How to dance in a crowd

How to Dance at a Club or Party

You probably know people who can dance at a club without a second thought.

They just go out, have a few drinks, get down on the dance floor, and have a great night.

Meanwhile, you're seized by panic and insecurity just thinking about dancing at a club.

And whenever you do drag yourself out, you stay glued to the wall and watch everyone else let loose on the dance floor.

But guess what? Those awkward feels are completely normal. And we PROMISE you can overcome them!

Follow these 5 simple steps and never worry about feeling left out again.

1. Find the beat/rhythm as you make your way towards the dance floor

Don't expect yourself to bust out a Step Up routine out of nowhere as soon as you step foot on the dance floor.

This isn't a movie! Start small – really small – by just bobbing your head to the beat.

Do this before you even get on the dance floor. Think of it this way: Music is the one thing that lubricates the whole experience of being at the club.

It sets the mood as soon as you walk in until the moment you walk out. You have to be comfortable with the music first.

So start interacting with the music right away. You can listen and nod your head a you're holding your drink, hanging with a friend, or even sitting down.

This is an easy way to set yourself up for success on the dance floor before you even start dancing.

Your body will already have a handle on the rhythm, so you're more likely to stay on beat by the time you do get your feet steppin'.

Watch this video to learn how to find and count beats in music:

2. Start with a small bounce / groove

Once you're on, or around, the dance floor, start bouncing with your whole body.

Think of this bounce as a bigger version of your head bob. You're still moving to that same rhythm, but now with your knees, core, and chest.

You know how a baby bounces on his knees when he hears a song he likes? Like that, but not as jolt-y.

Ease into those bounces calmly, then slowly build up your energy. This helps make your dancing look more natural.

Carlo Darang describes what a bounce / groove is in this video:

3. Learn simple steps

Got a handle on the music? Great.

Started bouncing with your body? Check. Now, let's get your feet moving!

But wait – you won't know which foot to step where without any practice.

So learn a few basic dance steps before you go to dance at a club.

This video will teach you how to do 3 basic dance moves that work with any song:

Wanna learn more basic party moves like these?

Check out Bianca's "Intro to Dance" program on STEEZY Studio! It'll teach you everything you need to know to get down on the dance floor.

Click here to take the first 4 classes for free.

4. Let loose

Now that you've got the basics of dance down, it's time to put on a few finishing touches to make sure you look comfortable and confident with every move.

These quick tips will help you refine your dancing so you look more loose, groovy, and comfortable:

5. Join the party

By this point, you've got a handle on dancing 1. on beat 2. with your whole body 3. using steps.

But you didn't come to dance at a club to do all this alone!

Once you have that base, dance with the people around you.

If you're in a crowd or a group of friends, then you can play off of their movements and energy.

Mimic the moves your friends are doing, lip sync with them, rap Nicki's entire verse in Motor Sport from memory.

And if the DJ or song lyrics tell you to do something (like put your hands up or jump), then do it!

These are little things you can't predict or practice – remember that you're out to have fun, not to play DDR in your head.

Grinding (or whatever you call it) on someone is its own topic – but whether you're dancing with one person or a whole group of people, the most important thing to do is to... Stay in rhythm!

You and your partner or friends could be doing totally different things. They could be jumping while you're pumping your arms.

She could be swaying side to side as you're 2-stepping.

But as long as you're moving to the same beat, it'll still feel like you're dancing together.

(The closer you physically get, though, the more similar you want your movements to be so that you don't end up hitting each other or creating friction between your moves. Dance with them!)


I hope these tips help you kiss those insecurities goodbye!

Follow these 5 steps and you'll realize that it's possible, and actually quite easy, to dance at a club.

You just need the right resources, some practice, and a dash of confidence. ;)

Have fun!

10 Dance Moves to Impress a Crowd

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10 Dance Moves to Impress a Crowd


Dancing has always been a way to help channel your emotions and feelings into displays of rhythm and self-expression. This form of self-expression can also be soo good enough, it can wow the crowd with your impressive moves. Here are 10 dance moves that can impress any crowd who is watching your display of dancing creativity. 

1. Moonwalk 

Ok, for starts let’s just talk about who this is more than just a dance move, rather this technique symbolizes an artistic movement. This “Moon Walk” was created no other than the legendary king of pop Michael Jackson where it involves gliding your feet across the floor in a smooth rhythm style. If you know how to do a dance move created by this legendary figure Michael Jackson, you are sure to get a lot of cheers.

2. Shmoney dance

Let’s go back in time and enjoy an era where we could enjoy a time of throwbacks and dancing.  The “Shmoney dance”, was created by rapper Bobby Shmurda following up his number one track Hot Boy is one of those dance moves that does not involve that much choreography, but rather you throwing your hat up in the air along with your hands, and when that beat drops just let your hands and hips move side to side feeling that lit feeling.


3. Junebug

What started as a simple Tik Tok challenge has now become a dance movement all across the world. The dance style went viral back in the spring of 2021 when rapper Spottemgottem released his track Beat Box, soon after people took to social media just doing a simple dance where it is almost reminiscent of an Egyptian style walk where he calls it the “Junebug”. Hey, it may look silly but this dance move has enough style to get any crowd lit.

4. Bop

Da Baby certainly has been on a roll in the rap game when it comes to making record sales and selling out shows. His one song Bop however sparked a dance movement all over Instagram. It did not take long for this dance trend to go viral where its movements involve pretending that you are driving a car but in a low rider position. The concept of this dance is to show that you got that style or “Bop” you could say. I swear you can just come up with the most fun dance trend that involves little effort and become an overnight sensation just like that.

5. Swag Surfin

Ok, some dance trends can only appeal to a certain generation. “Swag Surfin” was that number one millennial dance trend of its time when it came to having the best time with your friends. Fast Life Yungstaz released this track back in 2009 where the purpose of the dance is to link up with your squad, wrap your arms around each other’s shoulders, and when that beat drops, you all rock side to side. Hints, why it’s called Surfin, is because we’re making that fluid wave motion.


6. Woo

Before his death, rapper Pop Smoke’s music left behind a huge inspiration in the rap industry. Pop Smoke started the “Woo” dance involving stylish hip and leg movements while waving one hand in the air. This dance trend has been shown in a majority of his songs like Make It Rain, Christopher Walking, and of course the song that started it all the Woo. Pop Smoke was that one rapper where if you did not know any good dance routines, you can find that one simple dance trend and woo the crowd with your skills.

7. Body

If you have been keeping up in the music industry, you would know that Drill UK music has been making its way to the top. This is said to be the newest style of rap music coming from the United Kingdom where most of the lyrics have more of a cultural touch. UK drill artist Tion Wayne made his debut dropping his track Body where this UK dance style finally came over to America and in no time made it big. This dance style is almost very reminiscent of the bop, as soon as you hear that beat drop, you feel like you have that bop while looking like your leaning back. Two simple dances mixed with one is certainly a way to impress the crowd.

See Also


8. The Carlton

Some Dance moves are so good, they don’t require a song. If you want to appeal to more of a mature crowd with some more funny dance moves ” The Carlton” is the move to bust on the dance floor. 
This dance move is recognized by the sitcom show The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air’s actor, Carlton, where he just can not contain his excitement so he has to put his joys into dance moves. The next time you want to dance at your next family get-together and you do the Carlton, everyone will recognize this move and will instantly feel the urge to join in.

9. The Windmill

Some people are different when it comes to dancing. There are your regular casual party seen dancers and then you got your die-hard dedicated street performance dancers who take dance moves to a whole other level with crazy moves that involve soo much agility and endurance. One dance skill that separates the beginners from the advanced is the “Windmill”. This may be an 80s style dance move involving fast on-the-floor body spins, but the fact that it is so difficult to master is what makes this move is one of the best ones to watch.

10.  The Wobble

If there was a dance that would take the first prize of being the best group dance at the family wedding or cookout, ” The Wobble” would be the dance that wins. The dance has just the right movements to get that special tipsy groove of footwork, hip movements, and hand waves to make any function an enjoyable time.


Dancing has certainly come a long way from complex routines that require soo much choreography to making up your simple dance trend. Do you have a favorite dance trend that you think is good? Let me know in the comments below. 

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How to properly dance to club music in a discotheque


Dance is body language, and dancing in a club is the only way to draw attention to yourself with the help of this language, because in the crowd and noise it is impossible to talk differently. Steps, turns, tilts, jumps - in the light of strobe lights look spectacular when performed with skill. And it’s not at all difficult to learn them if you follow the advice of professionals and study in a dance studio. New faces are always welcome at Laboca! nine0003

A bit about clubs

In order to understand how beautiful it is to move to modern club music, it is worth remembering a little about the history of this direction. The first nightclubs began to open in the 80s of the last century. They constantly gathered young people who demonstrated the latest innovations in dance elements on the dance floor. Therefore, the fashion for movement was constantly changing, and eventually turned into a mix of several styles. So for several decades, a whole club culture has developed, which you need to familiarize yourself with before entering the dance floor. The surge in popularity of club dancing led to the opening of special groups in dance schools and made everyone understand that this direction is worth learning. nine0003

The main thing is emotions!

Club dances are distinguished by the fact that they should be comprehended with an emotional component. Only a relaxed, flexible and ready to improvise person will move effectively on the dance floor. The main means of expressiveness of club dance are plasticity, keeping pace, impromptu and stylish appearance. If you were able to discard all the complexes and are ready to relax on the dance floor, consider that you have already received the first lesson in club dancing.

Before deciding how to dance to club music in a disco, choose your key style. Strip plastic, street jazz, hip-hop, go-go, or maybe disco? True, in order to move freely on the dance floor, a beginner dancer will have to master the basic elements of all these directions, and at the same time learn how to combine them with club music, while getting real pleasure from dancing. Pure improvisation, video lessons or classes at a dance school - you choose. But it is worth noting that several master classes in a professional studio will significantly save your time and effort. nine0003

Sign up for a trial lesson

Club movements

Club dance implies no restrictions, looseness and freedom. Movements are performed gently, smoothly, with a small amplitude. There are no complex elements, high jumps, flips and splits. Low slopes are also not welcome, they look vulgar. But different types of swing always look good. To master the basic swing, you should start by shaking your head to the beat of the music. Then beat the rhythm with your hand or foot, and then move on to springy movements with the whole body. Swinging the torso is performed by tilting the body forward and backward, and swinging with the help of the knees - by bending and unbending the legs to the music and connecting the foot: at the expense of "and" move the socks, pushing the heels away, on "one" - rest on the heels and spread the socks . nine0003

Don't forget your hands. Movements should look stylish, but at the same time remain safe, after all, you have to dance on the dance floor: one awkward movement with your elbow - and your neighbor is knocked out. Therefore, the elbows should be kept close to the body, and the shoulders should be moved mainly. Try to sharply raise and lower your shoulders to the beat of the music, repeating the same movements with your hands. Now add the head, body and legs. Of course, you are not the king of the dance floor yet, but you are already moving in the right direction.

Another move with the hands - the movement of the pharaoh.

Place your right hand on your left shoulder and your left hand on your right. To the beat of the music - for "one-two" hands are crossed. Further, the girl can unhook her hands and smoothly lower them to her hips, and the young man can open his hands and put his thumbs on the shoulders of the corresponding hands. On "four", stretch your arms forward, leaving all fingers bent, except for the thumb and forefinger.

The most versatile movement of the arms is to move them behind the head so that the elbows are parallel to each other. Girls can continue the element by performing a wave with the whole body, and young people can lower their head down, thereby drawing attention to their legs. nine0003

On the dance floor, do not perform amplitude movements with arms and legs, push and move ambiguously, if the desire to attract the attention of the opposite sex is not in the first place. The abundance of waves with the hips and the movements of the hands stroking themselves do not look like flirting, but rather give a very clear signal to action to other party participants.

Spectacular appearance

Time spent on the dance floor will be much more pleasant for you if you are satisfied with yourself. To feel more confident, it is important not only to master the basic movements of club dances, but also to look spectacular. Choose your best "bow", which will not hinder movement and reveal unnecessary fragments of the body, but will most favorably show you in the light of strobe lights. Comfortable shoes, stylish clothes, perfect make-up and a neat hairstyle are already half the success on the club parquet. The rest will be done for you by a great mood and dance! nine0003

Video of modern dances

Dubravina Olga, Ryzhov Dmitry. HIP HOP

Hip Hop. Olga Dubravina, Dmitry Ryzhov.

How to learn to dance in clubs for a guy

Contents fashion came out synchronized movements of couples in a waltz or mazurka. For at least a century now, men have had to guess what a profitable disco dance should be like. Unfortunately, even professional choreographers will not answer this question. But we will try to highlight the basic rules. nine0003

hop and R'n'B

Rules to follow


Let's tell you a secret: most guys on the dance floor don't look stupid because they haven't taken lessons in dance studios and can't tell tectonics from r'n'b , but because they do not catch the rhythm of the music and cannot relax. And if no one usually pays attention to the first, then the second immediately catches the eye of others.

Hence the first rule: listen to music and let your body dance freely. nine0003

Choose a style

If you are a frequent discotheque visitor, you should choose a certain dance direction in which you will move on the dance floor. Of course, this will depend on the music that the DJ will put on, but for ten years now hip-hop and electronic music have not left the clubs. Therefore, you can master the basic movements of either one or the other. The "electronics" elements are a bit simpler, so it might be worth starting with them. Video tutorials to help you! nine0003

Sign up for a trial class

Try to vary your movements

If after watching the videos you still can't feel comfortable on the dance floor, you should consider enrolling in a dance studio. An experienced teacher, a company of like-minded people and regular classes will quickly do their job, and you will finally be able to relax and stop having complexes while dancing. Plus, to the envy of your peers, you will no longer dance like a “newbie”. nine0003

Remember that everything is for fun

If you do somersaults on the court for ten minutes with a tense face, and then return to the table sweaty, your friends are unlikely to appreciate it. Understand that dancing is not a competition, but a completely cultural form of recreation. As they say, relax and have fun!

Let it all flow

Let go of your body and emotions, surrender to the music and move without paying attention to those around you. The tension in the dance is the main obstacle. Stop thinking about movements, no one will notice them in the crowd and darkness anyway. nine0003

How girls will evaluate movements on the dance floor

Perhaps the results of a study by scientists from Northumbria University will help answer the question of how to learn to dance in clubs for a guy. Experts studied which dance moves performed by a representative of the stronger sex attract women.

Learn more