How to make a dragon dance costume

Making a Chinese Dragon for the Dragon Dance

Dragon Dance in the Classroom

There are two kinds of dances you find at Lunar New Year.  The first is the Lion Dance, which is two people and a head that looks nothing like a lion. You can see a quick video of a lion dance here.

Dragon Dance

The second dance is the dragon dance which is much less common, in my experience, than the lion dance.  The dragon dance is done with many people holding poles that hold up the dragon.  There may be 5 – 21 people dancing the dragon dance.  And the dragon chases the sun, which is held by the smiling Buddha.  I have seen this dance at the Chinatown Parade and also at a performance at Fair Oaks Mall during their two week celebration of Chinese New Year.  But it takes a lot of people, and a lot of practice and coordination to do the dance.  Not to mention the costume is very expensive.

It is this dragon dance costume which I made for my son’s second grade class.  I wanted something simple to make; I did not make a complicated costume to be held up with poles.   I followed the instructions from Chinese New Year for Kids, by Cindy Roberts.  It is this dragon that I made.  There is a great YouTube video of a much more complicated dragon.  I did not make that one.  It looks great, but she has several teenagers helping create this costume.

The dragon dance costume I made is the costume made out of two cardboard boxes, one a regular cardboard moving box and a shoe box.  The author used plastic table cloths for the back of the dragon.  The chapter on making a dragon dance costume includes an illustration of the costume, and after reading it, I was still not sure the author ever made the costume, since there were so few details.  But then I found the Adopt Vietnam website where there are actually photos of the dragon she made.

Equipment needed:

  • 1 medium size moving box
  • shoe box
  • wrapping paper, red, gold, yellow, other
  • clear plastic packing tape
  • scotch tape
  • paper towel holders (I used 4)
  • plastic cups (red, yellow, white)
  • cellophane paper  (optional)
  • speedy sewing awl (optional)
  • glue gun  or household glue
  • poster board
  • polyester pillow filling
  • poster board
  • fusible interfacing (optional) or copier paper
  • 2-3 plastic table cloths  – I used 5 yards of cheap cotton woven fabric + 2. 5 yards of felt.
  • acrylic paint (white, black, gold)

Medium box, covered with wrapping paper.

Athletic shoe box, covered with wrapping paper.

The author suggests covering both boxes with red wrapping paper and wrapping it like a present.  Well I did that, but I cut the pieces of wrapping paper up so there were a lot of places where my wrapping paper is taped onto the box.  The reason I used so many smaller pieces of wrapping paper vs, wrapping like a package, was so that the wrapping paper would be attached better and in many places.  Then you can see I cut holes in both boxes.  The child carrying the dragon head will be able to see out of the open mouth.

I tried to use a glue gun to attach the shoe box to the larger box, but that did not hold.  I suppose you could just tape it a lot.  I wasn’t sure exactly how well that was going to hold given there was a lot of wrapping paper on top of the box.  I would have had to cut away the wrapping paper, taped it directly to the box and then put wrapping paper back on the main box.

Part of the sewing of the mouth onto the head

Sewing Awl

Instead I decided to sew the shoe box onto the main box.  I have a Speedy Stitcher Sewing Awl, which I had used a lifetime ago to repair some camping equipment. I couldn’t remember how to use it, but thanks to YouTube for the How-to video, I was able to learn.

It worked well.  I sewed the shoebox onto the main box.  And this is how my dragon stayed for a long time while I tried to find a couple of yellow Solo cups without having to buy 100 cups and spending $8.   I never did find fewer yellow cups and finally found some white paper cups and painted them with gold paint.

Before adding the cups, I added the spike on the top of the head with poster board and covered it with gold wrapping paper.  I used some wrapping paper I already had to add some stripes around the head. I covered paper towel rolls with the same wrapping paper.  I actually used two paper towel holders per horn. I cut one and put one inside the other.   I added some red  cellophane paper to the top of the horns because I had the paper.

On the nose, I had to cut the gold painted cups to very short because there was not enough room below the eyes.  I taped the cups, horns and spike on with packing tape.  This picture is before I put the beard and mustache on.  I used red Solo cups and painted the eyes with acrylic paint.

I used old polyester filling.  It was not in a roll. I suppose if you had the filling from a roll, it would work better.  I think I was supposed to glue the polyester batting onto copier paper.  I had a piece of fusible interfacing and ironed the polyester onto the interfacing for the eyebrows, mustache, and beard.

For the body.  The article suggests two plastic table clothes taped together and fortified with more packing tape.  I bought my yellow plastic table cloths at a dollar store.  Those table cloths were so thin, I decided not to use them.  I had a third plastic table cloth that I bought at a party store (red).   It turns out that the party store plastic table cloth was much thicker than the dollar store table cloth.

Alas, I decided to find some cheap material.  I found some yellow woven material at Joann’s Fabric which was cheap and using my 50% off coupon, got the fabric for $2.00/ yard.  I bought red felt (also on sale).  I bought 5 yards of yellow fabric and 2.5 yards of red felt.   It wasn’t clear how the tail was supposed to look, so I improvised.  I had bought this product called “Dritz Quick Turn” and wanted to use it.  So I made three long tubes (because that is what this product does) and braided them together for the tail.

The Body

As I said before, I had 5 yards of cheap yellow woven fabric.  After making it, I though 5 yards might have been too long, until I got to class and the kids barely all got into the 4.5 yards of dragon body.  I cut off about half a yard of the yellow fabric and put it aside.  I had 2.5 yards of red felt.  I cut four pieces of felt which were 10″ wide and 2. 5 yards long.  Then I sewed the felt together so I ended up with two long red pieces of felt, 10″ wide x 5 yards long.  The yellow woven material is 44-45″ wide.  I sewed the pieces of red felt to the yellow fabric along the selvage of the yellow fabric, so it was as easy as could be. This added both length to the dragon (on the sides) and the heavier felt material made the dragon sides drape better.

Using a newspaper for a template, I made an isosceles triangle out of the extra yellow woven fabric.  I had some extra red felt and cut some more 10″ pieces.  I sewed the red felt on to the bottom of my triangle of yellow fabric.  And then I sewed the triangle on to the body of the dragon to make the rear end.   After that, I sewed the sides to the back and then I sewed the tail onto the rear end of the dragon.

Then I just had to figure out how to attach it.  In Cindy Robert’s explanation, she used packing tape (and a lot of it) to secure the plastic table cloth body to the head.   I chose to go back to Joann’s Fabric store.  And I got a yard of 1″ thick Velcro ® that had glue on one side.  After removing the wrapping paper from the flap, I glued two strips of Velcro onto the flap.  I then sewed two strips of Velcro on the other side of the dragon body.

The last thing I did was iron the fusible interfacing to the polyester fill and cut out 2 eyebrows, 2 pieces of mustache and a beard.  Then I used a hot glue gun to attach them to the dragon face.

With the Velcro on the box and on the body of the dragon, I could easily separate them and put them together.

I think we were able to squeeze 16 kids under the costume.   We used it for my class presentation and then we used it at home when we celebrated Lunar New Year with friends.

If I were to do this again, I might forget the wrapping paper and glue the cups and paper towel rolls on with a glue gun.  And then papier mâché over the whole head to keep the cups on.  And then paint the whole thing.   But then again, the last time I did papier mâché, it took a long time and was pretty messy.   So maybe this is the best and easiest way to make a dragon head.

I’m hoping to use it in years to come when we get together for Lunar New Year with our adoption friends, at school and at home.

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How Do You Do the Dragon Dance?


Have You Ever Wondered...

  • How do you do the dragon dance?
  • In what country did the dragon dance originate?
  • When is the dragon dance performed?

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If you could be any mythical creature, what would you be? A leprechaun leaping through green fields? Or how about a proud unicorn galloping through a dense forest?

If you want to be a fierce flier, you might choose to be a dragon. Who wouldn't want to breathe fire and fly through the skies, claiming all the territory below as your own?

When you hear the word dragon, what comes to mind? Breathing fire? Scaly skin? Huge wings? How about awesome dancer? If you're like most people, you probably don't associate dragons with dancing, but that's exactly what many people in China think of!

In Chinese culture, dragons are important symbols of a variety of concepts, from heavenly guardians to water spirits. For example, two different types of dragons commonly associated with Chinese culture are the Spirit Dragon, which controls the rains and winds, and the Earth Dragon, which controls the rivers.

To celebrate the importance of the mythology of dragons in Chinese culture, the dragon dance was invented as a form of traditional dance performed at public celebrations, such as parades. The dragon dance is also often performed during the holiday of Chinese New Year.

The dragon dance requires a team of coordinated dancers. A long, flexible dragon figure composed of many different pieces is manipulated using poles positioned along the length of the figure.

A traditional dragon consists of a head piece, a tail piece, and several pieces that make up the length of the body. Although early dragons were made with metal and wood, today's dragons are more often made with lightweight paper, plastic, and aluminum.

Many dancers can participate in the dragon dance, because dragons can be quite long. Although dragons can be made to be any size, many dragons used for large festivities can be 200 feet or longer!

Using poles to manipulate their particular piece of the dragon's body, dancers create the illusion that the dragon is moving. Since the dragon is often viewed as a river spirit, dancers often seek to mimic the smooth, flowing movement of a river. Other popular dance patterns have interesting names, such as whirlpool, cloud cave, threading the money, and looking for pearl.

It takes an impressive combination of strength and agility by a large group of people to execute a successful dance. Hours and hours of practice are necessary. Some people believe a dragon dance team is like a combination of a professional sports team and a professional performing arts group.

Historians believe the dragon dance may have originated over 2,000 years ago during the Han Dynasty. Over time, different regions of China developed their own unique versions of the dragon dance. Today, there may be over 700 different types of dragon dances across China!

Exactly what type of dragon an area may create for a festivity will depend on the number of people and amount of available resources. Longer dragons require more people and can be quite expensive to produce.

Dragons also come in a variety of colors, each of which can be a symbol of a particular desire. Popular colors include green (a great harvest), yellow (a mighty empire), gold or silver (prosperity), and red (excitement).

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  • Feeling artsy? Grab your crayons, markers, or colored pencils and follow the online directions to Draw an Asian Dragon. What colors will you use? What will you name your dragon? Maybe even draw two dragons, so they can play together!
  • Creating a life-size dragon for a parade might be a bit of a tall order, but you could make a smaller version at home. Ask an adult friend or family member to help you. How To Make a Chinese Dragon Costume has some helpful tips and suggestions. You'll likely need to make a trip to the store for a few supplies. Have fun making a dragon you can use to choreograph your own dragon dance at home!
  • Up for a challenge? Design your very own dragon dance and perform it for friends and family members at home. Use your homemade costume or no costume at all! What dance moves will you choose? What do they symbolize? Remember to tell a story with your dance routine. If you can, have a friend or family member video your performance, so you can share it with others.

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  • pole
  • scaly
  • strength
  • parade
  • tail
  • dragon
  • flexible
  • lightweight
  • whirlpool
  • agility
  • harvest
  • guardian
  • traditional
  • mythology
  • aluminum
  • prosperity
  • dynasty

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Tips for celebrating New Year's Eve



Everyone is waiting for the New Year!

New Year 2012 will come very soon. And what other holiday compares to it?

In order to adequately celebrate this winter holiday, it is necessary, as

it is better to behave throughout the year and, of course, to prepare in advance for this significant event


According to the Chinese calendar, 2012 will be the year of the Black Water Dragon.

The sign of the Dragon is an interesting symbol and an excellent drawing for a tattoo, which Asian men love to prick on their arms and chests. But for us, this is just one of the funny characters, under the sign of which the next year will pass. Beautiful traditions and rich paraphernalia have always contributed to considering the New Year the most beautiful holiday of the year. From early childhood, each of us, with bated breath, is waiting for the coming of the New Year, making our most cherished desires, and secretly hoping that they will finally come true. Having matured, any person dreams of making the New Year's Eve unforgettable. In this case, you can go to ski resorts, or celebrate the New Year in some exotic country. But not everyone has this opportunity. Do not despair, because the New Year can be celebrated at home, in the warm company of relatives and friends, while delivering a lot of unforgettable pleasant moments. From time immemorial, the New Year was considered a family holiday, and with a little effort and imagination, you can turn it into a bright, unforgettable celebration.

2012 is a special year of the dragon. And it should also be met in a special way. Forget about problems, don't fuss, remember as many good things as possible that happened in the Year of the Rabbit and thank him for it. During the chiming clock, think only about the good, and, of course, do not forget to make a wish.

Have fun! The dragon allows loud music to be turned on this night. It is recommended to celebrate the New Year in a house or restaurant, but not in a forest or garden. The reason for this is that open areas are the habitat of the Dragon.
Do not use hackneyed and banal contests in holiday scenarios. Dragon adherent of originality.

As for the menu for the festive table, the Dragon is very loyal. There is only one requirement for dishes - they must be well seasoned with spices. Cinnamon, hot pepper, nutmeg, ginger and other spices will help you here.

In our New Year's booklet you will find many interesting ideas for the New Year 2012

The dragon loves fire! However, do not forget about your safety and the safety of your loved ones. Let this holiday be remembered by you only with positive emotions.

Happy New Year 2012!

Team MOUDOD DDT "Constellation"

2012 is the Year of the Dragon

New Year 2012 is the Year of the Dragon. Tough year. But also an important and successful year! Year of battles and victories. Go boldly forward! If you have been putting off something "for later", then right now is the time when you need to decide and do everything. No more pulling. Year of the Dragon - as for the implementation of important plans.

THE RAT - the year of the Dragon - is very lucky for her. She may be calm this year
BULL - Don't forget that you can't stop! Although outwardly everything is safe, it is possible to lose everything. Saves only moving forward!
TIGER - Not an easy year for the TIGER, the main thing is to find the right foothold and then everything will be fine.
CAT - Inner peace and preoccupation with personal affairs will save the CAT from external unrest.
DRAKON - Triumph! Best year! Year of victories!
SNAKE - The fact that we always keep the SNAKE from unnecessary anxiety is its wisdom. It will help this time too.
HORSE - Good year for HORSE. There is an opportunity to show yourself in all its glory.
GOAT - He will find a lot of interesting things in different areas and will be able to combine what he has found into the right combination. Lucky year.
MONKEY - Enjoy the year. Where is the Dragon without the MONKEY?
COCK - Everything that seems ordinary in other years will be significant this year. Good year for marriage!
DOG - Difficulties of the year will frighten the DOG. Sometimes you shouldn't go for a break, but it's better to choose your own path.
PIG - This year is too smart for her. Calmness and silence attracts a PIG. But this year will give a lot of food to the PIG.

Happy New Year! I mean happiness!
With new happiness! That is, with this:
With a new roof! Happy new home!
With a new pancake! With a new lump!
With a new truth! With a new dream!
With a new stack upside down!
Happy new business! With a new word!
Fishermen - with a new bite!
Careerists - with a new rank!
Mom and dad - with a new son!
Lumberjacks - with a new grove!
New sons-in-law - with a new mother-in-law!
New Russians - with a new car!
With a new bank bundle!
Bureaucrats - with a new folder!
Hairy - with a new hat!
Bald - with a new cap!
Grandfather and grandmother - with a new turnip!
Zodiac - with a new sign!
Greek in the river - with a new cancer!
Don Juan - with a new sweetheart!
Veterans - with renewed vigor!
Businessmen - with a new rise!
With a new bank! With a new account!
Kulinarov - with a new taste!
Exporters - with a new course!
Bombardiers - with a new course!
Transvestites - with a new gender!
Cosmonauts - with a new height!
Tugodumov - with a new idea!
Chess players - with a new move!
Happy New Year to you again!
Musicians - with a new sound!
Papuans - with the new Cook!
Captains - with a new course!
Presidents - with a new term!
Deputies - with the new Duma!
Who is for money - with a new amount!
Birders - with a new bird!
And the sergeants - with a new badge!
Generals - with a new part!
YOU - once again with NEW HAPPINESS!
Subordinates - with a new boss!
Programmers - with the new DOS!
Hatha Yogis - with a new pose!
Brewers - with new wort!
Perestroika - with a new channel!
Unemployed - with a new place!
Tili-tili - with a new test!
Steelworkers - with a new melt!
those who have served time - with a new certificate!
Lost weight - with a new form!
Former sober - with a new normal!
Tied up - with a new measure!
Atheists - with a new faith!
Residents - with a new code!
To all of you - again HAPPY NEW YEAR!
With a new song! Happy new dance!
Divorced - with a new chance!
Beloved wives - with a new fur coat!
Uncle Sam - with a new Cuba!
Selfless - with a new bunker!
Abbreviated - with a new Labor Code!
Theatergoers - with a new drama!
Mom with soap - with a new frame!
Journalists - with a new hearing!
Mediums - with a new spirit!
Chukchi - with a new anecdote!
Racers - with a new twist!
Those who took a buy-in - with a new suit!
All of you - again with new happiness!!!
In general, people, Happy New Year!!!

Poems and riddles

Appeared in the yard

It's in a cold December.
Clumsy and funny
Standing by the ice rink with a broom.
Used to the winter wind
Our friend (snowman )
On the icy platform cry,
A student rushes to the gate.
Everyone shouts: "Puck! Stick! Shoot!"
Fun game ( Hockey)
Beat bolder with this stick,
So that the blow was like from a cannon,
This stick is for hockey
And she's called ( Club)
I rush forward like a bullet,
Only the ice creaks,
Let the lights flicker.
Who is carrying me? (Skates)
I can't feel my feet for joy,
I'm flying down the snowy hill!
Sport has become dearer and closer to me.
Who helped me with this? (Ski)
I took two oak bars,
Two iron skids.
I stuffed planks on the bars, Give me snow! Ready (Sled)
New Year before overeating
He ate sweets and jam.
He lived on the roof, poor thing,
His name was… Cheburashka ( Carlson) .
He plays a little
For passers-by on an accordion.
Everyone knows the musician
His name is… Shapoklyak ( Crocodile Gena) .
He was a cloud of rain,
I went home with Piglet.
And, of course, he loved honey.
This is… Gena Crocodile ( Winnie the Pooh) .

Bursov I.

Light, winged,
Like night butterflies,
Spinning, spinning
Above the table by the light bulb.
Gathered for a light.
Where do they go?
They, too, icy,
I want to warm up.

"The Christmas tree extended its branches..."

The tree has extended its branches,
Smells like forest and winter.
Candies hanging from the Christmas tree
And crackers with fringes.
We clapped our hands,
We got up together in a round dance . ..
It's so good
Happy New Year!

"It happens in the world..."

Tokmakova Irina
It happens in the world,
That only once a year
Light up the Christmas tree
A beautiful star.
The star burns, does not melt,
Beautiful ice glitters.
And immediately comes
Happy New Year!

Spinning and laughing

Snowstorm for the New Year.
Snow wants to fall,
But the wind does not give.
And the trees have fun
And to every bush,
Snowflakes, like giggles,
Dancing on the fly.

"On hairy prickly paws ..."

Shcherbakov Yu.
On hairy prickly paws
The Christmas tree brings the smell to the house:
The smell of heated needles,
The smell of freshness and wind,
And the snowy forest,
And a faint smell of summer.

Winter has come

Chernitskaya I.
Merry winter has come
With skates and sledges,
Powdered ski track,
With a magical old fairy tale.
On a decorated Christmas tree
Flashlights swing.
Let the winter be cheerful
Longer does not end!

The most important of the guests

Chernitskaya I.
- Who is in an elegant warm coat,
With a long white beard,
Comes to visit on New Year's Eve,
Both ruddy and gray-haired?
He plays with us, dances,
With him, the holiday is more fun!
- Santa Claus on our Christmas tree
The most important of the guests!

Santa Claus paper

Pshenichnykh Svetlana
Santa Claus paper -
He is gray-haired and important,
With a beard and a bag,
With wooden stick…
A whole year on the mezzanine
He lay in the dust
In captivity.
Now standing on a chair
He is on guard under the tree -
Waiting for the NEW YEAR.
- Quiet!
Do you hear?..

New Year's rhyme

Boroditskaya Marina
One, two, three, four,
Smells like a Christmas tree in the apartment.
Three, four, five and six -
They won't force you to eat porridge.
Five, six, seven, eight -
We ask for a pie today,
Because - nine, ten -
Mom and dad knead the dough!

Santa Claus

Russian folklore
This grandfather has many grandchildren,
Grandchildren often grumble at their grandfather.
On the street, grandfather sticks to them,
Grabs fingers, pulls ears.
But a happy evening comes in the year -
I'm waiting for an angry grandfather to visit.
Brings gifts and is kind in appearance,
And everyone is having fun - no one grumbles.

New Year

Naidenova N.
Smells like fresh tar again,
We gathered at the Christmas tree,
Our tree is dressed up,
The lights on it lit up.
Games, jokes, songs, dances!
Masks flicker here and there...
You are a bear. And I am a fox.
What miracles!
Let's dance together,
Hello, hello, New Year!

In frost
Lanzetti Valentina

Snow on the street and cold.
A puddle is clogged with hard ice.
Timidly from the road
Twigs of the trail
Reaching for houses:
- Can I get warm at your place?
"Maples are sleeping, birches are sleeping..."
Maples sleep, birches sleep,
They don't rustle in the wind.
They dream of cold winter
Summer noise of green foliage.
Dreaming of a distant lightning,
And the cheerful rain dreams

Winter morning

Timofey Belozerov
Fell on trees at night
Frost as thick as a finger.
Has become a fabulous village
And so dear, dear!
Silence pours into the fence,
Everything is silent, I am also silent;
Only heard in the well

Where do they carry snow in cars?

Tokmakova Irina
Where do they carry snow in cars?
Probably in hot countries
They give it to the guys
New Year's gifts,
Will receive full bags -
And everyone is running to play snowballs!
Snowballs do not reach,
They melt in the hot sun,
And only puddles here and there. ..
Where do they carry snow in cars?

"Well, winter!.. Snowdrift, cold..."

Aleksandrov V.
Well, winter!.. Snowdrift, cold,
Sweeps, twists, vyuzhit,
Burns with frost, chokes with ice,
Drives into a hot house.
Christmas tree catchy
Almost like a dragonfly will fly into the house.
Fluff up, laugh,
Snowy moisture will be shed.

Snow Bunny

Vysotskaya O.
We made a snowball,
Ears made later.
And just
Instead of eyes
We found some coals.
The rabbit came out as if alive!
He has a tail and a head!
Don't pull -
They are made of straws!
Long, shiny,
Definitely real!

Cautious snow

Stepanov V.
Midnight snow,
He's not in a hurry.
He walks slowly
But knows the snow,
He will fall somewhere.
And the slower it is
The more careful he was,
The softer in the dark
And us-
Did not wake up.

Rusakov E.

Ponds are tied up until March,
But how warm the houses are!
He wraps gardens in snowdrifts
Carefully winter.
Snow falls from birches
In drowsy silence.
Paintings summer frost
Draws on the window.

Blue days

Elk E.
Titmouse outside the window:
"Move! Day-blue, day-blue!”
It really is a blue day all around.
The shade turns blue from the trees.
And blue air and snow,
And rivers blue arc.
And even the sun in the sky
Floats on blue sails.

We are snowflakes, we are fluffs,

We are not averse to spinning.
We are ballerina snowflakes,
We dance day and night.
Let's stand together in a circle -
It turns out a snowball.
We whitewashed the trees,
The roofs were covered with fluff.
The earth was covered with velvet
And saved from the cold.

Snow everywhere

Brodsky A.
Snow everywhere, houses in the snow -
Winter brought him.
Hurry to us quickly,
She brought us bullfinches.
From dawn to dawn
Bullfinches praise winter.
Santa Claus, like a little one,
Dancing at the mound.
I can too
So dance in the snow.

"Frosty Day..."

Berestov Valentin
Frosty day... But overhead
In knotweaving, in black mesh,
Flowing down the trunks, along each branch
The blue sky hangs like an avalanche.
And I believe: spring is about to begin.
And it seems that she has already appeared.
And not a single knot will sway,
So that the sky does not accidentally collapse.

"No, those hands are not hot in winter..."

Berestov Valentin
No, the hands are not hot in winter,
Who put them in his pocket or warmed them by the stoves,
And only for those, but only for those
Who tightly squeezed the burning snow,
And he built fortresses on a snowy mountain,
And sculpted a snowman in the yard.

Berestov Valentin

Snowstorms, blizzards and blizzards...
How much rigmarole with them,
How much noise, push!
How tired I am of them!” -
Thus grumbled the gloomy frost,
And ice bound the river without noise,
Trees hid gray hair,
And there was silence.

Petr Komarov

Like a bear in a lair,
The river lay under the ice,
And the sun shines in winter,
And in the field - a frosty haze.
All in hoarfrost - in dove-grey scrawl -
Birch stands behind the bridge,
And writes funny scribbles
Fluffy-tailed fox.

Grigoriev Oleg

The puddles have become crispy,
Frost is getting stronger and stronger,
Passers-by fall more often
And - according to exclamations - more and more sick.
And tomorrow it will snow,
And it will be winter for a whole century.

Black ice

Berestov Valentin
Not walking and not riding,
Because it's icy.
But then
Great fall!
why nobody
Not happy?!

Winter painting

Victor Lunin
In the picture near winter
All white with snow:
Field, distant hills,
Fence, cart.
But sometimes they will shine on her
In the middle of a cotton field
Red-breasted bullfinches

Christmas songs

Christmas tree song

Shaferan Igor
Herringbone, Christmas tree,
Forest fragrance,
She needs it very much
Nice outfit.

Chorus: Let this Christmas tree

Holiday hour
Each needle
Pleases us.

herringbone loves

Cheerful children,
We invite you
For the holiday of guests.

Chorus: Let this Christmas tree

Holiday hour
Each needle
Pleases us.

Herringbone branch

Green will wave,
And, like a fairy tale,
The New Year will come!

Chorus: Let this Christmas tree

Holiday hour
With every needle
Pleases us.

Christmas tree
Kozlovsky R.

Today we will have fun,
Sing and dance,
A herringbone green
Shine with toys.
She is dressed up,
And the lights are burning,
Colored bells
They ring to the music.

Chorus: You clap, clap louder,

And sing along louder to us,
Smile, bow,
Join hands again!

Penguins circling with fish

And a cockerel with a fox,
And the wolf shouts with a smile:
"Wait a minute, oblique!"


And faces glow with happiness
In small "animals".
And no one believes
What is kindergarten.


You, green fir-tree,
Shine, shine, shine!
You, our sonorous song,
Fly, fly, fly!
To the realm of the painted
Silver birches,
Hear our song
Jolly Santa Claus
2012 YEARS
Smells like tangerines and pine needles.
You have champagne confetti,
What will give us with you
Year two thousand and twelve.

Tell me a winter story

About the cheerful Santa Claus.
I'll wear a funny mask,
In the New Year, everything should be serious!

Two thousand and twelve years

Passed from the Nativity of Christ.
A parade of planets awaits us with you,
We are waiting for the beginning of a new era.
Two thousand and twelve years,
A miracle comes on New Year's Eve.
A parade of planets awaits us with you,
We are waiting for the beginning ...

Snow outside the window, like in a cartoon,

Get dressed, let's go for a walk.
There are all relatives on the street,
We wish them happiness, joy.

About love in your every word,

About love in your every note.
This happiness will not be washed away by a wave,
If you sing about love.

New Year 2012 is the year of the dragon. The dragon is one of the brightest and most cheerful signs of the Chinese calendar, and it is not in vain that it is an obligatory attribute of many Eastern holidays. This means that funny congratulations in verse and funny SMS to friends will be as relevant as possible in the new year 2012.

Let the Dragon to you in the New Year
Health, happiness will bring,
so that everything is in openwork at work,
so that all storms pass by.
And so that the twelfth year, the coming
Was more successful than the previous one.


May good luck bring you
coming new year!
Let the dragon protect you
from adversity and adversity!


We don't just drink

we meet the year of the dragon,
So that in the coming year
he kept us from worries

To keep the wind in the right direction

Happiness and prosperity in the house
To make us feel comfortable
Under the dragon's wing

And accumulated gold

let the dragon shower us
However, you don't need much -
A couple of kilograms is enough.

Ride the dragon year,

Let him run without worries.
Happiness, joy and success,
Let him give for everyone
We got tired of working
Let the dragon ride like a horse


This New Year's Eve
Forget your worries
There have been many ends of the world
We'll survive this one somehow


May the year of the dragon bring good luck,
Income growth big to boot,
Projects all implementation,
Useful connections strengthening!
May all wishes come true!
Success, happiness, prosperity!


Not gold, not royalty,
Not the riches guarded by the dragon,
Simple human happiness,
I want to wish you in the New Year!

Winter Tales

(New Year's florist's master class)
Winter fairy tales were chosen as the theme of the New Year master class: "Twelve Months" by Samuil Marshak, "The Snow Queen" by Hans Christian Andersen, "The Nutcracker" by Ernst Theodor Amadeus Hoffmann and "The Blue Bird" by Maurice Maeterlinck. Being written on paper, all these works repeatedly came to life in other artistic spaces - on the theater stage, on the cinema screen, and also in the world of images, when artists and graphic artists drew illustrations for them. We tried to embody fairy tales in colors, associatively starting from the plot and mood of each of them. The floristic language is no less emotional than the literary one, but, of course, it is very different from it. The expressiveness here lies in the choice of floral materials, each of which has its own character, in the overall silhouette of the flower arrangement, in the combination of different textures, in the dominance of one or another color and its calm or, conversely, exciting combination with neighboring tones and even in fragrances. plants. Much in the perception of floristics is based on sensations: the coldness of the Snow Queen is figuratively conveyed with the help of a glass vase sparkling in the light, similar to a multifaceted piece of ice, and mirror "shards". Orchids for the composition were also deliberately chosen white, but the velvety tenderness of their petals, the warmth of the pinkish cores of individual flowers slightly softens the cold mood. Thus, in floristic language, the author tells that good at the end of the fairy tale still defeats evil, and Gerda's warm heart is the "ice games of the mind" of the Snow Queen.

In the New Year's decoration of the house, flowers can take the same active part as Christmas balls or garlands. A florist's master class will help decorate everything in the most fabulous way.

Picture 1

Picture 2

Picture 3

1-3. In any fairy tale there is at least a drop of a miracle. Samuil Marshak also has it in "The Twelve Months": winter and summer and spring and autumn converged at the forest fire, despite the fact that they cannot be together. In her work, the florist tried to reproduce the same forest fire, combining the warmth that fire gives and the cold breath of a blizzard. Only natural materials were chosen for the composition: birch, spruce and larch branches, cones, gloriosa flowers (1). And only snow is artificial. Any bowl or pot is suitable as a vessel. In this case, a frame is made from the branches, and then, passing flowers through it, they are placed in a container with water. However, you can use the professional material of florists - an oasis: branches (2) are attached to this sponge and gloriosa stems (3) are inserted into it. In their shape, these flowers very much resemble the dancing flames of a fire.
4. In the New Year's decoration of the house, flowers can take the same active part as Christmas balls or garlands. A florist's master class will help decorate everything in the most fabulous way.

... The children heated copper coins on the stove and applied them to the frozen glass - a wonderful round hole immediately thawed, and a cheerful, affectionate eye looked out into it - each looked out of his window, a boy and a girl , Kai and Gerda.

Hans Christian Andersen. Snow queen

Picture 1

Picture 2

Picture 3

Picture 4

1-4. It was deserted and cold in the halls of the Snow Queen, illuminated by snowy radiance, and in one of the halls the boy Kai fiddled with flat, pointed ice floes, trying to form the word "eternity" from them. The snow-white composition with orchids is the embodiment of "ice games of the mind". To create it, you will need a vase that looks like a block of ice, an oasis in the shape of a ball, a dendrobium orchid, a branch with mirrored "leaves" (Shishi, Norway) and a wire frame holding flowers (1). Orchid flowers are removed from the branches. Each of them is taped (from the English tape - "tape") - they are equipped with a false leg made of wire and wrapped with a special tape so that moisture does not evaporate from the stem (2). After that, they are immersed in an oasis (3, 4). In this state, they live 2-2.5 days. To make the composition stand for a week or even longer, the flowers are placed directly in the oasis without wire and tape. But at the same time, holes for their delicate stems are made in advance.

Luxurious bouquets of violets, daffodils, tulips, gillyflowers were scattered here and there on the walls... The large dome of the central building and the pointed roofs of the towers were dotted with thousands of stars sparkling with gold and silver. “Here we are at the Marzipan Castle,” said the Nutcracker.

Ernst Theodor Amadeus Hoffmann. The Nutcracker and the Mouse King.

Picture 1

Picture 2

Picture 3

Picture 4

1-4. The tale of the wooden man the Nutcracker is elegant, magical, mysterious. Imbued with the mood of Hoffmann's story, the florist came up with a composition with woolen threads, cinnamon sticks, anise stars, rowan berries and phalaenopsis (1). Threads are wrapped around any rectangular "platform", for example, a box, a piece of an oasis. (2). Then they build a bastion of cinnamon sticks - this "woody", slender, "toothy" material, which, like no other, is associated with Christmas (3). Cinnamon is traditionally used in the preparation of a festive Christmas drink - mulled wine, and even in Europe, intricate Christmas tree decorations are made from it - they are sold everywhere at Christmas markets. The delicate phalaenopsis petals contrast with the hard, rough surface of cinnamon. And clusters of mountain ash add brightness to the composition (4).

. ..I just need a blue bird. I am looking for her for my granddaughter, my granddaughter is very sick.
- What's wrong with her?..
- Difficult to understand. She wants to be happy...

Maurice Maeterlinck. Blue bird

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Picture 1

Picture 2

Picture 3

1-4. White color is a symbol of purity, light and childish naivety. That is why white chrysanthemums were chosen for the Blue Bird composition. There are two flowers, and this is also symbolic, because there are exactly two main characters in the tale - the boy Tiltil and the girl Mitil. The flowers are accompanied by blue feathers and a figurine of a bird, and a vase of an unusual shape with an openwork decoration on the sides is used as a vessel (1). With its sophistication, the vase is associated with the image of a magical bird - this symbol of happiness that constantly eludes human hands. Feathers and chrysanthemums are fixed in an oasis (2, 3). It is better to saturate it with moisture before work begins. To do this, the oasis is temporarily immersed in a container of water. The moisture reserve is replenished in the usual way: after a few days, the sponge is watered until it is completely moistened again.
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Dance school on Baumanskaya | Dance Studio Dragon School

Dance School on Baumanskaya | Dance Studio School of the Dragon

Thinking about going to the dance?

We teach professionally:

Hip-hop / Dubstep / Popping / Robot / Break dance / Dancing for children

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Gain confidence and be able to dance wherever you want

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Distract from the load of problems and add vivid emotions to your life
9000 New acquaintances from positive people

Fulfill your dream and learn how to dance the way you have long wanted to!

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Two dance courses are presented:

Hip-Hop styles

Includes hip-hop dance lessons, popping, locking. Classes are very active, a lot of intense amplitude movements. You will learn how to convey the energy of music in your dance. A great way to keep yourself in good physical shape!

Illusion styles

Includes the most spectacular illusory dance styles such as dubstep, robot, electric boogie, anime. You will learn plasticity, the ability to create spectacular performances that capture the attention of the audience. You will stand out strongly in any place where people dance.

Mon W Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun

Hip-Hop styles (Dragon)

beginners recording 18.30-20.00

Hip-Hop styles (Anna Fluffy)

beginners recording 18. 30-20.00

Hip-Hop styles (Dragon)

beginners recording 18.30-20.00

Hip-Hop styles ( Anna Fluffy )

beginners enrolling 18.30-20.00

Illusion styles (Dragon)

beginners recording 20.00-21.30

Illusion styles (Katya Makuro)

beginners recording 20.00-21.30

Illusion styles (Dragon)

beginners recording 20.00-21.30

Illusion styles (Katya Makuro)

beginners recording 20.00-21.30

Children's groups

(up to 12 years old)

Two dance courses are presented:

Break dance for children

A great way to teach a child not only to hear music and dance, but also to develop flexibility, stretching, and improve physical fitness. Includes basic and advanced breakdance techniques.

Hip-hop for kids

Basics of hip-hop dance. Adapted course for children. Includes the basics of hip-hop style techniques. Develops plasticity, rhythm, coordination of movements.

Mon W Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun

Break dance for kids

Artem Shamanaev

beginners recording 17.00-18.00

Break dance for children

Artem Shamanaev

beginners enrolling 17.00-18.00

Hip-hop for kids

Anna Fluffy

Beginners recording

17. 00-18.00

Hip-hop for kids

Anna Fluffy

Beginners are recording


where we are

How to get from Baumanskaya metro station (on foot 10 minutes)

1. From Baumanskaya metro station (one exit) turn right onto Baumanskaya street. At the shopping center "Elokhovsky passage" turn LEFT.

2. Go straight along the street along the line of tram tracks to the second intersection, turn right at the traffic light onto Aptekarsky lane (on the opposite side there will be a Soyuzpechat kiosk) Dobroslobodskaya street.

4. Go to the business center "Basmanov". You need to go to the right side of the building. There, go to door 5 (it is to the right of the main entrance. Call the intercom and say: go to the Dragon School for dancing.

5. Go up to the 3rd floor. Tell the administrator "To the School of the Dragon" and he will show which hall to go to.

6. It takes about 10 minutes from the metro

Photos of the dance hall and dance school

answers to the most frequently asked questions

  1. What should I bring to my first workout?

    You need a change of shoes for classes - these are sneakers or sneakers that do not leave streaks on the linoleum. What to wear. There are no special requirements, the main criterion is convenience. It can be a T-shirt and pants, a tracksuit, whatever you like.

  2. I'm 23 (24, 25 or older) - is it too late to start?

    It's not too late. The result is determined, first of all, by your desire, and not by age.

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