How to do michael jackson robot dance

How to Do the Michael Jackson Robot Dance

How to Do the Michael Jackson Robot Dance

The robot dance has been around since the early 1950s but it gained worldwide recognition in 1970s largely thanks to “The Jackson”, who performed this dance for the first time live on one of the most-watched pop shows in America, Soul Train.

However, Michael Jackson after going solo gave a whole new dimension to this dance move and ever since, dancers are trying to copy this move with great success. And if you want to learn this technique, you don’t have to do much and you can easily learn this technique by following these simple guidelines.


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    Robot dance is not quite as same as popping despite many dancers mixing these two up. Many dancers have also mixed up the robot dance with other dancing techniques due to which the traditional robot dance is slowly losing its identity but as long as there is some kind of illusion of being a robot is observable in a dance, we can call it a robot dance.

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    If you are a beginner and looking to learn robot dance, you need to keep certain things in mind like things you need to do and what you should avoid in order to get perfect. Since you are planning to do the robot dance, you need to think robot and in addition to that, you need to dance like an actual robot.

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    Make sure that you remove the human fluidity from your body especially from your legs. Try to keep your legs locked since robots do not have knees like humans. Usually dancers do not walk around while performing robot dance but if you still want to move, try to imagine 1960s space movies.

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    Your arms should be bent at the elbow and you need to hold your elbows at your wait. Keep your hands open giving an impression that you are going for a handshake.

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    Extend one arm but keep the other one bend in an inward direction for a basic robot dance move. And only move your arms at the elbow.

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    You need to limit your movements and try to keep your torso still. Keep this in mind that your torso cannot do any kind of movement except to pivot forward. Even that forward movement must be at an angle along with the movements of your arm.

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    Shake your head in such a way that it gives the impression of falling off. Try to keep a blank, wide-eyed stare face.

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Michael Jackson - Video

Michael Jackson is a legend without exaggeration. The whole world knows him not only for how talented he is as a singer, actor and composer, but also for how brilliant he is as a dancer. Thanks to his great talent, individuality and magnificent plasticity, Michael Jackson received the informal title of the “king” of the dance floor.

From early childhood, the future king had a frantic craving for dancing. With great passion, he held street competitions with the yard guys in the ability to dance. Michael Jackson never missed an opportunity to prove himself in the art of dance. And every year his skill improved, and the future great dancer himself improved. Being a little older, Michael turned to different choreographers, who eventually noted the extraordinary grasp and talent of the young man. Any technique was not a problem for him and he memorized all the movements, as they say, “on the fly”.

Michael Jackson learned from the movements of the stellar choreographers of the time. Among others, Fred Astaire can be distinguished. Michael borrowed a lot of different movements from this Hollywood star and wonderful choreographer. In addition to Astaire, Jackson learned the moves from other dancers such as tap master Bill Bailey. Without a shadow of embarrassment, he watched and borrowed everything he saw on television. In the late seventies, Michael Jackson's mentor was Jeffrey Daniel, who in turn was the dance part of the Shalamar team.

It's no secret that Michael Jackson's hallmark as a dancer is the famous moonwalk. However, not everyone knows that Michael was not her ancestor. Before him, similar movements were performed by many dancers, among them the same Astaire and Bailey. In the 1940s film Children of Paradise, Barro and Decroix demonstrated the moonwalk. There was a performance of the famous dance by the Electric Boogaloos team. Each of them conveyed to the viewer their own version of this sliding movement. And, in principle, Jackson never attributed the moonwalk to himself. The phenomenon of Michael Jackson is that he was able to dance it in his own way, adding elements of a step and performing a double backslide. For the first time, the moonwalk performed by Michael Jackson was presented to the public at 1983 year. Then, on a television show dedicated to the 25th anniversary of the record company Motown Records, the world was struck by the magnificence of this movement. Since that time, the moonwalk has become extremely popular and famous. She is popular to this day.

Michael Jackson is rightfully considered the king of the dance floor, not only because he brilliantly performed the moonwalk. Michael Jackson also invented his original, incomparable dance style "Robot". In this style, elements are intertwined that really resemble the movements of a robot. Here everyone can see sharp head swings, lightning-fast rise on toes and, of course, movements in the groin area.

Michael Jackson delivered every new dance trick through a music video. It was in this way that the dance impressed the viewer even more, penetrated even deeper into his soul. Michael Jackson's influence as a dancer has spread throughout the world. And to this day it is an integral part of culture, without which most of humanity cannot imagine itself.

How to teach a robot to dance? Answer using the example of Boston Dynamics


October 16, 2018, 20:00


Read 360tv at

Boston Dynamics engineers taught Spot Mini, a four-legged robot, to dance. As numerous fans of robops noted, he moves better than many people.

To Bruno Mars' Uptown Funk, the robot dog dances gracefully, borrowing moves from twerk, pole dancing and even Michael Jackson's famous moonwalk.

In 2019, Boston Dynamics intends to open Spot Mini sales to everyone. The smart device already knows how to open doors, help its fellows overcome obstacles, and even resist a person a little.

The Spot Mini will be Boston Dynamics' first commercial model. In addition to it, the company is developing, for example, the Atlas humanoid robot. Recently, this device has learned to parkour.

Initially, Boston Dynamics planned to produce robots for the US Army. It was assumed that the units would carry cargo over impassable terrain. But in 2015, the Marine Corps command abandoned the project.

In the middle of last year, the company was sold to the Japanese telecommunications holding SoftBank. A few months later, the Spot Mini robotic dog was born, on which you can install a manipulator arm. According to the head of Boston Dynamics, Mark Roberts, an important difference between the robops and the prototype was the reduced cost by 10 times. By the end of the year, it is planned to release about 100 Spot Mini, and by the middle of 2019th - to establish its mass production.

Do robots dream of a stage? If direct programming is used, that is, a program of movements for specific music is put into the device, then this is a simple task that even a child can solve.

In particular, this is what little visitors to the Robostation at VDNKh are doing. However, Boston Dynamics most likely used a more advanced option: artificial intelligence. That is, the robot had to learn to dance to any music, as people do. And this is a very difficult task.

“It is difficult to do without neural networks, and algorithms must include a learning system. The robot is taught some simple movements. He hears music and uses them. And then you need to turn on the evaluation mechanism so that it develops its skill. That is, introduce some kind of condition for him, for example, that the judges watch his dance and put marks. He receives them, and then he goes and comes up with new movements. But in this way you can teach him to move in such a way that our best dancers will envy, ”Nikitin explained.

The fourth industrial revolution is currently taking place. The main trend is the abandonment of robot programming for the sake of cognitive training programs. With the help of cameras, devices “look” at people, remember information and learn something. In the case of dances, they memorize and analyze movements, divide them into parts, and then use them. Moreover, any person, including a professional, can act as a teacher.

At the same time, Nikitin found it difficult to name the most difficult skill for a robot. For example, training in a driving school takes a person several months. And in addition to classes, you also need a long practice and memorization of the Rules of the Road. But from a mathematical point of view, the task is relatively simple. At the same time, learning some seemingly simple skills is quite problematic. So, I had to spend some time to teach one of the wards of the "Robostation" to pour tea for the guests.

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