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In recent years i’ve been learning many kinds of dances, standard, latin but i feel the caribbean dances are closest to me.

There’s no better thing when someone find that activity in what can be a passion in life. It’s a cheerful feeling to move a good fiery rythim music especially if we have a good dance partner and we can know movements in itermediate level at least.

We need lot of practice to get there. But in exchange to tiring work we get exciting experience and it’s a good feeling to see the result.

Don’t forget: dance is not only a movement but the feeling of life!

I give an insight to the most famous caribbean dances in our country. And someone who haven’t decided get some help what kind of dances can try.

Beside the short descriptions of dances i attached a few teaser videos from my favourites.

I suggest we need to start learning with cuban salsa because this dance is the most easy to learn, the most popular here and after we can learn easier the others.

Many dance schools and clubs are here, we can go to workshops, we can practice at dance nights. In Budapest and other larger cities we can find an oppurtunity almost every day.

Cuban salsa

Salsa originally means spicy sauce. This piquant, nice feeling is characterized the salsa music and dance as well.

This cheerful folk dance of Cuba comes from Son. The songs are usually spanish. In the orchestra there are many rhythm and percussion instruments.

It has many step variations and if we know more and more new movements, the joy of dance is improving. We can decorate our dance with many rotations and little nice movements. It gives enjoyable sight from outside. At the teaching is important to improve the characteristic, nice moves and the movement culture.

Cubans who live in Hungary started to teach this dance first. Beside many schools and parties are famous the original latin-american clubs too.

Los Angeles salsa style

It’s different from Cuban style because here the boy leads the girl on a line. It’s a kind of show dance, there are more acrobatic style elements and it’s elegant. In the instrumentation there are lot of wind insrtuments and piano and other solos of instruments.

New York salsa style

Also is a linear danced salsa. It’s different from Los Angeles style because the dancers start the step to the second beat like in the classical mambo. Quick pirouettes and sophisticated leg technology are there. It’s similar to Puerto Rican salsa, but it’s not so famous here.

Colombian salsa is unknown here, it’s totally different than others. Fiery and elegant with ultra-fast footwork.

Rueda (Rueda de casino)

This is the popular circle dance of salsa dancers which based on the basic cuban movements, therefore it gives success to beginners. The pairs are in a circle and the teacher leads the figures with a sound and hand sign. The couples are changing and moving around.


It’s origin in Haiti and Dominica, comes from the black slaves circle dance. It’s cheerful dance with fast-pased small steps and many turnings. And it characterized by hip movements. The music is pulsating.


It’s a dominican folk dance. In the origin the many footworks are very important and also the special, fast, small step combinations. Later in America and Europe it formed other styles too for example dominikai bachata, bachatango, bachata moderna, bachacha, black bachata. It’s a relaxed paced dance. The basic movements are easily learned. It’s most famous features are the strong and pnctual hip lifting in the end of the rhytm and the billowy body moving. The couple is close to each other, so it’s intim and sensual. It’s music is softer than salsa’s and the guitar is very important in that.



dominikai bachata

black bachata


It’s a couple dance. The hand leading is important too beside body leading. The dancers are close to each other and beside the constantly walking they motive their dances with many tricks, cheerful and surprising movements. It’s music is the firey, traditional Angolan music.


t’s relatively a young dance but already it has more styles (for example taraxa, kuduro, passada). It comes from Semba but it was influenced by other Angolan folkloric elements. It’s step movement technic is afro and it’s leading technic is similar to Argentin tango. The dancers are dancing with tight torso, slightly bent knees and loose hip. It’s a passioate, intim dance. The couple is very close to each other. It’s music is the traditional Zouk mixed with african music.


Zouk comes from Haiti, Martinique, and the dance of Lambada. It has more styles, for example Zouk moderno, the faster Lambazouk, the slower Zouk Love but the most famous is the brazilian Zouk. I prefer it because that is the most varied danced style: we can dance close to each other but it has also big movements. The man leads the girl with his whole body. The movements are lively and the head circles are important for girls. Emotional, pasionate and creatice dance so it’s a self-expression to the dancer and an aesthetic experiance to the viewer. It’s music is also varied, the rhytm of the slow-quick-quick-slow and it’s also pronounced in the music. In the French area it is popular too so it’s music beside Portuguese is often French but we can dance it to the lately popular English language songs too.

Samba de Gafieria

It’s an authentic brazilian dance, elegant and creative, it is full of vitality, playful with freshness. It based on the rhythm of Semba with a little bit of Salsa and Tangó beside the carnival Samba.


It is based on Panamanian reggae with dancehall and Latin-American style. Dynamic, improvisational dance with many waves and hip movements. It can be danced alone it is good for acrobatic choreographies too.

Lady’s style, Man style

These lessons are held in separate to male and female dancers. Its goal is that in the caribbean dances at solo parts – when the couple is dancing alone for a little time – they not just use the basic steps but learn to motivate steps with hand and leg movements. Beside that it can be makes the dance nicer if we know the motivate things and we can variate our dance depending on the music and the leading of the partner.



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Learn how to dance belly dance (oriental dance), quickly, easily and simply!!! | Dance school "Impromptu"

How to learn to dance belly dance (oriental dance) quickly, easily and simply!!!

Belly dance - what is it? One of the types of dance, the ability to attract a man or a woman's developed body? I have been studying belly dance for over three years. I can say with confidence that this is not the time for this type of dance.

In my life I already comprehended many dance directions (latina, salsa, classical choreography, modern dances, etc.), but the current series of events led me to the sports dance club "Impromptu" specifically for belly dancing. I laughed and giggled, imagining myself as an oriental dancer, and believed that with my level of dance training, learning to dance “some kind of belly dance” would be easy for me. But to my deepest surprise, I could not do almost anything!

Now, belly dancing has become for me not only a hobby, a fun pastime, but a way of life, everything has changed: posture, gait, lifestyle, appearance. I am proud to learn belly dance and this thought is in my every move. It is zealous to realize that someone is experiencing the same sensations, and for someone, belly dancing has become life, as it is for me. Gorgeous costumes, seductive forms, sophisticated movements and the admiration of the audience - all this is a belly dance. Oriental dance reveals in every woman a beauty - a temptress. Belly dance came from the East, perhaps that is why it attracts our Russian women so much, who get a lot of pleasure both from the learning process and from the dance itself. Everything that is said about the uselessness of belly dancing is not true. The main thing is a competent teacher. If a dancer has a famous name, this does not mean at all that she is a good belly dance teacher. At the school of oriental dance "Impromptu" I first met a teacher who combines grace, female beauty, the ability to dance and explain every movement in detail.

I consider belly dancing the most beautiful, feminine, extremely complex and emotional dance. Having learned to dance an oriental dance, now I can dance in any direction, because the muscles are prepared, the parts of the body can move separately from each other! You have no idea what an amazing feeling it is to learn how to dance belly dance!

You can also learn belly dancing at home. Watch other video belly dance lessons online for beginners in our video gallery and you can quickly learn oriental dance at home!

How to learn to dance oriental dances at home?

Someone once said that life without dance is impossible , and in his own way this person is right. See for yourself: all nations have their own national dances. It is with the help of dance that a person is able to express the passions and feelings that overwhelm him, show his emotions, express his inner world.

Each dance has its own meaning , and the dance itself is not just a method to improve the mood of others and yourself, but also an excellent cure for blues and stress. It drives away bad thoughts, relieves tension, relieves depression and boredom, and liberates. And dance helps keep the body in good shape and helps to make the figure attractive.

The dance does not recognize racial or religious differences. Everyone can learn to dance, regardless of their place of work, study, age, gender.

In our time, a dance direction has gained great popularity - belly dance or oriental dance . He wants to learn girls and women who dream of making the figure perfect, the body - plastic and flexible, and the waist - thin.

Oriental dance is not just plastic hand movements, waves and hip shaking. First of all, belly dance is a mystery, energy, passion, life itself! If you learn this art, you will be able to better control your body, become more graceful and flexible, improve your health and drive any man crazy. But how do you learn it? You can try to study at home - from video lessons, books, articles on the Internet, or go to a dance school. And in general: is there any benefit in belly dancing, or is it just a big exaggeration? Our site will try to tell you everything in detail.

Oriental dance: dancing for pleasure and with benefit

When you do the movements of this dance, a huge number of muscles are involved, even the most undeveloped and deep ones, which cannot be “reached” by ordinary aerobics, but can be worked out only by strength training. You not only get a charge of vivacity and energy, but also heal and strengthen the entire body. This is especially necessary for those who have a sedentary job and those who have a sedentary lifestyle.

Every girl can learn belly dancing if she wants to. And let you not do it professionally, but you will gain flexibility and plasticity, and you will also feel differently - more desirable, more beautiful, healthier.

Performing elements of oriental dance, you activate all kinds of muscle groups, improve blood circulation and develop flexibility. By the way, it will be difficult to achieve a similar result with ordinary fitness. The dance is very exciting, thanks to which every movement, even the most difficult one, is easy for the dancer.

If you spend a lot of time sitting, for example, at a table littered with various documents, or at a computer monitor, a stoop appears over time. Oriental dance classes will lift your chest, improve your posture, tighten your stomach, strengthen your bones, and straighten your back. In the end, they are a good tool for the tummy and are useful for the figure.

But, having decided to learn belly dancing, you must understand that only healthy women who do not have chronic diseases of the cardiovascular, digestive, reproductive systems and spinal problems can do it. Therefore, before training, get approval from your doctor.

Learn oriental dance at home

First, make the room well lit, then choose oriental music and it remains to show a little desire.

Oriental dance consists of some basic elements that must be mastered first. Only after that you will be able to dance a full-fledged dance, in which your attitude, mood and state of mind will be embodied.

Hip movements:

  • Twisting (twisting (twisting) the hips to each side while the rest of the body remains still)
  • Figure Eight (draw the number eight with your hips)
  • Wave (hips draw a circle in the lateral and frontal planes)

Chest movements:

  • Twisting (head and hips do not move, chest twists in different directions)
  • Eight in any direction
  • Circle (body tilted or fixed)
  • breast wave

To make the belly dance perfect, the girls can use various items: candles, swords, scarves, scarves, ribbons, and so on.

Learn more