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10 Basic Dance Moves Anyone Can Learn

Do you ever watch someone dance and wonder how they come up with moves so easily?

Great dancers often master a specific set of moves that they can fall back on again and again.

Read on for 10 basic dance moves you can learn in minutes and use every time you wanna dance.

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1. The Two-Step

When I first started dancing at parties, the Two-Step was the first move that truly came naturally to me.

It really is as simple as stepping from side to side to the beat!

If you're looking for something foolproof that allows you to just groove and enjoy the music...

Boom. Here it is.

2. The Monestary

This move was born in a club called Monestary out in St. Louis!

It’s built on a Two-Step, so if you took that class, you’ve already got a foundation for the footwork.

But rather than bringing your feet together, you’ll tap them to the front with your knee and foot turned inward.

Then, as you tap the feet, you’ll move your arms and shoulders in a circular movement.

3. Booty Pop (Side To Side)

Like the Woah, this sexy move is super TikTok-friendly – but with more feminine energy.

To do a booty pop to the side, you’re gonna bend your knees, put your hands on one knee, and then bring the other leg from bent to straight while turning your knee inward.

If you’re a long-haired baddie, be sure to keep all your hair on one side so it doesn’t flop in your face as you pop!

Read this article on How To Dance Sexy to get more tips on pulling off moves like this one!

4. The Billy Bounce

Surprise – this club-ready move is built on… a bounce!

But what makes it unique is that your knees will come inward on each bounce rather than just up and down.

Once you’ve got the funky lil knee bounce down, you’ll add in an upward kick on each side.
The best thing about this move is that while the footwork takes a few minutes to learn, you don’t necessarily need to add an arm movement to make it look cool.

Just keep your arms front and center.

5. The Woah

Even if you’re not actively involved in the dance community, you’ve probably seen people hitting the Woah – on TikTok, Reels... all over your newsfeed!

Whether you wanna make a viral video of your own, or you’re just looking for a fun, basic dance move to pull out at the clerb, this one is too good not to learn.

Since the locking arm motion is so sharp and pronounced, use the Woah to accent the heaviest bass beats in your favorite songs.

6. The Dougie

Yes, the Dougie is a real dance move!

Like the Two-Step, you’ll be shifting your weight from side to side, but this time, adding some shoulder movements and a lil more attitude.

Try this one out to some songs other than the one that made it famous – you’ll find it works with any hype beat.

7. Scoop Arm Into Hip Sway

Sooo this one is more of combo than a move, but it only takes a few minutes to learn and it works with any fun sassy song…

So it deserves to be here, ok?!

For this move, you’re gonna scoop your arm across your chest, then bring it over your head, and finally point it in front of your chest.

Once you point the arm in front of you, you’ll sway your hips from side to side and groove it out.

8. The Bust Down

The Bust Down was popularized by LA rapper, Blueface, in his 2019 club jam “Thotiana”.

You’re gonna grab your belt, put one arm in the air, and allow your body to dip with the beat.

Note: Licking your eyebrows like Blueface is fun, but not required. 😛

9. The Biz Markie

The Biz Markie is an old school party dance inspired by, you guessed it, rapper Biz Markie!

It rose to popularity in the 90s, when Biz Markie himself began performing it on stage.

As you practice it, remember to allow your shoulders to bounce – the bounce is what gives this move its cool, laidback flavor.

Wanna learn more about classic Hip Hop moves? Read this: How To Dance Hip Hop for Beginners

10. The Humpty

For this bouncy move, you’re gonna circle your hips to one side as your bend your knees.

Then, you’ll jump and cross your legs, allowing your feet to tap the floor briefly before you jump back to your original legs apart position.

Once you’ve got that down, you can complete the move by adding in a windmill motion with your arms.

The leg cross in this move makes it perfect for any Hip Hop song that features a double bass (aka that BOOM BOOM sound that you hear in songs like “Lip Gloss” by Lil Mama)

We hope you enjoyed learning some of our favorite basic dance moves.

Of course, this list is just a start!

In addition to the 10 moves on this list, STEEZY Studio has 100+ other FREE beginner classes where you can learn step-by-step from the world’s best teachers.

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How To Do The Two Step

Video Transcript:

Alright guys, the next move we’re about to jump into is another basic hip hop move. It’s called the Two Step. Alright and once you get this move down, you’ll be able to use it with any style of music that comes on in any situation. So take a look at t first and then we’ll break it down step by step for you. Six, five, six, seven, eight. And five, six, five, six, seven, eight. Alright so let’s break it down step by step. Now the name is just how is sounds, it’s Two Steps.

So you’re going to start with your feet together and then you’re going to step out one with this foot. And then you’re going to step back in two with the other foot. Alright and different than a Step Touch, you’re not going to touch, you’re going to actually step it together. Stepping back out again, step, together, step, together, step, together and step, together. Alright. Now we’ve got the step down, we’re going to add the bounce into this.

So what I want you guys to do is start from a bent knee and every time you step you’re going to rock up, down, up, down, up, down, up and bounce it, up, up, and up, good. Now all I’m doing here is I’m just bending my torso forward, bending my knees slightly and bringing it up straight. Coming from down low to bouncing up. Alright so let’s try that bounce and we step side to side. Starting with your feet together, nice and slow, five, six, seven, eight and one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, again, and one, two, three, four, five, six, one more time, eight and one, two, three, four, five, six, seven and eight, good. Now what you do with your hands.

There’s a couple of different things you can do with your hands with this move. Anything that feels comfortable for you guys to do is fine. I’m going to give you a couple different things to try it out. Number one, we’re going to have our hands opening and closing. Open and close. Now when you close them, you’re hands are going to cross but it doesn’t matter which hand you put on top. It’s up to you. Open, close, open, close, open, close, open and close. So let’s give that a try with the same two steps using that bounce up as we step. Five, six, seven, eight, we go open, close, open, close, open, close, open and close, keep it up. Open, close, open, close, just like that, one more time through, and open, close, open, close, open, close, open, close. Nice job guys.

So a couple of things to remember before we try it with music. Just remember your body position, you’re going to be bent over slightly and then you’re going to be rocking up with your body. So not down, you want to start from the low position and rock up. And remember that basic step, just stepping from the side together, side, together. Alright so let’s give it a shot with music, just have some fun with it, groove it out to the song, you hear the beat it goes one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, so you’ll step together, step together, step together. Just like that. Let’s give it a shot. Five, six, seven, eight and step. Good, keeping that bounce going with your body, nice guys, keep it up. Good, you got this basic in and out in a motion, keep that step going, try something different with your hands now, burry it up, hey, nice, you see what your mouth is doing, you can try that as well, Kyle and KC is doing the same thing, just give it a shot, make it your own, that’s the biggest thing. You can have your own personal style for you. Good, a couple more times, keep it going, and five, six, five, six, seven, eight.

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subtleties that no one knows // Look

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"Dancing with the Stars". New season March 23, 2022, 19:26

  • Dmitry Kharatyan and Ulyana Maksimkina. Shot from the program "Dancing with the Stars" (2022). Issue 4

  • How to film a rating dance show

  • Dmitry Kharatyan and Ulyana Maksimkina. Shot from the program "Dancing with the Stars" (2022). Issue 4

The 13th season of the country's most incendiary show, Dancing with the Stars, has ended on the Rossiya 1 TV channel. 10 pairs of contestants met on the parquet, whose performances left no one indifferent. The media platform "Looking" looked behind the scenes of the project and found out what painstaking work is behind its creation.

Last weekend ended the 13th season of the show "Dancing with the Stars" - a worldwide hit, which from year to year attracts the attention of viewers around the world. For 15 years, the audience of the TV channel "Russia 1" has been watching how popular artists take their first steps on the floor and overcome themselves in order to show real mastery in the final! Our correspondents asked the creators of the project about its subtleties and features. All episodes of the new season are available on the Watch platform.

About the project

Vasily Kozar, director, chief choreographer

We start discussing the project from September-October. And in November-December, the most dense period begins, where I already begin to think through the broadcasts, themes and all, all the components. An ordinary viewer watches the stars, and it is very interesting for him to watch how they cope inside everything that happens, how they will, as Tsiskaridze says, "wag their hips." It's all very curious, unusual. And, of course, the dance itself makes you fall in love! After this project, people start thinking: "I can do it too! Why shouldn't I try it too?!" Why do people even dance? Because they enjoy it, and you want to prolong this moment of euphoria, whether it's a club or just a dance with your loved one! When people have a desire to even just start moving - it's very cool!

Shot from the program "Dancing with the Stars"

Ekaterina Belaya, costume designer

I really like the specifics of the project, the fact that we do not just show ballroom dancing that we danced like this, but it turns out that each number is a mini-performance. That is what energizes me. I really burn with these ideas, I like that you can reveal yourself and show from different sides in terms of costume. We make a lot of little stories every week. And it's very cool! Probably, it is precisely because of this that I am with all my heart and soul in this project, I immerse myself in every number, I live all these stories in the same way as the performers. It gives incredible inspiration and a lot of energy.

Number: from and to

Vasily Kozar, director, chief choreographer

We are not at a ballroom tournament, where we only look at the dance. We are looking at an artist who falls into certain circumstances and dances in a certain style. And these "circumstances" are called a number, and in this number everything is important - the scenery, and the idea, and how we came to it, and what we want to say, and what mood to give, and what effect - all together. That is, all these moments must be combined together, and then a good number is obtained.

I come up with a certain theme of the broadcast in which we exist. After that, I distribute all the dance styles to each of the couples. A couple who danced a dramatic story first should dance a contrast next time, couples should always be different. After that, for each of the couples, I come up with a script for the performance: what should be the dramaturgy inside the performance, what will be the choreography, what should be the costume, scenery, graphics, lighting, how should we film it. And I tell everyone my ideas. Everyone listens, gives tips on where and what can be improved in terms of the TV picture, and then I just broadcast it directly to the choreographers. I assign a specific responsible choreographer for each pair, who takes and executes this idea, bringing his vision, his own style, his own content to it, and we are already further creating a performance together with him. And then we rehearse it all week, rehearse, rehearse, consult, try, test, change, and then we come to the set, and after that - everything is ready!

Shot from the program "Dancing with the Stars"

Ekaterina Belaya, costume designer

The first broadcast is, in principle, the most difficult one, because there is a grinding process, we only find out with whom we work. You need to understand the figure of everyone, preferences, who likes what, does not like it - each star has its own quirks with regards to colors and shapes. But every week our time gets shorter and shorter, because, unfortunately, even if I know the idea of ​​the performance two weeks in advance, it’s impossible to start doing it, because then there will still be changes. Usually on Saturday at the highway we discuss the idea of ​​a costume with a couple, I show the finished sketches, and after looking at the key points of the choreography, I start the sketch. There were cases when our number changed three days before the broadcast. Not in terms of choreography, but simply the concept was changing. We understood with the whole team that it was probably worth showing a certain character from the other side, giving him a different character, and then we completely redid the costumes. Such force majeure happens, but not often. And sometimes someone managed to lose weight in three days and urgently needs to be sutured. And somewhere there, for example, I look in a frame with light, with scenery, I understand that I need to add some accents, details, add colors. And also follow the make-up and see how everything fits together. It seems that the costume is ready, but everything rests on the details.

Nikolai Pantyukhin, choreographer

The director gives us the initial reference of the performance. This is basically a certain effect, which is stated at the very beginning of the issue. And, what I really like, we come up with the dramaturgy, the plot "inside" together with the participants. That is, in this regard, we have the freedom to choose according to images, according to relationships within. But the framework exists in terms of the first application reference. Everything else we build ourselves. It is very important when I choreograph that one movement flows smoothly into another, so that these transitions are beautiful, comfortable and "watchable". Nobody cancels the effect of surprise in the choreography, but everything should be organic. In fact, from season to season choreographers have more and more difficult. Why? I don't want to repeat myself.

Shot from the program "Dancing with the Stars"

Dance couples

Vasily Kozar, director, chief choreographer

All 10 couples are all my favorites! Because if at least one pair "sinks" a little, it means that I didn't finish it. Therefore, it is important for me that all 10 couples receive incredibly beautiful numbers, in which there would be everything so that they reveal themselves as much as possible. My idea should clearly coincide with the artist, clearly coincide with the choreographer, clearly coincide with the musical accompaniment, with the costume, with the scenery, and enter the venue with the maximum result.

Nikolai Pantyukhin, choreographer

We have no right to choose our favorites. That is, the choreographer is such a sexless creature: not "he" and not "she". He must understand the psychology of both male and female. And, working with different artists, we should not show that we are interested in working with that couple, but not with this one. We really treat everyone equally, and this neutrality must be maintained until the end of the project.

Shot from the program "Dancing with the Stars"

Mikhail Shchepkin, dancer, participant of the project

We always work with the people we have. We do not influence the choice of a partner in any way, and the stars have exactly the same situation. I don’t know where it all happens, behind what doors, but there is a certain composition of participants, and every year there is a casting, new contestants are added, as you can see, the composition of dancers also changes from season to season. And, accordingly, everyone is formed in pairs. Then the first meeting takes place, we get to know each other. This year, as such, there was no profile of the first meeting at all, because you saw how interesting everything was done - entering the first number. The couple was presented in a completely different way, I really liked this format. Each couple was presented differently.

The main thing is that the costume fits

Ekaterina Belaya, costume designer

It is very important that the costume helps the dance and complements the dance, especially when it concerns girls. Depending on the movement, the outfit should be very light and not distracting, or, conversely, be heavy and flow. The dress should continue the artist, help him. Of course, this is exactly why I don't put the dress into work until I see the choreography. That is, it all works together. In general, we try to combine fashion, style and dance nuances. We have practically no standard dance dresses. We work more for the idea, for the concept, we want to do it stylishly and tasty. Sometimes you want to take a walk, but there are restrictions just because everything should be absolutely comfortable. I hope that we will give away the costumes to our beautiful dancers and stars, whoever wants what. Because it's so insulting when such beauty just goes to the warehouse and dies there.

Shot from the program "Dancing with the Stars"

Trainings and rehearsals

Aleksandra Rebenok, actress

Here, such muscles ached that I had never felt before. And it turned out that such muscle groups are involved in ballroom dancing, which you will never reach in any fitness or sport. And they suddenly activated and began to load. And, of course, they made themselves felt, and I was surprised that there was some other muscle group that I did not know about.

Inna Svechnikova, dancer, project participant

We are given a week for each dance: on Monday we receive music, and on Sunday we go on the air. Each time is different, because each artist is very individual, but we do not have the task of making him a professional dancer, we have the task of creating an image. Here the main thing is to catch co-creation: to take what a person is strong in and transform it into a dance.

Shot from the program "Dancing with the Stars"

Nikolay Pantyukhin, choreographer

Choreography does not take much time. More psychology. Removal of psychological clamps that appear as a result of stress. I'm talking about a star. A week is given to put the number! I imagine what goes on in a person's head. And our task is to neutralize this stressful level, make it accessible, inspire confidence, because they have no choice - either you trust, or you are in some kind of constant fuss. After the number is set, our task is to release it on the air. We are with the couple to the last, I’m here with the couple I work with, see off to the point from which they start on the air, give the final parting speech, and with God.

Dance styles

Inna Svechnikova, dancer, participant of the project

dancers, because we are also expanding our boundaries, learning new directions together with our artists. I have been ballroom dancing my entire professional career, for over 25 years. But the longer we dance, the more we discover new opportunities for ourselves, that is, ballroom dancing is still limited by some kind of technique, rules, so we leave more and "dig" in related directions.

Shot from the program "Dancing with the Stars"

Vasily Kozar, director, chief choreographer

The classical program is wonderful because you feel such inspiration and static in everything that happens, it inspires. Modern styles are the closest thing for me, because initially, as a choreographer, I developed in modern choreography: modern, contemporary, and everything like that. And all this is close to me, because I lived with it for many, many years. So I don't want to highlight anything: I want each style to complement itself. Plus, there is always something new to look forward to!

Pavel Efremov, choreographer

We combine 100 percent! We look in different directions. There are such "rails" of sports ballroom dancing, which we, of course, pay attention to, in which we are present, in which we practice, develop, bring in ballroom dancing, ballroom choreography, some new movements, new thoughts.

Mikhail Shchepkin, dancer, participant of the project water. I am calm about the dances of the European program - these are waltzes and foxtrots. I really like to stage Latin and teach people, contempo is just for the soul, everything else is because it is necessary.

Shot from the program "Dancing with the Stars"

Ekaterina Belaya, costume designer

I fell in love with the paso doble, I fell in love with the rumba very much. And sometimes I go beyond, we even had small conflicts with the choreographer. He says: "No, paso doble is Spain, you definitely need this Spanish skirt, or a flower in your head, or something else!" But I still stand on the idea: that is, if the idea of ​​the performance, in principle, does not imply a Spanish costume, then here we find a compromise. Contempo is the most difficult for me, because I don’t want to repeat myself, I don’t want to do the same, I don’t want to do the same. And my biggest pain is the contempo in men! Sometimes there are such numbers, and you really want it right, well, you really ask for such a stylish one, but still we come to a T-shirt, a turtleneck and trousers.


Vasily Kozar, director, chief choreographer

Regarding the jury: there are no special interactions. Because if I had started telling them in advance what numbers would be, we would not have received that emotion and that first impression that we see on the screen. The only difficulty, you know what? Only in the fact that they look at the site and see what is happening in live time, they do not always have the opportunity to appreciate the idea of ​​​​the numbers that were made specifically for the TV version, the same upper shots or additional effects. It's the only thing that worries me that they don't see the big picture. But they are all with great experience and think out some specific points where necessary, and focus on how the actor transforms, how he dances, and how organic he is in this or that idea. Therefore, everything is adequate.

Shot from the program "Dancing with the Stars"

Vladimir Varnava, choreographer, member of the jury of the project

Being on the jury is not that difficult, to be honest. It is much more difficult to create numbers. Of course, the jury has its own settings, its own internal policy, because no one wants to look at a boring, inert jury, everyone wants to get such a dynamic cardiogram. Someone disagrees with someone, someone supported someone, that is, these relationships, I think, should be interesting for the audience to watch. But in general, you watch the performances, say feedback, in any case, we are dealing 50 percent with non-professional dancers, so we make a discount. Of course, if we were to analyze professionals, we would also pronounce a different text - and Yegor, and Nikolai, and Daria, and I, respectively. Although I would like to ask the participants about their motivation, about what drives them when they dance, but in this format I do not always have such an opportunity.

Dancing is…

Alexandra Child, actress

Dancing is a special niche. You're addicted to it. You get some unreal rush of happiness hormones, so I recommend it to everyone, especially to someone who is very sad.

Marina Zudina, actress

I have a feeling that I will continue to do this. Dancing will definitely be in my life. I discovered a completely different world for myself. And when I start to say to someone: "You know, dancing helps to relieve stress and treat depression," they answer me: "And we dance." I think: "Oh my God! What is it, I didn't dance alone!?"

Shot from the program "Dancing with the Stars"

Mikhail Shchepkin, dancer, participant of the project

I think that our show is interesting primarily for people who, perhaps, have dreamed of dancing all their lives, but were afraid to leave their comfort zone. This is a great example for everyone that everything impossible is possible. For me, dancing is life. It's one hundred percent! I am 35 years old, I have been dancing since I was five, and for 30 years I have been in this process.

Vladimir Varnava, choreographer, jury member of project

Everyone dances, everyone can. And for me, this show just confirms this thesis. This makes me extremely happy to watch. This, in fact, is probably the main reason why I am here. It's wonderful that so many people are dancing, so many people are buying subscriptions to the studio, so many people are taking care of their bodies. And what they do - dance theater or strip plastic - it does not really matter, as long as it brings them joy. Because dancing is for fun, it's my absolute religion.

Tatyana Sanina, Vasily Kuznetsov //

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Natasha Gumbatova

The base pleases with an abundance of bright spacious rooms, directions and wonderful teachers) The only surprise is the absence of hours.

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