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What Is The Shuffle Dance? Learn How To Do It In 5 Minutes!

In the recent years, we’ve seen a lot of EDM fans show off this weird, and somewhat new, dance move in a lot of music videos, throughout the web and on Youtube in their own personal videos. It seems like you are missing out on a lot of fun when you’re not sure what it’s all about and how to do it.

At first sight, it seems like the person is running while smiling and having a good time. To dance music fans, shuffling is more than just having a good time. As with most things EDM-related, it is a form of self expression, an accomplishment, and as some put it “a way to improve their mental and physical health”.

The Shuffle dance was developed in the 1980s, it is improvised dancing where the person repeatedly “shuffles” the feet inwards, then outwards, while thrusting their arms up and down, or side to side, in time with the beat. 

Let’s go into more details and learn more about the dance and find out how you can start dancing it in 5 minutes!

Where did it start?

The Shuffling dance started in Melbourne, Australia, in the underground rave scene back in the early 1980s. Back then, it was known as the Melbourne Shuffle. With the growth of the electronic dance music scene around the world, Shuffling dance popularity grew and is now practiced by people from around the world at all the major EDM festivals. In 2012, the Melbourne Shuffle became a popular dance in the UK and became known as simply “The Shuffle”.

The Best Music For Shuffling

Melbourne’s underground scene in the early 90s was under the huge influence of Techno music. This high-BPM electronic music sub-genre placed the perfect beat for shuffle dancers. But shuffling became so popular that it crossed over into electro house and hardstyle genres. Today, shuffling spans into almost the full spectrum of electronic dance music. We’ve seen shuffling in videos from EDM, Trance, House, Techno, Electro and most of it’s sub-genres.

The best music for Shuffling is usually the more upbeat versions of electronic music. Although any EDM genre will work for the dance. Which makes Shuffling a very versatile dancing style: you can choose whatever music you want to dance on. There’s no limit to how much you can personalize this dance.

Check out this Spotify playlist for music to Shuffle dance on.


Shuffling For Beginners

As a beginner, you have to learn to master just two basic moves before moving on to the more advanced stuff.

The first image below shows the T-step movement. The second is the same T-step combined with a variation of the running man dance. You can take a closer look at the dance by watching it being performed by Janet Jackson in the video of her hit “Rhythm Nation”.

A great tip you can keep in mind as beginners is that you can sprinkle talcum powder or add liquid to the floor to help you slide more smoothly and easily.

After mastering the basic shuffle moves you can now throw in some jumps, spins and slides. You’ll make the dance your own, having a complete shuffle routine that’s personalized and unique to you alone. After that, all you need is some awesome EDM banging music blasting through your speakers and let the fun begin!

Time To Learn How To Shuffle

Learning how to shuffle might seem like a difficult task, but it really isn’t!

When you take it slow, understand the steps and practice, you’ll be ready to hit the dance floor in no time!

As we previously mentioned, you’ll be starting out  by learning the basic “running man” move. With time, you’ll be able to switch things up and add your unique twists to the overall dance. Hell, you might end up having a unique dance for every song, you’ll become the unstoppable Shuffle Master! Sounds awesome no?

In the below tutorial video, you will learn the basics of Running Man. You’ll start by breaking down the steps easily and after that we put the steps to the counts and then to the music.

When getting started, keep these tips in mind:

1. Start slow – learn and practice the basics over a period of time
2. Dance in front of a mirror to better see what you’re doing
3. Copy the experts: watch Youtube videos to see how others are doing it
4. Wear good shoes and socks (or your feet will hurt like hell!)
5. Start slow, use slower BPM tracks such as deep house at first to get the hang of it first
6. Find people who already have mastered the dance and become friends, they’ll give you tips and tricks from their own experience

And most importantly, DON’T GIVE UP! Like everything in life, this will take it’s time to master and will need practice time, even though it looks easy in the videos.

Here Are Some Advanced Moves

The Kick Side Step:


The Charleston Shuffle:

Club Dance Footwork Moves:

Are There Any Benefits To Shuffling?

Shuffling, as you might have already discovered by now, is a lot of work. Your legs are moving, your hands are moving and your whole body is balancing itself throughout. You will be sweating in out when you shuffle, that’s almost a guarantee. But consider it a workout. Throughout the years, fitness experts and clubs have promoted dancing to music as a sort of exercise regime. And it is! Nowadays, shuffling falls into that category.

During a shuffling dance, your full body is moving and shaking. Burning around 500-1,500 calories an hour. Your leg muscles, calves, and glutes (and behind area) are getting toned with every passing minute, in addition to the toning of your abdominal muscles, with every twist and turn. Your legs get a serious focus, in addition to the muscles being stretched and toned, the joints and ligaments in your legs are getting some much needed attention. They’re getting extra strength with every active move.

But shuffling not only improves physical health. It can do wonders to your mental health as well. Similar to other physical workouts, shuffling releases endorphins into your nervous system. These are the anti-stress hormones, and the longer you shuffle, the longer they’ll stay in your system and the more stress and anxiety goes out of your way.Shuffling also improves mental focus, you’re in your zone trying to keep the rhythm going and focused on your moves, being in this mindful state is very beneficial to you. Once you’re in your rhythm and going about your dance, the success of every move will boost your confidence levels and keep you away from the everyday stresses of our lives. You’ll have a great sense of accomplishment after a successful streak. One dance will create a momentum in you to keep on going and try the more complex moves and get out of your comfort zone.

Speaking of “zones” being focused on your body movements will also bring you closer to the music. This deeper appreciation for the melodies and the detailed undertones of the track adds a special bond between you and your favorite artists.

There’s a whole community of Shuffle dancers out there. With the above knowledge and some time to practice, you’ll join them on the dance floor and you’ll be showing those awesome moves at the next EDM festival in no time!

Want more? Learn how to grind dance in minutes, go to our article right here.

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Master TikTok's Shuffle Dance in 4 Steps « Smartphones :: Gadget Hacks

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What's the latest dance trend sweeping TikTok? The Shuffle Dance. If you just watch people doing the Shuffle Dance, especially the really good ones, you might think it's a bit complicated. In reality, it's really not that hard. It's just a handful of steps.

For the uninitiated, the Shuffle Dance is a fast-paced dance where you skip and hop in place. It's almost always set to "Friendships" by Pascal Letoublon, but not using any of the official tracks available via a TikTok search. You need to use the portion of the song that user rawston_ extracted and uploaded to TikTok. If you're going to post one of your own for this dance challenge, use that as the background music.

As for the moves, all you need to do to master the Shuffle Dance is watch some good tutorials. Luckily, TikTok is full of them. Because it's so easy for TikTok users to add text to their videos, many of these tutorials have clear instructions for what you need to do in each step. The dance does differ depending on who you watch, however, so let's look at a couple of examples below.

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First up, fitnfesty. Her tutorial features four key steps:

  1. Make a triangle with your legs apart
  2. Bring back leg up, drag front leg halfway
  3. Drop leg that's up, drag other leg to the back
  4. Rock back and forth

Anotha one #footwork #shuffle #runningman #shuffledance #dance #footworkchallange #shuffletutorial #fyp #footworktutorial

♬ 原聲 - wtb73d05h6

Next up, sammysteads. Her tutorial is actually more like three steps since you start with two counts of the same move:

  1. Start with two counts of the running man
  2. Whip your leg in front of you about knee high
  3. Now whip the same leg behind

#shuffletutorial #shuffledance #footworkchallenge #footworktutorial #dancetutorial #dancing #dancingchallenge #fyp #foryoupage #4yp

♬ 原聲 - wtb73d05h6

Finally, we like Smitty__Shuffles's Shuffle Dance tutorial, even though there aren't any written steps involved. His dance is like sammysteads' but with both legs instead of one:

  1. Cross right leg in front of the left
  2. Bring right leg back, stick it out away from you
  3. Hop, bringing the right leg behind the left
  4. Cross your left leg back, then bring it behind your right leg

Haven't done a tutorial in a bit so here's another one for you guys! 👀👀 #duetthis #fyp #4u #foryou #dance #shuffle #shuffledance #tutorial

♬ 原聲 - wtb73d05h6

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Shuffle Dance for beginners: watch lessons (5+videos)

What is Shuffle Dance?

Shuffle is a contemporary dance style. Its essence is to perform quick movements with the legs, which should slide along the ground, creating the illusion of rotation. Performed to hardstyle electronic music. The whole process is very bright, incendiary, involves the involvement of all parts of the body. Suitable shuffle (shuffle) dance for beginners , as it does not require special physical training.

History of appearance of

Shuffle Dance

To understand what shuffle dance is, it is recommended to watch video . The direction appeared in the 80s in Australia, where it was first demonstrated on stage by musicians. In those days, it was fashionable to move in the acid house style, which became the progenitor of the shuffle. The contagious movements to rhythmic music were unlike anything else, and very quickly fell in love with the public.

Therefore, it does not lose its popularity even today. The clips of the LMFAO group, which demonstrate the movements of this dance, warmed up interest in him. Since they are popular all over the world, browse shuffle dance training video YouTube has become more and more users.

Shuffle video:

Watch this video on YouTube

Basic movements

Helps you learn the basic exercises in shuffle (shuffle) dance video , where the dancers show the rules and style of direction under the melody. They are not difficult, so if you want to master it, you can quickly enough. Basic movements:

  1. Running man. This is the foundation from which the dance begins. The person lifts the foot and moves it forward while the other leg synchronously slides back. After that, both return to their original position, and the movement is repeated according to the melody.
  2. "T". The left foot moves to the right, and then moves to the right. At the same moment, simultaneously, the right foot moves up and down. The duet visually resembles the letter "T", which is why it has such a name. The movement is quite in demand among shufflers.
  3. Represents the sliding of the feet on the floor. One of the easiest, but requires practice.
  4. The movement can be simple and reverse, that is, performed in reverse. Involves turning the torso clockwise or in another direction. It is performed during the dance at a random moment at the discretion of the dancer.
  5. This is the execution of foot strikes on the ground or in the air. One foot is located in front, the second - performs strikes on the floor or in the place of the right leg. The height of the legs in this case is low or high, depending on whether the foot rises above the knee or not. The point of impact is always controlled by the dancer.

The contagious rhythm gives a good mood and effectively relieves despondency.

Shuffle Dance for beginners

The contagious rhythm brings good mood and effectively relieves despondency.

Suitable shuffle for both young boys and girls.

In addition to choreography, one session is a great workout and can easily replace the gym or fitness. Dancing is often used as an alternative to diets, cardio and Pilates. With them, you can maintain a good figure easily.

Dancing will be a great workout, and can easily replace the gym or fitness

What clothes are better to dance in?

Each style of dance has its own distinctive characteristics that give the performer a head start. It is always clear that there will be a waltz now if a couple comes out in a tuxedo and a ball gown. But it's rather problematic to calculate the fans of electronic music and the shufflers themselves, because they always look different.

However, loose and comfortable clothing is required to perform certain movements well. Ripped denim, comfortable Converse sneakers, a crop top or tank top can be a great solution. In this plastic looks better, and the whole dance looks harmonious. Sometimes dancers emphasize their feet by using lighting on their sneakers.

Shuffle dance - emphasis on the feet

Shuffle dance video watch:

Shuffle dance cut:

Watch this video on YouTube

Watch this video on YouTube

Watch this video on YouTube

Shuffle dance video training

Shuffle dance Top learning techniques:

Watch this video on YouTube

Shuffle dance video training (video 1): 9002: 9002
Watch this video on YouTube

Shuffle dance training video (video 2):

Watch this video on YouTube

Shuffle dance training video (video 3):

Watch this video on YouTube

Shuffle Beginner Video (30 Shuffle Movements)

Lesson 1:

Watch this video on YouTube

Lesson 2:

Watch this video on YouTube

Lesson 26 YouTube

Lesson 4:

Watch this video on YouTube

Lesson 5:

Watch this video on YouTube

Lesson 6:

Watch this video on YouTube


Watch this video on YouTube

Lesson 8:

Watch this video on YouTube

Lesson 9:

Watch this video on YouTube

Watch this video on Youtube


Watch this video on YouTube

Lesson 12:

Watch this video on YouTube

Lesson 13:

Watch this video on YouTube

Lesson 14:

Watch this video on YouTube

Lesson 15:

Watch this video on YouTube

Lesson 16:

Watch this video on YouTube

Watch this video on Youtube


Watch this YouTube video

Lesson 19:

Watch this YouTube video

Lesson 20:

Watch this YouTube video

Lesson 21:

Watch this video on YouTube

Lesson 22:

Watch this video on YouTube

Lesson 23:

Watch this video on YouTube

Watch this video on Youtube


Watch this video on YouTube

Lesson 26:

Watch this video on YouTube

Lesson 27:

Watch this video on YouTube

Lesson 28:

Watch this video on YouTube

Lesson 29:

Watch this video on YouTube

Lesson 30:

Watch this video on YouTube

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