How to do the chicken wing dance

how to do the chicken wings dance



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알렉스 Alex

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The Chicken Wing Beat - Ricky Desktop


Lexus- Dance Tutorials

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original sound - Lexus- Dance Tutorials


Megan Bee

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The Chicken Wing Beat - Ricky Desktop


Kim Lajara

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Chicken Wing - Stard Ova



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Homies - SPENCE



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Chicken Wing - Stard Ova



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Chicken Wing - Stard Ova


salazarawrr 🦖

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Chicken Wing - Stard Ova


Joyce Calderon

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The Chicken Wing Beat - Ricky Desktop



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Chicken Wing - Stard Ova

Fortnite Chicken Wing It Dance

Download Dance

💃 Chicken Wing It dance is a Epic Fortnite Emote from the Icon Series.

📅 This emote was added at Fortnite Battle Royale on 20 March 2021 (Chapter 2 Season 6 Patch 16.00).

🙈 First released in the Fortnite Store on 20 March 2021 and the last time it was available was 36 days ago.

🛍️ Dance Chicken Wing It can be purchased from Fortnite Item Shop for 500 V-Bucks when listed again.

Official Music Video for Chicken Wing It

Fortnite Tik Tok Chicken Wing It Video

How To Get Chicken Wing It Dance Fortnite

Chicken Wing It belongs to Chapter 2 Season 6. This gesture can be purchased in the Fortnite Item Shop for 500 V-Bucks when it reappears in its diary rotation .

Gesture Chicken Wing It Images PNG

Dance Chicken Wing It Fortnite Featured ImageFortnite Chicken Wing It Dance Icon Image

Emote Cheat Sheet

TypeFortnite Dances
RarityEpic (Icon Series)
AvailabilityFortnite Shop
ChapterChapter 2
SeasonSeason 6
Price VBucks500
Added20 March 2021
Release Date20 March 2021
Last Seen12 October 2022

Item Shop History (40 Sales)

DateDays AgoPrice
Oct 12, 2022 36500
Oct 11, 2022 37500
Oct 10, 2022 38500
Oct 9, 2022 39500
Oct 8, 2022 40500
Oct 7, 2022 41500
Oct 6, 2022 42500
Sep 10, 2022 68500
Sep 9, 2022 69500
Jun 12, 2022 158500
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Jun 10, 2022 160500
Jun 9, 2022 161500
Jun 8, 2022 162500
Jun 7, 2022 163500
Jun 6, 2022 164500
Jun 5, 2022 165500
Jun 4, 2022 166500
Jun 1, 2022 169500
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Apr 3, 2022 228500
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Dec 31, 2021 321500
Dec 3, 2021 349500
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Aug 8, 2021 466500
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May 26, 2021 540500
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Chicken wings in honey and soy sauce in the oven recipe with photos step by step and video

Chicken wings in honey and soy sauce in the oven

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Step by step cooking

Cooking time: 1 h 30 min PT1h40M
  1. Step 1:

    Prepare the ingredients for this dish. If you take frozen chicken wings, then you must first defrost them. To do this, leave them for several hours at room temperature or defrost them in the microwave on the defrost mode. If the honey is candied, then it can be warmed up a little in the microwave.

  2. Step 2:

    Cut off the smallest c=small part of each chicken wing. It is not useful for cooking. There is almost no meat on it, but when baking it will burn.

  3. Step 3:

    For the sauce, take a large bowl and combine soy sauce, honey and vegetable oil in it. Add dried basil, salt and ground pepper. . Add very little salt, as soy sauce itself is quite salty. For lovers of lightly salted food, perhaps this will be enough. Mix all ingredients. I usually use a plastic bowl. But you can also use glassware.

  4. Step 4:

    Mix the chicken wings well into the resulting sauce so that it evenly covers the entire surface of the wings on all sides. Cover the bowl with a lid or cling film and leave to stand in the kitchen for an hour. During this time, the chicken meat will be soaked in the prepared sauce.

  5. Step 5:

    Prepare a baking tray. Line it with cooking paper. It is better not to use foil, as it sticks to the wings during baking and becomes difficult to separate. Spread chicken wings over the entire surface of the baking sheet and put the baking sheet in the oven, preheated to 180 degrees, for 30-40 minutes. Adjust the timing according to your oven.

  6. Step 6:

    When done, the wings will smell very fragrant and become a delicious, golden color. Remove the baking sheet from the oven and arrange the wings on plates.

  7. Step 7:

    Serve the wings as an appetizer or garnish with potatoes. Enjoy your meal!

Instead of the oven, marinated wings can simply be fried in a pan.

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Calorie content of products that are possible as part of the dish

  • honey - 400 9000 kcal/100g
  • Basil fresh - 27 9000g
  • SUSHNIY BASICE - 251 251 251 251 251 251 251 251 251 kcal/100g
  • Black pepper - 255 kcal/100g
  • Soy sauce - 51 kcal/100g
  • Vegetable oil - 873 kcal/100g
  • Salt - 0 kcal/100g
  • Chicken wings - 186 kcal/100g
Calorie content of products: Chicken wings, soy sauce, honey, vegetable oil, basil, salt, black ground

chicken wings "bon -bon" , step-by-step recipe for 987 kcal, photo, ingredients


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40 minutes

Recipe for:

2 Persons


In this dish, an unusual cutting of chicken wings is an unusual cutting. That's why it's convenient: he took the bone and put it in his mouth. At the same time, the hands remain completely clean.

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Ingredients for




9 pcs.

tomato paste

1 tbsp. l.

sour cream

2 tbsp. l.

homemade mayonnaise

2 tbsp. l.

hot pepper

1 pinch

dried garlic

1 tsp.
1 tsp.

vegetable oil

2 tbsp. l.

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Rinse chicken wings, pat dry with paper towels. Divide each wing into three parts. We do not use the extreme part (waver).

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