How long will i love you dance

How Long Will I Love You Ellie Goulding Song Lyric Gift

This beautiful Vinyl record print features How Long Will I Love You by Ellie Goulding and would make a lovely wedding, anniversary or birthday gift. This design is available framed or unframed and comes in a variety of sizes.


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Not-Cliché Love Songs for Your First Dance

The first dance is the epitome of romance. Which makes the peer pressure to select your original, fun, romantic, clever, sweet first dance song is incredible! If you think every result from a Google search is either way too cheesy, outdated, overplayed on the radio, or all of the above, we get it! You're right to want your first dance to be special and unique—not super cliché. Check out our suggestions for cute, lesser-known love songs that should actually make your guests’ hearts flutter… not their eyes roll.

You – A Great Big World

“I never could imagine
How my life would change the day you came
And how all my fears and worries would just wash away
I never saw it coming, then one day all of a sudden
There was you, you, you, you
I don't have to live without you anymore”


Tenerife Sea – Ed Sheeran

“Should this be the last thing I see,
I want you to know it's enough for me
'Cause all that you are is all that I'll ever need.
I'm so in love, so in love
So in love, so in love”

Love Like This – Ben Rector

“It's the way you're smilin' at me
It's in the way you hold my hand
It's the way I've watched you change me from a boy into a man
It's a million things about you, and I don't know what it is
But I have never known a love like this"




Never Stop (Wedding Version) – SafetySuit

“I’ll never stop trying
I’ll never stop watching as you leave
I’ll never stop losing my breath
Every time I see you looking back at me
I’ll never stop holding your hand
I’ll never stop opening your door
I’ll never stop choosing you babe
I’ll never get used to you"


When God Made a Woman – Jerrod Niemann

"Then God made a woman fall for a man
Didn't have much going, but his life began when she took his hand
The sky turned blue, the clouds parted,
Light shined on a lonely heart
When God made a woman"

Love on the Brain – Madilyn Bailey

“Baby you got me like ah, woo, ah
Don't you stop loving me (loving me)
Don't quit loving me (loving me)
Just start loving me (loving me)”

Can’t Help Falling in Love – Kina Grannis

"Like a river flows surely to the sea
Darling, so it goes
Some things are meant to be
Take my hand, take my whole life too
For I can't help falling in love with you"

Forever Like That (Acoustic) – Ben Rector

"Well, I wanna love you, forever I do
I wanna spend all of my days with you
Will carry your burdens and be the wind at your back
Well, I wanna spend my forever, forever like that "

How Long Will I Love You - Ellie Goulding

“How long will I love you
As long as stars are above you
And longer if I can
How long will I need you
As long as the seasons need to
Follow their plan
How long will I be with you
As long as the sea is bound to
Wash up on the sand”

She is Love – Parachute

“She is love,
And she is all I need
She's all I need.
Well, I had my ways.
They were all in vain, and she waited patiently.
It was all the same, all my pride and shame.
She put me on my feet.”

The Only Exception – Paramore

“And I've always lived like this
Keeping a comfortable distance
And up until now, I had sworn to myself that I'm content
With loneliness
Because none of it was ever worth the risk
But, you are the only exception
You are the only exception”

I Was Made for Loving You – Tori Kelly ft. Ed Sheeran

“I was made for loving you
Even though we may be hopeless hearts just passing through
Every bone screaming (I don't know what we should do)
All I know is, darling, I was made for loving you”

Will Not Take my Love Away – Matt Wertz

“I will give you what you need
In plenty or in poverty
Forever, always, look to me
And I will give you what you need”

Speechless – The Veronicas

“Cause you leave me speechless
When you talk to me
You leave me breathless
The way you look at me
You manage to disarm me
My soul is shining through
Can't help but surrender
My everything to you”


Till the End – Jessie Ware

“When everything is changing
When I'm tripping up against the tide
Yes, I love and I love and I love and I want you
It's gonna be till the end of time
I wanna be right by your side
I'm gonna love you day and night
It's only you that makes it right, oh”

More Than Anyone – Gavin DeGraw

“I'm going to love you more than anyone
I'm going to hold you closer than before
And when I kiss your soul, your body'll be free
I'll be there for you anytime
I'm going to love you more than anyone”


Regardless of whichever song you choose to have your first dance to, it will definitely be a special moment between you and your new spouse. When trying to select the perfect song, listen to some tunes together - maybe even incorporate some slow-dancing in the kitchen - and let your hearts decide! And if you do want to go all out, who can say no to this wonder? It makes us smile every time! 



Read online “I will love you forever…”, Valentina Doro – LitRes


I started writing this book eight years ago, reworking it no one knows how many times. And even now it differs from the bestsellers we are used to. Only now I did not set myself the task of creating a bestseller, it is rather a parable. A weightless parable about love, choice, about each of us. Now the book is being rewritten once again. And it seems to me that the process of improving the text can last forever, so I post it in the form in which it is. I want to pay attention: the main character's name is Elizabeth Stein, but classmates call Lusya, Lusya, teachers - Lucy, and Fedorov calls - Liz.


Crazy is a Mediterranean state with a tropical climate. The population is 2.1 million people. The main directions in the economy are tourism, crop production, agriculture. Residents are divided into two classes: free and contracted. Free people are free to do as they wish, but they decide on their own provision and maintenance. Contractors, on the contrary, are fully supported by the state, and in return, at the onset of old age, at the age of forty, they transfer their body as biological material. In this country, everything is turned upside down: everything is done for idlers, they receive maintenance, while free people do not have special benefits.

From Vizgor's Encyclopedia

Chapter 1 Liz

Liz opened her eyes, as always, at fifteen minutes to six.

She always woke up at this time when she worked the first shift, and now she was lying and smiling. She had the same dream again, the same man, and also flowers, many flowers, and a park. And the man is handsome.

Who is this? He doesn't look like anyone she knows...

What was his name?.. Liz was in no hurry to get ready for work. There are still a few minutes, maybe he will remember ... No, the name was not remembered.

Serezha! His name was Serezha! Exactly! At the end she said: “I will always love you, Seryozha…” And she also wanted to ask him… About what? Liz strained her memory again, but the details of the dream stubbornly eluded her.

“Okay, it's a big day at work,” she decided. - I'll remember. It's time to get together."

Her roommate Cathy snored peacefully in her sleep: Cathy is working the second shift today, she will get up later.

The second neighbor Ellis is on the third shift today, she will be back in an hour and go to bed.

Liz carefully got out from under the covers, got dressed, quietly left the room and went to the dining room to have breakfast.

Actually, she didn't want to eat, but the administration of the Center where she works insists that the employees have breakfast and don't forget to take special vitamins. This is such a touching concern. Need to go!

Liz worked as a process manager.

Their Center consists of several blocks for the processing of industrial and domestic waste.

Waste arrives in special packaging, large orange trucks unload it into the receiving unit, from there it goes down the conveyor to the processing units, where it is sorted and sent further.

Liz's job was to keep the waste moving along the conveyors. Nothing complicated. Liz loved her job, especially during the first shift: the workshop is large, bright, the walls are painted pale green, there are many plants, large and small. Their Center is proud of its environmental friendliness! You stand at one end of the workshop, look at the other and think: how wonderful life is, how much good there is in it! And your country gave you all this.

Liz stood at the monitors and watched the movement of the transporters. Everything was normal, without deviations, her intervention was not required.

“I wanted to think about something… about that man. Seryozha. Seryozha, Seryozha, Seryozha ... What an amazing name, what a beautiful one! Who is he? Why is he dreaming of me?

Liz got up from behind the monitor, walked around the workshop, a smile was walking on her deathly-pale face. His eyes sparkled, and an implicit blush appeared on his cheeks. Serezha…

Chapter 2 Lyuska


Luska was like everyone else and at the same time not like everyone else.

She is also an objector, her parents abandoned her, as is customary among contractors in Crazy. Should an ever-screaming nightmare be tolerated if it can be eliminated? Here they are getting rid of it. And not like everyone else, because Lyuska is a walking reference book, or rather a walking creative with a huge database. There is nothing in this world that Luska would not know.

Lyuska clockwork! Yes, yes, groovy creativity!

They tell all the jokes, laugh, and she solves problems, and everything in a row, and then in the lesson she demands that they check and be allowed to continue solving. When Lyuska was in the first grade, the fourth and fifth went to her for advice.

And she read history like adventure stories. They didn’t read all the given material, and Lyuska is already looking for additional information on the topic on the Internet. Literature is generally funny: she read everything in a row, remembered everything and could quote everything, well, two or three pages is easy. She stops for a moment, as if there is a hole in front of her, slightly raises her chin and quotes from the indicated place. There were no more problems with poetry. It seemed that she poured them into herself, as one pours water into a sieve, and they poured out of her easily and organically. It is interesting to watch Luska: a thought appeared, and then poems begin to flow. For example, autumn - and poems poured out. Winter, snow - and again the verses flow without ceasing. Luska sometimes lost herself in her knowledge and abilities. But the main thing was her phenomenal performance: she could master a botany textbook overnight, and not just read it, but memorize it, put the information on the shelves and extract it from the shelf at any time.

Luska succeeded in everything. In the sixth grade, she was still a little girl, you can’t send her to graduates ...

Luska became interested in drawing - so her batiks brought a lot of money to the Center.

She was also fond of music: in the second grade she saw the guitar for the first time and fell ill with it.

If Lyuska didn't read, then she strummed something on the guitar, if she didn't strum on the guitar, then she terrorized the piano, if the piano rested after her torture, then Luska painted, or sculpted, or something else.

Luska had only one shortcoming: indifference to herself and her appearance.

In fact, it seemed that the girl was not of this world: it seems to be here, but it seems it’s not her, but some kind of fabulous blue bird, it’s not for nothing that she always walks in a blue sweater. Now she is reading poetry, and then she will turn around herself and turn into a fairy-tale bird... She really was something like a bird: long-legged, skinny, with her head held high and thin, sensual hands, and her habit of raising her arms slightly in conversation, like wings , made the resemblance to a crane or heron even stronger. But this did not interest anyone, she was just Luska for everyone. And just as she was indifferent to her appearance, so were people indifferent to her.

One could listen to her playing the guitar, and then see the performer, and involuntarily burst out: “And why did God give this cuttlefish such a talent?!”

The same with paintings...

With all her talents.

And if Luska was loved, it was not for her brown eyes and not for her slightly curly, jet-black hair, but because everything was easy for her and easy with her.

Chapter 3 First love

Before the New Year, a new values ​​coordinator appeared at the Center - Julia. She was young, cheerful; on his head is a mop of blue-black hair. On the first day when Julia was getting to know the children, a thin girl came up to her and said:

- You look like Carmen, it always seems to me that a moment - and you will start dancing flamenco.

- I don't dance Flamenco, but I was a professional dancer, participated in various competitions and even won prizes, - answered Julia.

Life in the Center was noisy, seething. Everyone wanted to dance. The assembly hall was whitewashed again, old mirrors were pulled out of the warehouses. They were so old that they had to be thrown away, but for some reason the hand did not rise, and they stood as if waiting to be remembered. Finally remembered! Carpenter Uncle Akhmet somehow attached them to the walls of the assembly hall, and the room became like a ballet class. And every girl, coming to this class, felt like a princess at a fabulous ball, and every boy - at least a prince. After classes, everyone crowded here. Some were dancing, some were watching. Even the Christmas tree, set up for the New Year, but not yet dressed in a festive outfit, did not interfere with anyone, rather it was a reminder that the holiday was coming soon. And everyone was waiting for a miracle. And then, when the Christmas tree was dressed up, garlands were hung ... an extraordinary feeling of magic appeared, that you were dancing not in the assembly hall, but at a fabulous ball, a fairy would soon appear, wave a magic wand, the air would sparkle, begin to shimmer with different colors, and everything would be different …

But the New Year passed, no miracles happened, and the passion for dancing began to subside. Luska, true to her habit of striving for perfection in everything, was one of those who did not stop dancing.

And then... spring came! The assembly hall was filled with sunlight, the air smelled of buds and melted snow. And I didn't want to think about the lessons.

Julia created new groups for the new arrivals, while those who started training before the New Year remembered what they had learned and clumsily tried to circle the assembly hall, losing time, colliding with each other. Yes, spring has already come, it looks in the mirror, and there is no way to cancel it! And girls look at boys, and boys do not look at girls. Only Luska does not care about spring. There was no…

Lyuska was practicing a combination of steps and crashed into a waltzing couple on a turn.

Arthur, tall, broad-shouldered, with his arms outstretched, tried to lead his tiny partner in the dance. Beads of sweat appeared on his forehead, his dark hair also got it, the wet ends fell into ringlets. Here the couple was near the window, and the sun's rays played on the eyelashes...

Luska admired. .. And then she came into the room and made a bunch of sketches. The room—the dormitory of the graduate girls—was a large room with fifteen or twenty beds. Next to each bed is a bedside table. Along one of the walls are lockers for personal belongings. And everything is in plain sight. And nowhere to hide. But it never crossed Luska's mind. She sat on her bed, the girls surrounded her, and she drew Arthur again and again and again. And the more I drew, the more I fell in love.

“I want to paint a portrait,” she explained to the neighbors.

They whispered - and gossip went for a walk around the Center. At first, childishly funny, and then more and more sophisticated, evil and unfair.

Chapter 4 Profitable offer

“Each offer received should be considered as a new opportunity, only in this case something can turn out. If you see only problems in everything, then it’s not worth living!”

What else did father say?.. Sergei was thinking about the proposal he had received. It was tempting in everything, except for a mere trifle: the location of the project is Crazy. A small Mediterranean state with a very specific way of life. And it was this specific way of life that worried Fedorov Jr. so much. His assistants Tim (Timur) and Tema (Artyom) were sitting at a long table in the meeting room and waiting for the decision that the leader would make.

– What do you think, eagles? After all, you have to work there.

- I am calm. Yes, a country with its own specifics. But, to be honest, our whole planet is full of sex tourism! Well, with rare exceptions.

- Sergey Sergeevich, are you going to make a revolution there, to overthrow the legitimate government? Let's see, let's start with something that does not require a large material base. Advertising, television, media, newspapers, maybe producing ... But you never know what you can do to start! In general, I consider the project promising.

Fedorov paced the meeting room with long strides. The sun shone through the window, and the shadows lined the floor with squares, it looked funny - as if he was stepping from cell to cell.

- Well, let's start with studying the market, with advertising, and then decide.

– Seryoga, what are you afraid of?

- I'm not afraid of anything, it's just that as soon as I start thinking about Crazy, such anguish piles up, right up to a toothache. Okay, eagles, man proposes - God disposes. If an offer has been received to invest and get a fat piece in the country's economy, then it is probably a sin to refuse.

Chapter 5 Lyuska's defenselessness

Just as Luska had previously stormed an algebra textbook or a guitar, she also began to storm Arthur. No, she did not approach him, did not try to speak - she just followed him like a shadow. Whatever Lucy did, but as soon as she finished the work, she immediately unmistakably headed to where Arthur was. She wanted to see him, to hear his voice. She did not notice how the girls began to whisper as soon as she entered the room where Arthur was. Others came - that's the way it should be, they have things to do, lessons, worries. And Luska is a topic for whispering and discussion. She became a kind of whipping puppy for everyone: if there is nothing to talk about, you can gossip about Lyuska ... Everyone who envied Lyuska, her knowledge, skills, talents, there were few of them, but they were, got the opportunity to see Lyuska's defenselessness and openness to first love. Lyuska in an instant turned into a rabbit thrown into a cage for wolves to feed. The attitude towards her changed: someone tried to smirk on occasion, someone tried to hurt her with his elbow more painfully. Children are cruel. Even those who yesterday sought friendship with Lyuska were not averse to laughing at her today. It seemed that she was walking along the path at the very edge of the abyss and could fall at any moment. And everyone around watched this and waited when ...

But Artur Zetka's girlfriend didn't have an easier life either. Nobody noticed her before. Well Zetka and Zetka! And now she was under scrutiny: ridicule, advice from all sides ... And if those who were not averse to laughing at Lyuska nevertheless did not go directly to her, then it was easier with Zetka: they teased her, obviously pitted her. Everyone was interested to see what would happen next.

And today everyone seems to have agreed: Lyuska either leaves the office, where everyone is preparing for the lessons, then returns, and the girls look at Zetka and giggle quietly. They also point fingers at Zetka to each other. She herself does not know what she wants more: to scratch the girls or to hit Lyuska properly. Zetka tries not to show it, clenched her fists under the table and tries to read the textbook. But it doesn't work! More and more, I want to hit Lyuska and say that it is she, Lyuska, who is to blame for the fact that it is so hard for her!

By the evening, Zetka's nerves finally gave in, and she decided to deal with Luska.

Zetka understood that she couldn't handle it alone. So, you need to ask your friends for help. Who exactly? It is necessary that she be reliable, that she not tell the teachers and generally keep her mouth shut. Zetka made a list of all the girls she was friends with, but chose only two she trusted. I talked to each one separately, and both agreed that Luska needed to be taught a lesson so that she would not climb. Perhaps if Luska played basketball or volleyball and could scatter the girls with one left hand, then they would not dare to approach her, but Luska was like a crane or a long-legged heron - tall, thin, it seems, press a little - and break in half. The idea to punish her so captured the girlfriends! They gathered in one or another class, argued, discussed, each of the girls had their own opinion on how best to deal with Lyuska, what to say, how to push, how to hit. Everyone in the Center knew that Zetka and her girlfriends wanted to beat Lyuska, but no one stopped them, no one tried to dissuade them, no one warned Lyuska. Everyone watched from the sidelines and waited for how it would all end. Girlfriends, feeling invisible support, became bolder. So much so that we decided to move from plans to action.

Chapter 6 Massacre

One of them handed Lyuska a note saying that it was from Arthur:

– He will be waiting for you after lights out in the laundry room.

Gossip spread quickly, the girls surreptitiously watched Lyuska. She was also happy. If someone began to dissuade her from this meeting, she would not listen. Having collected sketches for the portrait of Arthur, Lyuska could hardly wait for the lights out. Yesterday's girlfriends were watching her, hiding their malicious smiles.

Finally everyone fell asleep, Luska quietly got out from under the covers and went on the first date in her life. The laundry room was located on the ground floor at the very end of the corridor, besides, the utility part (laundry, ironing, inventory storage) was separated by another door. Lyuska cautiously crept up to this door, opened it slightly and slipped inside with a mouse. Feeling in the dark, she found the door of the laundry room, pulled the handle. As soon as she entered, a light flashed brightly, blinding her.

– What, a star has appeared?

Luska was surprised to see Zetka and her girlfriends instead of Artur.

– Are you minding your own business? Get away from Arthur!

- I don't go to him, I don't even talk to him.

Zetka tried to look formidable.

- What do you have there? Show me. She tore the leaves out of Lucy's hands. – You keep drawing Arthur…

– Yes, I want to paint a portrait.

“We know how you want to paint a portrait,” one of the girlfriends cut in. - Do you want to take Arthur away from Zetka!

- It won't work!

Luska was confused. She won't remember who hit her first... Yes, there were often fights in the Center, someone sorted things out with someone, but this never concerned Lyuska.

Zetka took out a clerical knife blade from her pocket:

- I'll cut your eyes now so that I don't pair up with anyone else. Go play the harmonica!

And rushed to Luska. She saw the gleam of metal and instinctively covered her face with her hands:

- Don't! I didn't do anything wrong to you...

The girls surrounded her, and Zetka began to cut her “rival” with a blade on her arms and back. Luska did not feel any pain from the cuts, she only felt how warm blood was flowing through her body, how a thin T-shirt was sticking to her back...

- Well, open your face... - the girls clung to her, trying to tear their hands away from her face.

- Let me fix your portrait...

Lyuska fidgeted, tried to fight back with her elbows and hid her face. There was a sound of a falling blade, Zeta leaned over it, tried to pick it up from the floor. Lucy abruptly took a step to the side, stepping on her toes with her foot. Girlfriends made an attempt to grab her again. Zetka screamed, either in pain or because the girls tripped over her and lost their balance. Only one of them stayed on his feet.

“It's all because of you,” she screamed and pushed Luska.

She fell.

The girlfriends, smeared with blood, got up from the floor and began to beat Luska furiously - first with their fists, then, when she fell to the floor again, with their feet, and when the anger subsided, they turned around and left. And Lyuska remained lying in a red puddle, like a fabulous blue bird with broken wings. And you should wave them and fly away, only the feathers were pulled out, the bones were broken. I would scream, but I don’t have the strength to scream ... I don’t have the strength to live ...

Chapter 7 Luska turned out to be tenacious

And yet Luska turned out to be tenacious. When they found her, life still flickered in her body. There were no serious injuries: bruises, bruises, but a large loss of blood.

All participants in the beating were under threat of being sent to a closed Center: no one needs the bastards, they should be detected and isolated as soon as possible!

All three girls suddenly realized what they had done.

“If Lucy gets worse or, what is even worse for you, she won’t survive,” the headmistress paused, “you all go to the closed Center, I won’t regret a single one. And even if everything works out, her complaint to the top is enough for action to be taken against you. We won't pity anyone! Today we will regret one thing, but tomorrow we will have to create a cemetery at the Center.

Silence hung over the Center...

Chapter 8 Defeat? Who am I?

Lyuska was in a closed block, time passed, but no one knew how she was and what was happening to her. And Lyuska was dying quietly, she did not understand why she should live, and she did not want to live.

Clever, sparkling Lyuska was always out of the game: someone competed with someone, and she read Greek myths, someone hated someone, and she mastered another chord on the guitar, someone poured gossip on someone , and she was developing another sketch of the painting... And here, for the first time, life resisted. The cuts healed quickly, bruises and bruises hurt, but something else was worse: I wanted to curl up, curl up into a ball and whine quietly.

The pain could be endured, but how to endure humiliation?

Teachers, medical staff were on duty next to her in shifts, and a psychologist also worked with her, but this did not help much. At the mere thought that she would have to enter the classroom, Lyuska recalled the whole nightmare of beating and her humiliation.

The master of cutting and sewing Nancy was the first to speak about Lucy's defeat.

“It seems to me that you are crying not from pain,” she said to Luska. - Losing is hard, especially if you have always been out of competition. You have two options. The first is to suffer, cry and blame everyone for what happened.

Luska was silent, then quietly got up on the bed and sat down.

“We have already gone through the first option,” she answered Nancy defiantly, as if she were to blame for everything, “and the second?

- Win!

- You are right, I should get better faster, I will go to boxing, I will swing, I will arrange for them!

Nancy laughed merrily and merrily:

–I bought magazines for you here. Take a look, I have them! Maybe you will find something for yourself. Only you don’t just scroll, but try on what you want to be. All right, I have to go, we'll chat tomorrow. Perhaps during this time you will understand that it is stupid to win with your fists. Well, I stuffed my face, but what good is it to you?

– What is the use of this...

Luska tossed and turned on the bed from side to side and tried to figure out what benefit she wants.

Well, to stuff your face so that you know what pain is...

But she knows what pain is, but you still want to stuff your face...

What is the essence of the problem? For some reason, the headmistress came to mind, this is how she always says: what is the essence of the problem?

That Arthur does not love her.

Arthur came to mind... Strange, but it didn't cause the former thrill in her soul.

She remembered him as something long forgotten.

Win. How?

The bed was narrow, the blanket kept slipping off, and Luska was freezing. She turned around, getting comfortable, and thought again.

To win, to be useful. And for the problem to be solved.

I couldn't sleep. Lucy got out of bed, wrapped herself in a blanket again, climbed into an armchair and began leafing through magazines. They are all about stars and celebrities. This is the young actress Dina Donetti, this is another actress - Anastasia Polonsky.

And here is a fashion show.

What did Nancy say? Try on what you want to be.

“I wonder what it's about? Who I want to be? teacher. I will stay at the Center. So, about dresses ... - Lyuska leafed through magazines. “What if it’s about a profession… Or about what?”

The nurse came and quickly sent the patient to bed.

- Can I have an apple?

The nurse brought an apple.

- Dinner is in an hour, what will you eat? she asked Lyuska and stroked her hair. – You are beautiful, you look like Sophia Werewolf.

- Who is this?

- This is a film actress and screenwriter, she is famous.

The nurse left, and Lyuska again thought: “I wonder if I'm beautiful or not? Or is everyone just trying to calm me down here?

The girl began to remember: eternally black trousers, blue thin sweater... And who can say that she is an adult. She lived so much with her discoveries that she didn't care about herself.

“What am I? Now pencils would.

They brought her supper: a cup of broth and salad. This turned out to be not enough.

- I feel like I haven't eaten in a hundred years.

- More?

- More. And so that I can stay for the night, otherwise I will suddenly get hungry at night.

- Maybe something else? To not go twice.

- If possible, pencils and paper, lots of paper. I will draw.

Luska drew herself again and again. Strange: her facial features are beautiful, but she cannot be called a beauty. Why?

She was looking for an answer and couldn't find it. Okay, but what to do to be beautiful? After all, Anastasia Polonsky cannot be called a beauty, what a mouth, and a rather big nose, but everyone admires: “Ah, Anastasia!” In the group of three-year-olds, half of the girls are Anastasia. So why?

“Make-up, but I don’t wear make-up. But our girls put on makeup, and no one can compare with Polonsky! Rags. Yes, her rags are cool, so I will get a card of a happy person, I will also dress beautifully. Beautiful - how is it? You can dress like Anna Rieter, this rapper with torn jeans, painted T-shirts… She looks more like a pugnacious boy.”

Stop! Luska laid out the magazines.

- What do they look like?

Dina Donetti - for a beautiful statue

Anna Rieter - for a bully.

Polonsky - for the queen, there is something in her ... for the generous queen.

Rene Werther - for a spoiled child.

And she, Lucy, what does she look like?

What does she want to be?

Picked up the pencil again.

She painted herself as a rapper - didn't like it.

Statue - not suitable.

A fairy from a fairy tale... After all, I once dreamed in my childhood! "Well, you swung!" she scolded herself.

So which one?

It was with this question that Luska fell asleep.

In her dream she saw Cinderella Zetka.

- Oh good fairy, help me, I'm going to prom!

- What do you want? – asked Lyuska-fairy.

- I want a Leah McCarthy nose, Steve Borotti's crew cut, Dina Donetti's tunic, Anna Rieter's jeans, and Japanese geisha's picture shoes.

Zetka listed everything one by one, and fairy Lyuska brought her what she wanted. Zetka put things on herself and became more and more like a nightmare, then she looked in the mirror, took off her shoe and threw it at Lyuska. She tried to dodge, stumbled and rolled somersault down a small ladder, only two steps, and immediately suddenly found herself in another room. The stars stood over Luska in a semicircle.

- Why did you give her my jeans! Anna Rieter was indignant. She can't rap! They sit cool on me, but on her they just suck.

- And I didn’t have to give away my tunic, I look like a Greek goddess, and your Zetka can neither step nor speak!

And only Anastasia Polonsky laughed:

– Well done! Well entertained! We need to give our screenwriters an idea!

And Zetka was shouting from the next room:

– What have you turned me into! I'm a magician too!

Luska looked at Zetka with a hedgehog like Steve's and in a tunic like Dina's and laughed! No, definitely being a sorceress is fun.

But only once, and forever to do miracles, the desire was gone.

Chapter 9 Reboot

... Luska smiled in her sleep. This was the first time in the past month. She usually sobbed or whimpered softly, like a defenseless little puppy.

Luska opened her eyes and saw Nancy, she was reading a book on which it was written in large letters: "The History of the Costume."

- Interesting?

Nancy was distracted from reading:

– Yes, very much. This is not only the history of fashion and not so much. Here are stories about how they sewed costumes for films, performances, how they picked up things, how they linked them with the character of the character. I have an exam to take soon.

– May I read?

- Do you also have an exam?

- Yes. And cooler than some. I had a dream today.

And Lucy began to tell her dream to Nancy. Nancy was amused by the story. Her laughter, like the murmur of a brook, spilled over the room.

- Have you decided to become a sorceress?

- No!

- A Greek goddess?

- Again, no. I will be different.

- How is it?

- Always different. Either conservative and strict, or frivolous, or mysterious. I will always be different!

- Cool! Do you think it will work?

- The headmistress came, she said, the competition is coming soon.

- Will you have time to recover?

- Not a question. I've already decided. I will participate in all nominations. I'll play the guitar for "Nights of Andalusia," Lucy held out her hand, took paper and pencil, and began to make sketches. - A snow-white shirt with a frill is unbuttoned to the waist, black short trousers just below the knees, with ties, a handkerchief around the neck in the tone of the trousers. There will be a bar stool on the stage, I will put my foot on it so that the knee is higher, well, a support for the guitar. She looked up at Nancy.

- The leg will be cut three times, not that.

- What do you mean?

- You have beautiful long legs, what do you suggest? The leg is bent at the knee once, and then another shin is divided into different colors, different textures. Like a sausage cut into pieces! Make long pants, show beautiful long legs!

- Good. And the shirt? Do you approve of the shirt?

- Shirt - yes.

- And I also want to perform Oginsky's polonaise. There I need a light translucent dress. I even came up with a painting for him. I mean, I'll figure it out.

– Accepted.

- And I also want to read Maria's monologue. The one where she is with Herman's handkerchief, well, where she kills herself. This is where I need a dress. Black, with bright embroidery... Or something else.

- Better choose burgundy-brown, something in this range to emphasize the eyes. Black won't fit. You are too pale now.

- I'm getting better! Luska looked at Nancy, who sat silently. - Okay, I'll think about it. After all, the dress is not sewn tomorrow.

– Sewing?

- Sew!

- You must have been hit on the head if you're talking such nonsense! Do you know what it is to sew a concert dress?

– There are still three weeks before the concert.

- Good. I'll send you old sheets. Try to sew a skirt, maybe foolishness will pass.

- From old sheets?

- Are you going to study on velvet? Bye!

Nancy closed the book, got up and left.

Chapter 10 The first experience

“What did we sew there in practice?..” Luska began to remember. - Nothing, we were taught to make straight lines. They brought some details, and we sewed them like this. I definitely got hit on the head! - She was having fun. “So, we need to try, it will work out - it’s good, but if it doesn’t work out - there is an excuse: they hit me on the head.”

Footsteps were heard in the corridor: Nancy and the PE teacher brought a sewing machine.

- Get up, I don't actually serve kamikazes, but let's at least take some measurements. There's pattern paper over there. And here is the cutting technique on the flash drive. Take the risk of making a pattern. But first, read the theory, perhaps the desire will disappear. All right, I have a lesson.

Nancy disappeared as quickly as she appeared.

Big change.

Lyuska spread some paper on the floor and got ready to make a pattern.

No ruler. Well, this Nancy is a star! Okay, let's think of something.

And Lyuska began to fold the paper edge to edge.

- Well, - she said to herself, - there is one perpendicular, now we need to fold it along more ... From point O, set aside DI and draw a line perpendicular to the line OT. Some nonsense. Skirt - what is it? This is a piece of cloth wrapped around the priests. So, now, then, we need the length of the skirt and the width of the priests. But the butt is wider than the waist! So, the excess fabric must be stitched. Make cutouts. Everything, now it remains to find out where to make them and how many. It says here that if the difference between the hips and the waist is large, eight darts should be made, and if it is small, four. Goats, it would be better if they set the coefficient! So, let's start over: one line is the length of the skirt, the second is the width of the skirt ...

This is how Luska made the pattern.

Fifteen minutes later everything was ready. The girl looked at the old sheets. Nancy is right to bring them. It is necessary to read the theory of how to transfer a pattern to a fabric ...

Half an hour later, Luska had already cut one sheet and found that the pattern was only on one side. I thought for a minute. Silky? No, there are needles, now I will transfer the lines with needles. Fifteen minutes later, the lines were moved and Luska began to sweep her skirt.

Road to nowhere lyrics I will love you forever

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You are the one I wake up thinking about every morning.
You are the one I think about before going to bed.
All my thoughts are only about you, but you will never know about it.
You left and I didn't tell you about it.
Only in my song I confess to you.

(Ahmed Shad):
I will love you ever.
And let the road lead me nowhere.
My soul is only with you and I don't need anyone else.
I will always protect you.
And let the road lead me nowhere.
My soul is only with you and I don't need anyone else,
And I don't need nobody else,
And I don't need anyone else.

(Ahmed Shad):
You are the one I dreamed about all my life, day and night.
My life seemed to be a meaningless search for warmth.
Love for you arrived unexpectedly.
Blinded, killed everything in me.
I will be betrayed, the world is now hidden deep in our hearts.

(Ahmed Shad):
I will love you ever.
And let the road lead me nowhere.
My soul is only with you and I don't need anyone else.
I will always protect you.
And let the road lead me nowhere.
My soul is only with you and I don't need anyone else,
And I don't need nobody else,
And I don't need anyone else.

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