How does dancing bear work

Is Dancing Bear Real? Dancing Bear Porn Video On-Set Sex Stories

‘I’m no Superman in bed. I don’t have a crazy ability to keep going as long as possible. So we were offered, and both took, some kind of Chinese pill.’

Eight years ago, Dan was 25, between jobs, living in South Florida, bone thin and broke. He was hitting the gym six times a week to keep himself busy and put on some weight. Naturally, he made a few friends.

One of his gym buddies worked in the adult industry, appearing in productions by BangBros and Brazzers. He saw Dan’s pictures on social media and asked if he was interested in making some money.

Dan accepted the offer. The job was supposed to be a quick $150 for being an extra, simply “to watch people fuck for the day.” It was a “Dancing Bear” scene, which often features male talent dressed in animal costumes stripping at a staged bachelorette party and having sex with the female “guests.”

But when Dan arrived on set, he ended up doing a whole lot more.


My buddy worked in the biz and made a decent name for himself. He said I was what studios were looking for — an in-shape, young-looking guy without any tattoos. He told me how much to expect to be paid, how long this would take and just how the day would go.

Basically, I was just being paid to appear in the background of whatever the video was going to be, and to look like I was having fun. So I went down to the BangBros studio in Miami one Saturday morning — BangBros is huge down here — and said I was there on my buddy’s list. They welcomed me in.

They took me to a room where there were already a few girls hanging out. We just chilled and drank Gatorade while more people showed up. Eventually there were four guys and about 16 girls. Most of the girls were quite cute and friendly.

The boss came in and told us we were going to be doing a Dancing Bear scene. He asked if any of us guys wanted to be the main [performer] in the scene before he asked any of their regular professionals. He told us it would triple what we made and that we could stay anonymous under the costume should we choose.

I and one other guy decided we’d do it. The other two guys were then sent home, because there wasn’t actually any extra work for guys to shoot that day.

After that, a woman came in and started to explain how this would go. The other guy and I got into the proper-sized bear costumes while some girls went to go touch up makeup and the rest just sat around chatting.

The bear suit seemed like what I’d imagine most mascot costumes are like — big and hot and not very easy to see what was going on below. Straight ahead, you could see, but when you bent your head down, the head would move to where you couldn’t really make out the girls. Luckily I was only in the full costume for not even an hour, maybe 30 minutes before it was just down to the [bear] head. But I kept the head on because I wanted to keep my anonymity.

At the time I was planning on joining the Air Force, so I didn’t want to have my face [visible] in porn. I don’t know how the Air Force viewed that kind of behavior, so I figured I’d play it safe and keep myself contained.

BangBros is huge and their vids are everywhere. It only would have been a short matter of time before people I knew saw it. Plus, I had multiple friends and cousins find the toga [porn] vid I did later and be like, Are you serious? Not in a bad way. But I wouldn’t have been good if I was all out there.

Anyway, while we got ready, the three girls who ended up performing in our video started to chat with me and the other guy to get to know us a bit before they sucked the souls out our cocks. We chatted and drank some Gatorade and eventually we all went to the studio. Most [female extras] took seats in the background. The more wild girls who would be interacting with the two of us mostly sat up front. 

You might be surprised to know this is all staged. These aren’t real girls at a real party. All the girls were all given Solo cups to look like cocktails; really it was either water, Gatorade or soda.

The beauty of Dancing Bear is its simplicity. Shake your ass and your cock and eventually a cute [actress] is gonna suck it to completion. There wasn’t any real production or prep like the College Rules video I did later — that shit took like 14 hours.

At the same time, 90 minutes is a long time to be jerked off and sucked, and I’m no Superman in bed. I don’t have a crazy ability to keep going as long as possible. [So] we were offered, and both took, some kind of Chinese pill they had to help with potential stage fright. So maintaining the erection wasn’t even work. It stayed around all on its own as long as there was any kind of stimulation going on.

With the bear head on, I could kind of at least tell where I was, so I wasn’t tripping or anything. But there were a few times a switch would happen where one girl stops and another takes over, and I’d miss it — [so it was] a pleasant surprise to finally be able to see what happened.

I and the other guy were told to just move like strippers, and we would be told by the director when to start removing clothes. I probably danced for about 15 minutes until clothes started [coming off] and the girls were told to start getting sluttier to liven up the footage.

I told them beforehand that I’d squeeze their shoulder as a signal for them to switch up and slow down to help me ease down a bit. The Spanish brunette in my vid was insanely good. I slowed her down probably four times in 10 mins. The other two weren’t quite at her level, so I could focus easier. (Unfortunately the Spanish chick was not the one I took home…)

This went on for about 20 minutes of filming in different ways and angles before the good stuff began. Then it was some cocksucking and titty-licking for like 10 minutes, then a quick breather to chill and take pics. The directors were basically like, “Have a quick drink and let’s have you stand here like this.” We’d just pose how they wanted for a bit, then back to the good stuff.

During the break, some still pics were then taken after the cocks were flopping — [and] before the girls got really into it.

So we were again told to try and hold out for about 20 minutes while the girls could make it a show and kind of switch back and forth between our cocks. Three slutty 19- and 20-year-olds looking to make a quick $1,000 did not make it easy to hold off for that long — they were giving it their all to be invited [back] to do more stuff.

The director started telling the girls to get really touchy and grabby with us and for me and the other guy to tease them some to build the anticipation. The entire time, the girls in the background just talked and chatted and cheered when cameras were rolling — like, pretending to be tipsy and gawking at having a girl suck a cock in front of them.

After what felt like hours, the director said, “Okay, guys, we just need money shots now.” Within five minutes, both of us unloaded our respective nuts into the waiting mouths of these lovely ladies. They then did a bit of cum kissing and licking before the camera stopped rolling. From getting to the studio to being paid after filming and leaving, it all took about five hours to complete.

Overall, I had a great time doing the videos and have no regrets at all. [It was an] easy $400. [I] never had to take off the bear head and show who I was in the video. [It] ended up being the only time I performed, but I went back the next couple weekends to extra in a College Rules video and a Haze Him video.

So in three separate days I made a total of $900. The same director did all three vids and gave me more money for being an extra, since I helped film the other two after his camera guy was out sick. I also took one of the girls home that night! We enjoyed each other some more.

My friends all found it amusing that I was an extra right behind people fucking. But only a couple [friends] knew I was a Dancing Bear… and exactly what I did.


— As told to Quinn Myers

27F curious if parties like Dancing bear are real? If any one has been to them? How was your experience and where did your find them! : AskRedditAfterDark

27F curious if parties like Dancing bear are real? If any one has been to them? How was your experience and where did your find them! : AskRedditAfterDark

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White Bear Kyiv. Order a Big Bear for the Holiday.

Polar Bear for the Holidays

Polar Bear and Panda is a new Event Trend that is completely universal and suitable for any event for any audience.

Order Polar Bear 050-500-40-62

All About the Polar Giant Bear

Great polar bear

The popularity of Polar Bears in Ukraine and Kyiv is due to their absolute universality. These white and fluffy mountains of tenderness are incredibly cute. Children's birthdays, corporate parties, exhibitions, promotions, openings of shops, restaurants and other special events - POLAR BEARS will 100% fit the format and create an entourage and a festive atmosphere.

Order a trendy Polar Bear to Kyiv for your holiday

by phone 050-500-40-62

Polar Bear

Polar Bear

Polar Bear

Polar Bear

Polar Bear

Where they order Mishka

Life-size puppets of pneumosuits of polar bears in Kyiv are adult toys of anniversaries and youth couples. All of us in childhood loved to play with bears. Who among us hasn't had it? Another reason why such an interactive show is so popular with adults, at least it seemed, is an ordinary life-size puppet for children's birthdays. Medvedikov is ordered by leading car brands for their shares.


In the video, giant bears, along with drummers, act as a hostess at one of the many entrances to the mall. See how impressive the bears look. Their size is impressive. This highlights the importance of your event. This is how our brain works. Big bears for big events. There must be something grand here, since such handsome men meet me. Of course, we are not serious about this, but nevertheless, there is something in it. But add the same cool photo zone, some LED spotlights, good music, a girl with champagne glasses from our "Lady Buffet" to such bears, and make sure that such an event will remain in the memory of your guests for a long time.

Happy birthday

It doesn't matter how old you or your friends, relatives, acquaintances are, 20, 30, 40, 50 or even 99 years old. We are all small children at heart. We were all small children, and even because of the mists of past years, we remember those wonderful childhood moments that have walked with us in our memory all our lives. Be that as it may, we know well that having fun from the heart and being happy is possible only with that naive childish smile and a pure soul. And big kids need big white bears, big cars, and big goals. With the last two points, this is not for us, but with the bears it is exactly that.

Order a bear for a birthday

Bears for the wedding

They say that on the wedding day the bride at one time or another passes her whole life through the prism of her imagination. She remembers how she sang in a chair, watched the cartoon Umka and told how she would grow up and get married. At such moments, our bride sincerely smiles. Paradoxical as it may be, even though the polar bear is a predatory animal, for us, the polar bear life-size puppet evokes only something beautiful. Wonderful thoughts, good mood, grace and other incredible and pleasant sensations.
Order white bears for your relatives for a wedding and as a gift for newlyweds.

PROMO Promotions

Although the bears do not like to walk around in clothes like us people, like you and me, but for the sake of our fun with you, our bears can wear different accessories and clothes. Especially white bears love to wear branded clothes. For example, a scarf of your company or a blouse with your logo. A hat or tie in your corporate color, that's what the bear likes.

As much as wearing branded clothes, bears like to stand on branded photo zones. So they feel like a part of a large and friendly family. If your business needs something incredibly cute, white bears are ready to help you with it.

For a children's holiday for children

We have already said a lot why adults adore bears in particular. Why are there hundreds of options for life-size puppets and pneumosuits of various options, but the popularity of polar bears, pandas and their analogues accounts for more than 99%. The number is just terrible. But he is so popular with adults. Do you know how it is for children? Now multiply this popularity by two. And even three. It is to this extent that children emotionally adore these fluffy bears, which are funny, big and white. Here's what we can say for 100% - ABSOLUTELY ALL CHILDREN LOVE WHITE BEARS for the holiday.

Order white fluffies for the holiday.

Polar Bear Marketing

Of course, we could write megabytes of text why such powerful automobile corporations, but not only automobile corporations, attract polar bears for their advertising, entertainment, demonstration actions and events. We could write the benefits of such advertising and marketing solutions that are popular with most customers, but we will only say one thing - BECAUSE IT WORKS. Glory to the white bears and the polar pole))

Polar Bear

Polar Bear

Polar Bear

Polar Bear

Polar Bear

A little about bears

How tall is Bear?
Standard Bear's height is 2m,70cm on average. But there are bears 180, 220, 250 and even 300cm.

What can a giant polar bear do?
Stand, walk, dance, jump, circle, hug, give gifts, climb between floors, take pictures, wear promotional branded blouses.

What can't a giant bear do?
Lying down, sitting, carrying people (children can be lifted up), handing out flyers, working in rain, bad weather, snow, snow, sand, grass, earth.

What is the cost of services and the price of a bear?
Prices for polar bears depend on many factors, working hours, conditions for getting to the location, working conditions and even the date. You can get a quick calculation for our services by calling 050-500-40-62

!!!ATTENTION!!!!!!ATTENTION!!!ATTENTION!!! before calling us.
Why such prices for a bear?
Many people do not understand why such a price for a white Bear. We do not want to burden you with technical nuances, but people confuse the work of an ordinary animator with a white bear. And it's not even a life-size puppet! It's a pneumosuit! That is, in addition to the fact that the costume itself and the equipment for the bear are very expensive (about $ 1000), the bear is powered by a mini-generator, which is located in the animator's backpack and constantly supplies air to the middle of the costume through the clutch. Generators are not durable, because work is possible up to an hour. The suit itself and technical components are quite large and difficult to transport. And since inflating and assembling a costume is an energy-consuming business, even 5 minutes or one song costs so much money! The price of express congratulations is not after 5 minutes of our work, but for the technical aspects and operation of the costume. After all, the bear costume is white and constantly needs dry cleaning, so the price for 5-10 minutes of work cannot be 200-400 UAH!!!

Express congratulations

15 min

from 900 UAH

  • Express birthday greetings from Mishka. Presentation of your flowers, balloons, gifts, if any. Program with musical accompaniment.

Order 050-500-40-62


up to 30 min

from 1300 UAH

  • Happy birthday express from Mishka. Presentation of your flowers, balloons, gifts, if any. Program with musical accompaniment.

Order 050-500-40-62


up to 55 min

from 2000 UAH

  • Bear works until one o'clock. Actual for promotions, discos and hostesses. Departure prices are discussed in detail by phone.

Order 050-500-40-62

Why are prices "FROM"?

Prices are calculated for the departure of the white bear in Kyiv. For trips outside the city, prices may increase. Also, prices may increase on holidays and holidays, when there are a lot of orders. In some cases, prices may be reduced. For example, regular customers, shops with PROMO Promotions, orders for several hours, etc.

CRM form show up here

Our Contacts

To contact us, call or write to viber. Or fill in the form and we will phone you.

Our Phones

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Life-size puppets

Large selection of life-size puppets for any event


children's animators

All kinds of animators for children, holidays and other events.


Polar bear. Order a large polar bear for a holiday and congratulations in Kyiv and the Kyiv region (Baryshevka, Belaya Tserkov, Berezan, Boguslav, Boryspil, Borodyanka, Boyarka, Brovary, Bucha, Vasilkov, Cherry, Volodarka, Vyshgorod, Glevakha, Gostomel, Ivankov, Irpen, Kagarlyk, Kyiv, Kotsiubynske, Makarov, Mironovka, Obukhov, Pereyaslav Khmelnitsky, Pripyat, Rzhishchev, Rokytne, Skvira, Slavutich, Tarashcha, Tetiev, Uzin, Ukrainka, Fastov, Chernobyl, Yagotin) and even throughout Ukraine.

Dancing bear

On the other hand, if I have to choose between knife and remote control locks, I will throw away the knife without hesitation. First time trying remote lock control, I could no longer imagine car without him. This is the most convenient feature in my car, I use it most of all the other is ten times more common than a knife. Despite its unconvincing and clumsy design, it's still wonderful thing. An analogy can be drawn with a hefty bear that a man leads on chains to the town square and for modest donations makes dance. The townspeople are going to gawk on a curiosity - on how massive, the bulky beast steps awkwardly from paw to paw. Dancing bear just awful but miracle not that he dances well, but that that generally dances .

The miracle is not that remote control locks works well, but in that it is generally works. I'm ready to deal with problems interactions to take advantage the benefits of remote access to to your transport.

Amazing Gifts silicon is so irresistibly attractive, that we are ready to easily come to terms with associated costs. Hitting on desert island, you won't to object if the one who came to the rescue the ship will be a rusty skeleton, eaten by leaks and infested with rats. The difference between having software problem solving and no solution generally so large that we accept any trials and difficulties that come with this decision.

Stubbornness problems do not come from complexity creating better interactions. It comes from our universal willingness to accept low quality interactions as inevitable. seeing rusted ship, we're not interested what are the amenities on it, but just jump on board and happy with what we got.

Specialists in software area only and it remains to feel comfortable when encountering products, having high cognitive resistance. They pride themselves on their ability to work despite the vicissitudes of fate. Ordinary people being newbies in the use of these products, do not have special knowledge to judge is it possible to get rid of cognitive resistance. Instead, they rely to the tips of computer "nerds", who shrug their shoulders and say that "must be computer literate" to use products based on software. Programmers put all the blame on technology, explaining users that the complexity of the interaction is an inherent property of computers, and she is inevitable.

It is not true. Complex interactions are quite possible to avoid.

cognitive resistance is not generated by technology, but the people who own them. They are hosts, because they know how to think the language of silicon chips and imagine like everyone thinks the same. They create technological artifacts, interaction with which is carried out on the same the language used in the development. They better make a car out of hot metal and grinding gears than trim it with leather and tree.

Learn more