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Who Really Taught Michael Jackson the Moonwalk?

Michael Jackson’s debut of the moonwalk changed the game. Already a skilled dancer, Jackson’s new glide put him in a league of his own. The dance became synonymous with the King Of Pop. Jackson’s credited street dancers for the famous dance but there have been others who’ve insisted they taught the superstar Jackson kid the moonwalk. Bobby Brown recently spoke of his time dancing with Jackson, leaving many wondering who taught Jackson the iconic dance.

Michael Jackson 1987 | Dave Hogan/Getty Images

Michael Jackson debuts the moonwalk; Jackson says he learned the dance from street dancers

According to an ABC News article about Jackson’s moonwalk, Jackson first showed off the dance when he performed at the Pasadena Civic Auditorium on March 25, 1983. The rest of the world did not see Jackson slide effortlessly across the stage until Jackson performed in the TV special Motown 25: Yesterday, Today, Forever.

Jackson hit the stage with his fedora, black sequin jacket, and white sparkling glove in tow. During the song’s bridge, he performed an impromptu choreographed routine, equipped with the moonwalk. The audience went wild. 

Source: YouTube

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The performance would be lauded as the defining moment of Jackson as a solo artist. Each live performance of “Billie Jean” thereafter modeled his performance from Motown 25.

In a 1993 interview with Oprah Winfrey, Jackson said he’d learned the dance from children who danced in their neighborhoods.

“The moonwalk came from the beautiful children, black kids that live in the ghetto, the inner cities who are brilliant and have that natural talent for dancing, any of them like the running man, they come up with these dances, all I did was enhance the dance,” he said.

Cooley Jaxson on teaching Michael Jackson the moonwalk

In a 2018 interview with ABC News, Cooley says he met Michael while he was working as a dancer Soul Train. Michael was interested in learning some new moves, one of which was known as “the backslide.”

“The backslide — you slide backward and [you] make you look like you’re walking forward. So it’s an illusion,” Cooley said. “The moonwalk is in a circular motion…like you’re floating in air…And you keep continuing in a circle,” he said.  

Michael Jackson 2002 | Michael Caulfield/WireImage

Cooley and a few other Soul Train dancers took time to work with Michael to perfect the dance. At first, he says Michael struggled to understand the concept of the dance.

“He [Michael] kept saying, ‘I can’t feel it. I can’t feel it,’ and we’re like, ‘Feel what? You just do it,'” Jaxson said. “[And Jackson said] ‘No, no, you don’t understand. I can’t feel it,’” Cooley said “He [Michael] wanted to feel that slide. He wanted to feel like he was moving forward but going backward. And once he got the feel, from my understanding, that’s when he performed on ‘Motown 25.'”

The Jackson siblings say Shalamar member taught Michael Jackson the moonwalk

The part about Jackson learning the moonwalk during a teaching at Soul Train may be true. But, the Jackson siblings say it was founding Shalamar member, Jeffrey Daniel, who taught Michael and not Cooley. Jackson’s siblings spoke about it on the television special, The One and Only Michael Jackson.

La Toya Jackson confirmed that the moonwalk was already a popular street dance. Daniel corroborated Cooley’s account of the dance being known as “the backslide.” “It’s like walking forward on an escalator that brings you back as you’re continuing to walk forward…that’s the illusion of the backslide,” Daniel said.

Michael Jackson and La Toya Jackson 1984 | Jeffrey Mayer / Contributor / WireImage

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Michael publicly called the dance the moonwalk, which Daniel says is actually a term for a similar dance.

Bobby Brown says he taught Michael Jackson how to moonwalk

Brown isn’t letting Cooley or Daniel take the credit. In an Instagram live session with rapper Fat Joe, Brown says he taught Jackson the dance after learning it himself while on tour with New Edition.

Source: Instagram

“When we [New Edition] first started out I had just came from Alabama learning how to do the Moonwalk, the real Moonwalk, where you put the sand on the ground and do it from the sand on the ground and it was like soft shoed. And Michael asked me to show him how to Moonwalk,” Brown said, as reported by The Jasmine Brand. “He [Michael] may have perfected it, but I taught him how to do it.”

It’s possible that Jackson learned a variation of the dance from all three men. Both Cooley and Daniel allege to be part of the Soul Train dance crew that helped Jackson. Brown was also popular for his creative dancing during the time.

Michael Jackson's moonwalk: how to learn to dance

Michael Jackson's moonwalk even now causes great excitement among the public. Learning how to dance it is not so difficult if you know some secrets of a pop idol. What are they and how to quickly learn the moonwalk?


  1. Pop idol and his moonwalk
  2. Why the movement is called so
  3. What are the characteristics of the dance
  4. How to do the moonwalk: technique
  5. Moonwalking tutorial
  6. How to moonwalk at home
  7. Moonwalk step by step tutorial
  8. Moonwalking tips
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  10. Pop idol dancing secret

    Pop idol and his moonwalk

    Everyone knows about this dance move. True, the authorship belongs far from the king of the pop industry. Michael Jackson made this movement popular by repeating it from the stage, but the authorship does not belong to him.

    Help! It is difficult to name the exact creator of the moonwalk, so the authorship of this movement is attributed to the entire pop culture of that time.

    As soon as Michael Jackson moonwalked the stage at one of the concerts, this movement immediately won the love of many of his fans. Literally everyone wanted to learn this kind of footwork and body movement.

    There weren't a lot of dance lessons then, and many tried to portray at least something similar to the famous dancing couple by trial and error. Fortunately, now this is not a problem and anyone can learn this movement at any time of the day or night.

    Why is the movement so called? At the same time, the dancer does not raise his legs, as if afraid to go into a gravity-free space, and the movements themselves seem light and airy, as if a person was holding on to the surface of the earth.

    It is also known that before the performance by Michael Jackson, the dance was called differently. Having repeated it on stage, the performer himself gave him such a nickname, and it has stuck to our times. Therefore, the moonwalk is an initiative of Jackson himself, because before that the dance was called “backslide”, which translates as “retreat”. And although the initial version of the name is more appropriate, to this day the movement is called the moonwalk.

    What are the features of the dance

    This dance movement is relevant for many dance groups. It is not difficult to recognize and distinguish him from the crowd, so users, seeing such a movement from the stage, will surely fill the hall with applause. In addition, the moonwalk performed by popular and skilled dancers looks like the dancer is floating in the air and touches the floor only with his toes.

    Michael Jackson himself notes that even before his speech, such a movement was popular in the ghetto quarters. The blacks in these areas were excellent at performing the movement, moreover, Jackson considered them geniuses and systematically repeated that it was they who brought to life many elements of the current dance culture.

    How to do the moonwalk: technique

    When it comes to technique, many professional dancers will attest to the fact that the walk is only superficially difficult. Even a person who is far from the sphere of dance is able to master this dance movement. At a minimum, on the Global Web, a user can find hundreds and thousands of video tutorials and master classes on how to perform this element.

    Moonwalk Instructions

    How did Michael Jackson perform this gait? After the hype, he often used this gait and enjoyed the popularity of this movement.

    Before starting work, it is worth choosing the right shoes. Shoes in which the dance element will be performed should be comfortable and resistant. No heavy boots in which it would be problematic to create an element of “weightlessness”.

    It is worth choosing a room. In order to learn how to move smoothly, you need to find a free room that will not hamper movement.

    Tip! Training is best done in front of a large mirror, which will help you fully control your movements, seeing them from the side. In it you can see the plasticity of the body and the smoothness of the movements of the dancer.

    The dancer must stand straight and straighten his shoulders, the right foot is placed in front of the left so that the heel of one matches the toe of the other. Then the leg is bent at the knee joint, placed on the toe and simultaneously retracted.

    How to learn the moonwalk at home

    The moonwalk is not such a difficult dance element that you had to hire a teacher to learn it. This can be done independently at home, without the help of additional people.

    Step-by-step instructions for teaching the moonwalk

    In order to easily cope with the training, the user needs to perform the following algorithm:

    1. A person stands sideways in front of a large mirror. The arms should be relaxed, and the body weight should be evenly distributed on both legs, the left leg is placed behind the toe, and the body weight is evenly transferred to it. In this case, the person leans back a little. With a sliding movement, the right leg starts up backwards, while it is important not to tear it off the floor, but to keep the body weight on the left leg.
    2. As soon as the heel of the right foot is on the floor, the left foot takes over and begins to move behind the right foot in the same pattern.
    3. The weight is transferred to the right foot and the left foot is in a smooth glide.

    In fact, everything is very simple, the point is technique, as well as the correct and timely transfer of body weight from one leg to another. Over time, experienced dancers who have fully mastered the dance take the opportunity and put their hands into action. This helps to achieve more entertainment.

    Moonwalk tips

    The main recommendation is to use a mirror. Schools and dance studios often use mirrors and decorate the entire room with them. So the dancer can more clearly follow his own plasticity and movements.

    The illusion of softness and smooth gliding should be created, and not the feeling that the legs are dragging. It is lightness that is the fundamental element of this dance.

    In addition, experienced dancers are advised to perform the first movements slowly, until the very essence of the actions reaches the muscle memory. Movements must be performed automatically and be extremely accurate. Otherwise, no moonwalk will work, but on the contrary, not a dance will come out, but something incomprehensible and strange.

    Video Lesson

    What is the secret of the pop idol's dancing

    Another favorite movement attributed to the pop idol is the 45-degree body tilt. When Michael Jackson first demonstrated this movement, the audience was literally in shock.

    Help! Some users still reproach Jackson for using insurance, because it is almost impossible to perform this action without additional equipment due to gravitational attraction.

    By the way, Jackson has a patented product in the form of a boot with a certain heel that can be fixed.

    You can't really blame Jackson for cheating, because millions have tried to repeat his dances, and tens of thousands of people have proven that it is quite possible to perform such a trick without additional equipment. Michael Jackson was famous as a pop idol and a great dancer.

    Previously, he was admired and only guessed how he performs certain tricks. Today, the Internet resource is ready to provide a huge number of video tutorials on performing various techniques and exercises that can bring any person closer to the king of pop.

    Moonwalk is not the most difficult dance element. It can be easily learned from various Internet lessons on the network to any person, even the most distant from the world of dance.

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    MICHAEL MOONWALK « Michael Jackson Fan Club


    May 1983 years old. The singer, already famous by this time, made the effect of an exploding bomb with the performance of the song "Billie Jean" at the anniversary concert of the Motown Rec record company, and specifically the first performance of his now legendary moonwalk.

    Michael Jackson walked for twenty years to this "finest hour" - the moment that the singer himself calls one of the happiest in his life. After all, the "king of pop" began his career at the age of five in the family ensemble "Jackson 5", which was organized by Michael's father - Joe Jackson - himself a former blues guitarist. Initially, the group included Michael's four older brothers, but, quickly noticing the kid's outstanding musical abilities, Joe Jackson included him in the family ensemble. Mature vocals beyond his years and unusual dance plasticity of Michael as a soloist quickly attracted the attention of the public to the team, allowing them to win a couple of music competitions. Then there were several years of performances at clubs in nearby cities and states of America. And at 19In 1968, six years after the band's inception, the Jackson 5 signed their first record deal with Motown. During the eight years of cooperation with this company, the group regularly released hits that occupied the top lines of the American charts. These years were not in vain for Michael Jackson's solo career: it was with Motown that the singer at the age of fourteen released his first single, which climbed to the top of the American charts. However, due to a lack of creative freedom, the Jacksons decided not to renew their contract with Motown, and at 19In 1976, they signed a new agreement with the record company Epic, while losing the right to be called "Jackson5". Now they are just "Jacksons". Another important step on the way to a dizzying career for Michael was his participation in the African-American version of the film The Wizard of Oz, on the set of which he met Diana Ross, who became his friend for many years, as well as the man who played a huge role in the creative life of the singer - Quincy Jones. It was with his help that Michael's solo album "Off the Wall" was recorded, which brought him into the category of American stars of the first magnitude. Quincy Jones also produced the singer's triumphant album Thriller, the best-selling album in the history of music.
    The beauty of dance
    Such success can be called natural, given Michael Jackson's desire for excellence in all areas of his activity, including dancing. The singer experienced his first success in this field after performing the song "Dancing Machine" in 1974. Here is how he describes this event: “When the song “Dancing Machine” came out, my main task was to find dance moves that could decorate the performance, make it more spectacular and exciting. And on the set of "Soul Train" during the performance of "Dancing Machine" I did a street dance move called "robot". I soon learned what the power of television was - "Dancing Machine" climbed to the top of the charts and after a few days it seemed that every child in the USA was dancing a "robot". I've never seen anything like it again." In fact, it was only the beginning. At that time, Jackson did not know what fate awaited his "moonwalk" (steps forward, creating the illusion of moving backwards) - the singer's trademark. The name of this movement has become synonymous with its success. But Michael is not the inventor of the moonwalk. According to the Internet encyclopedia, for the first time these steps were demonstrated by the famous French actor Jean Louis Barraud in the film 1964 years "Children of Rayk" in a classic pantomime called "The Walk". And the same source indicates that the first performer of the "moonwalk" in the form known to us was the American dancer and singer Jeffrey Daniel and he presented it in 1982 in Shalamar's show "A night to remember". Interestingly, before performing the “moonwalk” at the anniversary evening of Motown Rec, Jackson had already used this movement in his performances, but the audience “blew up” just then - on May 16, 1983. And it was not only the television broadcast that provided this event with a multi-million audience, it was just that everything coincided that evening - the song, the dance, Jackson's mood; the rhythm of the music seemed to be born from the movements of Michael - in a word, harmony reigned on the stage. It is curious that the singer until the last day did not know how to "design" his performance. He thought over his appearance in advance - he asked his assistants to find him a black spy hat and a black jacket, got one white glove and prepared white sequined socks (which, by the way, his mother always horrified), but how to go on stage, what to do and how to dance - Michael Jackson could not decide for a long time. The insight came to him the night before the performance, in the kitchen of his home in Los Angeles. Jackson turned on the music and just let his body move to the rhythm, and then everything fell into place - he saw the whole number. It only remained to bring it to life. This is how Michael Jackson himself described this event in his book “Moonwalk”: “I went on stage and began to move to the rhythm of the music, I did what I planned, and only at the end of the performance I could not fix the rack on my toes, I began to fall and put one foot up. Because of this, I left the stage a little upset, because I used to do everything perfectly. But, as it turned out, no one noticed this mistake, and backstage people began to approach me and congratulate me on an excellent performance. And the next day, Fred Astaire himself called me at home and praised me in every way he could, saying that I was "an evil dancer, just like himself." And these words were the greatest reward for me.”
    The MTV channel played a big role in the singer's career, launching one of his first mini-movies "Thriller", and then other videos for songs from the album of the same name. Jackson was incredibly lucky that the next rise of his career coincided with the start of the music channel, from whose huge audience the fans and followers of the singer were formed. MTV already had a huge impact on its teenage viewers, shaping the fashion for music, clothing, dance. And, as one would expect, Jackson's dancing talent found his admirers. Unusual for that time, sharp and clear movements performed by the singer were naturally combined with smooth transitions. Amazing turns and an unforgettable moonwalk, the ability to “respond” with the body to every rhythm and move “as if without bones” - all this won Jackson the glory of a brilliant dancer. According to one of the "star" choreographers, eminent Tony Stone, Jackson belongs to that small number of stars with whom he works "on a par" - without adjusting, without trying to create a dance that would be within his power, and sometimes even something learning from him.

    More than twenty years have passed since Jackson's triumphant performance, but "his work lives on. " There are many links on the Internet to virtual dance schools that promise to teach the "moonwalk"; parodists and numerous imitators of Jackson first learn the famous movement, which today is considered one of the most recognizable dance movements in the world. It is believed that Michael's "moonwalk", popularized by the media, "unwound" popping - a dance that marched from the streets of the impoverished areas of American metropolitan areas to the global stage.

    How to Moonwalk

    1. Stand sideways to a mirror. Legs together. Hands are in a free position. Body weight - on both legs.
    2. Place your left foot back on your toes and slowly transfer your body weight onto it, leaning back slightly. Stay in this position and feel the emphasis on the left leg.
    3. Try to slide your right leg back as smoothly as possible without lifting it off the floor.
    4. The right foot should slide as far back as possible. The weight of the body is still on the left leg.
    5. Lower the heel of the left foot and at the same time lift the heel of the right foot. Now calmly shift your body weight onto your right leg (this is a very important point in the Moonwalk).
    6. And now your left leg is free. Now she can safely slide on the floor back, behind her right foot. As soon as it slips, change the heels of the left and right legs (lower the right one, raise the left one) and transfer the body weight back to the left leg. Thus, you returned to position number 2. Loop these movements one after another and move backward relative to the floor. Position number 1 is the starting position, it does not need to be repeated. Once your legs get used to certain positions, start working on fluidity and pace. Watch the level of a straight line on the floor and above your head. Success also depends on flooring and footwear. You probably noticed that Michael Jackson never slipped in sneakers. Their friction force is higher than that of shoes. I advise beginners to start learning movements in socks.

    Learn more