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Munsters Monster Mash Line Dance How To

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Do you love Halloween? I do. I love finding monster line dances for the Halloween season. The monster mash is a great Halloween line dance. What princess of the night would fit the mash, the monster mash?  Lily Munster for a Munsters monster mash line Dance how to.


The Munsters were 1960’s TV monster family. This popular sitcom featured a loveable family of monsters living at 1313 Mockingbird Lane. The family was cross cultural, including Frankenstein, werewolves, witches, and Vampires.  Lily Muster was the daughter of Count Dracula, making her a vampire princess.

Monster Mash History:

The monster mash is a popular Halloween song created by Bobby “Boris” Pickett in 1962. Mr. Pickett loved B grade horror films, and the mash became a graveyard smash and has been haunting Halloween playlists since. Except in the UK, The monster mash was banned until 1973 for the line “graveyard smash” as being too racy.

Line Dance:

Our line dance uses many popular 60’s dance moves. Pieces include the mashed potato, the twist, grapevines, and monster points. Take a dance adventure back in time to the 60’s with the monster mash.

Munsters Monster Mash Line Dance How To:

Begin to the lyrics “working in the Lab, late one night” holding two test tubes and pour back and forth. “My eyes beheld”, point at your eyes. “An Eerie sight” Jazz hands high and bring them down. “our monster began to rise” hands low to shoulder height like Frankenstein.

Line dance portion
  1. Swim/mashed potato
    Four step taps right and left while swimming arms forward for 8 counts.
  2. Twist
    Twist right and left going down and up for 8 counts
  3. Repeat Swim 8 counts.
  4. Repeat Twist for 8 counts.
  5. Awooooo- Right hand.
    Split weight across both feet point right hand across to left side and pull back to right side for 8 counts.
  6. Awoooo – Left hand.
    Split weight across both feet point left hand across to right side and pull back to right Left for 8 counts.
  7. Grapevine Right
    Side right foot, cross left foot behind, side right foot, tap left foot next to right foot.
  8. Grapevine Left
    Side left foot, cross right foot behind, side left foot, tap right foot next to left foot.
  9. Jump turning 1/4 left
    Jump while turning ¼ to the left, 1,2,3,4 and shimmy 5,6,7,8
  10. Repeat from the top.
  11. On the 3rd repeat there Is a bridge where your repeat the Awooo section again.
  12. Repeat until the end.
Fun Munsters Facts

Researching the Munsters was fun. I found out many fun facts. The Munster’s costumes were based off universal studio’s monster movies. Sharing the same parent company gave then the rights to the movie monsters. Their house was a second empire Victorian house. It could be seen as a backdrop on many shows, like Leave It To Beaver, Shirley,(NBC, 1979–80) and Coach. After a remodel, it even was used in Desperate Housewives.

The interior shots were on a soundstage. Lily Munster enjoyed “dusting” the mansion with a Electrolux vacuum that spat out more dust than it piked up. Kenneth Strickfaden who build Frankenstein’s set also built Grandpa’s laboratory.

The Munster’s had two iconic cars. The first was the Munster Koach. Lily commissioned a dragster and a model T ford to be combined to chauffeur her family around. Second was the Drag-U-La, Grandpa’s coffin car. Coffins could only be purchased with an accompanying death certificate, so Barris made arrangements for an after dark cash purchase. The Drag-U-La was then featured in the credits of the Munsters.  

Munster Monster Mash Cast

  • Herman Munster- Craig Tomazin
  • Lily Munster- Holly Tomazin
  • Eddie Munster- William Hooker
  • Aunt Elvira- Luna Chenault
  • Vampira- Jessica Virgo

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Read online "Finding Yourself", Fotinia Chorna - LitRes, page 4

- Good, you woke up so early, - the zombie removed the device and showed the magic ball.

- Shall I show this to Alfred? I looked at it, I said.

- Yes, of course. Something needs to be done about this. I'll take a little nap if I'm not needed.

Sleep, sleep. Will not interfere.

I quickly left, took a shower and went to the kitchen. I want to cook something of my own today. The servants are resting! Today there will be a salad with seafood, mashed meat and dumplings with cabbage. I was also always taught to cook, and I showed great interest in this matter. Baking was really hard for me. Once I baked cookies and treated my family. Everyone tried to bite off a piece, but only Felix succeeded. True, this feat cost him a broken jaw .... Of course, the poor zombie restored his jaw, but I was no longer allowed to go to the oven unattended. As for the rest, here I succeeded. Meat was the best to cook, and salads are not difficult to make anyway, the main thing is not to overdo it with seasonings.

The kitchen smelled delicious. Everything is in the process of cooking. Agnia rushed to such a wonderful smell and offered her help. Together we got through much faster.


After breakfast, everyone thanked us for the delicious food. I showed the ball to Alfred, but so far I have not been able to find anything I need. I didn't intend to go anywhere today. It is not known what will happen if the last closed door remains. I went up to my room, lay down on the bed and began to study the book I had taken from Alfred to help him with his search.

– What are you reading? Frank materialized, about whom I had already forgotten.

- Looking for something similar to my case.

Are you talking about your dreams?

- Yes.

“And I know the answer to your question,” he smiled slyly. - Do you want to know him?

- I want to, but I'd better look for it myself.

- Oh, don't listen to that bearded man.

- I disobeyed once, I won't do it again.

- Disobeyed once, but what abilities! Imagine, you can learn everything in the world!!! And enslave the world with your knowledge!!

- Enslaving the world was not my plan.

Frank persuaded me as best he could. I even reincarnated as a cat, purred, but that didn’t affect me either. Fortunately, Frank could only affect me with words. The day flew by quickly, giving way to darkness. At the evening dance lesson, Diodora herself danced with me. We smoothly circled around the hall to quiet music. Everything worked out perfectly for me: I didn’t step on my feet, I circled in rhythm. At the end of the lesson, the woman praised me, and then we went to the dining room.

After dinner, the servant sent by Diodora came to me, took my measurements for the dress and left. After them, Alfred appeared, and Frank did not give up desperate attempts to persuade me.

- Did you find anything? I turned to the sorcerer.

- No, but I know something. Not only are most of these books, which may contain the answer to your question, stolen and hidden, but the books themselves are encrypted. Their cover says nothing about the content, and neither do the first few pages. So the search became more difficult.

– Oh, no…. Tomorrow I will have to make a choice.

- I know. And therefore, tomorrow morning I will go to the library. I will find the answer, I promise.

- Good. I hope for you.

I gave him the book and Alfred left. If he promised, he must fulfill. This is our sorcerer. I sat comfortably on my bed and closed my eyes. Tomorrow will be a difficult and at the same time joyful day.

Chapter 5. Birthday

After waking up once again on the stone floor, I got up and looked at the lattice doors. I managed! The fourth door is still closed, but the phantom looked at me unfriendly. Although his eyes did not glow with red lights, his furrowed brows and lack of a smile clearly showed anger. He just looked at me.


“One, two, three.

My offender, die.

Four, five, six.

There are countless corpses.

Seven, eight, nine.

I will sow chaos.”

Strange rhymes went. And if you take into account that this is my subconscious speaking, then everything here is generally terrible. I will not sow chaos, I am kind and rather calm.

– Well, are you going to talk?

“Let me go,” he said in an undertone, gritting his teeth. It was clearly audible how he was trying to speak more quietly, otherwise he would have been shouting now.

- Let me go? Are you serious?

- Let it go.

- Will you say anything more?

- Let it go!

Fontom started to beat on the door, trying to break it down with his feet.


Count Taylorhive woke me up. Mentally thanking him for that, I stretched.

“Good morning,” he smiled. “Happy birthday, mouse,” the vampire congratulated me and kissed my forehead.

- Good. Thank you, Count, - I settled down on the bed sitting. The count took out a pendant from the pocket of his robe and put it on my neck. It was in the form of a little black bat with sparkling ruby ​​eyes.

- This is my present. Hurry down," he said, and headed for the door.

- Count, did Alfred go anywhere?

- Oh, yes. In the morning he left you a present, over there, on the bedside table, and then he left somewhere.

“Thank you,” I thanked him with a smile, and the vampire left my room.

There was a gift box with a postcard on the bedside table. I began to read the congratulations. The best wishes were left in the postcard. Now it's time for the box. Opening it, I saw a book. The title on the cover is "The Way to a Dream". I wanted to read it, but inside all the words and letters of different languages ​​were written mixed up. Maybe Alfred will tell you later what to do with it?

I washed up, changed from my pajamas into a black casual dress, combed my short hair and went downstairs. But there was no one in the hall.

- Good morning, Miss Caroline. Happy holiday to you,” our shadow butler addressed me.

- Thank you. And where is everyone else?

- Waiting for you on the street.

The butler opened the door for me and I went to the lake. That's where they met me. Everyone came up and, congratulating, presented a gift. From Agnia I received a round aquarium with a fish. The girl showed it to me and took it to my room. The celebration continued without her. Kira gave me a bracelet made of beautiful shells and pearls, which I immediately put on my hand. Wolfram and Beatrice handed me a steel blade with a carved pattern. A scene was depicted with the conversion of a man into a wolf. From Felix, I received a thick photo frame that shows black and white photos of all my birthdays. I put his invention in front of all of us. Diodora gave me a bird in a cage. Her black and white feathers were pleasing to the eye, and her singing was mesmerizing.

After receiving the gifts, I sat down at a table that had been set up outside. They told me toasts, we drank, i.e. they drank, I managed with apple juice. No one was silent at the table, as on ordinary days. Everyone was talking to each other about something. Alfred was missing.

“Carol, you look very happy today,” Wolfram told me, sitting on my left.

“Thank you,” I thanked and drank some juice.

- Not at all. Which choice are you leaning towards?

- I haven't decided yet. I can’t say - I tried to end the conversation, but I couldn’t.

– Why are you so? Do you know how many advantages there are in circulation?

- I know, a lot. What about shortcomings?

“Um, shortcomings…,” he hesitated, but soon continued. “Vulnerability to silver and objects consecrated with holy water, bad sleep, transformation against will during the full moon,” he smiled. Seeing something behind me, the smile disappeared from his face. “In general, whatever you choose, any move you make will be the right one,” Wolfram said and returned to eating food.

I turned around to find out what the werewolf was so afraid of, and was not surprised: the count's stern gaze would remind everyone of their place. By the way, vampires burn in the sun. Diodora must have tried her hand at the protective potion.

The day was wonderful. Beatrice, Agnia and Kira and I swam in the lake. After that, they played ball games with Felix and Wolfram, while the count, meanwhile, was preparing the premises for today's ball. Noble guests will arrive, but not ordinary people, but the same "monsters" as our family.

Toward evening, the servants brought the table into the mansion and prepared for the arrival of guests. I rested in my room, thinking about Alfred's return. Maybe something happened? I hope he is all right, and the holiday must continue. To claim that I am not an ordinary person, you need evidence that the sorcerer is now looking for. I hope he gets there by the right time.

And the guests have already begun to arrive. I changed into a long dress that Diodora managed to create for me overnight. The dress left an impression of mystery: a triangular neckline covered with translucent ruffles, the dress narrows at the waist and slightly widens towards the hem, sleeveless, but with long gloves to the elbows. The entire fabric is decorated with rare red pebbles and patterns on the ruffles in the form of flowers. The Count's pendant was perfect for all this. Putting on black boats, she went down to the hall. You shouldn't keep guests waiting: the ball is still in my honor. I greeted the arrivals, talked with some. Ghosts and phantoms gathered here, witches stood there in their beautiful guise, the buffet table was surrounded by especially hungry people, mostly werewolves. At first, I avoided vampires, but the count insisted on talking to them. They look at me like a blood vessel, nothing more. The first dance was with the count, and then other guests invited me, and I, with pleasure, agreed. All are so elegant that it pleases the eye. Dance lessons were not in vain. There are many guests, and the count is very famous among them, so there were many who wanted to dance with me. Even the ghosts have made a wish. It was difficult: they tried to be tangible (it is possible if they gather all their emotions and feelings together), sometimes my hand went through them, so I had to keep it canopy. I even had to refuse some guests: there are so many who want to. Even the sons of a few guests were invited to this ball. I danced with each one once. Someday they will fight for my hand and heart, and I will have to marry the only one, but now you don’t need to think about it. I still have to decide whose gift I should choose.

I was again invited to the last dance by the Earl of Taylorhive. The guests were inspired by our dance. The vampire is a master even in this matter. To the wonderful live music of a small orchestra, we seemed to be fluttering around the hall. It seemed to me that I weighed nothing: it was so easy.

“Caroline, you dance beautifully,” he told me.

- Thank you. Alfred hasn't been seen for a long time.

- Yes, he is very late. If only he bothered to come to the ball,” the vampire said with displeasure.

- I'm sure he has a good reason.

- We'll figure it out when he returns.

When our ballroom dance ended like a father-daughter dance, the guests gave us loud applause and began to disperse. The time for choice came when only our family remained in the mansion. The only thing missing was a sorcerer.


- The time has come, Caroline. Your essence has not manifested, - the count said with a little sadness.

Silence filled the entire mansion and was broken only by the ticking of the clock. Everyone would like to share their blood with me, but there is only one choice. Alfred is still missing, which means there is no answer. Suddenly, Frank appeared. He, as if reading my thoughts, said that everything was fine with the sorcerer, and I didn’t have to worry.

"But without Alfred, I can't voice my choice," she tried to play for time.

“Carol, dear,” the witch began, “if you choose his gift, then, of course, we will wait for him to please him later, but if your choice did not lie in his direction, what is the point of waiting for Alfred and then upsetting him?

- Good. I will now announce my choice, - everyone was silent in anticipation. Where is the sorcerer? I really need him right now! However... if he didn't find the answer? This means that I have no power, the choice still has to be made. All family members are dear to me, and I love everyone. Diodorus even replaced my mother, Ernest - my father, Alfred - my uncle, Beatrice and Wolfram - brothers and sisters. The others have become my best friends. And I respect everyone, but I will choose the one to whom I owe my life. “I choose your essence, Count,” I finally said. He probably shone with happiness ... in his soul ... deep in his soul. His joy was barely noticeable, but I always see his emotions and feelings.

“A wise decision,” he said, and came up to me. - Are you sure? I don't want to ruin your life. You can make another choice,” the vampire warned, running his small dark nails down my neck.

- No, count. I am confident in my choice, - He approached the skin and bared his fangs.

Stop! The doors opened, and the sorcerer burst into the hall. - Count, stop!

The vampire pulled away from me, and all attention turned to Alfred.

- What is it? asked Earl Taylorhive.

“I found the answer,” the sorcerer said out of breath, “I know what kind of entity is sitting in it.

- But nothing has appeared yet.

- It has already manifested. Should have. Maybe someone saw something strange? An unusual surge of strength?

“In a fit of anger, my strength increases,” I began. “I was able to overcome Zen's magical restraints and throw him a long way. I was able to pierce a tree with knives, - I chattered.

- She has an essence in the form of some kind of spirit, but it has not yet shown itself: it is only getting closer. There are not many like her, and they all live like ordinary people.

- Why were you silent before?

- Excuse me, Count. You are disappointed in me,” I looked down at the floor.

“Caroline, don’t be silly.” The vampire hugged me tightly, stroking my head. “You have always been and will always be my daughter, even if it is mortal,” there was a note of sadness in his voice.

I hugged him back. To defuse the situation, Felix turned on the gramophone and began to make a toast. Like, for peace between people and monsters, for love, etc. While everyone was there, we took a couple of family photos.


After the party, the servants cleared the tables, and everyone else went to their rooms. I needed to visit Alfred. I knocked and, having received approval, entered. The man no longer hid his spots from me, which could not but rejoice: at least I can see his face. He sat on the bed, reclining, and next to him lay a book.

- I came to thank you. I'm sorry I didn't do this earlier. Thank you very much, I smiled.

“Please.” The sorcerer also gave me a smile.

– What is the book you gave me? I sat down on the edge of the bed next to Alfred.

- A book that will help you travel. Just tell her where you are going, and she will show you everything, paint it in detail.

- Wow! Thanks a lot! So did you still have the book we needed?

- Well, yes ...

- Can I read?

– It’s not that simple… – I didn’t quite understand his reaction to my question. And why was Alfred gone for so long?

- Why don't you tell her the truth? Frank showed up.

- What truth? I was surprised.

- Frank, get lost.

- No, no, wait. What truth didn't you tell me? I turned to Alfred.

“Oh, if you don’t tell her,” a sly smile appeared on Frank’s face, “then she will turn to me. Let it not hurt so much, but that's enough for me, - the sly one turned into a cat and jumped on my knees.

“Okay,” the sorcerer sighed and continued. - I don't have this book. And I learned the answer from energy.

"Hey, that's a shame, by the way," Frank was offended by his nickname. In this form, he looked funny.

- As I said, learning a secret hurts. I fainted from pain and lay like that all day. I hurried here in the evening. Okay, I did it.

- It wasn't worth sacrificing like that...

- It was worth it. Who knows what would happen if two different entities were combined…. I could not learn much, but I understood something from the messages sent.

– Now I feel so uncomfortable in front of you.

- Carol, it's okay, I'm here. Go to sleep. Don't spoil your mood," he smiled.

We said goodnight to each other and I went to my room. Now I would like to find out who I really am, but I will leave the questions for tomorrow. The sorcerer is tired and needs rest. Like me.



“One, two, three, four, five.

He will tear your enemies.

Six, seven, eight, nine, ten.

He is insane, crazy and cheerful.”

The fourth door is still closed. This pleases me, but the phantom is not very good. He still asks to be let in.

- Eh, aren't you tired? I asked.

“Let me go,” he repeated, gritting his teeth.

– What are you up to? Let it go, let it go. ..

- Let it go!

- Do you have anything new to say?

- Let it go!

- And if I let you in?

“Let me go,” the phantom repeated more quietly. So he understands.

- Come on, if you shout, it will be considered "NO". If you speak in an undertone, then it will be considered as "YES", i.e. agreement. I agree?

- Let it go!

- What a bore. Will there come a moment when you will speak normally?

The Phantom laughed and nodded. I don't like this laugh. So creepy and crazy, as if mixed with joy and anger.


In the morning I woke up by myself. The curtains were parted to let in the bright rays of the sun. The Count must have already visited me. There was an aquarium with a goldfish on the bedside table, and next to it was a thick photo frame, leafing through yesterday's photos. There was a cage with a bird on the table by the window, which immediately sang when it saw me. I, as usual, changed, washed, had breakfast and did my exercises. I no longer have lessons, but Agnia needs help. She and I went to the sea for fish, but before leaving, I used Diodora's perfume to hide the spots. I took perfume with me just in case.

We fished for a long time. Along the way, we talked about yesterday. Agnia was not present when I chose the gift, so I told her about what happened. The girl was delighted that I still retained my human appearance. I was also filled with a good mood, and there was a lot of catch. Our work was completed quickly, so I decided to take a swim while Agnia was waiting in the boat.

- Carol, just for a little while. The weather is getting worse, so as not to get into a storm.

- Good.

I dived under the water, holding my breath. I wanted to swim to the bottom, look at the underwater world, but I don’t have such an opportunity. I swam, getting pleasure from it. The water helped to feel lightness in my whole body, as if I was flying. When it started to rain, I returned to Agnia, and we went to the pier. After bathing, she immediately put on perfume and wrapped herself in a scarf so that the rain would not wash away the potion.

The weather has noticeably changed: the sky has become gray, and the clouds have covered the sun. The waves were increasing in height, trying to turn us over. It's not rain anymore, it's downpour. And no scarf will save.

“Here we are,” Agniya got worried.

- Don't talk like that. We'll make it.

We are halfway to the pier, and the sea is already rocking our boat hard. Everything was going well, but suddenly we were covered by a wave. All the fish were washed back into the water with us, and the boat was smashed to pieces. I managed to grab onto the board, but I didn’t watch Agnia. A mermaid appeared in front of me with a worried look.

- Kira, I'm fine, find Agniya! - I said, trying to shout over the sound of water.

- I have to save your life! You are dearest of all to the Count!

- Save Agnia! I'm safe!

- But. ..

- Please. Or do you not care who is dear to me?!

“…I am now,” she thought for a moment and dived.

The mermaid sailed away after Agnia, and I stayed on the waves with the board. Kira was gone for a long time. The waves made it difficult to find the girls even with a glance. Lightning flashed, but even in the fleeting light I couldn't see them. You need to keep calm. Maybe someday because of my stupidity I will drown, but not today. You have to try to swim to the shore. I rushed to my goal without letting go of the board. However, the waves caught up with me, covered me again and again. I always managed to swim out until the next wave knocked the saving board out of my hands. I tried to swim, but I didn't have enough strength. Another wave, I took a sip of water in a panic, but I could not swim out. Not enough air…. Either the water became so dark, or the darkness swallowed me up, I didn’t have the strength to swim out. My whole body relaxed and I felt peaceful.


The darkness slowly dissipated and I opened my eyes. The evening sky above my head appeared before my eyes. My throat began to tickle, I cleared my throat and immediately freed my stomach from excess water. There was an unpleasant sharp pain in my head. Washed up and looked around. I was near a cliff, stones lay around and water splashed. I got up and "crawled" away from the sea, trying to find the shore. He was not far away, but very small.

- Well, did you get into trouble? A young male voice came from behind me.

- Who is there? I turned around sharply. Before me stood the same phantom that I had seen in my dreams before.

- Have you forgotten already?

- No. And how are you...

- Did you open the fourth door? he finished my thought. “You hit your head well,” I put my hand to the back of my head, and then looked at her. Blood. - Oh, did you break your head? Poor thing, - the guy said with a sneer.

I didn’t understand anything, I didn’t want to think, now I just need to get on land - away from the water. I silently stomped in the right direction along the cliff. It's already evening and quite cold. What can we say about the clothes... one sleeve is missing, a piece of the hem is barely holding on, and there is a big hole on the side. I tore off the fabric that got in the way under my feet and continued to walk.

– Well, where did you go? - the phantom addressed me, but I did not answer. Of course, I will still talk with the hallucination. Okay, I hit my head. - Hey, don't ignore me. Didn't you really want to talk to me normally? Oh, yes, if you don’t know, then the stairs are on the other side, - I looked at him inquiringly, as if he were crazy. What kind of stairs can be here? Well, stairs. Stone steps that lead up, - the guy looked at my condition and decided to continue without being indignant. - While you were fainting, I looked around. It's rather unusual, but there is a stone staircase.

I turned around and walked in the other direction, stepping carefully over the rocks. Here is the long-awaited conversation with a strange creature. He follows me all the time, why doesn't he lag behind? And everything looks as black as pitch, a little transparent.

- So, we need to clarify some nuances ...

- Why do I see you here? I interrupted him.

- Because there is only one door left. If you open it, you will gain great strength,” the phantom said, spreading his arms from bottom to top.

- I don't believe you - we made our way to the stairs. I began to climb it, stepping on the cold steps with bare feet. I moved very carefully so as not to fill an extra lump.

- Why?

- I don't know you at all!

– How do you not know?? Or do you mean the name? That’s my name Luka,” he introduced himself and held out his hand for a shake.

– Carol – I wanted to shake hands with him, but the hand went right through.

- I know your name and I'm in your head, you understand?

- How is it? I asked and continued to rise.

- I came from the depths of your subconscious, but I don't remember how I got there. And I am tangible only in your head, in this gloomy corridor with doors. Here," he pointed to the ground under his feet, "I can't touch anything, smell anything... There is something that I remember distinctly.

- So what?

- I am you, and you are me. How to understand this, I do not know myself. Don't look at me like that - what kind of guy am I? I don't even look like him.

Climbing the cliff, I took a break. Green grass, and then trees, from here, by the way, an amazing view of the sea opens up. Only now it makes me sick. The Count won't be happy when he finds out that I'm missing. What will he do with Kira and Agnia...? It's all my fault... One thing calms me down - if I got into a storm during the day, and in the evening of the same day I ended up here, it means that I was not far away.

– What are you going to do? Luca asked.

- I don't know. I need somewhere to sleep and eat something.

“In the forest you will find food and dig a hole for yourself,” he smiled.

- Very funny. Still, I don't understand who you are. Alfred said something about the spirit, but not much.

- I AM YOU! he shouted.

- Impossible! Which one of me is a guy?

“You say that as if it’s my fault that you were born like this,” he looked me up and down. I also did not refuse myself in this matter. The guy was so black that he seemed just a shadow. The clothes could not be seen: only the outline was visible.

While we were talking, I noticed something! My eyes widened, and the gift of speech completely disappeared. A real demon was coming towards us, which I saw in pictures in books. He was larger than an ordinary person, all red-transparent in color, his body with protruding muscle bumps spoke of strength and power. Dressed in only trousers and waving a whip-like tail, the horned one was approaching.

- What is this? I asked in a trembling voice.

- Not what, but who ..., STOP! Can you see him?? Luka was surprised.

- Can you see me? - the demon asked the same question in a rough voice, stopping a couple of his huge steps from me.

– Well, yes…

– Did you hit your head very hard? - the phantom began to think, stroking a non-existent beard.

- Who are you? - I turned to our new interlocutor, stuttering a little.

– Am I the same as your… um… friend? - the man tried to understand what kind of creature this Luke was. - You look like a human.

- Carol called me a phantom!

- Doesn't matter. My name is Vlad, - he smiled with his whole fanged mouth.

“Caroline,” I introduced myself. – It turns out that you are also in my head?

“No,” he grimaced somehow. Oh, it must hurt! I, too, am not eager to get this overgrowth in my head! Katherine, come out! Stop chilling in the bushes! - Vlad shouted to some girl, and she came out of the forest, heading towards us. Here is my host. I'm in her head,” the demon replied, but his face was not pleased. Apparently, the man does not like to be in the girl's head.

“Hi, I’m Katherine,” the girl came up, introduced herself and smiled.

She is quite young. Perhaps my age. Black hair is cut like a boy, and the girl herself is fragile and sweet. Dressed in breeches and a brown men's shirt, she stood barefoot.

Hi, I'm Caroline.

- Who were you talking to before I came over? Katherine asked, continuing to beam with a smile. But her smile is incomparable: the girl seems to give off warmth when she smiles.

- With a demon named Vlad, and with a phantom named Luka.

“Luka is in her head,” Vlad explained to her.

- How do you see the demon? He is in me.

- I don't know. Stop asking me such questions, - my nerves began to fail even at the sight of such a charmer. - I'm here for the first time! I hit my head and I have no idea what's going on here!

- Be quiet, don't be angry. I'm sorry, I didn't know. Come with me?

- Where to? I asked suspiciously, although mentally I already agreed.

- Let me introduce you to my family. And you're probably hungry.

I said nothing, but followed her. We walked deep into the forest while Katherine told and explained to me who I am.... It turns out that this phantom is my secret essence. All power is built on emotions that need to be controlled. If I open the last door and thereby let Luka in, then he will be able to control me, while my consciousness will turn off. Of course, thanks to the essence, strength, endurance, speed, vigilance, hearing, and much more increase. And if I get in touch with the phantom, then we can do the work together. The body is mine, and the forces are his. The door that holds him back must be able not only to open, but also to close. I was still surprised: such a sweet and seemingly fragile girl can have such a mountain of muscles in the form of an essence?

Finally we arrived at the camp: small wooden domed houses, vegetable gardens and a lot of people. For some reason, I could see all the translucent freaks, which, by the way, had different colors. And they walked only with their masters, not talking to each other. We went into one of the houses. Katherine lives here with her brother and his friend, as she said, but there were no roommates at home.

- I'll give you clothes, but yours ... needs to be patched up.

- Thank you.

Katerina gave me a man's white shirt, breeches and old boots. It was unusual for me to wear men's clothes, but there was no choice. I changed and handed over my clothes. The girl hung out the laundry on the street. There was no furniture inside the house, only one room under the dome. The floor is covered with skins of wild animals instead of beds. Katherine made a place for me to sleep, put down a bowl of fruit and sat down on her next "bed". I also settled down in my place and took a peach from the bowl.

- And you live in poverty, as I see it.

“Yes, not rich, but you can live,” the girl answered quietly, fingering the thread on her clothes. I noticed scratches and bruises on her arms and legs. Either she was beaten or she is very clumsy.

- How old are you? I asked and bit the fruit.

- Turned seventeen a week ago. And you?

- And I turned sixteen yesterday. Why do you have men's clothes? Or do you even have problems with her?

– No, what are you? Everything is fine with the clothes, it’s just… that’s how Vlad wanted it.

- Your essence??

- We call them guardians. They protect us and our subconscious. The work is not easy. And we carry our guards in ourselves.

- Good. But what does “Vlad wanted” mean? I thought the carrier in this duet was the main one.

“You sound funny,” she smiled. “You see, guardians are different. And some of them are so strong that a person cannot cope. I have just such a case. Vlad sometimes puts his rights. Guardians do not choose a person for themselves, but a demon would like to be in the guy's head, so the haircut, clothes, scars and bruises are all from him.

- Wow. Hits you on purpose... or himself in you...? – I tried to guess incomprehensibly.

“Nooo,” she laughed and looked at me with her gray eyes. - He can wander around in my body in different places, and then I get back on my own. I scratch, fall and all that .... Clumsy.

- Are you so spotty from birth? the demon, who has been here all this time, asked me.

– Yes, I decided to lie. I still don’t know who these people are and whether they are dangerous to me.

- Why haven't you been burned like a witch yet? Katherine asked.

- Well, I live with a good family, far from the town.

After eating fruit, I remembered the pain in my head that I managed to get used to.

- By the way, I hit my head. There was blood there,” I said and put my hand to the back of my head. Her hair was already matted with coagulated and dried blood.

- Why didn't you say it before? Katherine jumped up and looked at the wound. - Since you managed to forget about the pain, it's not serious, but it's still better to see a doctor.

I was a little surprised: it turns out that even such poor people have doctors, but what kind? Diodora could always cure all diseases, and I trust her, but what awaits me here remains to be seen. Walking through the camp, I was embarrassed: everyone was staring at me. Either the stains are to blame, or just a new face. Anxiety woke up inside that they might mistake me for a witch, but all the inhabitants were unlikely to treat themselves as ordinary people. The girl and I approached a quite ordinary house, of which there are plenty in the villages. A white cloth hung over the entrance, probably indicating that the sick were lying here. Inside we were met by a girl in a white dress. She laid me down on one of the beds and disappeared behind the creaking door. Unlike Catherine's house, there were wooden beds covered with several skins, wooden cabinets, chairs and a table.

...Scary DAY: odin_moy_den — LiveJournal

Hello, I am Marina, mother of 4 children, from Voronezh, and I have already shown my nice company of gnomes. :) And today there will be skeletons, ghosts and brain-eating, as well as monsters, mummies and creepy witch fingers. They even offered to terminate my parental rights. )))

About this day, January 26, when my son turned 7 years old, I want to tell you in detail and with photo illustrations - it can be useful as a script for other mothers. I say that my son is not distinguished by special courage and courage, rather, he is a neat reinsurer. But, on the other hand, I wanted to spend my birthday in the style of a zombie (I make all children's holidays themed). Therefore, I decided this: let the topic be “Get rid of fears”, to show that the terrible most often is not, but the result of our imagination.

The morning started late - overslept, and at one o'clock guests should arrive

Let's go to congratulate the birthday boy. Our Vovka is a lover of the designer and we bought him a train (functioning, on batteries) and everything else for him is assembled from the designer. But a few days before his birthday, the son decided: I want a cell phone. Tears, snot, I can't live without it, everyone in the kindergarten already has it, I'm the only one, like a fool with an unwashed neck

And now - tatamsss! - Happy birthday. He asks to upload audiobooks there.

His younger brother will be 6 years old, this year he no longer cried that gifts were not given to him, but on the contrary - he made a gift himself: he cleaned their common room, alone. Since there was a complete defeat (designers, railway, cars mixed with Bakugan, etc.), this is real heroism on his part!

Now you can forget about children for a long time, they are busy with gifts, and I went to put myself in order, clean and cook. I used to prioritize incorrectly - first cleaning and then, already without desire and strength, I cleaned feathers. Now, first me, my love, and then everything else

And here are the guests! A lot of friends, a lot of gifts. It would seem - what else is needed for happiness ?! And we need to start the holiday, which we did.

Cards with the steps of today's holiday are hanging on the wall. On the first - "Mysterious letter". Written with milk and it must be developed by heating over a candle

What is written there? "Do you want to get rid of your fears?" - "YEEES!!!!" the cheerful company yelled in unison. Then we remove the second card: “Initiation into the winners of fears”

Blindfold, build in single file and go to a distant land. And through the forest (they pulled out an artificial Christmas tree), and up the mountain (up the stairs), with my comments: “Caution - a cliff! ... and here is a waterfall! ... and here is a monster - we go around it ...” There was a lot of screeching! Such a simple idea, and a sea of ​​​​emotions.

Well, we returned home, we remove the bandages - now they are the “Winners of Fear” team

We take a new card: “Pie Brain!”.

I made the dough in advance: 1 tbsp, 1 egg, 3 tbsp, 5 stbt sugar, 1 member of salt, 2 member of yeast, 50 grams of oil


We do the basis - according apple-shaped, decorate with “convolutions”

Filling - raspberry jam.

At that moment, the children in unison named another part of the body, which is much lower than the brain. =)

I help, divided 6 children into 2 teams - one hemisphere per team. :)
At the same time, we figured out what convolutions are.

New card: "Questions and Answers"

Questions like "Do you sit at the same desk with a ghost?" - and the answers are such that each question will fit: “Only when I eat spiders for breakfast”, “Yes. Especially when I'm dancing with skeletons." There was a laugh! Each got two questions and two answers - they pulled without looking.

You can stand on your ears from an overabundance of feelings.

While our "brains" fit, we open a new card: "Witch's Fingers". I made the dough in advance: beat 150 grams of butter with a glass of sugar, add 1 egg, baking powder and flour to the desired density. I also dyed it with red food coloring. Nails are almonds.

We make these fingers. Very simple and effective, the children's eyes burned

And it's not scary at all.

Meanwhile, the "brain" came up and went into the oven at 180 degrees for 15-20 minutes. Then cookies will go there, for 10-15 minutes

On the eve of my birthday, they suggested a funny prank. A candle is lit in a dark room and one person is brought in and closed. They tell him: “Blow out the candle with a cry” - it turns out that this is very difficult! What do people hear at the door? Loud terrible screams. The next one comes in and so on until everyone has arrived. A very intriguing draw. He was not in the photo, unfortunately.

Meanwhile, the men understand the Munchkin rules.

And I decided to take a break and have a bite to eat with "adult guests".

We open another card - "We make a monster"

I gave plasticine and took me to the nursery - I was already starting to get tired. Children sculpted little monsters and arranged an exhibition.

And now the brain is baked. My brains were also already close to this state))

The children were happy to come and eat him.

Then the fingers arrived in time. My husband was in shock - "Don't show me THIS."
Very tasty soft biscuits.

The most funny))))

Once upon a time, I heard about the “Pharaoh’s mummy” prank and decided to play it at a birthday party. One person lies down on the bed, puts a glove on his hand, and puts a bowl of boiled pasta near his head - wet and slippery. One person is brought into the room, who is blindfolded, with the words: “We go to the tomb, where the dead mummy of the pharaoh lies. This is his foot, this is his knee, this is his hand, this is his elbow, and these are his brains!” alternately allowing to touch the named parts of the body. After the words "brains" put your hand in a cup of pasta. Such screams! One hand in pasta - the second is already tearing off the bandage from the face

I inflated medical gloves and balloons, gave out a wig and felt-tip pens - children make a miracle yudo.

How I'm afraid that it will burst, Aaaa!!!!!

Chuda Yuda's clothes went wrong. ))

And the holiday continues, we open a new card: draw “Draw a scarecrow”. I hang a sheet of paper on the wall, and the children take turns drawing one detail at a time: legs, mouth, eyes. Shouting, prompting, noise throughout the house.

Oops.... burned out.

And the men have already started playing.
In general, we are two families of board gamers.

The next card is "Staging a play about a ghost." They took our dismantled Christmas tree as a decoration, found some old sheet. I never understood how the story ended, but the kids had fun. )))

Now - “Cake with a skeleton”

The birthday boy blows out the candles, the grandmother, who lives in Italy, watches the process via Skype. )))

After that, with a sigh of relief, I open the Monsters on Vacation card and all the children go to watch the cartoon

While we were playing, the evening came.
I made the promised chocolate fondue with ice cream and fruit.

Parents gave up and let their children play computer games.

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