How to do the night fever dance

'Saturday Night Fever' Solo Disco Routine

This week we are going to teach you the Brooklyn Bus Stop, more commonly recognised as the dance from Saturday Night Fever.

For licensing reasons we aren’t using the song Night Fever, but feel free to practice to that song at home if you prefer.

The Dance – Saturday Night Fever

We’ll break the line dance down into bitesize chunks and build up to the full routine, before including the rotating between walls element.

In the movie, the dancers keep repeating the same routine. However they use editing to make sure that the ‘finger point’ always falls on the “Night Fever” chorus. Therefore don’t be surprised, if practicing with the Night Fever music, that you’re not pointing at that point every time.

The Music

The song from Saturday Night Fever where they use the Brooklyn Bus Stop is the Bee Gees Night Fever

But for this video we have used Special Delivery by The New Fools

See our Saturday Night Fever video

A few years ago we had a cinema night at the studio, showing the film. Before the screenings at our cinema nights we always run a workshop inspired by the film.

In the workshop for Saturday Night Fever we used a modified Brooklyn Bus Stop, as well as taking other dance elements from throughout the film. The routine is taught over a 45 minute workshop and then we sit and watch the film.

For this routine we choreographed it to Stayin’ Alive, rather than Night Fever. If you want to check out the outcome you can see our video below:

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Old-school dance choreography goes viral on the internet as it brings back the Bee Gees ‘Night Fever’

Even if you don’t know much about the Bee Gees, you’ll have heard of “Night Fever”. This classic hit is still a disco favorite today, and the accompanying finger-pointing dance is easy enough for anyone to get the hang of.

It’s hard to believe that the track was released in 1978, considering nearly 25 years later, it still has a big place in the music world. Head over to YouTube and you’ll find hundreds of remixes, remakes, and cover versions of the hit.

There are plenty of choreographed “Night Fever” dances, but not one as good as this.


Young Hearts Rome - Zaldy Lanas/ YouTube

The dance was performed by a group of line dancers known as Young Hearts Rome.

This is a pretty unsuspecting bunch of people.


Young Hearts Rome - Zaldy Lanas/ YouTube

In fact, when the video begins, you wonder whether a man with a camera has come across a group of strangers and asked them to dance with him.

But when the familiar “Night Fever” opening verse kicks in, the group begins to dance.

And they’ve got the moves.


Young Hearts Rome - Zaldy Lanas/ YouTube

There’s nothing too crazy here – just a simple choreographed performance. But everyone’s dressed in their best gear, and they’ve all got big smiles on their faces, which makes the clip so infectious.

You can’t help but smile as you watch the group spin, clap, wiggle, and have a great time.

It’s a dance that everyone can learn simply by watching the video on repeat.


Young Hearts Rome - Zaldy Lanas/ YouTube

And with more than 3 million views, it looks like many people did just that.

Plenty of people in the comments thanked the dance tribe for sharing the video, with many reminiscing about the 70s, when life was admittedly a lot easier!


Young Hearts Rome - Zaldy Lanas/ YouTube

If you do decide to give this dance ago, your mind and body will love you for it.

According to research, dancing is one of the best activities for boosting mental and physical health.


Young Hearts Rome - Zaldy Lanas/ YouTube

In older people, dancing can help prevent falls, improve posture, sharpen the mind, and increase flexibility.

Generally, dancing is considered a fantastic mood-booster. It can ease anxiety and build social bonds. Physically, it can increase your aerobic power and reduce pain and stiffness. In other words, it’s well worth doing.

This performance is proof that bigger and brasher isn’t always better.

No, none of the ladies or men in this video can do high-kicks, splits, or dangerous stunts, but their dance is still beautifully choreographed – and it looks like a lot of fun to learn.

Can you imagine “Night Fever” being the back track to some of the OTT dancing we see a lot of nowadays, anyway?

We think this style of dancing is far better suited to the disco hit.


Young Hearts Rome - Zaldy Lanas/ YouTube

If you love the positive vibes from this dance tribe, why not see if there’s a line dancing class near you?

It’s a great way to get moving to some catchy music, and you don’t necessarily have to be a good dancer to join in. As long as you can follow the simple steps, you’ll fit right in.

You can watch the full video of this fantastic “Night Fever” dance below!

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Young Hearts Rome – Zaldy Lanas/ YouTube



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Dance fever

If spring is in the heart and it sings, energy is overflowing and you want to dance, then you should not put off this important matter!

“Forget about training - join the party!”

This is exactly what the motto of the rapidly gaining popularity of a new direction in fitness - zumba. It seems to be specially created for those who are bored in the gym. Indeed, in Zumba classes, training turns into energetic dancing, fun and communication, and with no less positive effect on health. nine0005

Features: is based on Latin American dances, their basic steps are combined with elements from other unusual dance styles - hip-hop, belly dancing, reggaeton. It turns out a kind of psychologically relaxing and physically tonic "split", which also benefits.

For whom: for those who want to be in great physical shape, health and have a great time.

Rumor has it that in the middle of 90's Beto Perez, who taught aerobics to Colombian celebrities, found out on the eve of the session that he had forgotten the CDs with special music for classes. In order not to disrupt the workout, he took advantage of the recordings of popular music that he liked to listen to in his car. Thus, a brilliant idea was born - fitness training based on Latin American dances.

Relax! If you feel embarrassed after your first Zumba session, don't worry. Zumba helps even the most shy people "make friends" with their own bodies. nine0005

Where are you, lady of the night?

What: go-go.

Features: Contrary to all stereotypes and ideas, go-go is not just a club dance. It is based on the ability to present yourself beautifully, charge people with your energy and make them watch your dance without stopping, which requires a lot of work and effort.

How to dance: go-go combines elements from various styles: strip plastic, hip-hop and others. You have to be able to improvise, move technically, feel the style, enjoy the rhythm. Dance guarantees good physical preparation, plasticity and flexibility of the body. nine0005

Hooligan dancing

What: hip-hop.

Features: Dance is performed to hip-hop music. The translation of the word hip-hop is “to jump”. Get ready to experiment with choreography. Hip-hop teaches you to relax in dance, feel your body completely free and improvise. Often, training in club dances begins with hip-hop - a clear rhythm and a moderate pace contribute to this.

How to dance: high jumps are replaced by low slips above the floor, and sharp and clearly defined movements are replaced by undulating and slow ones. And they all dance to rhythmic rap.

In fact: hip-hop is not just a direction, it is a huge layer of youth culture, a whole life. The concept of "hip-hop" embodied the development of "street" dances.

To the rhythm of the metropolis

What: juzz-funk.

Features: dance is expressive and bright, modern and popular, it is danced in clubs and on stage. In jazz-funk, body movements do not exist separately from music - the emphasis in dance is usually placed not on the rhythm, but on the words of the song, as if illustrating it.

How to dance: this dance is a combination of incongruous: aggressiveness and tenderness, modesty and looseness, beautiful lines and clear movements. Add dynamics, emotions, sexuality here - and it seems that there is nothing more beautiful. nine0005

For whom: for people with good physical fitness. Indeed, in order to light up several hours on the dance floor, moving rhythmically and clearly, more than one month of training is needed to develop the necessary flexibility, plasticity and endurance.

Remember that real jazz-funk is not just a set of certain movements, it is the emotions, fuse and sparkle of the dancer's eyes.

Polina Kozlova April 2, 2012

Stories of those living “below Tashkent”. Almost American Plot


Hard work in the construction market on weekdays and a rare opportunity to "break away" on the dance floor at the weekend. Talk about life, poverty and wealth. Lots of music, incendiary dances, bright costumes.

The audience of Saturday Night Fever, familiar with the American film of the same name, will certainly draw parallels between the new production of ARTiSHOCK and the Hollywood film starring John Travolta. At first glance, the premiere performance seems unusual for this Almaty theater with a strong civic position and political repertoire. But this is only the first. nine0005

- This is not just a show or a funny melodrama. It's all there in the characters. The main characters are guys who work in the construction market, at a flea market, and after work go to a club, conditionally, in Ainabulak (a microdistrict in the lower part of Almaty. - Red .). The stratum of the main characters is close to ordinary people who live below Tashkentskaya (the former name of Raiymbek Avenue in Almaty - Red .). This performance is about them,” says Anastasia Tarasova, actress and managing director of the independent theater ARTiSHOCK. “They have a lot of talk about how if you were born poor, you will remain poor. And you won’t earn much by dancing if you don’t rob, steal the same mirrors from cars. nine0005

“Stealing mirrors” is about a crime that shook Kazakhstan two years ago. In July 2018, Olympic medalist figure skater Denis Ten was killed in the center of Almaty. The 25-year-old athlete, as stated by the police, found two peers at his car taking off the side mirrors. A scuffle, a stab in the thigh, a lot of blood loss ... In court, the defendants said that they had committed theft because of financial difficulties.

Although the names of the heroes of "Fever" are the same as in the Hollywood film - Tony, Anet, Stephanie - in the theater they think that this is a Kazakh story. And at the same time it is universal. nine0005

- The theme and characters are familiar. This is the magic of the theater, when you can read not only one plan, but several, - Tarasova explains. — For our theatre, the theme is important. What is important is not the playwright or the play, not the material, and not the poet, but the theme. We find this theme in Hamlet, Don Quixote, or in modern drama.

The idea to make a remake of the Oscar- and Golden Globe-winning American film, in which a modest guy from Brooklyn turns into a dance floor star in the evenings, came up with the theatre's artistic director Galina Pyanova. The actors involved in the performance were born after the release of the feature film at 1977 year. This does not prevent them from getting used to the role.

Actress Aisulu Azimbayeva is the performer of one of the main roles in the play "Saturday Night Fever".

The main roles were played by famous actors Chingiz Kapin, Aisulu Azimbayeva and Dina Tasbulatova. Kapin, a professional dancer, is also the producer of this first large-scale dance production of ARTiSHOCK. Young actors, students of a special school at the theater, who have passed the casting, are also involved in the performance.

The main musical line is from the Kazakh performer Galymzhan Moldanazar. The performance uses his disco songs, similar to the style of the British-Australian musical group the Bee Gees, whose soundtrack sounds in the American "Saturday Night Fever". nine0005

- When the idea for a remake came up, we immediately decided that we would use only our music. And there will be Galymzhan, who became the heart of this performance, - says Anastasia Tarasova.

Professional choreographers Aiman ​​and Sholpan Shakenov also worked on the performance. This is the first joint project of the sisters with the theater. Costume designer Akniet Baimakhanova also worked with ARTiSHOCK for the first time. She is not a theater artist, but a stylist. But she was able to connect to all the tasks that were set by the director. nine0005

Spectators come to this performance as in a nightclub: there is no hall with chairs, people can sit behind the bar counters and throughout the space.

Spectators come to the performance of "Saturday Night Fever" as in a nightclub: there are no seats in the hall. People can take seats at the bar counters.


Actors say they miss the stage. The audience also admits to the actors that they yearned for the theater.

The theater management understands that against the backdrop of a difficult financial situation - many service companies have been idle in Kazakhstan due to the pandemic for several months, the economy has contracted significantly - and there will most likely be fewer people going to performances. nine0005

Reopened theaters were allowed to fill only half of the seats. If the epidemiological situation worsens, they may close again.

— After such a long break, restoring productions is akin to creating new ones. Due to the fact that we reduced the number of seats in the hall by 50 percent, we raised ticket prices by the same amount. And they told our viewers about it openly. They explained that this is our reality, and we ask you to treat this with understanding,” says Anastasia Tarasova. — We do not want to lose the whole team, and everyone should have a job today. Therefore, in this performance ("Saturday Night Fever. - Rev. .) almost the entire troupe is occupied. The theater does these things consciously, this is a low-budget performance, but we are at work. I was very worried, but did not hear a single negative comment about the price increase. The ticket price is 10 thousand tenge, and I understand that this is a rather high cost. We try not to disappoint the viewer.

Young actors, students of a special school at the theater, who have passed the casting, also play in the play "Saturday Night Fever".

In March, when a state of emergency was declared due to the coronavirus pandemic and facilities in the service sector, culture, and leisure were closed, ARTiSHOCK made several big projects. It was possible to organize online broadcasts of performances. Fundraising was announced through the crowdfunding platform, there were donations. Thanks to the proceeds, the minimum costs of salaries and maintenance of the building were covered.

Learn more