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How I Met Your Mother: The 10 Best Song and Dance Moments

There aren’t many network sitcoms that can boast the breadth and awesomeness of How I Met Your Mother‘s song and dance routines. It’s a tradition the CBS series plans to continue as it kicks off its seventh season this Monday at 8/7c with a big Robin and Barney musical number. Judging by this video preview, another legendary performance is in the works.

To celebrate the show’s latest foray into musical territory, TVLine has compiled a list of HIMYM‘s 10 Best Song and Dance Moments — and there were plenty to choose from!

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10. How I Met Your Theme Song
Episode: “Hopeless, Season 6 | The cast rocks out, performing the show’s infinitely hummable theme song, which was written by creators Craig Thomas and Carter Bays. Nice touch knocking over the microphone, Ted.

9. Dirty Dancing With Barney
Episode: “First Time in New York,” Season 2 | Neil Patrick Harris gets superimposed into the iconic ’80s film as Barney recalls the (fake) tale of how he lost his virginity. Check out the wizardry it took to pull off the moment below. Color us impressed by – and nostalgic over – the work of the HIMYM special effects department.

HIMYM: Neil Patrick Harris, Cobie Smulders Preview Barney and Robin’s New Love Square

8. “Super Date”
Episode: “Of Course,” Season 5 | Hey, Neil Patrick Harris isn’t the only one in this cast with pipes. After you get past the foreign translation below, Josh Radnor shows off his very smooth voice as he sweeps Barney away with visions of a super date. The old-school movie-musical magic is undeniable.

7. Barney’s Naughty Holiday Songs
Episode: “Little Minnesota,” Season 4 | With each Christmas visit of Ted’s sister, Barney shows off just how much he wants to get into her pants by changing the words of well-known holiday songs. Anybody who can make a Hanukkah ditty sound dirty deserves props.

Promo for How I Met Your Mother‘s Big Premiere Raises Big Questions

6. “Stand By Me”
Episode: “Cleaning House,” Season 6 | Two guys who know something about vocals – Ben Vereen and Wayne Brady – duet as Barney’s brother (Brady) finally meets his dad. It’s hard to tell in the video, but the best part of Barney shoving his way into their sweet reunion song is Cobie Smulders desperately trying – and failing – to keep a straight face through Harris’ over-the-top performance.

5. “Best Night Ever”
Episode: “The Sexless Innkeeper,” Season 5 | Marshall’s double date ditty gets the music video treatment in an homage to Extreme’s “More than Words.” In fact, the band’s very own Nuno Bettencourt makes an appearance. To sum it up: Are you free next Saturday?

HIMYM Preview: Kal Penn’s Role, Barney’s Love Hexagon, Robin’s Act of Violence

4. “Sandcastles in the Sand” & “Two Beavers Are Better Than One
Episodes: “Sandcastles in the Sand, Season 3;Glitter, Season 6 | This pair of follow-up Robin Sparkles songs aren’t quite up to par with “Let’s Go to the Mall,” only because the first song was so awesome, it’s nearly impossible to top. But the presence of Tiffany, Alan Thicke and a surprisingly game James Van Der Beek – remember, this was way before his Funny or Die venture – more than makes up for the temporary foray into semi-serious balladry. Meanwhile, it’s just difficult to listen to “Two Beavers Are Better Than One” — the unintentionally dirty theme song to a children’s show — without grinning. We can’t wait to see what other sparkly treasures Barney uncovers in the future.

3. “You Just Got Slapped”
Episode: “Slapsgiving, Season 3 | Marshall commemorates his third slap with an Elton John-esque song, and Barney brilliantly joins in with some pained “ohs” and “ahs.” As if that wasn’t awesome enough, the show also released a music video of Jason Segel singing the tune in a Vegas-worthy white suit as a butler brings him a cocktail and a fur coat. Then, to top it off, the song got a remix for Slap Bet the board game in Season 5. Fun fact: Harris directed the board game tag to prep for his HIMYM directing debut later that season.

2. “Nothing Suits Me Like A Suit”
Episode: “Girls Versus Suits,” Season 5 | The show’s 100th episode featured a musical number so big, it quite possibly topped Robin Sparkles in sheer scope. With dozens of background dancers, some intricate choreography by Glee‘s Zach Woodlee – please don’t fall off the cab, Neil! – and a fantastic song, the cast and crew bite off quite a challenge and more than deliver on it. Plus, the word “refute” has never sounded better.

1. “Let’s Go to the Mall”
Episode: “Slap Bet,” Season 2 | Was there every any doubt what would top our list? Robin Sparkles’ first appearance came as such an unexpected and hilarious surprise, this is one spoiler we’re glad never leaked. Everything from the lyrics to the dance moves to the ’80s kitsch is so infectious, it makes you want to dig out your old jelly bracelets, find two strangers named Jessica and Tori, and hit the mall.

Bonus: Marshall Dancing

Episode: OK Awesome, Season 1 | We just couldn’t bring ourselves not to include this moment from an old Season 1 favorite. Once you see Marshall bust a move, you’ll understand why.

HIMYM fans, did we snub one of your favorites? Sound off in the comments!

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HIMYM review Season 2 Episode 12 “First Time In New York”

We find Robin in “First Time In New York” realizing she is in fact in love with Ted but can’t say it, instead saying “falafel”. Robin’s younger sister Katie is visiting and Robin fills Lily in on her “falafel” comment while they wait for Katie at the airport. Robin confesses to Lily she has never told a guy she loved them because she got off at the “three week exit” referring to Barney’s “Freeway theory”. Robin is surprised to find Katie’s boyfriend Kyle is also visiting family in New York. After some awkward comments from Kyle about how hot Robin and Lily are, Robin tries to split the couple up by taking Katie to her apartment. Katie resists, preferring to stay at Kyle’s brother’s house because they are finally going to have sex for the first time. Robin does convince Katie to stay with her for the first night, although we are never shown how, and convinces the group to help her prevent Katie from sleeping with Kyle.

The next day, the gang takes Katie to see the Empire State building. While waiting in line, the group uses thinly disguised analogies about visiting the Empire State building for waiting to have sex. Katie becomes infuriated at Robin calling her a hypocrite because she was 16 when she lost her virginity and leaves to steal a quick smoke. While Katie is away, the gang shares their first times.

As referenced in “Zip, Zip, Zip”, Marshall and Lily shared their first time in college. What we did not know what Lily initially wanted to wait and Ted was laying in the top bunk the whole time.

Barney tries to lie about his first time, quoting the plot from “Dirty Dancing” but the group sees through it. Robin tells the group about how awkward her first time was. She and her boyfriend only had sex for a few seconds before he stopped and admitted he was gay. Robin states that even though it only lasted a few seconds, it still counts. Lily tries to argue that Robin didn’t really  have sexleading to the discovery Lily had a similar situation with her high school boyfriend, Scooter.

After a distraught Marshall tells Lily how betrayed he feels, Katie returns to the group and tells Robin she wants to leave to see Kyle.  Robin tries again to plead with Katie to wait for someone special. After Robin tells Katie she has had some feelings of love towards the men she slept with, Katie asks Robin if she loves Ted. Ted pulls Robin aside and tells her she doesn’t have to say she loved him but this leads to an argument. Robin confesses to Ted she is worried saying I love you will cause their relationship to become more serious. After some back-and-worth about the acceptable time to say I love you, Robin to call Ted an “I love you slut” and Ted calls Robin an “I love you prude”.

The following day, Robin meets Ted at the apartment and tells him Katie didn’t have sex with Kyle thanks to wait Ted told her. Ted tells Robin he shared his “first time” with Katie and that he lied to a girl to have sex with her, ending the story that all 17-year-olds will say anything to have sex, even the nice ones. Katie told Kyle she wanted to wait and he dumped her that night. Robin is surprised to hear Ted wasn’t the clingy one from his story, causing him to reveal he reversed his actions with the girl, Molly. Robin finally tells Ted she loves him to which he responds he’s gay as a joke. Later the group returns with Katie to the Empire State building. Marshall mentions they never really saw the building because they never left the lobby, referencing Lily’s argument about Scooter not counting. Marshall admits Lily is right and the two make up.  After Katie leaves for Canada, the gang ends up back at MacLaren’s as usual. The gang ask to hear how Barney lost his virginity. After he gets called out for using movie plots again, Barney admits he lost his virginity when he was 23 to his mom’s 45-year-old friend named Rhonda. She cause Barney’s comforter to smell like menthol cigarettes and called him Barry the whole time. Seeing how embarrassed Barney is, the group pretends they didn’t hear Barney’s story and instead ask him to share the plot of “Dirty Dancing” again.

I love “First Time In New York” because loses one’s virginity is a milestone in life and the creators handle it with humor and honesty. I feel most people lost he virginity either like Lily and Marshall or like Ted. I myself can relate more to Barney’s story but that is a story for another time. I always welcome flashbacks to the groups past to see how they have changed and the shenanigans they bring. I was stunned to find out how Barney lost his virginity and the “flashback” of him as Patrick Schwayze was hilarious but I do hope we get a flashback of his real first time in the future.

My favorite scene was how the creators showed the many steps of Robin realizing she loved Ted and then her actually telling him at the end of the episode.


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the history of the cult series of films about street dance - Movies and series on DTF

It's like Fast and the Furious, only with breakdancing instead of cars


In 2006, the film "Step Up" was released - a musical drama about teenagers whose love of dancing brings them together and determines their future destiny. The film marked the directorial debut for Ann Fletcher , who previously choreographed The Mask, a breakthrough role for by Channing Tatum and an absolute hit among young people around the world, launching a dance pipeline on the screens for the next ten years.

Let's remember the chronology of all steps forward, wiping tears of nostalgia for Sean Paul.

Year 2006, "Step forward"

Before "Step Up", Channing Tatum managed to play in the sports drama "Coach Carter", appear in "War of the Worlds" with Tom Cruise and play in the free adaptation of Shakespeare's "She's the Man", but it was after the role of street dancer Tyler Gage that the actor woke up famous.

What is the movie about?

The plot of Step Up is the classic Lady and the Tramp story. Tyler Gage is an unlucky young man who has been acting out with his friends at the local school theater. While doing his assigned community service at the same school, Tyler spots Nora Clarke (played by dancer Jenna Dewan ), a dance student for the Arts Review.

The piano, which jumped out of the bushes at the most opportune moment, falls right on the foot of Nora's dance partner and he cannot perform. Nora's boyfriend refuses to help, and the auditions also fail to find a new partner. And here Tyler, a street breakdancer and part-time handsome, offers his help. In the process of rapprochement, the characters will survive a break in relations, the death of loved ones at the hands of criminal elements, but in return they will gain the meaning of life and, as a bonus, each other.

Everything will end with a passionate performance of a couple in front of a high dance Areopagus, which, of course, will enroll both heroes in dance groups: Nora - in a professional troupe, Tyler - in the best dance school.

Final dance, "Step forward", 2006

Main Event

However, the cutest thing that happened in Step Up was not a happy ending at all. The leading actors really fell in love with each other and started dating. 3 years later, in the summer of 2009th, Channing and Jenna got married, and in 2013 they had a daughter, Everly Elizabeth Maisel Tatum.

True, the fairy tale ended up not having such a happy ending - in April 2018, the couple announced a divorce. But you can always pretend not to notice the last phrase.

Commercial success

The film was a resounding success among the audience (mainly, of course, teenagers and young girls) and at the same time absolutely humiliating critics' ratings: 20% freshness on Rotten Tomatoes and 48 points on Metacritic. At the same time, "Step Up" earned more than $110 million at the box office (with a budget of $12) and almost $50 million more brought in DVD sales.

The release of the first part of Twilight is still two years away, so the story of Tyler and Nora becomes the main topic of girls' sighs and discussions in all high schools on the planet. The producers, meanwhile, are already hard at work on the sequel.

Main song

Of course, since the film was a musical, "Step Up" had a powerful soundtrack, which eventually climbed to the sixth line of the Billboard most popular albums chart at the end of the year.

Title song became " Give it up to me " by Sean Paul and Keisha Cole. Also tell me you didn't twist your butt to her at parties.

Sean Paul - Give It Up To Me (feat. Keyshia Cole) [Disney Version] (Official Video)

Year 2008, Step Up 2: The Streets

The sequel comes out two years later, in February 2008, with the only thing that links the picture to the original film being the title and themes. The creators write a new love story in the old way around completely different characters, but at the same time maintain a certain continuity of generations: the hero of Channing Tatum also appears in the second film, but only in an episode that does not really affect the plot.

This time both main roles are played by professional dancers, Brian Evigan and Robert Hoffman . And if for Briana the role in Step 2 was the first significant one in her career, then Robert had already appeared in several films before this filming, including the second part of Dirty Dancing and another movie on the same theme, Street Dancing.

But the funny thing is that Hoffman went through almost the same cinematic path as Tatum: both starred before "Step Up" in the series "C.S.I.: Miami Crime Scene Investigation", the comedy "She's the Man" and the drama "Coach Carter". The producers seemed to take too literally the words that they needed to find a suitable replacement for the actor from the first film.

What is the movie about?

The plot of the second part revolves around Andy West, a street dancer from Baltimore and a member of the 4-1-0 team, who is preparing to take part in a mysterious dance battle called "The Streets". The tournament will take place no one knows when and no one knows where: all participants just need to receive an SMS with the venue one day. Andy meets Chase Collins, with whom they form their own team of dancers from among their friends.

Andy's former party, the guys from "4-1-0", of course, do not like the appearance of competitors and a further plot is built around the confrontation between the two teams. It all ends with an epic performance by the team of Andy and Chase at the long-awaited "Streets" tournament in the pouring rain of Baltimore.

Main Event

No options here: the appearance in the series of Robert Alexander III, nicknamed "Moose", the role of which is played by professional dancer Adam Sevani .

Sevani, an Armenian by origin, has been dancing since childhood. Already at the age of 12, he starred in commercials, and then appeared in the videos of Will Smith, Missy Elliott and T-Pain. In Step Up, Sevani plays a humble nerd who suddenly turns out to be one of the coolest dancers Andy has ever met. Of course, she invites Moose to join her team.

Moose demonstrates his dancing skills

Sevani's character instantly becomes a favorite of the public, and in the future - the hallmark of the entire franchise.

Also, the famous JabbaWockeeZ were supposed to appear in the film, but their dance seems to have been cut from the theatrical version of the film.

Commercial success

The film almost doubled its budget compared to the first part (22 million dollars against 12) and grossed almost 150 million at the box office, three of which were in Russia. The question of whether the franchise lives on is not even raised. 9.

Flo Rida - Low (feat. T-Pain) [from Step Up 2 The Streets O.S.T. / Mail On Sunday] (Official Video)

Year 2010, Step Up 3D

Withstanding the traditional two years between parts, in 2010 the third series of the saga comes out. The action this time is transferred to New York, and the dances themselves - from the streets to professional venues.

What is the movie about?

Moose and her best friend Camilla go to university in New York, where Moose on the very first day manages to cross the path of " bad " guys from the Samurai team, battling one of them right in front of the crowd.

Battle in the park

After that, Elk joins the Samurai's main rivals, the Pirates team, in which Luke and Natalie dance - the main love line of the third film.

In the third film, the producers returned to the proven scheme: a professional dancer plus a cute little-known actor, inviting the main roles of Rick Malambri , who managed to flicker in "Surrogates" with Bruce Willis and the TV series "How I Met Your Mother" and Sharni Vinson , Australian model with dance background.

Adam "Moose" Sevani also returned to his role, this time given much more screen time.

Of course, at the end of the film, the vile "Samurai" are defeated in an honest dance duel, Moose finds his true love, and Luke enters the California Film Academy and, together with Natalie, goes to conquer Los Angeles.

The main event

The film was shot in 3D, which was fashionable for that time, although it is hardly possible to reasonably assess the adequacy of this technology. In those years, 3D was stuffed wherever possible, and the temptation to use an obvious chip with a triple in the name of the third part of the "steps" was too great. The use of computer graphics and voice acting of jumping dancers in the style of action movies with Jackie Chan, at the same time, according to the creators, should have made the movie more dynamic and spectacular.

Commercial success

The film did just as well as its predecessor, breaking the $150 million mark at the box office. At the same time, Russia has already accounted for 12 of them.

Main song

Slow for your first high school kiss from Laza Morgan, song "This Girl".

Laza Morgan - This Girl (Official Video)

Year 2012, "Step Up 4: Revolution"

The film was originally supposed to be called "Step Up 4Ever" , playing on the 4 in its title, which was eventually changed to "Step Up Revolution". In Russia, they did not violate traditions and simply added the number 4 to the title, apparently considering that revolutions are somehow wrong, even if it's just about dancing.

What is the movie about?

And again, a proven scheme: a professional dancer plus a beginner actor. For Ryan Guzman the role in "Step-4" became a film debut, his partner, Katherine McCormick , was not much more experienced actress.

According to the plot of the film, the character McCormick, an aspiring dancer and daughter of a millionaire, comes to conquer Miami, where she falls in love with Sean, the leader of the dance group MOB, which arranges various musical flash mobs (oh, those sweet, long-forgotten words from 2012). Emily's father is determined to evict all the residents of Sean's neighborhood, and Emily joins the MOB to use protest flash mobs (what?) to draw attention to housing developments and force her father to change his mind.

The main feature of the fourth picture is the scenes of large-scale flash mobs that MOB arrange in restaurants, office centers and other crowded places.

Step Up Revolution - Initiation Into The Mob [HD]

Elk this time appears only in an episodic role and does not take an active part in the plot, and the film itself, like the previous one, was released in 3D.

Main event

Katherine McCormick, the lead actress, shortly before the filming of "Step Up 4" won the sixth season of the reality dance show "Think You Can Dance?"0277 Muse "Dead Inside".

Muse - Dead Inside [Official Music Video]

Commercial success

Despite the growing budget from film to film (this time it was already 33 million dollars), the box office remained at the same level: 140 million in the world box office, of which 8 million came from Russia.

The fourth part became less profitable than the previous one, and the series for the first time thought about its future existence.

Main song

Travis Barker on drums, Busta Rhymes, Yelawulf and Twista on mic, song "Let's Go" .

Travis Barker - Let's Go ft. Yelawolf, Twista, Busta Rhymes, Lil Jon

Year 2014, Step Up: All or Nothing

Since the fourth part was perceived by the public a little less warmly than the previous ones, the filmmakers decided that the motto put in the title ("All or Nothing") suited them perfectly and it was time to collect their " Avengers ".

In the fifth part of the "steps" several key characters of the previous parts returned and almost a super team of dancers gathered on the screen.

What is the movie about?

Sean (the protagonist of the fourth film) unsuccessfully spends time with his MOB at castings in Los Angeles. After another setback, everyone but Sean decides to return to Miami. The stubborn Sean meets our old friend Elk and persuades him to assemble a new team to participate in the prestigious Vortex dance competition.

The guys are recruiting dancers from the previous parts, including Andy West (the main character of the second film). In addition to her, Jenny Kido, the Monster, the Santiago Twins, the human robot Vladd and Violet (names familiar to everyone who remembers at least something from old films) come to the team.

Main Event

The return of everyone's favorite characters from the previous parts. Of course, it was not possible to assemble a dream team at all, Tatum or Dewan are not at least on a cameo scale, but it turned out quite well anyway.

Final dance, "Step forward: All or nothing", 2014

Commercial success

With a budget of 45 million, the film grossed only 86 at the box office, which, of course, can be considered more of a commercial success than . By that time, dancing alone, without the superpowers of a vampire or a flying suit made of vibranium, could no longer be dragged to the cinema.

Main song

The track of one of the world's most popular DJs during the final performance of Sean's team, song "Revolution" .

Diplo - Revolution (feat. Faustix & Imanos and Kai) [Official Music Video]

Year 2018, Step Up series for YouTube Premium

In early 2018, the then-YouTube Red series "Step Up: High Water" started, which will later be called simply "Step Up" (and YouTube Red will be renamed Premium). The show's executive producers, along with creator Holly Sorensen , Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan, the lead actors in the original film and at that time still husband and wife, performed.

Step Up: High Water | OFFICIAL TRAILER

The action of the series takes us to Atlanta, the plot tells about the students and teachers of the school "High Water", the most popular, and therefore the most cruel to students, school of dance arts in Atlanta, where the twins Tal and Janelle move from Ohio.

The main cast of the series, as expected, this time consists of African-American actors, and the series itself plunges us into the world of African-American culture of dance and music. Cameos of popular black rappers happen in the series (already, for example, Rick Ross ), and Ne-Yo still plays one of the big roles in the series.

The first season included ten episodes, and already in May 2018 it was announced that the series had been renewed for another ten episodes of the second season, which was released in 2019.

Tragedy strikes on July 8, 2020, one of the main actresses of the series, Naya Rivera , dies while swimming in a lake in California and the filming of the third season of "Steps" is suspended. It was recently announced that a different actress would end up playing Rivera's character. Show must go on.

Year 2019 Step Up 6: Year of Dance

Quite unexpectedly for many, in 2019 the film "Step Up 6: Year of Dancing" is released, which is officially considered a spin-off in relation to the previous five films. The explanation for this is very simple - the Chinese bought the rights to the franchise and made a film with the participation of Chinese actors.

The film's localized English title is " Step Up China ", which is basically fair and square. What do you think, under what title was the film released in domestic distribution? That's right, Step Up 6: Year of the Dance.

Step Up 6: Year of Dancing - Official Teaser Trailer in HD

The fact that it was the Chinese who bought the rights to the film is not surprising, the third and fourth parts collected almost half of the entire world box office at the local box office, and the films themselves were extremely popular in the Celestial Empire. But the choice of the director of the film turned out to be somewhat strange - Ron Yuan , an experienced choreographer of battle scenes and a specialist in martial arts, as a result, he made a choreography with an appropriate bias, where tricks and gymnastic exercises found more space than plastic.

Year 2025, Step Up: Return

Summit Entertainment 's plans seem to have a date, 2025, when "Step Up: Return" should premiere, which will be the real sixth numbered film in the "steps" universe. There is no clear information about the revival of the franchise, but if the creators manage to return all the old favorite characters to the film (and, what the hell, Channing Tatum himself), I'm sure we will all be happy to take another look at dancing on the big screens. Fortunately, by that time the story with the distribution of foreign films in Russia should certainly be resolved.

The final paragraph is not mine, this is an excerpt from a review of "Step Forward" by author Evgeny Ermakovich on Kinoafisha, written three years ago, but it seems to me that it quite accurately conveys what exactly is the cult of the "Step Forward" series and film legacy.

Learn more