How to dance in front of a crowd

Stop Being Too Shy To Dance! Here Are 6 Reminders That'll Help

Do you want to be THAT GIRL/GUY killing it in class or on stage or in a cypher... but you're too shy to dance?

Do you get anxious at the thought of freestyling? Do you get stage fright... no matter how many times you’ve performed? Guess what?? YOU ARE NOT ALONE!!!

It may seem like all dancers were just born natural performers, but there are plenty of us that are just plain shy.

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But dance is a performing art, so it’s expected of dancers to be able to perform.

If you want to stop being too shy to dance and start being DOPE, then remember these 6 things!

1. No one is watching you dance

The following is true, not just just for dance, but for life in general: Don't worry about what people think about you...

Because they’re probably not thinking about you. And that’s not an upsetting realization at all! In fact, it’s quite refreshing. It’s freeing.

Since most people are focused on their own performance and execution, they’re too preoccupied to watch or judge you.

So focus on yourself, too! And not this idea that everyone's watching you.

2.You can be someone else when you dance

You know what the coolest part about dancing is? You’re performing! This means that you can play the role of someone else.

You can literally be anyone you want when you dance, at any place you want, in whatever scenario you design in your mind.

In fact, being a bit emotionally detached from your IRL self is a great way to be able to dance with commitment to another character.

It can help you infuse genuine intention to the piece without the inhibitions you’d normally feel.

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Imagine you as a non-shy version of yourself and dance in that role. Do this enough and you’ll fake it ‘til you make it!

One day, you’ll realize you’re so comfortable performing or freestyling because you’ve played those roles so frequently.

So start performing as that person now – if only for one piece at a time.

3. This is your journey, and yours only

A lot of dancers’ anxiety comes from feeling behind compared to others. We're insecure about not being at a certain level or feel embarrassed performing around really good dancers.

Stop comparing. Stop feeling defeated. Stop using other dancers as benchmarks. Instead, take ownership over your own growth.

Recognize that the only person holding yourself accountable is you.

Whether or not you decide to go take class, audition for a team, or mess up in class... those events are part of your unique journey as a dancer.

Everything and everyone else is arbitrary. Wherever you are is exactly where you’re meant to be at that time.

If you're a complete beginner, or if you want to start dancing and aren't sure how. $%-ups.

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So don't let the fear of messing up keep you too shy to dance. Also...I’m not downplaying how seriously people take dance. We’re all crazy passionate about it.

A lot of people build professional, life long careers around it. However, when you put it into perspective…

It’s just dancing. Even if you are dancing for a job, a dancer’s mess up at a show is not like a surgeon’s mess up during a surgery.

No one died because you blanked out on that 8-count. No one was hurt from your ripple being early. Nothing blew up because your freestyle wasn’t on point.

It is a dramatic way to put it, but it does help us remember the most important thing: Dance is a luxury and a blessing. Dancing is... fun!

Don't let being too shy to dance keep you from enjoying it.

5. There is no right or wrong in dance

Yes, there are counts and moves to follow when you’re doing someone else’s choreography. There is technique and cleanliness.

But there are no real rules when you’re choreographing or freestyling on your own. Dance is a body and mind expressing itself.

And there can be no “wrong” when it comes to expression. This is one of the most liberating things that any dancer can realize.

If you get shy about something looking weird, then it will look weird. The key is about owning your weirdness.

In fact, the most unique and eye-catching dancers are the ones who really commit to their own style.

And the sooner you realize this, the sooner you can stop feeling shy about dancing. You’ll start to dance just as you’re meant to.

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6. The worst thing would be to not try

Do you ever think about the things you could’ve done if your shyness wasn’t holding you back?

“If only I went up for that group… If only I tried out for that team… If only I introduced myself to that choreographer…If only I wasn't too shy to dance. ..”

Regret sucks. And more often, we regret the things we did not do rather than the things we did. The most unfortunate thing is suppressed or unrealized potential.

And if you keep letting your shyness hold you back, you’ll never know what you’re capable of.

So stop wondering what you could be, and start taking steps to become it!

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We hope these ideas helped you overcome your shyness!

Now, stop being too shy to dance and go blossom.

If you prefer learning on your own, then try STEEZY Studio.

You can start dancing through the Beginner Program, try out a new style, learn choreography – all in private, at your own pace.

Soon enough, you won't be too shy to dance at all!

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How to deal with tension while dancing

Many dancers, even very experienced ones, have such a problem as fear of the audience, excitement before going on stage or even during training, and the tightness that follows from this, which literally breaks the whole dance. Here you are standing on the floor, or even in an ordinary rehearsal room in front of the coach, and you start thinking that you are in the spotlight, that everyone is looking at you, how you look now, how not to forget the movements, get into the rhythm, etc. d. Bottom line: panic, stiffness, unnaturalness and nervousness. Familiar? Then this article is for you.

So, what do you do to calm down, gain confidence and finally enjoy the dance itself, and maybe even the realization that everyone is looking at you and your great performance? There are several ways.


Try to learn (learn very well) the movements themselves first. Let it be a little "wooden", that's okay. And then, when the movements reach automatism, try to relax, treat the dance with calmness. Feel the music, immerse yourself in it. Movement will become much more relaxed and natural. The main thing is not to overdo it with "carelessness", you need to find a middle ground between ease and tension, which is also necessary in moderation.

Go to dance parties, dance floors, discos

Go to discos more often, where there are many people like you, where you have the opportunity to relax and try dancing for yourself. Surely, when you dance, being alone, for example, at home, you do it easily and freely, and you get upset that it is much more difficult to do it in public. When you are at a disco, in a noisy crowd, among hundreds or dozens of people, no one will notice your mistakes, no one will correct and judge you, like in an exam. So you can just forget yourself and feel confident, as if no one is looking at you.


Improvisation is a very rewarding experience. Turn on good, dynamic music and dance the way you want, the way you feel. Even if there are no such movements in a particular direction of dance, it does not matter. The important thing is that it relaxes well, helps to feel your body, establishes a dialogue between the mind, feelings and body. To know your body, to be able to fully - both physically and emotionally, to immerse yourself in music - is necessary for any dancer.

Dance for yourself

And finally, the main thing - dance for yourself, no matter how selfish it may sound. Learn to have fun, make it so that you are moved by music, so that during the dance the only thing that would be essential for you is the dance itself and nothing else: neither the reaction of the audience, judges, coach, nor your appearance - you can think about this after. As the hero of the film "Dandies" said: "Here you don't need faster, stronger, higher - here you need drive, energy." Let these words become your motto, and you will understand what happiness it is to dance.


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interpretation of dreams about dance according to the dream books of Miller, Vanga, Freud, Loff

Despite the joy and delight experienced by people dancing in a dream, this is often considered a bad omen that portends difficulties. But is this interpretation always correct? In every popular dream book, this action has its own symbolism and meaning. Let's figure out why we dream of dancing and how to correctly interpret such a dream.

Dancing in a dream according to Miller's dream book

According to the interpretation of Miller's dream book, seeing yourself dancing in a dream is a good sign. Your old ideas and dreams will begin to come true.

Also, the interpretation of the dream depends on how the dance was. Fast - you should be careful about the upcoming business, they can be difficult and unsafe. Slow - speaks of your inner desire to relax.

If a girl dreams of dancing children, it means that her family will live in harmony. For men, such a dream is a prerequisite for an interesting pastime.

Old people who were dancing in a dream are considered a sign of the coming succession of successes. But strangers are a bad signal. He says that you are afraid of communicating with others.

Seeing yourself dancing under a tree is a warning. Changes are waiting for you, but it is worth taking certain measures to implement them.

Dancing with friends in a dream will be a harbinger of a good weekend.

Dance in a dream according to the dream book


Freud's dream book also speaks of the good meaning of dancing in a dream. All past problems will pass by themselves, and you will breathe a breath of fresh air.

If the craving for dancing in a dream was never realized, that is, you wanted to dance, but did not dare, then you should think about it. You have a huge potential that you do not want to reveal, referring to the fact that it is not serious and not important.

Watching the most beautiful dance from the side is a cry from the soul. In real life, you have a dream that you are afraid to fulfill. Consciousness prompts that it is still worth deciding on this step, contrary to moral prohibitions.

A dream about a naked dance speaks of a desire for freedom.

An interesting sign is a dream in which among the dancers you see a familiar person. Probably, fate will connect you with him in the future.

A dream where you are dancing in a crowded place speaks of your fear of the public.

Dancing in a dream according to the dream book


The interpretation of dancing according to Hasse's dream book is as follows: the dreamer expects joy and wealth. And if you danced on stage, then a wave of popularity is coming.

According to Hasse's dream book, to see a dance in a dream - joy and wealth await you. Photo: andrea-piacquadio,

A dream about dancing with a representative of the opposite sex suggests that you have a lot of envious people. But if the partner is your loved one, then the dream is interpreted much more pleasantly. Order and complete mutual understanding await your family, and those around you will be sincerely happy about this.

If during the dream the locations in which you danced changed each other, this is a sure sign that you should change the situation or even reconsider your habits.

Dreams of dancing under the sunlight speak of the desire for enlightenment.

A dream is a harbinger of participation in large mass events, where a lot of strangers are dancing besides you.

Dancing in a dream according to the dream book


According to the interpretation of Tsvetkov's dream book, dancing alone is a symbol of success and profit. But dancing with a partner is a harbinger of illness.

People dancing in the twilight in a dream talk about the appearance of a deceiver in your environment in reality.

Dancing under the moon is a sign of aggression that you are skillfully trying to hide.

To see yourself in a dream dancing with professionals - to useful acquaintances.

Dancing by the fire is a positive sign for you. He says that in the near future secret desires will begin to come true.

Parting with a loved one portends a dream where you are dancing in full view of everyone. But this separation will be temporary. Probably, your relative will go abroad or to another city on vacation.

Dancing in a dream according to the dream book


The interpretation of Vanga's dream book, relative to others, is not so positive. According to him, to see yourself dancing in a dream speaks of attracting too much attention to your person. And if you are dancing in a crowd, you are likely to be robbed.

A short but memorable dance is a harbinger of rash acts for which the dreamer will have to apologize.

Long dances - you should reconsider your attitude towards other people. Probably, recently you have become too callous, and do not notice how you use others for your own benefit.

Dancing in a dream according to the dream book


The dream in which you see yourself dancing indicates that the professional field of activity is of particular importance to you. If the movements in the dance look unnatural, your subconscious mind wants to convey the idea of ​​non-recognition by society. A dream about dancing with a partner also indicates an uncomfortable feeling of being among people.

If others are dancing for you in a dream, then you should take a closer look at the dance, as it reflects your attitude towards these people.

A sign of self-doubt in reality is a dream in which music and dance are not compatible, or you are completely dancing without musical accompaniment.

Dancing in a dream according to the Modern dream book

The modern dream book notes dancing in a dream as a symbol of the successful completion of business.

Interpretation depends on the style of dance:

  • waltz - to fleeting experiences;
  • slow dance - to a period of difficult relationships with a loved one;
  • fast dance - approaching problems;
  • tango - to beautiful courtship.

Also, the interpretation depends on the gender of the dreamer. Dancing in a dream for a girl is a quick joy. For a guy - to the coming ruin.

Expert's comment

In addition to all the above interpretations, psychologists are discussing this issue. For us, the answer to the question "why dream of dancing?" gives Veronika Tyurina, psychologist-consultant in the field of interpersonal relations :

When you dream that you are dancing, it speaks of your temperament, your taste for life and your general desire to enjoy socializing with other people.

Learn more