How to dance with friends at a club

How to Dance at a Club or Party

You probably know people who can dance at a club without a second thought.

They just go out, have a few drinks, get down on the dance floor, and have a great night.

Meanwhile, you're seized by panic and insecurity just thinking about dancing at a club.

And whenever you do drag yourself out, you stay glued to the wall and watch everyone else let loose on the dance floor.

But guess what? Those awkward feels are completely normal. And we PROMISE you can overcome them!

Follow these 5 simple steps and never worry about feeling left out again.

1. Find the beat/rhythm as you make your way towards the dance floor

Don't expect yourself to bust out a Step Up routine out of nowhere as soon as you step foot on the dance floor.

This isn't a movie! Start small – really small – by just bobbing your head to the beat.

Do this before you even get on the dance floor. Think of it this way: Music is the one thing that lubricates the whole experience of being at the club.

It sets the mood as soon as you walk in until the moment you walk out. You have to be comfortable with the music first.

So start interacting with the music right away. You can listen and nod your head a you're holding your drink, hanging with a friend, or even sitting down.

This is an easy way to set yourself up for success on the dance floor before you even start dancing.

Your body will already have a handle on the rhythm, so you're more likely to stay on beat by the time you do get your feet steppin'.

Watch this video to learn how to find and count beats in music:

2. Start with a small bounce / groove

Once you're on, or around, the dance floor, start bouncing with your whole body.

Think of this bounce as a bigger version of your head bob. You're still moving to that same rhythm, but now with your knees, core, and chest.

You know how a baby bounces on his knees when he hears a song he likes? Like that, but not as jolt-y.

Ease into those bounces calmly, then slowly build up your energy. This helps make your dancing look more natural.

Carlo Darang describes what a bounce / groove is in this video:

3. Learn simple steps

Got a handle on the music? Great.

Started bouncing with your body? Check. Now, let's get your feet moving!

But wait – you won't know which foot to step where without any practice.

So learn a few basic dance steps before you go to dance at a club.

This video will teach you how to do 3 basic dance moves that work with any song:

Wanna learn more basic party moves like these?

Check out Bianca's "Intro to Dance" program on STEEZY Studio! It'll teach you everything you need to know to get down on the dance floor.

Click here to take the first 4 classes for free.

4. Let loose

Now that you've got the basics of dance down, it's time to put on a few finishing touches to make sure you look comfortable and confident with every move.

These quick tips will help you refine your dancing so you look more loose, groovy, and comfortable:

5. Join the party

By this point, you've got a handle on dancing 1. on beat 2. with your whole body 3. using steps.

But you didn't come to dance at a club to do all this alone!

Once you have that base, dance with the people around you.

If you're in a crowd or a group of friends, then you can play off of their movements and energy.

Mimic the moves your friends are doing, lip sync with them, rap Nicki's entire verse in Motor Sport from memory.

And if the DJ or song lyrics tell you to do something (like put your hands up or jump), then do it!

These are little things you can't predict or practice – remember that you're out to have fun, not to play DDR in your head.

Grinding (or whatever you call it) on someone is its own topic – but whether you're dancing with one person or a whole group of people, the most important thing to do is to... Stay in rhythm!

You and your partner or friends could be doing totally different things. They could be jumping while you're pumping your arms.

She could be swaying side to side as you're 2-stepping.

But as long as you're moving to the same beat, it'll still feel like you're dancing together.

(The closer you physically get, though, the more similar you want your movements to be so that you don't end up hitting each other or creating friction between your moves. Dance with them!)


I hope these tips help you kiss those insecurities goodbye!

Follow these 5 steps and you'll realize that it's possible, and actually quite easy, to dance at a club.

You just need the right resources, some practice, and a dash of confidence. ;)

Have fun!

9 Great Club Dancing Tips for Guys

Dance clubs aren’t just for dancing. You can always have a great night at the club if you just hang out with friends and enjoy the music, have a few drinks, and meet some new people. At some point, though, you’re probably going to want to dance because the beat is so sweet or you see someone you’re interested in heading toward the dance floor. Dancing intimidates a lot of men for a lot of reasons, but it doesn’t have to. If you’re a guy who feels self-conscious about dancing at the club, try these tips.

1. Have Fun

First of all, remind yourself you’re going to the club to have a great time. Pick a dance club with an inclusive vibe that welcomes anyone with a great attitude who’s ready for fun, like Onyx Room. You’ll be a lot more confident on the dance floor at a club that encourages people to just be themselves and leave their inhibitions at the door. 

2. Check Out Social Media for Dance Moves

Tik-Tok is the perfect place to find instructional videos that focus on single dance moves. If you want more detailed step-by-step instructions, search for dance moves on YouTube. Some of the most popular moves are complicated, but you’ll get better at them if you practice.

3. Loosen Up First

There’s no rule that says everyone has to dance at the club, so don’t feel like you’re required to get up and move. Some guys need a couple of drinks before they have the confidence to hit the floor, while others just want to wait until they hear their favorite songs. If you don’t get yourself into the right mood for dancing, you won’t have a good time on the floor.

4. Don’t Overthink It

Dancing at San Diego nightclubs is all about having fun and being spontaneous. Guys who think too much about dancing will never make it to the floor. If you feel like dancing when the music hits you, just follow your instincts.

5. Be Respectful of Other Dancers

Whether you’re dancing with a partner or a group of people, respect everyone else’s space. You won’t make any friends if you act like the floor is a mosh pit.

6. Know When to Lead and When to Follow

Dance styles like salsa and bachata require guys to lead their partners, but things are different with genres like reggaeton, hip-hop, and EDM. Smart guys who routinely ask women to dance at nightclubs know they don’t have to lead. In fact, they often let their partners take the lead and mirror or complement the ladies’ tempo, rhythm, and moves.

7. Take Dance Lessons

This is by no means a requirement, but guys who subconsciously feel they aren’t good dancers should take advantage of the opportunity to learn some cool moves by taking dance lessons. In San Diego, women flock to dance classes, and a lot of them would love having male partners to dance with during class.

8. Focus on the Beat

Where there’s dancing, there’s a beat. Even professional dancers know their killer moves and complex sequences are pretty lame if they don’t match the beat. For example, hip-hop makes everyone sway and bop. You’ll be fine if this is all you have to bring to the dance floor.

9. Learn Simple Basic Moves

You may have noticed nightclubs play a lot of crossover and collaboration music today. This is great for club dancers because they only need to learn a few basic dance moves. Search online for videos that teach modern dance moves like the two-step, the side-to-side rock, the triangle step, and the bounce. When you can flow between these basic moves, you’ll definitely look good at the club.

If you’re ready to hit the dance floor at the best nightclub in San Diego, check out the Onyx Room Nightclub. Onyx is a staple of the Gaslamp Quarter nightlife scene, and its clientele makes it a truly great nightclub. With music genres including hip hop, top 40, urban Latin, reggaeton, bachata, salsa, merengue, regional, cumbia, and Banda, we have something to please everyone’s taste. You’ll find that special something that attracts an open-minded, up-for-anything, and, above all, incredibly friendly crowd. Our inviting atmosphere and welcoming staff will ensure you have an experience unlike any other. To learn more about why Onyx Nightclub is the premier San Diego nightclub, call us at 619-876-8044.

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How to learn to dance in clubs for a guy


How to move on the dance floor without looking ridiculous and clumsy - this question has probably worried the representatives of the stronger sex ever since the synchronized movements of couples in a waltz or mazurka. For at least a century now, men have had to guess what a profitable disco dance should be like. Unfortunately, even professional choreographers will not answer this question. But we will try to highlight the basic rules.

Hop and R'n'B

Rules to follow


Let's tell you a secret: most guys on the dance floor don't look stupid because they haven't taken lessons in dance studios and can't tell tectonics from r'n'b , but because they do not catch the rhythm of the music and cannot relax. And if no one usually pays attention to the first, then the second immediately catches the eye of others.

Hence the first rule: listen to music and let your body dance freely.

Choose a style

If you are a frequent discotheque visitor, you should choose a certain dance direction in which you will move on the dance floor. Of course, this will depend on the music that the DJ will put on, but for ten years now hip-hop and electronic music have not left the clubs. Therefore, you can master the basic movements of either one or the other. The "electronics" elements are a bit simpler, so it might be worth starting with them. Video tutorials to help you!

Sign up for a trial class

Try to vary your movements

If after watching the videos you still can't feel comfortable on the dance floor, you should consider signing up for a dance studio. An experienced teacher, a company of like-minded people and regular classes will quickly do their job, and you will finally be able to relax and stop having complexes while dancing. Plus, to the envy of your peers, you will no longer dance like a “newbie”.

Remember that everything is for fun

If you do somersaults on the court for ten minutes with a tense face, and then return to the table sweaty, your friends are unlikely to appreciate it. Understand that dancing is not a competition, but a completely cultural form of recreation. As they say, relax and have fun!

Let it all flow

Let go of your body and emotions, surrender to the music and move without paying attention to others. The tension in the dance is the main obstacle. Stop thinking about movements, no one will notice them in the crowd and darkness anyway.

How girls will evaluate movements on the dance floor

Perhaps the results of a study by scientists from Northumbria University will help answer the question of how to learn to dance in clubs for a guy. Experts studied which dance moves performed by a representative of the stronger sex attract women. The places were distributed as follows:

  1. Head turns;
  2. Pelvic twist;
  3. Vigorous leg movements;
  4. Large amplitude elements;
  5. Uninhibited movements.

No matter how strange the rating may look, it is scientifically confirmed. However, many gain self-confidence on the dance floor only after attending a few lessons in a dance studio. By the way, in the Labosa club, there is a chance not only to learn how to move effectively, but also to meet your partner so as not to be alone at the disco.

Dating in the club - how to behave?

Why do we visit nightclubs from time to time? Of course, in order to relax, have fun, unwind, dance ... And also, the club is one of the most common places for dating. How fateful the meeting will be - time will tell, however, if you want to find new friends, a company for the evening or even a soul mate - feel free to head to one of the clubs. has collected a whole set of rules and tips in order not to lose face and be ready for a meeting.

The nightclub has a special relaxed atmosphere. Its visitors come for new emotions and impressions, which means they are tuned in to new acquaintances. By and large, the ways of attracting attention in a club are not very different from dating, for example, on the street. However, everything has its own peculiarities and nuances.

Choosing a place and time

There are more than two hundred nightclubs in St. Petersburg, choose the one that suits your interests and musical taste. If you prefer dancing until the morning, take a closer look at the site with your favorite direction of music and the corresponding dance floor. Singers will love karaoke. If you get tired of too loud music, there are clubs with a more relaxed atmosphere. We advise you to spend some time and read reviews, see photos, study the program or menu. Pay attention to whether there is face control and a dress code so as not to be in an awkward position. In addition, theme parties are sometimes held in clubs - in general, be guided by your taste. It is best to go to a proven place where you will be as comfortable as possible.

An important nuance is time. By visiting the club in the middle of the week, you can get acquainted with a student or with the "golden youth". To chat with a more respectable person, we advise you to look into the club closer to the weekend. If the place is popular, come immediately after opening to take free tables (or reserve in advance). Many prefer to come a couple of hours after the opening, in the midst of the general fun.


If the establishment does not have a dress code, choose comfortable clothing. First of all, you must like yourself. Do not forget that the club can be stuffy, and if you intend to dance a lot, make sure that your clothes do not hinder your movement. Shoes, too, choose proven many hours of dancing. Girls, even if they really want to attract attention, do not need to be zealous with a bright outfit and very catchy makeup. This will create a false impression of the girl's low morals on the one hand, or too high demands on the other.

Good mood is the best company

Someone prefers to go to clubs alone, someone in a whole noisy crowd. Among friends, you definitely will not get bored and have fun even without new acquaintances. By the way, it is psychologically easier for many to start a conversation surrounded by friends, for example, when two noisy companies unite. Girls in general often go with a girlfriend (girlfriends) - so they are calmer. It is not so important whether you visited the club alone or with friends, the main thing is a positive attitude, a smile and self-confidence. You came to have fun, so relax. Be active, do not be afraid to take the first step, show with your whole appearance that you are in a great mood.

Dancing brings you closer

The worst impression in a club is made by a bored person who props up the walls or sits at a table all evening and stares at the dance floor in a haunted manner. The easiest way to get to know or just get closer to the person you like is to dance. Let's say you like a girl. For starters, you can just watch her and her company, then gradually approach and start moving with her to the beat, gradually reducing the distance (within the limits of decency, of course). Sooner or later, the girl will notice you and start dancing with you, or step aside. If you know how to dance - this is your trump card, be sure to use it. A person who perfectly controls the body and moves rhythmically to the music always attracts attention. If one of you is a useless dancer, do not despair, you can turn everything into a joke. The main thing is to smile, let everyone see that you are having fun. In the end, professionals dance on stage, and amateurs are not evaluated.

From non-verbal communication to words

You can start communication not only with dancing. As a rule, the atmosphere in the clubs itself is conducive to new acquaintances, so do not hesitate to sit down with someone and start a conversation "according to the situation." Speak with a smile, easily and naturally. In general, everything is simple at the bar counter - you can start by, for example, treating a girl with a drink. Just do not ask banal questions, like “hello, how are you,” which can be answered in monosyllables. Interest the interlocutor, start with a statement that will raise questions. For example, you say: “It’s really nothing here, but in the club near my house different stories always happened.” Thus, curiosity will wake up in the interlocutor and you will want to know what kind of “stories” happened. No one has canceled the well-known reception for starting a conversation - a compliment, but here, too, platitudes should be avoided, and it is important that it be really from the heart and truthful. It is best to mark some detail of clothing or accessory. If your new acquaintance dances well, you can safely praise him for it. Do not get lost, the situation or the interlocutor himself will tell you where to start the conversation.


A variety of people come to the club, be careful not to mess with aggressive visitors or while intoxicated, and do not abuse yourself so as not to lose control of yourself and not do stupid things.

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