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The complete career guide to be an Exotic Dancer or Stripper: salary, job growth, employers, best schools, and education you may need to get started.

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Exotic dancers may work in strip clubs, they may perform at private events like bachelor or bachelorette parties, or they may do both. They perform on stage, dancing and performing acrobatic tricks on a pole, or they may also perform lap dances with individual customers in secluded areas.

What is an Exotic Dancer or Stripper?

The following job responsibilities are common for individuals in exotic dancer or stripper roles:

  • Earn tips by performing dance and acrobatic routines on stage at a strip club
  • Earn money by providing individual lap dances for established fees, or earn money by performing strip teases at private parties
  • Mingle with customers and engage in conversations to encourage private sessions and repeat visits
  • Put together costumes, hairstyles, and makeup that are attractive and provocative

A Day in the Life

Exotic dancers may work in strip clubs, or they may perform at private parties. Some earn money through both types of engagements. For both roles, exotic dancers perform dance routines, acrobatics on a pole, and other types of entertainment. Some exotic dancers remove all of their clothing during performances, and others are required by law to keep certain pieces of clothing on. However, most strip tease sessions end with the exotic dancer wearing as few clothes as legally possible.

Most exotic dancers are self-employed. They are generally not employed by the clubs they work at and actually pay a fee to rent the stage and space used at strip clubs. Because of this, they do not earn an hourly rate and are dependent on the money they make from dances and tips to earn a living. While exotic dancers make some tips from dances performed on stage, they generally earn most of their money from private lap dance sessions. These are charged for by the song or by a specific time period.

Different states have different rules around what exotic dancers are and aren’t allowed to do. In some states, private lap dances are prohibited. Some states allow full nudity, some allow topless dancing only, and some require dancers to wear tops and bottoms. Some states prohibit touching between dancers and customers, where others allow minimal touching. Because of this, the day to day responsibilities can vary greatly based on where an exotic dancer works, as well as his/her own personal guidelines.

Typical Work Schedule

Because most exotic dancers are independent contractors and work for themselves, they can work as much or as little as they want. They can also set their own hours, though most tend to work evenings and weekends because those are the times when they can make the most money.

Typical Employers

Most exotic dancers work for themselves and simply rent space and stage time at strip clubs. However, some exotic dancers may work for the clubs they dance at, and some may work for exotic dancer services that provide strippers for private events like bachelor or bachelorette parties.

How To Become an Exotic Dancer or Stripper

No formal higher education is required to become an exotic dancer. In fact, many exotic dancers choose the occupation as a way to earn great money while in college pursuing a degree. The primary requirement for most exotic dancing roles is that you’re of legal age to work as an exotic dancer in your area. Each state has its own laws and regulations over age restrictions, as well as clothing requirements and other laws—so make sure to educate yourself on the legalities of the role before auditioning.

Becoming an exotic dancer is usually a matter of auditioning successfully. Some clubs will have amateur nights where they allow multiple aspiring exotic dancers to audition, and some will allow you to walk in on any night, get up on stage, and start dancing to prove you have the skills required. Physique may or may not be important—different clientele want to see different things—but stage presence and talent are critical. Whether you’re being hired by the club or just renting the space, clubs want exotic dancers who can draw crowds and will get rid of those that don’t have the right talents to appeal to audiences.

Succeeding as an exotic dancer that works for private parties is usually a matter of advertising your services at the club to receive invitations to work at events, or marketing your services in other ways. Some exotic dancers maintain websites and business cards, and others market services through a paid third-party provider that refers clients to the exotic dancer when appropriate. Some marketing and business skills can be helpful in this line of work since you’ll be accountable for generating all of your own income.

Exotic Dancer or Stripper Salary Data

We’ve provided you the following to learn more about this career. The salary and growth data on this page comes from recently published Bureau of Labor Statistics data while the recommendations and editorial content are based on our research.

National Anual Salary

Low Range


High Range

National Hourly Wage

Low Range


High Range

How do Exotic Dancer or Stripper salaries stack up to other jobs across the country? Based on the latest jobs data nationwide, Exotic Dancer or Stripper's can make an average annual salary of ---, or $18 per hour. This makes it an Above Average Salary. On the lower end, they can make --- or $9 per hour, perhaps when just starting out or based on the state you live in.

Salary Rankings And Facts

Highest Education Among Exotic Dancer or Strippers

  • 0.5%   Doctorate
  • 4.3%   Masters
  • 17%   Bachelors
  • 10.6%   Associates
  • 29%   College
  • 26.7%   High School
  • 11.9%   Less than High School

Job Growth Projections and Forecast

2014 Total Jobs

2024 Est. Jobs

Job Growth Rate
4. 6%

Est. New Jobs

How does Exotic Dancer or Stripper job growth stack up to other jobs across the country? By 2024, there will be a change of 600 jobs for a total of 13,600 people employed in the career nationwide. This is a 4.6% change in growth over the next ten years, giving the career a growth rate nationwide of Below Average.

Growth Rankings And Facts

What Companies Employ The Most Exotic Dancer or Strippers

Industry Current Jobs New Jobs Needed % Increase
Self-employed workers 2,000 100 0%
Drinking places (alcoholic beverages) 1,700 --- ---
Other schools and instruction; private 900 200 0%

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How to Get Hired as a Stripper

Getting a job at a stripper isn't as difficult as one might think. A lot of would be exotic dancers mistakenly believe that applicants must be blonde, busty, and gorgeous. The truth is most adult entertainment venues desperately need a variety of looks, and will gladly invite you to audition.

How to Get Started

The very first item on your job search is to figure out the type of gentlemen's club your comfortable working at. There are several types of places; including: topless, nude, and bikini only strip clubs. If this will be your first experience working as a stripper, it's a good idea to find classy places, with no contact policies. Your best bet is to look on line and make a list of different clubs.

Many women believe they need to call the strip club and describe their looks and personality. I would suggest not doing this at all. Managers at strip clubs tend to get very busy, and have heard it all before. Additionally, adult clubs receive a lot of job inquires everyday. The worst thing you can do is call the strip club and ask for the owner about getting a job. It's unprofessional, and highly annoying. Simply call and ask what time auditions are held, as well as what type clothing is required.

How to Prepare

From the moment you walk through the door to audition as a stripper, you are being watched. Chances are a manager somewhere in the club can see you on camera. Since you only get one first impression, make it your best. You might be absolutely smoking hot, but if you walk in with the wrong attitude your chances are diminished. Traditionally, there will be a hostess working at the front door. Kindly approach her with a smile and let her know your there to audition as a dancer.

Don't give attitude or be rude in anyway. You never know if she is dating a manager or staff member and strip clubs are known to be highly catty. It's also a good idea to bring your drivers license or I. D., as most clubs have an age requirement. Take it from me, getting a job as a stripper is completely different from usual job hunting methods. They are not interested in your organizational or multi-tasking skills. Managers look at the following traits: looks, body and attitude.

What to Wear

It doesn't matter if your trying to become a stripper at a lounge, bar or club. I suggest finding a sexy dress at knee length. You want to convey to the manager that you're classy, beautiful women, worthy of being an exotic dancer. It's always good to give them a little mystery, before you show them the whole package. My best advice is to wear a pair of 3 to 4 inch heels. Anything higher can cause unbalance, and a possible embarrassing fall on stage. Because most strip clubs are dimly lit, wear a red, light blue or white dress for your stripper audition. Avoid neon colors or dresses which are too tight.

Another item you will want to pay attention to is your hair and make up. Since it's not unusual for strippers to make several thousand dollars a night, it's important to make an investment in your audition. Take time to get your hair styled, or make over if needed. This includes paying attention to your fingernails. All of this may sound a bit much, however; stripping is a very competitive business. Whatever you do, avoid cussing or talking about your personal business prior to the audition. If you're hired, there will be plenty of time for gossip and drama.

The audition

Most adult club venues will ask you to meet with their house mom, and get changed in the dressing room. A house mom basically watches over strippers at the club, providing food, cosmetics and general help through out the evening. The house mom will ask you to get changed, and head out to the stage to audition. At this point, a manager, usually unknown to you, will be watching you from a distance.

Please don't ask the D. J. to play your favorite song. The club is looking to see how you fit in on a normal rotation, and doesn't have time to cater to your exclusive needs. Most stripper auditions last one or two songs. Gracefully walk over to the stage and slowly dance. Don't jump around, or start swinging on the pole. The idea here is to be subtle, sensual and sexy. When instructed by the house mom, slowly and delicately remove your dress.

Make sure to smile, and keep eye contact with the manager, or staff member who is auditioning you. Under no circumstance would I suggest stomping your feet or crawling around on stage. Strippers in the industry who dance this way are considered very un-classy and unprofessional. After you're finished with the audition, the house mom or manager will usually let you know if you've been hired as a stripper at their club. If they tell you they will contact you later, the club is probably not interested. Don't get discouraged. Take the opportunity to explore the reasons why you were not hired, and make improvements. Just because a single strip club did not hire you, doesn't mean another one won't.

In such a tough job market, many women are considering exotic dancing as a way to make extra money. Getting hired as a stripper isn't so hard if you do your homework.

Georgio Sasso has worked with exotic dancers all over the country. As a manager at various strip clubs, he has helped potential strippers gain employment at numerous gentlemen's clubs. Currently, he helps strip clubs in Florida improve their visibility. Learn more about his marketing talents by contacting him today. [ is no longer available.]

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Profession stripper or dancer in a club

Profession "stripper" is considered unusual in society. Girls who are engaged in this type of activity are condemned by some, others are frankly envious.

Ardent moralists who publicly oppose young ladies dancing in nightclubs are often seen at the striptease. Two-faced people condemn, most men like this type of dance.

Today, beauties performing “go”, strip dancing on a pole, not only warm up visitors, they are an ornament, an important attribute of the institution. nine0003

Young girls are interested in finding a job as a dancer. Independent search for a good vacancy does not lead to a positive result.


For most girls, the profession of a dancer in a club begins as a hobby, creativity. Parents take little girls to dance classes at recreation centers and sports schools. In the future, the hobby can become a specialty that brings a good income.

Narrow-minded people associate the profession of a dancer in a nightclub with prostitution. Although in reality, strippers do not have sexual intercourse with visitors. Purposeful women who enjoy performances will be able to earn money. It doesn’t matter what the dancers are called in the club, the main thing is that the artist herself likes such creative activity. nine0003

Work as a stripper can be combined with studies at the university, routine work in a public organization, office of a large company. Before you become a dancer in a club, you need to come up with a legend where you spend your nights.

It is hardly worth telling a young man, friends and colleagues about where you get money. There is a stereotypical opinion in society that girls who undress to music have a low intellectual level. This area of ​​business is now as popular among young people as beauty contests were a couple of decades ago. nine0003

Girls with good sports training and attractive appearance can go in for club dancing. With a good level of endurance, a woman can perform up to 35 years. Artists like the profession of a stripper because of the good income. An additional bonus is a good figure, the possibility of self-expression.

Important . Most dancers become stage dependent over time. Women enjoy admiration, attention from men. nine0003


Women who are fond of oriental dancing often get the idea to earn extra money at performances. Why not? Working in a restaurant as an oriental dancer is interesting, profitable, beautiful. An artist can perform by agreement with the administration on certain days, and the rest of the time she can study at a university, work as a manager, a salesperson.

How to start looking for a job in a restaurant as a dancer? What to expect from this type of activity

There are vacancies in restaurants with an oriental theme. Companies rarely publish them online. You can get a job through an intermediary - an agency that employs models, artists. The girl must have suitable external data. nine0003

Viewing of applicants is scheduled for a certain time. Often applicants are invited to speak immediately in public, on days when there are not many visitors in the restaurant.

Art manager, administrator watching how the applicant moves, improvises, hears music. Important selection criteria are the ability to:

  1. dress nicely;
  2. communicate with the public.

Dancers are recruited all year round. For employers, the level of entertainment is important. The administration dismisses employees who:

  1. late for performances;
  2. begin to dance worse;
  3. do not care about appearance.

Personnel turnover is caused by the fact that beauties find admirers of their own talent and get married.

Belly dancer, specific job in a restaurant. Each institution has its own requirements for the appearance of applicants. Employers - Arabs, Turks prefer white-skinned blondes. For foreign visitors, such girls are exotic. nine0003

"Oriental" restaurants, organized with the money of Russian founders, prefer to hire brown-eyed brunettes. There are organizations for which the main criteria are grooming, the ability to present oneself from the best side. The administration will refuse to hire a woman with untidy hair. For a dancer, 48 Russian size is the maximum.

An important factor is the ability to improvise. Music in an institution cannot be the same every evening. Girls quickly adapt to a new motive. There is no stage in the restaurants, the artists move between the tables. It is impossible to demonstrate classical staged dance in such conditions. nine0003

From time to time dancers are asked to entertain guests at gala parties:

  • banquets;
  • anniversaries;
  • weddings.

An order for a performance comes through an impresario, a modeling agency, a restaurant. It happens that visitors themselves choose a beauty for the event and offer to earn money.

Work as a dancer abroad

You can find a profitable job abroad by contacting a modeling agency. The office works directly with reliable employers. Doing it yourself can get you in big trouble. nine0003

Working as a dancer abroad allows you to quickly save up enough money to buy an apartment. Artists who can dance are in demand:

  • striptease;
  • belly dance;
  • belli dance;
  • GO GO.

The skill of Russian beauties is highly valued in the following countries:

  • Thailand;
  • China;
  • Turkey;
  • Macedonia;
  • Greece;
  • Germany; nine0042
  • Israel;
  • Netherlands.

The benefits of this way of earning money include the opportunity to travel abroad, visit local attractions, and make useful contacts. Club owners are happy to invite beauties to work as consummation.

Important . Large expenses are inevitable, girls spend money on the purchase of beautiful costumes, care for their appearance.

Agencies take care of paperwork and travel arrangements. Girls work on a contract basis on a rotational basis. Several months in a foreign state are replaced by a stay in the territory of one's own country. Artists travel in groups and by individual invitations. nine0003

Work for girls as a dancer abroad is a real chance to get enough money to start a small business, buy your own home.

There are many reasons why working as a stripper abroad is attractive. For the young and daring, this is an opportunity to make good money, see the world, find a rich sponsor.

The number of girls who want to find a profitable job in another state is constantly growing. The easiest way to get a job is to apply to an agency with a good reputation. Companies offering employment abroad work with young, creative minds. Working as a dancer abroad under a contract is suitable for women who do not want to spend their lives on routine low-paid work. nine0003

Artists traveling to another country will have interesting pastime and high earnings. Beauties want to get more than they are destined for by the system in their native country.

Pros and cons of working as a dancer

At the beginning of their career, artists make the same mistakes that lead to problems. To avoid trouble, you should not:

  1. brag about the amount of income in front of colleagues, friends;
  2. too modest, the employer will not keep a stripper who does not arouse the interest of visitors; nine0042
  3. flirt with men who came with their girlfriends;
  4. complain to visitors, talk about the difficulties of their lives.

Beginning dancers are concerned about the pros and cons of being a stripper. The only negative factor is associated with the condemnation of society. Girls who want to dance in a strip club are often worried about this issue. They are afraid that their loved ones will find out about their occupation. Doubts are easily destroyed if you think about who comes to watch the performances. Neighborhood grandmothers and mother's girlfriends will definitely not get into a strip bar. nine0003

Men who visit such places are preoccupied with their emotions and experiences. They have no desire to preach sermons and bring women back to "the path of morality and truth. "

Mom and close relatives are unlikely to find out about the occupation of their child, if the girl herself does not tell at every corner about the source of income. In order not to experience complexes, it is better to simply stop communicating with those acquaintances who tend to lecture and condemn. It is easier to get a new circle of acquaintances. Most normal people. nine0003

Of course, there are pluses and minuses in the profession of a dancer. Every profession has its positive and negative qualities. The main bonus that stimulates strippers is high wages. Working as a modest nanny, educator, saleswoman in a supermarket, you won’t be able to save money for your own apartment.


Dancers receive income from performances and consumption. The diva goes dancing 2-3 times per shift, she spends the rest of the time with the guests. For communication with visitors, the administration of the institution pays extra to the artists. nine0003

In Europe, striptease dancers are valued by men at the level of stars. Clubs earn good profits on them. For this reason, the girls are protected and guarded. Being a stripper abroad is more prestigious than in Russia. There, girls dancing in men's establishments are not equated with prostitutes. In Europe, America, striptease is an art.

Strip dancing in US clubs can earn up to $30,000 in one month. Such a contract is rare. It is difficult to get an entry visa to the US. In Greece, Italy, Israel, Thailand, the salary of a stripper is from $5,000 to $8,000 per month. nine0003

Performance at a banquet in the capital costs from $50 to $100. Famous divas are paid $200-300. In Russia, the earnings of a stripper are more modest.

The salary of a dancer in the club consists of a guaranteed salary, tips given by guests and an individual order paid by the client. The amount of profit depends on the rating of the institution, the mode of operation of the girl.

There is no clear answer to the question of how much dancers earn in clubs. Some girls work only on weekends, others go to the pole 6 days a week. Accordingly, those who work more hours, the salary is higher. nine0003

There are establishments that impose enslaving conditions on girls. Usually these clubs and restaurants themselves invite workers. Here, greedy hosts pay per night from 750 rubles. up to 1000 r. and they force dancers to share tips. Working under such conditions is humiliating. Therefore, it is better not to search for an employer on your own, but to contact a modeling agency. The administration of the employment company is well aware of how much dancers earn in clubs and will not send their protégé to scammers. nine0003

Parameters of strippers

The body type of a dancer is usually athletic. There are establishments where puffy divas dance. Height doesn't matter at all. The girl should be harmoniously built.

Therefore, the parameters of a stripper are different, each club puts forward its own requirements. Someone likes tall buxom blondes, others fragile petite brunettes.

The figure and appearance of strippers without flaws. The skin of the artists should be without inflammation, and the hair should be clean. The girls put on theatrical make-up before the performance. Bright makeup is necessary so that the face is clearly visible. nine0003

What kind of dancers are there

There are different types of dance with stripping. With the advent of the Internet, virtual strippers appeared. A girl dances in front of a webcam while men watch her art online.

Traveling strippers show their art to a client at his home or in a restaurant, in a sauna. The order comes through the agency, the administration of the club. The same services are trying to offer individual strippers who independently look for clients via the Internet. As a result, they often fall for scammers. nine0003

The girls who apply to the agency will be offered a job as a dancer by the administration:

  1. belly dancer;
  2. on pylon;
  3. pole dance;
  4. oriental dances.

Disco dancers also make good money. The duties of these girls are limited to "warming up the public." They rarely interact with visitors. Usually they dance in a glass cube, a cage, on a podium, a small stage. During the night, the beauties change each other. nine0003

Work on the road can be at any time of the day. In institutions, the public is entertained from 20-00 to 4 in the morning. Some restaurants release artists into the hall only until 23-30. These details are discussed during the interview.

The most famous strippers

Many well-known sportswomen are accused by the tabloid press of being addicted to pole dancing. Indeed, synchronized girls, gymnasts, figure skaters are well trained. Not everyone can win gold, but many of them are able to earn money by dancing. Why miss the opportunity to get a good income. nine0003

The most popular strippers in the world:

  1. Carmen Electra Currently earns money by creating sets of exercises in which the pole is used as a simulator. Diva acts in films, sings on stage.
  2. Catherine Zeta-Jones At the beginning of her film career, the British actively earned extra money with exotic dances.
  3. NeNe Leaks Currently a famous American actress. In the past, the lady worked in a nightclub under the pseudonym Silk. nine0042
  4. Lady Gaga Shocked the public with her incredible outfits. Before the audience, the girl appeared dressed in black leather from top to toe.
  5. Kendra Wilkinson The career of a famous TV presenter and glamor model began in a strip club.
  6. Eve A popular singer admits that before becoming a turnip singer, she danced on tables.
  7. Amber Rose Launches sunglasses under her own name, appears in commercials and music videos. nine0042
  8. Courtney Love In her early youth she worked as a stripper. After she inherited from her grandmother, the girl received a prestigious education. Now Courtney is a famous singer, songwriter

Pole dancing is not for everyone. Special work requires a woman to have good sports training and discipline. To keep in shape for a long time and withstand the load, the girl must give up bad habits. Striptease is a cross between sports and art. High skill should be well paid. nine0003

Employment in night clubs abroad | Reviews - Reviews - Ratings

Coming to a beautiful night club in a spectacular dress, high heels and bright makeup is a favorite "ritual" for every young girl. The goal, as a rule, is the same for everyone - to hang out. Girls, as they say, “show themselves”, “take off to the fullest”, and, of course, everyone wants to be noticed by as many men as possible. Agree, to go to the club and not "cut off" anyone - it's even insulting. First, why did you dress up then? Secondly, who will pay for the cocktails then? Thirdly, in general, self-esteem is at zero, after such a campaign. nine0266

International agency EGO reveals a secret. Hanging out in clubs and getting paid for it is even a hundred times more pleasant.


How to earn? Where? On what? An option for girls who can dance is to work as a dancer. For those who do not know how to dance and do not like - work as a hostess model in a nightclub for consummation. What is consummation, the pros and cons of the work are described in detail in the article at this link. In almost every country there are clubs where girls earn money from consummation. As a rule, the best clubs are located in capitals or resort towns. nine0003

Of course, you can work as a dancer and hostess in the post-Soviet space. But the pay here is very low, as a rule, tips only cover the cost of cosmetics, and the audience is not the most polite. Working abroad, girls can count on incomes from $ 1,500 per month and up to $ 7,000 per month. It all depends on the country, on the skills of the girl and on the club she is going to. In addition, while working abroad, you also travel. And who today does not dream of diversifying Instagram with photos from Italy, Thailand or New York? This is how you go to a contract and get two in one: you look at the world yourself, and you infuriate your former classmates with your happy life. nine0003

And if every girl understands that there are clubs in Rome, that there are institutions in Cyprus, then few people know about the existence of clubs, for example, in distant Africa or mysterious Jordan. And they are there. And working with them is a pleasure! The main thing is to fly away from a large licensed agency, with guarantees and official documents. Dozens of girls around the world working from EGO agency can confirm that in every corner of our amazing planet it's cool to live, it's interesting to work and it's great to travel. nine0003

Work for girls abroad is available not only in big nightclubs. In some countries, large dance floors are not in fashion. Somewhere girls work in small cozy bars. Somewhere these are pubs, somewhere karaoke bars. In general, it is easy to choose a contract that suits you specifically. It is enough just to know where the format of the establishments is, where the work is and where the visitors are. The choice is so large and varied that it is simply impossible not to find a suitable institution.


The most popular job destinations for girls are South Korea, Italy and Turkey.

Big clubs in South Korea are rare. You can only find them in Busan. Here the girls work on the most standard consumption. They communicate with the guests of the institution, treat themselves at their expense, receive interest for each drink. The unique feature of working in Busan clubs is the opportunity to work both passively and actively. That is, the girl here can be the first to get acquainted with the guest of the club, or she can sit and wait to be invited to a table. Read more about what passive consummation and active consummation are at the links. Working in Busan clubs suits both active girls and those who do not like to take the initiative. Girls with classical beauty, in its Slavic sense, are suitable for working in clubs. Tall, bright appearance, in general - like in any other country in the world. nine0003

But big clubs are rather an unusual form of recreation for Koreans. They have a popular other entertainment - karaoke bars. These are large establishments with a lot of separate lounges. Everything is simple in the rooms - plasma for karaoke, a large sofa and a table. In general, a whole separate karaoke bar for each company. A company of Koreans gathered, arrived at the bar, the men chose several hostesses to brighten up their vacation, and they all went together to the rumka (karaoke room). Unlike big clubs, here the girls do not get acquainted with the guests themselves. The format of work is exclusively passive - you sit and wait to be invited. Another difference from large clubs is that girls in karaoke do not work for a percentage of drinks, but receive money for every hour spent with guests in a karaoke room. This makes it possible not to drink alcohol at all and not to depend on the number of treats at all. Features of work in South Korea are detailed in the article. nine0003

Working in karaoke bars in South Korea gives girls a special atmosphere of lightness and fun. Here you can work without heels, without evening dresses, without “combat” make-up. In Korea, they simply adore girls who look like anime heroines. A cool opportunity for all girls who look childish and love to wear mini skirts with sneakers. Pink streaks in your hair? - Super. Low rise? - Fine. A figure of a teenager? - Absolutely perfect. More nuances in girls' reviews about conse in Korea.

The work itself takes place in the form of a game. Koreans love board and table games, games related to alcohol, and other “tomfoolery”. Therefore, being a hostess in Korea means endlessly “going crazy”. For those girls who cannot sit still, this is an ideal contract. See the link for working conditions for girls in Korea.


Recently a very popular direction for work is consummation in clubs in Italy. This contract is the exact opposite of South Korea. It was even noticed that, having worked in Italy, girls almost 100% cannot work in Korea with the next contract. Actually, this is not at all surprising. Comparing Italy and Korea is like comparing birds with elephants. Finding something in common is extremely difficult. nine0003

There is a stereotype that only girls with a model appearance can work in clubs in Italy. And partly this stereotype is true. Models really work in large cities of Italy, such as Rome, Milan. There is incredible competition among girls here. Literally every day, dozens of new hostesses come to the clubs and everything is like from the cover of a magazine. Naturally, such a frantic flow of girls leads to the fact that it is very difficult to stay in a club. If you don't do your homework today, tomorrow you'll be unemployed. The boss of the club will not endure even one day. It makes no sense to him. After all, tomorrow other girls will come to your place. Frankly speaking, such bosses, in such clubs, even the agency cannot influence. The owner of the institution is not interested in reliable, permanent partners. It does not depend on whether girls come from the agency or not. They will come to him anyway. Therefore, EGO agency does not work with establishments located in large cities. The agency has long understood that it is simply unrealistic to guarantee a calm and profitable job for girls, say, in Rome. EGO found a way out - to work with establishments located in the suburbs. For girls, this is ideal. First, you see the real Italian life. You live it! Without crowds of tourists and migrants. Secondly, you earn good money. No, not just good ones. You earn many times more than girls in big cities. After all, they have a battle for every glass there - competition between hostesses always reduces income. Thirdly, in a suburban club you can easily work without knowing the language. That is, as. You have to learn it, but already in the process. And in a big city this is unrealistic. You need to come here already with a good base of Italian. Otherwise, dismissal. nine0303 You will find more working conditions for girls in Italy in the section.

There are a lot of clubs in Italy. There are locales (clubs) on the coast, there are on the mainland - the choice is huge. There are clubs where only hostesses work. That is, there are no dancers in such clubs. These establishments are called "Knights". There are clubs where stages are equipped, pylons are installed and both hostesses and dancers work in them. You can find a job in various parts of Italy. For example, a very large number of clubs are located in the Tuscany region. Beautiful nature, chic wines, straight out of the barrel, mountains on the horizon and endless vineyards. The same Italy that you saw in the pictures. Read all the features of the contract to Italy in the section. nine0003

A good job option for dancers is the island of Sardinia. Here and stunning nature, and the sea, and very rich visitors. Naturally, this gives girls high earnings.

By the way, beauty is a hallmark of all Italian locales. There are really very beautiful interiors here, in which, according to the girls, it is very pleasant to work. More information about working in clubs in Italy on consummation in reviews.

In Italy, all girls work with Schengen visas. Ukrainian women, respectively, go to contracts on a visa-free basis. For girls, the work of a hostess in nightclubs in Italy is completely safe. Checks that end in deportations simply do not happen. If a check comes to the club, then it “covers” the institution itself. It is the club that is fined or even closed. And the girls…the girls just go to work. nine0003

There are simply no vacancies for vocalists, show ballets and various artists in Italian clubs.


The job of a hostess in nightclubs in Turkey remains invariably popular. Girls have been choosing this direction for work for many years. Geographically, the country is close. Turks are understandable and a priori in love with all Slavs. The climate is pleasant and the country is beautiful. So why not work here? Our girls easily get used to Turkish clubs, quickly start chatting in Turkish, get a couple (or even more) suitors who diligently wear gifts, put glasses and take the girls for walks. nine0003

Dancers are very popular in Turkey. Therefore, if a girl knows how and loves to dance, she definitely needs to choose a job as a dancer in Turkey. Superstar feeling guaranteed. No striptease. Just dancing on stage in beautiful costumes. Furthermore. Turks are illegible. For a "cool artist" they take even the girl who has never danced, but moves beautifully in a good costume on stage. Therefore, if you like wearing headphones in front of a mirror, consider yourself a dancer. Read more reviews about working in Turkey "from the inside" in the reviews. nine0003

However, if you don't want to go on stage, Turkey is also open to hostesses. Pretty and smiling Slavs are very fond of here. It is enough to sit, smile and make eyes. And all - invitations to tables and treats; compliments and gifts. In communication with the Turks, every girl feels like a princess. Yes, and the income of hostesses in Turkey is very decent. Just chatting with the guests of the club over a cocktail, the girls receive more than $ 1,500 per month.

You can work in Turkey on a tourist and work visa. You do not need to quickly arrange tourism and pay for it, but working with such a visa is still an unreliable option. Firstly, any check can swoop in and deport a girl without a work visa. Unlike Italy, the Turkish system does not touch the clubs themselves. The institution does not even pay a fine for illegal employees. On the other hand, the girls themselves are “thrown” for 10 days in prison, and then they are deported from the country. This story repeats itself regularly, for example, in the Toxim region. It's just some groundhog day here. The circle is the same. We arrived, the girls were "tied up", they were brought to the station. Fingerprints were taken, photographed, humiliated, and then goodbye from the country. nine0003

And in those establishments where the possibility of checks is excluded - the low status of both visitors and the club itself. All of them are roughly speaking, in the villages. Small suburbs with poor living conditions, low wages and ugly clubs.

On a Turkish work visa, the situation is reversed - big beautiful clubs, good earnings for girls, polite and wealthy clients, friendly staff. It's all about the level of the institution. The club that can afford to officially employ girls and pay taxes for them is obviously not a poor institution. Yes, and no checks are scary. Therefore, girls feel cozy, safe and comfortable in such clubs. More features of working in Turkey here. nine0003

EGO agency has an exclusive offer for girls - a contract on a work visa for a period of three months. No one else has such an offer. A work visa is standard for half a year. But the agency is used to making exceptional and comfortable conditions for its girls. So working with official employment, under the protection of the state, is now even easier and more enjoyable. The clubs that officially employ girls are big, rich establishments that attract wealthy people. Girls here get good money, always timely payments and a decent attitude. Interested in detailed working conditions for girls in Turkey? Follow the link. nine0003


Another contract with passive consumption is the work of a hostess in nightclubs in Macedonia. An amazing small state, absorbing the European beauty of architecture, home comfort and high earnings. Traveling and getting big money - yes, this is definitely about Macedonia. Visa is working. Housing is free. Consummation is passive. Excellent conditions. Do you want more details? Read in the section "Jobs for girls in Macedonia". A unique feature is the ability to earn extra money by dancing Table Dance for a guest. And no striptease. The girl dances dressed, in ordinary clothes and shoes. Dance experience is not required. Among other things, such dances are a great opportunity to try yourself as a dancer. If a girl wants to dance, but doesn't know how or is afraid, she can go to Macedonia for a contract and get the necessary experience. At the same time, you don’t need to undress - it’s morally much easier. Tipping here is generous, by the way. Another feature of the contract - no alcohol. The girls are drinking soft drinks. Alcohol is poured only if the girl personally asks. nine0003


There are no nightclubs in Jordan except in Amman. That's why the whole party is here. By the way, clubs in Jordan are usually called bars. But in appearance and setting it is 100% clubs. Big, beautiful, with loud music and a lot of visitors. Working conditions in Jordan are here.

All rich men, all visiting businessmen, all in Amman. But in the country, at the state level, Muslim laws are kept. No, this is certainly not Shariah in its purest form, but still the strictness of the rules is felt. For example, women do not work in "public" positions. Men are deprived of the pleasure of, say, smiling at a cashier girl in a supermarket. All institutions by law, even in Amman, are closed no later than 3 am. Finding a club or a bar where you can have a drink is unrealistic anywhere except Amman. And in Amman itself, apart from nightclubs where you can chat with Slavic girls, there is no entertainment. This "combination of circumstances" in Jordan leads to high incomes for girls. All men who have money go to nightclubs, put a lot of treats for hostesses, leave them for tea and do it without delay. The club has just opened, and all the hostesses are already working on consummation. The place closes at 2-3pm! We need to hurry. Meet, chat, drink, have fun - there are so many things to do. And for everything about everything, a maximum of 6 hours of the club. nine0003

In general, the work of a hostess in nightclubs in Jordan is a guaranteed high income for girls. And life here is the most comfortable. You live where you want. You work at the club you like. Tired of something - she went to another club, changed her apartment. In short, she is her own director. You don't depend on anyone. Nobody owes anything. More information about working in Amman from the girls in the section "Reviews about consummation in Jordan".

The country is almost the most controversial and all because of the large amount of negativity in the network. Where does this negativity come from? Yes, it's just that the girls go without prior arrangements at the border and they are not allowed into the country. Or, going to a contract in a base club, the girls are deported. In general, the root of all problems in Jordan is incompetent managers and agencies. Those that have no influence on the bosses of the clubs, those that do not have access to the coolest clubs and those that do not have agreements on the border. By choosing a reliable licensed agency, you can be sure that everything will go well for you. They will let you into the country. They don't deport. You will earn a lot. nine0003

But you really earn a lot. Want more nuance? Read the features of working in Jordan.


Another very profitable direction is work in Greek clubs. 4,000 € per month is far from the income limit for girls in Greek clubs. There are also vacancies purely on consumption. But, of course, those who dance earn more. On stage, as well as at private dances. Topless or stripping completely depends on the type of dance. The clubs here are very beautiful, the country - well, what can I say, Greece. Who doesn't know how stunningly beautiful it is here? As in most countries, the best clubs are in the capital. Every girl can live a "little life" in the heart of Greece - in Athens. The flow of customers here is very large. Tourists, locals - everyone goes to clubs to relax. And the girls make great money doing it. And the opportunity to travel around the country is ideal. You work in the evening, you rest during the day. Day off - you go to the sea or to interesting tourist places. Read the working conditions for girls in Greece at the link. nine0003


The dream of hundreds of girls is Thailand. Just cosmically beautiful selfies, trips to the islands on yachts, a cool vacation - well, who doesn’t want to spend a couple of months of their life like this? For girls, this is more than real! There are a huge number of clubs in which Slavs can work. The club industry here is unrealistically developed. A classic for Tai is work as a dancer. The girls here perform on stage, dance privates and work on consummation. Performing privates girls take off their clothes. One single club in Phuket called "Hollywood" offers girls a unique contract - you can not perform privates. Work only on consummation and on stage in go-go costumes. Without undressing! Separately from dancing, hostess vacancies in Thailand simply do not exist. It is impossible to come here and work only on consumption. "Girls' reviews about working as a striptease dancer in Thailand" in the section. nine0003

The hallmark of working in Thailand is simply unreal international. People come here from all over the world. Americans and Arabs, Slavs and Europeans - girls in Thai clubs communicate with literally all nationalities. You can always choose with whom it is more comfortable and convenient to work with. In addition, in Thailand, girls are provided with good living conditions, in some clubs they are taught the art of Pole dance for free, they are provided with free English language training, and the earnings here are high. Clubs in Thailand give girls the opportunity to receive more than 3 thousand dollars a month. Read all the working conditions in Thailand for girls at the link. And specifically about each club - in this section. nine0003


There are very few large and fashionable clubs in Cyprus. But there are plenty of jobs for hostesses here. Small bars are popular on the island, which Cypriots call pubs. Slav women successfully work here in consummation. You can go to a contract as a hostess model in Larnaca or Nicosia. Larnaca is a city on the coast, which means life near the sea. It's always a plus. But, of course, the work here is seasonal. In the cold season, the clubs of Larnaca are empty and the girls' incomes are falling. Nicosia is the capital of Cyprus, lost between the mountain ranges. As befits the capital, there are good clubs here and they work all year round with the same intensity. There is no concept of seasonality. nine0003

More real testimonials about working in consummation in Cyprus.

Many scouts offer contracts in Ayia Napa. Only one thing can be said here - if you want to work without intimacy, it’s better not to go here. The focus of the clubs in the city is such that entertainment without sex is not available here. There are simply no hostess vacancies for consumption in Ayia Napa. Another option is to work in the clubs of Limassol. In this city, you can only work as a striptease dancer. Cyprus is especially attractive for Slavic women and the proximity of the location, and free Pro-visa. Small Cypriot bars turn out to be very pleasant and cozy for girls, and earnings in the region of $ 1,500 per month are quite worthy pay for such a simple and exciting job. You can find more detailed working conditions in Cyprus for girls at the link. nine0003


Bars in Spanish cities invite hostesses to work on consummation. Friendly Spaniards, an easy and beautiful language, a profitable job and a beautiful country - perhaps the best combination for a contract. Girls can live and work on the coast, or choose bars around Barcelona. Plus. There is a special offer for dancers - work in the clubs of Granada. What's special? Each dance performance on stage is paid. No other contract offers this. Go to the section "Conditions for girls to work in Spain" and read in more detail about what hostesses offer in nightclubs in this country. nine0003

Spain is great because the first days of work are unrealistically profitable here. Just arrived - immediately began to earn. It's all about repeat customers. The same people have been going to the same bars for years. Naturally, a man knows every hostess. Roughly speaking, nothing interesting happens in the club for him. And when a new girl appears, it's action. Everyone wants to get to know her, treat her. Everyone helps to learn Spanish. In general, the girl feels like just a princess, for whose attention the whole bar is fighting. nine0003


An established classic for years - work in clubs in China. Unreal big parties that do not stop all year round. There are many visitors in the clubs, many hostesses, many artists of various directions. There are so many Russian-speaking people that, if it weren't for signs with hieroglyphs, you can forget where you are. Knowledge of the language is not required to work in Chinese clubs. Nobody cares about experience. Almost everyone is hired. Clubs in China are an ideal place for both artists and hostesses. Earnings here are very decent - about $ 1,500 - $ 2,000 per month can be received. nine0003

Feedback from hostesses and artists about working in China.

There are just a huge number of scouts and agencies in the network that promote work in KTV China. This is what we call karaoke bars. Here we can say briefly. Work in them is good only on a work visa. Everything that is offered with tourism is very low-class establishments, constant deceptions with payments, and plus everything intimacy. Yes, poor bars leave due to banal prostitution.

Be careful when choosing a place to work as a hostess in a nightclub in China. Don't settle for a tourist visa. Read about payments, work schedules, visas and other nuances in the "Working conditions for girls in China" section. nine0003


Exclusive offer from EGO agency - work in African bars. Big clubs are irrelevant here. Too poor population. But here are small cozy bars, where very high prices perfectly gather the entire "elite" of the capital cities. Working for girls in such bars is a win-win option. Poor visitors just don't come here. Therefore, if a man goes to a bar, the hostess will earn money on it. It should be noted right away that there is no classic consummation in the bars of Africa. Here, girls combine work at the bar counter with work at the consummation. This is very convenient, since you pour yourself a drink, you start a conversation with a guest quite naturally - everyone wants to talk to the bartender. If you want, you go out to the guest for consummation, if you don’t want, you work further behind the bar. Everything is simple. The patrons in African bars, oddly enough, are not Africans. The main percentage of clients are Arabs. There is almost no competition among girls anywhere. The bars are small and there are few hostesses. Cozy and interesting work. The living conditions of the girls are very good. They live in luxurious villas. Not even "African" at all. Beautiful renovation, swimming pool in the yard. The setting is, in a word, chic. Earnings in Africa are high. There are just so many places to travel. In general, bars in Mali and Burkina Faso are not only exotic, but also quite a common profitable job for girls. Find out more about working in Africa for girls in the section. nine0003


One of the most unusual areas for striptease work is contracts in Malta. You can work here from one month. It is not necessary to undress. Girls themselves agree with clients on the degree of exposure. The club does not interfere in these matters. On stage, the dancers work in PJ costumes. All girls work with a fixed rate, plus they receive interest for dancing and for consummation. You don't have to pay for accommodation. The girls receive the money they earn every day. However, for detailed working conditions in Malta, go to the section. And here it remains to add that Malta is a wonderful, beautiful, cozy place. Living here is a pleasure. And the work brings an average of 4000 €. nine0003


There are very few people on this planet who do not dream of visiting the USA. And striptease dancers, who know what incomes are in America, dream of New York twice as much as any traveler. Where else can you earn $30,000 per month? Yes, nowhere. In fact, strip clubs in the United States bring this much to dancers. A completely unique system operates here. In fact, the girl comes and opens her own business. After all, you have to work in the clubs of New York for yourself. How it works? The girl comes and pays the club money for a shift. She, roughly speaking, rents a workplace. But everything that clients pay for private dances - they pay personally to the dancer. Plus tips, of course. As a rule, one dance covers the entire cost of the "rent". Furthermore. Girls can use stage performances as self-promotion. Do you want to know more? Read the working conditions in the USA for girls. nine0003

Photographs against the background of the Brooklyn Bridge, Empire, Wall Street, Times Square; 5th Avenue and Broadway - the list of geolocations that girls put under their photos looks like a Hollywood dream of any Slavic girl. And yet they make so much money!


More modest than in America, but more than in any other country, the income of girls in Macau clubs. Here come the dancers. There is no consumption without dancing in Macau. Girls dance on stage and in private. All dancers have a rate, private dance income and a percentage of consumption. By the way, clubs in Macau are one of the few in the world where they pay a percentage not only for drinks, but also for food. $6,000 per month is not the limit of earnings for a dancer. In addition to cool fashionable clubs, girls enjoy luxurious apartments in Macau. The public in the establishments is indecently rich, and the country impresses with its modernity and beauty. "Working conditions in Macau for girls" here. nine0003


Another country where clubs amaze with huge areas and luxurious interiors is Singapore. Top 5, Zouk, St James Power Station, Attica & Attica Too, Insomnia are just the beginning of the list of cool Singaporean clubs employing Slavs. Girls earn very good money here. Communicate literally with the whole world. There are a lot of guests of different nationalities here, but one thing unites them all - big money. Men come here from all over the world. Therefore, to work on consummation, girls must speak English. Come and start learning the language will not work. Firstly, there is high competition among girls. Secondly, the environment in the clubs is not suitable for learning the language. There are thousands of visitors, unrealistically loud music, in general, a grand party. There is no time to explain every word. Another “Singaporean” moment is the border. Girls who are not yet 30, who are not married and are traveling unaccompanied by men are not allowed on the island. They just don't get visas. Well, of course, the EGO agency has its own "secrets". Girls fly from us to contracts without any problems. All you need is a beautiful appearance and knowledge of the language. Singapore delights with modernity and luxury. Every girl who is spinning in the club business should visit here. Yes, you read the working conditions in Singapore for girls - you will be convinced - this is fantasy, not a contract. nine0003

According to girls, every country, every club is a whole new life. Finding two identical is simply unrealistic. Each club has its pros, its cons, its nuances and its own atmosphere. How to decide which one to work in? Carefully study the information on the EGO website and consult with the agency manager. You should never choose an institution simply by the reviews of other girls about working in clubs abroad. After all, very often fake reviews are posted on the network. The club writes itself praise. Scouts and agencies lure girls into contracts with fake reviews. Read more about how girls are scammed in the article "The Truth About Online Reviews". nine0003

Therefore, choose for yourself, listen to the manager, ask questions and make a decision based on an honest, objective opinion. And if you want to read the reviews of girls about working in clubs abroad, then choose real, truthful ones.

Working in clubs abroad for girls is an opportunity to travel around the world, meet wealthy men and earn big money. Oh yes, and popularity on Instagram, thanks to cool photos from different countries, a lot of cool branded clothes, luxury cosmetics and tons of exotic dishes, with the most expensive wines in the world.

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