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Super Bowl 2016: Grading Cam Newton's Touchdown Dance Moves

If you’ve paid any attention to the Super Bowl 50 buildup, you may have heard that Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton likes to dance on the field when the Panthers score touchdowns. Some opponents and commentators, social media critics/trolls, and at least one aggrieved mom from Tennessee don’t appreciate Newton’s showmanship, calling it unsportsmanlike–and worse. However contrived the “controversy” about Newton’s exuberance may be, it has risen to the level of a Super Bowl “thing,” a sort of Deflategate Lite.

In a news conference after the Panthers won the NFC Championship game, Newton laid out why he believes his moves are so polarizing: “I’m an African-American quarterback, that may scare a lot of people because they haven’t seen nothing they can compare me to.”

This controversy, however, ignores the bigger question (besides, Newton’s ascent to NFL royalty is clearly a great thing): Can Cam really dance?

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To help assess his talent, we asked four dance instructors to break down his moves. Overall, Newton received high marks for technique and execution. “I like the fact that that’s him having fun,” says Safi Thomas, artistic director and founder of H+ | The Hip Hop Dance Conservatory in New York City. “That’s the basis of everything we do in hip-hop. Not taking yourself too seriously.”

“He’s asking everyone to celebrate this amazing touchdown with him,” says Porshia Derival, executive director of The Hip Hop Dance Conservatory. “I love that he’s opening the door to dance and party and have a good time.”

We asked the experts to view three clips. In the first, Newton goes “dabbin'” after scoring a touchdown in a Nov. 15 game against the Tennessee Titans, paying homage to a dance created in Atlanta; Migos, an Atlanta-based group, released a song “Look at My Dab” earlier in 2015. (Warning: song contains explicit lyrics)

How to describe Newton’s dab? It was something like “shimmy your shoulders, wave your arms, bow the head, do a criss-cross things with your arms, kick your right knee up. ” The routine impressed the experts. “At first, it looked like we was about to hit the quan,” says Thomas. “And then he turned it into a dab. So that was nice.”

The next dance, which Newton broke out after scoring against Dallas on Nov. 26, seemed goofier. But not to the hip-hop instructors.

“The swim! The swim!” says Khalil Johnson, a teacher at Gotta Dance, a studio in Newton’s hometown of Atlanta. “That’s a classic one.” By incorporating the twist and swim into the start of the routine, and ending on a more modern maneuver, Newton is charming older fans more likely to yell at him from their lawns. “I don’t know if that was his intention, but it was definitely a good move for him to do that, because it’s bridging the gap between the older generation and the newer generation,” says Thomas. “He starts out old school, and ends on the dab on ’em. He fills it in for everyone.”

Newton, however, could have done Chubby Checker prouder. “If you’re going to do a twist, do a twist,” says Thomas. “Go all out, don’t just do it a little bit. Go all the way down, go all the way up. Do a twist.”

Newton’s third performance, during Carolina’s 38-0 win over the Atlanta Falcons on Dec. 13, followed a 46-yard touchdown pass to wide receiver Ted Ginn Jr. in the first quarter. You can view it here. Sorry, Cam: the critics panned this one. Newton runs into the end zone, bounces slightly, pauses … and then just bows. “I guess it’s a celebratory dance, like, nah,” says Thomas. “For that one, it was just OK, I’m tired, I don’t want to do anything.”

“Usually when a dancer pauses, that means whatever he’s going to do next is going to be really exciting,” says Yvonne Chow, education director at the Hip Hop Dance Conservatory. A bow doesn’t fit that bill.

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Newton could use a little more variety in his celebrations, say the pros. “The stanky legg would be a good one for him,” Chow says. “Because he does a lot with his upper body, with the dabbin’, but I think this would bring in more, cause the stanky legg is all about your leg, and the lower body. ” (Newton did do the stanky legg with a young fan after a scrimmage this summer).

“You know what, I would love to see him do the Roger Rabbit,” says Derival. “I think he’s got the power, and to a nice New Jack beat, I think it can really it can really get everyone in that arena up and dancing.”

The experts offer another general criticism of Newton: he doesn’t express himself enough. “Go harder,” says Thomas. “Just kill it. That’s my advice. Kill it.”

Thomas’ colleague, Chow, thinks all the Panthers need to join Newton’s celebrations. “Because that’s the whole point of party dancing,” says Chow. “You’re socializing with other people.”

Imagine: an entire pro football team Roger Rabbiting and dabbin’ and doing the stanky legg all over the field following a score. The Hip Hop Dance Conservatory apparently would like to see the biggest on-field brawl in Super Bowl history.

At the very lest, Cam, if you read this: a Roger Rabbit on Sunday, please.

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Cam Newton’s Dance Moves Anger Nashville Mom – Rolling Stone


After the Panthers' QB dropped 'The Dab' during Sunday's game against the Titans, a Tennessee mom takes him to task for "The chest puffs. The pelvic thrusts"

Cam Newton does the Dab in Nashville. Andy Lyons/Getty Images

Cam Newton’s “Dab” has already angered the Tennessee Titans – now it’s angering their fans, too.

For those of you fortunate enough to have avoided this non-troversy, let’s bring you up to speed. During the Carolina Panthers’ victory over the Tennessee Titans on Sunday, Newton became the talk of the town when he broke into “The Dab,” a dance move made popular in Atlanta, following his game-clinching touchdown run. He apparently did the dance at the behest of his little brother, but the Titans didn’t appreciate the gesture, so linebacker Avery Williamson – who did some dancing of his own after sacking Newton earlier in the game – got in Newton’s face and let his feelings be known.

Newton danced some more, trolled the Titans postgame – “I’m a firm believer if you don’t like it, keep me out [of the end zone],” he said – then let the Panthers’ perfect record do the rest of the talking.

Of course, because we live in a world where people aren’t allowed to have fun, Newton received plenty of flack for daring to dance, and that reached a boiling point on Monday, when a concerned mother from Nashville, Tennessee penned a letter to the Charlotte Observer that took Cam to task for his in-game gyrations.

Rosemary Plorin was particularly upset because Newton’s Dabbing took place during her nine-year-old daughter’s first live NFL game, and she felt as though Newton acted like a “spoiled brat.” Seriously.

“[My daughter] was excited we were near the end zone, so we would be close to the ‘action,’ particularly in the second half,” Plorin wrote. “Because of where we sat, we had a close up view of your conduct in the fourth quarter. The chest puffs. The pelvic thrusts. The arrogant struts and the ‘in your face’ taunting of both the Titans’ players and fans. We saw it all.”

Oh, and there’s more. A whole lot more.

“Unfortunately, what you modeled for [the kids] today was egotism, arrogance and poor sportsmanship,” she continued. “I don’t know about your family life Mr. Newton, but I think I’m safe in saying thousands of kids watch you every week. You have amazing talent and an incredible platform to be a role model for them. Is that what your coaches and mentors modeled for you, Mr. Newton?”

There’s only one way to respond to this. Take it away, Panthers.

— Carolina Panthers (@Panthers) November 17, 2015

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90,000 people who saved this year. Cameron Newton - First & Goal - Blogs

2015 showed that the world is heading for the abyss. Wars, terrorist attacks, geopolitical conflicts, the economic crisis and other hardships have repeatedly made us wonder if our civilization has a future. It was harder than ever for those who traditionally tried to hide from the socio-political agenda in sports news - there were enough problems there too: from grandiose doping scandals to corruption in the top management of world football. To enter the new year with the right mood, continues the series about those who were very good in 2015 no matter what. A dozen superheroes who keep our faith in at least the industry, at the most in humanity. nine0004

To be honest, I never thought this guy would be good.

You can call me a casual racist, but I'm biased against black quarterbacks. No, Michael Vick in 2011 was the best point guard I've ever seen in the NFL. And the quarterback for my favorite team, Teddy Bridgewater, is also African American.

But when such a hefty bull with a smug face is selected as the first draft pick, I become a pessimist. And he puts the number one on his jersey. And when he scores a touchdown, he pretends to be Superman - he makes a gesture, as if he is tearing his shirt at his chest. Damn it, you're a first year, boy, act more modest. nine0005

You should have seen him when he was losing. As soon as he threw an interception or lost the ball in some other way, he sat on the bench, hung a towel over his head and went into himself. What do other quarterbacks do in this situation? They walk on the curb and bark at their teammates: "Don't relax your asses, guys, now we'll fix everything."

Cam Newton never knew how to take a punch. Being physically gifted, he certainly played well in almost all sports. He was predicted a great future not only in American football, but also in baseball and basketball. But at the age of 14, he quit baseball because of the constant fear that the ball after the pitcher's throw would hit him right. With basketball, it didn’t take much longer - the coaches were exhausted to wean him from fouling during the game. nine0005

He had an outstanding rookie season in the NFL for a quarterback, breaking a bunch of club records and championship records. But strategically, all this was nonsense, because there are many who tear the opponent’s defenses for a newcomer, and in a year everyone knows how to play against this greyhound boy. Despite all his individual merits, Carolina often lost, and it was clear that Newton's life did not prepare for defeats.

In general, this is not a new story. How many of them were there, to whom everything was given at the student level and who quickly went out after switching to professionals? The NFL archives will give you a bunch of plots for tragic biopics - who is now selling cars, who is drunk, who is in prison. Something saves the rest - most often the family. And Cameron Newton, the hero of 2015, found his lifeline. nine0005

Cam Newton is a consummate optimist and merry fellow.

Yes, he is not used to losing. But it is precisely the pathological desire to once again have fun, mischief, and play a trick that blocks the craving for self-discipline that is terrible for any quarterback. As the textbooks say, any quarterback should have a memory like a goldfish. Made a mistake - immediately forget about it. Everyone, think about the next draw. Otherwise, thoughts about mistakes will multiply them.

In December 2014, Newton made a mistake while driving a car. The car rolled over several times, the immobilized Cam was taken away in an ambulance, but nothing happened. A couple of cracks and abrasions, everything healed like a dog in 12 days. In the spring he graduated, got a degree in sociology, and in the summer he signed a new contract with the Carolinas. Now he was paid like an adult. Again, many of this blows the roof. Cam just found another way to blow the roof off others. nine0005

When the Carolina Panthers lost their season's best receiver to an injury in the preseason, it looked like they were going to miss out this season as well. Newton is good with the ball - everyone knows that, but not so good at throwing it, and now there is no one else. The Panthers weren't predicted for the playoffs, let alone the Super Bowl.

Entering the pitch in the first game of the regular season, Newton threw his first passing touchdown of the year and celebrated it in a new way - he gave a punchy dance.

A week later, the Carolinas won at home, and Newton, after a touchdown, took the ball and gave it to the boy in the stands. A beautiful gesture quickly turned into a trend of the season.

Every week the same thing. Carolina wins, Newton scores touchdowns, dances, and gives soccer balls to kids. He doesn't have top receivers, his passing percentage is still low, but he makes little to no mistakes, plays with discretion, and kicks for the missing yards. The number of specialists who weekly predict defeat for Carolina and are mistaken is in the hundreds. nine0005

Newton's dance flashes on the monitor so often that the whole of America begins to parody it - from wounded rivals to politicians and musicians. NFL commentators joke that there aren't any kids left in Charlotte (where the Panthers play) that a quarterback wouldn't give a ball to. There is a rumor in the press that the NFL fines Newton $10,000 for every donated ball, and the league is forced to publicly refute this rumor.

Meanwhile, the Carolinas are on the trajectory of the perfect season, the perfect season that only two teams have managed in league history. In modern times, the New England Patriots were closest in 2007, but they won every game except against the New York Giants in the Super Bowl. The perfect season for the Patriots exists only for the kids in the poorest countries in Africa, where all the pre-made jerseys are sent with the wrong prediction for the outcome of the final game. nine0005

In Week 14, the Carolinas thrash division rival Atlanta 38-0. Without waiting for the end of the game, the winning team smiles and takes a selfie against the background of the field. In Week 15, the New York Giants will win back a 28-point lead over the Carolinas in the final quarter. The camera pans to Newton's face when the score is tied with a couple of minutes left in the game. “Everyone calm down, I’ll do everything now,” says the expression on his face.

Newton enters the field, gains 49 yards, Carolina scores 3 points on a field goal and wins their 15th game in a row. The perfect season is within reach. nine0005

It didn't happen, of course. Cam had to know the bitterness of defeat and prove himself in it. Atlanta retaliated for the humiliation in Week 13, and the dreams of Panther fans were shattered into a sharp corner of reality. “There are no magic words for such an occasion. We got our ass kicked today, and in many ways, we deserve it. And I do not relieve myself of responsibility, ”the quarterback said at a press conference after the loss. When he said these words, he was not afraid that a baseball would fly at him from the press room. nine0005

If the MVP award at the end of the regular season is awarded to someone else, there will be a scandal. Newton threw 35 passing touchdowns for the year with only 10 interceptions, and a bonus of 10 more touchdowns on the run. This is the caliber of an MVP with no questions asked and no progression discounts from previous seasons. 5 years after he began to pretend to be Superman and put on the first number, he really became him.

It is said that it is important for an ambitious athlete to always tell himself that he is number one, even if he came last. You are not recognized as an MVP until you recognize yourself as an MVP. May be. But 2015, performed by Cam Newton, is not so much about the ability to overcome oneself or about the wisdom that has come over the years, but about the power of unfading optimism and love for the game. nine0005

Precepts as in our old children's songs: dance while you are young, share your smile. The game is made for fun, so have fun.

On the penultimate day of the past year, Cam Newton announced that his son was born. Chosen was named Sebastian Newton. That is to say, the first name is the Chosen One. I'm certainly a fan of the Fallout series, but gosh, some things will never change. When such a hefty bull with a smug face is chosen as the first draft pick...

The people who saved this year. Serena Williams

People who saved this year. Valery Bragin

People who saved this year. Francis Coquelin

The people who saved this year. Arsene Wenger

Photo: REUTERS/Bob Donnan/USA TODAY Sports; How, Al Bello

“We rushed at him like hyenas at an antelope” - who said what after the Super Bowl - First & Goal

First & Goal collected the most interesting statements from the players after the main match of the season. nine0110 Photo by John Leyba/The Denver Post

Safety T.J. Ward when asked why Newton didn't run after the lost ball at the end of the match:

"If he had touched that ball, I would have hit him in the face and I would not be alone. We were hungry for the ball. We saw him and rushed at him like hyenas at an antelope. And in general, I don’t know: maybe he decided to save his health for the next season.

“We must tell everyone that we are the best. They couldn't do anything against us. They couldn't touch us." nine0005

Cornerback Chris Harris :

“They thought they were going to come here and run and throw the ball where they wanted to – what?! They didn't see us in person. This is a shock to their system. Cam was afraid to quit. He looked blind. He couldn't figure out where to throw it. That's what pressure does."

“We knew that if we got ahead, the game was over. Our defense is too good. They couldn't make a comeback. We knew Cam couldn't lead the team for 80 yards. We decided - let him throw. The plan was: can he throw? Me, Talib and Roby. We knew he couldn't shoot against us." nine0005

Upon hearing this, Cam Newton stood up and left the press conference.

Linebecker Von Miller:

“I was just being myself. Our defense is incredible, I love being a part of it."

Cornerbek Akib Talib :

“No dancing. He danced already. We didn't let him tear us apart. We are too smart for him. They have a very simple attack. They get out of the heap formation they move and they play 1 or 2 rallies from it. If you can understand the builds, what they do is very simple. We knew he couldn't come out and tear us apart. We knew all their pranks." nine0005

Cornerback spoke about the situation at the end of the game:

“I told them to go for 4th down, but coach Mike [Shula, Carolina offensive coordinator – editorial note ] didn't listen to me.

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