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A Tale of Two Gangnam Styles: Just Dance 4 vs. Dance Central 3

Gangnam Style by Korean rapper PSY is a, by all accounts, a phenomenon. On YouTube, as of this writing the official music video has 1 billion, one hundred ninety three million, three hundred forty thousand, four hundred and ninety-four view. And counting. The video is approaching 7 million “likes”. The video is so popular that even YouTube designed a special icon just for this song.

My friend Jack (who’s always on top of these things) actually tipped me off to this song when it still had only a couple hundred thousand views on YouTube. I rewarded him a few months later by making him, as my best man, walk into our wedding reception to the music. By then, the whole crowd recognized the song and were clapping along.

On my recent honeymoon to Taiwan, I met my wife’s uncles, aunts, cousins, nephews, and nieces for the first time. She had a 8 year old cousin who didn’t speak English, and my Chinese is really bad. But the second he started doing the Gangnam Style “horsey” dance, I joined in and we bonded instantly.

Similarly, the other night we were at a friend’s house for a dinner party. Their 3 year old daughter started jumping up and down when they played the song. It’s a song that seems to know no boundaries.

Unlike previous one-hit wonders like the Macarena and Who Let the Dogs Out, for some reason Gangnam Style has captured the imagination of the world. Chalk it up to a catchy tune, an easy-to-learn dance, the power of social media, and a song (and performer) that manages to be so ridiculous that it’s somehow cool. No less than British Prime Minister David Cameron and President Barack Obama have admitted to dancing to it. And UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon even called it a “force for world peace”.

No, I don’t pretend to understand the phenomenon 🙂

PSY himself probably knows that he is never, ever going to top this, so he’s doing the right thing and cashing in while he can. He’s done live performances on every continent, and even danced with MC Hammer (speaking of one-hit wonders) on New Year’s Eve.

I also noticed that Gangnam Style is available as downloadable content for Dance Central 3 (on the Xbox) and Just Dance 4 (on all platforms, but I ended up buying it for the Wii/Wii U version). The Dance Central 3 DLC costs 240 Microsoft Points (about $5) while the Wii download costs 300 Wii Points (about $3.00). Walmart is an excellent place to stock up on points if you don’t have them. They sell a 2000 Wii Points Card for only $19.96, as well as a 1600 Point Xbox LIVE code for $19.96.

As someone who’s played all the dance games known to man over the years, a lot of people ask me which is the best dance game franchise: Dance Central or Just Dance. If you read the marketing material for each, you’ll see that both of them try to take the prize. Microsoft touts the fact that they’re the most popular dance game for the Xbox, while Ubisoft rightfully points out that if you add up all the games from the entire Just Dance franchise, not only do you have the world’s most popular dance game, but one of the most popular game franchises in history.

So which do I think is “better”? Rather than answering the question right away, here’s a video of Gangnam Style for Dance Central 3 (on Medium difficulty) vs. on Just Dance 4.

In many ways, comparing Gangnam Style on both games and platforms really highlights the differences between them.

In Dance Central 3, notice how there’s a lot more full body movement and the choreography is more “professional”, to the point where you can take it onto a dance floor. For sheer exercise, this one is pretty hard to beat. I was panting and my heartbeat was elevated just after one dance. And unlike on the Wii or the PS3, you can’t really “cheat”, as the Kinect is detecting your whole body’s movements. Another advantage of the Dance Central 3 version is that you have four choices of difficulty levels, from beginner to expert, and each level of choreography is unique and stands on its own.

In Just Dance 4, notice how the choreography focuses less on elaborate dance steps and more on just silliness and fun. This makes Just Dance 4 the better game to play if you have dancers of all levels, from kids to adults. Even better, with the Wii you can dance with up to four players at the same time, and you can spread apart without hitting each other (something that’s harder to do on the Kinect).

In the case of this song, both dance games were “true” to the silly style of PSY’s music video. Either one will let you practice the signature moves that 1.2 billion people have watched, although again the edge seems to go to Dance Central 3 in terms of being more “true” to the artist’s style.

And so the burning question: which game is better: Dance Central 3 or Just Dance 4? In many ways, I found that my experiences just reinforced what I wrote back in 2011 about Dance Central 2 vs. Just Dance 3 (and I’ll weasel out of an answer the same way today that I did then). Microsoft takes the prize of the best motion control, while Just Dance 4 continues to be the most fun. So if your goal is to learn how to dance, Dance Central 3 is the way to go, while if your goal is to have a party game that everyone in the room can step up and participate in instantly, Just Dance 4 can’t be beat. Both will give you a decent workout if you put all your whole energy into dancing.

Long story short, you really can’t go wrong with either. So it really comes down to what style you feel most comfortable with. As for me, I like to take both off the shelf from time to time. What do you think?

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Just Dance 4 - Gangnam Style Trailer

Description: Here's a Just Dance 4 trailer featuring the latest hit song and dance craze, Gangnam Style, now available as DLC.

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Just Dance Now to dance with friends or family

Guitar Hero was the game that marked the era in regards to music video games and it was for a large number of titles that followed its pattern but in all musical genres such as dance .

Ubi Soft's new offering called Just Dance Now goes a little beyond what it means to hit certain keys. when using phone as base controller for the board version of Let's Dance Now. And what's really amazing is that the system used to match, as well as the large repertoire of musical themes it has, with artists like Lady Gaga or well-known dance songs like Robin Thicke Fort's Blurred Lines. Pharrell Williams or the well known Gangnam Style among many others.


  • 1 Closer to Rihanna
  • 2 Just Dance now
  • 3 How to dance?
  • 4 Good repertoire of songs
  • 5 Price and availability

Closer to Rihanna

Just Dance Now will make you unleash your most dancing side of as it happens with various music stars such as Rihanna, Lady Gaga or Justin Timberlake.

Install the game and it will direct you to the Internet. for connect phone app to web service . You won't need to do anything other than this to start using this app, even with Smart TV it will work so you can perform the most difficult dance passes with friends or family.

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Just Dance now

The moment everything is connected and connected you will enter the "room" for what dance itself is Whether you are alone or in a group of friends, each with their own phone or tablet and installed with the Just Dance Now app for Android.

One more detail: you don't need to be on the same network either, but if you're at home, a Wi-Fi network would be perfect. You choose a game, choose the dancer you want to follow, and then the replay and fun begins.

How to dance?

Here and now your experience will go into the expression of your body and how you handle every part of your body. I am not going to teach you, rather, it will be a dancer that you follow, that you should imitate.

Of course, you need to hold the phone in your right hand and be very careful, because with the accent of the song I could fly out the window by breaking it , at the same time your poor smartphone will be broken by your mother screaming about the broken glass in the kitchen (here I could remember Joel Jolowitz's mother from The Big Bang Theory with that peculiar voice asking her).

Not to mention the possible circumstances and moments with this application, with the phone in hand, the sensors it has will help to record all your movements to score different players on the screen.

The application will not accurately replicate all of your ideal moves. As an experienced dancer, he has a better understanding of rhythm and variety of turns. It's another thing that you want to show off your skills in front of your friends and not look like a potato attacking yourself with a good grade.

Good song repertoire

With 51 songs, Just Dance Now has an excellent repertoire of dance songs. We can find the current most famous dance as if they could be from the 80s or even rock or salsa. Here are some examples of the musical quality that this app is known for.

  • Lady Gaga and Colby O'Donis - Just Dance
  • Reggaeton - Girl
  • Robin Thicke Fort Farrell Williams - Blurred Lines
  • The Sunlight Shakers - Aquarius / Let The Sunshine in
  • Team Girly - Flashdance… What A Feeling
  • PSY - Gangnam Style
  • Alexandra Stan - Mister Saxobeat
  • LMFAO - Sexy and I know it

Price and Availability

Of course, when you came here you thought you would have to pay a few euros to buy the app, but no, is free in the Play Store, although it comes with a subscription model. This means that you can access the entire repertoire of songs while being a VIP with a few freebies without this pass.

For €0.99 you have a group VIP pass for 1 hour, €1.99 for 24 hours, €8.99 for a whole month, €19.99 for 3 months and a whole year for 49.99 Euro. Although, if any of your friends or family have this VIP pass, you can all access their songs to enjoy them in a group.

Una is a fun and well rhythmic app that might be perfect for this Christmas to enjoy in the company of your loved ones. Of course, take care of the windows and various items in the living room, because I can already imagine a group of six people giving their all, controlling different smartphones and tablets around the house. Please, no one to the hospital.

Just Dance now

Ubisoft Entertainment

Price: It's free

‎App Store: Just Dance Now


Unleash your inner dancer with Just Dance Now!

Enjoy the best songs and dances of Just Dance without a game console!

Dance to your favorite hits with over 500 songs to choose from! Among them are beautiful songs from the console version of Just Dance 2020!

"DDU-DU DDU-DU" by Blackpink
"Despacito" by Luis Fonsi & Daddy Yankee
"Shape Of You" by Ed Sheeran
"Swish Swish" by Katy Perry ft. Nicki Minaj
"24K Magic" by Bruno Mars
"Chantaje" by Shakira ft. Maluma
"Naughty Girl" by Beyoncé
"Bad Liar" by Selena Gomez
"Rockabye" by Clean Bandit ft. Sean Paul & Anne-Marie
"Another One Bites The Dust" by Queen

Enjoy the ultimate Just Dance experience:
• Quick Launch: You can dance to your favorite songs with just a couple of taps!
• Communication: have fun with dozens, hundreds or thousands of other players! Dance with the whole world!
• New: new songs and exclusive content are waiting for you every month!
• Customizable: create your own playlists from your favorite tracks!
• HealthKit: Find out how many calories you've burned in Just Dance Now right from your Healthkit dashboard!

The game works great on any connection, but we recommend running it over Wi-Fi or 4G.

Legal information -
License agreement - Terms of use - https://legal. /en-INTL Privacy Policy -

Version 5.6.0

• Dance to the new exclusive Just Dance 2022 songs in Just Dance Now!
• Improved performance and fixed bugs.

Ratings and reviews

Ratings: 9.8k

Money is being ripped off!

I bought a song and got ready to dance, but they write to me that something went wrong! Well, they took the money! They took it, but I didn’t dance!!! Songs are paid! about it! You just spoiled my whole impression, I'm sure that there will be those who will understand and support me!👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼

Hello! We apologize for the inconvenience you encountered. In order for us to review the situation and add coins to you, please fill out a support ticket by clicking on the link and provide your DCID and details of the difficulty. Our team will be happy to help you!

Connecting to Facebook

Why did you remove the ability to buy songs forever and connect to Facebook?
Is it really now that Just Dance Now is completely donated, why worsen the game, the new interface looks cool, I want to be able to buy songs forever, and not spend 100 coins every time and play the same 3 free songs.

Greed in its purest form

Pay per song every time? Coins that are so hard to earn? No thanks. I'd rather just dance to the music. Without your application, which is built on donation.


The Ubisoft developer has indicated that, in accordance with the app's privacy policy, data may be processed as described below. Detailed information is available in the developer's privacy policy.

Data used to track information

The following data may be used to track user information on apps and websites owned by other companies:

  • Purchases
  • Geoposition
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The following data may be collected, which is related to the user's identity:

  • Purchases
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Unrelated with user data

The following data may be collected, which is not related to the user's identity:

  • Health & Fitness
  • Diagnostics

Sensitive data may be used differently depending on your age, features involved, or other factors.

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