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Halle Berry, Gabrielle Union and more sing, dance in Women's History Month challenge

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Halle Berry, left, and Gabrielle Union, right.

By Michael Rothman

Halle Berry and Gabrielle Union are two of the names who have answered the call from Oscar-winner Ruth E. Carter to participate in a fun, empowering challenge for Women's History Month.

After Carter challenged the lades to "show the world when women unite anything is possible" and sign and dance to their favorite empowering song, Union accepted the task and posted a powerful message alognside her cute video.

"We have all been through something in this life. We've all fallen and didn't want to get up. We've had our hearts broken. We've all experienced failures. All women share these common truths and we can ALL rise when we stick together and uplift each other. Let's keep this going and laugh and have fun along the way," she wrote.

She closed by challenging all-around social media boss, Chrissy Teigen, who hasn't posted yet.

Union has been on a tear this month, empowering women across all genres and cultures.

Just this week, the actress, who is married to NBA star Dwyane Wade, said she doesn't want to be called a "basketball wife." Instead, she described Wade to InStyle as a “Hollywood husband.”

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“How about Dwyane Wade is Gabrielle Union’s husband? There are no stereotypes or terms for men who are married to successful women. It’s only in the reverse,” she added.

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Thank you @therealruthecarter for starting this challenge to finish out #WomensHistoryMonth in a fun way while showing the world anything is possible when women unite! So I stretched my hips and accepted this challenge of singing, dancing, and lip syncing to my favorite female empowerment song! We have all been through something in this life. We've all fallen and didn't want to get up. We've had our hearts broken. We've all experienced failures. All women share these common truths and we can ALL rise when we stick together and uplift each other. Let's keep this going and laugh and have fun along the way. I nominate @chrissyteigen @jessicaalba and @traceeellisross to keep this challenge going! 🎵 @therealmaryjblige #WomenDancingTogether #WomenDancingTogetherChallenge

A post shared by Gabrielle Union-Wade (@gabunion) on Mar 21, 2019 at 11:38am PDT

Berry also responded to Carter and sang to Destiny's Child.

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"Thank you @therealruthecarter for challenging me this #WomensHistoryMonth to dance like I damn well please. This one goes out to the incredible female survivors I have encountered in my life, the women who have the tenacity to live on their own terms. The ones who take risks, hustle hard and will stop at nothing to provide the best life for themselves and the people they love. Let’s keep this going! @ciara @kellyrowland @reesewitherspoon I wanna see what you got!! 🎶 @destinyschild @rikerbrothers #WomenDancingTogether," she wrote.

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Thank you @therealruthecarter for challenging me this #WomensHistoryMonth to dance like I damn well please. This one goes out to the incredible female survivors I have encountered in my life, the women who have the tenacity to live on their own terms. The ones who take risks, hustle hard and will stop at nothing to provide the best life for themselves and the people they love. Let’s keep this going! @ciara @kellyrowland @reesewitherspoon I wanna see what you got!! 🎶 @destinyschild 🎥 @rikerbrothers #WomenDancingTogether

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In her original video that started it all, Carter is dancing and singing to Beyonce because of course!

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Ladies! Let’s have some fun for the rest of #WomensHistoryMonth and show the world when women unite anything is possible. I nominate @halleberry @gabunion @im.angelabassett @tasha4realsmith @lupitanyongo and @juneambrose to upload a video dancing and/or lip syncing to your favorite Women’s Empowerment Song. Use this same caption and nominate three women who inspire you to keep it going and don’t forget to use the hashtag #WomenDancingTogether 🎵 @beyonce

A post shared by Ruth E. Carter (@therealruthecarter) on Mar 20, 2019 at 10:10am PDT

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This new, fun movement is still growing by the second.

In the meantime, sing, dance and enjoy your favorite empowering song because it's Friday!

Halle Berry Celebrates Success Of Bruised By Drunk Posting A Sexy Dance Video

Well, if you’re Halle Berry, you celebrate with a tipsy dance on your Instagram account. And that's exactly what the 55-year-old actress did last night.

By Erika Hanson | Published

What do you do when you’re a successful celebrity that just produced, directed, and starred in this past week’s most-watched film on streaming services? Well, if you’re Halle Berry, you celebrate with a tipsy dance on your Instagram account. And that’s exactly what the 55-year-old actress did last night, as she took to her official Instagram page to celebrate the success of her Netflix film Bruised.

See Halle Berry show off her dance moves below:

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A post shared by Halle Berry (@halleberry)

Halle Berry captioned her video with the following: “When you find out the night before that your film is #1 in the U. S. and #2 globally and you start dranking to celebrate … this is bound to happen. #tipsy #bruisedsoundtrack”

The Oscar-winning actress showed off her moves in a sheer black bustier and black pants while her hair was tied back in a messy yet elegant bun. Standing in front of her window, the flawless actress gripped a wine glass as she swayed to the music of the song, “Automatic Women” by H.E.R, which is also featured on the film’s soundtrack. The post received plenty of love from Halle Berry’s 7.2 million followers, including praise from some of Hollywood’s most elite. From Megan Thee Stallion to Jamie Foxx, it seems the flawless actor has plenty of support in the show biz. 

The celebratory post from Halle Berry came just after Netflix announced that Bruised became not only the most-watched film on Netflix but also the second most-streamed motion picture globally. In the sports drama, Berry plays a former MMA fighter who seeks redemption when the young son she gave up re-enters her life. The film was originally planned to be distributed through a major studio, however, it was Netflix who ultimately acquired the movie for a sum of $20 million. After a long battle to get her directorial debut film released, Bruised proved to be a huge success for Berry, with a reported 47.7 million hours of watch time in its first five days on the streaming platform.

Following her success behind the camera, Netflix has reportedly eyed the mother of two to helm more films in the future. As reported yesterday by GFR, the streaming giant offered Halle Berry a partnership. However, it still remains unclear whether or not the actress will direct more movies for Netflix, or what the partnership will entail. But even without Netflix, the actress has plenty of upcoming work. Berry is set to star in Roland Emmerich’s sci-fi film, Moonfall, set for release in theatres via Lionsgate on February 4, 2022. Berry is set to play astronaut Jo Fowler as she attempts to save the world as a mysterious force knocks the Moon from its orbit around Earth sending it hurtling on a collision course with Earth.

Keeping with the sci-fi theme, Halle Berry is also set to star in Matthew Charman’s upcoming film The Mothership, slated for release sometime next year. The Mothership will feature Berry as Sara Morse, the wife of a man who mysteriously vanished from the couple’s rural farm. A year after his disappearance, Sara discovers a strange extraterrestrial object hidden on their farm as Sara races to unravel what happened to her husband.

Halle Berry - biography, personal life, photos, news, films, filmography, Abduction, Catwoman, children 2022


Halle Berry is an American film actress and model. She was remembered by the audience for her participation in popular Hollywood films, which brought her many awards and nominations. Today, Berry retains her status as an A-class actress, while trying herself in a new role - directing. Fans of the star amazes with her impeccable physical form, which for many makes her a fitness icon. nine0005

Childhood and youth

Maria Halle Berry was born in August 1966 in Cleveland, Ohio. The girl received the name in honor of a local landmark - Halle's Department Store supermarket. In addition to Holly, the eldest daughter, Heidi, was growing up in the family by 2 years.

The girls' parents worked in a psychiatric clinic. Judith Ann Hawkins, Holly's mother, worked as a nurse. Jerome Jesse Berry, the father of the future Hollywood star, was a driver. They divorced when Holly was 4 and Heidi was 6. The children never heard from their father again. The upbringing of daughters fell entirely on the shoulders of the mother. nine0005

When Halle Berry went to school, she first encountered the problem of racism. Until 3rd grade, she attended an educational institution in an area where blacks lived. The white Judith Ann Hawkins was looked at in bewilderment. At school, the kids thought Holly was adopted. When the family moved to the outskirts, where the predominantly whites lived, the dark-skinned Holly became uncomfortable.

Soon the girl managed to demonstrate leadership qualities, she was elected class leader. In addition, Holly was chosen as the editor of the school newspaper and captain of the local football team's cheerleading squad. After graduating from high school, Halle Berry went to work at a local supermarket. But she did not work there for long, as she entered college, where she chose the department of journalism. nine0005

When she was young, Halle Berry competed in beauty pageants. In 1985, she became the winner of the Miss Teen America contest, and the following year, Holly won Miss Ohio. At the age of 20, the beauty took the 6th step of the prestigious Miss World contest, becoming the first African-American participant.

Brilliant results in the modeling business inspired Halle Berry so much that she decided to continue her career as a model and left college. An obstacle on the way of the beauty to the heights of the fashion industry was a short height of 166 cm, but a way was found. Berry has appeared in television commercials where height is not so important. The model was noticed by agents of the cosmetic brand Revlon, offering to sign a lucrative contract. nine0005


Berry soon became recognizable. But she wanted more than to advertise beautiful things and expensive cosmetics. Holly dreamed of film roles. She began attending auditions and interviews. Soon, the debutante was offered to star in the TV series Living Dolls. It is noteworthy that the not very popular series nevertheless gave the actress the opportunity to loudly declare herself.

In the film "Jungle Fever" the actress reincarnates as a heroine suffering from drug addiction. To better get used to the image, Holly talked with real drug addicts for some time. The actress got into the role of the heroine Vivian so much that even the director of the film, Spike Lee, was amazed at her efforts. nine0005

Berry's stellar cinematic biography begins with his role in Jungle Fever. This picture was a breakthrough in the career of a young actress. Now she had everything: fame, fans and offers from famous directors.

Critics lauded Berry in their reviews for his excellence in Warren Beatty's 1998 film Bullward. Here she played a young provincial activist who inspires an elderly and tired politician to great achievements. nine0005

Berry won several prestigious awards, including an Emmy and a Golden Globe, for her work in Meet Dorothy Dandridge. The storyline of this movie is about the first African-American woman to win an Oscar.

The role turned out to be prophetic - Berry also earned prestigious awards. In 2002, the star was nominated for an Oscar, this time for her participation in the film Monster's Ball, where her partner was Billy Bob Thornton. The actress plays the wife of the executed murderer. In addition to the Oscars, Holly received awards from the National Council of Film Critics of the United States and from the Screen Actors Guild. nine0005

Another juicy story in the life of the actress is connected with the Oscar ceremony. It happened during the presentation of the statuette to Adrien Brody in connection with his performance of the main role in the film The Pianist. The dumbfounded artist took the stage, where Holly, as the winner of the previous year, was waiting for the winner. Instead of a prepared speech, the Hollywood star tightly squeezed her colleague in her arms and kissed her on the lips.

In the same years, the actress's filmography was replenished with the thriller "Password" Swordfish "". In one episode of the film, Berry appeared topless. The performer claims that she agreed to this in order to overcome her fear of such scenes. Her fee for that day of filming was $ 500 thousand.

The audience also remembered Halle Berry's collaboration with Hugh Jackman, Famke Janssen, Anna Paquin and James Marsden in the science fiction film X-Men. After the release of this popular action movie, based on a series of comics, 3 sequels to the tape appeared, released in 2003, 2006 and 2014.

In the same period, the thriller "Gothic" was released, after which Berry appeared in a video filmed by the Limp Bizkit group. The fans liked the video, which became the soundtrack for the thriller, many said that the actress should try her hand at music, perform her songs. Shooting "Gothic" was fraught with considerable difficulties for Holly, who broke her arm in the process. The actress was forced to restore her health for 2 months. nine0005

The project that brought Halle Berry the biggest fee in her career - $ 12.5 million, is an action movie called "Catwoman". The picture brought huge profits to the creators and actors, but the “fly in the ointment” in this “barrel of honey” for the film actress was the Golden Raspberry anti-award. Nevertheless, Holly withstood the blow with dignity and became the second actress in history, after Sandra Bullock, who came for the "prize" in person.

Another project in which the star participated is Oprah Winfrey's film "Their Eyes Have Seen God". Berry played here a free from prejudice woman who, at 19In the 20s, she managed to declare her unconventional orientation. This role brought Holly another "Emmy".

In August 2017, the film "Kidnapping" was released, in which Halle Berry played the main role. Her heroine was faced with the loss of her 6-year-old son and began chasing the kidnappers herself.

The high-profile premiere of 2019 with the participation of Berry was the 3rd picture of the John Wick action franchise. The actress introduced the main antagonist of the hero Keanu Reeves in the project. In order to match the image, before filming, the artist spent a lot of time in the gym. nine0005

Holly also mastered the technique of hand-to-hand combat and learned how to handle a gun. The preparation process was not without injuries: while practicing the trick, Berry broke three ribs. But even after that, she did not stop training. According to Berry, most of all she was worried about working with the main partner, as she was afraid of not being up to his level. But on set everything went smoothly.

While working on the film, the actress herself trained guard dogs, participants in the plot. Training continued for several months, after which the dogs perceived Berry as their own mistress. nine0005

In 2019, Berry took part in the Women's History Month challenge, which is popular among Western stars. As part of the campaign, the artist released a video clip for the song Destiny's Child Survivor. In the video, Holly reincarnated as a resident of a disadvantaged area, who, in a tracksuit and hat, begins to sing and dance for the camera. The video was posted on the star's Instagram account and made an impression on the subscribers.

Personal life

Holly's first husband was baseball player David Justice. The couple legalized the relationship at 1993rd. This union lasted only 2 years. The official divorce was issued a year after the actual one.

In 2001, the actress married musician Eric Bene. But this union turned out to be short-lived: the couple broke up at the very beginning of 2005. Berry's personal life improved in the same year. The star began dating Canadian model Gabriel Aubry. The couple met during one of the photo shoots. In the same year they got married. In 2008, Holly and Gabriel had a daughter, Nala Ariel. After another 2 years, the marriage collapsed. nine0005

Now the relationship between the ex-spouses remains tense: the actress is forced to pay alimony to the father of her heiress. This amount is $16,000 per month, although the performer tried to reduce this amount to $4,000 through the courts. Young people officially formalized the relationship in the summer of 2013. In autumn, their son Maceo Robert was born.

In October 2015, it became known that the actors' 2-year marriage had come to an end. As it turned out, they had been living separately for several months, the separation was peaceful. nine0005

In 2017, the actress briefly dated Alex da Kid. The boyfriend turned out to be 15 years younger than the chosen one. The novel did not continue, and already at the beginning of 2018, the young man began to be noticed in the company of another lover.

Every year Holly gets into the ratings of the most beautiful women on the planet, but the Hollywood star has her flaws. It is known that the actress has 6 fingers on her right foot. Doctors call this anomaly polydactyly, claiming that one in 5,000 children is born with a similar defect. As a rule, in such cases, immediately after birth, the sixth finger is removed surgically, but Holly's parents decided not to do this. nine0005

Berry is known as a big fan of short haircuts. Her beauty experiments began in her youth, and her hairstyle with bangs falling over one eye became a hallmark. The actress also does not miss the opportunity to appear in public with long hair.

In 2017, American tabloids suggested that the celebrity was pregnant, and her position was betrayed by a rounded belly. At the same time, most of the fans said that the actress just gained a lot (Holly's weight is 55 kg). nine0005

The reason for such messages was a photo in a tight silver dress, in which Halle Berry appeared at the 10th Chrysalis Butterfly Ball. The star did not ignore the fact that the outfit clearly emphasized the figure. She commented on these pictures in the social network "Instagram". "Can't a girl eat steak and fries?" – the actress signed one of her photos.

In addition, TMZ, citing insider information, reported that people from her circle did not confirm the rumors about the pregnancy of the Hollywood movie star. nine0005

The next year, the situation changed, as evidenced by the pictures of Holly in a bathing suit. Appearing before Instagram subscribers in a black bikini with golden details, Berry impressed them with her slimness and youthfulness. And at the NAACP Image Award ceremony, which was held in Pasadena, California, the performer shocked the audience by appearing in a transparent dress.

Singer and composer Van Hunt has become the new choice of the actress. He is 4 years younger than his companion. Holly did not immediately introduce her beloved to the public. The first incomplete photos of the artist were posted on Berry's page back in 2020. Moreover, the Hollywood star did not immediately announce his name. And the first appearance was their appearance on the red carpet of the Oscars 2021. At the prestigious award ceremony, the performer appeared with a new hairstyle: on the eve of the celebration, she made a short bob with bangs. nine0005

Halle Berry now

Halle made her debut in a new capacity - she worked on an MMA drama called Bruised. Berry also played the main role in this project - a female fighter who, for the sake of her career, was forced to leave her son. The film premiered in Toronto in 2020.

Another new work of the artist is the science fiction film Moonfall, the premiere date of which is announced in October 2021. In addition, the Hollywood star has signed a contract with the creators of the criminal project "Who is Doris Payne?". nine0005


  • 1991 - “Tropical fever”
  • 1992 - “Boomerang”
  • 1996 - “In pursuit of the Sun”
  • 1996 - “Destroy”
  • 1998 - “Bulvord”
  • 1999 - “Meet the Work Complex with Dendridge Dandrids ”
  • 2001-“ Monster Ball ”
  • 2003-“ Gothic ”
  • 2004-“ Woman Coshka ”
  • 2006-“ The Last Battle ”
  • 2012-“ Sculsioner Sharga ”
  • 2012 – Cloud Atlas
  • 2014 - “People Ix: Days of the past”
  • 2017 - “Abduction”
  • 2019 - “John WIK 3”
  • 2020 - “Bruises”
  • 2021 - Moonfall

Interesting facts

  • are an following hard from Elie Saab, worn by Berry to the Oscars in 2002, became the most popular in the history of the gala ceremony.
  • At the age of 23, the actress was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. The disease prompted the performer to change her lifestyle and give up bad habits. nine0094
  • Berry is considered one of the highest paid performers in Hollywood. Her fees start at $10 million.
  • Holly admires the performance of her colleagues Whoopi Goldberg and Jodie Foster.
  • The star from Ohio is on a keto diet.

Halle Berry in a tight mini dress caused a stir at the premiere of the series

Tatyana Sykova


the beauty


mini dress

Female figure

Ideal figure


52-year-old Halle Berry has proved once again that time has no power over her. The actress came out in a tight short cocktail dress, demonstrating a stunning figure.

Halle Berry's ideal appearance is envied not only by numerous fans, but also by her colleagues. Holly only gets more beautiful with age, and her figure is beyond praise. The star of the film "Catwoman" is still in the same sexy shape as 14 years ago when the picture was released. nine0005

The day before, Berry appeared at the premiere of a new project - the series Boomerang, which she is the producer of. She came to a party at the Saban Theater in North Hollywood in a fitted, off-the-shoulder Elie Saab cocktail mini dress. The colorful print favorably set off the skin of the actress and enlivened the image. The star tied a matching scarf around her neck and complemented the bow with elegant pumps. Participants in the premiere of the series admitted that Holly eclipsed the rest of the stars.

The ideal figure of an actress is not a gift of nature. The actress does not hide that she leads a healthy lifestyle, eats a lot of vegetables and fruits. In addition, for several decades, sport has been a way of life for her. In working on the figure, the actress is an enviable workaholic. Holly trains hard several times a day. nine0005


Halle Berry and other stars who gave birth after forty

Halle Berry gave birth to a daughter, Nala, from her boyfriend, fashion model Gabriel Aubrey, at 41 years old. Then they broke up and fought for a long time in court for the right of custody. The actress decided on the birth of her second child in marriage with French actor Olivier Martinez. Baby Maceo-Robert was born when Berry was 46. “I feel great. Although, to be honest, fate gave me an incredible surprise. I thought that all these experiences were already in the past ... I was already on the verge of menopause, and here is such news, ”Berry shared after she found out that she was pregnant for the second time.

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