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29 NE 11th St, Miami, FL

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8 PM – 10 AM Daily

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E11EVEN MIAMI catapults the South Florida nightlife scene to new heights as a one-of-a-kind show club and nightclub, offering every guest impeccable service and an unforgettable experience. State-of-the-art technology meets five-star hospitality inside the 20,000-SF, $40-million entertainment venue located in the heart of downtown Miami, just a few blocks from the American Airlines Arena and Brickell, and only minutes from South Beach.

Operating as a 24-hour show club, nightclub, dayclub, and after-hours experience, E11EVEN MIAMI features stunning entertainers and theatrical performances in an alluring environment that is as sexy as it is sophisticated. Multiple stages, exotic acts, and E11EVEN-style theatrics take hold of the space every weekend. Elaborate custom costumes, choreographed go-go dancers, aerialists, contortionists, and interactive theatrical characters all take center stage…and that is just the opening act.



Insider Tips

  • During the daytime, the main room transforms into the day club, a lounge, sports bar-like setting where you can watch the game on the TV screens or sit at the high-top tables or on the couches for cocktails.
  • There’s a rooftop deck as well – perfect place to catch your breath and take a break.

General Information

Where is E11even located?

E11even is located on 11th Street between 1st Ave and Miami Ave.

How much is cover charge at E11even?

General admission is usually $20.

Does E11even have a free guest list?

E11even has a free guestlist on many days (not the weekend). You can sign yourself +5 up for the free guest list using the free Discotech mobile app.

Furthermore, if you’re scrambling online to look up “clubs in Miami” or the “hottest clubs in Miami,” we’ve got you covered. Miami is renowned as one of the top nighttime entertainment districts in the entire world, competing with heavy hitters like Las Vegas and New York.

How long will I have to wait at E11even?

Average wait times are usually less than 30 minutes, unless there’s a big DJ playing.

When is E11even open?

E11even is open Thursday to Sunday 8 PM – 10 AM.

What are the best nights to go to E11even?

Fridays and Saturdays are typically the busiest.

What is the dress code at E11even?

The E11even Miami dress code is upscale attire. To be safe, I’d recommend collared shirt / jeans / dress shoes for guys. Definitely avoid anything that can be considered sportswear (track jackets, jerseys, sneakers, hats, etc). On busy nights they look for any reason to not let you in so I would definitely err on the side of caution! For those who would rather feel the summer breeze, going to a Miami pool party is always a great option.

Is there parking near E11even?

There is on-site valet and local parking lots ranging from $10-20 depending on the night and location.

How much do drinks cost at E11even?

Mixed drinks and shots are roughly $12 apiece, beers $10. Bottles start at $400.

What kind of music do they play at E11even?

E11even usually plays a mix of hip hop, top 40, and EDM depending on the night and DJ.

Where can I find a list of upcoming events / DJs at E11even?

You can buy tickets, book bottle service and see all events for E11even here. For a cleaner experience, download the free Discotech app to see upcoming events, buy tickets and book tables for E11even.

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    Best Strip Clubs in Miami 2022

    We all have heard about the strip clubs in Miami. For a city in its size, Miami indeed has a lot of nightclubs. In Miami, strip clubs are a serious business and go hand in hand with a proud history.

    Miami is considered by many as the “booty-shaking” capital of the world. Starting from high end full nude strip clubs to couple-friendly clubs, name it, and you will find it. In Miami, strip clubs are a part of their culture, and there is nothing to get squeamish about. Here you get an ample amount of drinks flowing, a fun atmosphere, and good looking model everywhere. Strip clubs in Miami are an experience in itself.

    The strip clubs of Miami have a life of their own. Here you will find the dancers not only dance, but they perform. From tweaking to swinging to that dirty “booty-shaking,” the competition among the strippers is fierce, and so is the sight to witness. Strip clubs in Miami are something to die for. With so many strip clubs, the stakes are high, and so is the enjoyment.

    The best part of Miami is that you don’t need to confine yourself to any particular place. In Miami, you get numerous options; hence there is no need to stay stuck in a single strip club.

    If you want to enjoy that booty-shaking glory, the Strip clubs in Miami offer its visitors, and then keep reading to find more.

    Down below, we have mentioned the best strip clubs of Miami that will make your visit worthwhile.

    Heads up! We’re are trying to be accurate as possible! Please always check the places before heading out.

    1. E11even

    Started by a Las Vegas investor group, no one thought this strip club would ever make it to the top list. But here it is, rocking our list. It is one of the best Strip clubs in  Miami. It is not that traditional one but rather a regular strip club where you will find real strippers.

    Built-in, the downtown area E11even, is a 13,500 sq. ft nightclub that remains opens 24/7. But if you want to witness this nightclub’s real fun, don’t visit before 2 am. This night club has everything that you can even think of. Starting from high-flying theatrics, big lights to big EDM rooms, to dancers showing their topless body you will find everything here.

    They also have private rooms for lap dancers. So if you are looking forward to enjoying lap dancing, pack your wallets and get ready for the tour. The bar is impressive, and you will find it open all night long starting from 8 pm.

    Sometimes you may often feel all jagged up and may want to breathe in the open. Well, E11even has the option for that as well. Go to the roof-top and enjoy your private time. You can also witness the sunrise from this roof-top and is a view to see.

    Starting from Kylie Jenner to Miley Cyrus is some of the clientele of this night club. But it’s not always the celebrities, and they pay equal attention to all their customers making sure everyone is being treated the right.

    Want to know the best thing about one of the most amazing things about strip clubs in Miami? It is that omnipresent sense of FOMO. You can visit this club anytime and day without any restriction of time, and you and all set to have fun.

    Well Hello There, We Missed You Miami ❤️Thurs. 4/22: @DJDRAMAFrid. 4/23: @DJIRIESat. 4/24: @Swaelee Sun 4.45: @rascal #RatherBeAt11 #11Miami

    Posted by E11EVEN MIAMI on Thursday, April 22, 2021


    Address: 29 NE 11th St, Miami, FL 33132


    1. Scarlett’s Cabaret

    It is one of the coolest Strip clubs in Miami. Here you will find female dancers in all shapes, sizes, and backgrounds. How amazing is that! This spacious club has everything that you would love to see in a nightclub. Starting from LED lights to strobe lights to robots looking like Richard Sherman to entirely new girls dancing on pole strippers, the ambiance of this strip club of Miami is outstanding.

    Want to witness the peak hour of this club? Then don’t visit the club before 2 am, or you will be disappointed. Don’t be shocked if you see those fully nude hottest looking girls staring at you. Though it says $20 on the cover but groups can easily avoid the fee by purchasing bottles. But there is one condition in this night club, and a man should be in proper attire.

    Did you know Scarlett’s Cabaret is one of the 21 best Strip clubs in Miami, in fact, America? It is the place where the crowd heads towards after they are done with Las Olas. With the continuous flow of beautiful and hot girls all around the night, this night club is one of the best strip clubs in Miami.

    View this post on Instagram

    A post shared by Scarlett’s Cabaret (@scarlettscabaret)

    Address: 2920 SW 30th Ave, Hallandale Beach, FL 33009


    1. Cheetah Gentleman’s Club

    It is one of the strip clubs in Miami that can meet your multiple needs. Here you can host your bachelor party, divorce party, and corporate meetings as well. This entertainment complex is one of the most versatile night clubs in the entire city. It’s a big, clean and flash club.

    You will find either the dancers are too hot to handle or is too old to place down the block. If you are looking for a night club that hosts a friendly environment and has inexpensive drinks, this is the strip club.

    Here you will find different types of crowds all coming here to enjoy the strippers. Want to know the best part of this night club?

    This nightclub offers its customers a wide range of facilities, including six stages across three levels, including a sports lounge and a VIP area for people that desires privacy. Cheetah Gentleman’s club also has its sister named Cheetah Palm Beach and Cheetah Pompano Beach. They all are built together in the heart of Hallandale Beach.

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    A post shared by Cheetah Hallandale (@cheetahhallandale)

    Address: 100 Ansin Blvd, Hallandale Beach, FL 33009


    1. Tootsie’s Cabaret

    This night club has everything. Starting from 65,000 sq ft of poles to 400 sq ft main stage to private rooms to a full-service restaurant that serves breakfast as well, you will find everything here. Every inch of this night club is covered with plush red velvet and is one of Miami’s best strip clubs.

    Being one of the gentlemen’s clubs in Miami, they also have a restaurant on the upper floor. It is completely dedicated to customers that prefer to have a quiet meal. You can get free entry to this restaurant before 7 pm. The main larger area is always busy and bustling with crowds. Here you will never find a shortage of Strippers.

    It is larger in quantity rather than in quality. If you want to spend money on strippers, you better spend it on girls available in the private VIP lounge area. Tootsie is built around the corner of a church, but there is no room for any judgment in Miami.

    View this post on Instagram

    A post shared by Tootsie's Cabaret (@tootsiescabaret)

    Address: 150 NW 183rd St, Miami, FL 33169


    1. Gold Rush Cabaret

    Also well known with Wonderland’s name, this strip club occupies a massive building in Biscayne Boulevard. It is one of the perfect strip clubs in Miami with the combination of Miami’s nightlife and the city’s top cabaret performers.

    It is around 15,000 square feet big club and has multiple stages to address the overflowing crowd. With VIP areas, a full liquor bar, spacious places to have your conversation, this is a go-to night club. Here you will witness hot gorgeous strippers showing off their topless body all around the night. This club opens at 7:00 PM and remains open till 5:00 AM.

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    A post shared by Gold Rush Cabaret (@goldrushcabaret)

    Address: 7770 Biscayne Blvd, Miami, FL 33138


    1. LaBare

    Want to visit one of the male strip clubs in Miami? Then LaBare is the night club to visit. Being one of Miami’s most popular male night clubs here, you will find hot men shaking that sexy booty for some cash. The male strippers’ dance moves are always on point and are incredibly sensual.

    If you are hosting a bachelorette party, you will get lap dancers here to make your time worthwhile. Being men, the strippers are fun and playful rather than being raunchy and rowdy.

    LaBare has excellent packages for ladies as well. If you are a group of ladies celebrating your birthday in this strip club, you will get a complimentary champagne bottle to celebrate your party. Anyone trying to bring back in their life then LaBare is the place to visit in Miami.

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    A post shared by LaBare Male Revue (@labare)

    Address: 5325 NW 77th Ave, Miami, FL 33166


    1. The Office

    This is one of the strip clubs that are slightly small in size compared to other strip clubs in Miami. This is the only place in Miami where you get the chance to touch those dancers at the quaint. You can check out this video to take a glance.

    But not much, there are few restrictions as well. This boutique-like establishment draws most of the crowds during the weekends.  This is a place to witness the nightlife of Miami. This strip club has a full kitchen and a big bar. From there,  you can pick food and cocktails anytime.

    Want to know the best thing about this strip club?? Here you will find the cities best dancers shaking their hips with the tune of the music. This is a strip club of Miami where you can get rowdy.

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    A post shared by The Office Miami (@theofficemiami1)

    Address: 250 NE 183rd St, Miami, FL 33179


    1. Booby Trap On The River

    How amazing would it be to visit a strip club in the South River Drive of Miami? Yes, you heard me right. Booby Trap On River can open terrace strip clubs in Miami, where you will get liquor 24/7. You will love the ambiance. With the best strippers and the dancers around the area, this club indeed holds a big crowd. It’s unique, and it’s fantastic.

    View this post on Instagram

    A post shared by Booby Trap On The River (@btsriver247)

    Address: Address: 3615 NW S River Dr, Miami, FL 33142


    1. G5ive Miami

    These strip clubs in Miami are always full of celebrities. Relatively new, here you will find strippers performing those wild acts and stunts on a nightly basis. It is one of the most famous strip clubs in Miami. Here you get the chance to witness a lot of things.

    Here you will find exotic dancers shaking their body and hips with the tune of the music. The dancers here show off their acrobatic skills in extraordinary performances. It is a great view to witness. Some may think that G5ive Miami is only for men, but that’s not true. This club is co-ed and is couple friendly, so don’t hesitate to take your spouse along with you.

    Address: 337 NW 170th St, North Miami Beach, FL 33169


    1. Club LEXX

    Before KOD, this was the first club of Miami. It was always the choice of rappers and pro-athletes. It is among those strip clubs in Miami, where you can witness everything. Want to see girls showing off their perfect assets to loud music and fancy lighting? You will get that here. The BBQ rid sandwich is famous, and it will be delivered to you from the barbecue joint! In the meanwhile,  you can enjoy your lap dance.

    Address: 12001 NW 27th Ave #2610, Miami, FL 33167


    1. Club Madonna

    It is one of the strip clubs in Miami, where you will find the non-stop parade of girls. Some probably with Eastern European, fake accents as well. This club offers one of the top-class excitements with international showgirls, sports viewing, and private parties.

    Here is where you get to witness the real nude dance of strippers and can also book your private area and enjoy your time.

    Address: 1527 Washington Ave, Miami Beach, FL 33139



    If you plan to visit a strip club, then there is no other place better than Miami. Here we have mentioned all the best strip clubs in Miami for you to choose from. Don’t worry, no one will judge you here!

    Questions about striptease - The Perch street clubs in Moscow

    What is a lap dance in a club?

    Lap dance is a service provided by the artist (dancer) of the club, waiter or bartender. This service lasts 5 minutes. During promotions and promotions, the duration of the dance changes.

    During a private dance, the girl is completely naked, she dances only for you. The dance happens with you in contact. The purpose of a private dance is aesthetic pleasure or getting a state of excitement.

    Sexual contact, masturbation, exposing one's penis, touching the girl's genitals are not allowed. Any other contact is possible only by mutual agreement.

    If the guest does not comply with the rules of the private dance, it will be completed and must be paid at its cost.

    What is a promo or promotion?

    Promotions are promotions for private dances. In our striptease club you can get them in different versions. The most popular is 2 private dances for the price of one. You pay for 1 melody, the second one you get as a gift. Each subsequent melody after the promotion will go at its full cost.

    What is the trick in a strip club?

    The chip is the local currency of the club, which you can exchange at any convenient time during your visit. Chips are used to pay for private dances or other crazy menu items. When buying 10 club chips at once, you get 2 chips as a gift.

    What are gatherings?

    During the work of a strip club, each artist must perform on its stage, dance private dances for guests who invite her and participate in the show program of the club. If you have a desire for the girl to spend time only with you, then you can use the service - gatherings (there are various options in the crazy menu section). When acquiring this position, a gathering for an hour, the girl will be with you all this time, and you will also receive 2 private dances as a gift.

    I am 18 years old, will the club let me in?

    Yes, they will let you through. Take your passport or driver's license.

    Visiting an institution of an erotic nature is possible for persons who have reached the age of 18.

    What kind of music is played in the club?

    Musical styles and trends are quite diverse, mainly modern music, commercial, commercial pop-music, Euro-pop, R&B, remixes of various compositions.

    How much money to take to a striptease bar?

    You can get acquainted with the price category of positions provided by the strip club on the website, in the menu section.

    All prices are real, you do not need to pay extra on arrival at the club. Tipping is at your discretion. Girls communicate with you absolutely free of charge. There is no consummation in the club for food and drinks that you treat girls to.

    About the strip club

    • Rules of the club
    • Questions and answers
    • Blog
    • Vacancies

    Club menu

    • Crazy menu
    • Kitchen menu
    • Bar menu
    • Wine list


    • Photo reports
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    • Contacts
    • Consent to the processing of personal data

    Offered me - traduction Russe | Anglais-Russe EnglishespañolFrançaisPortuguêsRussianTürkçe

    English phrases | Russian phrases | Turkish phrases


    Translate. vc / Anglais → Russe / [ O ] / Offered me

    1,453 traduction parallèle

    "Gilles has offered me a suit, a model copied from a Dior design."

    Gilles gave me a dress, the model copied the design of Dior.

    - Or your brother offered me?

    - Or did your brother propose to me?

    Some geek offered me four bucks for it.

    Some nerd offered four bucks.

    He offered me a drink and then another.

    He offered me a drink, then another.

    They offered me a deal at penetrate.

    They offered me a penetrating deal.

    mexico 335
    metro 61
    merci 624
    menu 31
    melanie 499
    merida 43
    metres 235
    melissa 609
    medium 129
    meta 42

    metal 86
    mercedes 285
    medical 88
    metallica 27
    merak 22
    mean 565
    memo 31
    meter 70
    medicine 187
    merlin 899

    meal 19
    meat 260
    media 31
    metatron 53
    mermaid 26
    meeting 160
    member 75
    meet 113
    mexican 52
    means 817

    merry 102

    Bette, he offered me a job.

    Beth, he offered me a job.

    She hasn't offered me a job.

    And she didn't offer me a job.

    He offered me two roofs for the price of one.

    He offered me two roofs for the price of one.

    They offered me a place, -

    Yes, she offered me money, but she offered me something more important, something you wouldn't understand!

    Yes, she offered me money. But she offered me something more important. What you don't understand!

    I'd arrested Clyde Mason on possession of heroin, and while Mason was awaiting bail, he offered me an arrangement.

    I arrested Clyde Mason for possession of heroin, when Mason got out on bail, he offered me a deal.

    He offered me a very sweet deal.

    He offered me a great deal.

    Just uh, actually meeting a man who offered me some pot.

    Yes, I should actually meet a man there who offered to smoke me.

    I trust him. He offered me as much as true and honest and good man could desire of their sovereign.

    He seemed to me an honest and truthful ruler, which one can only dream of.

    - They've offered me my own show.

    They offered me to host my own show.

    John here has offered me a teaching job.

    John offered me a position as a teacher here.

    You shouldn't have offered me those beautiful volumes.

    You shouldn't have invited me those excellent books.

    He offered me another $100 for a private lap dance.

    He offered me another $100 for a lap dance.

    But they offered me the lead in another series.

    I was offered the lead role in another series.

    He offered me the photos, but I said I didn't want them in the house were Elise might see them.

    He offered me a photo, but I said I didn't want them in the house where Elise could see them. (anonymous)

    You know what he did that's really crazy? He offered me $100 to switch cards with him just so he could be partners with Jeff.

    And the craziest thing he did was to offer me $100 to trade cards so that he could be paired with Jeff.

    Ruxin just offered me the best trade ever.

    Ruxin just offered me the best deal in the world.

    When the studio offered me the job, I thought they wanted a celebrity voice that sounded... somewhat me-ish.

    When the studio offered me the job, I thought they wanted a star voice that sounded kind of... like me.

    That's when they offered me a way out.

    Someone stabbed me in the back.

    Villani offered me a contract, but, uh if her next client's guilty, I don't think I could live with that.

    Villani offered me a contract, but... if her next client turns out to be guilty, I don't think I can live with it.

    The bureau has offered me retirement.

    The Bureau offered me to resign.

    And they offered me a mechanical valve which is kind of cool.

    They also offered me a mechanical valve. Which is also very good.

    Which is why they offered me the gig, because I can link with Tommy's avatar, which is insanely expensive.

    I was offered this job because I fit Tommy's avatar, and they cost crazy money.

    I just got a call from New York. They offered me network.

    I was offered a job... on a national channel!

    He offered me a job.

    He is calling me.

    - Yes, they offered me a job.

    - Yes, I was invited.

    Well, he offered me a job.

    Well, he offered me a job.

    Yeah, he offered me $1,000 to import medicine from europe.

    Yup, he offered me $1,000 to import medicine from Europe.

    They ain't offered me a ride yet.

    I haven't been offered a ride yet.

    Curtis offered me a ob in Chicago.

    Curtis offered me a job in Chicago.

    Well, I interviewed with the San Francisco Chronicle... and they offered me a job.

    I went to the San Francisco Chronicle and they offered me a job.

    He likes me very much. Even offered me a biscuit.

    He treats me very well, once he treated me to a bun.

    If I offered you a comforting lie, you'd smack me over the head with it.

    If I offered a comforting lie, you would throw it in my face.

    I told her it was all over between us, but... I offered to stand by her, admit to being the father, support her afterwards, whatever the cost to me.

    I told her it was over between us, but... I offered to help her, acknowledge paternity, support her in the future, no matter what the cost.

    Was going to stand outside the 7-eleven looking depressed Until someone offered to buy me beer,

    I was going to stand outside 7-Eleven and look depressed until someone offered to buy me a beer.

    John offered to give me a ride.

    John offered me a ride

    Your mother tells me you got offered that job in New York.

    Your mother said you were offered a job in New York.

    Seller turned me down. I offered exactly what a similar unit sold three months ago.

    Exactly for the same price 3 months ago they were selling similar apartments.

    Trust me. serena's life will be much better without carter, Which is why i offered him an easy way out.

    Siren's life would be much better without Carter, which is why I offered him the easy way out.

    You lured Hayley here under false pretenses, offered her drugs, got into a heated argument, and you're telling me that she walked out of that door alive?

    You lured Hayley here under false pretenses, offered her drugs, got a heated argument back, and you're telling me she walked out the door alive?

    It struck me that Jane is not well and would appreciate a ride home so I offered her our carriage.

    And worried because Jane is not well and she would be grateful if I offered her our carriage.

    But that... Then again, I'll say it anyway, that was why I was offered first aid lessons. And I thought, "How's that gonna help me?".

    On the other hand, when I took first aid lessons, I thought: "How will this help me?"

    And he wanted me to become part of what they were doing, and for me to become a member of the CFR, and offered various business opportunities for me to get involved in, and for me to not take up to fight the battle that I've been taking up in the past.

    Learn more