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Justin Bieber's Dances in Purpose: The Movement

Regardless of how you feel about Justin Bieber, as a person, there is no denying that the kid's got talent. And unless you've been living under a rock, you've probably seen all the buzz surrounding his new video series for his new album, Purpose.

Justin Bieber Music Videos Broken Down:

Purpose: The Movement is a huge deal for the dance world. Not only for its artistic forwardness, but because several of Justin Bieber's music videos feature dancers that we know, recognize, learn from, and work with. To see such familiar faces in a major recording artist's work is overwhelmingly refreshing.Are we seeing a revival of music videos? Will they inspire millions more to start dancing as did ABDC and SYTYCD? Choreographer, dancer, and director of ReQuest Dance Crew, the one and only Parris Goebel oversaw the entire project, collaborating with different artists and dancers, including Keone and Mari, Lyle Beniga, Ian Eastwood, and more. And her take is nothing short of amazing. But we aren't surprised- after all, we've been fans for years. The tracklist is addictive, as it is, but it's even more epic when you watch the visuals in succession.

Ready? Press play →

Mark My Words (PURPOSE : The Movement)

Choreographer: Parris Goebel

I’ll Show You (PURPOSE : The Movement)

Dancers: Denzel Chisholm, Gusto Clarke, Ryan Davis, Noel Frias,Kendrick Martinez, Jose Ramos, CJ Salvador, Lance Savali, Tony Tzar, and Hollywood

What Do You Mean? (PURPOSE : The Movement)

Choreographer: Parris Goebel Dancers: Bianca Ikinofo, Kaelani Edwards, Madison Golightly, Shyvon Campbell, Leilani De Marco, Kyra Aoake, Althea Strydom, Kaea Pearce, Maddison Barnett, Jess Toatoa, Ruth Pearce, Samyah Powell, Kirsten Dodgen, Corbyn Taulealea-Huch, Ling Zhang, Weijun Sun, Keanu Feleti, Todd Williamson, Joseph Metuakore, Elvis Lopeti, Justyce Petelo-Neho, Michael Metuakore, Fetu Taku, Esra Pula, and Andrew Cesan

Sorry (PURPOSE : The Movement)

Choreographer: Parris Goebel Dancers: Bianca Ikinofo, Kaelani Edwards, Madison Golightly, Shyvon Campbell, Leilani De Marco, Kyra Aoake, Althea Strydom, Kaea Pearce, Maddison Barnett, Jess Toatoa, Ruth Pearce, Samyah Powell, Kirsten Dodgen, Corbyn Taulealea-Huch, and Parris Goebel

Love Yourself (PURPOSE : The Movement)

Choreographers: Keone and Mari MadridDancers: Keone and Mari Madrid

Company (PURPOSE : The Movement)

Choreographers: Parris Goebel and Lyle Beniga Dancers: Lyle Beniga, Parris Goebel, Kaili Bright, Melany Centeno, Lilly Leithner, Diana Matos, Cat Rendic, Taja Riley, Tia Rivera, Tee Tee, Marquita Washington, Laure Courteller, Natalie, Paris Jackson, Miesha Moore, Tiara, Kelly, Selasi Dogbaeje, Conny Azua, and Rebbi RosieCompany Girls: Vanessa Curry, Jamie Hauptmann, Delaney Glazer, Jen Jones, Maja Keres, Bec Morris, Deena Poppes, Debbie Rosie, Jamie Ruiz, Taylor Thomas, and Marie TakanoDiner Crew: Alex Chung, Shaun Evaristo, Graig Fisherman, and Devin Jamieson

No Pressure (PURPOSE : The Movement) ft.

Big Sean

Choreographers: Parris Goebel and Ian Eastwood Dancers: Ian Eastwood, Megan Batoon, and Melany Centeno

No Sense (PURPOSE : The Movement) ft. Travi$ Scott

Choreographer: Parris Goebel Dancers: Parris Goebel, Bianca Ikinofo, Shyvon Campbell, Leilani De Marco, Kyra Aoake, Althea Strydom, Kaea Pearce, Jess Toatoa, Kirsten Dodgen, Corbyn Taulealea-Huch, Althea Strydom, and Oriana Whaiapu

The Feeling (PURPOSE : The Movement) ft. Halsey

Choreographers: Parris Goebel, Pierce Cady, Janelle Ginestra, Valentine Norton, James "BDash" Derrick, Keywane Pandy, Marquis Robinson, and Brandon "Beno" AnastascioDancers: Pierce Cady, Janelle Ginestra, Valentine Norton, James "BDash" Derrick, Keywane Pandy, Marquis Robinson, and Brandon "Beno" Anastascio

Life Is Worth Living (PURPOSE : The Movement)

Choreographers: Emma Portner and Patrick CookDancers: Emma Portner and Patrick Cook

Where Are Ü Now (PURPOSE : The Movement)

Choreographers: Parris Goebel, Nick Demoura and Lady CulturaDancers: The Ruggeds -Tawfiq Amrani, Jessy Kemper, Roy Overdyle, Sjoerd Poldermans, Lady Cultura, Johnny Erasme, Johnathan Rabon, Yusuke Nakai, Mykell Wilson, Devan Smith, Mona Berntsen, Christina Chandler, and Elysandra Quinones

Children (PURPOSE : The Movement)

Choreographers: Parris Goebel and Kyra Aoake Dancers: Giverny Hing, Maddison Barnett, Ruth Pearce, Samyah Powell, Sarah Whyte, Houston Murray, Ellise Samuels, Ally Mayerhofler, Siyanna Yarr, Drew Sackfield, Cullen Neale, Isla Potini, Alexandra Page, Frannie Aquino, Azaria Ieriko, Biranna Dixon, Aria Henry, Teesha Siale, Courtney McKay, Isabella Thomas-Edwards, Taimania Pupuke,Sophie De Renzy, Anaya Wakelin, Faolan Okan, MJ Neethling, Jovi Ngo, Henk Tomkins, Irava Upu, Ben Rawnsley, Remy Sutton, Matthew Pule'anga, William Tuarae, Donnell Collins, Brookyln Collins, Ayla Ngaluafe, Quincy Ngaluafe, and Dasha Collins

Purpose (PURPOSE : The Movement)

Choreographer: Parris Goebel Dancers: Samaria Barnes, Logan Hassel, Marissa Heart, Taylor Knight, Pauline Mata, and Simrin PlayerOr, watch the compilation of all of the videos here:

Want to find out more about Parris? Check out this interview:

How do You Feel About Justin Bieber's Dance Videos?

Which one was your favorite? Leave a comment and share with us! Another example of our community making a splash was this past season of America's Best Dance Crew. Relive those amazing performances here. Wanna one day work with an artist like Bieber? Start small, but smart, with these tips to optimize your YouTube channel!

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Children taught Justin Bieber to dance

Children taught Justin Bieber to dance

The Late Late Show with James Corden YouTube channel has posted a video showing singer Justin Bieber being taught to dance by young children. RIA Novosti, 02/21/2020





justin bieber


culture news

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MOSCOW, February 21 - RIA Novosti. On the YouTube channel of the program "The Very Late Show with James Corden" published a video in which singer Justin Bieber is taught to dance by young children. The video was included in the Toddlerography section. TV presenter James Corden and the musician repeat the movements to the Bieber song Baby for young choreographers. Adults have to run, jump, make a wheel and even perform breakdance elements. After the "choreography lesson" the musician and TV presenter have a rest: they sit on the floor and blow bubbles. "How amazing Justin Bieber looks with kids," @HessasAngels tweeted. "This is the cutest video I've ever seen," @S_So_Sauccyy_ stated. "I can imagine Justin dancing with his kids in the future as well. My heart melts," @ᴅᴀɪ ʀᴀᴍᴏs joined the discussion.

RIA Novosti




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