How to do the dancing dragon

How Do You Do the Dragon Dance?


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  • How do you do the dragon dance?
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If you could be any mythical creature, what would you be? A leprechaun leaping through green fields? Or how about a proud unicorn galloping through a dense forest?

If you want to be a fierce flier, you might choose to be a dragon. Who wouldn't want to breathe fire and fly through the skies, claiming all the territory below as your own?

When you hear the word dragon, what comes to mind? Breathing fire? Scaly skin? Huge wings? How about awesome dancer? If you're like most people, you probably don't associate dragons with dancing, but that's exactly what many people in China think of!

In Chinese culture, dragons are important symbols of a variety of concepts, from heavenly guardians to water spirits. For example, two different types of dragons commonly associated with Chinese culture are the Spirit Dragon, which controls the rains and winds, and the Earth Dragon, which controls the rivers.

To celebrate the importance of the mythology of dragons in Chinese culture, the dragon dance was invented as a form of traditional dance performed at public celebrations, such as parades. The dragon dance is also often performed during the holiday of Chinese New Year.

The dragon dance requires a team of coordinated dancers. A long, flexible dragon figure composed of many different pieces is manipulated using poles positioned along the length of the figure.

A traditional dragon consists of a head piece, a tail piece, and several pieces that make up the length of the body. Although early dragons were made with metal and wood, today's dragons are more often made with lightweight paper, plastic, and aluminum.

Many dancers can participate in the dragon dance, because dragons can be quite long. Although dragons can be made to be any size, many dragons used for large festivities can be 200 feet or longer!

Using poles to manipulate their particular piece of the dragon's body, dancers create the illusion that the dragon is moving. Since the dragon is often viewed as a river spirit, dancers often seek to mimic the smooth, flowing movement of a river. Other popular dance patterns have interesting names, such as whirlpool, cloud cave, threading the money, and looking for pearl.

It takes an impressive combination of strength and agility by a large group of people to execute a successful dance. Hours and hours of practice are necessary. Some people believe a dragon dance team is like a combination of a professional sports team and a professional performing arts group.

Historians believe the dragon dance may have originated over 2,000 years ago during the Han Dynasty. Over time, different regions of China developed their own unique versions of the dragon dance. Today, there may be over 700 different types of dragon dances across China!

Exactly what type of dragon an area may create for a festivity will depend on the number of people and amount of available resources. Longer dragons require more people and can be quite expensive to produce.

Dragons also come in a variety of colors, each of which can be a symbol of a particular desire. Popular colors include green (a great harvest), yellow (a mighty empire), gold or silver (prosperity), and red (excitement).

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  • Feeling artsy? Grab your crayons, markers, or colored pencils and follow the online directions to Draw an Asian Dragon. What colors will you use? What will you name your dragon? Maybe even draw two dragons, so they can play together!
  • Creating a life-size dragon for a parade might be a bit of a tall order, but you could make a smaller version at home. Ask an adult friend or family member to help you. How To Make a Chinese Dragon Costume has some helpful tips and suggestions. You'll likely need to make a trip to the store for a few supplies. Have fun making a dragon you can use to choreograph your own dragon dance at home!
  • Up for a challenge? Design your very own dragon dance and perform it for friends and family members at home. Use your homemade costume or no costume at all! What dance moves will you choose? What do they symbolize? Remember to tell a story with your dance routine. If you can, have a friend or family member video your performance, so you can share it with others.

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Dragon Dance for Chinese New Year 2022: Meaning, History

Dragon dances have been indispensable to Chinese festivals since ancient times. With the spread of Chinese people and culture all over the world, the dragon dance has been brought to every corner of the world where there are overseas Chinese gathered. It has become a symbol of Chinese culture.

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  • Dragon Dance Symbolism and Meanings
  • Chinese New Year Dragon Dances
  • The Dragon Dance Costume
  • A Typical Dragon Dance
  • The History and Legend of Dragon Dances
  • Dragon Dance Types

Dragon Symbolism and Dragon Dance Meanings

The Chinese dragon is a symbol of China, and it is an important part of Chinese culture. Chinese dragons symbolize wisdom, power, and wealth, and they are believed to bring good luck.

In ancient times, when there was no rain for a long time, people prayed for rain with a dragon dance, and dragon dances after planting were also a way to pray against insect attacks. Nowadays, dragon dances are performed during festive occasions as a means to chase away evil spirits and welcome in prosperous times.

Dragon dances can be performed in a variety of ways with dragon costumes of different colors. Different colors of dragon dance have different meanings.

A Chinese dragon

Chinese New Year Dragon Dances

Dragon dances are an important part of the Chinese New Year celebrations. Along with lion dances, they are often the highlight of Chinese New Year parades.

From Chinese New Year's Day to the Lantern Festival, dragon dances can be seen in many places in China and Chinatowns around the world. They are believed to be a way to scare away evil spirits and bring good luck to people. It is considered lucky if one is touched by a (dragon dance) dragon.

The Dragon Dance Costume

The dragon body of the dragon dance costume is composed of a large dragon’s head, and a long tail-like body in a number of sections, which are lifted on poles. The length of the dragon can vary from 2 meters to 100 meters or even over 1,000 meters long — the record set in HK in 2012 was 5,605 meters (3½ miles) long! It is believed that the longer the Dragon is, the more luck it will bring!

Odd numbers of the dragon’s joints are regarded as auspicious, so people often make a 9-jointed dragon, an 11-jointed dragon, a 13-jointed dragon, or even a 29-jointed dragon.

The dragon dance costume is made of various materials like grass, bamboo, paper, and cloth. The dragon body is woven in a round and tubular shape using thin bamboo strips, segment-by-segment, and covered with a huge red cloth with dragon scales decorating it.

Dragon dancers often wear long trousers that perfectly match the body of the dragon.

A Typical Dragon Dance

The dragon body used for the dragon dance is usually placed in a local 'Dragon King Temple', and only on the day of the dragon dance can it be taken out, accompanied by local people holding banners and flags, pounding on drums, and blowing trumpets. People connect the head and the tail of the dragon to its body and hold a ceremony of ‘eye-pointing’.

A person holding a rod with a big ball (called the ‘Pearl of Wisdom’)at the top leads the dragon during the dance. The ball is moved left and right, back and forth, up and down, and the dragon follows the ball. Its body, moving in waves, appears to be dancing. The pursuant movements of‘Dragon Chasing the Pearl’symbolize that the dragon is continually in pursuit of wisdom.

The choreography of a dragon dance varies according to the skills of the performers. Common movements include ‘cloud cave’, ‘whirlpool’, ‘tai chi pattern’, ‘threading the money’, ‘looking for the pearl’, and ‘dragon encircling the pillar’.

After adance, the dragon's head and tail are burnt, and the body is returned to the temple, where it will be kept for use the next year.

The dragon is welcome everywhere it goes, and sometimes the team conducting the dragon dance can receive banquets up to five or six times, which are called ‘dragon in exchange for wine’.

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The History and Legend of Dragon Dances

The origin of the dragon dance can be dated back to the Han Dynasty (206 BC–220 AD). It was then used in a ceremony for worshiping ancestors and praying for rain, but it gradually developed into an entertainment activity. By the Tang Dynasty (618–907)and the Song Dynasty (960–1279), the dragon dance had become a common ceremonial activity in festivals like Chinese New Year.

Legend has it that a long time ago, in a village called Lotus, there was a pond covered with lotuses. A woman who lived by the pond was pregnant for 999 days and gave birth to a boy. Surprisingly, on the boy's chest and back there were thin dragon scales, glittering and dazzling. When the old chief heard that the woman had given birth to a dragon god, he wanted to kill the baby. The woman put her baby in a foot basin and hid him in the lotus pond.

However, the old chief found the baby and he raised his dazzling knife and slashed at the child.

In a flash, the child jumped up from the foot basin, turned into a golden dragon, and leaped into the pool. Suddenly, the wind blew and dark clouds rolled in. Then the little dragon gradually grew larger and turned into a dragon of tens of feet long.

From then on, whenever there was a drought in the village, the dragon came to give rain. In order to thank him, the local people used 999 lotus petals to make a flower dragon and performed a dragon dance every Spring Festival (Chinese New Year).

Dragon Dance Types

Southern Dragon Dance (南龙)

The southern dragon dance originates from areas south of the Yangtze River. The body of a southern dragon is more finely decorated and heavier than a northern dragon's.

The southern style emphasizes momentum, strength, and a grand appearance, so it does not display agile movements. Usually, 10 people are needed to carry a southern dragon. It is conventionally made of bamboo and paper, and the body's skin is made of cloth with dragon scales drawn on it.

Northern Dragon Dance (北龙)

This style was developed north of the Yangtze River.

The body and head of a northern dragon are smaller than that of a southern dragon, and are made of paper or plant fibers, which make it considerably lighter. Northern dragon dances are often performed in a dark environment, so northern dragons are usually made with fluorescent materials.

Different from the southern dragon, which displays strength and grandeur, the northern dragon emphasizes flexibility in its dancing moves. The northern style is more similar to lion dances’.  

At present, the northern dragon is more popular worldwide. Competitions and performances are frequently held in China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, and Singapore.

Read online “Dancing for the Dragon. Heaven on Fire”, Marina Eldenbert – LitRes

Ortaharna, Arongara


How can I help the dragon?

Okay, correction: how can I help irthan when people in our world have little more rights than a bar stool in a fast food restaurant?

“I am listening to you attentively,” she said, looking into her sister’s eyes.

- According to the law, a person who has suffered from the actions of an irthan is entitled to compensation from the society of irthans for moral damage. In your case, it is expressed in a rather serious monetary equivalent, since you could have lost your life.

Now I felt that my eyebrows were creeping up somewhere in the area of ​​hair tied into a ponytail. Not on the back of the head, but close to that, along with the eyes.

It would be necessary to untie the tail, or something. And then it is so tightly tied that I manage not to want to sleep even at six in the morning.

- How serious?

Leona named the amount, and I realized that I could not work for the next couple of years. Given the fact that I will not think about where to spend the money. Generally.

- So I can hire a hitman for someone who has to put on Grow taerran?

Now Leona's eyebrows went up.

“Sorry,” I said. “I haven’t slept for more than a day and I was wildly nervous.

- In exchange for monetary compensation, you can turn to the Council with any request. In particular, ask for a mitigation of punishment. This law is internal, and it is not particularly covered. Leona lowered her voice a little. “But you have that right.

I suppressed the urge to throw myself on her neck.

Yes, literally rush, because now there are no other feelings left in me.

- I want to address the Council. Right now.

- It won't work now. The sister smiled. - Since Grow has dual citizenship, this issue will be decided by a separate Council. Of course, if he voluntarily refuses to leave.

He will refuse, for some reason I thought.

He will refuse, because he is filming the story of Ilerra, and he definitely will not refuse it. I don’t know why, now this thought stung with some kind of wild unnatural jealousy.

Need more sleep, huh.

- Just like the fate of Melora.

- That is?

- The trial of Mestrel Yarlis will take place separately.

– Wait, what did we have now?

- Preliminary proceedings. Sentencing at this level never happens on the same day.

- So I will have to somehow get to the sentencing?

- You can be present at the sentencing of Yarlis as the injured party. As for the Grove hearing... I think we'll just merge them. Because they won't let you in separately.


The main thing is that I can apply to the Council with a request, the rest is details.

“I have to go back,” Leona said. - The meeting is almost over, another half an hour - and we will be free. Let's go home.


- So how do you go home?

- You wanted to go back to Mayston.

- Actually, no. I said that I'm not sure if I want to continue acting. - I looked at my sister carefully.

- And? She returned her gaze to me.

- I'm staying.

Ready to listen to a lot of interesting things, she tensed inwardly, but, to my great amazement, Leona simply smiled.

- I'm glad.

– Mm…

That's the only thing I've had enough of right now.

- I'm really glad, Tanni. Perhaps I behaved somewhat expressively when I found out about everything ...

- A few?

- Once I myself was in such a situation. She chewed her lips and gave me a quick glance.

- You?

- Yes. There was a moment when I thought that I would have to choose between my family and the stage. More precisely, between Raynar and the stage. Leona looked at me much more intently. - And I almost gave up the second one, because our relationship was very important to me. This decision was probably the most difficult for me, but then I saw my colleagues and realized that I simply could not leave. I can't let them down, even if it means…” She trailed off as if searching for her words. “Sorry for making you think the same. I'm just crazy worried about you, Tunny. Maybe I wasn't the best sister because I was desperately trying to be your mom, and... now too. It always seems to me that we have become too far away, because we live in different worlds. I'm sorry I didn't say this sooner, but...

- I had the best mother in the world. - I stepped towards her. - And now I have the best sister in the world. I'm also sorry I didn't say that sooner.

Leona took the second step and hugged me tightly. So tight that it took my breath away, in these embraces there was no impetuous rush, as then, in the ward, and such crazy feelings, but there was something much more.

Confidence that I will never again choke on stupid childhood insults simply because she is an Irthaness and I am a human, because we live in worlds that touch only tangentially, and because her world will never accept me.

We are just a family.

And period.

So what do I care about the others?

We pulled away at the same time, but there was no awkwardness in this gesture.

- I really need to get back. The sister nodded towards the meeting room. “I’ll ask Raynar to call an escort for you.

She nodded in agreement.

Stop… What other accompaniment?!

Before I could voice my question, a siren wailed. Screwing herself into consciousness, she fell a little quiet only for a mechanical voice to break through her: “Emergency. Zero code.

Leona's eyes widened, and hurried footsteps, not to say clatter, came from the direction of the corridor.

- Mestra Halloran...

- I know. She interrupted the waltzguard with a gesture. - Escort my sister to the hotel where the film crew has moved. You answer like me.

The first lady's bodyguards lined up, and I intercepted my sister a moment before she could hide in the corridor.

- Leona! What does "code zero" mean?

- Plaque. She withdrew her hand and looked at me for a moment. - Multiple. Countrywide.

Yes, that certainly explained a lot. In particular, the fact that my sister rushed off in a whirlwind towards the meeting room, and I was almost kicked to the exit. That is, not with kicks, of course, but very politely and popularly, they sped up, holding each other, and in order not to turn into a waltzguard ponytail (one for two), I had to adapt to their fast drill step.

The corridor ended with elevators, the elevators ended with a hall, the hall continued with another corridor, and now I’m already breathing fresh morning air and covering my eyes with my hand, because the sun rising over the city is blinding, and the siren (outside completely hysterical) yells in my ears so that I want to duck down and crawl somewhere deeper. For example, in an underground shelter.

In Arongar (as well as throughout the world), metropolitan areas are stuffed with underground shelters in case dragons do attack the city. I suspect that the siren was made so disgusting precisely so that everyone urgently wanted to hide underground. In civil defense lessons, we were taught to go down under the school together without creating panic, to help elementary school students in emergency situations, and so on, so on, so on.

- Essa Lade!

I was nimbly stuffed into the fly.

So much so that I didn’t have time to come to my senses, and, no, I can swear that they just pushed me into the back seat, and I gently fell onto it, like a baby from a potty in my mother’s hands. In the next second, the fly had already slid into the air sleeve and onto the upper airway.

Luckily, here the siren's howl was at least a little muffled, because after a sleepless night my eyes twitched from it. I would have stuck to the glass, but the broad shoulders of Leona's guard loomed to the left and right, so all that remained was to look at what was happening in the city, over them. The wastelands looked like a distant horizon from here, but I could still see dots rising above them. Tiny ones, with thin strings of tails and wings.

They are tiny from here.

The first and last raid in my life happened in Mayston (more precisely, there was no raid as such, it was a provocation against Raynar, as Leona later explained to me). But what was happening now, I definitely could not understand.

Plaque all over the country?

At the thought of this, the stomach contracted disgustingly, and a chill ran down the back. Too bad my sister and I talked very little about dragons. Too bad we didn't talk much at all.

And what's going on in Mayston now?!

Raynar and Leona are here.

- Yes. - The sharp voice of the Walzguard on the right brought me out of the trance. - Understood.

- What happened?

I turned to him, but he still showed me a strong-willed profile.

- This is not for your ears, Lade's essay.

- So my sister said something to you, and it's not for my ears?

Walzgard turned to me. He gave me a tenacious icy look and answered extremely expressively and intelligibly:

- Yes.

Then he turned away, showing the back of his head shaved to one.

I wanted to say something very polite to him, instead I turned away too and stared out the window through the profile of the other. The airway curved around the wasteland on a tangent, and now I could clearly see the dragons circling on the border with the city. From here they looked like toys, but in fact they were not, with every minute there were more and more of them. Huge powerful beasts soared above the ground, now soaring to the heavens, then going down. I couldn’t see what was down there because of the skyscrapers, military vehicles flashed past us with flashing lights, an armored cortege of the ruler, followed by a few more flys, and then we went to a branch of the highway to the center.

The road ended abruptly next to the hotel, an arch rising above Ortahara.

Clusters of people hung on the balconies, well, like clusters, each on his own, because of this, from afar, there was an impression that beads had been stuck on the facades of the building.

We went down to the upper parking lot, where, despite the early hours, there was pandemonium. The hotel's security team was clearly working out their monthly work quota, because through the furious cries came a steady, calm, almost mechanical: "You can't go into the air now." "No, essa, the teleportation halls don't work anyway." "I'm sorry, but the air sleeves are blocked until further notice."

Some disheveled lady rushed past us, attacking the security guard with a scream even more wild than the howl of a siren, demanding to be released immediately onto the airway. The bald guy, who likes to swing in the gym, was pushed back from the flysocycle by three, so far successfully.

I was briskly dragged through this hustle and bustle exactly to the upper hall, the sliding doors slid to the sides, when a heart-rending screech was heard behind our backs, which a moment later turned into a many-voiced roar, which happens in stadiums during the victory of your favorite grathand team. I turned around, now all eyes were fixed on the mobile displays.

- Live broadcast! the mountain of muscles trying to break through to the flycycle screamed excitedly, shaking her smartphone. “Look how many there are!”

The next moment I was pushed into the upper hall, through the howl of sirens and yelling voices there was a receding growl of speakers. It was relatively quiet inside, apart from the muffled live broadcast and the excited voice of the desk clerk on the phone. The security guards froze like statues, only at the far sofa a man nervously fiddled with the handle of the air suitcase, not even thinking of turning off its hovering mode.

- ... Works very close! - I heard something excited, however, noticing us, the girl immediately said goodbye and turned to us. Nervously, she adjusted the blond curl that fell on her forehead from a perfect hairstyle.

She may have tried to be calm, but her wide eyes and trembling lips betrayed her excitement.

– Good afternoon, how can I help you?

“Good morning,” I said, ahead of the “back of the head” that opened my mouth. I can't stand it when they speak for me, even such cool nannies. - I need a number ...

- I'm sorry, but check-in is not possible at the moment.

The Chairman's security officer's ID fell on the counter, and the girl's face changed.

“Oh…” she said. - I apologize. Number…

– For an essay by Lade. Her film crew moved into your hotel tonight.

The administrator's face changed even more, and I thought, “Okay, let them talk. They somehow do it better.”

The girl took my documents, touched the scanner with the card, and then looked up at me.

- The number is already ready for you, essay by Lade.

- So how?

- It was booked by Essterd Grow. The administrator put the key on the table. - With safety regulations in case of a raid ...

- We are familiar, - said the Waltzguard, and I was directed under escort towards the elevators.

It's probably a little crazy to think about it when there is a winged panic over the city, but for some reason I thought.

That Grow had booked a room for me.

Although I could not be sure that I would return.

Unexpectedly for myself (and especially for the Valzguards), I turned around and rushed back to the counter at full speed. The receptionist didn’t even have time to switch off (she was talking on the phone again, her eyes fixed on the screen of the wall plasma) when I leaned towards her:

– What room did Grow’s essterd stay in?

If you can turn even more pale, the girl succeeded.

- Excuse me, Essa Lade, we don't give out such information...

- I need to talk to the director of the film I'm shooting. Urgently. – I confidently leaned even closer. And it would be better for her to speak faster, because no one canceled my escorts, and I was wildly tired and all that.

- You understand that I have no right to...

- And if you think about it? - I moved my eyebrows.

I hope that I got at least remotely similar to Leona, because the shifted eyebrows are not exactly what I can do one hundred percent. I'll have to practice in front of the mirror, or something.

- I think that as an exception ...

Yes, it probably worked out.

- His number is on your floor, one five nine five one.

It's good to be the first lady's sister.

- Wonderful. Thank you very much, - I said and added: - You forgot to reject the call.

Just at the moment when my escorts reached the limits of my personal space, the administrator said:

- Essterda Grou is not at home anyway, Essa Lade. He left as soon as the siren went off.

Where to?!

I almost voiced this question out loud, instead I just nodded and walked back to the elevators under the gloomy looks of the Valzguards. A man with an air suitcase stuck to the mobile display, judging by his bulging eyes, there is something out of the ordinary. She involuntarily reached for hers, but remembered that the screen had finally turned into a cobweb, and walked faster. There will be plasma in the room, I will find out everything there. And in general, there is something paradoxical in the fact that the sister of the first lady learns about everything from the news.

Somehow this is not normal, or something.

Where could Grow go anyway?

Now that everything is closed, although knowing him, this is not a problem for him.

The Valzguards burst into the room with me with such stern faces, as if there was a hired killer behind every curtain, but the first thing I did was find the remote control and turn on the visor.

There really were a lot of dragons, it felt like there wasn't a single one left in the wasteland. Valzguard cordon on the border of the shield, combat flys hovering between the observation towers; the camera, of course, was a little farther away, but it still looked creepy. From this angle, it was clearly visible how the dragons go up, and then dive and swiftly sweep above the ground, raising clouds of dust.

"We're all confused right now," the reporter said excitedly. - The inhabitants of modern Ortaharna have not seen such a number of dragons even in the cinema. Mestre Kreisman has so far refused to comment on what is happening, and nothing is clear from what we see. We can only hope that everything will be resolved in the near future.

They showed the cortege of the ruler, in the recording, of course, flying at full speed to the wastelands, but I turned off the sound and selected the Solars Van from the menu - the main channel of Mayston, and for some time now the whole country. The picture split into two parts, separated by a vertical stripe. It was worth seeing the native islands, as something trembled inside.

Suspiciously sharp.

- As far as we know, a teleport has just been opened for the President of the Council and the First Lady. The blond-haired reporter, in contrast to her constantly looking back colleague from Ortaharna, looked exclusively at the camera. “For the people of Mayston, this means only one thing: they are now protected…

I was used to looking at my sister through camera lenses, but just at that moment I felt a strange pride. The realization that, despite the emergency, Leona and Raynar are still the epitome of protection for the Arongars made that pride skyrocket. Like a big red dragon in the background.

“We don't know what's going on yet,” the announcer continued, switching back to live and the reporter waiting. - Eina?

- It's amazing, but the dragons don't even think about attacking! There are many of them, but they ... just fly?

But it's true. If you look closely, the dragons did not try to breathe fire or roar, they just circled on the edge of the wasteland, flowing around the city to the edge that the shield built.

“Amazing,” confirmed the announcer, who, judging by her voice, did not share her colleague's optimism. “Well, in any case, we just have to wait. Mestre Halloran and his wife are now on their way to the border...

– Yes, and this seems to be the first time that the first lady has gone out into the wasteland with her husband…

– Not the first time in our case. We all remember the events when Mestre Halloran, not yet the Chairman, but the ruling one, defended the city during the explosion on Lauvais, turning into a dragon. If I'm not mistaken, then his future wife was also next to him.

– Yes, it was a double turn, which is why we all know that our city is in good hands now…

Where is Grou?

Some kind of dragon, this thought haunted me.

I turned off the sound and realized that I was still standing in those stupid stilettos. I threw them off with kicks, went to the balcony, but two powerful bodies blocked the door to me.

- Not now, essay by Lade.

– Can't I get some fresh air?

Not now.

Is it stuck or something?

Turned around, kicking an innocent shoe (quite by accident, of course), and flopped down on the sofa. I had to occupy myself with something, and occupy myself with something ... no, I was not going to dance on the railing, more than that - I was not sure that I would have enough strength even to bend, but now I wanted at least something do.

The minute I thought about it, the intercom system beeped.

I answered through the panel built into the armrest.

- I thought you might want to know, essay by Lade. - The voice of the administrator. Essterd Grow is back.


It's good to be the first lady's sister.

- Thank you, - I answered and hung up, after which I turned to the Walzguards.

- I need to walk to the next room. I hope I can do this alone?

- No.

How did I know that this would be the answer?

“There are two steps here,” I reminded him.

- No.

Dragon dung in your pants with industrial buckets.

“Okay,” she gritted her teeth. “But will you allow me to speak to Essterd Grow in private?”

If he says no now, I will bite him.

- Yes.

Okay. Live for now.

She looked down at her "striped" stockings and went to the bathroom to take them off. Given that my luggage had not yet arrived, I had no choice: either a suit or no suit. She looked expressively at her reflection, so pale, with round eyes from lack of sleep, under which dark circles appeared. For some reason, I thought that if the dragons break into the city, they will not only not devour me, but also feed me.

I thought a little and let my hair down.

No idea why.

I decided to collect it back, but then I spat and just rinsed my face with water.

In the end, I'm just going to talk, not on a date.

What other date?!

At seven o'clock in the morning under the cheerful howl of a siren.

Having become completely angry with herself, she flew out of the bathroom, put her feet into terrible shoes and headed for the door. Number one five nine five one, according to the holographic interactive map displayed above the key, was just around the corner. I flew the distance to it with a agility worthy of a dragon who had left at the peak.

- Thanks for picking it up. I already thought I was stuck for a long time.

Someone would pick me up, I thought.

Because next to Grow was none other than Sibrilla Ritharson.

Fervern's icy voice. Irthanessa, world famous singer, whose voice is considered the second most powerful after the soprano Leona. The performer of the hit "Ice Storm", which swept the world and firmly settled in the charts.

Or stuck, like its performer is out there somewhere. Nearly.

Grow's hand slipped from her waist to her ass.

Get stuck!

And along with her, you, dragon-infused male.

Fortunately, they didn't see me, and I quickly jumped back.

Back, back, back! – silently yelled at the guards, waving her hands.

Sincerely trying to blend in with my surroundings.

The atmosphere did not want to merge with me, because the cream suit stood out like a splash against the background of maroon inserts.

– Tanni? Gro's voice.

This voice turned off the instinct of self-preservation, and I fit into the security at full speed.

Who said that you can't spring from a stone? It's even possible. I bounced off them like a ball off a wall to hit the viar's teeth.

That is a dragon.

That is, dragons.

“Hello,” I said, turning to them. - Good morning. We are walking here.

- Are you walking?

Grow's gaze swept over me and lingered on the guard rising behind me.

- Well, yes. I can’t sleep somehow, that’s all ... what’s going on there is wildly emotional. Just wow and wow! - I clasped my fingers on my hips and immediately unhooked them, expressively raising my eyebrows. - What are you doing?

In terms of the degree of idiocy, this question would pull on the highest score.

And so it is clear that Sibrilla Ritharson did not come up to his room to discuss the raid. A sort of template from the cover of fashion magazines: hair flowing like frost silk down the back to the very waist, the dark blue dress is stretched in all strategic places, even when the shoulder is turned. R-time - and you're done, ass, like a ball in the gym, boobs, like a ripe malarrella.

Can anyone tell me how some girls manage to do this: looking perfect twenty-six hours a day? Even if I paint my eyelashes, in two hours one of them will bend to the left, the other to the right, and through the contour pencil the lipstick diverges from the lips with cracks, like the rays of the sun. Not to mention the fact that not a single hairspray takes me for a long time, which is why Gella swears with terrible words.

- I ended up in Ortaharn at the moment when all the air corridors were closed, and Jerman helped me out.


How nice.

- Yes, Jerman generally likes to help out women who find themselves in awkward situations.

My tongue is in my ass, what am I saying?!

- Really?

Sibrilla smiled coldly, revealing perfect white teeth.

Surely the dentist just got rich to make her hiccup and fart. And in general, it was necessary to invite her for the role of Hellyria, a perfect match.

- Well, in general, you settle down here and all that, and we will move on. Boys, follow me!

I don't know who was more scaly, the "boys" or Grow with her dragoness-iced-slide hybrid, but I passed them along the corridor, my head thrown high in complete confusion of where I was going. I really hope that the corridor does not end at the next turn.

– Tanni.

Your dragon by the leg!

- Huh?

I turned around to meet a dark gaze. One that, even through the veil of some strange dullness, acted on me like a smelter on metal.

– Are you all right?

– What? Not noticeable? She folded her arms across her chest and nodded at the Waltzguards.

Grow narrowed his eyes.

Are you sure?

I'm sure, I'm more than sure. And in general, go, your icy lady is already waiting for you, and look, it will start to crackle and pour snowflakes.

– Listen, you and I have already figured it out, haven't we? You asked me to decide, I decided. I play Ilerra, you make a movie. Everything is simple.

Gro's pupils twitched. Barely perceptible.

“Not a problem,” he said. - Be in touch.

Turned around and headed for his blond ice slide, and I continued on my way to nowhere, because everything inside turned upside down, I wanted to kick the wall or pound on it with my fists. You can use Sibrilla's head, but this is a criminal offense, and in general it is somehow not feminine.

Three ha ha.

Who am I kidding?

Women are girls like Sybrilla, whose every fingernail is perfect, and I, Tanni Lade, are a socially dangerous element (as my former headmistress would say), which guys fall for only if they are not in order in the head.

All right.

Inhale deeply, exhale deeply.

Calmed down, turned around and back. To the room.

Fortunately, the guys I came across were smart and did not ask questions, turning around after me. As soon as I was outside the door, I took a deep breath and explained:

- I changed my mind. I desperately want to sleep.

The expressions on the faces of the Walzguards, which in principle did not change, could probably be classified as skeptical. Or that they believed me.

By and large, it didn't matter to me: I grabbed my cell phone in my arm and went to the bathroom, but the way was blocked again.

- Not now, essay by Lade.

– So I can’t take a shower either?

During a potential raid, yes.

Just now I remembered what is happening outside the windows, that all normal people are stuck to their visors, because the fate of the country is being decided and all that. But where are normal people, and where is Tanni Lade. Who first ran to Grow because she believed that...

What did I actually believe?

Female Otseharra in the mating season is even smarter.

The minute I appreciated my own intelligence so highly, my phone burst into a hysterical chime. It was impossible to call this convulsive rattling otherwise, but in which of the countless falls his speakers also suffered, I no longer remembered. It was impossible to understand who was calling through the countless cracks on the display, so I pressed the emergency button on the case.

– Tanni!

– Richt?!

– Tanni, where are you now? Can you speak?

- Uh-huh. Yes,” she glanced at the Walzguards. - I can.

- How are you?

Much more attention has been paid to this issue than I would like to hear. Or maybe just as much as I wanted, that's the problem. Whenever a man's attention to me crosses a certain line, I climb into a cave and do not stick my nose out of there until it merges into the unknown. Not to mention what usually happens when I'm hinted at in a relationship.

That's right. Did I just say "relationship"?!

Didn't say, but thought, but that doesn't change things.

- Would you like to come in? I suggested until I thought of something else.

Come to my cave, we will count the glints.

Like Grow with Sibrilla.

Fuck me! No more non-work thoughts about Grow, especially when I'm talking to Richt.

Especially since we haven't finished the previous conversation.

Or a kiss. Although I wasn't sure I was in a position to finish anything right now.

– Wait… are you in a hotel?

- Yes.

I called the number, and Richt hung up immediately.

Who would ever tell me what I'm doing?

The Valzguards still stood motionless at the door, but I walked diagonally from corner to corner. All hotel rooms are similar, like twin brothers, well, except for VIPs or the presidential suite, for example. There may be options, but basically only the color of the walls, furniture upholstery and glass thickness change. Like the thickness of my exposure, which was now bursting at the seams and promising ... it did not promise anything good. At the memory of Grow's hand on the iceness's ass, everything inside turned over, covered with a crust of ice, piercing into the heart with ice needles, and then opened and beat with a fiery fountain.

On the head, yeah.

Never before have I been so close to breaking dishes (from a bar, for example). Only the presence of the Waltzguards held them back.

I thought belatedly that Richt should have been warned about them.

Of course, he knows that I am the first lady's sister, but it's hard to prepare for this. And even more difficult to what happened. But I still have no idea what he thinks about what happened. Only “witness testimony” appeared in the meeting room, the recordings of the survey of the film crew were sent to the ruling before the start of the process, and, apparently, they familiarized themselves with them in advance.

Unlike me.

More precisely, no one offered me to get acquainted with them.

A knock on the door interrupted my thoughts, and the voice of Richt, the door of which was opened by one of my bodyguards:

“How…” interrupted the stern look of the Walzguard.

“This is my colleague Richt Parsherrd,” I explained and added: “This is my bodyguard. ” Hope it doesn't bother you.

- It's hard to embarrass me.

The next minute Richt stepped towards me and hugged me impetuously.

But I can, as it turned out. I carefully rested my palms on his chest, although it was comfortable in his arms. Perhaps that's why I resisted, because I could not figure out what to do with it.

“Tanny, how nice to see you,” he said, peering into my face. – What happened there?

- Well, I...

- Essa Lade has no right to disclose information about what happened.


I got a little scaly, so much so that I even forgot about Richt's strong hands on my waist.

- Don't understand?

- You have signed an agreement in which you undertake not to disclose the events of the last evening and everything that happened within the walls of Anger Height.

No, of course, I signed something like that before the meeting began, but…

This one-haired man is already starting to annoy me.

- This information concerns only the Council, and the Council will decide how to dispose of it.


So I can't tell anyone that Melora threw me off the balcony?!

What am I supposed to say then?!

- And if I tell you?

- Your right to compensation is cancelled.


“It doesn’t matter,” Richt said quietly, invading the kaleidoscope of fierce obscenity that was now spinning in my head. - I'm not here for this. The main thing is that everything is fine with you.

Well, yes, the main thing, but not the main thing - what? What are they going to tell the world? That I jumped on the railing and accidentally slipped?


“Tanni,” Richt reminded himself softly.

- Great! I finally said when I picked up the censored word. She wriggled out of Parsherrd's arms and looked expressively at the Waltzguards. You promised me a private conversation.

They didn't move.

- I promise I won't divulge anything.

The Valzguards did not move, but Richt stepped towards them. I don’t know how he did it, but Daarmarhsky’s regime turned on at once, as if inside a modern charismatic guy they turned the switch “Irthan is a classic, killer, leader of the highest category.” This look, at least, can not be confused with anything.

National dances of

Han Chinese make up approximately 93.3% of the total population of China. Since ancient times, Han Chinese dances have been distinguished by their richness and variety of forms and styles.


Chinese Spring Festival - New Year according to the agricultural calendar is the most important traditional holiday of the Han people. Many types of dances are dedicated to this holiday, the most common and also the most beloved are the DRAGON DANCE, LION DANCE and YANGE.

DRAGON DANCE is performed everywhere during the Spring Festival. Usually the dragon is made of multi-colored silk, it can reach 10 meters in length. Under the deafening crackle of crackers, a dozen men holding the dragon's body on sticks run and jump, forcing the dragon to take various poses, such as "the dragon rolls on the ground", "the dragon beats with its tail", "the dragon crawls along the pole". In addition, in some places, "dragons" have their own characteristics, in Zhejiang Province, for example, the "dragon of a hundred leaf lotus" is very common. In this dance, the girls hold images of clouds and lotuses in their hands and, following the leader, form the figure of a long dragon from the leaves, so that the impression of a dragon floating in the clouds is created. In some places, the dragon is knitted from straw, into which burning incense sticks are stuck. On a festive night, the "straw dragon" wriggles in a dance, spewing flames and smoke. There are also "dragons of the earth" that spew water from their mouths in all directions. And in some provinces south of the Yellow River, images of small dragons are tied to a bench, three men, holding on to the legs of the bench, run and dance to the thunder of timpani and drums. There are also “dragons from separate links”, “dragons from five links” and others. There are also "paper dragons" that are controlled by one person.

LION DANCE has a thousand-year history. Apparently, this dance is associated with the ancient beliefs of the Han people, who wished to expel evil spirits on New Year's Eve, bring happiness and prosperity to their home. Lion dance gives great aesthetic pleasure.

The dance of the lion is usually performed by two, the front dancer holding the head of the beast in his hands, the legs representing the front paws of the lion, the other dancer representing the body and hind legs of the lion. The body of the "lion" is covered with a shaggy golden fabric. Both dancers must work very well in order to successfully imitate the movements of the beast. Sometimes the lion dance includes a playful and cute lion cub performed by one dancer. The lion dance involves a warrior who holds a colorful ball and teases with it the “lion”, who jumps, bends and “plays with the ball”, as it were. The whole dance takes place under the thunder of drums, gongs and other percussion instruments creating a cheerful festive mood.

The lion dance is performed in a different manner. In one case, the “lion” stands on the ball, jumps, runs, “stands on its hind legs”, in a word, does acrobatic tricks designed to show the power and flexibility of the beast. In another, the "lion" scratches, licks its fur, rolls on the ground, shakes its mane, showing an affectionate and playful character.

The dance of the lion requires strength and endurance from the dancers, and in addition, the skills of traditional wushu gymnastics, in order to show the strength and grace of the beast in its entirety, he must be able to do somersaults, jumps, somersaults.

YANGE is a mass dance performed on the days of the Spring Festival. A typical dance pattern consists of a range of folk dances. Usually Yangge is a long procession of tens or hundreds of people dancing through the streets and alleys, after which they gather in the square, where the main performance takes place. The procession is led by a dancer with a huge umbrella, symbolizing the new prosperous year, followed by the Dragon Dance, Lion Dance groups, then groups of people with multi-colored silk ribbons on their belts who perform the Yangge dance. Next comes a squad of drummers, with red drums on their belts, they dance, knocking out a fraction, now in a fast, now in a slow rhythm. Next come men and women riding "donkeys" or "in boats" (props made of silk and bamboo sticks), they depict the return of the spouses to the relatives of the newlywed. Behind them is a troop on stilts, all the performers dressed as opera characters with painted faces. Stilts are a meter or more in length, walking on them requires some skill. Following them, the artists, dressed up as a heron and a mollusk, play a scene based on an old Chinese fable about how a heron and a mollusk grappled with each other, and the fisherman caught both without any difficulty. Next come the artists, depicting scenes from the most beloved opera performances.

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