How to do the hump dance

Digital Underground – The Humpty Dance (1989, SR, Dolby System, Cassette)

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A1The Humpty Dance (Mini-Hump Radio Mix)4:40
A2The Humpty Dance (Bonus Hump Mix)6:28
A3The Humpty Dance (Humpstrumental Mix)3:16
B1The Humpty Dance (Mini-Hump Radio Mix)4:40
B2The Humpty Dance (Bonus Hump Mix)6:28
B3The Humpty Dance (Humpstrumental Mix)3:16

  • Published By – GLG Two Music
  • Published By – Pubhowyalike Publishing
  • Recorded At – Starlight Sound
  • Mixed At – Starlight Sound
  • Phonographic Copyright ℗ – Tommy Boy Music, Inc.
  • Copyright © – Tommy Boy Music, Inc.
  • Manufactured By – Tommy Boy
  • Distributed By – Tommy Boy
  • Made By – Specialty Records Corporation
  • Backing Vocals [Background Vocals] – Fuze*, Money-B*, Talkhowyalike Vocal Squad*
  • Executive-Producer – Atron Gregory
  • Illustration [Cover Illustration] – Rackadelic
  • Producer, Synthesizer [Bassline], Arranged By [Sample Arrangements] – Shock G
  • Recorded By [Overseen By], Mixed By [Overseen By] – Sleuth (2)
  • Recorded By, Mixed By – Steve Counter, Mixhowyalike Mixing Team*
  • Written-By – Eddie "Humpty-Hump" Humphrey*, Greg Jacobs*

Another cut from the Underground's album "Sex Packets" (TB 106).
Produced for Stayin' Busy Productions.
Executive produced for TNT Records, Inc.
Pre-production busted out at the Underground Lab in Oakland, California.
Recorded and mixed at Starlight Sound in Richmond, California.
(P)(C) 1989 Tommy Boy Music, Inc.

  • Barcode: 016998094440
  • Rights Society: BMI
The Humpty Dance (12", 33 ⅓ RPM)Tommy Boy, TNT Records (2)TB 944US1989

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YARN | Black people, do the Humpty Hump, do the Humpty Hump | Digital Underground- The Humpty Dance | Video clips by quotes | 3ce8ddb0

YARN | Black people, do the Humpty Hump, do the Humpty Hump | Digital Underground- The Humpty Dance | Video clips by quotes | 3ce8ddb0 | 紗


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Black people, do the Humpty Hump, do the Humpty Hump

Digital Underground- The Humpty Dance

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Black people, do the Humpty Hump, do the Humpty Hump


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Digital Underground- The Humpty Dance


Do the Humpty Hump, do the Humpty Hump

Digital Underground- The Humpty Dance


White people, do the Humpty Hump, do the Humpty Hump

Digital Underground- The Humpty Dance


Samoans, do the Humpty Hump, do the Humpty Hump

Coming 2 America


♪ Do the Humpty Hump, do the Humpty Hump ♪

Digital Underground- The Humpty Dance


Do the Humpty Hump

Mother's Day


Do the Humpty hump

Mother's Day


Do the Humpty hump

Digital Underground- The Humpty Dance


Do the Humpty Hump, just watch me do the Humpty Hump

Glee (2009) - S05E06 Drama

2. 3s

Doin' the humpty-hump?

Mother's Day


- Do me, baby! - Do the Humpty hump

Digital Underground- The Humpty Dance


come on and do the Humpty Hump

Fresh Off the Boat (2015) - S02E05 Miracle on Dead Street


I'm Humpty Hump. You know?

Digital Underground- The Humpty Dance


Puerto Ricans, do the Humpty Hump, just keep on doin' the hump

What We Do in the Shadows (2019) - S03E09 A Farewell


in a circle when I do the Humpty Hump.

What We Do in the Shadows (2019) - S03E09 A Farewell


-[overlapping chatter] - I'm gonna do the Humpty Hump later.

Mother's Day


Watch me do the Humpty hump Yeah, yeah. Uh!



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Lyudmila Pavlova ("School Bulletin" No. 6 for 2017)


Far from Moscow, in the city of Biysk, there is a school for blind and visually impaired children, in which for almost 90 years of its existence many highly qualified subject teachers and wonderful educators have worked. After the lessons, the children were engaged in circles of interest. Currently, about 20 different circles and sports sections are organized at the school. Many children learn to play the button accordion and piano at the music school, a branch of the city art school No. 4. There is an ensemble of spoon-carriers, three vocal groups. nine0011 For a long time there was only a choreographic circle at school. And in September 1994, Galina Aleksandrovna Batulina came to work at the school and immediately began to create the Fantasia choreographic ensemble. Already the first performances of the children on the stage showed everyone that these were not “two stomps, three claps” to the music, but real dances choreographed by a professional choreographer. Galina Alexandrovna graduated from the Leningrad Institute of Culture, danced for several years in the Song and Dance Ensemble of the Northern Fleet. Her love for the art of dance resulted in her desire to become a choreographer and teach children to dance. nine0011 At the end of the 1990s, the audience saw a bright, extraordinary choreographic composition "Parade-alle": a trainer danced with circus animals - monkeys, dogs, lions and even with a large boa constrictor, two guys performed it in one suit at once. And what a real dance performance was the romantic production of "Paris Streets"! Girls with baskets of flowers circled around the stage, and in the center of the stage, one after another, “couples in love” appeared with a solo dance.
Now there are 38 children in the Fantasia ensemble, united in 4 age groups - preparatory, junior, middle and senior. At each festive school concert, the ensemble performs 7-8 dances. For several years in a row, at the end of the academic year, Galina Aleksandrovna has been organizing a reporting concert, the program of which always includes more than 20 dances. And each such concert has its own name: “Round dance of big and small stars”, “Dance good”, “Constellation of talents”. nine0011 Spectators, and this is always a full hall of students, parents, veterans and school staff, with loud applause and shouts of "Bravo!" meet every dance. And there is something to see! This year, the preparatory group presented the composition “Ant Country”, the youngest group presented the game dance “Walking!”. Girls from the middle group showed "Cornflower Glade", and high school students - an unusually beautiful lyrical dance "Native Spaces". Performers of "small forms" also enter the school stage (for the sake of "Fantasy" it was increased by 8 square meters): soloists, duets, trios. nine0011 Galina Alexandrovna knows very well the individual characteristics and abilities of her students. Direct, smiling Sonya Borisova showed a miniature "Watch". Darina Bespalova, very flexible and mastering acrobatic elements, performed the Thumbelina dance: a bright fake flower was brought onto the stage, which gradually opened up and a girl appeared. Veronika Chervinskaya, free in her movements, presented the Gypsy Dance, and the technical Nastya Ishkova conquered everyone with the Turkish dance Grape Vine. nine0011 The ensemble's repertoire included brilliant duets performed by school graduates: the tango "Kumparsita" and "Dreams" by Ira Geleva and Vanya Kotlyarov, "Old Cinema" by Tanya Harutyunyan and Gera Modyagin. Now the audience most often sees the performances of Veronika Chervinskaya and Zhora Tikhonov with the duet "Quadrille" on stage.
If a duet always consists of a partner and a partner, then the trio so far consists only of girls. These are the Tatar dance “Girlfriends”, “Indian sketches” (high school students from the third generation are already dancing) and the cheerful composition “To Paris”. For boys at different times, the dances “Heroic Strength”, “Border Guards” were staged to the song of Leonid Agutin “To the Border” and especially for high school students - “Cowboy Dance”. nine0011 In recent years, Galina Alexandrovna has been learning with children many dances of the peoples of the world. Now the ensemble's repertoire includes Hungarian, Italian, Mexican, German, Chukchi dances. Several times the concert was completed by "Belarusian Kaleidoscope". This is a composition of three Belarusian dances: Kryzhachok, Veselukha and Lyavonikha. “Folk dance is always a holiday,” Galina Aleksandrovna never tires of repeating. Choosing any national dance for the ensemble, she deeply studies the material: she watches videos, listens to music, studies literature on this topic, and then tells the children about the culture and traditions of the people whose dance will be in the ensemble's repertoire. The dances of each nation have their own characteristic features: their own rhythm, their own plasticity of movements. And, of course, each folk dance has its own costume. No other dance can demonstrate the level of skill of the dancers and the choreographer as much as the folk dance. nine0011 Galina Aleksandrovna carefully thinks out costumes and props for her dances. She makes sketches herself, taking into account the smallest details, selects fabrics and accessories herself, sews herself. School staff and parents willingly help in making costumes. It is simply impossible to refuse Galina Alexandrovna, a respected person and professional, whose work everyone admires.
What is dancing for Galina Alexandrovna? First of all, this is a favorite thing of her whole life. She expresses the essence of dance in one word - self-expression. And to express yourself, you need such an inexhaustible stream of fantasy! For 23 years of work at the school, she staged more than 100 choreographic compositions. The magic of dance does not leave Galina Aleksandrovna even during her vacation. A new idea can come at the most unexpected moment. Once, she was inspired to create a dance by the unusual word "inspiration", the name of the painting she saw at the exhibition. Then the high school students embodied "Inspiration" on stage. And how many creative ideas does music give! Suddenly I heard “Storm” by A. Vivaldi performed by Vanessa May, and a dance appeared to this music for the older group. nine0011 Every year the creative potential of Galina Alexandrovna only grows. In 2016, she staged a record number of dances - 13, for all age groups. And she also prepared a dance marathon of animals from the signs of the Zodiac for the New Year's performance. At the concert dedicated to Teacher's Day, the audience was captivated by the charming dance of the younger group "Partly Cloudy" with props "clouds" and "sun". At the celebration dedicated to March 8, two very bright dances prepared by the senior group were shown for the first time: “The First Guy” and “Cossack Dance”. The first guy was Zhora Tikhonov, fervently dancing among 6 girls with long braids. The braids were woven from threads according to the hair color of each performer. The dashing "Cossack Dance" was performed by 10 girls in trousers with stripes, in blue kaftans, white hats and with bare sabers. At the reporting concert in May, the audience saw all the new compositions and the best old dances. nine0011 An exciting and solemn ceremony always takes place at each reporting concert. Galina Aleksandrovna invites to the stage preparatory students who have already mastered the basics of dance wisdom and have firmly decided to become members of the Fantasia team. They all chant the words "The Dancer's Vows" in chorus, repeating each phrase after the host of the ceremony. The words of this "Oath" are both cheerful and very serious:
"I, an ignoramus from an ignoramus, unretractable, hunchbacked, with difficulty distinguishing the right foot from the left, the left hand from the right, joining the ranks of the dancers, I solemnly swear:
- be selflessly devoted to the art of dance;
- spare no effort to improve skills;
- shine on the stage, like the sun in the sky;
- do not eat pastries, cakes and buns;
- wipe one hundred pairs of shoes to holes;
- keep your mouth shut during the lesson;
- keep the honor of your team.
The outstanding talent of the choreographer, love for her work, as well as the wonderful human qualities of Galina Alexandrovna - her amazing kindness, sensitivity, sincerity, desire and ability to understand everyone - cannot but fall in love with herself and with the art of rhythm and plasticity of all members of the ensemble. Children look forward to classes and enthusiastically learn and rehearse dances. nine0011 "Learn from those you love." This was said by the great Johann Wolfgang Goethe. The example of Galina Alexandrovna fully confirms the validity of these wise words. An experienced specialist and teacher, she knows how to discover talent and develop it creatively. For three children, Fantasia became a launching pad for the realization of their dream of becoming an artist: Irina Geleva, actress of the Omsk State Musical Theatre; Emil Tolkochekov - Honored Artist of the Republic of Altai, finalist of the All-Russian television competition "New Star" in 2016, took second place; German Modyagin is a 4th year student at the Moscow Institute of Contemporary Art. nine0011 Galina Alexandrovna is devoted not only to dance, but also to her special students, disabled children. She knows their visual acuity, concomitant diseases and always selects dances taking into account the physical capabilities of these guys. Having studied the special literature and having extensive work experience, she is deeply convinced that the defect is corrected by hard work and self-confidence. And the acquisition of this faith is helped by dance, music, stage, collective. Only in a team are very important moral qualities formed in children: responsibility, mutual assistance, sympathy and true friendship. Galina Alexandrovna, a person of high culture, instills in her students an aesthetic taste and love for beauty by personal example. The positive influence of a teacher happens all the time: at rehearsals, concerts and on creative trips. nine0011 Dancing for children with disabilities is the best way to rehabilitate them. Being engaged in dancing, the guys from timid, shy, insecure gradually turn into emotional, open, active children. Dance is a miraculous relaxer, has healing power, it relieves mental and mental stress. Choreography classes form a beautiful posture and gait, a special grace of movements, which is very important for visually impaired children. The dance, which radiates positive emotions, fills the children with a sense of joy, sets them up for an optimistic attitude towards life, inspires faith in their future. But no matter how their future life develops, memories of school, participation in the Fantasia ensemble will always warm their souls. nine0011 Since the first years of Fantasia's existence, Galina Alexandrovna has been showing her pets at all competitions and festivals of children's creativity at various levels - city, regional, all-Russian: "Magic Pipe", "Altai Placers", "Future of the Planet" and others. And everywhere - well-deserved applause and awards for the excellent performance of dances. Participation in 2004 in the All-Russian Correspondence Competition for the Disabled "Philanthropist" was very important, in which the Fantasia ensemble took second place according to video recordings, no one was awarded the first place in this nomination. For several years in a row, the festival "Believe in yourself" has been held in Altai for students of correctional schools of all kinds, in which our school takes first place not only in dancing, but also in vocals and artistic reading. In the early 2000s, a very interesting event took place in Kislovodsk - "KISISH" - for children from schools of the III-IV type. The team from Altai performed well. Unfortunately, there were no more such meetings. I would like to compete with equals on equal terms: it would be a useful communication experience for children and for leaders of creative circles
Despite the difficulties of the present time, Galina Alexandrovna still finds an opportunity to go with her students to some competition. In 2015, during the autumn holidays, the senior group of the ensemble took part in the 10-day "Dance Village" in the city of Teikovo, Ivanovo Region. It was important not so much to show oneself as to learn from master classes with Moscow teachers. The guys saw a lot of interesting dances, and the choreographers could communicate with colleagues: share experiences and learn from each other, grow creatively. How can I not recall here the record 13 dances staged by Galina Aleksandrovna in 2016. In the summer of the same year, almost all members of the ensemble traveled to the Crimea and showed their dances to children from all regions of the country who were vacationing there at that time. nine0011 The artistic and technical level of the Fantasia team is growing every year. This year, during the spring break, the children participated in the city and regional competitions of children's creativity. The middle group of the ensemble went to Barnaul to the newly organized festival "Together" for children with disabilities. Mostly disabled children in wheelchairs performed there.
The permanent head of the ensemble "Fantasy" G.A. Batulina was awarded the badge "Honorary Worker of General Education" and the Diploma of the Administration of Biysk. The pedagogical experience of the choreographer is generalized at the city level. With her noble long-term work and high professionalism, Galina Alexandrovna raised the prestige of the school not only in Biysk, but throughout the Altai Territory. I would like very much that all schools of III-IV types of Russia learn about the choreographic ensemble "Fantasy" and its tireless creative leader and wonderful person. nineThe Humpty Dance Digital Underground lyrics

I look funny but yo I'm making money you know

So hey world I hope you're ready for me.

Now get ready, I'm the new fool in town,

And my sound is blocked by the subway.

I drink all the Hennessy you have on the shelf

So let me introduce myself:

My name is Humpty, pronounced umpty.

Hey ladies, oh how I love to scare you!

And all the rappers in the top ten - please let me hit you.

I'm walking at full height and you're all like Humpty-

Dumpty, you'll fall when the stereos pump me up.

I like to rhyme, I like my funky rhythms,

I like my oatmeal lumpy.

I'm wit sick, straight gangster mack,

But sometimes I get funny

I'll eat all your crackers and liquorice.

Hey fat girl, come here - are you ticklish?

Yes, I called you fat, look at me, I'm skinny,

It never stopped me from being busy.

I'm ugly, I like girls with guns.

Once I was busy in the Burger King bathroom

I'm crazy, let me surprise you.

They say I'm ugly, but that doesn't bother me,

I still put my underpants on girls0005

I even dance by myself.

The Humpty Dance is your chance to dance the hump.

Dance Humpty Humpty, Come on, dance Humpty Humpty!

Dance Humpty Humpty, just watch me dance Humpty Humpty.

Do you know what I'm doing, dancing Humpty Dumpty?

Dance Humpty Humpty, dance Humpty Humpty!

People say "Yo Humpty, you look really funny"

but it's okay because I'm cooking0005

But you can't get close to me.

I give them more, you know, and on the dance floor

All the girls love me.

Oh yes ladies I'm really sincere

Cause in '69 my hooked nose will tickle you from behind I'm still getting paid

I sleep with ladies, you know I'm also responsible

for the way I live and for having a big nose

I get stupid, I shoot an arrow like a cupid,

I use a word that doesn't mean anything like looptid.

I sang on "Doowutchalike" and in case you missed it

I'm the one who said "just grab my cookie"

and also told you that I love to bite.

Well, yes, I guess it's obvious, I love to write too,

All you had to do was give Humpty a chance,

And now I'm going to do my dance.

The Humpty Dance is your chance to dance the hump. nine0005

Dance Humpty Humpty, Come on dance Humpty Humpty!

Dance Humpty Humpty, just watch me dance Humpty Humpty.

Do you know what I'm doing, dancing Humpty Dumpty?

Dance Humpty Humpty, dance Humpty Humpty!

Oh yeah, it's a break, y'all

Let me hear some of that bass groove right here

Oh yeah!

Now that I've told you a little about myself

Let me tell you a little about this dance. nine0005

It's really easy to make - check it out!

First I limp to the side like I have a broken leg

I'm shaking and twitching like I'm smoking

Crazy crazy funk

People say "You look like MC Hammer on crack Humpty"

but that's ok , because my body is in motion,

And it must look like a seizure or a convulsion.

Anyone can play this game

This is my dance, Humpty Dumpty is my name. nine0005

No two people do it the same way.

You put it down when it looks like it hurts.

Fucking, funky, jumping

Jig, shaking my ass.

And when the doo-doo punk chump points like a stump,

And tells him to back off, I do a hump.

The Humpty Dance is your chance to dance the hump.

Dance Humpty Humpty, Come on, dance Humpty Humpty!

Dance Humpty Humpty, just watch me dance Humpty Humpty. nine0005

Do you know what I'm doing, dancing Humpty Dumpty?

Dance Humpty Humpty, dance Humpty Humpty!

Black people, dance Humpty Humpty, dance Humpty Humpty

White people, dance Humpty Humpty, dance Humpty Humpty

Puerto Ricans, dance Humpty Dumpty, just keep dancing the hump dance Humpty Humpty!

Let's get stooped!

The Humpty Dance is your chance to dance the hump. nine0005

Dance Humpty Humpty, Come on dance Humpty Humpty!

Dance Humpty Humpty, just watch me dance Humpty Humpty.

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