How to do different dances in roblox

How to Dance in Roblox


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Multiplayer games tend to be more liked by gamers as one goes with human to human which makes the game far more challenging and creative. One of the best online multiplayer gaming platforms one can find is Roblox as it gives its users a huge number of games to play and provides the opportunity to make new friends. Moreover, like other gaming platforms Roblox provides animations for the avatar like dancing, cheering, pointing, laughing and some other emotes. So, if you are looking for a method to perform different actions from your avatar like dancing then read this guide.

How to Make your Avatar Dance in Roblox 

Dancing your avatar in Roblox is a gesture of joy which is normally used to express the winning of the game or if in any combat game when your kill streak is highest. Your avatar can do up to three different dances and to make your avatar dance just follow the below given steps:

Step 1: Open the chat of you game by pressing “/” and write:

/e dance

Step 2: Next press Enter, and your avatar will start to dance:

There are two more different types of dances and for that you can write “/e dance2” and “/e dance3” and this is how you can dance in Roblox.

There are other emotes as well like pointing, laughing, waving and cheering; the procedure is the same as described above but the commands are different for each. For example, if you want to give the pointing gesture the write the following command in the chat box:

/e point

Next press Enter:

For waving, write “/e wave”, for laughing write “/e laugh” and for cheering “/e cheer” in the chat box.

How to Add Emotes to your Inventory

In the Roblox store some of the basic level emotes are free and you can add them into your inventory, just follow the steps given below to add emotes to your inventory:

Step 1: Login to your Roblox account and click on the “Avatar Shop” for the top menu bar:

Step 2: Next click on the “Avatar Animations” option and from there go to the “Emotes” option in the menu on the left:

Next you will come across all available emotes in the Roblox store, you can purchase them using the Robux and there are some emotes free as well.

Step 3: Select the emote by simply clicking on it and next press the green button of “Get”:

The respective remote will be added into your inventory.

How to Equip Emotes in Roblox

After adding emotes to your inventory, you need to equip them to use in the game.

Step 1: To add the emote click on the “Avatar” option from the menu on the left:

Next, click on the “Animations” a drop-down menu will open, from there select “Emotes”:

Step 2: You will find all of your emotes there. Next, you will see an option of “Equip Emotes” click on it to add the emotes you want to have in game:

Step 3: Now choose a slot for your emote by clicking in any slot:

Once you have selected the slot now it’s time to add the emote. Since we want to add the salute-emote so we click on it, and it will be added:

This is how you can add emotes in Roblox for your avatar, now it’s time to play the emotes in the game so play any game and click on the ellipsis icon on the top right:

Now click on the “Emotes” option in the ellipsis menu and all the equipped emotes will open:

Since we added the salute emote so can either press “1” or click on the emote to play:

You can access the emotes by pressing the dot “.Key from the keyboard as well.


Like most of the games Roblox also provides the feature of performing different gestures for the Avatar also called emotes. To make the Avatar dance on Roblox one must write “/e dance” in the chat box, further there are two more dances that your avatar can do and for that write “/e dance2” and “/e dance3” in the chat box. Roblox provides a wide range of emotes in their store, you have to simply buy them and then add them using the Equip Emotes to access them in the game.

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Emote | Roblox Wiki | Fandom

An Emote is an action players can perform whilst in-game. There are currently 7 universal emotes (there are more than 7 just not known) and 105 purchasable emotes (Rthro and R15 only). Emotes were introduced on October 2, 2013.[1] The player must type in /e [emote] into the chat for the character to do a universal emote, or use the emote menu or /e to do a purchasable emote. All emotes are silent. The emotes only make your character move. Emotes can also be disabled by the game owner. If a player is sitting down, such as in a car or a chair, the player will receive a prompt telling them they cannot use an emote right now.

A full list of emotes can be found here.


  • 1 Emotes
  • 2 Purchasable emotes
  • 3 Emote Menu
  • 4 Reference


Command Description Preview
/e dance Does a random dance when using R6.
It resembles a rave dance when using R15.

R15 preview

/e dance1 Resembles the Gangnam Style dance when using R6.
Note: This command only works for R6. Use /e dance if using R15.

R6 preview

/e dance2 The player moves from side to side doing an arm wave when using R6.
Player twists arms and looks side to side, somewhat similar to R6.

R6 preview

R15 preview

/e dance3 The player jumps on alternating legs with arms pointed in R6.
Player sways side to side while moving arms in R15.

R6 preview

R15 preview

/e cheer

The player jumps and throws their arms in the air in R6.

The player perks up, turns, and waves arms in the air in R15.

R6 preview

R15 preview

/e point Player points. In R6 the player slightly slants their torso backwards, the same happens with R15 but they also move their arm backward.

R6 preview

R15 preview

/e wave The player waves quickly in R6, slightly lifting their body.
Player waves slow in R15.

R6 preview

R15 preview

/e laugh

Player laughs moving their head and torso backward, in R15 it is wilder and their head shakes slightly. R6, same as /e dance2 clip is the same thing as laugh but the studs needed is 0.9-1.1 studs wide but if dance2, its only for 0.1-0.8 studs wide.

R6 preview

R15 preview

Purchasable emotes

Click "Expand" to show a full list of purchasable emotes. The animations of each emote can be seen on the pages seen in these columns (if applicable).

Emote Menu

The emote menu on the avatar page.

This message will pop up if you try to use emotes when not allowed to.

The emote menu on the avatar as mobile.

The emote menu in-game

An emote menu was added to the Roblox launcher on June 24, 2019, as well as a section for emotes to be purchased in the avatar shop. The first emotes to be added were Tilt, Stadium, and Salute, all of which can only be used with R15 avatars. The emotes can be accessed in-game by the "..." icon on the top right and click "Emotes".

Before the implementation of the emote menu, players could also use these emotes by typing the general '/e' (emote name)' prefix.

It was removed after an hour of being live due to complaints from developers, including "the icon didn't fit well with the rest" and "this update was too sudden and uncalled for".[2] A few of the complaints were referencing the B key being overwritten without a warning. On July 1, 2019, an official follow up from Roblox was posted.[3]

On August 5, 2019, the emote menu was re-enabled, with the "B" key-bind removed. It was disabled again 2 hours after.

On August 19, 2019, the emote menu was once again re-enabled. It was confirmed in a blog post that it will stay.


  1. ↑ CodeWriter (October 2, 2013). "New Movements Set the Stage for Keyframe Animation System".
  2. ↑
  3. ↑

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How to Dance in Roblox

If you're new to Roblox, there's a lot you haven't seen yet. In the sandbox, the main developers are the players themselves. Therefore, from the games you can expect anything. Many have already noticed how other characters perform dance moves. They are not random as users can dance in the Roblox game anywhere on the map. The following will explain how to do this.


  • How to start dancing in Roblox
  • Where to get free moves for Roblox
  • How to dance in Adopt Me
  • Dance games in Roblox
  • Video tutorial

How to start dancing in Roblox

In some games, dancing has become a popular feature that many players like. We are, of course, talking about Fortnite. Here dances have become so popular that their collections on YouTube collect millions of likes.

Dance in Fortnite

In Roblox, dances are performed using special commands. They are entered directly in the chat, where communication takes place between other users in the English layout.

The procedure to dance in the game is:

  1. You need to start a game called: Bow Dryer Battle. While these moves should in theory work in any game;
  2. Next, you need to use the chat. Enter here in English the command: / e dance1;
  3. Dances can also be activated by entering a similar command. Write down instead of unit 2 or 3;
  4. You can also use commands to make the character laugh: /e laugh;
  5. These commands allow the character to wave his arms to other players: /e wave, /e point, /e dab, /e oj.

After entering the command, your character will begin to move merrily from side to side, waving his arms. This will continue until you move it from its place, that is, do not direct it in any direction. It's worth trying all three commands, they should work. One of them should activate a slow dance in which the character moves in a special rhythm.

Where to get free moves for Roblox

Many of the players already know that you can buy or receive for codes in Roblox ( free ) not only things, but also movements. These are various reactions, emotions and dances in the game. And they are available for purchase with robux in the general store from the main menu. But some of them can be purchased for free. After receiving them, you will be able to apply them in your favorite Roblox games.

What you need to do to get dance moves:

  1. Open Roblox in your browser and click on the "Avatar Shop" button;
    Click on the button "Avatar Shop"
  2. On the left there is a menu item and filters that allow you to quickly find things in the store. Click on the "View All Items" button;
    Click on the "View All Item" button
  3. Next, move the page down to see the "Free" item among the filters, click on it with the mouse cursor;
  4. You have set up filters to display all things that are available without robux. Now you can use the sections above. Click on "Avatar Animations";
    Section with emotions and movements
  5. Two items will open, select "Emotes". And in the main window, you can take any emotion for yourself. Select it with the mouse cursor;
    Select an item in the Roblox store
  6. On the item page, click on the "Get" button and confirm receipt.
    Click on the "Get" button to get an item for free

Return to the general list of free items to pick up a new outfit, weapon or accessories for the main character. Any item from this list can also be made your own, just like the movements that you purchased in the Roblox store for example.

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How to dance in Adopt Me

In Roblox, the game Adopt Me is most loved by girls, for whom it is, in fact, intended. This is a princess life simulator where they can buy different things (locally), decorate their interior, and exchange items with other players. This game also features movements and values ​​that will remain within the game when you exit it. This also applies to Roblox character dances, which are also available here.

What you need to do to start dancing:

  1. This dance card does not require a chat line. After loading it, move the mouse cursor over the character and click on the LMB;
  2. A list of your character's abilities will appear. Among them there will be a section "Dances", click on it with the cursor;
    Click on a character to bring up a menu
  3. A list of several dances will open. Choose any, and your hero will start dancing in one place.
    Choose a dance for a character in Roblox

You can change the dance at any time if you get bored. Also moving forward ( back ) cancels the dance command.

The character is dancing in Roblox

Among the possibilities when you click on your character, there are also emotions that he can express. With the help of commands, you can make him sit down, bow, wave or clap. You can test the rest of the features on your character while playing Roblox.

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Roblox dance games

You can try to find a game where you can dance on your own. To do this, use the search bar and write down a query in it that includes the word "Dance" ( dance ).

Roblox Dance Games

On the results page, several games will open at once, in which there is an opportunity to have fun and dance. Some games in Roblox do not allow using the codes that were provided above, for the reason that they are created for other purposes. For example, many well-known river rafting on a homemade raft. There are no additional features in the game ( emotions and dances ), as they are not needed here.

Video instruction

Next you will see additional codes and ways to dance in the popular Roblox game. Watch the video.

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lᐈ How to arrange free dances in Roblox 2022

If you are a fun person, you are probably interested in learning how to dance in Roblox. There are even games that are purely dance-focused, though we don't talk about them at the moment. Actually, we mean doing

Roblox dances are achieved with emotes , i.e. a pack of animations for your avatar. They offer you different types of moves, from flying to faster walking, passing various dances that are so attractive to all players.

Fortunately, the procedure is quite simple and you don't even have to spend money.

Roblox dance tutorial

The first step is Log into your Roblox account using your password and username. Once you're in the portal, look for avatar store , which is located in the upper left corner of the screen.

Once you're in a new window, you'll see a drop-down menu you need to click . Subsequently select tab avatar animation . Here you will first find the catalog of animations for purchase.

Get emotes to dance for free

If you don't want to spend money, you need to click the appropriateness tab, on the right side of the screen. Behind this select price from lowest to highest and click on to enter . You get the ability to sort products from cheapest to most expensive.

As you will see on the screen, you will be ahead of all animations, which are free in the first place. Just choose the ones you want for your avatar, including the dance ones.

How to dance in Roblox

Once you have the emotes, the last step is to put them on your avatar. From the same avatar shop, in section avatar animation , click on to get to set the emote on the character.

The next thing to do is go to the avatar menu located on the left side of the screen and select the animation category. After that select tab Emotions . Choose a place where you want to put the dance, save the changes and enter the game.

Finally, run the command you assigned to the emote and your player will start dancing.

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