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Dancing Generation - Matt Redman

Dancing Generation - Matt Redman - Cifra Club
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Chords: Principal (acoustic and electric guitars)

tone: C

Cm Your mercy taught us how to dance Ab F C To celebrate with all we have and we'll dance to thank you for mercy Cm Ab Your glory taught us how to shout to lift your name in all the earth F C And we'll shout to the praise of your glory F/D C/E It's the overflow of a forgiven soul F And now we see you, God Gsus G Our hearts cannot stay silent C Csus C And we'll be a dancing generation F/D F C Dancing because of your great mercy, Lord, Your great mercy, Lord C Csus C And we'll be a shouting generation F/D F C Shouting because of your great glory, Lord, Your great glory, Lord

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    Afinação da cifra

    E A D G B EEb Ab Db Gb Bb EbD G C F A DDb Gb B E Ab DbC F Bb Eb G C

    Cebolão em DCebolão em ERio Abaixo

    Afinador online

    Acoustic and electric guitars Keyboard Cavaquinho Ukulele Viola caipria

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      chords to:acoustic and electric guitars

      • acoustic and electric guitars
      • keyboard
      • cavaquinho
      • ukulele
      • viola caipria

      difficulty views contributions

      Principal fácil 78 Versão 2 intermediário 0

      1 version of Bass tab views contributions

      Principal 20

      close Start/Pause up/down speed

      acoustic and electric guitars

      • acoustic and electric guitars
      • keyboard
      • cavaquinho
      • ukulele
      • viola caipria

      Praise lyrics

      Praise lyrics

      Here I am, Lord, before Thee ,

      How great is the price that You
      Paid for me.
      Lead me with Your hand,
      Here is my life,
      Take it, use it for Yourself!

      King of heaven, You are my Savior,
      Great God came to give His life for me,
      For Your love and mercy
      How can I repay You, Lord?!

      I give my life to You,
      You are worthy, worthy!
      Take me and everything I live by,
      You are worthy, worthy!

      You are a Holy God!
      You are worthy!!!

      The Lamb of God so worthy,
      Holy and righteous is He.
      He sits on the throne of glory,
      we sing to Him.

      Holy, Holy, Holy
      Lord God Almighty!
      He was, He is and He is coming!
      In unison with the whole earth I sing to the King of kings!
      I love You so much, I live by You!

      Clothed in rainbow clothes,
      In the light of lightning and thunder,
      Praise and glory to You, power and honor,
      to You, our Wise King!

      You are full of miracles,
      Everything trembles before You.
      Your holy name is my source of life,
      In Him are all the mysteries of eternity.

      Thank You, Jesus ,
      For the life that You have given
      Every day I seek You,
      For only in You alone
      Goodness and peace are hidden.
      You are the Holy God!

      Joy is only in my God,
      Strength is only in Him,
      Rejoice before
      our God,
      Let's dance before
      His face,
      Where the Spirit of God is - There is freedom!

      How great are His deeds,
      In reverence we will sing.
      How righteous is the Lord,
      And there is no unrighteousness in Him.
      Only in Him is my calling,
      In His praise, in His praise!

      My whole life is in His praise,
      My song is unceasing.
      In His hands I rest,
      I will praise,
      my God, You!

      I bless you
      In the land of plenty,
      Filling God,
      Be blessed.
      I will bless you
      In the land of trial,
      Protecting God,
      Be blessed.

      For Your blessings
      I will give praise.
      And when I am in contrition,
      I will tell you:

      I bless your name,
      My Lord and God.
      I bless your name.

      I will bless Thee
      In the rays of Thy light,
      Illuminating God,
      Be blessed.

      I bless you,
      When I can't see the way,
      God guide,
      Bless you.

      Lord You can give,
      Lord You can take.
      I will choose with my heart
      Give You praise.

      God, You are my God ,
      And I pray only to You, my Lord.
      Your kingdom is forever,
      And I praise only You, my Lord.

      King of kings, God of gods,
      Greatness is all yours.

      God, You are my King.
      And for me You have become
      everything in everything.
      Guide, lead.
      My heart is only
      You are full.

      You are the King
      over all the earth.
      And You, God,
      Lord over me.
      Glory and praise to Thee.
      I worship You.

      All glory to Thee forever.
      Jesus is King
      and my Savior.

      More than I can imagine ,
      You have poured out Your love.
      And one day in the house of God
      Better than even a thousand days
      in this world.

      So You bless,
      What can I give to others.
      Your love teaches us,
      And so much, Lord, of You.
      So much, Lord, of You.

      I need you I live by you.
      I long for you.
      I am looking for you, I will bow my knees, I am waiting for you.
      I want to worship you in spirit, in truth.
      Approach you, touch me with anointing from heaven.

      Holy Spirit, Holy Spirit.
      Come, Holy Spirit, come and fill me.

      I need you, I'm waiting for you.
      Come, Holy Spirit,
      Open the sky to us, open the sky to us.

      After all, everyone is looking for love like this ,
      And looking for compassion,
      So everyone needs mercy.
      After all, everyone seeks forgiveness
      And kindness from God -
      There is hope only in Him.

      Jesus can move mountains.
      My God, He is mighty to save.
      Yes! He is strong to save!
      Eternal God, Author of creation,
      Resurrected and conquered death!
      Yes! He has conquered death!

      You found me in fears,
      In all failures,
      Filled my life.
      Now I will believe,
      I will obey the word,
      Obedient to the word.

      Light up the world again with Your light.
      Resurrected King, glory, honor
      accept, Jesus.

      Great is our Lord!
      Sing with me: Great is our Lord!
      Sing with us:
      Oh, how great is our Lord!

      The greatness of the King
      The whole earth will see
      And will rejoice.
      Surrounded by Light, there is no shadow in Him,
      From the voice of the King
      The whole earth trembles.

      Great God-Father,
      Creator of Eternity -
      Beginning and end.
      Triune God:
      Father, Son, Holy Spirit,
      He is the Lamb and He is the Lion.

      Above all names!
      Be exalted forever!
      We will glorify you again,
      Our Lord!

      Only You owns
      my love
      I want to prove it.
      With all my soul to You,
      My God, I strive.
      Falling in love more and more
      with You, Jesus.

      You took my heart.
      Conquered, captivated him.
      You captured my whole life.
      Falling in love more and more
      with You, Jesus.

      You and me forever

      Let's be together,
      And nothing will separate us
      Every day
      I love you more.
      Falling in love more and more
      with You, Jesus.

      I fall in love with You,

      Shout, people Hallelujah!
      In power and love I will give praise!

      There is power in the name of Jesus.
      And we are His people, we are the children of God.
      When trials come, again
      Jesus gives us strength and love!
      And the people of God together will say: "Jesus!"
      And the people of God together will say:

      All that pride has brought me, I will add.
      Everything that I have achieved, I give everything.
      In this world I can't compare anything with You,
      Only You are worthy, You alone are worthy.
      You are near, we always call to You.
      Loving, always giving without conditions,
      He spread his hands to receive.
      I will praise you,
      Yes, I will praise you!

      You are worthy, Lord, of worship,
      You are worthy of receiving all honors.
      I can postpone everything,
      If only I could be with You.
      I will praise

      The name of the Lord is great.

      Everything that kept me ,
      All hopes and desires,
      Everything that the world brought,
      Will raise, I thought, me,
      But I failed.
      You want all of me
      to belong to You always.
      And there is no other way for me.

      Now the Savior, I know
      I have,
      Oh! and He is with me,
      And He is with me always.
      And it's the best
      what I have.
      The world will not separate us,
      We will never be separated.

      Holy Spirit, fill us
      with Your presence.
      Holy Spirit, fill
      Us with Your life.

      Teach us to walk
      Only in Your paths.
      Cover us with peace,
      fill us.

      Holy Spirit, speak,
      Change my heart.
      Holy Spirit, speak,
      Sanctify with the Word of God.

      If the stars were a song ,
      If the wind were a praise,
      Could they convey what
      What You put into my heart.
      And now, my life now
      Belongs, belongs to You.

      When the glory from Your presence
      Comes to the temple where people are coming,
      There is no power in the world that could be compared
      With the power of praise, full of love.
      You are the Healer of human souls and hearts,
      The liberator of the captives of sin.
      Everything is possible for You, and my life now
      Belongs, belongs to You.

      I know you love me ,
      He embraced me.
      There is a place where I change,
      Where I find peace.

      Take me where
      We'll be in a secret place
      Just you and me.
      I love you more and more.
      In Your arms,
      In Your arms
      I will stay forever

      Jesus, Jesus!
      The Precious Son of God has been given to us.
      Jesus, Jesus!
      Shame took my You to the cross
      From my heart forever.

      I live to praise You,
      My King, forever.
      You gave me wings,
      To be able to fly.
      Holy God You are.
      Heaven and earth
      Your name will be glorified.
      I exalt you.

      I love you so much ,
      I so want to know you, my God,
      Show me Your face!
      I will sing with all my heart,
      I will say with all my heart
      That I, my God,
      That You are the most excellent of all!

      King of greatness,
      I wish with all my heart
      Just to be with You, my God,
      Just to be with You,
      my God!

      Jesus, only You
      My Savior!
      And praise You forever
      I will, my God!

      You, Lord, I know ,
      Gave me my life.
      For me - You are everything,
      This is what I want to say.
      You saved me, Lord,
      I dedicate my life to You,
      Every day, to
      be Your radiance!

      Every day I will
      I trust in the Word.
      I pray that
      I will know You more,
      So that my every step
      Be, Lord, in Your hands,
      Every day I will become a light
      I will become in this world!

      I live by You every day,
      Every day I follow You,
      Lead me every day, Lord!

      I live by you every day!

      Every day is better ,
      If You are with me, Lord.
      Morning meeting with an exclamation,
      Evening meeting with praise.
      Everything will be better every day,
      If You are with me, Lord.

      What a happiness to know you,
      As I know,
      And to love as I love!
      What a joy to glorify,
      How I glorify!
      Thank you for everything!
      From sunrise itself,
      Until sunset.

      What a happiness to live like this,
      To live life like this,
      Having endured everything, to resist.
      There is a reason to rise
      And perk up,
      To be free, to win.
      From sunrise itself,
      Until sunset.

      Every day, every day
      everything is better,
      If You, if You are with me,

      Every day on my lips
      This sweet name is Jesus.
      I don't know the names of others,
      Only Him I exalt.

      My heart sings about Him,
      About my wondrous Savior,
      Only He gives me peace,
      His name is always with me.

      I will praise the Lord Christ,
      I will remember all His deeds,
      I will sing Hallelujah to Him.

      And when the sun gives light,
      Warming the whole earth with warmth,
      In my heart again sounds
      Jesus - the King of the psalm.

      We wandered in the darkness ,
      We were looking for a goal, we were alone,
      They were looking for a house for the soul.
      You recognized us before,
      When we wandered in the darkness,
      Into the darkness burst
      The fire of Your love.
      And hope came to life,
      Life in my heart lit up again,
      I say goodbye
      Lies and the world around!
      To the House of God, there I go!

      I now come to the Father's house,
      Here the Lord found me,
      I sing, I will cast off burdens,
      I will be with God forever!
      I come and dance,
      You put love in my heart
      I sing, I will throw off burdens,0010 I will be with God forever!

      I will never forget, Jesus, never
      The way You brought my soul out of slavery.
      I will remember, Lord, I will always
      How He gave me His victory.
      Never forget, Jesus, never
      How much You love and appreciate me.
      I will remember, Lord, I will always,
      That You redeemed me with Your blood.

      You always walk in front of me.
      You always keep on the road.
      With your Word you give me peace.
      Give me strength
      Pass everything.

      Forever, Jesus, You are with me.
      You burn in my heart like a bright star.
      You keep me with Your Word,
      You are the fortress of my life and my protection.
      Forever, Jesus, You are with me.
      You forever, Lord, have become my destiny.
      Filled my heart with a dream.
      I live for You and follow You.

      I will reject sorrows ,
      I will reject my shame,
      To rejoice
      I am always in the Lord.

      Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes,

      I will reject illnesses,
      I will reject all pain,
      To rejoice
      I am always in the Lord.

      In trials I stand and drive, -
      But still not found,
      Under attack - indestructible.
      I am blessed,
      according to the promises.
      My strength is in joy.
      And all sorrows will drown in the night,
      And joy enters in the morning!

      We exalt, admiring You ,
      My heart and soul longs to be with You,
      I aspire to You.
      You strengthen and give me the strength to live.
      From all fears I was washed by You,
      I am washed.

      Hosanna, hosanna!
      The world was saved by Thee,
      We exalt Thee with praise!
      Hosanna, hosanna!
      Fill me with Yourself,
      It is so sweet to be with You!

      My heart goes up,
      To You, Lord.
      Life is renewed in Your Kingdom,
      You are the living God!
      You strengthen and give me the strength to live.
      From all fears I was washed by You,
      I am washed.

      Before You, my Jesus ,
      In silence I bow.
      I yearn for You so much.
      At this hour I pray to You.

      May Your will be done in my life, Lord.
      Now your love warms my heart.
      I want to learn to live according to the word, Jesus.
      Crushing myself, I bow down to You.

      Be with me, Holy God,
      Save my peace.
      You, Lord, are my Shepherd,
      I will faithfully follow You.

      Gave his life for me
      You are the Lord.
      Your blood washes over me
      Again and again.

      Before You I bow down in silence
      And pour out words of love to You.
      I give you my heart forever.
      You are my faithful friend,
      I love you.

      I so want to touch you
      , Jesus,
      And words of love, tender words,
      Like dew from a flower, pour out of my mouth,
      Let them touch you,
      Dear Jesus.

      Oh Jesus! Glory to Thee!

      I bow before You,
      I give my life,
      You alone
      I belong.
      From the hour my heart was
      Opened to God and His life,
      The King of glory himself gave me love.
      My Creator, Jesus, is my Lord,
      And love for You lives in my soul.
      Mercy, goodness follow me.

      I ascend to heaven with my soul,
      I find peace only in Your love.
      I know Jesus is always with me, You are here.

      Redeemer, my Savior,
      Generations follow You.
      Be glorified forever and ever, Lord.

      You are worthy of the highest praise, Lord.
      Be glorified, exalted.

      Light for the world
      You descended into the darkness,
      Opened my eyes,
      Gave me sight.
      With Your Love
      You filled my heart,
      Hope lives in me.

      I want to glorify,
      Bow before You,
      I want to say,
      That You are my God.
      You are so great,
      Worthy of all glory,
      Lord, how good You are to me.

      King of all kings,
      Exalted above the world,
      Heaven is full of greatness.
      You humbly descended to this earth,
      He gave everything for me.

      How great is the price of blood,
      What did You pay for me!

      That glorious day has come.
      The day Jesus forgave me.
      Rejoice, Jesus is alive.

      The cross is empty, He is not there.
      Eternal love is given to you.
      Rejoice, Jesus is alive.
      He's alive!

      O wonderful day, glorious day -
      Jesus has forgiven me!
      O wonderful day, glorious day-
      You have changed me!
      Another forever me!

      I now stand before You,
      I'm free here face to face.
      Jesus, I am yours forever.
      Perfect peace with me.
      I endlessly rejoice with You.
      Rejoice, Jesus is alive.
      He's alive!

      Oh, on this wonderful day,
      On this glorious day
      Our God, He has saved us.
      Oh, this wonderful day,
      This glorious day.

      I come to You with praise.
      Your miracles are great, and Your love is strong.

      How great You are!
      You are beautiful and great.
      And there is no other like You.

      So I want to glorify , Lord, You.
      I praise with heart and soul.
      With everything I have, I praise You.
      You, Lord, are dear to me.

      I give my heart and my soul,
      I live only by you.
      With every hour of mine,
      With every step of mine
      I belong to you.

      So many times I was
      In Your mercy, God,
      I stumbled, but You
      Have always been with me.
      Your love will keep hearts forever,
      You are infinitely glorified in Heaven.

      You are above everything
      You justified the goal of life.
      Crushing myself,
      I will glorify Thee.
      Your love will keep hearts forever,
      You are infinitely glorified in Heaven.

      I give my whole essence to You,
      You, God, reign in my life.
      I lift up arms of praise to You,
      I love You with all my soul.

      Your love will keep hearts forever,
      You are infinitely glorified in Heaven.
      My heart cries out to give all honor to You,
      Straight from the depths of my soul.

      There is no one like You ,
      Purified, gave me life,
      All power is only in You Jesus.
      You, God washed me,
      Redeemed my life.
      I serve You forever.
      You opened your eyes,
      Strengthened my faith.

      You are my Savior,
      My Healer,
      Be always with me.
      You are the God of strength,
      You are the God of truth,
      You are my Faithful God.

      Forever! God of strength.
      Forever! God of truth.
      Forever! My Faithful God.

      Your power grows as we wait .
      We are waiting for You Lord.
      Yes, we're waiting for You, Lord.
      Our God rules forever
      Strong to save, deliver.

      You are the eternal King, You are the eternal God,
      Who started everything in everything.
      Always strong, you are always with me.
      You are our Defender, our Cover,
      Our Comforter God.
      Raised us on wings like eagles.

      I live by you , I give everything that is in me
      Wherever I go, with all my heart I strive for You.

      I live by You, I breathe You.
      Everything I need, I will find in You.
      I love You, I watch You.
      Everything in me belongs to You.

      I live by You, You are my Lord, my Jesus.
      You are full, my soul is full of love

      You are here with me ,
      You are unchanging.
      Your love
      In my soul now always.

      With me, I believe,
      Your cover and protection,
      I know that You are always near.

      Now I have Your life and light in me.
      I freed and opened the way
      to me in heaven.
      As if I was suddenly abandoned,
      but you were always there.
      I know you more now,
      You covered all my sins,
      tears from insults,
      that interfere with life.
      And I'm waiting for You, Your fire,
      To burn bridges
      And to be with You always
      Your mercy, Your goodness
      take care of me.
      Your joy, Your holiness
      with me!
      You are always with me -
      In my heart and soul,
      If I'm in the mountains, if I'm in trouble.
      You are in heaven, in the blue sea You are,
      You are in my eyes and around the Earth.
      And even every step and breath
      You are with me!
      There is nothing more important,
      Than to hear Your voice.
      Your glory outshines everything.
      And I've been waiting for You, Your fire,
      To burn bridges and be with You always!
      Your mercy, Your goodness,
      Your wisdom, Your generosity,
      Your joy, Your holiness
      With me!

      You are what I breathe ,
      You are what I breathe.
      Your Holy Spirit
      Lives in me

      You are my daily bread
      Tell me
      Your Word

      And I'm waiting for You so much
      And I'm lost without You

      You Yourself, oh my God
      Found me,
      no matter what happens, I know that you love

      Your holiness embraces me
      At any time, I know that you love,
      You love me.

      On my knees I will
      stand before your cross,
      I will never forget.
      Holy blood was shed here,
      to save us from the shackles.
      What will separate us from You?!

      You have blazed the path of life:
      "It's all over...",
      You said.

      When my time comes to leave
      You will meet me in the highest,
      I know that you love me,
      You love me

      You said rejoice , do not lose heart in your sorrow.
      You said rejoice, the power of the Lord will cover you.
      I am strong in the joy of the living God,
      I am strong in the joy of my Father.

      You say: the Lord is good, He will save your heart.
      You say how good the Lord is, the name of Jesus is above all.
      Only in joy with You, I will go through everything, only by Your power I can do everything.

      You, Lord, I know
      Gave me my life
      For me - You are everything,
      This is what I want to say.
      Lord, you have saved me.
      I dedicate my life to you,
      Every day so that
      be your radiance!

      Every day I will
      I trust in the Word
      I pray that
      I will know You more,
      So that my every step
      Be, Lord, in Your hands,
      Every day I will become a light
      I will become in this world!

      Every day I live by You,
      Every day I follow You,
      Lead me every day, Lord!
      I live by you every day!

      Christ is my rock .
      I will hide in You.
      Lord, I love You so much.

      In You are the words of life, eternal life.
      My soul always aspires to You.
      I ask You for one thing, I pray for one thing.

      For me to abide
      God is always in your house.
      Behold Thy beauty and goodness.
      In the tabernacle on the day of distress
      You would have sheltered me.
      I hold on tight to You,
      You are, after all,
      You raised me to the rock
      Christ is my star.
      Nothing will crush me.
      I'm with You, Jesus.

      In You is the source of life, glorious life
      My soul always aspires to You.
      I ask You for one thing, I pray for one thing.
      Then I will reward in Your house
      The sacrifice of praise.
      I will sing and praise Your name.

      I will seek Your Face
      All over the earth to its end.
      Do not hide Him from me, Lord

      I see how the King of Glory
      Walks with fire in the clouds.
      Everything trembles!
      I see how love
      He will wash away all sins.
      The earth sings!

      Hosanna , Hosanna,
      Hosanna to God in the highest.

      I see the generation
      Rise with sincere faith
      Take up your post.
      I see how with prayer
      Awakening comes to us.
      Let's bow again.

      Heal the heart, wash it.
      Into the world invisible to me
      Open your eyes.
      Teach you to love like
      You love everyone.
      Make your pain mine.
      I will give everything to the Kingdom,
      What is in me.
      So I will go my way
      The path of the earth
      I am in eternity.

      MBUK "MCB named after I.M. Bondarenko" Neklinovsky district Rostov region

      Safronova Olga Igorevna


      How should we celebrate it?

      Maybe just not notice

      In a series of rushing days?

      As he came, so he left,

      As if there was no trace.

      Again to give myself over to the avalanche…

      How good it would be!

      Doesn't leave, waits an hour.

      Hopes everything, stubborn,

      For a fun program,

      Motley holiday flight.

      Well, you've come - so come on in:

      The holiday will be ahead!



      Again, suddenly, like a thief,

      The anniversary crept up.

      What to wish the hero of the day?

      Hello from friends

      Like Moths

      sit on the shoulder,

      flicker that coals

      and whisper hotly:

      Be strong in body and healthy

      without any doctors!

      Know how to overcome despondency

      And taste joy!

      You start a fight with problems -

      Take your dream with you!

      Let the blood stir again,

      Love burns like a star!

      Among the assigned tasks

      Never fail!

      And may any calculation

      lead you to a decision.

      Push forward year after year,

      Splitting the days with deeds.

      Where will the path lead?

      Accept any route.

      Konyukhova Galina Ivanovna

      p. Pokrovskoe



      The days are melting from the heat,

      And rii nightingales sang theirs to us.

      F nature's favorite the wind on the flute,

      R yano will play along, caressing the fauna.

      O gently touches the sun with its rays,

      N rewarding with a sedate, bronze tan.

      O release. Guitar songs in the evenings.

      In you will have the opportunity to sing them even at night!

      and Zredik boasts a rain, how on purpose,

      from to eat for this moment, we will not be sure,

      t Angroot will brighten up the summer flaws,

      e stew the land, stream and the Creator's ability to

      П to infuriate to the fullest, to rage zealously,

      to drink b mother earth - It's not difficult for the Lord!.

      Vishnevetskaya and we are


      in Echer smiles to sunset,

      and combines the day outside the horizon.

      Ш chirp fields, and the moonlight sonata begins its night chord,

      Н .

      E the choir sings melodious at night,

      In inspired, but only until dawn -

      E If the stars are shining - amber,

      C Night ceremony is not cooler!

      K is this ansonetta or not?

      A role, giving us a concert,

      I strikes me with charisma.

      and illuminating visionary light.

      M the bonds of the soul, sometimes simple,

      b S t our beautiful, leaves a mark.

      Thank God

      Thank God that I am alive

      I meet dawns, birds and see the sun.

      And I turn the caravan of thoughts into words,

      And I wait for luck to smile.

      Believe me, fate smiled at me many times.

      And all the problems seemed like a trifle.

      Nature sang and blossomed, as if ordered,

      Redness spread across the sky.

      That's why I don't complain or grumble,

      And I don't give up when it's hard.

      Only slowly I whisper “Our Father”,

      And I continue my earthly path in a harness.

      Marker Galina Mikhailovna

      x. Gaevka

      I woke up at dawn...

      I woke up at dawn

      In order to notice

      Who is extinguishing the lights in the sky?

      He, responsible for the stars,

      Masterly in the evenings,

      Sprinkles medley in the sky.


      Only stars, fading,

      Obeying the enchantment,

      Morse flashes are pouring out: "Don't be sorry."

      I woke up at dawn

      Not to meet the dawn -

      It turned out so by itself.

      I just feel like a ray -

      The very first, the best,

      Colors the soul in scarlet blue.

      The artist

      Wind clouds

      painted the landscape.

      Didn't notice in a hurry -

      Pencil fell out.

      I drew stripes

      on a gray rock -

      snow echoes

      will run away with water.

      I touched a rocky ridge with edelweiss

      And even cry, even laugh -

      Glory not to work.

      Terrible day

      The thirteenth, Friday and the full moon...

      Are you afraid of prejudice? And what about the moons of wine?

      Pregnant with light from the sun

      All night shines on the world like a million candles!

      And to be afraid of harlot Fridays - where is the reason?

      It's not for nothing that the native called Robinson Friday!

      Why be afraid of her? Everyone has known for a long time,

      That people are allowed to play pranks on Friday!

      Enter the 13th Moscow trolleybus

      Tsvetnoy boulevard 13 on the route, along the way

      The circus arena shines like a full moon,

      13 in diameter, but full of joy.

      Well, we figured it out - there is no happier day!

      13 kisses please accept from me.

      Lystsova Anna

      p. Pokrovskoe

      You can wander around the world a lot,

      For a long time looking for happiness in the yards,

      Collecting life by couplets,

      Dividing it in half.

      Life on "before", and maybe "after",

      Forgetting about "here" and "now".

      Only rejoicing that you are enduring,

      About love and not remembering sometimes.

      Turn around, look around, do yourself a favor

      And listen to the call of the soul...

      Drive away gray-haired despondency.

      Sin, laugh, breathe!

      And there is no need to wander around the world

      And run after a crazy dream.

      Happiness will shine brightly there,

      Where the soul finds peace.

      Saltanova Angelika Dmitrievna




      BE .

      To belong, while being a draw,

      and to obey, remaining equal.

      Breathe not only air - a dream,

      divide by "two" and multiply by that much.

      Hold your hand in the terrible hour of the night

      and remain whole, not a fragment

      from the past.

      Do not think about the bad,

      do not doubt the choice, do not cry.

      After all, he is not just a person,

      he is a house,

      who is not afraid of the word "slush".

      Who is not afraid of anything,

      feels my shoulder and strength.

      To be near every day and therefore


      To a friend

      Excuse me that I'm always busy:

      I won't call, I won't write, I won't meet.

      My whole life passes in a hurry,

      and I burn in it, like candles in a church.

      Complaining is a sin for me. And I endure,

      hoping only that it will be better,

      if not now, but maybe by September.

      When will I stop believing in miracles?..

      When will I understand that life is what it is now,

      there are no deadlines, fines and mistakes?

      Forgive my friend that our connection is breaking,

      that I cannot make the right choice.

      I'm sorry, my friend, please forgive me,

      and give me your hand, I can't do it...

      After all, only you could save me.

      I am crushed to the ground with my burden,

      smeared with semolina along the edges

      But it's hard for me... All my feelings are like a crumpled leaf.

      They are meaningless without understanding,

      Without joy of the heart and suffering

      And without giving of oneself,

      And they seem only a loss of time,

      After all, the doors to happiness in the world are closed for them ...

      The heart becomes hard, without love loving.


      Closing his eyes, he made a choice with his soul.

      Let me suddenly fall out of my former life,

      Let everything be lost without fail,

      But the heart beats so blissfully!


      Although you love me calmly,

      But now it is harsh, obscene

      In communication with me again.

      I will not hide my heartfelt anxiety,

      After all, at this moment it is very noticeable,

      That life is a joint picture

      Like a torn cobweb

      Very lifeless, colorless ... ?

      .................................................. .......


      My love with midnight light

      Flies to your lips to cling to.

      Then always - on the way back

      Hastens to my lips with an answer.

      And each time it informs,

      That not all of it returns,

      That part of it is inside you

      It sprouts like flowers in your heart.


      How long have I been looking for you0003

      Doesn't feel sorry for me at all.

      I am looking for you among snowy dreams,

      Where the power of snowdrifts and blizzards,

      And where trills of frost sound,

      Warmed by the warmth of fires,

      What gives me hope is shelter.

      I've been looking for you for many years

      In sometimes muddy spring

      And on a summer day dressed in heat

      Trying to find your trace

      Without tiredness, whining and laziness.

      Looking for you, I walked

      There are a lot of roads alone

      In the crowd, where the carnival rules…

      But still haven't found it

      Neither during the day, nor even on the moonlit night.

      But if, suddenly, I find

      You in our vain life,

      I will return together with you

      In my dear home, I will let go of sadness,

      I will light the hearth of the family at home.

      Zorin Sergey Viktorovich



      There are a lot of words in the world,

      But among these words

      I did not find such, believe me,

      To sing love.

      Among many lovely ladies

      I have not met the one,

      Who, by the will of the powers of heaven

      I would become a wife.

      In the abyss full of stars, until now,

      At night, by the moon.

      No, and there was no trace of

      The one that shines for me.

      And it is not at all indifferent,

      What among the roads

      Choose decent roads in life

      I could not myself.

      I did not choose, and I do not cry,

      In a rainbow of colors

      Colors that promise good luck,

      Happiness and love.

      But that's not what worries me,

      I'm not worried about that.

      Lost myself, it seems

      And I can't find it.



      When there is pain in the heart.

      When jealousy, resentment, and bewilderment,

      Formed a lump in the throat.

      And the world has gone mad.

      Flowers do not smell, birds do not sing

      And the eye does not please the eye, as before,

      Smooth surface of the river.

      But the sun, it doesn't shine

      But it's mercilessly hot.

      Having sunk the whole earth

      In the blood of fire.

      And I...

      I don't care.

      I feel under my feet

      Earth is leaving.

      Only clouds

      Float somewhere in the distance.

      And they don't care

      Everything earthly.

      Morozova Albina Georgievna

      p. Trinity

      Forgive me, son

      Six years have passed, rushed from that time,

      When you left the earth forever.

      The soul hurts, and the heart breaks,

      And do not fall asleep, although the eyelids are closed.

      You, son, I could not save,

      I was powerless, but the disease was stronger.

      Forgive me, son, forgive me for everything,

      That I turned out to be weaker in life.

      Vishnevetskaya Nadezhda Ivanovna

      p. Pokrovskoye

      We don’t live like that. ..

      You no longer feel pain, it’s not insulting,

      You look at us from a dead height.

      From such peaks one cannot see human passions,

      And there is no concept that the body is you.

      And to us, alive, tormented by earthly

      Passions until we lose our former strength,

      Sometimes simple truths come:

      I wanted a lot, but to make it come true,

      We went to the goal, destroying everything around ...

      The result is sad: the body was exhausted,

      The soul dried up for eternal life.

      I let you go...

      I let you go with the wind in the field - fly!

      I can't find long-awaited coolness with you.

      Caress the field flower by the road -

      Maybe it will become your last destiny.

      I let you go with the sun into the sky - shine!

      I can't find warmth in a cold orbit.

      Look for a miracle bird in the blue skies,

      What can keep warm in your arms.

      I let you go like a silvery wave,

      What runs through the expanses of the alien side.

      Splash like an emerald at your bare feet,

      Maybe your happiness is there, in the golden sands.

      If the steppes and blue skies gave

      Not needed, and freedom will not be sweet at once, -

      On the cheeks, on the lips, blazing with fire,

      You spill the autumn repentant rain.

      Krotova Olga Leonidovna

      p. Pokrovskoye


      Valentina Andreevna Chapaeva

      on the day of the 75th anniversary of the

      My first teacher,

      How good you are in the world!

      And a warm stream was born

      All kind words, but deeds - not to count!

      You brought first graders to class,

      Taught math and reading,

      And how happy we are for you now...

      She taught diligence and patience.

      You showed the children the world of color:

      The world of drawing, fantasy.

      Learn more