How to dance on roblox high school

how to dance on roblox high school

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【How to】 Dance In Robloxian High School

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by MCA and

CI why and good home enough warming up

for the next hunting yeah

the next moves gonna be fire you ready

for these

I'm ready holy jump straight into it

yeah oh yeah during themselves coming

out Oh hokey-pokey look at you

oh no do the Hokey Pokey and you turn

around that's all oh the Hokey Pokey Oh


here we go wait telling that you after

knob we know he's going to ask by it's

gotta wait for me tell him that yes we

made a dance contest and we'll go up on

the stage

I don't be good if you can beat you in

the dance contest then you can yeah

Jenna rumba said oh no no no damn

Weaver and Clare didn't say anything

else a dear friend if you can see Richie

in a dance-off then yes Peter don't say


something Celgene gay curb no I'm not

going to class I'm dancing than Iowa way

it's already we've already done that so

I said it slows down the wings also to

the dance stuff he's ready for it yeah

everyone's come to class now but maybe

we should go there I would just send his

computer ok those easy to beat him in

advance of all when are you going to do


so did you say have you seen my moves

oh we can play too right Jacob yes Jacob

a guy just walked into me so I'd start

dancing look at this see it's pushing me

so I can't dance

oh here's a nah you're trying to annoy


I'm telling sit down now Ritchie Mimi

Gnabry at the club we're gonna sell this

today rich ok now let's see why you bad

I mean I'm glad to be real I'm not to

see who's better dancing ok yeah it's

fine so let's see you there

you feel ready first right watching me

oh ok I'm getting it and he's close just


oh it's okay feature he won't beat me in

a dance contest anyway if you're done

yet is my turn as a no you still go in

is when all his moves in can't see some

of them because the winter in the way

the wings are problem hey hey I can't

see there's just so many wings there are

too many wings okay that was pretty good

but can you do this

I'm tired I want to go to class and I

once you went to fun watching this

dance-off I wanna pushing me they're

pushing me no he's right in oh yeah

shake it was a one yeah I can do it

better well he's doing the move [ __ ]

but she said about a hunt think of the

wings it's like you against all these

giants no you're out of time oh don't

even if they're not here in the beats

for you no

this makes fun

so reachable you lose I disagree

wait Thank You Irene you said absolutely

all he thinks is awesome very well been

in your dream I'll be let's play for

that hey Andrew who won I don't know

what to say

oh well you know I'm pressing my dance


yeah I see your dance moves so I don't

want to hurt anyone semen

well too bad my dance moves are on fleek

to say I'm gonna say


equal win a j-1 aha

oh wow he wasn't even in the contest

moves on fire him go

Weber cell death one by breached your

dance moves

we're incredible well no credible no

they weren't gonna fall

yeah well Baron credit they were on

fleek then I was playing as I was

looking for thank you yeah I danced a

little high you did and you proved them

wrong even though they were 10 times

bigger than you

you showed them yeah you can dance just

as well as them

How to Dance in Roblox

If you're new to Roblox, there's a lot you haven't seen yet. In the sandbox, the main developers are the players themselves. Therefore, from the games you can expect anything. Many have already noticed how other characters perform dance moves. They are not random as users can dance in the Roblox game anywhere on the map. The following will explain how to do this.


  • How to start dancing in Roblox
  • Where to get free moves for Roblox
  • How to dance in Adopt Me
  • Dance games in Roblox
  • Video tutorial

How to start dancing in Roblox

In some games, dancing has become a popular feature that many players like. We are, of course, talking about Fortnite. Here dances have become so popular that their collections on YouTube collect millions of likes.

Dance in Fortnite

In Roblox, dances are performed using special commands. They are entered directly in the chat, where communication takes place between other users in the English layout. nine0003

The procedure to dance in the game is:

  1. You need to run a game called: Bow Dryer Battle. While these moves should in theory work in any game;
  2. Next, you need to use the chat. Enter here in English the command: / e dance1;
  3. Dances can also be activated by entering a similar command. Write down instead of unit 2 or 3;
  4. You can also use commands to make the character laugh: /e laugh;
  5. These commands allow the character to wave his arms to other players: /e wave, /e point, /e dab, /e oj. nine0008

After entering the command, your character will begin to move merrily from side to side, waving his arms. This will continue until you move it from its place, that is, do not direct it in any direction. It's worth trying all three commands, they should work. One of them should activate a slow dance in which the character moves in a special rhythm.

Where to get free moves for Roblox

Many of the players already know that you can buy or receive for codes in Roblox ( free ) not only things, but also movements. These are various reactions, emotions and dances in the game. And they are available for purchase with robux in the general store from the main menu. But some of them can be purchased for free. After receiving them, you will be able to apply them in your favorite Roblox games.

What you need to do to get dance moves:

  1. Open Roblox in your browser and click on the "Avatar Shop" button;
    Click on the button "Avatar Shop"
  2. On the left there is a menu item and filters that allow you to quickly find things in the store. Click on the "View All Items" button; nine0050 Click on the "View All Item" button
  3. Next, move the page down to see the "Free" item among the filters, click on it with the mouse cursor;
  4. You have set up filters to display all things that are available without robux. Now you can use the sections above. Click on "Avatar Animations";
    Section with emotions and movements
  5. Two items will open, select "Emotes". And in the main window, you can take any emotion for yourself. Select it with the mouse cursor; nine0050 Select an item in the Roblox store
  6. On the item page, click on the "Get" button and confirm receipt.
    Click on the "Get" button to get an item for free

Return to the general list of free items to pick up a new outfit, weapon or accessories for the main character. Any item from this list can also be made your own, just like the movements that you purchased in the Roblox store for example.

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How to dance in Adopt Me

In Roblox, the game Adopt Me is most loved by girls, for whom it is, in fact, intended. This is a princess life simulator where they can buy different things (locally), decorate their interior, and exchange items with other players. This game also features movements and values ​​that will remain within the game when you exit it. This also applies to Roblox character dances, which are also available here. nine0003

What you need to do to start dancing:

  1. This dance card does not require a chat line. After loading it, move the mouse cursor over the character and click on the LMB;
  2. A list of your character's abilities will appear. Among them there will be a section "Dances", click on it with the cursor;
    Click on a character to bring up a menu
  3. A list of several dances will open. Choose any, and your hero will start dancing in one place.
    Choose a dance for a character in Roblox

You can change the dance at any time if you get bored. Also moving forward ( back ) cancels the dance command.

The character is dancing in Roblox

Among the possibilities when you click on your character, there are also emotions that he can express. With the help of commands, you can make him sit down, bow, wave or clap. You can test the rest of the features on your character while playing Roblox.

This might be useful: Nicknames for Roblox. nine0003

Roblox dance games

You can try to find a game where you can dance on your own. To do this, use the search bar and write down a query in it that includes the word "Dance" ( dance ).

Roblox Dance Games

On the results page, several games will open at once, in which there is an opportunity to have fun and dance. Some games in Roblox do not allow using the codes that were provided above, for the reason that they are created for other purposes. For example, many well-known river rafting on a homemade raft. There are no additional features in the game ( emotions and dances ), as they are not needed here.

Video instruction

Next you will see additional codes and ways to dance in the popular Roblox game. Watch the video.

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All New Content in The Sims 4 High School Years Expansion

The Sims 4 is getting another expansion called High School Years, scheduled to release on July 28th. The number of add-ons and set content available in The Sims 4 continues to grow exponentially - here players will be able to explore new content. nine0003

The Sims 4 High School Years Expansion Pack contains exactly what it says: players will be able to control their teen Sims as they navigate the dangers of high school. There are a couple of enduring clichés in high school, and The Sims seems ready to tackle them all.


  1. Introducing Copperdale High
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Introducing Copperdale High

Teen Sims will go to high school at a new location called Copperdale High. This will eventually become a new focus for many young Sims - between attending classes during the day, after-school clubs, and studying hard, players will get to know the corridors and teachers of Copperdale High School. Sims can even attend football games and train as they shape their future through the toughest years.

However, everything available for Sims isn't solely focused on Copperdale School. Accordingly, while most of the time teenagers spend at school, there is more to play than school. nine0003

Dating and young love in The Sims 4

Just like in real life, young love begins to blossom in The Sims 4 High School Expansion Pack. Teen Sims will now be able to go on dates at the local Plumbite Pier. Take a ride with your loved one on the Ferris wheel or visit one of the many waterfront shops to satisfy your sweet tooth with your significant other.

The High School Years add-on also features a monumental element of high school, the prom. Propose to your young sweetheart and go dancing the night away in your special outfits or just celebrate your years with your close friends from the clubs. nine0003

Vibrance and fashion with Copperdale High

Relationships are key, and The High School Years add-on appreciates this. While you're quick to make friends at after school clubs and school events, there are off-campus places worth visiting, like ThrifTea.

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