How to do the hand helicopter dance

How to Do the Helicopter Dance

How to Do the Helicopter Dance

The helicopter or the coffee grinder is a footwork moves that blends in perfectly with any dance move that you perform on the dance floor. This particular type of break dancing move is pretty easy but synchronising your legs in forward and backward direction can be a bit difficult as you have to make sure that you don’t break the step. However, if you follow a few basic steps, you will be able to execute these moves perfectly in a party and you will then be able to attract a partner or two for the night after that.


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    The starting position of this dance is relatively simple. First you make a start with one leg which is your supporting leg which would be bent under your body so that you are on your toes and sit on your heel.

    The other leg, which is the spinning leg, will start straight and will maintain that posture throughout the entirety of the move. It’s better to have this leg out on its side in the start. Make sure that your upper body is leaning forward so that both of your hands remain on the ground and in front of you.

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    Now, take your spinning led and start sliding it in front of your body. Make sure that most of your weight is on your supporting leg during this particular position. However, in order to let your spinning leg pass under, you’ll have to lift your arm off the ground. After your leg is out of the way, put your hand back on the floor instantly. Repeat the same procedure with the other arm but make sure that your spinning leg remains straight.

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    As soon as both hands touch the ground after you allow your leg to pass under them, move your weight forward onto your arms. Most of your body’s weight should be on your arms as it will take it off the supporting foot in order to move over the leg that will come around. However, make sure that you do not jump over it as you will lose your balance.

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    While doing the backward helicopter dance, your starting position is going to be the same as in the forward stance. However, bear in mind that these positions are a help only at the start. Once you get used to this movement, explore other ways to go in and out and be as creative as you can be.

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Does the TikTok 'Helicopter Arm' Trend Really Work?

There’s a new TikTok trend where people swing their arms in a circle — also known as the “helicopter arm. ” And though it might look like a dance at first, it’s really a hack. This trend was started as a method to relieve arm soreness after people receive their vaccines. But does it really work? 

Since I haven’t been able to get my vaccine yet, I couldn’t test it out for myself. So I asked Dr. Kristamarie Collman, a board certified family medicine physician based in Orlando, Florida. We also talked about how the vaccine affects menstruation as well as some tips on what to do when you get your vaccine.

This interview has been edited for clarity and length.

Iris Santalucia: Do you think this trend is a legitimate way of relieving soreness from your arm after getting the vaccine? 

Dr. Kristamarie Collman: I have heard about the helicopter arm, or the windmill arm. I see that people are doing it, or a lot of younger people are doing it, after they get their COVID shot. Yeah, there’s some truth to this. Certainly moving or keeping your arm in action after you get the vaccine can help to decrease soreness. I think it helps if you do it shortly after [receiving the vaccine]. 

We know that some people, after they get their vaccine shot, the injection site is pretty sore. And that’s a common reaction. Some people may experience it and others may not. But if you do experience it, one of the ways to help decrease the soreness is to move your arm or to exercise your arm throughout the day. 

IS: Why do you get sore after the vaccine? 

KC: Well, one, you are injecting a foreign object — a needle — into your deltoid muscle. Two, it’s a sign that your body is starting to produce an immune response. And that’s what we want from this vaccine — for your body to produce an immune response. 

If you don’t experience arm soreness, it doesn’t necessarily mean that your body isn’t producing an appropriate immune response. But the soreness oftentimes is a sign. 

I think [the helicopter arm] could help with other vaccines as well. Another common one that we get in the arm would be the flu vaccine. And sometimes people will experience soreness after their flu vaccine. So if you’re doing any kind of movement in the arm that you receive an injection in, it could certainly help to decrease the soreness in that area. 

IS: Other than soreness in your vaccinated arm, what are some of the other side effects after getting the vaccine? 

KC: So after getting the vaccine, in addition to potentially experiencing soreness at the site of injection, people may experience some fatigue. They may experience fevers, chills, just feeling a little bit down or sluggish. Really, the reactions can vary from person to person. Sometimes people may not feel anything at all. 

IS: What do you normally advise your patients to do after administering the vaccine? 

KC: Well, before they schedule the vaccine, I try to recommend that they do it on a day that they reserve a little bit of time for it. So maybe they try to take off from work or if they can’t take off, they do it on a day where it’s not busy for them because everyone can respond so differently to the vaccines. 

After they receive the vaccine, I usually will just recommend that they kind of just chill, and try to take it easy for the rest of the day — just see how their body responds. If they feel tired, then they should rest. If they begin to experience fevers or just any body aches, then try and treat that with over-the-counter acetaminophen to make sure they stay hydrated. 

Another question sometimes that people ask is, “Should I get the shot in my dominant arm or non-dominant arm?” And people may be more inclined to get it in their non-dominant arm because they do most of the things with that arm. 

But for me, I usually will tell people to get it in your dominant arms because then you know that you’re going to be moving that arm around. You’ll have some exercise in that arm and it will help to decrease the potential soreness after your injection.  

IS: There’s been some misinformation about how the vaccine impacts menstruators. Does the vaccine have an effect on people’s periods in any way? 

KC: There have been some conversations around the vaccine and its impact on menstruation. And as far as we know right now, there hasn’t been an association between the two. But we’re still learning so much about the vaccine and its impact on our bodies. 

There could be a potential inflammatory response from the vaccine that impacts our uterine lining. So that could mean a slightly heavier period. It could potentially mean you may see your menses earlier as well. Those are some of the symptoms I’ve heard people say that they’ve experienced after getting the shot. 

Additionally, it’s important to remember that other factors could also play a role in menstrual changes such as stress, lack of sleep, diet and exercise. So people should keep this in mind. However, we still need more information to explore this. And so as time goes on, I think we’ll begin to learn more. 

IS: Is there anything else that people should know or expect to happen when they’re getting their vaccines? 

KC: I certainly think they should keep in mind that any response that you experience from the vaccine is usually temporary and short-lived. They should certainly just take note of what they experience and how they feel and make sure that they communicate that with their health care teams. 

I do encourage everyone to make sure that they’re getting their vaccines — the vaccines have certainly been shown to be safe and very effective, and it’s certainly one of the ways that we will make our way out of the pandemic.

The Dancing Alligator: The Hidden Features of the Best Combat Helicopter A couple of seconds, and the car soars into the sky. And then you realize that a huge, at first glance, clumsy piece of iron is so elegant that in the hands of an experienced aviator he can even dance.

Helicopter flies backwards

Team, propellers start, the noise is deafening, and the wind literally knocks you off your feet. A couple of seconds, and the car soars into the sky. And then you realize that a huge, at first glance, clumsy piece of iron is so elegant that in the hands of an experienced aviator he can even dance. How? It's simple, say the pilots of the air base of the Eastern Military District. This is a whole art - to manage the "Alligator". One might even say magic. Imagine: a car weighing ten tons, equipped with two engines that produce a total of five thousand horsepower!

And all its power is controlled by the pilot, who makes the helicopter literally dance in the sky. What other rotorcraft can move tail-first at speeds up to 90 kilometers per hour, make a turn on the spot or go into a dive? All these air pirouettes are by no means hooliganism. This is how pilots practice air combat skills and learn to be one with the machine. After all, the lives of all who are on board depend on it in the literal sense.

This is, at first glance, a game of catch-up. One spinner rushes across the sky after another, turns around, spins and hangs in the air.

“The task of the one ahead is actually very difficult,” explains Sergey (his last name was not disclosed for reasons of secrecy), the commander of the Ka-52 helicopters of the air base of the army aviation of the Eastern Military District. - It is not so easy to get away from the enemy, to drop him from the capture, especially if you understand that an experienced pilot is catching up, who can calculate your actions. Knowing the car and feeling it, you can take a risk somewhere. See how this pilot deftly avoids a direct attack and completes the task!

The Alligator really seems to hang in the air for a moment, and then makes a sharp turn and goes up. The decoy worked, and the pursuer missed his prey.

Maybe everything and even more

There are no losers or winners in these exercises. Air Force pilots have just begun to master the Ka-52; this technique has recently been in service with the district and significantly surpasses all other turntables in terms of its technical capabilities.

– The machine is excellent in handling, but at the same time you need to be able to feel it, and for this you need to train and not fly alone, but simulate various combat situations, – Sergey continues, describing the capabilities of the Ka-52. - There is an opinion that the "Alligator" can win the battle without doing anything, just appearing on the enemy's horizon. His glory goes before him.

– How about the controls? Was it difficult to transfer from other types of cars?

- Formerly piloted Mi-8 and Mi-24 helicopters. This spinner is a little more difficult to control, but it is more maneuverable, which means it gives the pilot more options to react. It can perform various slides, dives, complex piloting, snakes, slide-to-slide transitions, flat turns, hill turns. Lots of shapes that can be easily combined with one another. It’s easier to say what he can’t than to list everything he is capable of,” the flight commander describes the car and gently slaps the “iron bird” on the fuselage.

We play to survive

Encounters with the "Alligator" are afraid, perhaps, most of the ground types of troops. Modern guidance systems make it dangerous for both enemy manpower and armored vehicles. A laser-guided missile destroys a tank with up to 900 millimeters of armor at a distance of three kilometers. A series of such missiles hits four targets in 30 seconds. Plus a cannon and classic weapons - unguided rockets - four blocks of twenty 80-mm projectiles of various actions.

- Here the chances of the enemy to hide from the "Alligator" are almost zero. The car is a beast, - Sergey states.

– And after him, would they be transferred to the Mi-8 again to serve? - I'm slyly interested.

- Wow! This is the best of the turntables that are now in service, unless it appears even better and newer, I can change my crocodile to it, - the commander jokingly ends the conversation and, having received a command from the technicians that the turntable is ready, goes into the cockpit and already through up into the sky for a minute.

Author: Yulia Kremneva

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the most creative marriage proposals

Romantic films are the best. And the most beloved part of them is when a guy realizes that he is madly in love with a girl and makes a cool romantic gesture that leads to a wedding. But you know what's even better? When a guy makes a really thoughtful, creative and loving romantic gesture in real life. That's what these men came up with when they proposed to the woman they love. Each of these creative proposals required a lot of time, energy and money. And watching them is like seeing the end of a romantic movie.

Dozens of people danced for her

Isaac Lam asked his girlfriend - Amy Frankel - to sit in the open trunk of their car. Without thinking twice, the girl agreed. After a couple of seconds, the car started moving, and people began to get out onto the road and follow the car. They danced and sang for Amy. Dozens of people, including her parents, friends and other family members, came to sing for her.

When all the friends that Isaac invited to the "surprise" were on the road, Frankel pressed her hands to her heart and watched their foolish dance with wide eyes. At the end of the performance, the crowd parted and Lam appeared. He got down on one knee and said, "You've already given me a lifetime of happiness. Will you let me spend the rest of my life trying to give you the same?"

Of course, Frankel agreed.

Best Movie Show

Ginny Joyner thought she was going to the movies to see "Furious 5" with her brother Charlie. As Ginny told her story, she remarked that it was common for her brother to drag her to the cinema, so she didn't suspect anything strange. Her mood completely changed when the session began.

The screening began with a scene of a conversation between two men.

- I know how much she means to you. I know how much you love her, said the voice-over. - I know that she is your heart.

By the way, her boyfriend Matt also installed a video camera in the cinema so everyone could see Joyner's reaction. As her eyes widened, it became clear that she recognized his voice.

- I want to spend the rest of my life with her. She is my heart, my friend, my everything,” the man on the screen continued to say.

Then the camera rolled up a little, and Joyner saw Still on the screen, who was hugging his father. Apparently, her lover asked for a blessing and received it.

- What are you waiting for? asked the father.

Matt wiped away his tears and rushed to find Joyner to propose. A small action began on the screen, as the guy ran to the car, arrived at the cinema, bought popcorn and hurried to the cinema ... in which Joyner was now sitting.

At that moment, the door actually opened in the hall and Matt appeared. He pulled Ginny out of the chair and proposed to her.

Proposal in 365 days

It took Dean Smith a whole year to make a video proposal to his girlfriend, Jennifer Kessel. Each day he recorded himself with various signs hinting at the date, as well as romantic messages: "I love you so much", "Will you marry me, Jennifer?" and "Make me the happiest person on earth!"

"I knew Jennifer was a fan of marriage proposal videos," Smith told the Huffington Post. "She showed me a few of them, and I decided I wanted to propose to her in that style."

When the couple was in Aruba with their family for Jennifer's birthday, Smith made arrangements with her relatives. They took her to the beach where she sat down to watch videos on her phone. But a few minutes later the video ended with the word "turn around." When the girl turned to face the water, she saw Smith there, who was already proposing to her.

"When I turned around and saw Dean standing in front of me, we both burst into tears," Jennifer said in an interview.

Helicopter and fake photo shoot

Cornelius Bascomb, a television producer from Los Angeles, had been planning his proposal for several months. His girlfriend, model Rachel Jordan, thought they were going up to the roof of a bank for a photo shoot, and had no idea that it was actually a marriage proposal.

Cornelius contacted the photographer, who then approached Jordan to set up a fake photo shoot for the proposal. When he climbed to the roof with his beloved, there was already a helicopter for a "photo shoot". They got into it together, and then Jordan stood in front of Cornelius, holding red rose petals in both hands. When she turned and opened her hands for what she thought was a photo shoot, rose petals shot up into the sky...and she saw Bascombe kneeling with a wedding ring. After a romantic speech, she agreed.

"I didn't sleep at all," Bascomb told ABC News. "She had no idea why I was so nervous last night. I just told her it was because of work. "

Jordan was very impressed and told ABC News, "What he filmed for the proposal amazes me, I'm still in shock. But the great thing about him is that he shows me this level of love every day. He makes me very happy woman."

He asked his helicopter pilot girlfriend to choose a landing site "yes" or "no"

Robin, an airport firefighter, proposed to his girlfriend Clara Risell, a helicopter pilot, at the place where they first met - on the runway. When Clara arrived at work, Robin turned on the radio to talk to her. "Sweetheart, I have a question," he said. "But you are not allowed to answer the radio. Instead, choose a landing site - that will be your decision." Then he knelt down and asked, "Clara Rizell, will you marry me?" The two fire trucks covering the surprise rolled to the side, revealing a big red heart for "yes" and a small black box that said "no".

Surprised with joy, Rizell of course landed right on the heart marked "yes". She then stepped out of the helicopter and hugged Robin.

He proposed with a flash mob in Times Square

Dave's idea to propose to his lover during a flash mob required a film crew, dancers and actors. To implement his plan, the guy had to make dozens of phone calls and send out a bunch of emails. He even placed "secret participants" throughout the surrounding area to participate in the proposal. Among them were a couple who lived in Dave and his girlfriend's favorite vacation spot, as well as a club promoter who encouraged the couple to go dancing in Times Square.

The flash mob started with Dave breaking dancing in the center of the circle. Then a large group of dancers joined him. His girlfriend looked at him, smiling but looking a little embarrassed. A few minutes later, someone handed her an earpiece.

- Don't worry, - Dave said. It is me. Thumbs up if you can hear me.

He kept telling her how happy he was during the three years they were together.

- Three years have passed and we are not tired of each other. I hope that you are ready to increase this figure, so I have an important question for you.

At this moment, the dancers unfurled a banner in their hands with the inscription "Will you marry me?

At this moment, Dave got down on one knee and asked: "Do you want to be with me forever?"

- Yes, - she answered.

She Unwittingly Planned Her Own Proposal

Tyson Henderson, a videographer who has made hundreds of custom video proposals for his girlfriend, Hailey, decided to film something truly special as part of his proposal to marry him.He decided to sing Kip Moore's Hey Pretty Girl taught himself how to play it by watching a YouTube video.The only thing he didn't know was when he would sing the song to her.He had a brilliant idea.He asked his mom to suggest Hayley give him a birthday surprise.Hailey had no idea that she was actually planning her own engagement!0003

At the party, Tyson and his mother asked Hailey to enter a pageant and then they blindfolded her. Without removing the bandage, Tyson began to sing. Hayley sensed a trick and removed the bandage. Then she sank into a chair and watched him sing. Her eyes filled with tears of happiness...

Then Tyson got down on one knee and proposed. He later revealed that all the people she invited to his "surprise party" knew what was about to happen. Luckily, she was so happy that she didn't feel bad about being deceived.

He sang it on stage with the A cappella choir

Anna and Alex met in college and were good friends for seven years after graduation before they started dating. Alex knew that Anna loved his singing, so he turned to an A cappella group at the University of Southern California. The musicians liked his idea, and one of the band members offered to meet. The singer was so excited about the idea of ​​a marriage proposal that he eventually brought together over 100 colleagues from a wide variety of groups. At the end of the campus concert, Alex took the stage with Anna.

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