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Hips Don't Lie Dance CompanyHips Don't Lie Dance CompanyHips Don't Lie Dance CompanyHips Don't Lie Dance CompanyHips Don't Lie Dance CompanyHips Don't Lie Dance CompanyHips Don't Lie Dance CompanyHips Don't Lie Dance CompanyHips Don't Lie Dance CompanyHips Don't Lie Dance CompanyHips Don't Lie Dance CompanyHips Don't Lie Dance CompanyHips Don't Lie Dance CompanyHips Don't Lie Dance CompanyHips Don't Lie Dance CompanyHips Don't Lie Dance CompanyHips Don't Lie Dance CompanyHips Don't Lie Dance CompanyHips Don't Lie Dance CompanyHips Don't Lie Dance CompanyHips Don't Lie Dance CompanyHips Don't Lie Dance CompanyHips Don't Lie Dance CompanySambaBelly danceBelly danceThe nutcrackerFire showVegas showgirlsHawaiianSalsaWaltzBollywoodMerengue/latin americanLed bellydanceBalletShow girlsBallerinasFire showBhangraButterfly bellydance

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Hips Don't Lie Dance Company is a Richmond Hill-based company that specializes in top-of-the-line entertainment for weddings and other events. Talented performers entertaining with a variety of dance styles will create an enjoyable time full of colour and excitement. The original shows performed by the team at HDLDC offer your guests an engaging entertainment experience on your special day.

Services offered

Lyana Khatatba leads this international dance company known as Hips Don't Lie. She offers a number of dance styles for your celebration, including:

  • Belly dance
  • Bollywood
  • Brazilian Samba
  • Latina
  • Gipsy
  • Contemporary/Hip-Hop
  • Jazz
  • Ballroom and Contemporary
  • Ethnic folk dances

Other services

Lyana offers other services for events aside from weddings. These include packages for:

  • Private events
  • TV shows & music videos
  • Kids' parties (with clowns, magicians and trained animals)


Entertainment Types

Dancers, models/actors

Audience Age Range

All ages

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3. 9

out of 5.0

  • Quality of service

    3.7 out of 5 rating

  • Response time

    3.7 out of 5 rating

  • Professionalism

    3.7 out of 5 rating

  • Value

    4.7 out of 5 rating

  • Flexibility

    3.7 out of 5 rating

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  • Carol O. Married on 16/01/2022

    5 out of 5 rating

    • Quality of service

      5.0 out of 5 rating

    • Responsiveness

      5.0 out of 5 rating

    • Professionalism

      5.0 out of 5 rating

    • Value

      5.0 out of 5 rating

    • Flexibility

      5.0 out of 5 rating

    Made the party

    I hired this company to perform at my event and the bellydancer, Lyana, was incredible. She was engaging, fun, and encouraged even the shy ones to dance. She was very attentive to our needs and asked many questions about what we wanted, things I would never have thought about. She was on time and even danced longer than the contract time. She was all smiles and the mood of my party was even better after her show. WIll hire again.

  • Amy P. Married on 12/10/2019

    1.6 out of 5 rating

    • Quality of service

      1.0 out of 5 rating

    • Responsiveness

      1.0 out of 5 rating

    • Professionalism

      1.0 out of 5 rating

    • Value

      4.0 out of 5 rating

    • Flexibility

      1.0 out of 5 rating

    Not Happy At All

    Unfortunately, this is the only wedding vendor we cannot give a five stair review to. We hired dancers from Hips Don't Lie to perform at our wedding and although the performance went well, they showed up 40 minutes late. It was incredibly insulting to us given that the contract we signed was so specific about how the dancers would not wait around if called earlier than needed. The contract stated that if the dancers were required to start even 5 minutes later than agreed, the performance would be cut short. We were respectful enough to give them the real time they were needed. We also paid them on time, paid for their parking and provided a private dressing room with a locked door; all of which was specified in the contract. Them showing up late, meant we had to pay our photographer overtime and it meant serving the late night food station an hour later than scheduled. There was absolutely no mutual respect here and if I ever need to hire live entertainment again, I will not be using this company.

  • Christina N. Married on 11/05/2018

    5 out of 5 rating

    • Quality of service

      5.0 out of 5 rating

    • Responsiveness

      5.0 out of 5 rating

    • Professionalism

      5.0 out of 5 rating

    • Value

      5. 0 out of 5 rating

    • Flexibility

      5.0 out of 5 rating

    Great show!

    We had 3 different styles of dance and definitely got the party started. The girls were great and full of energy. Initially, Anthony was hard to get a hold of but once we spoke to him, his correspondence was great. Overall we were very happy with this company. Their pricing was great and our guests loved it!

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Wedding Entertainer Richmond Hill

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10 years of Shakira's Hips Don't Lie: 7 facts about the song the world is obsessed with

India Today Web Desk

UPDATED: Feb 26, 2016 20:24 IST

Shakira. Picture courtesy: Reuters

By India Today Web Desk: Yes, it's been 10 whole years.

Before you take the route of nostalgia or begin ranting about how old you've grown, let's focus on what really matters right now--Shakira, of course!

Yes, Shakira--the gorgeous Colombian singer-songwriter whose dance moves and songs have hypnotic powers like none other.

And when you begin talking about Shakira, the mention of Hips Don't Lie is almost a reflex, isn't it?


Well, at least for us it is.

Also Read: 5 times Shakira's dance moves blew us away

But what Hips Don't Lie did for us was nothing compared to what it did for Shakira. The She Wolf hitmaker made her love for the track evident by sharing with almost 16 million of her Instagram followers a post dedicated to the cult that Hips Don't Lie is.

Shakira captioned the post, "Hips Don't Lie was released 10 years ago this week! / Hips Don't Lie celebra 10 anos esta semana! ?#?TBT? ShakHQ" and made us dig deeper into some interesting trivia about the ageless track.

Hips Don't Lie was released 10 years ago this week! / Hips Don't Lie celebra 10 aos esta semana! ?#TBT? ShakHQ

A video posted by Shakira (@shakira) on

Here are 7 things you probably didn't know about the song:

  1. 1. Hips Don't Lie was originally called Lips Don't Lie. Really! The track was initially written and recorded by Wyclef Jean, Lauryn Hill and Pras for the Fugees reunion, but didn't see a closure because of Hill's dissatisfaction with the song.

  2. The track is a salsa and worldbeat song, which includes elements from Jean's earlier single, Dance Like This.

  3. Hips Don't Lie made Shakira the first artiste in the history of Billboard charts to have earned the coveted number one spots on both its Top 40 Mainstream and Latin Chart in the same week.

  4. Part of Shakira's seventh studio album, Oral Fixation, Vol. 2, Hips Don't Lie broke the record for the most radio plays in a single week--besides also being the fastest selling digital download song in the United States.

  5. Hips Don't Lie reached the number one spot on charts in at least 55 countries.

  6. Apparently, during an interview Shakira explained the story behind Hips Don't Lie. According to Wikipedia, Shakira said that when her body reacts physically to a song, she knows, if it's a dance song, that song is done, asserting that she used to tell her musicians, "my hips don't lie! Are they moving? They're not moving! So this is not ready".

  7. Being a huge fan of Bollywood music, Shakira got in touch with famous Indian choreographer Farah Khan asked her to choreograph a Hips Don't Lie performance for the 2006 MTV Video Awards.

Edited By:


Published On:

Feb 26, 2016

Hips don't lie

November 10, 2006, 00:00



"Hey Girl, I can see your body moving and it's driving me crazy*", Wycliff Jean sings from the TV screen, and Shakira answers him: “You know my hips don't lie!” A lovely conversation. “Oh, I would like to move like that!” I sigh, looking at the screen with envy. And a few minutes later, from the computer monitor, I was already playfully subm

Belly dance, or belly dance, unconditionally won women's hearts all over the world. You don't have to look far for examples - just turn on the TV. Hips and bellies to oriental motives are shaken not only by popular music performers, but also by girls from yogurt advertisements. And why are we, consumers of fermented milk products, fighting for our mental and physical health, worse than pop divas? We will learn how to twist the hips like Shakira! nine0003

There was only one obstacle on my way to perfection - the choice of a suitable dance school, of which there are a great many today. Belly dancing is taught in professional studios and fitness clubs, in rented gyms and even in school clubs. They offer courses for beginners and for professionals, accelerated and extended in time. On the phone everywhere they promise to make you a good dancer. In the end, you just stop understanding how, besides the price, some courses differ from others. Somewhere on the fifth call comes the realization of the situation: in order to figure it out, you will have to bypass everything with your legs. Well, who knows, maybe it's true, it's better to see once. ..

Dance if you can

As my tour of dance establishments showed, it doesn't matter where your classes take place - in a hall that resembles a fairy-tale palace with its decoration, or in an ordinary office-looking room with only a ballet barre.

The main criterion for choosing a school is a harmonious relationship with the coach. In one fairly well-known fitness club, the teacher (and belly dance is taught, as a rule, by women) did not even pay attention to me. Flexible as a snake, in a richly embroidered oriental costume, she writhed in time with the music and seemed to be completely absorbed in the dance. And the unfortunate students, at least a dozen in number, in a hurry tried to have time to repeat at least part of the movements after her. nine0003

Meanwhile, in belly dance it is very important to perform the elements technically. Obviously, those who have just started to practice will never succeed the first time. If the coach does not explain and show how to perform the elements correctly, you can even get injured. Therefore, it is a bad sign if at the first lesson they didn’t even approach you and correct your movements. You also need to pay attention, as they say, to the musical assortment. A good, really enthusiastic dance teacher always has a plump case with CDs, where you can find oriental music for every taste. nine0003

I liked the school, where instead of a harem beauty, I was met by an ordinary Russian woman in a tracksuit. But she immediately explained what and how we would do, after how many sessions the first results would be, and her wards, however, with varying degrees of success, immediately demonstrated these results to me.

Oriental tales in the school gym

You will have to dance either in Czech shoes, or without shoes at all - in socks. No boots will fit. It is also recommended to tie a scarf around the hips. With it, the movements will be more clearly visible, which will help you feel your body better and perform movements more technically. nine0003

By the way, professional dancers treat their stage attire with special trepidation. The standard set consists of a long skirt, a short top and a hip belt. A special chic is a suit sewn with your own hands or to order. It is very important how the belt is embroidered. Craftswomen try to put all their creative abilities into its design. The main thing is that it should be decorated with a fringe of beads or coins. It is best to wear as many bracelets on your hands as possible. All these "pendants" emphasize movements, make them more expressive and, as a result, more attractive. nine0003

Traditionally, everything started with a warm-up. The main focus is on stretching and warming up the muscles of the back and legs. It did not seem difficult to me, especially since I had four years of experience in pop dancing.

Then coach Alena turned on Arabic music and showed us the movements that underlie the basic elements of the dance - rotation of the chest and hips. Women began to repeat the movements, and suddenly, in front of my eyes, they began to turn from average average women, trying in vain to solve problems in the family and at work, into passionate seductresses. nine0003

I had to sweat, of course. Around me, too, were by no means Scheherazades. Mostly women “over 30” tried their best to draw a circle with their nipples on an imaginary glass, justifying the opinion that in order to master the dance of harem beauties, first of all, it is necessary to have a stomach. They had no problem with this. Next to me temperamentally twisted her hips almost Kustodievskaya beauty. The trainer vigorously encouraged her, complimenting her on the positive changes in her figure that had taken place over the past two sessions. Against the background of mature ladies, the thin figures of high school girls looked a little strange. They performed movements more clearly and energetically, but still lost against the general background. They lacked grace and true femininity, which opens only with age. nine0003

What brought the girls here, of course, but why such an interest in dancing among adult women? Later, Natalya explained this to me - a lady of pre-retirement age, who with all her appearance claimed that life was just beginning at 50. After training, she secretly told that belly dancing classes gave her marital relationship a new sensation and actually saved her marriage. “It’s like rediscovering your femininity here. I no longer want to wear modest clothes and diligently cover everything except the palms and face. On the contrary, you try to emphasize all the roundness of your figure. Two or three months of classes - and your lover will be simply delighted! she announced in the locker room. It turns out that belly dance has retained its harem roots. Women still learn to dance it to seduce men. nine0003

Seduction Technique

The feeling of belly dancing is very unusual. What a coach makes you do with your body turns your brain inside out. In variety, ballroom and classical dances, movements are built on a common plasticity, that is, arms, legs, hips work together. In belly dancing, the elements consist of shakes, bumps, steps and all sorts of waves that are performed by any part of the body, but each part works on its own. For example, if the hips rotate, then the knees remain motionless. The upper body should not take part in the movement at all, although some manage to twist everything at once. The highest skill is when the top and bottom move at different paces, for example, the hips perform a fast shake, and the torso a slow wave. nine0003

It is very difficult to change from a familiar dance system to a new one. At first, you have to think every minute what you are doing. You need to remember about motionless knees when you write out a figure eight with your hips, raise your leg at the right time when stepping so as not to transfer body weight to another, etc. Therefore, after the first lesson, it was not so much my muscles that ached as my head. But on the other hand, I learned a lot about myself and about those around me. It turns out that if a woman's upper body is clamped, this indicates a lack of open spiritual communication, a misunderstanding of loved ones. If the lower one is enslaved, it means that sexuality is suppressed, perhaps it is time to look at yourself as a woman, and not as an asexual human function. Belly dancing increases self-esteem and relieves stress, because during training you breathe rhythmically, resulting in the release of the happy hormone endorphin. nine0003

And dance adds health

Outwardly, physical activity does not seem very strong, but, as the coach told me, during classes, deep abdominal muscles are developed, back muscles are strengthened. After a month of stable training, the mobility and flexibility of the body significantly increase, the condition of the spine improves even in older women. I'm not talking about posture - you will no longer be recognized as the former person wrapped up, hunched over under a bunch of unresolved problems. Relatives and friends will see a self-confident woman with a graceful gait and an almost ballet posture. nine0003

Muscles develop, which we do not use in everyday life, but which is necessary for any lady. The muscles of the small pelvis and abdominals are strengthened, and the ability to manage them reduces pain spasm during childbirth, helps to avoid tears and stretch marks. According to professionals, after 6-12 months of belly dancing, pain during menstruation completely disappears, and some women even get rid of ovarian dysfunction in this way.

I might ruin someone's dreams if I say that belly dancing is not very helpful in losing weight and building muscle. But after all the main thing not in it. Dance helps a woman to love her body as it is, and feel like a real, maybe not oriental, but definitely a beauty. The war of the sexes ends with the unconditional surrender of the enemy. After all, "my hips don't lie!" It captivates, enchants and hypnotizes. Some men are forever. nine0003

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Why doesn't Shakira's hips lie? History of songs "La Tortura", "Hips Don't Lie" and other hits | Culture

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"La Tortura" (2005)

However, Shakira was in no hurry with the release of the next LP. And when, by 2005, she nevertheless matured, her luggage accumulated songs for as many as two albums - English and Spanish. At the same time, Shakira took a chance and was the first to release the Spanish-language “Fijacion Oral, Vol. one". nine0067

The risk paid off. The album's lead single, "La Tortura" ("Torture"), spent 25 weeks at the top of the US Latin American charts, and the video for the song was the first all-Hispanic music video in MTV history.

The song was recorded in a duet with the Spanish singer Alejandro Sans and was a dialogue between a suffering girl and her unfaithful ex, who, having worked up, returned with his head. True, and here he manages to ask for a little freedom for himself: nine0003

From Monday to Friday my love is for you,
Save Saturday for me, it's better...

The heroine, apparently, did not heed the persuasion and decided to stop this love torture. In the video, we observe the same plot, and also make sure that Shakira can dance even lying down ... Oh, those Latinos! It would seem that such a love drama, and the legs stretch into a dance. nine0003

"Hips Don't Lie" (2006)

For a long time Shakira's most successful single was "Whenever, Wherever". In 2006, she not only broke her popularity record, but also recorded the best-selling single of the 2000s, "Hips Don't Lie" ("Hips Don't Lie"), in a duet with Haitian rapper Wyclef Jean. The name for the song was Shakira's favorite phrase while working in the studio. nine0003

“(I feel) that the song is ready and can be taken out of the oven only when my hips start to move, when my body reacts… So I told my musicians, 'My hips don't lie! Are they moving? If not, then the song is not ready yet.

Photo: Scan of CD cover

There are many names besides Shakira among the authors of Hips Don't Lie. There is no doubt that Wyclef Jean composed the basis of the song, only eyewitnesses disagree on the details. For example, Pres Michel said that the melody was born when he and Jean were trying to resurrect their group The FUGEES, and at first the song was called "Lips Do not Lie" ("Lips do not lie"). nine0067

According to another version, Jean was asked to make a remix of the song "La Tortura" for Shakira. But he said that he had a more suitable composition - "Dance Like This", recorded with Claudette Ortiz back in 2004 for the film "Dirty Dancing 2". The song was tweaked, cries of “Shakira! Shakira! - and got a new hit. Omar Alfono also had to be written as a writer, from whose song (“Amores Como El Nuestro”) Jean borrowed the trumpet part. nine0003

The content of "Hips Don't Lie" is not worth retelling, because it is all about the charming power of a dancing woman.

Shakira put on an original stage performance to perform this song at the MTV Video Awards. A longtime fan of Bollywood music, she hired an Indian choreographer and this time appeared in a Hindu setting. nine0003

"Beautiful Liar" (2007)

Another successful duet, this time with black star Beyoncé. Beyoncé originally planned this song for herself, but then she thought that Latin American and oriental tunes would be perfect for Shakira's style. So a dialogue arose between two women who are being deceived by the same man.

Let's not spoil Karma. nine0067 Let's not start a fight.
Not worth our tears
This beautiful liar…

Mikkel S. Eriksen, co-writer of "Beautiful Liar":
“This song is very simple. Most of the time we use more chords because it's hard to write a great song when there's only one chord. But if you do it right, you can make it work, and this song is an example of that."

"She Wolf" (2008)

Although Shakira swore she hadn't seen the Twilight blockbuster by the time this song was written, the werewolf theme came in very handy. “She Wolf” (“She is a she-wolf”) tells that inside every respectable woman lives a beast that seeks to break free. nine0067

The song is notable, first of all, for the clip where Shakira demonstrates a very unusual dance. But the arrangement turned out to be too boring - especially for the "wolf" theme. Although the song was a success (No. 11 US), many fans did not like the singer's roll in overtly "club" music. And soon she returned to her usual incendiary rhythms.

"Waka Waka (This Time for Africa)" (2010)

This song, recorded with the South African band FRESHLYGROUND, was destined to become the official anthem of the 2010 FIFA World Cup, held just in South Africa. The chorus is the same “Waka Waka eh eh!” - was borrowed from the Cameroonian camping song “Zangalewa” and translates as: “Do it, do it! Hey Hey!" nine0003

Well, the rest of Shakira's song is about the will to win.

"Loca" (2010)

Shakira again recorded another dance hit of 2010 in a duet. This time, the Dominican rapper Edward Bello, better known under the pseudonym El Cata, became the singer's partner. And another rapper took part in writing the song - an American named Armando Perez and nicknamed Pitbull. nine0067

I remember how, in one of her early interviews, the singer said that she was not interested in the insanely popular merengue style in Latin America (they say she had heard enough as a child). But judging by Loca, she changed her mind.

Learn more