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Ice Cream and Cake is a song that is heavily themed around the popular dessert dishes written and performed by The Buckwheat Boyz, the Internet musical group best known for their 2002 flash animation Peanut Butter Jelly Time. Marked by the group's signature use of repetition and cowbell beats, the song inspired dozens of parodies and tribute videos on YouTube.


The earliest YouTube video created for the song features a clip art slideshow corresponding with the song's lyrics and was uploaded by YouTuber Sameer Zelaya[1] on August 19th, 2006. As of July 2014, the video has gained over 5.4 million views.


In 2009, the song "Ice Cream and Cake" was featured in a television commercial for Baskin Robbins ice cream store. The commercial was first uploaded to YouTube by YouTuber William Nolasco[2] on July 24th, 2009. Within five years the video gained over 390,000 views.

Notable Examples

Many tribute video feature flash animation or other minimally animated illustrations, or feature people doing a basic dance similar to the one used to accompany "Peanut Butter Jelly Time. "

Search Interest

Search interest for "Ice Cream and Cake" peaked around the time the Baskin Robins commercial was released.

External References

[1] YouTube – Sameer Zelaya

[2] YouTube – William Nolasco

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Ice Cream Cake Roll • Dance Around the Kitchen

This ice cream cake roll is the perfect treat for any celebration. With chocolate cake, ice cream, Oreos and fudge in each bite, every fork-full is a slice of heaven!

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On December 27th, 2018, I was sitting in the living room at my in-laws and trying to figure out how in the world you start a blog.  I’d been thinking about it for at least 2 years, but kept holding myself back.  I didn’t have the perfect blog name.  Nor did I have the time.  And I didn’t have a nice camera.  I didn’t even know if I would enjoy it as much as I hoped I would.

But I knew I loved food photography (although I didn’t know a whole lot about it), I was pretty confident I could put together some fantastic recipes, and I knew that if I set my mind to it, anything was possible.  Sure, I’d been enjoying my full-time job (and still do!), but couldn’t help but miss being more closely connected with food products, recipe development and the ever-changing food trends. 

So, after Googling “how to start a food blog” about 10,000 times, along came Dance Around the Kitchen.   And I can honestly say that I enjoy it as much (probably more!) today, than I did the first month I started. 

It’s become a whole lot more than a hobby.  It’s really become my passion, my creative outlet and a challenge for myself to continue to build upon what I’ve put together.

Coming up with the perfect birthday celebration recipe...

I still can’t believe it’s been one year.  And it’s been one HECK of a year!!  I would’ve never imagined I’d have so many people following the blog, making the recipes and sharing photos of their creations with me. 

It really is rewarding and makes me smile to think about families being gathered around a recipe I’ve created.  So, for the one year celebration, I decided to make a recipe with all of my favorite things!

I knew it had to include ice cream, cake, chocolate ganache and Oreo cookies.  So, I rolled them up (quite literally haha) into this fun dessert that screams celebrate! Just like the blog's first year, this one is for the books!!!

Can I use a cake mix instead of the homemade cake?

I tried it and quickly found out that the answer is no. Haha….I learned the hard way so you don’t have to.  (Really, just take my word for it).  Although the cake mix sheet cake turned out beautifully, it just wasn’t “rollable.”  Being a food scientist by trade, of course I wanted to know WHY it didn’t work.  (And if you don’t really care, skip to the recipe, hahaha!).

So why does the homemade cake (see in the recipe below) work and the cake mix doesn’t?  The three biggest factors are the fat content, the number of eggs and the amount of leavening agent.

Fat Content:  The fat from the cake mix (and the oil, etc that is added to the mix), makes a very moist cake.  It’s soft and moist which makes it really difficult to roll up without crumbling.  On the other hand, the recipe below has fat from the eggs, but that’s it.  Therefore, it’s not as light and airy, but rather more dense and pliable.

Number of Eggs:  The homemade cake has 4 eggs.  We all know that eggs have a lot of protein in them and using eggs in baked goods helps with the structure of a cake.   Therefore, the fact that the homemade recipe has more egg proteins in it, it’s a stronger structure.

Leavening Agent:  Although it likely depends on the brand of cake mix used, the cake mix has more leavening agent (a chemical ingredient that helps the cake rise, like baking powder and baking soda).  Therefore, the cake mix cake turned out to be much more light and airy, making it difficult (or I’d almost say impossible) to roll up.

What is the secret to a nice-looking ice cream cake roll?

If you’d never made a cake roll before, I can see how it might seem a little intimidating.  However, if you follow the instructions to a tee, you shouldn’t have any problems.  Here’s a few tips:

  • Make sure the cake is done, but also don’t overcook it.  The more a cake bakes after it’s done, the drier the cake will become (think about the moisture evaporating out of it).  If it’s overdone and dry, it’ll be more difficult to roll up.
  • Line the pan before pouring the batter into it.   You can either use parchment paper or a silicon baking mat for this.  This will help you get the cake out of the pan in one piece.
  • When the cake comes out of the oven, don’t forget about it!  First off, set the cake on a wire cooling rack and set a timer for 5 minutes.  During the 5 minutes, you’ve got a couple things to do.  First, run a knife around the edge of the pan, so when you flip it over the edges don’t stick.  And second, get your clean towel and powdered sugar ready for the rolling (see recipe).  When the 5 minutes is up, roll the cake up!  (Waiting too long will make the cake less pliable and difficult to roll).

What other variations of this ice cream cake roll could I try?

With the chocolate cake, there are so many different ice cream flavors and toppings that could go great with it. 

  • Use strawberry ice cream and top with the chocolate ganache, whipped cream and freshly sliced strawberries for a chocolate-covered strawberry variation.
  • Use cookie dough ice cream and top with the chocolate ganache, whipped cream and small chocolate chip cookies.
  • For the chocolate lovers, fill the roll with a chocolate ice cream and top with the chocolate ganache, whipped cream and chocolate shavings or mini chocolate chips.
  • Fill the roll with praline pecan ice cream and top with chocolate ganache, caramel, whipped cream and chopped pecans for a turtle-inspired variation.
  • If you want something a little more fruity (with no chocolate), I also love this cake roll I put on the blog earlier this year.  It’s got an angel food cake base with sherbet in the middle – so light and refreshing!

Let's get the party started!

Ice Cream Cake Roll

This ice cream cake roll is the perfect treat for any celebration. With chocolate cake, ice cream, Oreos and fudge in each bite, every fork-full is a slice of heaven!

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Prep Time 10 mins

Cook Time 17 mins

Freeze Time 6 hrs

Course Dessert

Servings 12

  • 4 eggs
  • 1 ⅓ c sugar
  • 6 tablespoon water
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla
  • 1 ⅓ c flour
  • ½ c cocoa powder
  • 1 ½ teaspoon baking powder
  • ¼ tsp salt
Ice Cream and Toppings
  • 48 oz cookies 'n cream ice cream
  • ½ c whipping cream
  • ¾ c chocolate chips (I prefer semi-sweet)
  • ½ c whipped topping
  • chocolate sandwich cookies (ie. Oreos) optional
  • sprinkles optional
  • Preheat oven to 350°F and line a 12x15" sheet pan with parchment paper or a silicon baking mat. Use oil or cooking spray to grease the walls of the pan and set aside.

  • In a mixing bowl with a whisk attachment, beat the eggs.

  • Add the sugar, water and vanilla and mix well.

  • Sift in the flour, cocoa powder, baking powder and salt.

  • Pour the batter into the prepared pan and bake for 17-18 minutes.

  • Let the cake cool for 5 minutes (no longer!).

  • Take the cake out of the pan and place on a cloth dusted with powdered sugar.

  • Roll the cake up (with the cloth) and leave on the counter until completely cool.

  • When cooled, unroll the cake, remove the cloth and cover with ice cream. I've found that it works best to scoop the ice cream on top, let it soften for 5 minutes, then spread it so it's nice and smooth.

  • Re-roll (you'll want to roll from the short side of the cake) and wrap in plastic wrap to freeze.

  • Freeze for 6+ hours. Remove from the freezer 20-30 minutes before serving.

  • To make the chocolate ganache, in a microwave-safe bowl, heat the ½ cup whipping cream until hot (but not quite boiling). Add the chocolate chips and let sit for 5 minutes before stirring. Stir until smooth.

  • To serve, place the ice cream roll on a platter, pour ganache overtop, dollop with whipped cream and garnish with Oreos and sprinkles.

  • Slice and enjoy!

Keyword chocolate cake, ice cream, ice cream dessert

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Biography, poems, fairy tales, poems, dramas, lyrics


Nekrasov Nikolai Alekseevich was born on November 28 (October 10, NS) in the town of Nemirov, Podolsk province, in the family of a small estate nobleman. Childhood years were spent in the village of Greshnevo, in the family estate of his father, a man of a despotic character, who oppressed not only serfs, but also his family, which the future poet witnessed. F. Dostoevsky later wrote about Nekrasov: “It was a heart wounded at the very beginning of life; and this wound that never healed was the beginning and source of all his passionate, suffering poetry for the rest of his life. The poet's mother, an educated woman, was his first teacher, she instilled in him a love for literature, for the Russian language.

In 1832 - 1837 Nekrasov studied at the Yaroslavl gymnasium. Then he began to write poetry.

In 1838, against the will of his father, the future poet went to St. Petersburg to enter the university. Unable to pass the entrance exams, he decided to become a volunteer and attended lectures at the Faculty of Philology for two years. Upon learning of this, his father deprived him of any material support. The disasters that befell Nekrasov were subsequently reflected in his poems and the unfinished novel The Life and Adventures of Tikhon Trostnikov.

Since 1841 began to collaborate in the "Notes of the Fatherland".

In 1843 Nekrasov met with Belinsky, whose ideas resonated in his soul. Realistic poems appear, the first of which - "On the Road" (1845) - was highly appreciated by critics. Thanks to his sharp critical mind, poetic talent, deep knowledge of life and enterprise, Nekrasov became a skillful organizer of the literary business. He collected and published two almanacs: "Physiology of Petersburg" (1845), "Petersburg Collection" (1846), where essays, short stories, stories by Turgenev, Dostoevsky, Belinsky, Herzen, Dahl, etc. were printed.

In 1847 - 1866 he was the publisher and actual editor of the Sovremennik magazine, which rallied the best literary forces of its time. The journal became an organ of the revolutionary democratic forces.

During these years, Nekrasov created lyrical poems dedicated to his common-law wife Panaeva, poems and cycles of poems about the urban poor (“On the Street”, “About the Weather”), about the fate of the people (“Uncompressed Strip”, “Railway”, etc. ), about peasant life (“Peasant Children”, “Forgotten Village”, “Orina, a Soldier's Mother”, “Frost, Red Nose”, etc.).

During the period of the social upsurge of the 1850s-1860s and the peasant reform, he published "The Poet and the Citizen", ("The Song of Eremushka", "Reflections at the Front Door", the poem "Peddlers".

In 1862, after the events of 1861, when the leaders of the revolutionary democracy were arrested, Nekrasov visited his native places - Greshnev and Abakumtsevo, the result of which was the lyric poem "Knight for an Hour" (1862), which the poet himself singled out and loved. That year, Nekrasov acquired the Karabikha estate, not far from Yaroslavl, where he came every summer, spending time hunting and socializing with friends from the people.

After the closure of the Sovremennik magazine, Nekrasov acquired the right to publish Fatherland Notes, with which the last ten years of his life were associated. During these years, he worked on the poem "Who Lives Well in Rus'" (1866-76), wrote poems about the Decembrists and their wives ("Grandfather", 1870; "Russian Women", 1871-72). In addition, he created a series of satirical works, the top of which was the poem "Contemporaries" (1875).

Nekrasov's late lyrics are characterized by elegiac motifs: "Three Elegies" (1873), "Morning", "Despondency", "Elegy" (1874), associated with the loss of many friends, the consciousness of loneliness, a serious illness (cancer). But there are also such as "The Prophet" (1874), "To the Sowers" (1876). In 1877 - a cycle of poems "Last Songs".

N. Nekrasov died on December 27, 1877 (January 8, 1878 n.s.) in St. Petersburg.

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"We walk and dance"

( paired dance) Age: 3-3.5 year M.b. 2/4

Musical escort : M. Lozhkin "Walking and dancing", lyrics. provided by L. Onosova. Purpose and tasks: Pin children have the skill of moving in pairs in a circle, to instill the ability to dwell on end of a musical phrase, stimulate independent dance performance children based on words. I. P.: Children stand in pairs in a circle, hands joined below, the boy's free hands are on belt, the girl - hold on to the end skirts, legs in sixth position. Content:


1 Follow 1-8 measure

9-16 stroke Come on, let's all clap our hands - louder, more fun,

pounded our feet are louder and faster.

17 - 24 beat Clap, clap, hands to the side,

Have fun babes, top, top, still top, Ay yes kids!

2 Conduct 1 – 8 stroke

By hitting the knees - quieter,

Children stand and listen to music.

run in pairs in a circle, one after the other. In the end 8 beats - stop, turning facing each other. Clap your hands on ¼ of each measure.

Putting hands on the belt, make stomps with their feet.

clap clap, then put their hands on the belt. They stomp their feet.

holding on hand in hand,

are moving around small


Perform light flip flops

on knees every Thursday


Usova O.V. Dance Theater. Part 1.

quiet, hush, turn measure beat.

Our raise the handles - higher, Gradually raising your hands, higher, above. perform "lanterns" kis-


25 - 32 measure our Slowly hands down, then opus- through hand, get up in a po-tili, lay down "boat".All lads in circling in pairs - hands spinning – and OS- position "boat". Got in! end musical phrase

get up to the beginning of the dance.

Ice cream

( individual dance for girls) Age: 3.5 - 4 years. M.b. 2/4

Musical escort : A. Streltsina "Ice Cream", processing M. Lozhkina, sl. O. Usovoi. Purpose and tasks: Contribute development of the emotional-volitional sphere in children, teach children expressively convey the image of a dance character, work on rhythm dance moves (stomping step, "springs", putting the foot on the heel, circling around oneself at a stomping step).

Attributes: Children hold one cotton ball in each hand trimmed with multicolored silk (pastel colors).

I. P.: Children stand in a column one after another, hands with lumps stretched out to the sides. Content:

Intro Children stand and serve

shayut music. 1. We are on holiday to you Children stomping


Usova O.V. Dance Theater. Part 1.


treat brought, Sweet ice cream, waffles cake, Reprise Sweet ice cream, waffles

and cake.

2. Take a look on us, starts dance-Sweet ice cream, waffles cake,

Reprise Sweet ice cream, waffles

and cake.

3. We stomp with heels

and let's spin the "wolf". Sweet ice cream, waffles and cake,

Reprise Sweet ice cream, waffles

and cake.

4. How we have fun, oh - we will melt now! Sweet ice cream, waffles and cake,

Reprise Sweet ice cream, waffles

and cake. Code Oh!

step moving around in a circle.

Disperse scattered around the hall, stopping facing the audience. Making "springs" simultaneously tilting the body from the side to the side. Circling around themselves stomping step.

expose alternately on the heel in front of you right and left leg.

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