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      How to Dance, Volume 1

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      This volume teaches you how to perform the "Dodge Step," "Inventory Shuffle," and "Gear Grind" dance moves. You also gain the ability to invite others to follow along in a dance you control.

      Double-click to receive these dance skills and the Dancing Spirit buff.

      Account Bound
      Not sellable

      • Mordrem Troll Eye
      • Red Choya Kite
      • Rolan's Key Fragment (2/4)
      • Masterwork Black Lion Dye Canister—Yellow
      • Rolan's Key Fragment (3/4)
      • Lightning Kite
      • Mysterious Blue Key
      • Royal Pass (2 weeks)
      • Mordrem Troll Kidney
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      • Mordrem Thrasher Tendon
      • Mysterious Green Key
      • Lava Lounge Pass (2 Weeks)
      • Dragon Emblem Balloon
      • Mordrem Teragriff Kidney
      • Armistice Bastion Pass (2 weeks)
      • Bloodstone Ascender
      • Rolan's Key Fragment (4/4)
      • Mordrem Thrasher Kidney
      • Noble's Folly Pass (2 weeks)
      • Blue Choya Kite
      • Endless Friendship Tonic
      • Mordrem Teragriff Fang
      • Scarlet Briar's Journal, 2nd Fragment
      • Suspicious Package
      • Embellished Kite
      • Wind Kite
      • Piece of Mordrem Thrasher Gas Bladder
      • Piece of Mordrem Husk Bladder
      • Mordrem Teragriff Bladder
      • Mordrem Teragriff Spleen
      • Sonic Tunneling Tool
      • Glowing Golem Banker Crystal
      • Mordrem Teragriff Eye
      • Mordrem Husk Eye
      • Mordrem Thrasher Eye
      • Noble's Folly Pass (2 weeks)
      • Thousand Seas Pavilion Pass (2 weeks)
      • Armistice Bastion Pass (2 weeks)
      • Mordrem Thrasher Gas Bladder
      • Mordrem Troll Spleen
      • Mysterious Pink Key
      • Mistlock Sanctuary Passkey (2 weeks)
      • Magic Carpet
      • Water Fight Balloon Bucket
      • Aviator's Memory Box
      • Green Choya Kite
      • Prosperity Mine Kite
      • Mordrem Husk Fang
      • Captain's Airship Pass (2 weeks)
      • Boxing Gloves
      • Ram Balloon
      • Mordrem Troll Fang
      • Aetherblade Code Fragment
      • Scarlet Briar's Journal, 1st Fragment
      • Toxic Code Fragment
      • Riding Broom
      • Watermelon Sand Shark Kite
      • Mark of Peace Kite
      • Essence of Nightmares
      • Mordrem Bloom
      • Watchwork Code Fragment
      • Piece of Mordrem Teragriff Bladder
      • Mordrem Troll Bladder
      • Sun Kite
      • Bobblehead Laboratory
      • Endless Common Clothing Tonic
      • Ornamental Kite
      • Mistlock Sanctuary Passkey (2 Weeks)
      • Mordrem Husk Bladder
      • Mordrem Teragriff Tendon
      • Red Lantern
      • Bouquet of Roses
      • Royal Pass (2 weeks)
      • Crystal Shard Kite
      • Masterwork Black Lion Dye Canister—Red
      • Molten Code Fragment
      • Mordrem Husk Tendon
      • Mordrem Thrasher Spleen
      • Rolan's Key Fragment (1/4)
      • Skimmer Kite
      • Pact Airship Balloon
      • Lava Lounge Pass (2 weeks)
      • Vlast Avenger
      • Ventari Follower Kite
      • Mordrem Thrasher Fang
      • Thousand Seas Pavilion Pass (2 weeks)
      • Mordrem Husk Kidney
      • Druid Runestone Fragment
      • Mordrem Troll Tendon
      • Masterwork Black Lion Dye Canister—Blue
      • Zebra Skimmer Kite
      • Scarlet Briar's Journal, 5th Fragment
      • Mad King's Chest Key Fragment
      • Hovering Mad Mirror
      • Haunted Gramophone
      • Electromagnetic Ascender
      • Sand Shark Kite
      • Piece of Mordrem Troll Bladder
      • Mordrem Husk Spleen
      • Masterwork Black Lion Dye Canister—Green
      • Scarlet's Lockbox Code Fragment
      • Scarlet Briar's Journal, 3rd Fragment
      • Scarlet Briar's Journal, 4th Fragment

      Dance - Guild Wars Wiki (GWW)

      This article needs to be cleaned up, see Guild Wars Wiki:Formatting for details.


      • 1 Profession-dependent
        • 1.1 Warrior
        • 1.2 Ranger
        • 1.3 Monk
        • 1.4 Necromancer
        • 1.5 Mesmer
        • 1.6 Elementalist
        • 1.7 Assassin
        • 1.8 Ritualist
        • 1.9 Paragon
        • 1.10 Dervish
      • 2 Other
        • 2.1 Junundu
        • 2.2 Rollerbeetle Racer
        • 2.3 Siege Devourer / Trained Devourer
        • 2.4 Abaddon

      Dance is a continuous emote invoked using the /dance or /dancenew chat command or by using the respective localized version for your language. Each gender of each profession has their own dance. Also a disguise, form, or tonic can temporarily change your dance.

      /dancenew is only available as Assassin, Ritualist, Dervish and Paragon.

      • While in certain forms, the /dance emote will show a line in the chat window, but will have no visible effect.
      • If you do the Collector's Edition dance with the Assassin or Ritualist and Shadow step away, your background dancers will stay in their place, and continue to dance, but will disappear once you move.
      • Typing /dance * or /dancenew * will allow you to synchronize several dancing people, if all who have typed /dance * or /dancenew * have pressed the Enter button within 5 seconds of each other.
      • The Nightfall Collector's Edition dance (/dancenew) emulates the dance from Coming to America.
      • Typing /dance after typing /dancenew with a Dervish or Paragon will cause the character to keep the animation (Discoball or Lightorb), and dance their original dance.
      • Typing /dancenew after typing /dance with an Assassin or Ritualist will cause the character to retain the Divine Aura effect while also displaying the complete special edition dance for that profession.
        • Typing a continuous emote (i.e. /bowhead) after typing /dancenew will also cause the character (Paragon or Dervish) to continue their dance animation, for as long as the character does not move, or end the emote.
      • Typing /dancenew without having the collector's edition dance unlocked, or as one of the original 6 professions, will cause the character to dance their original dance, instead of the collector's edition dance.




      This dance is a combination of John Travolta dance moves from Saturday Night Fever and Pulp Fiction. Players with Avatar of Balthazar active will use this dance.

      • Male Warrior Dance or click image.

      The female warrior dance emulates the dive, a popular dance style in the '60s. It was also seen in the movie Pulp Fiction when Uma Thurman's character, Mia, dances.

      • Video of Pulp Fiction dance (YouTube)
      • Female Warrior Dance or click image.



      This dance incorporates moves from locking and a breakdancing power move called the windmill.

      • Video of locking (YouTube)
      • Male Ranger Dance or click image.

      This dance features many common cheerleading moves, as seen at sporting events worldwide. Players with Avatar of Melandru active will use this dance.

      • Female Ranger Dance or click image.



      The male monk's dance possibly emulates a combination of tai chi and capoeira.

      • Video of tai chi (YouTube)
      • Video of capoeira (YouTube)
      • Male Monk Dance or click image.

      The female monk dance appears to derive from a Changquan (or Long Fist) form. This particular dance is used by Zhang Ziyi in House of the Flying Daggers. Players with Avatar of Dwayna active will use this dance.

      • Video of Changquan (YouTube)
      • Female Monk Dance or click image.



      This dance is a combination between headbanging and moshing. Players with Avatar of Grenth active will use this dance. This is the only dance where the player's weapon is still displayed.

      • Video of headbanging (YouTube).
      • Male Necromancer Dance or click image.

      This dance emulates Michael Jackson's Thriller. Players with Avatar of Sweetness active will use this dance.

      • Video of Thriller dance (YouTube).
      • Female Necromancer Dance or click image.



      The male mesmer dance resembles Riverdance or Irish stepdance. Players with Avatar of Holiday Cheer active will use this dance.

      • Video clips of Riverdance (Youtube)
      • Male Mesmer Dance or click image.

      The female mesmer dance resembles the Spanish flamenco. Players with Avatar of Lyssa active will use this dance.

      • Video of flamenco dance (YouTube)
      • Female Mesmer Dance or click image.



      This dance uses moves from two tv series, Seinfeld and Friends. which culminate in Elaine Benes's style of dancing from the episode entitled "The Little Kicks".
      This dance is unique in that it does not loop from the very beginning; instead, it loops from the start of the "little kicks" segment, as pictured.
      The other dance moves come from "The Routine", a dance routine danced by Ross and Monica Geller in Friends.

      • Video of Elaine dancing (YouTube).
      • Video of "The Routine" (YouTube).
      • Male Elementalist Dance or click image.

      This dance emulates a version of the belly dance. One example is the belly dance performed by Shakira during live performances of Ojos Así.

      • Female Elementalist Dance or click image.
      • Video of Ojos Así belly dance (YouTube).



      This type of dance is called Popping. The assassin Divine Aura, in addition to resembling shuriken, resemble photons used in some street dances. The dance also contains the "Moonwalk" as made famous by Michael Jackson and the robot. The first part of this dance is taken from a dance performed by Will Smith during a Fresh Prince of Bel Air episode.

      • Video of robot dance (YouTube)
      • Video showing use of photons (YouTube)

      No longer available - Video of robot dance from "Major Payne" (YouTube)

      • Video of Will Smith dance (YouTube)
      • Male Assassin Dance or click image.

      This dance appears to have moves from street acrobatic martial art style called "tricking". Also, the beginning of this dance is known as "skanking," a style of dancing known to be seen at punk or ska concerts.

      • Female Assassin Dance or click image.



      This dance emulates that performed by Jon Heder in the movie Napoleon Dynamite

      • Video of the Napoleon Dynamite Dance Scene (YouTube)
      • Male Ritualist Dance or click image.

      This is a form of interpretive dance, most often done with a ball, but also called balance dancing as seen in Cirque du Soleil.

      • Female Ritualist Dance or click image.



      This dance emulates the dance performed by Michael Jackson in the music video for "Beat It".

      • Video of Beat It (YouTube)
      • Male Paragon Dance or click image.

      The Female dance resembles a traditional African tribal dance. A segment can be seen in video for song "Alane" by Wes.

      • Female Paragon Dance or click image.



      This dance emulates the dance done by Christopher Walken in Fatboy Slim's "Weapon of Choice"

      • Video of Weapon of Choice (YouTube)
      • Male Dervish Dance or click image.

      The female dervish emulates the dance of Sufi whirling dervishes. It also features elements of figure skating and ballet.

      • Video of whirling dervish (YouTube).
      • Female Dervish Dance or click image.


      The junundu will just wiggle its head from side to side.

      • Junundu Dance or click image.

      Rollerbeetle Racer[edit]

      The animation used for the rollerbeetle racers is a mixture of the popular dance move called "Raise the Roof" where you push your hands up to the ceiling in time with a beat, and the popular breakdancing spin - the back spin.

      • Video of back spin (YouTube)
      • Rollerbeetle Dance or click image.

      Siege Devourer / Trained Devourer[edit]

      Siege Devourers and Trained Devourers will just jump, then start side-walking left and right, while snapping its pincers as if it were snapping fingers or playing castanets. When Trained Devourers dance, they have the same spotlight and confetti / sparkles effects as Paragons performing the Collector's Edition dance.

      • Siege Devourer Dance or click image.


      If you do the /dance emote in front of Abaddon, before aggroing his Monoliths, he will do a segment of the Warrior Male dance, shortly before your whole party automatically dies, and a message will show on the screen, saying, "You Got Served."

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      Weaver — Guild Wars 2 wiki

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      "The elements twist, spin - merge. "

      Weaver gains the ability to combine two different elements and use them simultaneously. Quickly combine the elements to create an agile and dynamic fighting style that starts and ends the battle dance.

      - In-game description for

      The Weaver is an elite elementalist specialization available in the Path of Fire expansion. The weavers have learned from the Elonian genies how to use 2 attunements simultaneously, one in each hand, and can combine them for powerful new twin attacks. To better weave the elements together, these spellcasters can switch settings much faster than other elementalists. Weavers can take stances to grant themselves temporary bonuses, with some of these stances having different effects depending on the settings the Weavers are currently combining. Weavers can use swords in their right hand, light blades that allow them to dance gracefully on the battlefield, combining offense and defense. Weavers are damage dealers by nature and like to play Brute or Glass Cannon style. With so many elemental attacks at his disposal, the master weaver will never run out of spells to cast.


      • 1 Weaver skill list
        • 1.1 Mechanics of profession
        • 1.2 Weapon Skills
          • 1.2.1 Sword
        • 1.3 Dual Attack Weapon Skills
          • 1.3.1 Sword
          • 1.3.2 Staff
          • 1.3.3 Dagger
          • 1.3.4 Scepter
          • 1.3.5 Trident
        • 1.4 Slot skills
          • 1.4.1 Healing
          • 1.4.2 Auxiliaries
          • 1.4.3 Elite
      • 2 Weaver Trait List
      • 3 Knowledge
      • 4 Related Items
      • 5 Related Achievements
      • 6 Gallery
      • 7 Notes
      • 8 Parts
      • 9 External links

      Weaver skill list[edit]

      See also: Elementalist skill list

      - Weaver

      Weavers can tune in to 2 elements at once. When the Weaver tunes in to a new element, his current element in his right hand is moved to his left hand, and the new element is placed in his right hand. You can tune in to the same element twice, resulting in a standard single tuning.

      The right hand attunement determines skills in 1st and 2nd slots, the left hand attunement determines skills in 4th and 5th slots, and the skill in 3rd slot depends on the combination of both elements. When configured for 2 different elements, the corresponding dual attack appears in the 3rd slot, regardless of the order of the settings (depending on which element is in which hand).

      Weapon skills[edit]

      # Skill Description
        Fire Attunement
      1 Fire Strike 0.5½ Wrap your sword in flames and slash your opponents.
      1 Fire Swipe 0. Heat the sword a second time and deal increased damage to enemies.
      1 Searing Slash 0.75¾ Heat up the sword one last time and use the full power of the flame to scorch opponents and set them on fire.
      2 Flame Uprising 0.75¾ 8 Jump forward and set off a fiery explosion.
      3 Cauterizing Strike 0.75¾ 15 Poke an enemy with full force, dealing increased damage to burning enemies.
        Water Attunement
      1 Seiche 0.5½ Infuse your blade with water, healing yourself with each hit on the target.
      1 Clapotis 0.5½ Deal a second hit that heals you for each target hit.
      1 Breaking Wave 0.75¾ Strike enemies and unleash a wave that heals allies.
      2 Riptide 1 12 Use Water Release to move back and regenerate, leaving a healing area in place.
      3 Aqua Siphon 0.75¾ 15 Strike an enemy and draw water out of them, splashing it on allies in a healing wave.
        Air Attunement
      1 Charged Strike 0. Strike an opponent with shocking force.
      1 Polaric Slash 0.5½ Deal a second blow that grants swiftness.
      1 Call Lightning 0.75¾ Perform a final attack by unleashing lightning strikes on enemies.
      2 Polaric Leap 0.5½ 15 Take a ghostly step towards the target and deliver a stunning blow. Gain super speed if you interrupted an opponent.
      3 Quantum Strike 0.75¾ 16 Strike an enemy, leaving a static charge on them that will hit them with lightning strikes for a short time.
        Earth Attunement
      1 Crystal Slash 0.5½ Strike an enemy with a jagged blade.
      1 Crystalline Strike 0.5½ Attack opponents with a second vicious attack.
      1 Crystalline Sunder 0.75¾ Deal a final crushing blow.
      2 Earthen Vortex 0.75¾ 10 Burrow into the ground, then erupt with rock-shattering force.
      3 Rust Frenzy 0.5½ 15 Strike opponents with lethal force.

      Dual Attack Weapon Skills[edit]

      Main article: Dual Attack
      # Skill Description
      Fire + Water
      3 Twin Strike 0.75¾ 10 Double attack. Quickly strike opponents in front of you using the extreme nature of fire and water.
      Fire + Air
      3 PyroVortex 0.5½ 12 Double attack. Strike enemies in an arc in front of you, creating searing whirlwinds on the enemies hit.
      Fire + Earth
      3 Lava Skin 0. 25¼ 18 Double attack. Take cover in an expanding barrier, dealing damage to nearby enemies.
      Water + Air
      3 Shearing Edge 0.5½ 12 Double attack. Create a frozen blade and spin to attack opponents.
      Water + Earth
      3 Natural Frenzy 0.5½ 10 Double attack. Fire a volley of ice and earth at your opponents.
      Air + Ground
      3 Gale Strike 0.75¾ 20 Double attack. Strike enemies, lifting them off the ground and creating cyclones where they were.
      Fire + Water
      3 Pressure Blast 1 15 Double attack. Launch a projectile of steam that heals allies in its path. This projectile explodes if it hits the ground or an enemy, healing allies and damaging nearby enemies.
      Fire + Air
      3 Plasma Blast 0.25¼ 12 Double attack. Throw a ball of plasma that explodes on impact with enemies.
      Fire + Earth
      3 Pyroclastic Blast 0.75¾ 15 Double attack. Throw a molten stone that devastates everything around.
      Water + Air
      3 Monsoon 0.5½ 20 Double attack. Launch a hurricane forward, healing allies and damaging enemies.
      Water + Earth
      3 Lahar 0.5½ 20 Double attack. Create an area that damages and cripples enemies.
      Air + Ground
      3 Pile Driver 10.5½ 18 Double attack. After a short preparation, throw a super-speed boulder that destroys enemies in its path.
      Fire + Water
      3 Steam Surge 0. 75¾ 18 Double attack. Sneak into an area, hitting enemies with steam and healing nearby allies.
      Fire + Air
      3 Plasma Burst 0.75¾ 15 Double attack. Set enemies on fire with a burst of plasma.
      Fire + Earth
      3 Ashen Blast 0.5½ 12 Double attack. Blind enemies with burning ash.
      Water + Air
      3 Katabatic Wind 0.25¼ 18 Double attack. Unleash a chilling wind that damages enemies.
      Water + Earth
      3 Mud Slide 1 20 Double attack. Knock opponents into the mud and slip past them.
      Air + Ground
      3 Grinding Stones 0.5½ 18 Double attack. Shred opponents with a hail of stones. You take less damage while the storm exists.
      Fire + Water
      3 Fiery Frost 0.75¾ 15 Double attack. Launch a projectile of fire and ice while dodging attacks.
      Fire + Air
      3 Plasma Beam 10.25¼ 18 Double attack. Launch a jet of hot plasma at an enemy.
      Fire + Earth
      3 Fracturing Strike 1 12 Double attack. Unleash a meteorite that pierces the ground and causes a lava eruption.
      Water + Air
      3 Glacial Drift 0.75¾ 15 Double attack. Intertwine air and ice to fire a super-cold projectile that freezes foes.
      Water + Earth
      3 Stone Tide 0.75¾ 15 Double attack. Bleed an enemy with ice and sharp rocks.
      Air + Earth
      3 Earthen Synergy 0. 75¾ 20 Double attack. Strike enemies with the sky and the ground, damaging them from below and then stunning them from above.
      Fire + Water
      3 Hydrothermal Vent 1 15 Double attack. Create a thermal burst around your target.
      Fire + Air
      3 Plasmic Strike 0.5½ 12 Double attack. Quickly heat up an area around an enemy, melting their defenses.
      Fire + Earth
      3 Molten Burst 0.75¾ 12 Double attack. Obtain a shield from the ground and then create a molten explosion at your location.
      Water + Air
      3 Absolute Zero 0.5½ 20 Double attack. Fire a super-cold shard that freezes enemies on impact.
      Water + Earth
      3 Elemental Compression 1 12 Double attack. Create an extreme pressure zone of earth and water around your target.
      Air + Ground
      3 Sodden Swath 0.5½ 18 Double attack. Unleash a whirling earth vortex at enemies.

      Slot Skills[edit]

      Skill Description
      Aquatic Stance 0. 75¾ 4 Stand. Hitting an enemy causes a burst of water in its place, healing nearby allies.
      Skill Description
      Primordial Stance 5 Stand. Draw power from the very heart of the Elements, dealing damage based on your Elements. Full attunement to one Element applies this condition twice.
      Stone Resonance 5 Stand. Assume a ground stance that periodically grants a barrier while you hold this stance.
      Unravel 5 Stand. For a while, you forget about your training as a Weaver, completely attuning to one Element. Receive boons based on your primary attunement and reduce the cooldown of all attunements.
      Twist of Fate 1 5 Stand. Remove the stun, then quickly turn and dodge attacks.
      Skill Description
      Weave Self 0.75¾ 90 Rack. Temporarily decrease the cooldown of Elements by gaining bonuses from invoking new Elements. A successful call to all of the Elements breaks this stance and yields Perfect Yarn.
      Tailored Victory 0. 75¾ Unleash all of your Elemental threads and break your Self-Weave stance, allowing gravity itself to weave around you.

      Weaver trait list[edit]

      See also: Elementalist trait list
      Level Trait Description
      Junior ownership Sword Proficiency You can use the sword in your right hand.
      Junior adept Weaver Your current Element is now in your right hand, and your previous Element is in your left. Elements recharge faster. You gain access to dual attacks and stances.
      Senior Adept Superior Elements 4 Dual attacks weaken enemies. Attacks against weakened enemies have an increased chance of critical damage.
      Senior adept Elemental Pursuit 10 You gain superspeed when you inflict speed-reducing conditions on enemies.
      Senior adept Master's Fortitude Your Vitality is increased when you are armed with a sword. You gain additional Vitality in proportion to your Strength and condition damage.
      Junior master Elemental Refreshment Grants a barrier to you and nearby allies when using dual attacks.
      Senior master Weaver's Prowess Your ailment damage and duration are increased for a period of time after applying another Element.
      Senior master Swift Revenge You are granted swiftness when using a dual attack. Damage against enemies is increased while you have Haste or Super Speed.
      Senior master Bolstered Elements 70 You gain a barrier when you activate a stance. You cast Lesser Stone Resonance if you take damage while your health is below the threshold.
      Junior Grandmaster Elemental Polyphony Your attributes increase based on your current Element. When attuned to two Elements, you get both bonuses.
      Senior Grandmaster Elements of Rage You deal additional damage over time after attuning to a single Element. Your Accuracy increases based on your Vitality.
      Senior Grandmaster Woven Stride 3 You are granted swiftness if you have a condition that reduces your speed. When you gain Haste or Super Speed, you are also granted regeneration. Haste efficiency increased.
      Senior Grandmaster Invigorating Strikes You gain energy when using a dual attack. Dodges provide a barrier.

      Weavers (Weaver) can attune to two different elements at the same time, deftly shuffling them from hand to hand and combining them into powerful effects. They prefer swords in battle, and also absorb the power of the elements using stance skills.

      – Description of the Weaver

      Related Items[edit]

      • Weaver's Sword
      • Warpblade
      • Weaver's Antipodes
      • Superior Rune of the Weaver
      • Mini Weaver Folarin Oyekan

      Related Achievements[edit]

      • Specializations (Path of Fire achievements): Adept Weaver - Begin training the elementalist's weaver elite specialization. (5)
      • Specializations (Path of Fire achievements): Master Weaver - Completely train the elementalist's weaver elite specialization. (10)
      • No result for achievement "Warpblade". It may not have been added to the wiki yet.
      Advertising materials
    • Weaver (Weaver) with a sword is a real melee fighter. Players, however, should keep in mind that they are quite flimsy and can be quickly taken out of action if not careful.
    • The 2nd sword skill is always associated with a move that allows the player to move in or out depending on the setting. Fire (Fire) and Air (Air) are usually used for offensive rapprochement with the enemy, and Water (Water) and Earth (Earth) - for a defensive retreat.
    • Elementalist's main utility skills and traits (such as Glyph of Elementals, Soothing Mist and Stone Heart) will be based on the right hand attunement.
    • When changing attunements with Weaver, all 4 attunements go on the same cooldown of 4 seconds. This is different from the core elementalists, who get a longer cooldown of the attunement they switched from, and a shorter cooldown for the rest.
    • If auto-attack is enabled on a basic attack chain, the Weaver always ends the basic attack chain of the element it was attuned to at the start of the first attack, even if it switches to a different setup at any time during the chain.
      • For example, if the Weaver activates Charged Strike and then reconfigures to water, auto-attack will first complete the air auto-attack chain and only start the water auto-attack chain after Call Lightning is completed. This cannot be reproduced if auto-attack is disabled.
    • In rare cases, the Weaver can retain the Dual Attack weapon skill after switching from a 2-element setting to a 1-element only setting. Most often this happens when dismounting or changing maps, when changing maps changes the build template without the Weaver to the build template with the Weaver.
    • The Weaver is a concept that has been in development since before the Heart of Thorns expansion. She was a contender for an elite specialization for HoT, but the technology for this was not yet ready.
    • The developers encourage players to use the Unravel utility when trying to get familiar with the Weaver mechanic. It essentially allows you to temporarily lose the mechanics of the Weaver and fully tune in to the elements. This can be useful to quickly get to the skill you need without planning ahead.
    • Elite skill rewards players who can weave all 4 settings instead of sticking to just 2.
    • This elite specialization has received the most new skills, up to 64.
    • Translation of skills and traits provided by

    External links[edit]

    • Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire Elite Specializations—Weaver (Elementalist)

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