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This pancocojams post presents information about & videos of the 1950s American novelty dance called "the Bunny Hop". This post also presents information about and videos of the Hip-Hop "Bunny Hop" line dances that are performed to the 2002 Da Entourage record as well as information about and videos of dances that are performed to DJ Lilman's 2012 club music "Bunny Hop" record.

The content of this post is presented for cultural, entertainment, and aesthetic purposes.

All content remain with their owners.

Thanks to all those who are featured in these videos, and thanks to the publishers of those videos on YouTube. Thanks also to all those who are quoted in this post.

"The bunny hop is a novelty dance that was created at Balboa High School in San Francisco in 1952. [1] It is a social mixer dance, sometimes also referred to as a "party" or "dance party" dance.

The dance has been generally done to Ray Anthony's big band recording of the song.[1] It was a vocal hit in 1952, and instrumentally re-recorded c. 1958...

Ray Anthony's single release of the "Bunny Hop" featured another novelty dance classic, the "Hokey Pokey" on the B side...

The dance is a variation on a conga line. Participants dance in a line, holding on to the hips of the person in front of them. They tap the floor two times with their right foot, then with their left foot, then they hop forwards, backwards, and finally three hops forward to finish the sequence, which continues throughout the tune. The first person in the line leads the group around the floor.

The Finnish dance style called jenkka has essentially the same steps. Originating from the 19th century, jenkka is actually the same dance style as the German slow tempo polka called schottische or rheinländer. It is characterised by three quick steps and a hop and is danced to music in 2/4 time. Finnjenkka, also known as letkajennkka and letkis, is one of the many variations of jenkka. Typical to it is that all the people dancing form a line and hold on to the one in front by the waist."

Example #1: The Bunny Hop from The Ray Anthony Show (1953)

Ray Anthony, Published on Feb 3, 2014

Ray Anthony & his orchestra perform the 1950s dance sensation known as "The Bunny Hop" on this 1953 episode of The Ray Anthony Show

Example #2: Alice Lon, The Lennon Sisters and The Bunny Hop

Music Maker 1979, July 28, 2019
From the Lawrence Welk Show -snip-
Here's a comment from this video's discussion thread:

B&O5300, 2019
"From a 1957 broadcast originally conducted by Ray Anthony & Orchestra. "
This is another example of this film clip that was embedded in this post when it was first published.  

Example #3: Bunny Hop

redmoose3d, Uploaded on May 1, 2008

My little sister had a "Bunny Party" for her 3rd birthday, and we all danced the Bunny Hop.

"It’s been a year and a half since Da Entourage hit it big with Bunny Hop. Its latest CD, Entourage 2, was re-released on Universal Records as part of a reported $5 million deal, and it’s kept the Lafayette rap group hopping...

On the heels of the regional success of its first compact disc, Entourage 1, (Inside Acadiana: Hopping to the Top, Jan. 30, 2002), the group recently signed with Universal Records, home to the Cash Money and No Limit Record labels and acts like Master P, Juvenile, 504 Boyz and Nelly. Universal recently re-released Entourage 2, which also contains “Bunny Hop,” the successful single from the group’s first CD. The disc comes in two flavors – a clean version and one with explicit lyrics...

A lot has changed for Da Entourage since their “Bunny Hop” debuted at No. 3 on Billboard’s Hot Rap Singles Chart in January 2002, including signing a deal with Universal on Mardi Gras day in New Orleans....

Da Entourage knew it had a catchy song on its hands with “Bunny Hop,” but they realized that they needed a hook to get the song to the broadest audience possible. It’s one thing to get a radio station to play a song, but it’s another to have people crowd the dance floor when they hear the first few notes of the song.

Da Entourage devised a simple dance, appropriately called the Bunny Hop, to go along with their number. They taught it to whoever would give them the time of day. When they went to locally owned record stores to stock copies of their CD, they taught the steps to managers and customers in the stores
[Music store owner Todd] Ortego is also a disc jockey on the weekends, catering to social functions like weddings, family reunions and company parties. He says he still gets requests for “Bunny Hop,” nearly two years after its initial release. Ortego readily admits that “I’m in this small – apparently exclusive – club of people who have never done a line dance,” but he says the dance must be what keeps the requests for the song coming."


Editor: There are a number of ways to do "Bunny Hop" line dances to the 2002 record by Da Entourage. This post showcases a few of those ways.

Example #1: Tuskegee University bunny hop line dance

New Viral Vids, Nov 21, 2010

Tuskegee University line dancing to bunny hop 2010-2011 Caf Party -snip- Here's the only comment that is written in this video's discussion thread (given with amended spelling)

Cool Dude, 2017
"I remember doing this dance in a raggedy club called the rose down in Montgomery Alabama. The floor was packed and I remember thinking to myself this bi&&h is bout to cave in!  Had so much fun!!!"

This panocojams post originally included a 2006 video of  Tuskegee [University] Students Line Dancing on the Patio the Bunny Hop (published by Ian Evans on Oct 27, 2006). That video is no longer available.

A number of commenters wrote in that video's discussion there that this was the "old school" ["old skool"] way of doing the "Bunny Hop". It didn't seem as though those commenters knew about the "Bunny Hop" that was done as a conga-line dance. 

It also appeared that commenters who added comments after 2012 were referring to Dj Lilman's record [found below in this post] as the "new school" way of dancing the "Bunny Hop".
Although this video is no longer available, I kept it in this post because these notes may be of some cultural/historical interest.

Example #2: Bunny Hop Line dance

cojacque, Uploaded on Aug 15, 2009

Reception shananigans cont'd

Example #3: Bunny Hop Line Dance

howtolinedance, Uploaded on Jul 7, 2011

. ..This is a very simple warm up line dance workout called The Bunny Hop Line Dance. Have fun doing it. When it speeds up, you can get a serious workout on.

Example #4: The Bunny Hop Line Dance - INSTRUCTIONS

Steph's Line Dancing, Published on May 1, 2012

....There are quite a few versions out there but This is the EASIEST version i know

Song: Bunny Hop - Da Entourage
In response to a comment that that's not how to do this dance, the video uploader wrote:
"there are at LEAST 7-8 different versions of this dance.... this is just one of them..."

Here are two other comments from the video's discussion thread:
Kiki Williams, 2012
..."This song is by Da Enrouage... I've never seen anyone Bunny Hop like this before.. it seems too easy. I learned how to Bunny Hop in New Orleans and we always danced to this version of the song. ..."

Mark Hebert, 2013
"this song play at almost all the clubs and receptions down here in the New Orleans area and i see many versions of the dance...."

DJ Lilman's "Bunny Hop" Brick City club music record was recorded in 2012. Here's information about this type of club music
"Brick City Club Music (or Jersey club[1]) is a version of Baltimore club music from Newark, New Jersey popularized by DJ Tameil (Formerly Anthrax), DJ Tim Dolla, Mike V, DJ Black Mic (Brick Bandits Crew) ; in the early/mid 1990s to the 2000s.[2] It was then abandoned by DJ Tameil after many new producers began making music "without his permission," as Tameil has said numerous times, thus "ruining the genre."... DJ Lilman now is the most known DJ making Brick City Club hits. His music videos on Youtube has received more than 100,000 views...

Though presently it is not as popular as Baltimore club, Brick City club is still popular amongst the Essex, Hudson, Somerset, Middlesex, and Union county areas of New Jersey. "...
Here's information about "Baltimore Club music"
"Baltimore club, also called "Bmore Club", "Bmore House" or simply "Bmore" is a breakbeat genre. A blend of hip hop and chopped, staccato house music, it was created in Baltimore, Maryland, United States in the late 1980s by 2 Live Crew's Luther Campbell, Frank Ski, Big Tony (or Miss Tony), Scottie B. and DJ Spen.[1]

Baltimore club is based on an 8/4 beat structure, and includes tempos around 130 beats per minute.[2][3] It combines repetitive, looped vocal snippets similar to trap, ghetto house and ghettotech. These samples are often culled from television shows such as Sanford and Son and SpongeBob SquarePants,[3] though can also be simple repeated calls and chants. The instrumental tracks include heavy breakbeats and call and response stanzas similar to those found in the go-go music of Washington, D.C"....

These videos are presented in chronological order with the oldest dated videos given first.


wiztvpartyvideos . Published on Jun 16, 2012

The "I Love Jersey City" t-shirt wore by one of the dancers refers to a city in Northern New Jersey. Some of these dancers are "sportin a sag" [wearing sagging pants that show their boxer shorts.] That's a style from the 1980s that is still worn by some young males today although it seems to me that it's less prevalent than it was back then.

Example #2: Bunny Hop ( Dj Lilman Feat K-Shiz ) [ Terrence ]

TerryTEEVEE, Published on Jun 24, 2012

Might Be Alil late on This Video But I Do Whatever I Want ^__^

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Bunny Hop Song with Animation, Lyrics and Instructions by Brownielocks.

Bunny Hop Song with Animation, Lyrics and Instructions by Brownielocks.





Brownielocks and The 3 Bears
Our interpretation of a popular children's dance.


The "Bunny  Hop" is both a song and a dance.
Here are the few lyrics it has:

Put your right foot forward
Put your left foot out.
Do the Bunny Hop.
Bunny, Hop, hop, hop!

Dance this new creation
It's the new sensation
Do the Bunny Hop
Bunny, Hop, hop, hop!

Let's all join in the fun
Father, mother, son
Do the Bunny Hop
Bunny, Hop, hop, hop!

How to do the Bunny Hop Dance?
(Our animation isn't an accurate dance example)

It's a lot like a Conga Line. Just line up right behind one another, placing your hands on the hips of the person in front of you. Then you do what the lyrics say. You first kick your right foot forward, putting your heal on the ground. Then quickly put it back. Then kick your left foot out, putting the heal on the ground, and put it back quickly. When it says, "hop, hop, hop" you jump 3 times forward trying not to let go of the person in front of you.  Some groups have you hop  forward 2 and back one.  You do this as you proceed around the room. 

This is very popular at parties, wedding receptions, etc.



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How to start dancing - a conversation with a jazz-funk and hip-hop teacher

Life is a dance, and it must be danced beautifully. We talked with jazz-funk and hip-hop teacher Ekaterina Parchimchik about the fears that beginners have, how to be free in dance and not lose motivation.

Ekaterina teaches at her own Step Up studio and dances in a variety of styles. At the age of 10, Ekaterina began to study oriental dances, later her passion spilled over into the mainstream of street styles: krump, hip-hop, house dance, locking. nine0003

- And one day I heard music in the hall, something like Lady Gaga or Rihanna sounded. This was the beginning of my acquaintance with jazz-funk. Started to practice. I liked that the body moves differently, and I become more feminine. As a result, dancing made me as a person, as a girl, self-confident and self-sufficient.

After university, the girl faced a question: to work as an economist-manager, or to continue dancing. Catherine chose the second, which she never regretted. nine0003

— I wanted to promote dance not just as a sport, but as an art, as a psychology. Dance is not just some kind of physical activity, it is something that can make a person go beyond certain limits. I always dreamed that the studio became a family. In general, this is what happened.

Throw away all fears and doubts!

Without thinking twice, Ekaterina confidently says that beginner dancers are often afraid to seem ridiculous. If a person comes to a group that is already engaged, to a new team, he is very uncomfortable. He does not know how to behave, and is constantly afraid to do something, to say something wrong. nine0003

— My first rule in dancing is not to be afraid to look stupid. Some people get through this in months, while others take years.

The girl also notes a lot of fears that beginners are subject to. This is the fear of injury, and the fear of emotionality in dancing.

— I teach exactly this style (jazz-funk and hip-hop — author's note), and most often people don't want to be emotionally liberated. And they seem to dance technically, but uncertainty is visible in the face. They are afraid to smile, to be sincere. nine0014

Ekaterina advised me to try to open up to other people and not to pinch myself.

Come and dance

It's always worth a try. How can you push yourself to make your dreams come true?

- Tell yourself "if not now, then never." For example, I am a person who lives for today. And if I don't do it today, I won't do it tomorrow either. Maybe tomorrow won't come at all. And if the idea to go swimming, dancing or somewhere else has already been born in your head, you need to go and do it. Such a thought is already a desire of a kind. There are a lot of fears, and the fear of joining a new team is the most common. nine0014

The main thing is to force yourself to come for the first time. The next one is more contagious. Students' reviews on the website or in social networks will help you choose a dance school.

– In our reviews, many people write: “I have been studying for 2-3 months. I was afraid to come, but here it turned out to be so fun, cozy. And it inspires our potential students to come and try.

We asked Ekaterina what to do if, after several dance lessons, self-confidence and motivation are gone. nine0003

- If a person is unsteady in training, I will definitely say something encouraging to him. I will tell you that some time ago I did not succeed in the same way. As an example, I put my students who, through difficulties, achieved results. This usually helps.

Tested in practice: the student himself in two weeks or a month will see progress and again believe that he can do a lot. And this will be the most powerful motivation and impetus for development. nine0003

Choose your dance

If you are a plastic and flexible person, then be sure to try yourself in the contemporary style: there are elements of parterre, acrobatics and power tricks.

If you have nowhere to drain your energy, it overwhelms you, and nature has given you an explosive character, feel free to go to street styles (hip-hop, house, krump).

— Of course, musical tastes also play a role. Do you like modern, popular performers? It's jazz funk or hip hop. Inspired by calm and light music - modern jazz and contemporary. nine0014

Vogue will suit self-confident people, those who like to show off. But note that this direction is for the most patient. Who else can work out one element for so long?

- But popping is a direction for everyone. Now even strip plastic is not performed without it. It must be present as a base for any choreographer.

Speaking of strip plastic and the high heels style close to it: they are chosen for the development of femininity and stretching. And if you set yourself the goal of learning how to dance cool in clubs and at concerts, try going to jazz-funk. nine0003

- It is the most versatile of all styles, because jazz-funk dance is based on the basic choreography of absolutely all styles. When in doubt about the choice, come to jazz funk and see which branches suit you the most.

Ekaterina draws a simple conclusion: a person can be taught to dance anything, even anything at all, but the question is whether he wants to work, achieve his goals - and really dance seriously and for the soul. nine0003

Start your search for dances and dance studios with DAROO. Persuade your girlfriend to go with you, it will give confidence to both of you. Choose together what you want to try. We offer a dance set "Step Forward", which combines strip plastic, water aerobics, and dance fitness. An option for the liberated is pole exercises that will make your body flexible and sexy. The go-go dance has the same mission of improving your figure, and go-go teaches you to move in different ways: smoothly and sharply at the same time. Or maybe you want to interact with another dancer as a couple? Then you're off to hustle classes. nine0003

Photos taken from the personal archive of Ekaterina Parkhimchik.

50's Style Dance - History Of Dance

1950's Dance

1950's Style Dance is a true reflection of the evolution, innovation and fun of that era. With steps that evolved from swing, like the jitterbug and bop, and moves that anyone could do, like the bunny hop and walk, 50s dance style isn't going anywhere. Whether you're rockabilly ready or heading to the nearest rockabilly club, here are a few styles you might want to try. nine0003


As a dance style, boogie-woogie included any kind of fast swing dance and was also called "jump swing". Boogie-woogie was usually danced to blues and boogie-woogie music at an uptempo. This type of fast dance involved jumping, bouncing, stomping, and even flying with the feet, all done at considerable speed.

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  • Dance Studio Equipment
  • Photos of ballet dancers

Elvis Presley, Jerry Lee Lewis and other popular singers of the time developed their own version of rockabilly by combining blues and boogie-woogie. In Europe, people still dance boogie-woogie, although it has become close to jive and includes elements of both East and West Coast swing.


Bop dance style comes from the jitterbug and East Coast swing of the 1950s. The term "bop" actually comes from the word "bebop", those fabulous 40s jazz tunes; however, he did not dance to be-bop, but to the much faster swing, rockabilly, and rock and roll songs of the era, such as those of Bud Powell, Fats Waller, and Gene Vincent. nine0003

The bop used many of the same movements as the swing, including partners moving around each other, but was usually performed with almost no touch and much faster. The more light-hearted, Charlestonian edgy moves and independent dance style of Bop also encouraged dancers to take up solos. English dance clubs were and still are filled with people doing bop.

Bunny jump

Bunny hop became a classic dance dance in the early 1950s. It was originally danced to Bunny Hop, Ray Anthony, which came out in 1952 and had all the instructions on what to do. Do a bunny hop, all you need is the energy to jump back and preferably a few people to form a conga line.


Towards the end of the 50s, the American stage came up with a name for the simplified cha-cha-cha steps that teenagers danced to swing rhythms: Chalypso. However, the dance style took its name from a string of Caribbean hits that took over the US by the end of the decade. At 19In 1956, Harry Belafonte released his Grammy Award-winning album Calypso , and many more Calypso releases followed with the album's success.

While Calypso's songs were usually danced with a mixture of rumba and samba steps. Somewhere in the future, this was watered down and reinterpreted by young people as a simplified cha-cha-cha. This fun and easy dance style was perfect for dancing to mid-tempo swing songs - not too fast and not too slow.


The term "jitterbug" originated in the early 1930s and eventually came to be used as a generic term for swing in general. Movies such as Rock Around the Clock, Rock, Rock, Rock, and Girl Can't Help It feature the Jitterbug dancing. By the end of the 1950s, young people began to call fast dances by name. Learning how to Jitterbug is easy.


Jive, like Jitterbug, is a variation of swing dance. His ancestry is American, heavily influenced by Latino and African American groups, and is known for his speed and fun. Jive is now one of the official forms of Latin American dance in the competition arena and is danced all over the world in rockabilly joints. Read more about the history of Jive dancing and detailed instructions here. nine0003

Madison Line Dance

In the late 1950s and early 1960s, the Madison line dance became very popular. The simple dance line and steps that the dancers were called upon were a huge success. Madison's madness spawned several recordings of songs specially created for the dance, featuring Al Brown's "Madison" and Ray Bryant's "Madison Time". Top 40 Billboard. It was so popular that the 1988 film Hairspray featured the dance, and it became one of those recurring features in movies and TV shows that depict popular dances 1950s.

To perform Madison, the dancers line up and follow the movements called the song. It's simple and fun!

Rock and roll

Rock and roll is actually a swing dance. East Coast Swing, West Coast Swing, Jive and Jitterbug have all come to be known as a form of rock and roll dance, largely through the film industry and the media. So it was really rock 'n' roll and various forms of swing were used to dance to it. nine0003

Some notable rock and roll songs include Gene Vincent's Be Bob a Lula, Little Richard's Tutti Frutti, Bill Haley's Rock Around the Clock, Chuck Berry's Johnny Be Goode and Great Balls. fire" by Jerry Lee Lewis. Some of the films that helped solidify rock and roll include Rockin' the Blues, Don't Knock the Rock, Rock, Rock, Rock!, Jailhouse Rock, The Girl Can.

Learn more