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Posted on 22 November 2022

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What is reggaeton and where did it come from?

Reggaeton is a style of music that originated in Puerto Rico in the early 1990s. It is a fusion of reggae, hip hop, and Latin American styles like salsa and merengue. The music is typically characterized by its focus on rhythm, which is often created with electronic drums, and its use of Spanish lyrics.

Reggaeton became popular in Puerto Rico in the mid-1990s, and it soon spread to other parts of the world, including the United States and Latin America. In recent years, it has become one of the most popular genres of music in the world. Reggaeton artists like Daddy Yankee and Luis Fonsi have achieved global success with hits like “Gasolina” and “Despacito.”

How do you dance reggaeton – is it easy to learn for beginners?

Although reggaeton may seem like a complex dance form, it is actually quite easy to learn for beginners. The key is to start with basic steps and then build up to more complex moves. Once you have the basic steps down, you can add your own style and personality to the dance. One of the best things about reggaeton is that it is a very social dance form. It is often danced in pairs or groups, which makes it a great way to meet new people and make new friends. So if you’re looking for a fun and easy way to get started in reggaeton, just remember to keep it simple at first and then let your creativity flow.

We made a tutorial to teach you how to dance reggaeton online / Como se baila reggaeton :

What are the best songs to dance to when you’re learning how to reggaeton dance?

Reggaeton is a genre of music that originated in Puerto Rico in the early 1990s. It is a fusion of Latin American and Caribbean music, with influences from hip hop, dancehall, and electronic dance music. Reggaeton is typically characterized by its fast-paced rhythm and catchy hooks. When learning how to reggaeton dance, it is important to find songs that match the tempo of the dance. Here are some of the best songs to dance to when learning how to dance reggaeton (or in Spanish: Como se baila reggaeton):

-Daddy Yankee, “Gasolina”

-Enrique Iglesias feat. Descemer Bueno & Gente de Zona, “Bailando”

-Don Omar feat. Lucenzo, “Danza Kuduro”

-J Balvin feat. Willy William, “Mi Gente”

-Sean Paul feat. Daddy Yankee, “We Be Burnin'”

These songs are all high energy and will help you get into the groove of reggaeton dancing. They also have simple, catchy hooks that you can easily sing along to as you dance. So put on your dancing shoes and get ready to move to the beat of reggaeton!

Como se baila reggaeton

Did you Know?

“Como Se baila reggaeton” in English means” How to dance reggaeton?”

What are some basic steps that everyone should know when dancing reggaeton?”

When it comes to reggaeton, there are a few basic steps that everyone should know.

  • First, the dembow step is one of the most important. This step is performed by keeping your feet shoulder-width apart and moving your hips in a circular motion while keeping your upper body still.
  • Second, the second basic step is known as the “tick.” For this move, you will start with your feet together and then quickly move one foot out to the side and back again.
  • Third, the “cabbage patch” is another essential move. To do this, you will start with your feet together and then hop on one foot while swinging your arms in an up-and-down motion.
  • Finally, the “wine” is a classic reggaeton move that involves taking small steps to the side while moving your hips from side to side. These are just a few of the basic steps that everyone should know when dancing reggaeton. With practice, you’ll be able to master them all in no time!

Now you should be good with the basics steps on how to dance reggaeton / Como se baila reggaeton – Have fun with it!

Are there any special moves or tricks that can make your reggaeton dance routine stand out from the rest?”

There are many different ways to make your reggaeton routine stand out. One way is to add your own personal style to the moves. This can be done by adding your own flair to the basic steps or by incorporating other dance styles into your routine. Another way to make your routine stand out is to choose music that is unique or unexpected. This can help to create an element of surprise that will keep your audience engaged. Finally, don’t be afraid to be creative with your props and costumes. Reggaeton is a very sensual and flamboyant dance, so feel free to express yourself and have fun with it!

Como se Baila reggaeton – Full explanation and Dance video tutorial

Who are some of the biggest stars in the reggaeton music scene right now?”

Reggaeton is a musical genre that originated in Puerto Rico in the late 1990s. The music is a mix of various genres, including reggae, hip hop, and Latin American styles. In recent years, the popularity of reggaeton has grown exponentially, and the genre has produced some of the biggest stars in the music industry. Artists such as Daddy Yankee, J Balvin, and Bad Bunny have all achieved massive success with their reggaeton hits. These artists have brought the genre to a new level of popularity, and they show no signs of slowing down anytime soon. With their catchy tunes and charismatic personalities, they are sure to continue dominating the reggaeton scene for years to come.

Comos e Baila reggaeton: The Biggest stars in the music industry!

What are the other dances I Can Learn to have fun?

There is so many other dances!

  • First define what type of dance do you want to learn: Partner dance or solo style?
  • Then listen to the different musics and see which one appeal the most to you and you can relate to
  • Finally, do the first step and go in your local dance studio to take some Latin dance classes!

Exemple of partner dance:




Como Se baila reggaeton

Where Can I find Dance Shoes to dance reggaeton / Como se baila reggaeton?

Check out Latin dance Shoes Australia. They provide the best dancing shoes in Australia that you can use dancing reggaeton.

Thank you for reading. We hope that you enjoyed our Guide on Como se baila reggaeton. More guide like Como se baila Reggaeton to come soon!

How do you Dance reggaeton?

There is no one way to dance reggaeton, as the style is heavily influenced by personal preference and regional variations. However, some basic steps include moving your hips from side to side and popping your knees up and down. You can also add in some arm movements for extra flair. As with any dance, it’s important to feel the rhythm of the music and let your body move naturally. Have fun and experiment with different moves to find what works best for you!

How do men dance reggaeton?

Typical moves include swaying hips, body rolls, and popping and locking. Men may also isolate certain muscle groups (e.g., moving just the hips or chest) or perform fast and intricate footwork. Many dancers incorporate acrobatic stunts into their routines, making for an energetic and visually stunning performance. You got it, the goal is to show off!

What rythm is used in reggaeton?

Answer: There is no one rhythm that is used in reggaeton. The music combines elements of Latin American and Caribbean music with influences from hip-hop and electronica. This makes for a very diverse sound that can incorporate a wide range of rhythms depending on the song.

Why is reggaeton so good and popular?

Some of the reasons why reggaeton is so good include its catchy melodies, its ability to appeal to a wide range of listeners, and its versatile sound. It can be used in a variety of contexts – from dancefloor hits to radio staples. Plus, reggaeton lyrics are often relatable and emotionally charged, making it perfect for marketing campaigns or commercials.

Where can I Learn Reggaeton Online for free?

How do you move your hips and chest in reggaeton?

We made the perfect video for you with our free online reggaeton tutorial

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Best YouTube Workouts: Reggaeton Dance Class With Laurel

Hey, my friends! It’s me, Laurel. A quick re-introduction — I’m a mom and dance instructor here in Philly. S and many other people on the TME team have been taking my classes for years! We sweat, we laugh, we make mistakes, we breathe, and we have a lot of fun. I mostly teach Salsa, Bachata, and Latin House — these styles make us feel powerful and grounded, and other times soft and sensual. Either way, I’m here to encourage you to get up and start moving.

This time of year especially — with shorter days and holiday obligations — it can be hard to feel connected to your body. But it’s so important! For me, dance is a way to connect to myself, to get really sweaty and dance to music that makes me happy. Plus, the challenge of learning something new can shake me out of a rut. So…let’s dance! You don’t need any equipment to get started with dance classes — you don’t even need to leave the house. But of course… a cute workout outfit can be a fun confidence boost!

Here it is! The FULL Reggaeton dance class experience. I start off with a follow along dance workout that drills body movements. Get sweaty, breathe, and drink water! Next, this tutorial breaks down the routine, so you can start putting steps together. To finish it off, perform the routine to J.Balvin’s “Amarillo” …on repeat! Whether you’re brand new to dancing or a long-time reggaeton dance fanatic, this dance workout will get you moving.

You can always rewind as many times as you need — go at your own pace. Once you’ve got it, dance it full out with me! Pour all of you, all of your feelings, into your dancing. Dance is a form of therapy — use it. You will feel worked. You will feel like you expressed yourself without needing to say a word. You will feel joy!!!

My Dance Workout Clothes: adidas Sweatpants | Champion Sweatpants (they’re men’s 😉) | Athleta Longline Bra | Fuego Dance Shoes

Reggaeton Follow Along: Cardio Workout & Dance Drills

Follow along with this 30-minute cardio dance workout that drills body rolls, 2-steps & more choreography to fun, high-tempo reggaeton songs. Time to sweat!

Learn A Reggaeton Routine: J.Balvin “Amarillo” Choreography Tutorial

In this dance tutorial, I guide you through the choreography of a short routine to the reggaeton song “Amarillo” by J.Balvin. This builds on drills in the cardio dance workout above — combining the movements and setting them to rhythm.

Put It All Together: Perform A Reggaeton Dance Combo

Time to perform! This combo is intended to be danced three times in a row — and yes, you’ll be exhausted by the end, but also floating on that dancer’s high.

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So, how did it go? Let us know in the comments! Shout out to my dancing friends Chloe Rabinowitz and Angela Ferrizzi who perform this choreography with me. Do you have a bestie who motivates you to get up and dance? Be sure to subscribe over on Youtube to never miss one of my videos!

See you next time, xoxo

~ Laurel

Reggaeton for beginners - reggaeton school and lessons for adults in Moscow.

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Reggaeton is the most popular direction of Latin American dances, this style does not provide for clear performance boundaries, being the hallmark of Latina. The basic rule is to move freely, completely surrendering to the dance. Freedom, frankness, sexuality - a brief description of this dance direction.

Reggaeton lessons will help those who have a desire to express themselves and be completely liberated, for this you just need to start mastering this dance in our school. Despite the fact that the direction appeared not so long ago, it has already gained popularity around the world. In addition, dance can be attributed to the fitness direction, since in the shortest possible time it allows you to lose extra pounds and tighten your figure without making any special efforts.

Reggaeton appeared in Panama and Puerto Rico as a direction in music, in the 90s of the last century it was already formed as a dance. Numerous bans and censorship did not prevent him from becoming popular on all continents of the globe.

Reggaeton is an incendiary way to the ideal figure

All muscle groups are involved in the dancer's movements: when shaking, the hips, stomach and buttocks work perfectly, and the wave effectively affects the body and chest. This dynamic fitness dance will help you quickly form a good figure, leaving no chance for extra pounds.

In addition, classes are recommended for correct posture, increasing the body's endurance, and gaining a sense of confidence. Classes will help anyone become more open, sexy and not insecure.

The dance can be performed to different music, not necessarily a partner, so reggaeton is often used as training. Fans of this trend have an ideal waist, strong press. The upper body is also actively involved in the dance process. Some movements are reminiscent of the movements of oriental dancers, but rhythm, dynamics, and energy still remain in the first place.

Reggaeton dance school in Moscow is a wave of energy that passes through the whole body and charges for a whole week. After just a few sessions, the dancer notices an increase in flexibility and a feeling of liberation.

Reggaeton is in the top five most popular styles along with salsa and bachata. It's not just a dance, it's a real style. Like any other Latin American direction, it is fed up with relationships between partners.

Reggaeton lessons

Desire and genuine passion are caused by energetic movements of the hips, shoulders, chest. This is the main lesson. In our dance school you can learn it both in pairs and solo. Particularly mesmerizing dance in a group performance.

For beginners, we recommend solo reggaeton lessons - only by truly feeling the dance with all your soul, you can learn to understand your own body. After that, you can already try to perform reggaeton in pairs. This dynamic, uninhibited, free and scandalous dance will allow you to express yourself and gain self-confidence.

It is impossible to describe the clear rules and boundaries of training, the mood of the moment guides dancers who cannot contain their temperament.

Now you can learn to dance on almost every corner, in every city there are many dance schools. We invite you to classes in groups or individually. Do not be upset if after the first couple of lessons you do not feel the freedom and emancipation that reggaeton gives. It is necessary to attend classes as often as possible, only after a few dozen classes you will be able to move freely, while getting real pleasure.

Reggaeton, unlike other Latin American styles, does not require a partner. The pair version of the dance is the most frank and daring.

Now training in this area is quite popular. Dance movements, among other things, will help you quickly tone your muscles, be always in shape and lose weight. Rotational movements of the body help our students learn to feel and understand their own body, and also teach how to control it.

No special costume is required for the performance, light clothing and shoes that will not hinder your movements are suitable. Reggaeton will help you relax and open up, feel freedom of movement, get rid of complexes, add energy and good mood.

Reggaeton school in Moscow

Reggaeton originates in Panama and Puerto Rico under the influence of other styles, which include dancehall and hip-hop, which have spread quite quickly and widely in Latin American countries. First of all, it is worth mentioning that reggaeton is the name of a musical genre. Developing and changing over the years, reggaeton has become a national treasure of Puerto Rico and is part of the culture. A music radio station has even been created in this direction. Recently, reggaeton has begun to spread more and more in Latin America and the USA.

As for the dance direction, it also changed over time, and had many different options. To date, the most common name is Perreo. The basis of this dance is the sexual movements of partners. Also, the partner can stand with her back to the partner. For some, such "revealing" dances can be embarrassing, but in Puerto Rico they are quite normal, and this dance is also traditional in discos from a fairly early age.

In European countries, this dance direction was initially accepted by public censure and was seen as a new psychedelia of youth, which is temporary. Among older people, statements in the form of disgust were noted, the dance was criticized for excessive frankness and was considered humiliating for beautiful ladies. But young people had a different opinion, so the music was increasingly heard from clubs, cafes and cars.

Features of the dance style reggaeton

In the process of dancing, the bodies of the dancers are in close contact, movements resembling frictions, making it look like sex with a hint of dance. But it is more interesting for the audience to watch, on the contrary, the dance with a hint of intimacy. Therefore, older generations perceive such a dance with hostility. But in reality, reggaeton is a way of self-expression of the sexual side and it must be danced exactly as the rhythm leads, without personal conflict.

In order to be able to dance reggaeton, you need to understand that this dance has no boundaries, which means that in order to perform it you need to have a certain level of flexibility. Therefore, training should begin with stretching and warming up the body. Girls should have confidence that the basis of their work on themselves is the mobility of the hips. To do this, you need to do simple exercises, even without leaving your home, in order to change the style of walking.

In order to understand and better feel the musical direction, you need to get acquainted with the performance of famous reggaeton musicians. For starters, you can take the album "Barrio Fino" performed by Daddy Yankee, as well as compositions by such artists as Don Omar, Wisin y Yandel, Zion.

Reggaeton lyrics are simple and easy to remember. This will help you when you are lost on the dance floor or tired, it will be enough just to pick up the music and sing along with the performer.

It is important to understand that reggaeton teaches you, together with your partner, not to feel the boundaries between the personal and the public. You need to get used to the closeness of the dance and just show off the sexy. By touching and cuddling together, you can show strength, warmth, energy, and desire. Maintaining constant close contact with a partner is of great importance.

It doesn't matter what your body is like when you're playing reggaeton, dressing in style matters a lot. Girls, when choosing clothes for reggaeton, it is necessary that it be as frank as possible. Tight pants and tops that show off your body are fine for dancing. It is important to choose such an outfit in order to feel attractive to men and sexy. Do not worry about excess on the hips or folds at the waist, on the contrary, they are considered desirable.

As for men, it is better for them to choose clothes from popular brands. Baggy T-shirts are especially popular. Big sneakers, a cap and glasses will help to create a special style and impress the girls.

In dance lessons, a professional choreographer will be able to teach you the basic moves, show you how to move your hips, take steps and show your sexuality in this chic dance.

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Reggaeton - starting a new group from scratch

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Reggaeton is one of the most famous dances in the world, which is performed to Latin American music in the rap or hip-hop genre. This dance is performed by both men and women. Often reggaeton is danced in pairs, however, this dance is still considered solo. In order to be able to sensually perform reggaeton, it is necessary to free your body from stiffness and physical tension. To do this, it is necessary to carry out daily exercises to stretch and warm up the muscles, it is especially important for women to work out the flexibility of their hips. Such exercises can be performed at home without resorting to the help of a gym.

It must be understood that the effectiveness of classes depends primarily on how often a student attends classes. Come to classes more often and enjoy them - this will help you master reggaeton faster!


Closed groups in our school are formed for 8-12 lessons. Often we hold special choreographic shows with video recording. If you wish, you can always take part in these events, and for more information, you can call by phone to find out about the conditions for participation.


Today in Moscow there are many clubs with a Latin American theme. Here are some of them:



During the dance lessons you will learn the sequence of reggaeton elements and learn its movements (perreo, flow, dembow, etc.). Lessons will help you feel the music with your soul. You will be able to fully experience your body and learn to control it. These classes are suitable even for beginners. All conditions are created in the classes so that you feel all the features of this direction.


In the 70s of the last century in sunny Panama and Puerto Rico, the musical style of the same name first emerged, influenced by hip-hop, rap, reggae and dancehall. The songs are characterized by rhythmic melodies combined with recitative, usually in Spanish. It is not surprising that the new music gave birth to the dance that is popular today - it was impossible to sit still.

The dance borrowed a little from the measured reggae. He is aggressive and defiant. This is a peculiar way to express your protest using only body language. This style is a concentrate of sexuality. Sharp and even immodest movements allow you to maximize your mood and personality. Both girls and men can dance it.

In the USA, this dance direction became known at the end of the last century. It was brought with them by Jamaican emigrants. It soon gained popularity among Latin Americans. They danced reggaeton at special discos, which were arranged mainly at night. The heyday of the style occurred in the 90s - then it was associated with drugs, poverty and hooliganism. Discos took place in disadvantaged immigrant neighborhoods and were often suppressed by the police.

The opinion of the American government has changed a decade later. It received the status of an official style in the world only in 2006 (in Puerto Rico this happened 11 years earlier). Reggaeton owes its positive image to DJs, among them the cult Gerardo Krueta.

Today there are several directions:
• Panama;
• Puerto Rican;
• Cuban;
• American.

The most common Puerto Rican destination. It is he who can be seen in the clips of Latin American performers. It organically combines rhythms of reggae and hip-hop. The Panamanian style was formed under the influence of Jamaican melodies - it is more authentic and colorful. The Cuban form of this dance is called cubaton - it intertwines Caribbean and African motifs. The American direction originated in the heart of New York in the circle of Latin American rappers.

Reggaeton Style Reggaeton

Movements in this style follow beats and melody as well as lyrics. This style of dance is quite dynamic and strong and reveals the dancer's sexuality.

Reggaeton Fusion Reggaeton fusión

This is a fairly free style of reggaeton. Reggaeton fusión has no clear boundaries and allows you to combine many different genres of dance: hip-hop, salsa, etc.

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