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Some emotes have their own commands, thus /e not required. List of these commands.
On consoles, a list of emotes can be brought up by pressing Triangle (PS4) or Y (XB1) to open the chat menu, then selecting Emotes.

Emote List
Name Preview Command
Admire Admire Emote Preview /e admire
AFK AFK Emote Preview /e afk
Air Guitar Air Guitar Emote Preview /e air_guitar
Alert Alert Emote Preview /e alert
Beckon Beckon Emote Preview /e beckon
Beg Beg Emote Preview /e beg
Blow Kiss Blow Kiss Emote Preview /e blowkiss
Bow Bow Emote Preview /e bow
Bow Formal Bow Formal Emote Preview /e bowformal
Bye Bye Emote Preview /e bye
Charge Charge Emote Preview /e charge
Check Gear Check Gear Emote Preview /e checkgear
Cheer Cheer Emote Preview /e cheer
Cheer Happy Cheer Happy Emote Preview /e cheer_happy
Cheer Proud Cheer Proud Emote Preview /e cheer_proud
Clap Clap Emote Preview /e clap
Cough Cough Emote Preview /e cough
Countdown Countdown Emote Preview /e countdown
Cry Cry Emote Preview /e cry
Dance Folk Dance (Folk) Emote Preview /e dancefolk
Dance Seductive Dance (Seductive) Emote Preview /e danceseductive
Dance Snake Dance (Snake) Emote Preview /e dancesnake
Dance Twostep Dance (Twostep) Preview /e dancetwostep
Dance Wave Dance (Wave) Emote Preview /e dancewave
Dance Zombie Dance (Zombie) Emote Preview /e dancezombie
Evil Laugh Evil Laugh Emote Preview /e evillaugh
Facepalm Facepalm Emote Preview /e facepalm
Facepalm Double Facepalm Double Emote Preview /e facepalmdouble
Fistbump Fistbump Emote Preview /e fistbump
Flip Coin Flip Coin Emote Preview /e flip_coin
Frustrated Frustrated Emote Preview /e frustrated
Headbutt Headbutt Emote Preview /e headbutt
Hello Hello Emote Preview /e hello
Heart Shape Heart Shape Emote Preview /e heart_shape
Highfive Highfive Emote Preview /e highfive
Juggle Juggle Emote Preview /e juggle
Jumping Jacks Jumping Jacks Emote Preview /e jumping_jacks
Laugh Laugh Emote Preview /e laugh
No No Emote Preview /e no
Pick Me Pick Me Emote Preview /e pick_me
Point Point Emote Preview /e point
Pushups Pushups Emote Preview /e pushups
Salute Salute Emote Preview /e salute
Shoo Shoo Emote Preview /e shoo
Shrug Shrug Emote Preview /e shrug
Sit Sit Emote Preview /e sit
Sleep Sleep Emote Preview /e sleep
Sleep on Floor Sleep on Floor Emote Preview /e sleep_on_floor
Stretch Stretch Emote Preview /e stretch
Taunt Taunt Emote Preview /e taunt
Taunt Brodown Taunt Brodown Emote Preview /e taunt_brodown
Think Think Emote Preview /e think
Tug Tug Emote Preview /e tug
Wave Wave Emote Preview /e wave
Yawn Yawn Emote Preview /e yawn
Yeah Yeah Emote Preview /e yeah
Yell Yell Emote Preview /e yell
Yes Yes Emote Preview /e yes

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Celebration of Lliira! | Neverwinter

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It’s that time of the year again when adventurers gather in Protector’s Enclave to set off fireworks in honor of the Goddess of Joy. We’re happy to announce that the Celebration of Lliira will be returning to Neverwinter! Get ready to light up the night sky with our variety of fireworks, which are sure to make a bang.

Starting on June 30, players will honor Lliira, the goddess of joy, freedom and liberty by completing daily quests and setting off fireworks. Players will be rewarded with Tokens of Lliira’s Favor which can be exchanged for many items in the event store.

The fireworks will start on Thursday, June 30 at 7:30am PT
The fireworks will end on Thursday, July 7 at 7:30am PT

Where will the Celebration of Lliira take place? Protector's Enclave.

What can players participate in? The “Lliira’s Celebration” daily quest will be available and will award 30 Favors. Players will now be asked to collect crates around PE but, unlike the previous limited time window, Professional Fireworks can now be turned in at any time except during the fireworks show that occurs every 30 minutes. Players will get immediate favor from turning in the fireworks.

How can you collect Professional Fireworks? Players can collect Professional fireworks by defeating creatures, within 10 levels, while the event is live. There can be an unlimited number of fireworks collected, provided you have the inventory space for it.

What rewards can you claim for honoring Lliira? Players can turn in Lliira's Favor, the event currency, for many rewards.

*NEW* Celestial Bear – This bear has read your future in the stars. Your foes are about to have a bad day!

*NEW* Joy Dancer of Lliira – All she wants to do is dance.


Returning rewards

Cosmic Pig mount – this not so little piggy resembles the starry night sky and is quite a beauty to behold.

Toast Emote – Toast to the starry night!

Cosmic Captain’s Fashion Set – Command the starry skies!

Lliira’s Bel of Celerity – increases companion’s recharge speed by 20%.

Starry Sphere – This stellar mount guarantees the smoothest ride in all of Faerûn!

Sparkle Emote – Dazzle your friends with this emote!

Starry Headwear Fashion & Transmute – Grandiose headware that mimics the color of the fading light sky and the luminous starts above.

Lliira's Dye Pack – Dye your armor with the signature colors of the goddess. It’s a great way to honor Lliira and also get a flashy new look.

Ceremonial Mask of Lliira – This star-shaped mask is the traditional headwear during the festivities. Feel like a star by wearing it!

Lliira’s Fireworks – Honor the Lady of Joy and celebrate Neverwinter’s continued freedom by setting off these fireworks into the night sky. Comes in small and large varieties. This year, you can purchase or earn personally-usable fireworks that buff other players near them to also increase their fireworks gained per drop.

Barbecued Meat

Lliira’s Bell of Empowerment – increases your companion’s damage by 20%

You may also purchase a Bag of Lliira’s Favor from the Zen Market, which now contains 10 Lliira’s Favor.


Removed rewards (as of 2021)

Starry Panther – this mount is obtainable through other means such as lockboxes or Knox Box.

Lliira’s Bell


We’re can’t wait to see everyone in Protector’s Enclave setting off fireworks and “Lighting up the Night” next week when the event goes live. Are you excited for the Celebration of Lliira?

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Mysteries of Westgate" - Gambling

Scientist. Annunziata, how much appraisers in your city pawnshop?

Annunziata. Many.

Scientist. And they are all former cannibals?

Annunziata. Almost everything.

E. Schwartz, "Shadow"

Scanty equipment, some combat experience behind him, a ticket to a third-class cabin before Westgate. In the duffel bag is an enchanted mask that sends nightmares. Here, in Westgate, you can get rid of it. Anyway, that's what they say...

Town in a snuffbox

All the world of Mysteries of Westgate can fit on a map base campaign, as they say, in a vest pocket. All events take place... in one and only city, consisting of three and a half cards plus one underground. And the maps are not so very big - a couple of dozen houses. Couple since we are released into the fresh air according to the plot, but in fact, almost the whole story be done here in the cramped streets of Westgate.

However, they are densely populated! Pay attention to the left - the holy fathers live here, and right hand - renegades from some crazy cult. There's dog racing here, uh here are gladiator fights. Here they kill, and here they only cut off their ears ... This a respectable citizen is a bandit and a corrupt official, but compared to that he is a worthy master, indeed, a real lamb. And the main conspiracy with which we have to deal with, in terms of layering it is not inferior to the Five Luskan cake Captains" (we mistakenly call him "Napoleon").

However the first impression of the new addition is a shrug in the shoulders. Locations across, new game mechanics come down to a couple of new monsters.

This and understandable, because before us is not a full-fledged addition. Unlike Mask of the Betrayer and Storm of Zehir - global game updates with new classes and game mechanics, a modified engine and a set of fresh, cheerfully wiggling bugs, Mysteries of Westgate is just one of the many "fan" scenarios. Just a new adventure based on old game - but the adventure is damn exciting and deep.

We will honestly, scenarios are not the strongest point of Obsidian . NWN 2 for their giants scale is simply defiantly linear and unambiguous. Here they took up the script otherwise.

U we will be three satellites, and, as usual in this series, they will constantly argue and start a squabble; however, your choice will not be so easy. Very much difficult we got companions.

Three comrades


Tanned a green-eyed half-elf who not so long ago belonged to the Night Masks mafia. Now... retired. Diligently depicts a burned-out cynic, a thief with the only life principle “you can’t get all the money, but you need to pursuit". In every possible way condemns the beautiful soul, weakness of character and excess morals. However, by and large, this is a pose . .. which, under our influence, can become its true essence.

Rinara also quite sensitive to attempts to expose her as a former "Nightmask". This threatens her with many troubles - if not from the side of the law, which in Westgate is pretty shortsighted, then by former partners.

If our hero is a masculine sex, it would be quite appropriate to flirt a little with Rinara. But not too much, otherwise her suspicious nature will affect. However note that this is perhaps the only way to increase the influence on half-elf without infuriating the other two companions (not counting the option "leave them for the duration of the adventure in the tavern").

Ah yes, I forgot to mention her profession. Thief, of course. What did you think? Nun?


Zealous god knows what the priestess of the god of justice Tyr (whom lazy translators made Tire, not knowing that he comes from the Scandinavian pantheon). We are the first we meet her after a conflict with one of the local clergy; with time it becomes clear that conflict is her natural state.

Not I know what novices are taught in the temple of Tyr, but if I were the abbot, I would think about vernacular translation of How to Win Friends and Influence of people". I think Planescape can get a copy. On the at worst, a simple course of good manners will come down: do not blow your nose into the curtains, do not put your feet on the table and, most importantly, at least occasionally do not be rude. Especially those on whom your life depends in the coming days. Charissa of these fucking lessons greatly lacking.

She not just straight as a barrier, she also does not tolerate when someone shows at least a little less principled. And although formally your fate is not particularly depends on the influence on her ... if you do not pay attention to this, she will break firewood.

But she is a good fighter. Not only is a literate clergyman, he also carries swords, large shields and, if necessary, can shield you from the enemy.


This the poor fellow is just a warrior, and was once a paladin. But, alas, paladinship requires not deviate in the slightest from the rules and from good ... and he once seriously stumbled. And since then he considers himself a lost man, and before our arrival, seems to have mostly been drinking in the tavern.

Now Mantides stands on the edge of a precipice; if you are very, very careful with him, he will restore most of the principles (and this will one day serve us), and if give it a push - it will finally be reborn into a new quality. Maintain Influence it is not easy for him, to lead him along the path of good - also. Charissa having fun poisons - well, of course, a traitor! — and Rinara clashes with him because of his "excessive" humanism.

I will say bluntly: even if you do everything right, it’s not a fact that at the decisive moment he will be able to regain his paladinship. Sometimes everything seems to be as it should ... but it didn't work out, and deal with the end.

Finally I note that his addiction to a two-handed sword is not very justified. Us excellent long swords, some battle axes, a morning star, acceptable falchion, at the end of the adventure even a scythe, but with two-handers decoction. It's probably better to start retraining right away.

This our entire range. It is not difficult to see that a sorcerer is missing here; and, probably a wizard or sorcerer would be good as the main character (the latter is especially nice to develop into Candlekeep's magical scientists). somewhere on the passage, I will give advice on tactics specifically for the sorcerer.

However most fights, with the exception of sports fights and the final battle, are not too complex - in principle, your partners can handle them and generally without you. So if you really want to try something exotic, here, perhaps the place for him. Just do not forget about the negotiations (they are in the script enough).

Two roads

A this is what it is worth paying serious attention to when generating - this is ... hero's outlook. Because this story can, by and large, go through doubly.

Possible become a classic freelance adventurer, do good and inflict benefit - then you will unravel the plot of the Night Masks (and your mask has to them, as you will learn from the first steps in Westgate, the most direct attitude), asking others around and slowly pulling thread after thread.

A it is possible in another way: from the very beginning to infiltrate a criminal organization, so say, to a rival firm - and take part in the mafia squabble for dominance over the underworld of the city. And for this, of course, it stands from the very beginning create an antihero.

These stories will intertwine and intersect from time to time... but really, having walked the path of an honest adventurer, you will have no idea how all this is arranged on the other side. And vice versa. In the passage I will tell details about the "honest" way, and the "shadow" will be in the notes.

Yes and other forks, since there is even plenty to choose from. Here is just one trouble: the authors, alas, were too lazy or did not want to make a story at the end about how that influenced our elections. Therefore, in cases where the outcome did not become obvious the course of the story, we will remain in the dark. As for me, this is a serious minus.

Westgate history

For those of us who are familiar with the world of Toril through a desktop friend, Westgate is nowhere near as familiar a place as Baldur's Gate or Neverwinter. However, a real connoisseur of the Forgotten Realms, compiling a description of the world for the ignorant will never miss Westgate, the largest free city on Dragon Coast. This coast is actively divided between the kingdoms of Cormyr and Sembia, which, by the way, have very severe customs laws - and free the trading city thrives, though under constant threat.

First the famous ruler of Westgate is considered to be ... a topaz dragon with a tongue-breaker name Kisonraatsiissar (try saying this with a forked tongue, I assure you, it's much easier.) He did not enjoy the sympathy of his subjects, because he robbed them and occasionally used them for breakfast (although old people sometimes grumble that under the old Kison "there was order"). Ever since the hero Saldrinar slew the dragon (and sat firmly on the throne), humans have ruled Westgate.

However, there are rumors that the real rulers of the city are in the shadows - for him conflict between two criminal organizations, Night Masks and Fire blades (or maybe not two).

Many residents of Westgate became famous, for example - a scientist and traveler in dimensions Mintassan or dynasties of owners of world-famous trading companies Bleth , Urdo and Cormaril . All of them still live in the city.

But the most famous Westgate hero of our time... is amazing because he never life in Westgate, although everyone without the slightest doubt adds to his name "from Westgate". Yes, by the way, this is actually a woman.

called her Alias ​​ . A name that speaks though in Russian it is called colorless - Eliya. This mercenary has been hit once in a very bad story with a magic tattoo; in the process it is a lot learned new things about myself (including the fact that I was not born in Westgate and in general never saw him).

Her the adventure is known as the story of the Azure Chains; the ancient and the venerable computer game Curse of Azure Bonds (1989, SSI) and also translated into Russian book " Azure shackles ". By the way, nice book, especially her continuation - " Dragon Spur ". Another character in this story listed ... in the pantheon of the Forgotten Realms and, in particular, the game Neverwinter nights. His name is Finder Wyvernspur , or Nameless bard.

Checked in in Westgate (you will encounter rumors about her) and Elia's friend - Olivia Ruskettle , "singing halfling". What was her real name - covered in darkness, and she won a name in dice with the famous, but drunken bard Olaf Ruskettle. In her youth, halflings were prohibited from being bards by the Dungeons & Dragons (second edition was extremely harsh), so she had to go to such a trick to get into artistic circles.

With an initiative!

Mysteries of Westgate - the first of the unofficial additions to NWN 2, which received an official status. And it immediately shows that, in terms of the plot, it is small, one might say, an amateur studio can in some places give odds to hardened wolves from Obsidian. I remember that after the release of the first NWN, reviewers sarcastically they asked: what, someone thinks that lovers can pile on this constructor something better than the pros could?

— So yes! we will answer the skeptics. And although Ossian has no way to add to game classes, races or spells, but they did a nice job on the models, interiors and monsters. It is a pity that not everyone voiced, but this, alas, clear. I really want to see new additions of the same kind!

Single thanks to " Akella " for publishing Mysteries of Westgate in Russian. Really? Thank you she wants to say is only for that.

Majority replicas translated from the best English cloth: “ You look like someone who was torn off the side of the ship for a very long time ... "Gentlemen of the Akellians, the person who wrote this is anyone but a translator. « All these deeds indicate that the Cormarils are bad people . .. ”(and this does not say Sunday school teacher, but an officer of the city guard!)

Somewhere spurred on the meaning, crawled out as old as the world of error (like magicians at robes instead of robes), and in some places they also forgot to call the corrector (especially for me liked the expression " worship the gods ". Bowed, bowed, and stopped...). They didn’t translate the voice acting at all - there is an English sound with Russian subtitles. However, given the above, it's for the best.

A I also want to look into the honest eyes of the designer of Akell's box. That's why what to write on an adventure pack about « improved game class balance " and " updated graphics and sound " - indescribable impudence. Not nice, gentlemen.

• • •

A now let's go to Westgate and wander to our heart's content through its narrow streets. But Be careful, there may be spoilers here!


Not addition in the usual sense, but simply "another scenario for Neverwinter Nights 2". But made so luxuriously that, really, it’s not at all a pity to buy it for money.

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Neverwinter Nights is a classic Dungeons & Dragons RPG—enhanced for iOS! Explore 100+ hours of gameplay including the original campaign, plus six free DLC adventures. Play solo or team up with friends for a grand adventure across the Forgotten Realms.

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Russification 1.0.4

Suddenly it will be useful to someone. With the latest update, the old Russification has flown. And the developers again decided to surpass themselves in their own uselessness. Instructions: You need to do the most difficult thing yourself, namely, find a fresh dialog.tlk file (for me it weighs 12.8 meters). So! Download the same dialog.tlk from the Internet (if on a computer, then upload it to files on icloud). Then you need to go into the game: Settings - Game Settings (topmost line) - In the search box, enter Language - the language selection appears and at the bottom of Advanced, poke it (here in the drop-down menu, select cp1251). Next, we transfer the .tlk file to the root folder of the game (NWN / EE) and that's it! As for the developers, I can only wish to go to a tea party with the Illithids.

Good afternoon! The file structure has changed, now the translation should be the same as for the PC version, and not a special version for mobile. Contact the authors of the unofficial translation.


Please, add Russian language👌🏻

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out Russian language

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