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‘World of Dance’ Finale Recap: World Final Live Blog

After 12 weeks and 5 rounds of competition, the “World of Dance” season 3 finale took place on Sunday night, May 5, with the million dollar grand prize up for grabs. So who won the World Final, and who fell short? Find out below in our live blog with all the minute-by-minute developments as they happened.

Last week’s Divisional Final decided the four acts that would face off in the finale: The Kings (Upper Team Division), Briar Nolet (Upper Division), VPeepz (Junior Team Division) and Ellie and Ava (Junior Division). But that might not have been all. It was announced during the Divisional Final that the judges would have the option to select one eliminated contestant to send through to the World Final as a wild card pick. That wild card (if there was one) wasn’t revealed during that episode, so fans had to wait until tonight to find out who else made it through.

No matter the judges’ decision, though, the challenge was the same: to find some way to beat The Kings, the most dominant contestants in “World of Dance” history, averaging more than 98 points out of 100 when you combine all of their routines this season. Going up against them has proven deadly every step of the way, but it’s also dangerous to be the front-runner. The judges saw so many death-defying feats from The Kings that the Indian hip-hop crew had the unenviable task of trying to outdo themselves, or else risk disappointing the judges and opening the door for another contestant to upset.

Do you think the right dancer (or dancers) won the show? And did the judges make the right call about the wild card? Find out below starting at 8:00 (times listed are Eastern).

8:00pm — Unsurprisingly, the show opens with the announcement that Unity LA are the wild card dancers for the World Final, so they’re going against The Kings, VPeepz, Briar Nolet, and Ellie and Ava. The announced it so abruptly at the beginning of the show that I really don’t know why they didn’t just reveal it at the end of the Divisional Final.

8:04pm — Great intro with all the finalists dancing together for a big group number. Love all these unique styles married into one number.

Derek Hough Performs with Michael Dameski and Charity and Andres

8:11pm — I love seeing some familiar faces return to the show, but I hope it won’t take away from the official competition performance tonight. We’ve got to get through 10 dances, you guys, and I want to see all of them. That said, I’d pay good money for a Derek Hough/Michael Dameski/Charity and Andres live show.

Ne-Yo Performs with Ian Eastwood and Sean and Kaycee

8:20pm — Ian Eastwood from season one and Sean and Kaycee from season two are taking the stage for a performance with Ne-Yo. He spotlights how good they are as fresh young choreographers. However, we’re almost a half hour into the show, and still no performances from this year’s actual finalists. I hope they have time for them all without cutting any of them down. Maybe there will only be one dance for each finalist instead of two like in the past two seasons.

8:25pm — It is genuinely great to see Eastwood, as well as Sean and Kaycee. They’re dynamite, as always. You don’t get enough opportunities to see dancing like that outside of these dance competition shows.

Tribute to Jennifer Lopez by The Lab

8:31pm — Another special performance. The Lab have a “crazy set” planned for J. Lo, who told them last year that they would change the world the night they won their million dollar grand prize last season.

8:33pm — As they move through “I’m Real” and “Love Don’t Cost a Thing,” Jennifer beams — plus, she’s getting ideas for her next tour. These kids are still pretty outstanding. “You’re so amazing,” Jennifer tells them.

8:40pm — Time for the actual competition. There indeed will be only one performance from each finalist from the sound of it. We’re getting things started with opening clip packages of every finalist showcasting their journeys to get to this point.

8:45pm — Everyone here has had much to overcome, from financial challenges (The Kings) to health issues (epileptic Briar Nolet). Briar feels like she has rediscovered herself by coming on this showw. She’s a truly deserving finalist, and I’m thrilled that she made it this far. But still no performances from the finalists.

Briar Nolet

8:52pm — “I want to show that one woman can do this thing,” says Briar as she begins her mentoring session with the three judges. Derek thinks she needs more rawness. Jennifer and Ne-Yo think there are so many tricks and moves that there’s no emotional connection to the song. That’s the same criticism they’ve had for her before. I hope they don’t lead her astray because her technical abilities are astounding.

8:54pm — Briar begins by climbing the set like this is “American Ninja Warrior.” And she’s going back to Britney Spears with an eerie version of “Toxic.” She definitely brought the ferocity and intensity to the music, and she didn’t sacrifice her technical prowess. That might have been her best performance. The judges are applauding, and Ne-Yo is screaming, but no standing ovation. Bad sign?

JUDGES — Ne-Yo thinks Briar is a “superhero” who can definitely “defend us from Thanos” — she came, she saw, she conquered. Jennifer thinks there’s a “layer of danger” to her performance, but the intention behind her movements got a little muddy by the end of the routine. Derek was “jolted” when she released her big emotional scream in the middle of the routine. He tells her she should be proud of herself for getting this far.

8:58pm — Those critiques make me think she’s going to get an excellent score, but if the other acts perform at their usual level, it won’t be enough.


8:59pm — Derek says they’re “laser sharp” with intricate choreography, but they need to take it to the next level after seeing their work in progress. Jennifer thinks they lose their intensity halfway through. They ask Jennifer if they can really beat The Kings, and Jennifer reminds them that The Lab took down everybody last year.

9:06pm — Another great performance from VPeepz with definitely their busiest staging: lots of barrels as props and fire. Another excellent, clean performance. Derek is out of his chair, though I don’t know if it’ll be enough to beat The Kings.

JUDGES — Derek thought it was an “amazing final routine.” Ne-Yo thought they moved very fast. Jennifer thought their energy was “off the charts,” so they took the judges’ advice during mentoring. Ne-Yo and Jennifer both rave about the group’s precision, but Jennifer wanted a few more transitions towards the end and Ne-Yo thought the choreography might be a little too busy — Derek looks at him like he’s crazy.

9:10pm — Again, a few nitpicky critiques from the judges. The performance was stellar, but if you’re going to beat The Kings tonight, your performance needs to be lights-out, never-seen-anything-like-it-before brilliant. So far I don’t think we’ve seen that quite yet.

Unity LA

9:16pm — Time for the wild card team! But even though they’re the wild card, they may actually be the ones with the best shot to beat The Kings. They had the second best season-long judges’ score, behind only The Kings. Jennifer doesn’t think their work in progress routine quite has a story as clear as they did during the Divisional Final. They need to stick to their strengths instead of trying to outdo their high-flying competitors,

9:18pm — When this group is in sync, they’re outstanding. Their positions are so sharp and beautiful that it’s a thrill to look at. They definitely brought that with this routine, but I’m not sure it’s their best. The emotions behind it weren’t always as clear as they have been before. But they get a standing O from Derek.

JUDGES — Derek thought it was an “absolute work of art … It was like a Monet.” Jennifer felt it was beautifully conceived, and an artful piece. At times there was something missing in their past performances, and this time they brought the joy she hadn’t quite seem from them before. Ne-Yo calls them “the total package.”

9:23pm — I think the judges were a little more wowed by that than I was. I still think it’s going to have trouble holding up to The Kings, assuming The Kings are at their usual standard. Going to commercial break the show teased the possibility that the front-runners were under-prepared for their mentoring. But the editing on this show tried to build suspense in a similar way during the Divisional Final, and The Kings still killed it. We’ll see.

The Kings

9:27pm — The front-runners are next, so Ellie and Ava will know what they have to when they perform at the end of the night. The Kings only had about 30 seconds of choreography to show the judges during their mentoring session. “Have they peaked too soon?” Derek wonders. Jennifer tells them it needs to feel bigger and better than they ever have been before. They need to outdo themselves. Derek says they should think cinematic. They need to go all “Avengers: Endgame” on this to justify their million dollar title.

9:30pm — They’re dressed as gladiators, so I guess they’re going more “Spartacus” than “Avengers” for their grand finale. Giant twisting flip right off the bat, and then another huge trick. And then a battle in actual slow-motion. They presented a slow motion illusion that was better than the visual effects in “300.” Wow, just wow.  The judges are on their feet. Derek’s mouth is hanging open. Sorry, Ellie and Ava, but this was undoubtedly the million dollar performance.

JUDGES — Ne-Yo thought it was “the greatest action film” he ever watched in his entire life. Derek felt like they “altered reality,” and they even had more dancing than they have had before.  Jennifer thought they surprised her, which she didn’t think was possible. She was impressed by the fact that they came with a new story.

9:35pm — The judges are going to lock in their scores, and I smell perfect 100s across the board for the crowning moment. I don’t envy Ellie and Ava.

Ellie and Ava

9:41pm — It might take a literal miracle for Ellie and Ava to follow that performance by The Kings, but you go get it, girls! Derek has been impressed by their journey through the season, but Jennifer thinks the routine they’re putting together needs stronger musicality. They can’t hold anything back. They might have to be shot out of a cannon to compare to that last performance: bring it on.

9:44pm — A beautiful, emotionally connected, physically impressive routine. Some of the best work I’ve seen from them and a standing ovation from the judges, but I’m afraid this is just a race for second place. Any other year that could have been a winner.

JUDGES — Ne-Yo thought they had a synchronicity you can only get from family. Jennifer thought they’re one of the most beautiful duets she has seen on the show; together they make magic, and they had beautiful synchronization in the turns. Derek was moved by them all season, and he can’t wait to see their future because their future is “so bright.” Silver medal maybe?


1. THE KINGS SCORES: Ne-Yo (100), Jennifer (100), Derek (100) — Average: 100

2. UNITY LA SCORES: Ne-Yo (95), Jennifer (94), Derek (98) — Average: 95.7

3. ELLIE AND AVA SCORES: Ne-Yo (94), Jennifer (95), Derek (96) — Average: 95.0

4. VPEEPZ SCORES: Ne-Yo (94), Jennifer (91), Derek (96) — Average: 93.7

5. BRAIR NOLET SCORES: Ne-Yo (92), Jennifer (92), Derek (94) — Average: 92. 7

9:59pm — I called it! The Kings got their first perfect score for their final performance. I still wish the World Finals gave us two performances from each act instead of just one. This was ultimately a great final, but I wanted to see more of the competitors themselves and fewer tributes and clip packages.

10:00pm — This victory for The Kings means that hip-hop is still undefeated in “World of Dance.” Les Twins (season one), The Lab (season two) and The Kings (season three) are all hip-hop acts.

World of Dance Finals recap: Season 4, Episode 12 live blog

Trae Patton/NBC

It all comes down to this: “World of Dance” held its World Final on Wednesday night, August 12, with four contestants left vying for the championship and the grand prize of $1 million. So who won, and did the judges get it right? Scroll down for our live blog with all the minute-by-minute developments as they happen.

Over the last two weeks the Semi-Finals narrowed the field to the final four acts representing a diverse array of dance styles and national origins. Urban dance team Oxygen comes from the Netherlands. Tutting trio Geometrie Variable are from France and tried to follow in the footsteps of fellow Frenchmen Les Twins, who were the first ever winners of “World of Dance.” Colombian couple Jefferson y Adrianita specialize in a lightning-fast style of salsa dancing.

The sole American team, the contemporary trio MDC 3 from California, are also the only Junior Division team that made it to the finals. But the Junior Division has won before: the youngster hip-hop crew The Lab won the grand prize in season two. And MDC 3 were far from underdogs: they got the highest judges’ score of any act during the Semi-Finals, so they may have just been the act to beat, though the scores were so high and so close during the Semi-Finals that all four acts were pretty evenly matched.

This season marked a departure from previous season in terms of its format. Instead of four divisions, there were only two: the Upper Division and the Junior Division. The Qualifiers and Duels took place on a spare warehouse set instead of on the show’s usual main stage. And the Cut and Divisional Finals were replaced by a single Semi-Finals round that decided the final four that would compete for the ultimate title. Do you think those changes led to the right outcome? Follow along below starting at 9:00pm (times listed are Eastern).

9:03 p.m. — Four incredible acts are competing for $1 million and the title of “World’s Best Dancers.” Who will walk away with this prize? Let’s get started!

9:05 p.m. — Each group is introduced, performing a short intro dance. Everyone looks fired up and I was planning to choose my favorite intro sequence but they’re all just too great to choose right now. I’m looking forward to seeing if one of these four acts separates themselves from the competition or if will be a nail-biter to the end.

9:15 p.m.Oxygen has gotten three standing ovations out of the four routines they’ve performed. They want to bring the title back to the Netherlands and earn the respect of their country. In their mentoring session with the judges, J-Lo compliments their choreography but says they need a more exciting ending. It’s now time for their final performance. They begin things with one dancer emerging from a pod and start an electrifying, alien-like routine that includes all sorts of interesting shapes and appears to tell the story of Oxygen. J-Lo loved the beginning of the routine, but still felt the ending fell flat. Ne-Yo thought the prop was a bit underwhelming, but thought the piece was great overall. The final score for Oxygen is 93.0. I doubt that will be enough to win, but we’ll see how the night goes!

9:35 p.m. — Next up is MDC 3, an act that’s been together for seven years. This trio is the youngest act in the Finals and the last Junior Division performers standing. In their mentoring session, J-Lo asks for a more intriguing opening and warns them everyone is going for broke. These three are such incredible, technical dancers. I’m transfixed by the way they move together and they show off several moves I’ve never seen before, which isn’t always the case during contemporary pieces. This was a great, dramatic piece that has Derek on his feet. J-Lo says she loves their tricks, but it’s the quality of their dance that gives her the goosies. Derek loves how in sync they are and was impressed by their head slides. Ne-Yo called it “flawless.” The final score for MDC 3 is 95.7, putting them in first place and knocking Oxygen out of the competition.

9:40 p.m. — The third act tonight is Jefferson Y Adrianita, the first salsa duo in the Finals. In their mentoring session, J-Lo emphasizes it has to be the performance of their lives. For their performance, they are wearing flashy, bright pink costumes and look absolutely fierce. They begin with Adrianita jumping of a ledge into Jefferson’s arms before launching into their lighting-fast footwork. They hop back to the top of a raised stage and run through a few dance sequences on the stairs as well. I love the energy between these two! Derek gives them a standing ovation and says they don’t even need an audience to create energy. Ne-Yo felt there was one slightly clunky movement. J-Lo thought the stairs hurt the performance, but complimented them for being the best duo of the year. The final score for Jefferson Y Adrianita is 95.3, just .02 behind MDC 3. Jefferson Y Adrianita have been eliminated.

9:59 p.m. — The last act of the night is Geometrie Variable. These blue-collar workers decided to pursue their dreams in dance and they would make for a great winner’s story. But do they have the winning dance to back it up? In their mentoring session, J-Lo tells them to speed up their movements and push themselves outside their comfort zones. They emerge on the stage in matching track suits and stand within a cube. The shapes they form seem so simple, but they’re so mesmerizing to watch. I love how they speed things up, taking J-Lo’s notes. At the end of the day, this crew is just a unique, different kind of dance group. J-Lo loved the lasers and felt they elevated their showmanship. Ne-Yo is proud of them for making it this far. Derek loves the choreography and wishes them luck. The final score for Geometrie Variable is 93.3. That means MDC 3 is the winner of “World of Dance” and they will take home the $1 million. That’s a wrap for this season! Congrats to MDC 3!

'World of Dance' Best Dancers Ever: Top 13 Dancers Ranked from Worst to Best

Feature Articles | December 2022

Participants in the finals of the 'World of Dance' division Laboratory. Photo by Trey Patton/NBC. Share Tweet Share Comments

The moment everyone has been waiting for has finally arrived. Many talented teams graced the World of Dance stage from qualifications to duels and progress to the division finals. The stakes were high as the four remaining groups would compete for the top prize of $1 million and a chance to be named "World Dance Champion". Top Team Division Champions, Junior S-Rank Champions, Charity and Andres Champions, Top Division Champions Michael Dameschi and Junior Team Champions, The Lab, now had the opportunity to compete twice to qualify for the prize. After performing one song chosen by their mentor-judge and one song chosen by them, the title is claimed by the highest cumulative score.

World of Dance finalists Charity and Andres. Photo by Trey Patton/NBC.

Charity and Andres were the first to take the stage with Derek Hough as their mentor. With the song chosen by Derek, Charity and Andres brought a beautiful aesthetic to their choreography. Their musicianship was impeccable from start to finish. The choice of song pissed them off, but emphasized the beauty of their impeccable technique. Some great elements of surprise were woven into their routine, and Charity showed great strength and athleticism as she continued to dance with a broken toe. Their performance was magical and very creative, earning them 94.3 points. Their second performance was definitely different from the first. The music and choreography were more edgy. Charity and Andres combined intensity and finesse with phenomenal elements of partnership. Their athleticism was unsurpassed as they transitioned from one transition to the next. With some amazing tricks added to their program, Charity and Andres performed to the point that the judges rose to their feet. For the second performance, they also scored 94.3 points.

S-rank of participants in the World of Dance finals. Photo by Trey Patton/NBC.

Under the leadership of J-Lo, S-Rank won with his first performance. They took the song chosen by J-Lo and added a twist to it in true S-Rank style. They brought a different vibe to their style through waking and krumping and didn't stop there with a fun and quirky routine. They brought their S-Rank award and their energy flowed through the dancers to the audience. They took risks, but they were great. With a score of 93.0, they knew they needed to put some heat into their second show. S-Rank chose a biker theme for their second performance and focused on the idea of ​​brotherhood. They came with fire, following a tough routine, showing great emotions on stage. S-Rank had high energy from the very beginning and showed great unity in their movements. They had the same great timing that the judges loved and they finished well with a great performance. Their second performance received a 94.0 points.

With a combined score of 94.3 for Charity and Andres and 93. 5 for S-Rank, Charity and Andres knocked S-Rank out of the competition and kept a shot at winning the big prize.

Cassandra Trenari

World of Dance finalist Michael Dameski. Photo by Trey Patton/NBC.

Michael Dameschi took it upon himself to convey the meaning of his story in his first performance. Under the mentorship of Jenn Dewan, Michael was able to show a more vulnerable side of himself in his performance. He showed great emotion coupled with amazing technique that amazed the judges from the first time they saw him perform. Michael's performance was strong, beautiful and everything between his story playing out on stage in music and ending with dancing. It was a great performance that left a sticky impression on the judges. His first performance earned 95.7 points. Michael flipped the script for his second performance and went into warrior mode for this performance. His concept was well thought out and risky as he added a foothold to the equation. In his second performance, Michael introduced a mix of styles ranging from modern to hip hop, with a bit of African dance mixed into it, making his performance more versatile. His last World of Dance performance left an indelible mark on the stage and earned 96.3 points. With a total score of 96.0 Michael eliminated Charity and Andres from the competition, leaving the Lab to perform and see who wins the grand prize.

Participants in the World of Dance The Lab final. Photo by Justin Lubin/NBC.

Although they were cut in the first season of World of Dance , the Lab has made great strides and exceeded all expectations this season. With Ne-Yo as their mentor and with the goal of leading their latest division finals run, The Lab's first outing was explosive from the get-go. They served as great visuals and formations and went through a fight with their every move. The performance of the laboratory was pure entertainment - from facial expressions to dancing. The concept was fun and creative, highlighting everyone's strengths. There was not only undeniable synchronicity in The Lab's performance, but also a spontaneous nature that the audience liked. Their mark was given after their first performance - 97.0. After an energetic performance at the beginning, The Lab decided to change the atmosphere of their second show with a selection of songs and an important message. They took a big risk, deviating from what they usually do, and brought the story to life on stage. From the very beginning, the lab sold its performance with genuine emotion. Although they still had explosive moves, it contrasted well with the selection of music. It was the last performance to be remembered, and with a message that left a mark, The Lab brought everyone to tears. Their second performance received a 98.0 points.

Joan Myers Brown

Although it was a tight round that will bring great excitement to World of Dance In the second season, with a total score of 97. 5, The Lab not only bounced back from the first season, but reached their goal of winning the $1 million prize and the title of "World Dance Champion".

Author Monique George from Dance informs.

A new season of Dancing with the Stars starts on Rossiya 1 12:18

Already this Sunday on the TV channel "Russia 1" - a grandiose premiere of the new season of the show "Dancing with the Stars"! Spectators will again see how popular theater, film and stage artists conquer the main dance floor of the country.

On TV channel "Russia 1" everything is ready for the grandiose premiere of the new season of the show "Dancing with the Stars". Spectators will once again have a unique opportunity to immerse themselves in the wonderful world of dance together with theater, film and pop stars. The first episode is on the air this Sunday, January 16, at 17:50!

Serious tests and a real test of strength await the participants. They have no right to make a mistake, because only a week is given for preparation. In the rhythm of tango, rumba and jive, the contestants will strive to win and master completely new styles. Someone will be able to reach the end, and someone will have to be out of the standings. This will be decided by the viewers and the jury, which includes Daria Zlatopolskaya, Nikolai Tsiskaridze, Yegor Druzhinin and Vladimir Varnava.

The new season of "Dances" promises to be bright in terms of the list of participants. This time, theater and film actors Maria Mironova, Dmitry Kharatyan, Marina Zudina, Alexandra Rebenok, Olga Medynich, Alexandra Revenko, Anatoly Bely and Valery Nikolaev, host Vladimir Markoni, and musician Vanya Dmitrienko will conquer the main dance floor of the country. A couple of them will be professional dancers - winners of international competitions.

Alexandra Rebenok admits that she has always been good at dancing, but has long dreamed of getting to know each other better. "Dancing is a special niche. You get an incredible surge of happiness hormones after a workout!" - says the star of the series "Resident". As part of the show, she hopes to master completely new styles: samba, rumba, cha-cha-cha... and attracts," the actress emphasizes.

But Anatoly Bely frankly declares that he goes through life with a dance! That is why he, without hesitation, agreed to take part in the project. The actor is especially close to jive, but he had never encountered ballroom dancing before. Together with his partner Inna Svechnikova, he patiently masters the basic steps and, of course, counts on victory. "I have a wonderful partner who just makes you fall in love with dancing," Bely assures, adding that the most important thing for him is to enjoy the process.

Well, the prima of the Moscow Art Theater Marina Zudina challenged herself with her participation in "Dances". The actress has always argued that dance is the destiny of the young. But, having received an invitation to the project, she suddenly decided on a "crazy" act.

Learn more