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July 15, 2021 March 7, 2022 / 3 minutes of reading

Like any genre of dance, Jazz dance has its own terminology which is sometimes specific to itself – but often shared with other styles of dance. Here are a few of the more commonly used terms to get you started in your understanding of the style.

Axel Turn

A spinning rotation in which the dancer performs a knee bend and kick in the air before bringing the legs together again on the ground.

Ball Change

A basic move found in most forms of modern dance, a ball change is a transfer of weight from one foot to the other, often performed quickly. The “ball” refers to the ball of the foot, which is the thick muscular pad just below the toes.

Barrel Turn

A spin that is executed by putting a leg forward, kicking off that forward leg, and using the outstretched arms as a means of gathering momentum for the spin. A barrel turn requires tight coordination between the feet and the arms for its success.


A popular dance from the early days of jazz and swing, the Charleston has at its core a front-to-back weight shift accompanied by a forward kick, often performed with a partner and with arm motions and sometimes jazz hands.


Borrowed from ballet, a chassé–from the French meaning, “to chase”– is a kicking forward motion where one leg “chases” the other. Often performed with arms forward or overhead, a chassé is a good set-up step for a leap.

Fan Kick

Requiring a great degree of flexibility, a fan kick is where one leg travels in a circular motion from in front of the other leg, up into the air at the full range of motion, over the head, and finally down in a resting position. It is named after its imitation of an opening hand fan.

Jazz Hands

A highly stylized and exaggerated splaying of the fingers on open, extended palms. Used to convey rhythm and feeling, very popular in Broadway productions.

Jazz Square

A version of a box step where the dancer creates a square on the ground using a four-step sequence that imitates walking without any forward movement beyond the fourth step. Usually performed as side, back, side, forward.

Jazz Walk

A forward-moving strut, the jazz walk is meant to convey a cool image, and to give the dancer a sultry and slinky gait when in motion.

Stag Leap

A high forward leap in which the dancer imitates the actions of a male deer, with arms up and the knees bent like a prancing animal.

Lindy Hop

A mixture of preceding jazz dances like the Charleston, as well as tap dance, the Lindy Hop (named after aviator Charles Lindburgh’s groundbreaking 1927 transatlantic flight) is a partnered dance that serves as the centerpiece of the swing dance style. It remains a popular dance because of its improvisational style and fun, stylized movements.

Mamma Mia ABBA Beginner Jazz Dance Routine and Tutorial

Learn How to Jazz Dance for Beginners

Learn Beginners Jazz dance choreography with Hannah in this step by step dance tutorial to "Mamma Mia" by ABBA. It's a very popular song to dance to, you may recognise it from day-to-day life; the Mamma Mia movie or the musical! The music is perfect for an upbeat and lively Jazz dance piece so Hannah choreographed a new Jazz dance to the song. In one video, Hannah shows you the full choreography routine to music, in another video she breaks down each individual steps with counts and lyrics to guide and walk through the dance routine step by step to help you learn the routine from the comfort of your own home.

The piece includes different Jazz dance movements such as: step ball changes, jazz pirouttes, fluid arm movements, slides, fan kicks, flick ball changes and more. Practice your flow and musicality to the beat with guidance from Hannah from Stardust Dance Academy, Cambridge.

Learn A New Jazz Dance In These Videos!

  1. Jazz Dance Choreography Routine to "Mamma Mia" by ABBA -
  2. Jazz Dance Tutorial and step-by-step walkthrough to "Mamma Mia" by ABBA - https://youtu. be/8bnjuFPUsCM


Beginner Jazz Dance Choreography to Mamma Mia by ABBA! Watch and learn a new Jazz Dance Routine with this Choreography then practice the step-by-step breakdown of the Jazz Dance Choreography in the tutorial video.


Beginner Jazz Dance Tutorial to Mamma Mia by ABBA! Learn a new Jazz Dance Routine with this Tutorial. Learn and practice in this step-by-step tutorial breakdown with lyrics & counts of the Jazz Dance Choreography in the tutorial.

Difficulty / Level

This Jazz dance choreography routine was designed for beginner dancers to Jazz dance. You can learn how to Jazz dance with little to no experience with this Jazz dance tutorial to a very popular song that is instantly recognizable.

Mamma Mia by Abba - Beginner Jazz Dance Choreography YouTube Transcript:

Welcome back to the channel everybody, it's Hannah from Stardust! Enjoy this video where i show you my beginner's jazz routine to the song mamma mia (by Abba) if you want to learn it check out the link below because i've made you a separate tutorial video.
[Choreography starts - Lyrics begin]
I was cheated by you and i think you know when So i made up my mind, it must come to an end Look at me now. Will I ever learn? I don't know how. But I suddenly lose control. there's a fire within my soul just one look and I can hear a bell ring. One more look and I forget everything. Woah Woah. Mamma Mia. Here I go again. My my how can I resist ya? Mamma Mia. Does it show again? my my, just how much I missed ya. Yes, I've been brokenhearted Blue since the day we parted Why, why did I ever let you go? Mamma mia, now I really know My my, I should not have let you go.
[Choreography ends - Lyrics end]
Thanks so much for watching everyone. Don't forget to check out the link below with that tutorial video and you can also connect with me over on Instagram and TikTok @stardustdanceacademy Happy dancing!

Mamma Mia by Abba - Beginner Jazz Dance Tutorial YouTube Transcript:

Welcome back everyone. It's Hannah from Stardust. Thanks for joining me for the tutorial video today I'm going to be teaching you my beginners jazz choreography to the song Mamma Mia, so this is the tutorial video if you want to check out the music video, you can click at the link below. Let's get started.
[Dance Tutorial Starts]
We're going to start at the back of our room with our feet together now on the introduction for this dance, you can just do a little step in tap or freestyle until the lyrics come in when the lyrics start, we're going to step forward on your left foot. In the arms are going to space. You're going to go step by step and then two walks back and you point forwards good and then arms down. And then there's some strong beats. We go to the side, invert your back foot, lift that he'll dat dat, dat, dat, dat, dat, dat, dat, dat the kid. That's how it goes in the music. Then we repeat forwards forwards keep the arms back back and then open poses again. Dat dat dat dat de. That that that that that kid well done. Then we're going to do a slide to the side when she sings. Look at me now, look at me now you're going to grab your wrists. OK, so right hand grabs your left wrist perfect that's on look at me now keep your arms here and we're going to do a step turn to the side step turn step. nice then we're going to take a bend down bring your arms down and then they're going to burst open. Yeah, then you've got a little flick ball change and you can use your shoulders flick ball change flick ball, change good, so forward with the shoulder at the same time, good. Let's add that together. So from the lyrics you've got your little freestyle bit and then were coming forward forwards forwards point point beats dat dat, dat, dat, dat, dat, dat, dat again, forwards, forwards, back, back strong, arms, dat dat, dat dat. That that that that that good slide look at me now turn and bend open. Good flick ball change, flick ball, change good. So this little changes are quite quick. Alright, lovely we're then going to turn to the side and your left arm is going to go around your head. So we put round, bring your arms in lovely, then we're going to do a quick ball change up up, up on tademy points and down, down good up, down, down goods and nice and quick lovely so we go up, down, down and you're going to bring your hands into like a prayer position when you come down, up, up, down, down, lovely that's on the lyric. There's a fire so you do there's a fire good then you're going to do a body ripple up. Lyric inside my soul. Good, and then you're going to bring the hands down and you've got 2 little knee pops nice. And then we're going to crisscross just one. And then you're going to beat your heel look and then you're going to point to the site and you're going to beat your heel. Good then it repeats crisscross but this time your hands are going to go up your body Criss cross and then you're going to beat your right foot and your hands are going to come forward. Poms facing the front. Good job so you've done out on. There's a fire within my soul and it crisscrossed just one and then beat look Gerd an again. Jump, jump beat. Good and then on the woe before she sings, Mamma Mia, you're going to do a fan kick now. This will be with your right leg. 'cause you're mirroring me, you're going to open your arms. And you're fun. kick is going to come across, so if you've not done this before, so it's open making a lovely shape like a fan in the air. OK, so you can just keep it small. Or if you're super flexible, your leg can go right up to the ceiling, all right, so that after we do our beats here and that's on the wow. Nice then is the chorus. Mamma Mia we gonna take a gallop to the side so gallop and then bull change and the arms are quite free here so you can let them swing then again gallop ball change you're gonna rise up on your leg up and then drop forwards into a preparation for either a balancing pose that position or take it as a single turn. You decide. OK so I there was a balance. Or is that will change a step will change a balance or a single turn is what I meant to say? Alright, so you do your fan kick and then from Mamma Mia, Mamma Mia full change. Here we go again up my my balance or single turn. Good and then point out on you repeats gala and Rocket back. Yeah, and rocket back the second time instead of the rise and the pirouette. We're going to do a little flick, so we're going to flick that foot to the side. OK, so jump onto the back foot and flick that for out and flick and you flick your arms out at the same time as you flick your leg out. Alright, so try it with this step will change we did. Yeah let an rocket. Back, yeah, let's rock it back up downturn or balance up up repeats again yeah luck and rock gallop and rock ready flick cross good then from here you're going to turn towards your right shoulder, turn round and then you've got a little change change. Good, so change the hands and just switch those feats you up on Demi pointe change change. Good job everybody. Let's have a try adding it all together from the beginning and seeing what we can remember so far. Remember, if you do want to pause, rewind, go through any bits that is completely fine. Do whatever is best for you when that music starts, we're just going to have a little step in tap, little freestyle, whatever feels best for you, and then when she starts to sing with coming forward, 2 steps 1/2 and point back Backbeat, hands. Dat, dat, dat, dat, dat, dat, dat dat, dat, again, forwards, and waive the arms back strong dat dat, dat, dat dat aan last time slide goods that turn. flick ball Change, flick ball change. flick ball change turn good. There's a fire. There's a fire ripple up within my soul beat. Beat good, ready to crisscross just one look good. Anna again crisscross beats ready for the big fan kick wow gallop Mamma Mia Bull change good up up down 10 you again. Mamma Mia. Scared flick flick drop. Twist. Get job very nice. OK if we are good to carry on we are going to take a little hop and we're going to circle sweep your left foot on the floor so you're going to do a little hot forwards and think of drawing a big circle with your big toe on the floor. So stretch then we're going to walk to the side, walk, walk and then drop drop drop. So it's like we go this way and then we change our minds so we've gone circle 1/2. Three and four to bring you back to the front good one more time. Just in case we've not got that, we do circle, Walk, walk forward, back front. Nice, then you're going to bring. Your hands together like this, the poms openrisc together even and they go round your head. Good, so nice big sweet ground. We then gonna open through Jazz 2nd and we're going to come up. Up down, so we're picking the feet. They go up, switch down so up into a nice high releve in parallel, right? So we've gone here round your head, step up, up, up, down, and when you step down you're going to push down and you're going to look down. OK, so everything goes down then there's a beat and your head is going to go. So nice strong head movement and look straight ahead of you. Good nice work. Let's try it from the gallop to Mamma Mia. Here we go 678 on a one and 2345 and 678123456 and 7/8 and I want 34567890123456 twist twist, new bit circle sweep, walk walk. Book an hicket round. Turn up up, push head. Good job, well done everybody from here so we've just pushed down heads, lifted our weight is forward or back. Foot is stretched. We're going to do a lovely big windmill with our arms and we're going to transfer our weight over. Get then we're going to take a nice little jealous that will change. So in parallel step ball change. If you've got lots of space, you can make it ginormous. If you've got a little bit of space, you can keep it as a tiny step ball change. OK, whatever works for you and the space that you have got today. So we've gone down an head windmill over over and step ball change good. We are going to do so. You should have your left foot forwards. That's it, and you're going to step on your back foot step step, so that's two steps to turn you around, so you're back facing the front. So after Windmill you do step ball change Anna step step so you change your weight. Nice good job everyone. OK, let's do it from the beginning up to there and then I've just got one last little section to teach you when that music starts, just have your little freestyle and then coming forward. 5678012345678 dot dot dot dot dot dot dot .01 C 34567 strong arms dat dat, dat, dat good again one C 345678 fast flick will change flick change flick change turn and there's a fire within my soul. Good work. Just one look good. An again crisscross beat. Lovely thank kick WOW 12345 and 67 E up and down. Turn again and no one and 2345 and 678 and a flick Anna turn. Anna crisscross big Circle Jump 12345 and six good hands around. 7-8 step turn up up, down head, windmill Arms over Lovely step will change this way. Step ball change Anna step step. Good job everyone. Well done so far. Last section to learn today everybody. So we've just turned to face the front. You're going to do a little ball change across full change to cross it over good so ball change lovely. Then we're going to do another step and you're going to go up onto a releve and you've got a little contraction in your abs. So think about coming forward up and see if you can hold it for a little moment so we do. 1234 Goodnight and again 6-7. Anna 1234 pop that foot down turn and we're finishing here. 2 switches, switch switch. So nice and strong pop. Those heels knee goes across goods over here and switch switch. Lovely, not finished. We're going to do a lovely big slide. We're going to finish on a fund you and stretch up and then on the last beat switch. So one hand on your thigh and the other hand stretched up to the ceiling. Take your head up and make sure you are stretching that foot to the side so you get gorgeous finishing position. Amazing good job and that's the whole routine. So let's market through from the beginning. Slowly I will try and do a bit of a mixture of some counts and the certain bits that go to the lyrics and then remember once you've done this, there's that separate video below where you can practice it with me and the music as many times. Here we go last time, so I'll talk it through with you. So you've got your little step. And then when she starts to sing, we're coming forwards 1C3, four point back. Good beats twist in open, twist in again, walk, walk and back back strong arms twist in open twist in open slides that turn step. Turns stretch out open, flick, ball, change, flick ball chang flick ball change that turn out for there's a fire. There's a fire within myself. Good crisscross, just one look good an again. Just one beat good big fan kick. Wow gallop, good step back good up. Turn. Resist yuan again. Mamma Mia full change good flick flick drop turn twist with big circle good walk walk drop drop drop round up up down throw it over step will change step ball change and a step step new bit ball change step flick downturn and beat beat slide. An app. Good job, well done everyone.
[Dance Tutorial Ends]
Thank you so much for watching everybody and for learning that routine with me today. I really hope you've enjoyed it. If you have, please drop me a comment below because I would love to hear from you. You can also connect with me over on Instagram and TikTok @stardustdanceacademy. Don't forget, there is also that music video below so you can practice it with me and the music as many times as you like. I hope you have fun at dancing this one at home. Happy Dancing!

Is it possible to learn how to dance jazz-funk on your own?

Jazz funk refers to dances that belong to clubs and are particularly incendiary. On the dance floor, jazz-funk gives the dancer the opportunity to express all their emotions, energy and give all their best. This dance style is suitable for all dance lovers: stylish guys and graceful girls.

This dance style was created using elements of jazz, hip-hop, waking, locking, etc. It is a diverse style, in which impulsive dance movements are smoothly replaced by plastic ones, and swift ones are slowed down.

Lack of practical experience makes learning any dance difficult. Jazz-funk, as an ambitious style, is no exception, and therefore there are certain difficulties. The best way to learn jazz-funk technique is to get the help of a professional, who is not a problem to find, given his popularity among dance lovers. A good choreographer, with his professional advice, will greatly facilitate the development of dance technique, speed it up and make the learning process more enjoyable for the student.

The process of learning jazz-funk depends on lack of time or other reasons that prevent attendance. There is no need to get upset because of such a combination of circumstances. If there is a great desire to learn how to dance jazz-funk, then it is quite possible to do it yourself.

If you don’t have dance practice behind you, then you have the opportunity to learn how to dance jazz funk in Lviv, many different dance studios spread this style, the dance school in Lviv One Life also conducts jazz funk lessons, and if you hurry, then You can also join the beginner group.

Nowadays, the Internet offers a lot of videos to users. Video lessons can be purchased on DVD. Those who wish should only know that proven materials should be chosen so that money is not thrown away in vain.

To master this style, a dancer needs to be in good physical shape and appropriate choreographic training. The lack of such skills makes the desire to learn how to dance jazz-funk on your own more difficult.

First of all, it will take much longer to master the dance style. Two or three lessons, or a superficial study of video materials, is not enough to reach the level of a professional dancer.

Next is another difficulty, which is that a beginner dancer is more difficult to grasp the style. In addition to the movements used, he is required to maintain proper posture, the exact location of the limbs, as well as sparks in the eyes.

The difficulty that arises when you want to learn to dance jazz-funk on your own is an individual look at dances. Any dancer has certain mistakes that are noticed only by an outsider's eye.

A positive aspect of learning jazz-funk technique with a personal teacher is the shortcomings noticed in time and expert advice on how to correct them. When dance styles are studied with the help of video lessons, there will be no help in correcting shortcomings and errors.

Learning how to dance jazz-funk on your own using video material acquired can be easier for a person who has a fire of passionate desire burning inside. In this situation, any activity will bring sincere pleasure, tangible benefits, and the student will feel much more confident, having a great mood, and also an excellent shape.

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Jazz Funk training in Moscow. Jazz Funk dance is an incredibly bright, dynamic and emotional dance, which has become the quintessence of movements of various styles.

LEARNING jazz funk - THIS is energetic and useful:

  • Train with the best in the business

  • Get your body and health in order

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Jazz funk is an incredibly bright, dynamic and emotional dance style that has become the quintessence of movements of various styles (hip-hop, waking, funk, voguing and many others). Despite the fact that jazz funk actively borrows the movements of other dances, it is easy to distinguish it from the rest by several characteristic features.

Characteristic features of the jazz funk style

The most noticeable of these features is the alternation of smooth undulating and sharp broken movements. This sequence allows you to create a completely unique dance pattern, highlighting the dancer in any crowd. Another characteristic feature of the jazz funk dance is its impulsiveness. The impulse originates in the upper part of the body, spreads rapidly and allows the body to move quickly to the side or forward.

Jazz funk is one of the most complex styles of modern dance. It requires good dance and physical training from the dancer, and therefore jazz funk for beginners , who do not have proper endurance, at first seems to be an incredibly difficult dance. The jazz funk style is valued for its precise and fast small movements, combined with maximum plasticity. To perform all the clear rhythmic movements as correctly and beautifully as possible hip hop jazz funk , you need to learn how to control your body and develop proper breathing, and this can only be achieved as a result of many hours of regular training at jazz funk dance school .

However, jazz funk's special difficulty is not its physical complexity, but the need for complete psychological return. Jazz funk lessons for beginners and experienced dancers help to establish the correct technique, but the dancer himself must "revive" the dance. Like many modern dances, jazz funk dance is not just a certain sequence of movements and connections. Jazz funk is primarily a way of self-expression, it is a kind of story that the dancer's body tells to the sound of music. This story begins with the music and ends with the final chord. Here, the mechanical repetition of the learned movements is completely unacceptable, because jazz funk is a dance that comes from the heart, which means it is filled with the emotions and feelings of the dancer.

Benefits of studying at our jazz funk school

in Moscow
  • convenient location;
  • comfortable, well-equipped rooms;
  • the possibility of learning to dance from scratch;
  • individual approach to each dancer;
  • jazz funk training with experienced teachers;
  • the ability to choose a convenient schedule for classes.

U rock jazz funk for beginners allow you to learn the basic movements characteristic of this style and learn to feel the music. However, for those who dream of learning to express themselves with body language dance lessons jazz funk in the hall must be supplemented by constant training outside of it. This is the only way to bring your movements to perfection, and eventually move to a new level of mastery, having mastered the ability not only to reproduce movements, but to create them yourself, guided by music and the knowledge gained in our jazz funk dance school .

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