How dance changed my life essay

How dance has influenced and changed my life

Dance is something that children learn before verbal language. Instead of words, movement evokes their emotions and thoughts. As their movement becomes more purposeful and done with awareness it becomes dance.

Children pick up things from their surroundings whether it be words or movement patterns. All cultures create forms of visual arts, turn sounds into music as well as movements into dance. All of the arts are a part of our culture yet our educational systems include drawing, instrumental music and singing – but dance is often left out.

I started dancing when I was two and a half and now have dance as one of my two majors. Dance has always been a part of my life and a part of who I am.

Dance provides us with many benefits and it is sad that schools, such as my own elementary, middle and high school, do not have dance programs. I am also a music buff so I was always involved in the arts during school but I find it strange that dance is always omitted in most education programs.

The reasoning I get when I asked my teachers from my preL through 12 years why dance is not in our education programs is that dance is less important and would not help students in any way now or their future. This appalls me because they are basically saying my passion will not help me or get me anywhere. I often get the phrases when I tell people my majors, “you are not going to get very far,” “what are you even going to do with that” or my favorite: “you need to marry rich then.” There is a stereotype that dance is only for size zero girls who dance pointe (ballet) and men are often excluded when dance is brought up thus it is not needed in our education programs because a majority of the students would not become professional dancers.

I understand this point of view but dance is fun, can be used for social issues, and helps in developing a growing child. A majority of those who play an instrument, draw or sing during school do not become professionals yet we still have these in our education programs so why is dance being left out?

Dance has various benefits that should be taken advantage of by schools. According to Advancing Dance Education in the Arts (ADEA), dance helps children/young adults mature physically, emotionally, socially and cognitively.

Physical development increases because dance involves a greater range of motion, coordination, strength and endurance than most other physical activities. Dance utilizes the entire body and is an excellent form of exercise for total body fitness. For me dance is also a way to stay fit without having to run miles upon miles. I still go to the gym but dance makes working out so much more fun.

Dance allows for us to express our emotions and increase our awareness of ourselves and others through creative movement thus increasing our emotional maturity. Movement within a class setting is structured but also allows for an emotional and physical release. I crave dance classes around final exam week or back when EOG’s, SAT, and college admission occurred. I could just take an hour out of my day and completely focus on something other than stress and come out refreshed and ready to get to work. School is stressful so why not create a way to educate and release stress at the same time, in my opinion learning comes a lot easier when you are less stressed out.

Social awareness is also encouraged by dance. It allows for social encounters, interactions and cooperation. Dance also allows for everlasting friendships. Through movement we learn to communicate ideas to others and learn how to work within a group dynamic. Personally, I hate group projects for classes but for dance I have yet to have a time where someone did not give their all or not give input. The atmosphere allows for more cooperation and helps you learn how to work better in non-movement classes as well.

On a cognitive level dance helps us function in and understand the world. Movement provides the cognitive repetition between idea, problem, or intent and the outcome or solution. This idea has just recently begun to be explored.

Dance can provide a lot to education and should be included in education programs. No Child Left Behind reaffirms the arts as a “core academic subject” that all schools should teach basically putting it on the same level as core subjects; however, funding is still not what it should be because schools cannot afford to add dance into their educational programs.

I may be biased because of my background with dance but I still believe that it is important and should not be left out with arts education. Dance helps physically, mentally and emotionally while allowing you to have fun and enjoy being in the moment.

How Dance Changed My Life by Emily


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Ah, finally it’s 12:43 PM. Fourth period. Time to walk through the double doors where the endless tiled floors meet the marley floors. When I walk through these doors into room 1710, the entire atmosphere shifts. It goes from rooms filled with legs bouncing from anxiety to a fresh breath of…..


For the past three years, dance has been my “escape” from the real world and all of its problems. These past three years of dance have not only taught me how to perfect my aerial or my grande jete, they’ve taught me the importance of having a family. Before starting dance my idea of family was a broken and unstable one. Between the divorce of my parents when I was two and moving eight times in my life, my idea of family was skewed. I always felt like I was half of a daughter and half of a sister in both of my homes. Out of all three of my siblings, I’m the only one who switches homes - they all have a permanent home and I have two halves of each.

That all changed once I started dance and could truly have a permanent home. Dance is built to feel like a family. During each concert someone is assigned to be a “dance mom.” The role of the “dance mom” is to keep everything organized while being as comforting as possible. Yet, their most important role is to make sure we all bond. In dance you can’t dance as a unit unless you feel like a unit.

The meaning of dance in a person's life: the main thing about the art of dance

Let's analyze the meaning of dance in a person's life!

“For a moment, everything became crystal clear, and when it happens, the world seems to disappear. Don't we all know this deep down? This perfectly balanced mechanism of screams and echoes masquerades as spinning gears, a magical clock ticking under the mysterious glass we call life. What's behind? What's around? Chaos, storms. People with sledgehammers, people with knives, people with guns. Women who break what they can't bend and downplay what they can't understand. A universe of horror and loss surrounding a small, brightly lit stage on which mortals dance in defiance of the darkness”

Stephen King

Get in the mood before reading!


Dance Traditions

Dance is capable of expressing all feelings and emotions known to man. Even in ancient times, our ancestors accompanied each event in life with special dances.

The birth of a child was met with ritual dances to win the favor of the Gods and give the newborn strength and skills. The deceased person was escorted with the help of dances to another world.

At the moment of marriage, a special dance blessed the newlyweds for a happy family life and auspicious procreation. It is difficult to overestimate the dance and its importance in the life of our great-great-grandfathers.

As mankind developed, dances changed their direction, movement and rhythm. Now on earth there is a huge number of forms, types and styles of dance.

Many dances were designed to ward off evil spirits. Ancient shamans sincerely believed that there was a healing power in dances that could help from any ailments.

People of different tribes arranged ritual dances in their fields, turning to the Gods and Spirits with requests to send down life-giving moisture or a generous harvest.

All human races, nationalities and communities from time immemorial have expressed themselves in dances that correspond precisely to their cultural traditions. The importance of dance in human life was enormous.

Health benefits of dancing

It has long been known that dancing is very beneficial to health. Dance is able to relieve stress and nervous tension, inhale energy and strength, improve posture and gait.

If you want to lose weight and lose extra pounds, you don't have to exhaust yourself with all sorts of diets, gym workouts, morning jogging or cycling.

Just dance! Dancing will help burn excess calories and maintain a healthy weight.

Dancing improves the activity of the cardiovascular system, reduces the risk of heart disease and normalizes blood pressure. The result depends on the frequency and intensity of training.

For internally enslaved, timid and timid people, dancing helps to open themselves for communication with the outside world: all energy “clamps” are removed, creativity expands, various complexes disappear, fear disappears, the nervous system relaxes.

Dancing makes it easier to find friends, become creative and expressive, love life and enjoy it. Due to its charm, dancing brings people a connection that cannot be compared to anything else.

In this regard, the importance of dance in human life is also difficult to overestimate.

Dancing in the modern world

The importance of dance in a person's life in the modern world is growing day by day. Today, the whole world is dancing, from babies to the elderly, because the past years for dancing classes do not matter.

Among the great variety of types of dances, everyone, of course, can choose exactly the one that suits him. And most importantly, dancing brings endless pleasure, while bringing great benefits to the body.

Our movements become more flexible, muscles and spine become stronger, nervous system calms down.

No matter what style of dance you choose, be it belly dance, swing, tap, hip-hop, jazz or tango, you will benefit immensely from practicing any of them. So let's put on our dancing shoes and start dancing!

You can easily find a huge selection of dance courses for beginners and advanced dancers, including accelerated ones, on the Internet today.

Feel free to invite your body to the conversation: let it "speak out"! The art of modern dance will not leave you indifferent!

Here is a list of the most popular dance styles today:

  • belly dance
  • striptease
  • rock and roll
  • pop
  • jazz
  • In addition to impressing everyone with your ability to dance, you will also acquire a flat stomach, beautiful arms, slender legs and a thin waist. You will become more flexible and flexible. Whether it's an Oriental, Arabic or Turkish belly dance course - try and choose any!

    You will feel your femininity with renewed vigor and begin to experience pleasure from your body.

    Such a dance effectively affects the health of a woman and the maintenance of harmonious body shapes. It changes a woman both physically and emotionally, you will definitely experience the pleasure of the dance movements.

    Belly dancing will bring feelings into your life that will allow you to rejoice and love the whole world.

    Or maybe you want to slay your beloved man by dancing a striptease for him? No problem! In the public domain there is a huge selection of various video courses of dances of various styles.

    "Knowing how to dance gives you the greatest of freedoms: to express yourself fully as you are"

    Melissa Hayden

    Can't choose something specific? Try the non-stop dance style. You will learn to dance to any music that sounds today in all clubs and on all dance floors.

    Your vestibular apparatus will get a good workout, and the body will acquire excellent coordination of movements. The importance of movements in dance fades into the background here.

    Have you ever seen clumsy and clumsy dancers? People who dance do not fall into the ice, do not touch the doorposts and do not step on the feet of passers-by.

    They stand out sharply from the crowd with their grace, posture and gait.

    Beauty and grace are, of course, difficult to acquire all at once. But if you have patience and practice regularly, dancing will give an excellent result in a month or two.

    It will be noticed not only by you, but by everyone around you. Get Started! Without dancing, life is boring:)

    General benefits of dancing

    The role of dance in a person's life is grandiose. After two weeks of classes, you will have the need to dance regularly!

    You will have a great mood and increased efficiency. And constant dancing will give the body a load that will launch the hidden possibilities of the body: it will harden, the overall tone and endurance will increase.

    Start dancing twice a week, and by the end of the second month after the start of training, it will be easy for you to dance at least every day!

    Dancing in real life will help you get rid of nervous tension and headaches. You will be distracted from everyday fuss and worries, become cheerful and cheerful.

    Dancing is not only a pleasant and useful hobby, dance is the essence of life… it is life itself, full of bright colors and joyful emotions!

    Recently, our country and all of Eastern Europe has been swept by a dance boom, people are dancing everywhere.

    A huge number of dance schools, studios have appeared, where they teach all kinds of dances. Their popularity is growing more and more. Dancing becomes inseparable from our lives.

    Today, the ability to dance is prestigious, fashionable, and it also has tremendous health benefits. Dancing is a huge stimulus for emancipation and self-development.

    However, the significance of dance in a person's life is also in the fact that while dancing, a person experiences great pleasure!

    You can't help but enjoy life in the rhythm of dance:)

    Dance as an art form

    Any dance is an art that captivates, bewitches and wins hearts. Modern dance is the release of emotions, the ability to show oneself and one's body.

    Dances can be smooth and calm, sharp and impulsive, but whatever the dance, it beckons and attracts those around you. The planet of dances is numerous - these are classical, modern, ballroom, oriental, Latin American dances.

    Each type of dance is able to bring an incredible charge of positive emotions to a professional and an amateur, to give self-confidence.

    You will cry from this performance

    Most of the different actors and stars of the theater, at one time studied dancing, in the future this allowed them to better express themselves and their charisma in roles, add elegance to their movements.

    Dancing is one way to express your emotions. Emotions in dance are conveyed through graceful movements, looks. A real dance is able to captivate with beauty and energy at first sight. The dance conveys the feelings of a person in full.

    Learning to dance is the path to knowing and embodying oneself. All the benefits of dance are simply impossible to count.

    The dance puts a load on the whole body, from the toes to the spine. The load is evenly distributed to all muscle groups.

    "Dance is a way to achieve beauty, to control every muscle and direct it to happiness" bodies become more perfect.

    Also, the significance of dance in a person's life is that it has an important role in the psychological state - it relieves a person of complexes and clamps, develops the technique of interpersonal relationships.

    Over thousands of years, man has invented hundreds of types of a wide variety of dances, it is worth noting the most popular of them: slow and Viennese waltz, tango, slow foxtrot.

    How other people dance and what pleasure they get while doing it can be seen on the Internet by watching dances on video. Fortunately, finding dance videos on the World Wide Web is not difficult.

    You can also film your dances yourself. This will help you to look at yourself from the outside in a new way.

    Variety of dance

    Let's briefly go over several areas of dance.

    ➠ Belly dance.

    This is an oriental dance born in ancient times. It is distinguished by bright costumes and entertainment. The main emphasis is on the development of plasticity and training of the abdominal muscles.

    ➠ Strip.

    One of the modern dances that allows you to express feelings, convey emotions through body movements.

    ➠ Latino.

    This is a mixture of colors of South American countries, an atmosphere of joy and fun. Latino dances are expressed in rhythmic, fluid and emotional movements. dance .

    They originate from the balls and social entertainment of medieval Europe. Modern ballroom dance incorporates both unchanging classical European programs and Latin American programs.

    ➠ Jazz dancing.

    One of the varieties of modern dance. It is distinguished by high aesthetics combined with bright choreography.

    ➠ Irish dancing.

    They belong to the category of folk dance and express the fun atmosphere of bar parties. Having mastered this type of dance, you can feel more relaxed even among strangers. The value of folk dance is difficult to overestimate.

    ➠ Club dancing.

    This style originated with the advent of nightclubs themselves and rhythmic electronic music. Modern dances of night discos and clubs remove prohibitions and stereotypes, sometimes exceed the boundaries of aesthetics, expressing themselves in the most defiant and daring manner.

    ➠ Break dance.

    It can rightfully be called the most impressive among modern dances. It is one of the varieties of hip-hop, it helps to develop the body no worse than in the best gym.


    The first timid steps in learning to dance usually get rid of all the pressures. It is enough to take the first step, and soon you will be able to become a star at any corporate party, performing a belly dance, dancing a real Spanish flamenco or spinning in pairs to the everlasting Viennese waltz.

    Feel free to dance. Our whole life is a dance, catch its rhythm.

    Finally, we suggest you watch one more video. You will see how important dance is in a person's life.

    Absolutely everyone can dance! You cannot be too young or too old for this. Make up your mind!

    Dancing in my life. Help for schoolchildren

    We have prepared for you several essays on the topic “Dances”. Use our examples to write your own story for a lesson at school.

    Each person has his own hobby, which he likes to do in his free time, in order to escape from some extraneous thoughts and just relax. When I was four years old, I saw a dance competition and I liked it so much that I wanted to learn how to dance. My mother and I chose several circles, visited each of them and, finally, chose one. I liked the dance coach right away. She is a beautiful and athletic woman in her 30s. She has long dark hair and deep eyes. Elena Sergeevna introduced me to other guys and picked up a couple for me. I was placed with Vova, he is slightly taller than me. He has blond curly hair and freckles on his face. I quickly grasped everything that was taught to me, so in group dances I was always in the forefront, and our couple with Vova was in the center of the productions.

    I like all types of dance, especially cha-cha-cha, waltz, tango and paso doble. Each of them has its own history and features. Before starting to study a new type of dance, we are told about its homeland. For example, the waltz first became famous in Austria, so various balls are now held there. Most of the dances came to us from America, where, as a rule, the brightest festivals and parades are held. I like dancing, because for each style you need to get used to some kind of image, and also every performance is a beautiful dress, makeup and hairstyle. Mom often takes me to concerts, because it’s difficult for me to prepare perfectly.

    Since I am in school, I often perform at school parties. Recently it was Teacher's Day, and I danced with Vova waltz. The teachers really liked our dance, and they even gave us flowers. I dream of going to some famous dance tournament in the future. I want to travel, perform and compete for prizes. My dream is to become famous all over the world. I want them to take autographs from me, filmed television programs about me, invited me to filming and simply recognized me on the street. Every day I go to dances and spend several hours in the hall. I want my parents to be proud of me, because I try so hard.

    After school, I want to enter the dance department, I think that they will help me succeed there.

    My mother took me to dances when I was little. At first I didn't like this idea. The coach said that I was doing the movements incorrectly and this made me very upset. I saw other girls dancing who had been dancing for several years. Their movements looked very beautiful. And I wanted to learn to dance just like them.

    I have been dancing for several years. And now it gives me pleasure. I go to rehearsals with a smile. When we prepare for competitions, we train very hard. During such periods, it happens that I get very tired. But it's a pleasant fatigue. Because I know that the more we rehearse our dance, the better it will look in the end.

    There are twenty girls in my group. We are all about the same age. I'm interested in them. I became friends with many girls. And now we communicate not only at rehearsals, but also in our free time.

    The most pleasant thing is performances. Yes, we work hard, but the result is worth it. We put on our beautiful costumes and go on stage. After our performance, we are applauded. And my heart becomes joyful when I see smiles on the faces of the audience.

    Dancing makes me travel. Our team regularly takes part in competitions and festivals. We usually travel around the cities of Russia, but several times we went abroad. Festivals are purely dance, and there are those in which singers, musicians, actors participate. Many interesting people participate in festivals. On every trip you manage to make friends with someone. And then we call up and correspond.

    The leaders of the festival also organize city tours. We visit sights, take pictures and just walk around the city. This is a great opportunity to get to know your country from the inside. Now I remember how I didn't want to dance at first. But it was worth showing a little patience and trying. And now dancing is the whole world for me. I want to continue to develop in this direction and hope to achieve high results!

    Human life is filled with many interesting activities, hobbies and other entertainment. Some of the hobbies can bring a person not only mental, but also physical satisfaction. These hobbies include gym classes, various sports and, of course, dancing.
    The art of dance is very old, it begins its history in prehistoric times. They didn’t learn to dance then, people were simply guided by their inner feelings, as a result of which mating dances and dances at the mercy of the gods appeared.

    With the help of dance they asked the gods to have mercy on them, or they splashed out their feelings and passion through the wild movements of the dance. Over time, the dance began to include more and more functions and now it was a way to keep the body in good shape, improve mental and physical condition, individualization and just good mood.

    I'm wondering if dancing is good for you? Surely, many attach very little importance to dancing as a way to maintain health. This is a big omission, because scientists around the world have repeatedly proven the positive effect of dancing on the human body. Having studied the necessary literature, I found a lot of interesting information about how dance is good for our health.

    Dancing will help people with heart failure. The load that they receive during exercise improves the performance of the heart and, not least, improves breathing.

    The next useful feature applies to those people who have decided to sit down or are already sitting in an exhausting conversation. Dance movements perfectly burn fat mass, train endurance, add strength and improve flexibility. It is put on a par with aerobics, jumping rope and running.
    Dance can also give energy. This is great for adults who constantly feel tired and fatigued. Regular dance classes give vivacity and energy for the whole day.

    All these physical aspects are of course beneficial to the human body. But it's worth remembering. That most people start dancing not for physical health, but rather to regulate their state of mind.
    They are attracted by the beauty and technique of other dancers, which creates an irresistible desire to learn how to perform these dodgy steps. For many, dancing becomes the main meaning of life. People earn money and fame from this, or they just dance for themselves, for their own satisfaction. During classes, a person feels happier, adrenaline in the blood gives him endurance, he is in euphoria.

    The main fear of professional dancers is injury. There are many real life examples where successful dancers were forced to leave the sport for this reason. This greatly affects their state of mind. These examples are proof of how much dance is able to influence the spiritual state of a person.

    When we have fun and are in high spirits, we begin to dance involuntarily.

    Learn more