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        Cover versions of How to Save a Life by The Fray

        Cover versions of How to Save a Life by The Fray | SecondHandSongs


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        Added by wally creek
        Managed by sebcat

        • Originals
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        • Versions 32
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        Title Performer Release date Info
        How to Save a Life The Fray September 13, 2005 First release
        Hit song
        How to Save a Life Steve Acho November 6, 2006
        How to Save a Life Kidz Bop Kids July 31, 2007
        How to Save a Life Hullabahoos 2007 A cappella
        How to Save a Life Redefined 2008 A cappella
        How to Save a Life Belle Lawrence 2008
        How to Save a Life Boyce Avenue February 24, 2009 Acoustic
        How to Save a Life Sabrina [PH] April 2010 Acoustic
        How to Save a Life Steve Taylor [US2] December 14, 2010 Acoustic
        How to Save a Life Grey's Anatomy Cast March 31, 2011
        How to Save a Life Alex Goot feat. Kurt Schneider November 23, 2012
        How to Save a Life Alex Goot feat. Chrissy Constanza, Julia Sheer, Luke Conard, Chad Sugg, Miss Glamorazzi & Corey… November 23, 2012
        How to Save a Life Jess Moskaluke April 12, 2013
        How to Save a Life Matt Bate June 14, 2013
        How to Save a Life Tyler Ward feat. Max Schneider October 11, 2013
        How to Save a Life Jessica Manning February 18, 2014
        How to Save a Life Lorenzo Fragola December 12, 2014
        How to Save a Life Blaze Johnson February 24, 2015
        How to Save a Life Corey Gray April 29, 2015
        How to Save a Life Chris Pomeroy May 29, 2016 Acoustic
        How to Save a Life Caleb Hyles June 6, 2019
        How to Save a Life Shannon & Keast March 8, 2020 Acoustic
        How to Save a Life Jennifer Owens April 2, 2021
        How to Save a Life Talk [CA] May 27, 2022

        Title Performer Release date Info
        i How to Save a Life The Yeah Baby! String Quartet May 2006
        i How to Save a Life Piano Tribute Players November 21, 2006
        i How to Save a Life Twinkle Twinkle Little Rock Star September 8, 2009
        i How to Save a Life Yoga Pop Ups November 17, 2009
        i How to Save a Life Jammy Jams October 11, 2011
        i How to Save a Life Simon James 2012 Acoustic
        i How to Save a Life Sheldon Pickering 2015
        i How to Save a Life The Cat and Owl April 2019

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        scandals with the host Elena Malysheva - RBC

        Live is healthy! Channel One host Elena Malysheva called children with developmental disabilities "nerds" and "idiots. " The themes of her programs and their scenarios often provoke criticism and lead to scandals

        Elena Malysheva (Photo: Evgeny Stepanov / Interpress / TASS)

        Elena Malysheva is a Russian TV presenter. In the late 80s she worked as a general practitioner, and in the 19In 92, she began to host the Recipe program on the Kuzbass TV channel. In 1997, the Health program was revived on the ORT channel, and Malysheva became the host of it. In 2010, her program “Live is great!” began to appear on Channel One.

        June 2019

        Live is great! On June 13, dedicated to children with special needs, came out with the splash screen "My child is an idiot." The TV presenter herself suggested discussing the topic “where do cretin children come from”, stating that “cretin” is a medical term that defines the “degree of mental retardation”. Discussion of the topic using such terms has drawn criticism. In particular, Yevgeny Bondar, a resident of the non-governmental organization for helping people with autism spectrum disorders Atmosphere, demanded an apology from Channel One.

        April 2019

        The Stavropolsky Broiler Company, which is part of the Resurs agricultural holding, filed a lawsuit with the Moscow Arbitration Court against the editors of the Live Healthy! and Channel One, after it was announced on the air that Roskachestvo specialists found salmonella in the company's chicken.

        Doctor of Medicine Dmitry Mokhov demanded an apology from Channel One after the presenter stated on air that there was no such specialty as osteopathy. “With this statement, the presenter not only demonstrated her extreme incompetence and misled hundreds of thousands of people, but also insulted thousands of osteopathic doctors who honestly restore health to their patients, and discredited the honest name of osteopathy as a science and as a medical discipline,” Mokhov said. Malysheva answered the doctor on her Instagram. She refused to apologize and added that “the program for postgraduate retraining of doctors in the specialty “osteopathy” was approved by the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation only on September 28, 2018. There is no such residency at the Academy of Postgraduate Education of Physicians.”

        February 2019

        In one of the programs dedicated to women's health, the actress danced in a womb costume. The head of the executive committee of the Central Committee of the Communists of Russia party, Sergei Malinkovich, called this issue propaganda of vulgarity and called for Malysheva to be removed from the air. She, in turn, replied that she did not understand the claims to the program. This is not the first time that life figures have been used in the program to talk about internal organs. So, in one of the broadcasts of 2012, the “Song about the testicles” was performed, performed in a scrotum costume.

        January 2011

        One of the most famous broadcasts of Elena Malysheva's program so far was devoted to the benefits of circumcision. Then the TV presenter invited a spectator from the audience to the stage and demonstrated the circumcision procedure, cutting off the collar of the sweater worn by the woman. On the air of the Mishanina program on Silver Rain, this spectator complained that after the release of the program, classmates began to laugh at her son, and she herself was afraid to go to parent meetings.

        January 2008

        On the air of the program "Health", which tells about the Guillain-Barré syndrome (an autoimmune disease leading to complete paralysis and death), Elena Malysheva showed an experiment conducted on a rat. In the video shown, the animal was injected with the blood of a person suffering from the syndrome, after which its hind legs and then its front legs failed, and respiratory arrest occurred. A group of TV viewers filed a statement with the supervisory authorities, complaining about the excessive violence in the morning program, which children could watch. Malysheva, responding to criticism, said that in fact the rat was anesthetized, she was not paralyzed and she did not die.

        Psychology of fighting. "Are you pissing or what?": psyteaman — LiveJournal

        A few life hacks from a well-known fight specialist.

        Before moving on to 10 secrets that can save your life during a street conflict, I will make a small note. Start with the question: why do you want to fight? The very first piece of advice a good coach gives to trainees is to avoid fighting at all costs. Because of the two participants in a serious street conflict, one will sit down and the other will lie down.

        What makes you get into a mess full of unpleasant consequences? If you find a couple of clear arguments why you should fight, then you will answer the question "how not to be afraid?" After all, you have values ​​​​for which you will fight. But for some reason I am sure that all these values ​​are not entirely yours, but imposed by the environment in which you find yourself. And the coolest thing is what you have to convince your comrades that you are cool. But is it really necessary for you to go down this slippery path? A fight is always chaos, risk, a threat to lose health, freedom and even life! Self defense is a must. This is an extreme measure when you are forced to use violence and defensive aggression for the sake of survival, for the sake of freedom and protection! But it's okay to be afraid! It is necessary to be afraid - this is the instinct of self-preservation.

        A few life hacks from the video:

        By learning how to control your body and fight, you can defeat several people, and by learning how to use words and skillfully argue your position, you can defeat thousands of your enemies, some of whom will become friends.

        It is normal to be afraid of a fight because there will inevitably be health or legal consequences.

        Self-defense is the protection of yourself and your loved ones in the most extreme situation. Doing self-defense training is a worthy thing.

        Being afraid is very dishonorable among boys. If they say to you: “Well, are you pissing or something?”, Then you can answer that you are not afraid, but you are afraid. Fear is smart and reasonable. And from the point of view of ordinary people, being afraid is normal. Psychos at the time of exacerbation are not afraid.

        If, after watching the video, the number of fights (and the consequences of them) decreases by at least a few, then it was not recorded in vain.

        Now on to the main topic: 10 deadly mistakes in self-defense

        1) You are waiting for the aggressor to hit you first to fight back.
        "Normal guys don't start a fight first" - the mindset sits in your head. But it is very, very difficult to defend yourself from the first blow, even for a professional martial artist. Therefore, it turns out like in a Western, "I wanted to shoot second, only died first"

        2) When you hit the gopnik, you look at what effect your hit will have
        as if nothing had happened) Instead of immediately consolidating and building on the success of the first successful attack, you give your opponent time to recover, + give him free doping in the form of a dose of adrenaline, anger and hatred towards you. Make a series of strikes until the opponent falls into an inoperable state.

        3) You are acting in response to the “let's go out and talk” wire.
        It may seem strange to you to read about this, but 90% of men really think that they go out to talk. In fact, behind the door you will be waiting for either an unexpected roundhouse kick, or a rebar stocked up in advance, or an "active support team" =), of course, not yours.

        4) As a continuation of the "childish" "boyish" show-offs, pride does not allow you to bypass a group of men from a great distance,
        choose a safe route, each time prepare self-defense equipment at the entrance to the entrance. The result is an unexpected splash, it doesn’t hurt anymore and I don’t remember, it’s good if you find yourself at home with a black eye, and not in intensive care and not in the morgue.

        5) Do you really think that a traumatic gun / gas cartridge / stun gun at the bottom of your purse will help you out in a difficult situation.
        The harsh reality is that after the first splash, a person forgets about everything in the world, and at best clumsily brushes it off. After the conflict comes a belated understanding: "I had a gun with me!" (in the purse that was taken away. Moral: remove the means of self-defense in advance.

        6) You realize that a fight is inevitable, but you continue to doubt and weigh your chances of winning/a peaceful outcome.
        The more you think, the more "bad" adrenaline accumulates in your blood, causing your knees to buckle and your arms to weaken. Attention is scattered, there are less and less chances to successfully repel an opponent’s attack that is about to begin. The correct option - I realized that a fight was inevitable, turned off the internal dialogue, immediately attacked first.

        7) I am an adequate person and I can resolve any conflict peacefully.
        This is exactly what some of the resuscitation clients thought. But the gopnik did not think so, he has no brains, and there is no desire to listen to your adequate reasoning either. He grabs the breasts and hits the bridge of his nose with his forehead. The correct option if a fight is inevitable - see point 6.

        8) Girls and cowards scream. A real man must be patient.
        This is exactly what the customer of morgue number 6 thought at the moment when the football cheerleading team played football for them. The team realized that they were carried away only when the "ball" began to fall apart. Yelling makes people stop, attracts the attention of others, and greatly increases your chances of being saved.

        9) Self-defense is equal to hand-to-hand combat: 2 guys went to the center of the yard, shook hands, on the command "fight" they began to exchange blows "until first blood".
        In fact, the "bad" guy may not stop at the "first blood" and even the first broken ribs. And if he feels that you are winning, he can grab a knife or pick up a brick.

        Learn more