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New for Iphone X and IOS 11.

Whether your having a party or at the disco, rave or music festival, Party Light is for those who love being in the lights. It's the original light show app that turns your phone in to a hypnotic strobing light machine! Party Light has plenty of trippy effects. We use your camera LED lights and internal accelerometer to pulse, strobe and mix various lighting effects. Party Light's rave mode changes color based on how you hold your device. No need for glowsticks, wave your device for a multicolored rave light. Party Light is the original disco light and dance light!
Just turn on Party Light and it takes over pulsing to the beat of the music it'll turn heads and creates a unique ambiance that makes you part of the experience!
Party Light has multiple strobe, rave, color effects with more effects in the works!

Light Modes:
* Disco Light
* Rave Light
* LED Strobe
* Geometric Shapes
* Tap to Strobe
* Glow Paint
* Police Strobe
* Flash
* Pulse
* Trippy
* Hearts

And more added all the time!

Version 1.2.7

This app has been updated by Apple to display the Apple Watch app icon.

New Light Effects Added.

Ratings and Reviews

61 Ratings

Bad app

This app will freeze up on you don’t get it that is all I half to say


I love all the settings, especially when it makes your flashlight into a strobe. I wish it could do different colors, that would be cool but I don’t know if an app can do that.

Party Light

What’s Next?? I love it. Accidentally held down on the back button while on a geometric setting and circles setting and it changed the visuals overall look while keeping the shape though. Neat!!

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Jeremiah McLeod

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Paul's Top 10 Strobe Tips

The strobe light is one of our most popular devices for special lighting effects. Strobe lights are a staple of nightclubs and dance companies, and are frequently used in musicals and plays. I've discussed how the stroboscopic effect works in a previous article, so this week I'd like to focus more on getting the most out of your strobe light.

The Top Ten theme is really more for my own amusement; tips are not really presented in any order of importance or usefulness. If it helps, imagine me behind a desk with some blue cards, a gap in my teeth and a bad haircut.

Anton, a drumroll if you please...

10) Most strobe lights are speed-adjustable, meaning that you can vary the number of flashes per second that the light emits. The fastest setting is not always the best for every situation! Play with the speed until you get the look you want.

9) If you're planning to use multiple strobe heads you should consider buying a system that is linkable. This allows you to have all the strobes flashing synchronistically. If two strobes are flashing out of phase with each other, they will cancel out the "slow motion" effect.

8) Try to position your strobes so that the effect is achieved without blinding your audience. In a nightclub, use high placement with steep angles. You may need to use more units, but your crowd will appreciate it. In stage productions, try to position the strobes so that they illuminate the stage and not the audience. One exception to this is when you're using strobes to momentarily "blind" the audience (e.g., to cover a disappearance or appearance).

7) When using strobes in any venue that is open to the general public (theatre, Halloween walk-through, nightclub) it is advisable to post a warning at the entrances. There has been some debate over whether theatrical strobe lights will actually bring on seizures in persons with epilepsy. There has been almost as much debate over whether or not posting a disclaimer will absolve the venue of any liability in the event of an incident. Regardless, I feel that it's just polite to let people know what they're in for, especially if it's something that could cause them discomfort.

6) Strobe lights are a special effect. The word 'special' implies something that is not commonplace. When you use something too much it becomes commonplace. Do you see where I'm heading? Use your strobes sparingly, or you risk boring your audience. If you're using a strobe effect for every other scene (or dance number, or song) perhaps you should consider investing in a few additional effects. Could a similar effect be achieved with a police beacon or rope light?

5) Special effects lights work best by themselves. By this, I mean that your strobes will give the best effect when they're not competing with lots of ambient (room) light. Try to dim any other lights as much as possible when using the strobe, and you'll notice a huge improvement in the look of the effect.

4) Strobes do not have to be an all-white effect! The Techno Strobe in particular has colored lenses available that allow you to create a cool blue, hot yellow or creepy red strobe effect. Consider the mood that you're trying to create with the strobe effect and choose the lens color accordingly.

3) Remote control can make your life much easier. Using a strobe in a club or DJ setting can be a royal pain if you have to plug in the fixture every time you want to use it. Pick up a remote control for your strobe and keep it next to your mixer to "punch up" a fast dance. If you're using strobes on stage, you can run your strobes from a non-dim circuit on your lighting controller. While this is a convenient solution for most applications, running from the light board will not allow you to adjust the speed of the strobe during performance.

2) On stage, try backlighting your performers or dancers with a strobe. Too many times, I've seen a so-so effect and disoriented performers as the result of placing the strobes along the front of the stage. Try mounting the strobes behind the performers and somewhat high up to avoid blinding the audience. The result should be the slow-motion effect with the performers mostly in silhouette. If you need more light on the performers' faces, mount the strobes as sidelights.

And the number one tip for getting the most out of your strobe....

1) If you replace your car's headlights with strobe lights it will look like you're the only one who's getting anywhere!

Goodnight everybody! 


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Theatre Effects, 1810 Airport Exchange Blvd. #400, Erlanger, KY 41018
Phone: 1-800-791-7646 or 513-772-7646 Fax: 513-772-3579

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Game Update: Dance Party

Game Update: Dance Party PC Console The Sims™ 4 The Sims Mobile The Sims™ Freeplay home News Gallery Tips Facebook Twitter Instagram YouTube Forum AnswersHQ News Gallery Tips Facebook Twitter Instagram YouTube Forum AnswersHQ

Turn up the music and get ready to party! In the latest update, your Sims will be dancing the night away! You can:

  • take part in the event "It's time to have fun!" and access the perfect party house for Simtown;
  • build a stage and add a smoke generator, DJ turntables, photo booth, sofas and more;
  • brighten up the night with an interactive dance floor, strobe lights, disco balls and the smoothest dance moves, including partner dances.

Plus, your teens will be thrilled with exciting content made just for them, with the new Teenage Life and Prom Events, which will give you access to teen bedroom items and stunning prom outfits.

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EA app now available

You're in the perfect place to find and buy EA games because Origin will close soon.

EA app now available

You're in the perfect place to find and buy EA games because Origin will close soon.

Telegram channel Plie and stroboscope

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Telegram channel 'Plie and stroboscope'

Plie and stroboscope

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The story of Asya Ashman learning dance and performance in Berlin.

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Found 423 posts

Berliners are very fond of demonstrations, for them going to a demo is like going to a party. Moreover, the topic really does not seem to be important - May Day / feminism / cornermen / paletism. You can dance and scream with impunity

What if every cell in my body have the potential to invite being seen?

Deborah Hay, not as Deborah Hay | A documentary by Ellen Bromberg
An intimate presentation of seminal Judson Church dance artist Deborah Hay, discussing and performing her work. The documentary also presents her unique process…

Russian DJs have been dreaming for several nights already. WHY?

Since this channel is a documentation of personal events and emotions related to dance and Berlin, and not a canvas of announcements, I will tell the story of how I really wanted to come to Moscow. A few months ago I wrote about the Julian Weber Gallery. There I met him. Julian is the most famous HZT graduate and one of Berlin's most hyped choreographers, working on the frontier of visual arts. I am not a fan of his practice, but the fact that he made a gallery in which Meg danced in a 5-hour window, hosted Fight Club improvisational jams, releases 3 works a year and constantly comes up with new formats of collaborations and building connections, makes me respect. In general, he told me that he was going to Moscow. At the end of May. And I just fell in love in Moscow - well, I decided to get involved in this story to the fullest. I wrote to the curators who bring him, if he needs an assistant. Well, I suggested Julian to hold a workshop for our choreographers - performers. He wanted to do it for free, Zil gave a place, so book on June 2nd and come!


Today at 21.15 Moscow time there will be an online presentation of the A.Part festival. I wrote about it above - a procedural festival, about connections, optional production and about permission. It was very interesting to observe how there is still a mechanism in my head - I need to do work, I need to show something, what I am paid for. But the curator managed to build such a space that at some point they let everyone in, and then the living space began to unfold and grow. I am very anxious to observe the intersections and synchronicities in the blog, which develop on their own, like a living organism, without a specific focus and theme. Here is the blog: and here is today's meeting (a conversation with curators, a tour of the blog and presentations from tandems, including ours) https://www.facebook .com/events/235620718358002

Web page:
Artists 2021 - A.PART Festival Blog

Old times in support of old cadets. Miss you

Web page:
SATISFACTION Muscovites in support of cadets "satisfaction total"
Here we are, ordinary Moscow residents, supporting cadets. on the coldest evening of the year. #SATISFACTION #SATISFACTIONchallenge

It's been a week since I've had a burning desire to learn Trio A, although I've never been able to finish watching it... Why? Today I start

I look at the photo from the Iskorka festival and once again think about how I managed to move to Berlin, full of life and performance, exactly six months before the total extinction of culture. Of course, everything is also for something, but the first hour after waking up - I just think, what ****? Yesterday, for the first time in a very long time, I was in the studio with another person. You can only be one at the institute, but four of you can be in the same uferstudios within the framework of the festival in which I participate. And I realized that I had completely forgotten how it is to dance with a different body. In general, scary, scary. Well, at least the cherries and magnolias are in bloom. Quiet discos with a distance are regularly held in parks, and loud ones without a distance at Tempelhof. Two columns and people starving for each other. no touch

my cure for boredom is a page with perf memes: (well, perfpackage of course)

in the room. Dancing in a room alone - in front of a mirror on a closet, with closed or open eyes, naked and dressed up - is for me the very first and purest manifestation of dance. This is something from which then grows interest in research and strength and pleasure from one's body and movement. And it's only yours. And when the dance in the room becomes a dance within the framework of training, it passes from the sacramental into the profane. And the vital dance from the joy of life turns into an ornament of the masses. (Remember the prophetic work of Natalie Bookchin 2009year Now I find my places in the woods to dance there, because the room is already appropriated and as if stolen by the zoom.

Web page:
Mass Ornament
Mass Ornament Documentation http://bookchin. net/projects/massornament.html 2009

For the last week Simon Forti has been talking to me from all sides

Who is the current curator in Zila?

Art is inventing and ear for listening to the howling. So far, the conference is simply chic - for some reason, it is the language and logic of dance theorists that finds me like no other. A lot about the present, about a different future and about the ancestors who are ahead of us.

We are now having a workshop on dance dramaturgy and within it there will be an open lecture by Eylül Fidan Akıncı . Come!

Web page:
Eylul Fidan Akıncı | Choreo-dramaturging the Anthropocene: Eiko Otake’s A Body in Places
Dance event by Hochschulübergreifendes Zentrum Tanz Berlin (HZT) on Thursday, May 6 2021 with 363 people interested and 50 people going.

Here is the dance of Parotia (the six-feathered bird of paradise) in honor of such a holiday. I dream that all dates go like this, and from both sides

Web page:
Bird Of Paradise: Appearances COUNT! | Animal Attraction | BBC Earth
In the tropical forests of New Guinea, one male is dedicated to making an unforgettable first impression. Taken from Animal Attraction. Subscribe: http://bit...

Happy dance day, folks!

An interesting conference is coming up here:

Web page:
ABOUT DANCE | lake-studios-berlin

Web page:
Stravinsky Teletubbies - Rite Of Spring (Theme) Opening Sequence
This is a video of the Teletubbies opening sequence set to Stravinsky's "Rite Of Spring" Made by Martim Gueller. *Claim no ownership of footage*

Residence-laboratory in the desert in Poland from friends. The truth is paid, but who knows.0003

Once upon a time, I advised here, and then scolded the Anna Nowicka workshop on unpacking dreams.

Learn more