right to answer the client for rudeness.

Are you satisfied with your salary and working conditions? Compare your salary with the salaries of colleagues.

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Click and fill out the Questionnaire about work and salary

Dance school business plan with calculations. We open our studio from scratch.

The number of dance schools in major cities has been growing since every year. There are several main reasons for this:

  1. The desire to learn a new dance style.
  2. Physical training for the whole body. Often dancing is chosen as an alternative to fitness.
  3. New acquaintances.
  4. Development of body flexibility.

If you are a professional dancer, or if you are well versed in this type of activity, then you will be able to build a successful business at a dance school.

Competition in this market segment is quite high, before opening, you need to analyze the market specifically in the region where you plan to work. The main factors to consider: the styles presented dances, location, pricing policy, fullness of groups. After analyzing, you will be able to assess the demand for services, and by opening your dance studio, you will include there not only the most popular styles, but also add something new than You will be different from the rest, since there are enough directions.

Content of the article

  • Target audience
  • Choosing a direction
  • Paperwork
  • Choosing a location and premises
  • Equipment
  • Staff
  • How much can you earn?

It will largely depend on the styles of dance that you you will teach.

Youth sports dancing (breakdance, hip-hop, club and street dances) are chosen mainly by girls and boys aged 15-25.

An older audience of 30-45 years old chooses classical and Latin American dances.

Individual lessons with newlyweds who are preparing a wedding dance.

And the last thing I would like to mention is the dance niche for children. Parents often enroll their children in such schools so that the child develops plasticity and physical condition in general, and this segment is in great demand from a commercial point of view. If there are no such establishments in your area yet, then it makes sense to open a business in the format of a dance studio for children.

Another interesting idea for making money is opening a pottery workshop. Masters, product range, customer search and income level.

Choosing a direction

It is better to start promoting your own dance school by launching a project with a specific niche (for example, modern dance or ballet), and then gradually expand the staff and add new types of classes, gaining credibility and taking more and more of the target audience from competitors.

Here are the main destinations that are in demand for market:

  • Latin dances. Samba, Cha-cha-cha, Rumba, Paso Doble, Jive.
  • Modern dancing. Tectonic, go-go, strip-dance, pole-dance, jazz-funk, etc.
  • Street dancing. Break-dance, hip-hop, house, street-dance, etc.
  • Ballroom dancing. Waltz, Tango, Foxtrot.
  • Folk dances. Russian, Ukrainian or Belarusian folk dance.
  • Club dances. R'n'B, Krump.
  • Oriental dances. Belly dance.
  • For children.

As you can see, there are several styles in each direction, which may suit you.


permissions. Here is a list of what you will need.

  • open IP.
  • specify OKVED for activities. For Russia, this is codes 85.41.2, 90.01. For Ukraine - 85.52, 93.19.
  • sign a lease agreement for the premises.
  • obtain permits from the SES and the fire department.
  • recruit staff (they must have medical records).

To get it right, you can use legal advice, of course, these are additional costs, but such a step may protect you from fines in the future.

Choosing a location and premises

If you are planning to open a dance school from scratch in a small city ​​with up to 150 thousand inhabitants, it is advisable to look for rental space in the center cities. If this is a large metropolis, then you can consider options in densely populated residential areas. The main thing from the point of view of location is that it was convenient for customers to get to you, be sure to be nearby public transport stops (minibus, metro) and at least a small parking lot. Also, you can consider the area in the entertainment centers, near the fitness clubs.

The area of ​​the room should be calculated based on the number of clients who will visit your studio. The minimum area is 80 - 110 sq.m. for the dance area itself + reception desk and about 20 - 25 sq.m. to the dressing room and shower room.

Communications must be carried out to the premises, such as heating, ventilation, electricity and plumbing with sewerage, since such requirements of the inspection services.

Minimal renovation of the premises is required: cosmetic painting of the walls in light colors, as well as laying high-quality laminate in the dance hall. All this can be done independently without the involvement of builders.

Another idea in the education niche is a make-up school. Specialists, tools and business profitability.


Part of the budget is also allocated for equipment.

Here is a list of what will be needed:

  • purchase and installation of mirrors around the hall - $600 - $800
  • purchase and installation of a dance pole - $900 - $1100
  • lighting systems - $500
  • sanitary ware and tiles in the shower room - $750 - $800
  • changing rooms - $600
  • office furniture - $350

Additional equipment will need to be purchased for staff and dance lessons.

  • Speaker system - $1200 - $1350
  • Monitors that will be shown sample activities - $800
  • Small refrigerator - $220 - $250
  • Kettle, microwave oven - $80
  • Laptop - $400
  • Printer - $150
  • Phone, wi-fi router - $ 80

In total, you will have to spend about $ 6,000 - $ 7,000 on equipment.


Dance school, how to build a business on teaching composition, so you need to select staff very carefully. Find good specialists is difficult, they all have been working for a long time, but you can take a beginner who shows good results, send him to courses and then start build commercial cooperation with such a coach. Clients visiting the studio get used to a teacher who helped them achieve results in their studies dances, and gradually each coach forms his client base.

A reasonable question arises, but how to keep a teacher in future? What will prevent him from leaving for "his own bread"? Here you need to build partnership system, and give the coach a percentage of the earned arrived. In addition, many dance teachers are attracted to a not too busy work schedule, since classes take only a few hours a day.

In addition to teachers, you will need an administrator who will accept clients, sign up new visitors for dance lessons, answer calls and clean the premises before and after the working day. A floor the dance hall is wiped down after each class.

The business owner will be responsible for the accounting accounting, attracting new clients and, if desired, he can also teach dancing.


The newly opened dance school will operate at a loss, because no one knows about you and the entrepreneur will need to urgently fix this.

There are a number of working methods to attract customers.

  1. Creation and initial filling of pages in social networks, after which you can buy ads in the same networks and processing incoming traffic to generate clients.
  2. Create your own website and launch a contextual advertising, which will also allow you to get the first customers in the shortest possible time.
  3. Leaflet distribution in the area where you plan to work.
  4. Posting on online bulletin boards of your cities.
  5. Bright sign.

The following programs also work well:

  1. The first lesson is free. Such a proposal can be printed on handouts.
  2. Purchasing a subscription for several months gives bonus (5% or 10%).
  3. Refer a friend and get a discount on classes for myself.

Personal recommendations will also play an important role satisfied customers, but here you also need the service of your dance school met all the requirements, from the professionalism of teachers and ending with the cleanliness of the room.

How much money do you need to start?

When developing a dance school business plan, you need to consider everything items of expenditure to make up the amount of start-up capital.

Starting investment:

  • cosmetic repairs of the premises - $3000 - $3500
  • purchase of equipment - from $6000
  • paperwork - $200
  • signboard, website) - $350 - $400

Monthly expenses:

  • rent - from $10 per 1 sq.m. + communal payments.
  • taxes - $150
  • staff wages - negotiable. Usually can be % of profit or piecework payment.
  • advertising - from $250 for the initial period.

Costs can be reduced if you do it yourself repair of the premises and install equipment, in addition, the salary fund will less if the entrepreneur himself will conduct dance lessons.

How much can you earn?

The average price list of a dance studio is as follows.

  • Individual session (1 session): $11.5 - $17
  • Individual subscription (8 sessions): $80 - $120
  • Group Lesson (1 Lesson): $4 - $6
  • Group Lesson Subscription (4 Lessons): $13 — $17
  • Subscription for group classes (8 lessons): $26 — $36

You can change the number of classes and vary the level prices. Based on these data, it is possible to predict the approximate number of classes of each type per month and calculate the profit.

The average profitability of this business is 30% - 40%. BUT investments pay off within 1.

Learn more