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Here's the Exact Order of Dances at a Wedding Reception

Wedding Reception

Let's get the party started! From the first dance to the last, here's how your wedding reception dance timeline should go down.

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You just said “I do” and now it’s time to let loose! Dancing is one of the most popular wedding reception activities, and there are certain traditional wedding dances—like the newlyweds' first dance, parent dances, and more—that make the celebration even more meaningful. But what is the order of these dances at the wedding reception? While the dance timeline might not seem that important at first glance, following a schedule will ensure that your reception flows well and gives guests time to eat, drink, mingle, listen to toasts, and yes, hit the dance floor, without feeling overwhelmed, or perhaps even worse, bored.  

Work with your  planner or venue coordinator to create a wedding-day timeline, and be sure to share it with all of your other vendors to make sure everything runs smoothly on your big day. The DJ or bandleader has a particularly essential role to play here, as they’ll likely be the emcee during the celebration. Ready to learn the order of dances at a wedding reception? Here’s how your party timeline should look: 

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1. The Married Couple's and Wedding Party's Grand Entrance

While this may not technically be a dance, the grand entrance is still an important dance floor moment during the wedding reception. As cocktail hour comes to a close, the wedding party members, including bridesmaids, groomsmen, best man, maid of honor, matron of honor, bridesmen, groomsladies, flower girls, ring bearers, and more, are gathered and line up (often in pairs). Once the guests have entered the reception and take their seats, the DJ/emcee will play some lively music and announce the wedding party members by name, while the pairs enter the room. Instead of taking their seats, wedding party members may circle around the dance floor. Last but not least, the newlyweds enter the reception to great applause. 

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2. First Dance

After the newlyweds make their grand entrance, they may almost immediately begin their first dance. If guests are sitting down to dinner after the grand entrance, the first dance would happen after the meal. The first dance is a special moment as it's the first time the couple cuts a rug together as a married pair. The couple may have taken dance lessons for their moment in the spotlight, or they might choose to wing it—it really depends on their comfort level and style. 

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3. Hora (for Jewish Couples)

At Jewish weddings, the hora, a lively circle dance, may directly follow the first dance to start the reception off on a lively, joyful note. It can also start after dinner to kick off the main dancing portion of the event. The couple, as well as their parents, is typically lifted up on chairs during the hora. 

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4. Parent Dances

Parent dances, such as the father-daughter dance and mother-son dance, may take place at several points during the wedding reception, depending on the order of dances you wish to follow. Sometimes, parent dances occur immediately after the first dance. Other times, these dances will take place toward the end of dinner, after the toasts, or after the cake cutting. 

For heterosexual couples, bride dances with her dad, and then the groom dances with his mom. Other special relatives, like grandparents, may join in at the end. However, you can handle these dances in many different ways—some couples may want to dance with stepparents or other important people, and LGBTQIA+ couples can also choose how they'd like to handle parent dances. 

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5. Wedding Party Dances

After the parent dances, the wedding party is invited to take the floor. The best man and maid of honor traditionally dance together first, followed by the rest of the crew. If the parent dances are taking place after dinner, the couple may opt to skip the the wedding party dance all together, simply inviting all guests to the dance floor. However, if you're concerned that your guests will need a little push to start dancing, having the wedding party kick things off may be a good idea. 

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6. Party Time

The rest of the wedding guests are now invited to take the floor. An experienced DJ or bandleader will be able to read the room and choose the right mix of fast and slow songs to get everyone moving and grooving. 

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7. Anniversary Dance

The anniversary dance, also known as the bouquet dance, is a sweet tradition that some couples choose to include in their wedding reception. All of the couples in the room are invited to the dance floor, as a slow, romantic song is played. The DJ or emcee then says something like "Couples who have been married for less than a year, please take a seat." Your emcee will then ask other couples to leave the dance floor until the couple who is married the longest is left dancing. The longest-married couple may receive the bouquet (if there's no bouquet toss) or simply a round of applause from their fellow wedding guests. 

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8. Bouquet Toss and Garter Toss & Dance

Traditionally, the bride tosses her bouquet to the single ladies in the room, and the groom removes and tosses the bride's garter to a crowd of single men. After this takes place, the "winners" are expected to dance together. You don't have to include the garter and bouquet toss in your reception—many couples feel that this tradition and corresponding dance is embarrassing and plays into gender stereotypes, plus it interrupts the blocks of dancing. 

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9. Post-Cake Cutting Dancing

Some couples choose to have their cake cutting directly after dinner, while others wait until later in the reception. If you're opting for the latter, another block of dancing should follow the cake cutting. Because it's later in the reception and perhaps your older guests may have retired for the night, this block of dancing can be geared toward your younger guests with a focus on more modern songs. 

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10. Money Dance or Other Cultural Dances

In many cultures, a money dance, also known as a dollar dance or apron dance, is a popular tradition and part of the order of dances at a wedding reception. There are several ways to handle the money dance—guests paying to dance with the couple, for example—but they all end with the couple being given cash. This dance typically takes place toward the end of the reception. 

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11. Last Dance 

For the last dance of the evening, the couple may choose an upbeat song that will have everyone singing along, or they may select a slower, more emotional tune to close out their event. If there's an after-party following the reception, a livelier tune is best to foreshadow the celebration to come. 

35+ Best Sangeet Songs For The Bride's Friends/ Sisters To Dance in 2021!

After the bride’s solo and the couple dance, the one dance performance that everyone looks forward to at a sangeet night is the bridesmaid squad with their bride! There is no better feeling on your sangeet night than grooving with your girlfriends and sisters to fun sangeet dance songs. So we’ve made this easier for you by compiling an amazing list of sangeet songs including Hindi Bollywood songs for sangeet for you and your bridesmaids.

Image via Kamna and Utsav

To make it easy for you, we have categorised the sangeet songs according to the vibe of the ceremony!

  • Pep Up The Mood
  • Can't Stop. Won't Stop!
  • Dedicated To The Bride
  • Get The Bride Groovin'
  • Tease The Groom

Come on ladies, go ahead, take your pick and start preppin' up! It's time to burn up that Sangeet dance floor.

Image via Priyanshi & Kush

Pep Up The Mood With These Sangeet Songs

If you feel that the sangeet songs don’t have the fun beat, you can easily pep up the mood with these ground-breaking sangeet dance songs! They are the latest, high on beats and will definitely make everyone at the venue groove, while the performances are on. Don't believe us? Then hear them right away!

The song that broke the internet! Fun and unique, Oo Antava is one of the trending sangeet songs for bride side for any sangeet. Looking for songs for dance performance that will get you an encore? This is it!

Full of energy and peppy beats, Rang Saari from Jugjug jeeyo is one of the best songs for bridesmaids to dance on. Pick the girls part and remix it with another fun song to make it sangeet songs for bride side!

No sangeet will be complete without these super-hit sangeet songs of Bijlee Bijlee! It's groovy and has great beats for you and your bride squad to dance on.

Another high-energy sangeet song, hey chaka chaka is one of the fun dance songs for wedding sangeet. Groove with your girl squad for this one!

This sassy Sangeet dance legit got viral on the internet, and we see no reason why these enthu tracks shouldn't be there on your ideal Indian wedding Sangeet playlist!

This one is beautiful because it starts slow, and picks up like crazy. The girls get to show off their elegance as well as energy. Psstt.. also, one of those sangeet songs for bride's side that'll make the groom's side lose out on the battle before even beginning with it. Make sure you choreograph well to nail it with sass!

If Alia Bhatt and the other bridesmaids can set the Sangeet dance floor on fire with this dance performance, then you know it's trending AF! So don't stop & start with your practice!

Now here's a sangeet song that will lift up the spirits of a sangeet - a little mischievous and a whole lot of quirk. Pallo Latke is one of the perfect wedding songs in Hindi for Sangeet for best friends and sisters to dance to. Just wait and it will grow on you - especially the chorus!

You've heard it in the club, and in your car, and on almost every music channel. Well, why not at your sangeet too? A mash up of peppy sangeet songs with one being this song would be so much fun! It's perfect for anyone, including your girls!

It's officially the BFF song! Its quick, it’s upbeat. Club it with a mix of beats of the dhol and you have just what you need for a spectacular performance at a sangeet ceremony! Literally, Nachde Ne Saare is a perfect song to pull chacha-chachi, mama-mami et all, off their seats!

Old wine in a new bottle, but when the bottle is so fun, who cares! This is one of our favourite wedding songs in Hindi for your best friend's wedding. Mix a little bit of Madhuri with a whole lot of Jacqueline and you have a blockbuster performance right there!

Can't Stop. Won't Stop!

Image via Mehak and Harsh

In no mood to listen to the DJ announcing 'last song of the night'? Then you need to ensure that your playlist for sangeet performances is headbanging enough to convey that it'll go all night! Pick your favourite right away!

Loving this since it was released – Pasoori has been a sangeet favourite in the last wedding season and we bet it’s going to rule in the next too! So if you are hunting for that fun yet unique sangeet songs for bride, Pasoori will not disappoint!

Looking for sangeet songs for the squad, which isn't fast-paced? Don't fret, Chitta Kukkad by Neha Bhasin will be just the right fit for you.

This is one of the coolest medleys we've heard of lately! Three of the most popular tracks mixed together to create a power-packed Sangeet dance performance. Thoughts?

Yet another easy number to dance on! It's a little slower in comparison to the other sangeet songs on this list, but it will make you swing to the beat, no matter what!

This Sonam Kapoor track is an ideal song for all girlfriends to go crazy and dance! Pay attention, that's exactly what the song is saying too - dance like there's no one watching!

Chogada from LoveRatri will remind you of countless nights spent playing Garba with your friends throughout your teenage. The Gujarati touch in this song, coupled with the soaring energy levels is definitely going to make you want to shake that booty too!

There's something very unusual about this song. Instead of giving a very club-like vibe, this ladies dance song has a more soothing tone which is what makes it so much fun! Another great track to fit in to the list of sangeet songs for bride side!

Are you the sister of the bride? And you want the world to know, how she's been a drama queen of your life? THIS IS WHAT YOU NEED TO DANCE ON! Well, this is one of the many ladies sangeet wedding songs for sister's marriage with peppy beats. Great lyrics, and a whole lot of fun! This one just cannot be missed!

Another song that may be didn't do very well commercially, but in case you are looking for something that's super fresh and hasn't been done to death, you've struck gold! This one is so catchy you'll just hum forever!

Full-on fun song and the choreography is bang on too! Here's another song that basically got lost among the thousand sangeet songs that basically come out every day, but definitely deserves a chance at the next sangeet ceremony you attend!

Dedicated To The Bride Sangeet Songs

Image via The Wedding Salad★ 4.9

Your sangeet songs list is incomplete without one dedicated to the bride-to-be! Since her being the star of the night, you can make her feel even more special by dedicating a performance which is all about praises and appreciation for the beautiful lady in the house. And in case, you're confused about the choice of ladies dance songs, well we've got you covered with the list. You can even pick one of these hindi bollywood songs for sangeet with the bride in center-stage.

The original one was lit and the latest remix is even more so! For brides who are looking for songs to burn the dance floor with her girls, this is the song!

You always need that larger-than-life filmy dance songs for wedding sangeet that you can do with your girlfriends with formations and high-energy steps. And for this wedding season, Ghar More Pardesiya where Alia and Madhuri danced off is the song!

That all-girls sangeet dance songs that you are looking for with the bride in centre-stage? Param Sundari is that song to groove on. We love the beats as well how filmy it is.

For the brides who plan to start with a solo dance performance, and moving ahead, involve the squad with upbeat tracks, we'd recommend you to place your bets on 'Nainowale'. It's soft, romantic, and still hasn't been done to death.

What better song than Navrai Maajhi to explain the rollercoaster of emotions a bride goes through as she enters wedlock! Think no further, ADD IT to your Sangeet playlist asap.

This remix is everything you want in a perfect sangeet song. It's groovy, it's peppy and we are sure the lyrics are gonna fit perfectly! The bridesmaids get to throw some attitude while letting everyone know what a 'Proper Patola' our bride is.

Bride lookin' as sassy as a 'Morni' in her sangeet outfit? Don't forget to as her 'kithe challi aye'!! And with the entire khandaan coming together, great food, dhol and nights spent dancing, how about amplifying the fun with a thumka or two on this Punjabi ladies sangeet dance songs track!

Our bride-to-be is indeed a cutie pie with a 'no care in the world' attitude! It's one of those very few punjabi ladies sangeet songs that'll be a part of a sangeet ceremony for a long-long time? Well then what are you waiting for? Get on the dance floor NOW!

This has to be a squad  song! It’ll be more fun if you can pull in the bride to dance with you for the last one para – ye chori badi drama queen hai! Again one of the teasy-weasy ladies sangeet songs for bride sister, that'll make her go red with a mix of emotions!

A new one on the list! We are guessing you may not have heard this song, but trust us this is a sangeet fire-starter. It has so many different variations, it sounds like 3 different wedding songs in hindi for sangeet and we absolutely love the chorus.

This one is for the Queen Bee (bride) and her friends dancing around her! Or may be, one of the few sangeet songs for sister of the bride solo, that'll remind the bride-to-be of their crazy childhood! Well, the bride deserves some pampering before she kisses goodbye, right?

Get The Bride Grooving Sangeet Dance Songs

Image via Sandeep Gadhvi Photography★ 5

No one likes the bride-to-be seated throughout the performances! While there are certain wedding songs in Hindi for sangeet on which she can't shake a leg, how about playing it smart, and ensuring that she does get to groove on many. Still, wondering how's that possible? Just screenshot the list below, right away!

Undoubtedly one of the best ladies sangeet songs for sister's marriage! With easy steps and choreography, you're bound to rock this one. Love the energy and the choreography of these girls on this peppy track! Take cues, ladies!

This mash-up of two totally opposite tracks, Senorita & Odhani left us awestruck! And trust us, it's a crowd puller performance. Haha, you won't see the guests leaving for the food station while you & your tribe gives a set the stage on fire!

'Baby ko bass pasand pasand hai' is the right amount of fun with great beats and high energy. Plus you can also throw in your guy friends and make this a couple song.

Super retro, but with the new Sunny Leone track its super crazy now ! The beats are really fun, the lyrics are perfect for all the friends or sisters and its an all out blast party Sangeet song!

We are all in for signature steps and crazy lyrics. And if the bride is full of 'chull', this one is perfect for your entire squad! Loop her in to join in on the fun!

Woah, the bride and her desi looks - this one will definitely set the mood for the night! As the BFFs flaunt their style on this song, you can easily get the bride to join in between - a definite show stopper.

Desi, quirky and full of what I call 'millennial swag'. Perfect bridal entry with her bridesmaids flanking her in the punjabi bridal sangeet songs. Top it up with jazzy glares and some sparklers and you’ve got yourself the most stunning entry!

Tease The Groom Dance Songs For Wedding Sangeet

Image via Smiti and Nilesh

A sangeet performance is incomplete without pulling the groom's leg! Well, it's bound to make him go red with awkwardness, but we feel its no harm and full of fun during weddings.

Now, here's one song you and I have grown up dancing to. But mix it up with Mika's voice with 10x more energy, and who would be able to resist shaking a leg or more on this number?

We know it's an old track but what better way to tease the groom by letting him know that 'Ik Tu Hi Mere Naal, Naiyon Naiyon Janchda'. Also, if a ladkiwale vs ladkewale face-off is on your mind, it easily fits that theme too, and this video is proof of it.

How about dancing on a song that actually talks about the couple's life? Dedicate it to the groom and give him a shock. The lyrics are super cute and perfect add a competitive zeal during the ceremony!

Well, do we even have to say anything about this one? Welcome the groom-to-be with full swag with this one. The opening beats are just enough to force you off your chairs and get to the dance floor! The most classy yet highly-listenable song ever for that perfect group performance!

This one's for the jhalla groom! We know this one is an old track but it isn't mainstream? There's a lot of masti and teasing in this one, just what you need to break some ice and get everybody together! Its perfect for your bridesmaids, sisters and friends

Dedicated to the one who stole your BFF bride-to-be's heart! All you need to do is pull the bride on stage and effortlessly rock Dil Chori Sada. A sure shot way to grab eyeballs, this song is ek dum first class!

We are sure you must have heard this track atleast once by now. Are you shaking your head in affirmation? Well, then you would know how the peppy beats instantly make your feet move. And just in case you haven't heard this one till now, you're sure missing out on something great!

If you have any more sangeet songs on your list for your bridesmaids to dance on - share them with us in your comments below! 

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How to dance at a wedding if you don't know how


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How to dance beautifully for a wedding? Tips for the bride and groom

A wedding for a guy and a girl is always a serious step into the future, and for relatives and friends it is a reason to congratulate a new family on the start of family life.

And every couple really wants to make a good impression on all the guests. They do their best to make this day memorable for a long time. nine0023

Today you can practically not bother about how to organize and hold a wedding. After all, there are a lot of agencies around that have been conducting such events for a long time and for every taste and color. If you look from the other side, then many young people want to feel the whole atmosphere of preparation, at the same time bring something from themselves into this holiday of the soul, add zest.

How to dance at a wedding for young people and guests

As you know, this is one of the parts of the celebration. Even many shy "copies" after a few glasses of champagne or shots of vodka already feel like their feet are dancing. nine0023

But the most important dance of the evening is the first dance of the young. And how every young couple wants to hear applause and praise in their address after such a dance.

Therefore, it is important to choose the right song, learn the dance very well, and then impress all the guests with your skill.

A few tips:

  • It is important to know the meaning of the song if it is a foreign composition. Otherwise, it won't work out very well if you dance to a breakup song or something worse. nine0129
  • It is not necessary to dance in the classical style (waltz). Choose what your heart desires. Moreover, there are many other equally interesting dances. The main thing is that everything should be well rehearsed and look harmonious.
  • But keep in mind one thing: rock songs are not the best option. Most likely, the guests will just get bored. But the lezginka is very suitable. After all, these melodies pull not only young people to dance, but also guests immediately.

If the first dance is a waltz, then it turns out that you force the guests to start with a waltz and so on. If your couple are dancers, then there may still be an exception for you. After all, such dances require special preparation, and only newlyweds will be prepared from all those present. nine0023

And if you are doing a wedding with a thematic scenario, then the first dance is selected based on your theme.

The best thing at a wedding, as well as at any holiday, is to alternate slow dances with cheerful and incendiary ones. This will allow you to relax and use the maximum number of people for the dance.

Competitions for guests

But still, it is important not to forget about the guests. So, we present to your attention several interesting dance competitions for guests:

Journey in a train

Participants dance in a train, holding each other by the waist or shoulders. But from time to time you need to change compositions.

In order to continue “riding” in the train, everyone needs to dance to the music playing at the moment. This can include folk songs, music for lezginka, etc.

The main thing is to take it on camera so that there is something to remember.

Mop Dance

You will need an odd number of guests and a mop. At the beginning, everyone is divided into pairs, and someone dances with a mop. When the music stops, you need to quickly change pairs so as not to be left with a mop.

Such dances will not let the guests get bored, they will make the holiday incendiary. The main thing is to choose the right music and approach this issue with a bit of imagination.


Participants can be any number of people - most importantly in pairs (man and woman). The competition is for couples to dance with their backs to each other. nine0023

It is important for this competition that the music be well-known and playful : polka, lambada, rock and roll, cha-cha-cha, waltz.

The winners are selected by voting from those whose couple has not broken up before the end of the competition.

Dances of the peoples of the world

Five couples are selected for the competition. Several folk dances must be prepared, and each couple dances as they imagine it in their own way, a unique dance will turn out.

Winners are determined by voting.

The participants of such competitions will be lucky twice, they will have fun participating in the program and after, when they look at their performances in the video, which we strongly advise you to order from video filming professionals.

Dance competitions are one of the faithful and reliable assistants at weddings in order for guests to get to know each other in a relaxed atmosphere and have fun from the heart.

Have a good dance evening! nine0115


A Simple Guide to 10 Traditional Ballroom Dances

If you're interested in ballroom dancing but don't know where to start, there's only one place to start: dance lessons for beginners at Fred Astaire Dance Studios. Learning the most widely known partner dances can make you the star of any social event and bring some fun and culture into your life at the same time. When you sign up for ballroom dancing classes, the information in this post can help you learn more about the different types of ballroom dancing. When someone refers to the "International Ballroom" dance style, for example, they are talking about 10 different dances. Below you will find a simple explanation of the ten most popular ballroom dance styles:


This is the dance most often thought of when someone mentions ballroom dancing. That's 28 beats per minute in 3/4 of the time, and it can be quite romantic.


Ballroom tango is different from Argentine tango. It has a time signature of 2/4 and it is 32 beats per minute. While ballroom tango can certainly be romantic, the best way to describe this popular dance is "sensual."


This is an all American jazz dance set that can be fast or slow depending on the band.


This dance is inspired by the foxtrot but has a much faster tempo, hence the name.

Viennese Waltz

As soon as the 3/4 music starts, the ballroom studio will light up with the fast and passionate flow of this "old school" waltz.

International Latin Samba

A cheerful dance that is used in competitions, but as the national dance of Brazil, it is solo.


This flirtatious dance can be seen as a slow mamba. A lot of hip movement will be involved.


Rumba is considered by many to be the most passionate and romantic dance on this list. This is incredibly difficult and involves many different hip movements.


A spicy swing dance to big band music in which the man leads and the women encourage the men to ask them to dance.

Paso Doble

A man dances like a bull and a woman dances like a bullfighter.

If you would like to take an adult ballroom dance class, consider these options. Whatever grabs your attention or tickles your imagination, why not give it a try?

The philosophy of Fred Astaire Dance Studios is simple and clear: ballroom dancing should always be fun! We work with students of all ages and abilities to help them realize their ballroom dancing goals in a warm, friendly and 100% non-judgmental environment. nine0023

Ballroom dancing training will give you more confidence on the dance floor, a great workout and a much better connection with your body!


Dance quotes, Dance sayings, Quotes for dancers

Children: they dance before they know there is anything but music. ~ William Stafford

How can we tell a dancer from a dance? ~ William Butler Yeats

There is a bit of madness in dancing that is of great benefit to everyone. ~ Edwin Denby

Please send me your last pair of dance-worn shoes, as you mentioned in your letter, so I can have something to hold on to.~ Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

I could only believe in a God who could dance. ~ Friedrich Nietzsche (1844–1900), On Reading and Writing, Thus Spoke Zarathustra: A Book for Everyone and Nobody , translated from the German by Alexander Tille, 1896

Never trust a spiritual leader who cannot dance. ~ Mister. Miyagi The Next Karate Kid , 1994

We are fools whether we dance or not, so we can dance just as well. ~ Japanese proverb

Let's dance! may joy be boundless;
Stay awake until the morning when Youth and Pleasure meet.
Chase the glowing clock with flying feet.
~ George Gordon, Lord Byron, Childe Harold's Pilgrimage

Nobody cares if you can't dance well. Just get up and dance. ~ Dave Barry

Dancing is like dreaming with your feet! ~ Constanze

The true expression of a people is its dance and its music. Bodies never lie. ~ Agnes de Mille

Dancing turns to face the sky, no matter which direction you turn. ~ Terri Guillemets

Dancers are messengers of the gods. ~ Martha Graham

Dancing is a great workout for girls, it's the first way to learn to guess what a man is going to do before he does it. ~ Christopher Morley, Kitty Foyle

You can dance anywhere, even if only in your heart. ~ Author unknown

Dancing: a vertical expression of horizontal desire legalized by music. ~ George Bernard Shaw

Dance in all its forms cannot be excluded from the curriculum of any noble education; dance with your feet, with ideas, with words, and do I need to add that one must also be able to dance with a pen? ~ Friedrich Nietzsche

Dance is the only art of which we ourselves are the material of which it is made. ~ Ted Schon, Time July 25, 1955

Dancers are instruments, like a piano played by a choreographer. ~ George Balanchine

There are shortcuts to happiness, and dancing is one of them. ~ Vicki Baum

To dance is to be beside yourself. Bigger, prettier, more powerful. ~ Agnes DeMille

Remember, Ginger Rogers did everything Fred Astaire did, but backwards and in high heels. ~ Faith Whittlesey

Dancing with the feet is one thing, dancing with the heart is another.~ Author Unknown

Dance until the stars come down from the rafters.
Dance, dance, dance until you fall.
~W.H. Auden

There is a reverence in the dancer for such forgotten things as the wonder of small beautiful bones and their subtle strength. ~ Martha Graham

It takes an athlete to dance, and an artist to be a dancer. ~ Shanna LaFleur

I don't want people who want to dance, I want people who have to dance. ~ George Balanchine

Dancing can reveal all the mystery that music hides. ~ Charles Baudelaire

Dance first. Think later. This is the natural order. ~ Samuel Beckett

Suppressing the urge to dance is bad for your health - it spoils your spirit and your hips. ~ Terry Guillemets

I am a dancer. I believe that we learn by doing. Whether it means learning to dance by dancing, or learning to live by practicing life... In each of them, it is the performance of a certain set of actions, physical or intellectual, from which arises a form of achievement, a sense of one's being, a satisfaction of the spirit. In some area man becomes an athlete of God. ~ Martha Graham, c.1953

Let's dance in the sun, with wild flowers in our hair... ~ Susan Polis Schutz

Dancing is the poetry of the foot. ~ John Dryden

Dancing is the most sublime, most touching and beautiful of the arts, because it is not just a translation or an abstraction from life; it is life itself. ~ Havelock Ellis

Life may not be the party we hoped for, but while we're here, we must dance. ~ Author Unknown

Dance is the hidden language of the soul.~ Martha Graham

Dancing moves to the music without stepping on anyone's foot, much like life. ~ Robert Brault,

Dancing is just discovery, discovery, discovery. ~ Martha Graham

Dancing left many girls without servants, and I can say that this is a storehouse and nursery of bastards. ~ John Northbrook

Shake it until the moon becomes the sun. ~ Vada Nobles, Carl Sturken, Evan Rogers & Alisha Brooks, "Pon de Replay" by Rihanna ♫

Dance does not reconcile body and soul, because for Bakhtin and the spiritual tradition he represents, body and soul are on the same level. the same plane in terms of cost and in any case never conflicted. ~ Susan M. Felch and Paul J. Contino, Bakhtin and Religion: A Sense of Faith , 2001

Hard times call for wild dancing. ~ Alice Walker

The movement never lies. It is a barometer showing the state of the weather in the soul to anyone who can read it. ~ Martha Graham

Dance is the song of the body. Either joy or pain. ~ Martha Graham

Dance is a poem, every movement of which is a word. ~ Mata Hari

We must dance with delight to stay alive... and part of the living embodied cosmos. ~D.H. Lawrence

Dancing is the world's favorite metaphor. ~ Kristy Nilsson

Those who were seen dancing were considered crazy by those who couldn't hear the music. ~ Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche

I don't know what spirit a philosopher could be more than a good dancer. Because dance is his ideal. ~ Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche

Light quirks of music, broken and uneven,
Make your soul dance on a jig to the sky.
~ Alexander Pope, Moral Essays

She should have danced - she just had to! ... The music seemed to move in her body, move through her. She jumped high, spread her arms and oh, how she smiled! Dancing, Clara forgot about her grief. ~ Amy Ehrlich, The Girl Who Wanted to Dance , 2009

Do you think it's hard for people with dyslexia to dance to "Y. M.C.A."? ~ Dave Sokolovsky

If life is good, don't just sit there - dance! If life isn't so good, dance more.~ Terri Guillemets

Music begins to atrophy when it gets too far away from dance. ~ Ezra Pound

I see how dance is used as a connection between body and soul to express what is too deep to find words. ~ Ruth St. Denis

Talk about dancing? Don't talk about dancing. Dance is to dance. ~ Peter St. James

Life is a dance of balance.
Life is a creative fall.
Half life spent recuperating.
Life learns to dance with a partner -
and learns to dance without a partner,
and lets go enough to dance in the crowd.
Life is a freestyle attachment.
Life is whirling and bow.
Life is the best dance you will ever dance.
and the only chance you have, so dance!
~ Terri Guillemets, "Sessile", 1989

I, , would like to dance. Not professional, but just like everyone else. ~ Stephen Fry, Moab Is My Washpot , 1997

Dance, even if you have nowhere to do it but your living room. ~ Kurt Vonnegut

Poetry is prose like dance is walking.~ John Wayne

To watch us dance is to hear our hearts speak. ~ Hopi Indian proverb

Three little merry piggy wigs,
Three merry jiggy jiggy jigs danced ...
~ Margaret Sidney, The Three Little Pigs, 1882

Those who love to dance too much seem to have more brains in their feet than in their heads. ~ Terence

Dance is a delicate balance between perfection and beauty. ~ Author Unknown

Socrates learned to dance when he was seventy because he felt that a significant part of himself had been forgotten.~ Source Unknown

Dance to be beautiful forever. ~ Terry Guillemets, Glory Moves, 2018, Blackout Poems by Daniel Steele, Fairy Tale , 2017, p. 93

Anyone who says sunshine brings happiness has never danced in the rain. ~ Author Unknown

Common sense and a sense of humor are the same thing, they move at different speeds. A sense of humor is just common sense, dancing. ~ William James


Fall Out Boy - Dance, Dance lyrics0027 Burdened with words too dramatic

Tonight "It doesn't get any worse"
Vs. "No one should ever feel like..."

I'm two-quarters and heartless
And I don't want to forget how your voice sounds
These words are all I have, so I'll write them
So you only need them to get to

Dance, dance
We fall apart
Dance, dance
And these are the lives you love to lead
Dance, they would love so much
If only they knew how suffering loved me

You always reset before they recognize you
Drink this is the last call
Last resort
But only the first mistake and I..

I'm two quarters and my heart dropped
And i don't want to forget how your voice sounds
these words are all i have so i'll write them down
so you need them to just dial

why don't you show me some spine
you've been saving for your mattress , love

Dancing, dancing
We fall apart half the time
Dancing, dancing
And these are the lives you like to lead
Dance, this is how they would love
If they knew how misfortunes loved me

Why don't you don't show me some spine
You saved up for his mattress (mattress, mattress)
I only want sympathy in the form of you crawling into bed with me

Dance, dance
We fall apart half the time
Dance, dance
And these are the lives you love to lead

Dance, this is how they would like (the way they would like)
Dance, this is the way they would like (the way they would like) )
Dance, this is how they would like
If they knew how I was loved by suffering

Dance, dance
Dance, dance
Dance, dance
Dance, dance


Don't let these 5 things rule your life (inspiring)

Download or stream now on

If you want to live a GREAT life, don't let yourself control any of it.

NUMBER 2 - Other people's opinions and judgments
NUMBER 3 - LIMITED BELIEFS that you project onto yourself.
NUMBER 4 - relationships and

Don't let the past control your PRESENT or your FUTURE. Whatever happens, you have to let go.
Leave the pain of the past behind... lest it destroy your future. nine0023

Leave the darkness of your past behind so that it doesn't obscure the light of your bright future.
Your past is gone. Whatever happens, be it unfair, cruel, harsh, in any case, experiencing the events will never do you any good. If someone did you wrong, the ONLY WAY you can win is to let go and move on. If you live in hate, they will win. If you live in a victim story, they will win. If YOU want to win, you must focus on building your future and start right now. nine0023

Remove this weight from your back to free yourself. Don't let the events of the past that are now gone ruin this moment that is perfect - this moment that is now to be enjoyed, that is ready for you to FULLY LIVE. Your past is not equal to your future.

Don't let other people's opinions and judgments determine the direction of your life. The need to fit in and feel needed can motivate you to go down a path you don't want to go down. Pleasing people is a curse to be avoided at all costs. Before doing anything, ask yourself: am I doing this because I want to do it? ...or because of my fear of being judged by others if I don't. nine0023

You were born unique for a reason, you were born to stand out, to be appreciated and loved for WHO YOU ARE. Don't dim the lights to fit into the dull backdrop of other people's lives. Shine bright AS YOU ARE, those who truly care about you will see the light and shine with you.

Don't let your own limited beliefs control your life. NOW warning with this. These beliefs may be conscious, but more than likely they will be unconscious. These may be unconscious limitations that have been conditioned from an early age and throughout your life when you listened to others who never pursued their dreams. Pay attention to your limited beliefs and tell them to shut up. nine0023

NOTHING you can do, NOTHING you can have, and because this UNIVERSE is my witness, there is NO ONE you can't become if you believe in yourself! If you believe anything is possible, guess anything is POSSIBLE! When you change your faith from limited to unlimited…. Your potential is limitless.

Imagine what you could achieve if you lived your life as if NOTHING was possible. As if MIRACLES is a standard need of every day. As they say:

“When there is no enemy inside, the enemy outside cannot harm you.”

When there is nothing to hold you inside, there is nothing outside to hold you back. Your whole life will change the very moment you decide to change your thinking. The moment you decide to see everything as a gift. When you MAKE A DECISION to see all circumstances and challenges as a blessing, not a curse. When you start to realize the fact that everything is as it should be and fight for WHAT IS, it is madness. nine0023

Relationships. Ticklish topic. But if you always need the other to be happy, to feel complete, then you are always one moment away from a breakdown if that person leaves, or from unhappiness if the relationship doesn't work out.

I am not suggesting avoiding relationships. There is no greater power on this earth than LOVE and connection. I'm talking about those who can't LIVE if they don't have a relationship. Those who will be with anyone, including everyone who is not the same, just so as not to spend a single minute alone. nine0023

I AM speaking to develop enough mental strength to reach the point where you don't need others to make you happy. You are just as happy being single as you are in a relationship.

This is what controls most people on the planet. Can you guess what it is? …MONEY!

This does not mean that you should not want abundance. This does not mean that money is evil. You know as well as I do what great things you can do, and you know the people you can help with money. This means don't let money control your decisions. nine0023

If you choose something ONLY based on how much money is involved, you simply made the wrong decision. What you will find is that when you follow your heart and behave with the intention of SERVING others, giving your best to others - EVERY TIME you follow your intuition and truly GIVE from the heart - then the money will come and it will be so much more than if you were just chasing money for the sake of money.

So, challenge yourself to live the life you want to live. Free from ANYTHING's control. Find your freedom. LIVE FULLY! nine0023

Find your freedom and live life to the fullest every single day. Click to tweet


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12 life hacks to quickly learn how to dance from Mamita Dance


Author: Pavel Sobiray
psychologist, teacher of salsa and tango


Author: Pavel Sobiray
psychologist, teacher of salsa and tango

always want to get a fast result When it doesn't happen, the hypothesis arises that everything takes time. After a conditionally acceptable time, humility comes to mastering pair dances, which, perhaps, is not given, and I will just do what I learned somehow. nine0023

This is the most common story of those who believe that the mere act of attending a pair dance class is enough to learn how to dance.
Absolutely not. If you want to really dance well, you have to make an effort outside of the dance class. A good teacher will definitely be needed, but the initiative should be on your side.

1. Listen to music

The most common and accessible advice that is given already in the first lessons. And it definitely works. Music creates a certain atmosphere of the dance and intuitively you want to move to it. It doesn't matter where you listen to music - in the car, on headphones while walking or doing household chores. nine0023

An addition that will help you dance better is your active participation in the music. Sing along, dance or simply beat musical accents with any free parts of the body. In the subway, for example, it is enough to tap out bright moments with your fingers, in the car to sing along with sounds, and at home you can jump for pleasure.

2. Watch videos of good dancers

It's complicated, but also obvious. It’s more difficult, because without recommendations from more experienced dancers, unfortunately, it’s not so easy to find a good quality video on the net (I mean not the resolution quality, but the content itself). nine0023

Meaningful watching of the video is to form an understanding of HOW the dancers make this or that impression on the partner or the viewer. Technology is at the heart of everything. Understanding how the pros do it is a big step forward.

It is important to distinguish a show from a disco dance, a staged number from an improvisation, a stylized dance from an authentic one, etc. Ask for recommendations, and dance teachers will always throw off a couple of videos of worthy landmarks. nine0027

Tango Z. Showreel.

Online modern tango courses

Tango nuevo is the most advanced version of tango. We can quickly learn to dance from zero to a steep level.

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3. Dance in salsatecas/milongas/discotheques

A very delicate moment when it is worth coming to the first party. From a technical point of view, most students in 1-3 months have a sufficient set of figures and techniques to come and dance calmly. Psychologically, the same moment can be stretched out for an indefinite time. After all, it is imperative to “not lose face”, “learn more figures” and be sure what to do in case “there is an unfamiliar movement”. nine0023

In fact, the party goers don't care (except for a small layer of non-professional teachers who want to help inexperienced dancers by treating them as customers in the future). It is important to come and try dancing after a month of classes. You can only with friends or guys from your group. This will be enough to feel the adrenaline and inspiration from the dance.

4. Dance with partners or partners not of your level

The conventional wisdom that you need to practice in groups of your level does not withstand the test of experience. Perhaps now your eyes widened in surprise, and you want to meaningfully read the phrase again. Yes, you saw everything correctly: when you dance with a partner of your level, you don’t grow anywhere. nine0023

It's important to understand that not only does it work one way, and you need to dance with cooler dancers, but it works even more effectively the other way. It is no coincidence that teaching pair dances dramatically raises the level of the teacher himself. You have an endless stream of very beginner dancers.

How it works. A more experienced partner needs to be "stretched". It's easy and obvious. With beginners, you need to take more initiative on yourself, see the general pattern of the dance more widely, turn on and insure more, try to be an example and be more careful. The quality of interaction begins to grow significantly. And wonderful partners too. nine0023

Dancing with partners of your level doesn't make you grow. Dance with beginners and more advanced dancers

Dominican Bachata Women's Style Online Course

Want to learn how to hypnotize those around you with the most appetizing part of your body? On the course we will tell you all the secrets.


5. Learn to dance for a partner and for a partner

Turks and Argentines are one of the best partners in the world. In Russia, partners are highly valued. Why? The answer is simple. In Argentina and Turkey, it is not questionable for men to ask another man to lead in one piece or another and give feedback on the quality of the lead. For them, it will be a great shame to hear moralizing from a partner, or even more so to be known in the community as an insecure partner. nine0023

In Russia, due to the constant, often far-fetched, opinion that there are more women in pair dances, partners calmly get up and study their partner's part. Such partners then grow into very cool dancers and teachers. In no case do this at parties, only in class. Here we are talking only about the learning strategy. At parties, be yourself.

6. Do not memorize links

Always try to look deeper and understand the through principle and idea of ​​movement. Understanding what and how is done will make it possible to independently generate any sequences and chips. nine0023

Human memory is limited and there will always be a moment when something will slip away and your repertoire will be limited by the size of RAM.

In Argentine tango, for example, there are seven levels of movement construction that, when mastered, will allow you to make millions of combinations. And how many dance sequences can you really remember? In rueda, more than 150 figures dance in a rare circle. It's hard to keep more in mind.

7. Develop your body

Many years of experience in teaching pair dance shows that as soon as everyone pairs up in a class, any progress in individual style ends. But it is the individual style that distinguishes everyone at the disco: partners change, and style is always with you. nine0023

The body as the main instrument of dance must be very plastic, responsive and emotional. Surprisingly, not all pair dance schools have a general physical warm-up. It is vital to tune the body and understand how it works.

You can always train extra and concentrate more on the basic steps, as their true value is as body work. The sequence of steps is, in fact, the simplest thing that can be in pair dancing. The quality of individual performance determines the craftsmanship. nine0023

8. Try on the images of inspiring dancers

A psychological life hack for those who have already mastered the steps, but still feel that there is not enough brightness and drive. Most are terribly afraid of being someone else's "clone". Here the action is the same as under the influence of hypnosis - the more you resist, the more you plunge into an altered state of consciousness.

With a high degree of probability, you are already dancing like someone else's "clone". A meaningful fitting of someone else's image is that you mentally take the image of the one who inspires you (inspiration is critical in this case) and "put on" yourself. Then you start dancing and trying to feel in general how it is to be able, for example, to be the best partner or the sexiest partner in a disco. This is much more difficult than it seems. But it works extremely efficiently. nine0023

9. Dance to offbeat music

Habitual rhythms keep you tight. Tango salon or speedy timba leave little room for experimentation and fantasy. Pattern dancing is always noticeable and is reserved for beginners.

The truly new is born outside of the usual. Look for places to experiment. If there is no place, organize self-training. The main thing is not to get carried away, because music determines the style. We bring something new to pair dances, rather than trying to change them. nine0027

Search, improvise, don’t be afraid to go beyond, develop in different directions, be inspired by music atypical for the style

10. Try your hand at basic dance directions

dances exist according to their own non-choreographic laws.

This is the deepest delusion, which has turned into a ceiling for the qualitative development of partner dances. After all, all professional dancers, for example, in salsa or bachata, build their ideas on the basic choreographic principles. nine0023

Do not think that choreography is applicable only on stage. Any meaningful movement of the body can be choreographic. In general, try classical or modern choreography. Basically, hip-hop can work too.

11. Look for battle sensations

Pair dances return us to an active position of manifestation of our body. As in the days of our ancient ancestors, we impress the members of the opposite sex by how dexterous, hardy, sexy, etc. we are. Modern laws of the jungle in the entourage of big cities. nine0023

If you look around the dance floor, it becomes clear that the majority are clearly herbivores (not in the sense of vegetarians, but in relation to those around them). I am sure that predators are always more interesting in terms of the attractiveness of the image - try to find a counterbalance among herbivores, for example, a cat woman or a lion man.

The conversation is about an internal position, not about aggressiveness. Lability and lack of control are inherent in adolescents, and not in adult self-sufficient people.

Accordingly, even a training or friendly battle gives, on the one hand, practical skills - to make a bright sequence of movements, bring an idea to a climax, show a spectacular feature, on the other hand, develops the psychological basis of the dance - self-confidence, resistance to extraneous attention, self-control and self-control in complex elements. nine0027

12. Communicate with professionals

The environment shapes the internal position. Basically, real passionaries of the dance community are ready to openly talk, discuss and support the development of dance in every possible way. Universal principles and the ideas they articulate have a much longer and more practical perspective than meets the eye.

Accept that, for example, behind the words "listen to your partner" is not only a beautiful metaphor, but also a practical skill to literally listen to your partner. At the same time, always treat every thought, even the most respected teacher, as a private opinion. nine0023

Your skill will lie in finding the scope of the idea even in conflicting opinions. Most often, the contradiction is speculative and the truth lies in the angle of perception or situationality.

Your dancing growth will stop sooner or later. This can happen at the level of three basic steps or years of experience in teaching and show performances. Regardless of your level, the suggested 12 life hacks can get you off the ground and greatly accelerate your dance growth. There is no way here without your motivation and activity. Take your dance development into your own hands. nine0027

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