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Dance Shoes your feet will love!  Whether a beginner or a professional, we offer dance shoes for all types of dance and for all ages.

  Our dance shoes also come with affordable price tags, giving your checkbook something to love as well.

Our styles of dance shoes that include Ballet Shoes, Tap Shoes, Jazz Shoes, Ballroom Shoes and more. We also carry Lyrical and Hermes Sandals for modern dance.

Each section includes dance shoes for children, ladies and men.

Click on a picture to see our many dance shoe styles in each section.

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Comes with an exclusive line of shoes for all dance types & styles.  Whether for studio or street, Adore Dance Shoes brings imported, innovating and unique styles to serve dancers of all levels and uses.

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Alemana - Satin Open Toe Lace Up Dance Shoe. (Suede Sole)


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Giselle 4. 5"

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Cristalina crystal


1 color available

Arielle - Mermaid look and mesh dance shoes (Street Sole)


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Understanding great dance shoe design is at the heart of everything we do. It's these small touches that set us apart.

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Everything for dancing

The history of the trademark "Kibanov" began in 1995, when a dance fan Andrei Kibanov organized a workshop "Ballet shoes from Kibanov". Based on the traditions and craftsmanship of the workshops of the Perm Opera and Ballet Theatre, carefully preserving the classic technologies for making dance shoes and at the same time developing and improving them. Andrei Kibanov managed to grow from a small craftsman into a manufacturer in a relatively short time. nine0003

The Kibanov factory produces a wide range of footwear for performers of various genres: classical dance, folk-character, jazz, tap and flamenco, ballroom dance, circus performances and shows. Shoes "Ot Kibanova" are of high quality, comfortable, made only from natural materials that allow the feet to breathe - the main instrument of all dancers, and, what is very important, is affordable.

Each dancer needs not only to convey the action beautifully, but also to correctly build the position of the body, arms and legs. The correct work of the body, arms, head depends, to a greater extent, on the efforts, efforts, physical capabilities of the actor, but the correct setting of the foot is possible only in high-quality professional dance shoes. It should be noted that special shoes are needed not only for performances, but also for training. nine0003

Leading customers:

State Opera and Ballet Theater "Astana Opera"
Municipal ballet theater "The Nutcracker", Yekaterinburg
Yekaterinburg State Academic Opera and Ballet Theater
State Opera and Ballet Theater of Udmurtia Izhevsk city
Mari State Opera and Ballet Theatre. Erika Sapaeva nine0017 "Premier" them. L. G. Gatova, Krasnodar
Evgeny Panfilov Ballet Theater, Perm
Perm Opera and Ballet Theatre. P.I. Tchaikovsky
Perm Youth Theater

Perm State Choreographic School
Samara Academic Opera and Ballet Theater
Boris Eifman Dance Academy nine0017 Ballet Theatre. L. Jacobson
Boris Eifman Ballet Theater
Buryat State Academic Theater of Opera and Ballet named after Lenin n. a. USSR G. Ts. Tsydynzhapova
Boarding College Center for the Arts for Gifted Children of the North, Khanty-Mansiysk
Chelyabinsk State Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre. M.I. Glinka"

To not only dancers contact us, our company fulfills orders for stage shoes for drama theaters, puppet theaters, youth theaters, we also make quite complex, specific shoes for the circus. nine0003

We take orders for the production of scenery, props, we sew costumes for ballet performances and folk dance groups.


how to choose dance shoes

A few tips to help make your choice easier:

  • shoes should be made of natural materials - leather, suede, nubuck, satin, etc.
  • a pair of shoes should match the size of the foot - the leg should not “dangle”, but also not be very constrained
  • it's good if the shoe has a clasp in the toe area that allows you to adjust the fullness and a strap that surrounds the leg for a good fit of the foot
  • the heel should be as comfortable as possible (for example, beginner dancers choose shoes with a small heel)

The Kibanov Theater Factory has been dressing and shoes dancers of classical and modern dance for many years, in our shoes the artists have reached the highest peaks of dance art. nine0003

Store addresses

  • Perm

    Perm, st. Sovetskaya, 22
    Mon-Fri: 10-19 Sat: 11-18 Sun: 11-16
    tel. +7(342) 212-83-41
    We are on VKontakte: nine0003

  • St. Petersburg

    ST. PETERSBURG, st. Krylova, 2
    Mon-Fri: 11-21 Sat-Sun: 11-18
    tel. +7(911) 971-63-44
    We are on VKontakte: https://vk. com/vse.dlia.tanca nine0003

  • Yekaterinburg city

    Yekaterinburg, st. Mamin-Sibiryaka, 102
    Mon-Fri: 10-20 Sat: 11-18 Sun: 11-16
    tel. +7(343) 355-23-08
    We are on VKontakte: nine0003

  • Kazan

    Kazan, st. Karl Marx, 48
    Mon-Fri: 10-20 Sat-Sun: 11-18
    tel. +7(987) 406-38-19
    We are on VKontakte: https://vk. com/vach.tanec nine0003

  • Chelyabinsk

    Chelyabinsk, Lenin Ave., 77
    Mon-Fri: 10-20 Sat-Sun: 11-18
    tel. +7(351) 265-44-73
    We are on VKontakte: nine0003

  • Yoshkar-Ola

    Yoshkar-Ola, st. Komsomolskaya, 130
    Mon-Fri: 10-19 Sat: 11-18 Sun: 11-17
    tel. +7(987) 704-97-27
    We are on VKontakte: nine0003

  • Krasnodar city

    Krasnodar, st. Lenina, d. 54
    Mon-Fri: 10-20 Sat-Sun: 11-18
    tel. +7(918) 019-18-42
    We are on VKontakte: nine0003

Dance shoes: how to choose comfortable dancing shoes


If a bad dancer gets in the way of his feet, then a good dancer needs uncomfortable shoes. Properly selected wardrobe for classes is an integral part of safety. Shoes, ballet flats and even Czechs are designed specifically to protect the performer's legs and provide him with complete freedom of movement at the same time. Therefore, before starting classes, it is worth learning how to choose dance shoes. nine0003

Special shoes

Normal shoes are generally not forbidden for amateurs, however, wearing non-special shoes, you will quickly feel that shoes prevent you from performing many movements at full strength. The sole does not bend and does not slip, the heel flies off, and the fastener digs into the foot. If you're serious about dancing, consider purchasing a pair of dance shoes. And when choosing, consider the following:

  • Flexibility is a valuable quality of dance shoes. You can check it by bending the toe of the model. A hard pair will severely restrict movement. This is true for ballroom and Caribbean dances. nine0047
  • High heels are very impressive, but these shoes are best left for going out and for performances, and it is better to start training without a heel.
  • Special dance shoes always stretch, so you don't need to buy shoes with a "reserve", they will start to fall off in a week. If a pair of a size smaller is comfortable, you can buy it.
  • Trying on should not feel uncomfortable: rubbing, pressure or tingling will only get worse during class.
  • The width of the ankle strap must be at least eight millimeters, otherwise the strap will dig into the leg.
  • Open toe or heel - comfortable, beautiful, but unsafe. For the very beginning of classes, you can choose a closed model. However, an open toe will be needed with increasing experience, for example in Argentine tango (free toes give more contact with the floor).
  • The black color for shoes is universal, while the flesh color visually lengthens the legs. Keep this in mind if you plan to compete. nine0047

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Shoes and dance directions

Different types of dance are suitable for their own, special shoes, because standing at the bar in high heeled shoes is as uncomfortable as performing a waltz in pointe shoes. Therefore, in the question of how to choose the right shoes for dancing, it is worth starting from the style of dance. Your teacher can advise you. But you will still need a shift, so for the first lesson, take stable and comfortable shoes / ballet flats, with soles that do not leave marks on the floor. Desirable - a slight slip, when the sole does not stick to the floor (made of rubber and leather - choose leather). nine0003

Classical choreography

Real ballet is performed en pointe, but classical choreography classes for amateurs are held in flexible shoes or so-called ballet flats. They freely pass air and do not constrain the movements of the dancer. The traditional colors of such shoes are classic white, flesh and black.

Shoes for ballroom dancing

Shoes for Europeans - with a steel shaft, suede or leather upper and a special strap for additional fixation. Women's heel - from 5 to 8 centimeters, always with a heel cap. Shoes for Latin American dances - with the same heel for women's shoes and about 5 centimeters for men's.

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